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FAQ/Walkthrough by Mcondella

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 04/04/06

Subject: Star Ocean THE SECOND STORY
Format: PS NTSC~U/C
Version: 1.00
Author: MCondella 
Donations [Paypal]: Runbarefoot1(at)verizon(dot)net 
Email: ThePeoplesDrummer(at)Verizon(dot)net
Copyright 2006 Michael Condella

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|001: Table of Contents  |                                    

001: Table of Contents
002: Version History
003: Introduction
004: The Cast Of Characters/Killer Moves List
005: Explanation of Specialties  
006: Explanation of Equipment 
007: Explanation of Skills 
008: Explanation of Killer Moves 
009: Explanation of Heraldry
010: Walkthrough

|Claude C. Kenni  |

(To automatically be directed to the desired section, press
and hold ctrl+F and enter the corresponding code.)

Disc 1 - Walkthrough of EXPEL

10.0/ Milocinia......................................(Wa000)
10.1/ Arlia Village..................................(Wa001)
10.2/ The Town of Salva..............................(Wa002)
10.3/ Salva Drift....................................(Wa003)
10.4/ Town of Cross..................................(Wa004)
10.5/ Cross Cave.....................................(Wa005)
10.6/ SIDE QUEST.....................................(Wa006)
10.7/ The Port of Click..............................(Wa007)
10.8/ Mars Village...................................(Wa008)
10.9/ Heraldry Forest................................(Wa009)
10.10/ Salve Drift II (Ashton's Quest)...............(Wa00A)
10.11/ Mars Village (Ashton's Quest).................(Wa00B)
10.12/ Mountain Palace...............................(Wa00C)
10.13/ Lasguss Mountain..............................(Wa00D)
10.14/ Port of Herile................................(Wa00E)
10.15/ Hilton........................................(Wa00F)
10.16/ Lacour........................................(Wa00G)
10.17/ The Town of Linga.............................(Wa00H)
10.18/ Sanctuary of Linga............................(Wa00I)
10.19/ The Hoffman Ruins.............................(Wa00J)
10.20/ Lacour Front Line.............................(Wa01K)
10.21/ Eluira Colony.................................(Wa011)
10.22/ The Eluria Tower..............................(Wa012)

Disc 2 - Walkthrough of ENERGY NEDE

10.22/ Energy Nede...................................(Wa013)
10.23/ Central City..................................(Wa014)
10.24/ North City....................................(Wa015)
10.25/ Cavern of the Red Crystal.....................(Wa016)
10.26/ Field of Intelligence.........................(Wa017)
10.27/ Giveaway......................................(Wa018)
10.28/ Field of Power................................(Wa019)
10.29/ Field of Courage..............................(Wa020)
10.30/ Field of Love.................................(Wa01A)
10.31/ Town of Armlock...............................(Wa01B)
10.32/ Heraldry Weapons Laboratory...................(Wa01C)
10.33/ Mihne Cavern..................................(Wa01D)
10.34/ Fun City......................................(Wa01E)
10.35/ L'Aqua........................................(Wa02F)
10.36/ Fienal........................................(Wa02G)

011: Virtual Expel/Cave of Trials
012: Specialties List
013: Super Specialties List
014: Heraldry Spells List
015: FAQ Overview
016: Final Words
017: Disclaimer

|002: Version History  |

Version 1.00 March 10, 2006:

I warmly welcome you to the first installment of my Star 
Ocean THE SECOND STORY FAQ/ Walkthrough! I will periodically 
monitor and revise this guide for various defects in grammar 
and removal of mistakes - even updates on knowledge!

|003: Introduction  |

In 1996, Enix published a game for the Super Famicom in 
Japan called Star Ocean. At that time, it was one of the 
hierarchies of RPG history. Years later, Star Ocean THE 
SECOND STORY, was designed upon symmetrical foundation as 
this predecessor.

I'm a HUGE RPG (role-playing game) fan. For me, this genre 
of gaming is the holy grail, and moreover, Star Ocean THE 
SECOND STORY is one of my favorite subjects, next to Final 
Fantasy VII. The level of detail that Enix and Tri-Ace have 
put into this game, and the sheer multitude of game play 
makes it an S class game. 

Depending on external variables within game play, the game
offers 87 possible endings, A BEAUTIFUL musical score, the
ability to learn new skills and specialties, create rare and
valuable items - very unique engines I must say. 

The difficulty of this game will always hold a lot of
credibility, it isn't very lucid, and adds a catharsis while
playing it. In most role playing games, the general rule of 
thumb is to battle constantly in order to achieve a generous
amount of strength to counter hardships. Unlike other games, 
you have to boost A LOT in this game because you encounter 
an orgy of pugnacious fiends that are tough! I had to start 
a new game once because my heroes weren't strong enough to 
advance! :(

|004: The Cast Of Characters/Killer Moves List  |

Claude C. Kenni

Gender: MALE
Birth Date: JANUARY 23
Height: 175 CM
Weight: 68KG
Favorite Food: STEAK
Favorite Instrument: SILVER TRUMPET

Killer Moves

Name                Level learned
----                -------------
Phase Gun                -
Air Slash                3
Shooting Stars           7
Head Splitter            13
Energy Sword             20
Burst Knuckle            28
Ripper Blast             38
Twin Slash               45
Dragon Howl              53
Sword Bomber             62
Mirror Slice             70

Rena Lanford

Type: MAGE
Gender: FEMALE
Age: 17 YEARS OLD (earth equivalent)
Birth Date: MAY 13
Height: 161 CM
Weight: 45 KG
Favorite Food: SHORTCAKE
Favorite Instrument: LYRE

Heraldry Spells

Spell Name               Level learned
----------               -------------
Heal                          -
Antidote                      3
Press                         5
Deep Mist                     8
Cure Light                    10
Silence                       12
Ray                           14
Energy Net                    18
Cure All                      20
Delay                         22
Dispel                        25
Gravity Press                 28
Light Cross                   30
Protection                    33
Tractor Beam                  36
Haste                         42
Growth                        47
Fairy Heal                    52
Anti                          54
Raise Dead                    60
Star Flare                    63
Fairy Light                   65
Angel Feather                 72

Celine Jules

Type: MAGE
Gender: FEMALE
AGE: 23 YEARS OLD (earth equivalent)
Birth Date: September 18
Height: 167 CM
Weight: 50 KG
Favorite Instrument: VIOLIN

Heraldry Spells

Spell Name                 Level Learned
----------                 -------------
Firebolt                        -
Wind Blade                      -
Thunderbolt                     -
Ray                             9
Energy Arrow                    12
Forget                          15
Starlight                       17
Reflection                      19
Mind Absorber                   22
Neutral                         27
Bless                           28
Thunderstorm                    31
Eruption                        34
Curse                           39
Lunar Light                     43
Southern Cross                  49
Thunder Cloud                   55
Anti                            59
Explode                         66
Angel Feather                   76
Meteor Swarm               Cave of Trials

Ashton Anchors

Gender: MALE
Age: 20 YEARS OLD (earth equivalent)
Birth Date: September 28
Height: 180 CM
Weight: 80 KG
Favorite Food: HAMBURGER
Favorite Instrument: PIANO

Killer Moves

Name                  Level Learned
----                  -------------
Twin Stab                  -
Cross Slash                -
Dead Triangle              -
Northern Cross             18 
Piercing Swords            22
Hurricane Slash            45
Leaf Slash                 53
Dragon Breath              64
Sword Dance                70
Tri-Ace               Cave of Trials

Precis F. Newman
Gender: FEMALE
Age: 16 YEARS OLD (earth equivalent)
Birth Date: FEBRUARY 29
Height: 155 CM
Weight: 43 KG
Favorite Instrument: HARMONICA

Killer Moves

Name                    Level Learned
----                    -------------
Rocket Punch                 -
Hop Step                     -
Mole                         17
Ally-Oop!                    25
Parabola Beam                38
Bang-Bang Attack             49
Bloody Mary                  57
Mujin Super Beam             -
Holo- Holograph              -
Barrier                      -

Opera Vectra

Gender: FEMALE
AGE: 23 YEARS OLD OLD (earth equivalent)
Height: 160 CM
Weight: 50 KG
Favorite Food: APPLE CIDER
Favorite Instrument: PIANO

Killer Moves
Name                      Level Learned
----                      -------------
Flame Launcher                 -
Photon Prison                  -
On One                         24
Spread Ray                     34
Cold Wind                      41
Gravity                        54
Lightning Blade                69
Laser Bit                      -
Healing Star                   -
Hyper Launcher                 -

Bowman Jean

Gender: MALE
Age: 27 YEARS OLD OLD (earth equivalent)
Birth Date: DECEMBER 30
Height: 175 CM
Weight: 78 KG
Favorite Instrument: HARMONICA

Killer Moves

Name                   Level Learned
----                   -------------
Spirit Attack               -
Poison Pills                -
Pillory                     -
Firebird Attack             -
Secret Medicine             28
Death Siege                 35
Whirlwind Fist              43
Burt Fist                   51
Explosion Pills             66
Sakura Attack               74

Ernest Raviede

Gender: MALE
Age: 35 YEARS OLD (earth equivalent)
Birth Date: AUGUST 31
Height: 190 CM
Weight: 90 KG
Favorite Food: HASSAKU TEA
Favorite Instrument: CEMBALO

Killer Moves

Name                     Level Learned
----                     -------------
Dimension Whip                -
Spiral Whip                   -
Arc Attack                    32
Thousand Whip                 41
Cloud Dust                    49 
Broken Heart                  58
Thunder Whip                  65
Sonic Whip                    73

Leon D. S. Geeste

Type: MAGE
Gender: MALE
Age: 12 YEARS OLD (earth equivalent)
Birth Date: NOVEMBER 25
Height: 135 CM
Weight: 36 KG
Favorite Food: CARROT JUICE
Favorite Instrument: VIOLIN

Heraldry Spells

Spell Name                  Level Learned
----------                  --------------
Wounds                           -
Shadow Bolt                      -
Acid Rain                        -
Deep Mist                        -
Black Saber                      -
Deep Freeze                      -
Word of Death                    -                    
Protection                       32
Starligh                         34
Delay                            36
Shadow Flare                     39
Haste                            42
Growth                           50
Noah                             54
Gremlin Lair                     60
Daemon's Gate                    66
Dark Circle                      78
Extinction                       -

Dias Flac

Gender: MALE
Age: 25 YEARS OLD (earth equivalent)
Birth Date: AUGUST 5
Height: 192 CM
Weight: 82 KG
Favorite Instrument: CEMBALO

Killer Moves

Name                       Level Learned
----                       -------------
Air Slash                       -
Chaos Sword                     -
Cross Wave                      -
Crescent Wave                   -
Gale Stab                       40
Crescent Moon Flash             48
Hawk Scream Blast               56
Full Moon Slash                 63
Illusion                        70
Firebird Shock Wave             78

Noel Chandler

Type: MAGE
Gender: MALE
Age: 24 YEARS OLD (earth equivalent)
Birth Date: FEBRAURY 16
Height: 173 CM
Weight: 74 KG
Favorite Food: BIG TUNA
Favorite Instrument: SHAMISEN

Heraldry Spells

Spell Name                    Level Learned
----------                    -------------
Mind Absorber                      -
Wind Blade                         -
Heal                               -
Grave                              -
Tetanus Wind                       -
Sonic Saber                        -
Cure Light                         -
Earth Grave                        -
Energy Arrow                       -
Magnum Tornado                     -
Cure All                           41
Silence                            41
Neutral                            45
Blood Sucker                       49
Foehn                              52
Fairy Heal                         55
Dispel                             60
Curse                              66
Bless                              72
Fairy Light                        77
Earthquake                         82

Chisato Madison

Gender: FEMALE
Age: 22 YEARS OLD (earth equivalent)
Birth Date: OCTOBER 22
Height: 164 CM
Weight: 52 KG
Favorite Food: NONE
Favorite Instrument: ORGAN

Killer Moves

Name                          Level Learned
----                          -------------
Twister                            -
Burning Cards                      -
Whirlwind                          -
10,000 Volts                       44
Flame Thrower                      53
Rising Dragon                      62
Tear Gas                           68
Preparation                        76

|005: Explanation of Specialties  |

For a fighter-type character you can set the Killer Moves.

For a Mage-type character a list of available spells will
appear within the subscreen.

For Mage-type characters, You will be able to initiate any
healing spell from this subscreen (as long as there is a 
circle icon adjacent to the spell name), this is much 
cheaper than buying healing items from a general store.

You can toggle healing spells on/off by pressing the square
button. (By turning a healing item off, the mage will not
use it in battle) If there is an X adjacent to the spell
name, it means that particular spell can only be invoked
during battle.

For Fighter-type characters, you can assign Killer Moves to
the L1 and R1 buttons. Each character is assigned a 
corresponding proficiency value with the Killer Move, as 
well as MP (magic point) consumption, displayed in the upper 
right portion of the screen. (Whether it be a Spell or a 
Killer Move, the ones that you obtain at higher character 
levels have obvious higher value.)

|006: Explanation of Equipment  |

Although the Equipment Wizard saves a lot of time, 
surprisingly, it is NOT the optimal path. The Equipment 
Wizard WILL automatically equip the best applicable 
equipment, but, sometimes the best possible equipment have 
negative effects, e.g. draining your HP or FOL.

I recommend equipping weapons manually. The stats displayed 
on the left side of the screen change to reflect the 
increase (green) or decrease (red) in the categories: ATK 
(attack), AC (accuracy), HIT, AVD (evade), and MAG (magic), 
respectively in almost ANY role playing game.

|007: Explanation of Skills  |

In the Camp Menu, adjacent to the word 'NEXT', a blue line 
is displayed. This is the remaining value of EXP 
(experience) points in order to obtain a level up. When the 
number is met, the character gains a level up and is awarded 
with Skill Points. When ANY character achieves a level up, 
their strength is enhanced.

When you start to accumulate Skill Points for a each 
character, they're to be spent toward learning skills (from
the skill sets purchased in the skill guilds)

Tip: Ideally, Perseverance should be the initial skill that 
ALL characters should learn FIRST. The GREATER the level is
for this particular skill, the LOWER the skill point cost
for all the OTHER skills. For each character, maxing out
the Perseverance skill early in the game will be a HUGE

|008: Explanation of Killer Moves  |

In battle, if you press the L1 or R1 buttons, the 
corresponding 'Killer Move' will be used based on your
configuring preferences. After the Killer Move is executed,
a meter will appear next to the character indicating the 
approximate waiting time before being able to use another 
Killer Move.

|009: Explanation of Heraldry  |

This craft allows the character to invoke a spell. Similar
to the Killer Moves Meter, a meter will appear next to the 
character indicating the approximate waiting time before 
being able to use another Heraldry spell.

System loading. 
Please wait...

Boot up Disc 1 of Star Ocean THE SECOND STORY. Select 
'NEW GAME'. In the Sound Select Mode, select your audio 
system. In the Select Vibration Mode, select 'ON'. Select 
'CLAUDE KENNI' for the Hero Select. In the Battle Mode, 
select 'STANDARD'

                Disc 1 - Walkthrough of EXPEL

                    |010: Walkthrough  |

When your first get a hold of Claude, enter the Camp Menu,
select STATUS and then press triangle to view Claude's 
talents. If Dexterity IS NOT in the dialogue box, reboot the
game. Again, if Dexterity IS NOT in the dialogue box, reboot 
the game. Each time you start a new game Claude is randomly
fitted with talents. IT IS A MUST that he has this talent 
for a very important SIDE QUEST!
10.0/ /_MILOCINIA_/     Wa000

Examine the door panel to the left. Once inside, *SAVE*. 
Then, investigate the northern most area to trigger some 
dialogue, and be sucked into some strange device.

[Shingo Forest]

Approach the gorilla to initiate a battle. Refrain from 
using normal attacks because The gorilla is invulnerable to 
your sword. Use your phase gun...BURN!

Accompany Rena across the bridge and enjoy the beautiful
stream & water well.

10.1/ /_ARLIA_VILLAGE_/    Wa001

Treasure: Leather Armor, 200 FOL, Resurrection Bottle,
Blackberry, Strawberry Jam, Blueberry, Rose Hips.

This village is the very embodiment of beauty, and moreover,
one of the most lovely things in role playing games - 
villages. Ideally, when I'm at the gates of heaven I would 
like the music in this village to be played. Sorry Nobuo 
Uematsu and the Final Fantasy VII masterpiece, but this tune 
tops all.

Take control of Claude and run across the bridge Pickup 
'Rose Hips' and 'Blueberry' in the first house.

Proceed to the eastern part of the village, examining the
treasure chests.

Pickup: 'Leather Armor'
Pickup: '200 FOL'
Pickup: 'Resurrection Bottle'

Pickup: 'Strawberry Jam'

Enter Rena's house to trigger a cut scene. You have to visit
all of the areas of town while Rena give you an explanation
of each. When all areas have been explored, return to Rena's
house. When your upstairs, play around a while, Westa will
come upstairs to talk to you. Afterwards, Major Regis will
give you the 'Long Sword'.

Go see Rena in the Shingo Forest and she'll tell you that
she'd like to be alone. Exit from whence you came you'll 
come across Alen plotting something...

Proceed to the northern exit of Arlia Village.

Tip: The key to success in ANY role play game is boosting.
Before entering Salva, take some time to level up Claude
to level 8. If you need to restore your HP & MP, resort
to the general store in Arlia, or better yet, rest at the
Major's house. Don't use anything besides your Phase Gun!

10.2/ /_THE_TOWN_OF_SALVA_/    Wa002

Treasure: Heavy Ring, Portrait B.

Ascend the incline and enter Feguson's Weapon Shop.
Pickup: 'Heavy Ring'

Ascend the stairs to the north and enter the mansion. Talk 
to the butler in the front foyer, then, climb the main 
stairs and enter the bedroom.

Pickup: 'Portrait B'
Exit the mansion.

Return to Arlia Village, where there is a crowd of people
awaiting your arrival. Alen kidnaped Rena and is holding 
her captive in the mansion we just visited. Return to
The Town of Salva and examine the front door of the mansion,
Claude will nuke it with the phase gun. Unfortunately, we 
wont be able to use the Phase Gun anymore ::emits a series 
of sobs::

When inside the mansion, enter the area to the right in the 
front foyer. Claude will examine Rena's hairpin and 
subsequently store it as a precious item under 'Precious 
Items'. Investigate the golden statue...

<cut scene>

Exit into the dungeon.

10.3/ /_SALVA_DRIFT_/       Wa003

Treasure: Rose Hips, Silver, Iron, Blueberry, Blackberry,
Blueberry, Spectacles, Gold x2.

Talk to the man for some helpful dialogue, it never hurts to
save either. Head north where you come across two treasures.

Pickup: 'Rose Hips'
Pickup: 'Blackberry'

Head west into the new area, and at the back of this area is
two treasures as well.

Pickup: 'Blueberry'
Pickup: 'Silver'
Backtrack to the beginning, and this time head to the north.
Proceed to the treasure chest.

Pickup: 'Iron'

Afterwards, head west to exit and in the new area you are
presented with two more (and the final) two treasures in
this dungeon.

Pickup: 'Spectacles'
Pickup: 'Blueberry'
Pickup: 'Gold'

Proceed to the save point to the northern most area. *Save*
The Boss area is adjacent to the save point.

Boss Data:
400 HP
0 MP
Strong Point(s): Darkness
Weak Point(s): Light
If your at level 8 according to my suggestion, this battle
should be a walk in the park. Continually slay the demon 
with normal attacks while Rena uses healing spells.

[Return to Arlia]

Watch the lengthy series of events that follow in Arlia 
Village. Afterwards, continue your journey past the Town of
Salva and enter the town over the horizon.

10.4/ /_TOWN_OF_CROSS_/         Wa004

Treasure: Wooden Shield, Leather Helm, 500 FOL.

You arrive at the town after hours and are forced to stay at
the Kingdom Hotel. Fortunately, Rena's aunt Rachel runs the
hotel so you get a free nights stay at the inn. Explore the 
western side of town where there are a multitude of shops 
and recreations, most notably, Skill Guild (Skille) and 
Weapons Shop (Royal Hunt). I recommend buying all the 
skills, and upgrading your characters current equipment. 
Afterwards, head north up to Cross Castle.

Register at the front desk to request an audience to see the
King. While waiting head to the downstairs armory.

Pickup: 'Leather Helm'
Pickup: 'Wooden Shield'
Pickup: '500 FOL' (in the Prince's Chambers)
After acquiring the treasures, speak to the receptionist 
once again, it is time for your audience. Ascend the main 
staircase, and into the Throne Room. After your audience, 
attempt to leave the town, and you will see an event. Tell
her that your interested in the treasure hunt and she will
join your party. Head east from the Town of Cross and you
will discover Cross Cave.

10.5/ /_CROSS_CAVE_/          Wa005
Treasure: 600 FOL, 700 FOL, Artemis Leaf, Blueberry x3, Cure 
Poison x2, Sweet Syrup, Lavender, Iron, Feather Pen, Green 
Beryl, Ancient Writings, Resurrection Mist, Barries of the 
Heart, ?MINERAL (Rock), ?ITEM (Aquaberry), ?JEWERLY (Reverse 

Note: Celine is programmed by default to constantly cast 
spells. This can be annoying and I recommend entering the 
Camp Menu, going to Combat, strategy, and changing Celines 
combat strategy to "Conserve MP!". This will also save some
MP for the boss of this dungeon.

In the first area, head west until you find treasure.

Pickup: 'Blueberry'

Backtrack to the beginning and this time, take the north 
path. In this area, take the hidden path to the right...

Pickup: 'Iron'
Pickup: 'Blackberry'

Backtrack to the previous area, taking the west passage. In
the new area take the west passage again, finding treasure.

Pickup: 'Artemis Leaf'
Pickup: 'Sweet Syrup'

Backtrack once again, navigate Claude to the northern most
portion of this dungeon.

Pickup: 'Cure Poison'

Head north...

Pickup: 'Lavender'
Pickup: '?MINERAL'

Head east. When you come to a fork in the path choose the 
right path for more treasure...

Pickup: 'Magic Canvas'
Pickup: 'Tri-ball'
Head back to the fork in the road, and this time, take the 
left path. Continue west where there should be some sort
of sign...

Pickup: '?ITEM'

Run past the sign into a bed of flowers heading south. In 
the new area you should come across another sign. There are 
two treasures in this area...

Pickup: 'Cure Poison'
Pickup: 'Blackberry'

Backtrack all the way to the area where you acquired 
'Lavender' and '?MINERAL'. This time, however, take the
western most path. In the next area follow the path north.
You should come across yet again another mysterious sign and
a treasure chest...

Pickup: 'Lavender'

Head north. In the area you come are presented with another
fork in the road. Choose the right path. You'll witness 
these flowers that sort of resemble lilly pads. Continue 


Proceed to the new area where there is a star and various
treasures amongst the perimeter...

Pickup: '700 FOL'
Pickup: 'Ancient Writings' (Precious Item)
Pickup: 'EMPTY'
Pickup: 'Green Beryl'

Boss Data:
1,500 HP
0 MP
Strong Point(s): Dark
Weak Point(s): Light
While navigating my detailed treasure hunt in this dungeon,
your party members should have received a decent amount of
strength, which SHOULD make this Boss battle nothing 
special. The only thing to worry about is the chance of 
getting "pancaked" in between the two GARGOYLE'S which can
inflict some damage.

Backtrack to the beginning of the cave, and DEFINITELY have
her join because she is a cool gal! 
10.6/ /_SIDE_QUEST_/       Wa006

Note: I highly recommend trying this SIDE QUEST! You don't
have to do it, but if you do, you'll be SUPER powerful EARLY
in the game!

With all this battling you should have raised close to 
8,000 FOL by now, which will be very beneficial to an 
advanced side quest I will discuss. After completing the
Cross Cave, head to Mars Village. Rena will tell Claude 
that they should be heading towards Click. You don't have
much business to be here in terms of the story line, but
instead, resort to Roof's Tool Shop. This shop carries the
Flame Blade for Claude, and at 4,800 FOL it's worth every
penny! Buy it and any other relevant upgrades.

Ultimately, the goal of the side quest is to raise a 
whopping 40,000 FOL to purchase the 'Bandits Glove' in the 
Port of Herlie. With this in your possession you can score 
two ULTIMATE items, EARLY in the game. 

With the upgrades from Mars Village, the best way to raise 
the money would be to boost (level up) in the Lasguss 
Mountains (west of The Town of Cross). The fiends in this 
area are TOUGH so if you counter hardships try resting at 
the inn at Cross. As your party becomes stronger you will 
begin to realize that this alone is not enough to raise 
40,000 FOL. In the Lasguss Mountains, if you explore the 
eastern most area, you will come across a desert...

The enemies of this desert are Hour Glasses and these Slug
type monsters. The trick is to fight the slugs, they're 
really easy and they give you great items when you defeat 
them. For instance, Orichalcum sells for 2,500 at the tool 
shop at Cross! If you repeat this process you will have the 
money in no time!

With the 40,000 FOL raised, the 'Bandits Glove' can be 
purchased in Port of Herlie. With the Bandits Glove in your
possession all you need now are the skills 'Courage' and
'Poker Face' to be leveled up in your SKILLS menu. Since you
have been battling constantly to get the money, you should
have enough Skill Points (SP) to max out these particular
skills instantly! When these skills are maxed out, your
pickpocketing methods will be flawless! These skills can be
found by purchasing each of the skill sets from the Skill 
Guilds from The Town of Cross & The Port of Herlie. To 
recap, Claude needs to have the following things to 

1. 'Dexterity' for a talent. (discussed in the beginning of
this guide)

2. A 'Bandits Glove'.

3. The skills 'Courage' and 'Poker Face' to be at a 
formidable level.

Tip: Before maxing out 'Poker Face' and 'Courage' in the 
SKILLS menu, max out the skill 'Perseverance' first. If you 
max out this skill first, the SP required to max out 'Poker 
Face' and 'Courage' will be significantly less!

Note: Make sure you *SAVE* outside of The Port of Click.

10.7/ /_THE_PORT_OF_CLICK_/        Wa007

Treasure: Seafood, Vegetables, Grain, Lyre.

Enter The Port of Click through Private Action. Enter the 
first house and pickup the 'Lyre'. Proceed to the next area.
At the Fountain Plaza, you should see a crowd of people 
listening to a fortune teller. Join the people and listen to 

Afterwards, equip the 'Bandits Glove' to your accessories, 
and pickpocket the fortune teller. If you were successful 
you should have acquired 'Mischief', if you weren't 
successful reboot the game. Go ahead and equip 'Mischief' 
under an accessory, I GUARANTEE you'll start laughing!

From the Fountain Plaza, head up the stairs to the north and 
into the Skill Guild, where there is 'Combat 1' to purchase. 
Exit Click to gather your party members, and re-enter. Head 
to the south of town and talk to the boat captain. 

Enter the Fountain Plaza where a little kid abruptly steals 
Claude's wallet. Head south again and talk to the group of 
children. Backtrack to the beginning of town where you will 
stumble across Ketil. While on his tour, rendevous with the
little kids again to trigger some dialogue and Ketil 
subsequently joining the kids. AWE ;)

Check with the captain. Then, enter the Fountain Plaza...

<Cut scene>
Run up the stairs.
<Cut scene>



10.8/ /_MARS_VILLAGE_/         Wa008

Treasure: Silk Robe, Silence Card, Purple Mist, Sour Syrup.

Take a moment to get lost in this beautiful tune. Enter 
Celine's House and pickup 'Silk Robe'. There is an old man 
about one in game meter north of Finn's Inn, pickpocket his 
elderly condition to retrieve a very important item:
'Treasure Chest'. Exit the village and save accordingly. 
After you execute the save, check the contents of the
'Treasure Chest'. The game will randomly give you an item, 
if you don't like that item, reboot and check the 'Treasure 
Chest' again. 

There is a chance that you can get the 'Marvel Sword' for 
Claude from this chest. With the Marvel Sword, you'll be 
able to neutralize every opponent on the first disc within 
seconds. I have never got the 'Marvel Sword' because the 
corresponding probability assigned to it is ridiculously 
rare. The best item I've got was the 'Sorceress Knuckles' 
for Rena, with an ATK: 1035! Not bad for an orphan!

Re-enter the village and enter the Elder's House. After all
the events, re-enter the Elders House and pickup 'Silence
Card', 'Purple Mist', and 'Sour Syrup from the library. 
Lastly, talk to the butler to rest up for tomorrow.

10.9/ /_HERALDRY_FOREST_/        Wa009

Treasure: Amber Robe, Flame Blade, Smelling Salts, Dummy 
Doll, Mandrake, ?HERB (Rose Hips).


Take the left path, pickup '?HERB'. Follow the right path
and slay the approaching bandits. Continue on, where you
come to another gang of bandits. Afterwards, equip the 'Mud
Boots' to get across the mud pool. When you come to a fork
in the road, follow the left path to pickup 'Smelling 
Salts'. Next, follow the right path when your bombarded by
a pre-emptive counter from another gang of bandits. You 
are presented with another fork in the road. Take the right
path to pickup 'Dummy Doll', then take the northern road.
*SAVE* and cross the mud pool with the mud boots. In the 
next area, take the right path and pickup 'Mandrake'.

Take the left path and you'll see an ironic event!

Boss Data:
3,000 HP
0 MP
Strong Point(s): Dark
Weak Point(s): Fire, light
I don't want to sound redundant here but with all the
exhaustive time you've spent battling for the Bandit's
Glove, Claude should be able to bust this foe within 10
seconds with normal attacks. You can set Celine's combat
strategy to 'Attack with all MP' if you'd like.

When all future dialogue is complete exit MARS VILLAGE,
Celine will catch up.

Pilgrimage to the Port of Herlie and talk the two men 
adjacent to the entrance discussing how a two-headed dragon 
has invaded The Town of Salva. Travel back to Salva to slay 
the dragon. Pursuing these events will trigger the 
opportunity to recruit Ashton Anchors.


Treasure: Aquaberry, Brigandine, Cinderella Glass, Diamond,
Golden Earring, Iron, Maple Syrup, Star Ruby.

Enter Salva Drift via the mine. Proceed northeast and then
continue westward. You'll eventually come to the sign that
reads, "DANGER! To Dragon's Nest". From here, there is a 
single chest to the north where you can pickup 'Maple 
Syrup'. Head west through both areas then north picking up
'Aquaberry' and 'Iron' at the summit. From here, continue
west pickup 'Golden Earring'. Head south into the new area
pickup 'Cinderella Glass', continue south, then, *SAVE* at 
the save point.

To the east of the save point, there is an event involving
Ashton Anchors and the dragon. Afterwards, there is an 
incident with the dragon being attached to Ashton's back
and when the game prompts you to take responsibility for
causing commotion in the background, do so.

Exit Salva Drift and visit Fergusons Weapon Shop. Ferguson
will reward you with the 'Twin-edge' for slaying the dragon.
As you leave Salva, the party decides to explore the Elders
books in Mars Village to exorcize the dragons.

10.11/ /_MARS_VILLAGE_/ (Ashton's Quest)  Wa00B

Treasure: N/A

Enter the Elder House and resort to the library in the back.
Climb the foot ladder and read The Book of Exorcism...

Pilgrimage over to the Mountain Palace which lies northwest
of The Town of Cross. The lone guard in this area tells you
that you need permission from the King of Cross to pass...
Request another audience with the King of Cross. He grants
permission almost instantaneously, as well as some travel

10.12/ /_MOUNTAIN_PALACE_/    Wa00C

Treasure: Amber Robe, Cestus, Crest Rod, Crystal, Cure 
Stone, Damascus, Emerald Ring, Fairy's Cologne,
Fairy's Statue, Luna Tablet, Resurrection Bottle, Sweet
Syrup, Wolfsbane, ?HERB, ?JEWERLY, ?MINERAL, ?MINERAL.

Take the first left you see. Eventually you will to an
intersection. Take the western path for the fastest 
route to the boss, you may seek the treasure under your
own discretion. When you come to the area with the doorway
and the two torches beside it, ignore it, continue north.
You will eventually come across a similar door with the
same features, this time, enter. Continue along normally
and pickup '?JEWERLY' and 'Resurrection Bottle' from the two
chests. Next, pickup 'Cure Stone' and 'Sweet Syrup' entering
the eastern doorway. From here, if you take the eastern
doorway, you'll end up in the Boss area no matter WHAT.

*SAVE* at the save point.

In the Boss area pickup 'Cestus' and '?MINERAL'. Examine the
glowing rock.

Boss Data:
9,000 HP
100 MP
Strong Point(s): N/A
Weak Point(s): N/A
This is probably the toughest boss you've come across thus 
far. A little endurance is required, moreover, it isn't as
'quick' as the other bosses might have seemed. Her favorite
spell is 'Magnum Tornado' which she SHOULD only cast once
considering having Claude & Ashton consuming her.

Acquired: 'Silver Goblet' (stored under Precious Items)

Exit the dungeon where you come to another party discussion.
You must retrieve 'Tears of the King' in the LASGUSS 

10.13/ /_LASGUSS_MOUNTAIN_/    Wa00D

Treasure: N/A

I have good news and good news. The good news is that if 
you've been following this guide accordingly, then, you've
been here before boosting to get the 'Bandits Glove'.
We will only be exploring a total of 4 areas here. It
will be over before you know it!

Climb to the summit. *SAVE* at the save point.

Tip: There is a GREAT sword that is available to Claude
in this area called the 'Walloon Sword'. The probability
of one of the enemies dropping this is quite rare.

Boss Data:
20,000 HP
300 MP
Strong Point(s): Fire, Wind
Weak Point(s): N/A
I take back my glorification of NIGHTMARE, the previous 
boss. XINE is really powerful and can deal massive damage.
I recommend traveling to a Hilton or Mars Village to get
stronger, more applicable, armor for Ashton for this fight,
that or have him dead the whole fight!

Celine's 'Energy Arrow' will be a great help to this 
adversary dealing damage in the 500 HP range. Continually 
mash bird with the continuous attacks of Claude and Ashton. 
Rena's 'Cure All' is a wonder spell.

Acquired: 'Tears of the King' (stored under Precious Items)

With the necessary items to begin the exorcism, head back to
the Salva Drift where this dilemma first began. Reaching the
point where you first met Ashton, once Ashton realizes the 
life of the dragons cannot be spared through the exorcism, 
he decides not to go through with it, and subsequently joins
your party.

10.14/ /_PORT_OF_HERLIE_/     Wa00E

Treasure: Ring of Sadness, Ringed Mail, Sinclair Sabre,
Leather Boots, 1,200 FOL.

Pickup the 'Ring of Sadness' in the house next to the
Ocean View Inn. The rest of the treasures can be found 
in Zand's Mansion. Purchase all the skills from Giona
Vallon Skill Guild if you haven't already.

Finally, take the ship to Lacour for a mere 120 FOL.

Tip: Press L1 and R1 while on the ship to view the 
surrounding geography.

10.15/ /_HILTON_/      Wa00F

Treasure: N/A

Purchase 'Technique 2' and 'Combat 2' from Skill Power Skill
Guild. I always gave Hilton a lot of credibility due to the
astuteness of the shops it has available. I think it's cute 
the Seaside Music store has a drum set displayed, - oh, it's
mandatory that you check out Gerencer's Weapon Shop for some
great updates!

Tip: Before enter Lacour take some time to battle on the 
World Map. There's new sets of pugnacious fiends, most 
notably, Salamanders. If you are low on HP or MP, resort to 
the Hilton Island Inn, NOT your healing items. Salamanders
give you a TON of EXP points, more than any bossy you've
come across thus far. Battle the Salamnders until you can
destroy them with ease...you'll know you'll be ready for the
Tournament of Arms!

10.16/ /_LACOUR_/    Wa00G

Treasure: 10,000 FOL, Star Ruby.

Head over to the eastern most part of Lacour and visit the
Lacour Skills Skill Guild. Purchase 'Sensibility 2' and
'Combat 3'. Head to the northern most part of town, Lacour
Castle, and try to get an audience with the king. The king
is too busy with the Tournament of Arms so normal audiences
have been delayed, moreover, if you do well in the 
tournament he will. Apply to the Tournament of Arms where 
you are then told to choose a sponsor from a weapons shop. 
Before leaving Lacour Castle, pickpocket the little kid with 
blue hair in the Laboratory, and subsequently acquire 
'Peices for Learners'. You can also acquire 'Star Ruby' in 
the Chambers.

While looking for the proper weapon shop to sponsor Claude,
nothing offers the defensive and offensive balance of Slayer
Weapon Shop. Slayer Weapons Shop, is an indoor shop located 
amongst all the other shops. Register with the person at 
the desk to acquire the 'Tournament Pass'. Now, you can 
either battle on the World Map, or stay at The Lacour Hotel 
to rest up for the tournament.

After you stay at the inn, make your way into the depths of
the castle and speak to the man at the receptionists desk.
Then, wait in the waiting room, talking to each person,
until your summoned to fight. Your first match is with
a gladiator that should be destroyed instantly. After the
match, go around to the spectators side of the Colosseum
to meet up with your party members and watch Dias fight!

Your second match is against a gorilla. It's a little 
faster than the gladiator, but it shouldn't be too 
difficult. Next, the semi-final rounds, against an Orge.
Unlike the other fights, the orge posses some power. I
boosted on the World Map until I was on LVL: 35, however,
I DID have to resort to using a 'Fresh Syrup'. You should
have 'Energy Sword' which is a healing Killer Move.

Meet up with your party at the spectators section once 
again. Witness Dias slay his victim. At last, your encounter 
with Dias Flac! Don't worry no matter what you perform, Dias 
Flac is programmed to win. With that being said, don't take 
offense to all the exhaustive amount of battling you've 
done, Dias winning is part of the story line.

Return to the Slayer Weapons Shop to claim your regards. 
Afterwards, visit Rena's grandfather - Gamgee, the 
blacksmith who forged the sword Dias used in the tournament. 
He will give you the 'Sharp Edge' as a reward for runner-up 
- A gift from Dias himself!

10.17/ /_THE_TOWN_OF_LINGA_/         Wa00H

Treasure N/A

After the events with Precis, the clumsy girl, check out
Le Skill Skill Guild and purchase 'Knowledge 3' and 
'Technique 3'. Well that’s it, you should now have EVERY 
skill that’s offered in the game. To confirm this, enter the 
Camp Menu, select Skills, and you should have every set 
except for one. The skill system is explained elsewhere in 
this FAQ.

Enter Keith Klaser's house, a linguist who can help decipher
the ancient writings you've found in Cross Cave. 
Unfortunately, the professor is a very busy man and you will 
have to wait a whole MONTH to see him!

Go to Pharmacy (Jean Medicine Home). Here you will meet Jean
Bowman. He employs that Keith is VERY bust deciphering 
ancient texts, and the writings that the party has, he 
claims, could have been found "anywhere". Bowman believes 
Cross Cave is a dangerous dungeon and if it's true that the 
party has explored there, then they will be able to explore 
the Sanctuary of Linga in order to retrieve valuable herbs 
to help Bowman with his pharmaceutical endeavors. On with 

10.18/ /_SANCTUARY_OF_LINGA_/       Wa00I

Treasure: Bubble Lotion, Cinderella Glass, Might Chain,
Mixed Syrup, Poison Check, Ruby, Spring Water, Straight 
Punch, Twin Edge, ?GUARD (Rune Buckler).

Note: Don't get your hopes up; the 'Lavender' you find at 
the entrance, will NOT be enough to convince Jean.

Stay on the upper levels and head north through 4 areas
until you come to a dinosaur fossil. When you come to this
area, take a right and you'll pass a huge human-like 
skeleton. Passing the skeleton, you'll come to a grassy 
area. Pickup the herb and acquire 'Dill Whip', the Dill Whip 
is an herb Bowman has never seen before. Backtrack, exit 
from whence you came and show Bowman.

Back at The Town of Linga, rest at Pension Chie Inn, then 
make your way back to the pharmacy and visit Bowman. Watch
all the events that follow...When you come to the night
scene inside Bowmans home, pickpocket Ashton to acquire
'Shield Sword', a great weapon for Ashton himself!
Let Bowman join your party...

Return to Lacour where you learn that monsters are advancing
towards Lacour. Proceed to the castle, and after you've 
registered, Gamgee the blacksmith is on the main stairway
in the interior of the castle. Talk to him to acquire 'Plate
Mail', a great armor that you should equip on Claude.

Enter the laboratory in the basement of the castle where 
eventually you will accompany young master Leon to the 
Hoffman ruins via a ship from the Hilton. The Hoffman ruins
holds a valuable tool in the completion of the Lacour Hope.
Pickpocket the King of Lacour before leaving to receive 

When you reach Hilton, stock up on some provisions and 
recovery items. Then, talk the blue soldier near the ship.

Tip: Press L1 and R1 while on the ship to view the 
surrounding geography.

10.19/ /_THE_HOFFMAN_RUINS_/      Wa00J

Tip: Outside of the Hoffman Ruins is the BEST place to
boost in the game thus far. The chances of encountering
double Salamanders is highly probable at all times!

Treasure: 1-up Pudding, Angel Hair, Aquaberry, Blackberry,
Cure Paralysis, Cure Stone, Diamond, Gold, Green Beryl,
Hexagram Card, Holy Mist, Hyperball, Light Box, Orichalcum,
Paralysis Check, Recoil Bracelet, "spring", Spring Water,
Zephyr Earring.

Ascend the large staircase and you will aid Master 
Leon in opening the door. Once inside, proceed north and
pickup 'Angel Hair' and 'Light Box'. Backtrack and enter
the east opening making sure to *SAVE* at the save point.

Proceed south down the narrow passage way. When you come to
the golden wall, pickup 'Aquaberry', then, proceed south. In
the new area head south again crossing over a bridge. When 
you come to a fork in the road, choose the left path, and in
the new area head south. Follow the path and *SAVE* at the
save point. Pickup "Spring" and Proceed north into the boss.

Boss Data
36,700 HP
100 MP
Strong Point(s): Fire, Wind, Star, Vacuum, Void.
Weak Point(s): Thunder, Light, Dark.
These creatures have TONS of HP, and they're weak to 
thunder. In order to drain their HP, have Celine cast
'Thunderstorm' it will take a multitude of attempts to 
dispose of the beasts with this spell, so, give Celine her 
fair share of Blackberries. The beasts are invulnerable for
a short period of time when they use their "pyramids", all
in all, this is a test of endurance. They' ain't' nuttin'.

Backtrack from whence you came, returning to the soldier at
the shoreline. Enter Lacour and talk with the King. 
Afterwards, from Hilton, follow the path to the left, 
through the mountains and into the Lacour Front Line.

10.20/ /_LACOUR_FRONT_LINE_/      Wa00K

Treasure: N/A

Enter the Arsenal Weapons Shop and buy some upgrades. He has
some GREAT refinements. Report to the Commanders Office. 
After the briefing rendevous with Diaz on the outpost. Then,
meet up with Rena on the opposite outpost. After the event
and dialogue, the next day comes. Talk to all the people 
next to where Dias is standing and then proceed up the 

Boss Data
All you must do is stay alive for one minute. Heal and 
revive your party as needed. You inflict 0 damage upon Shin.

Wander around the Front Line talking to everyone you see
and rest at the hospital. Watch the 3rd movie thus far that
the game offers. Master Leon decimating the monsters in a 
huge explosion via the Lacour Hope. Navigate through all the
upcoming dialogue and events. When aboard the ship, the 
party learns that the Lacour Hope has no effect on the 
demonic Shin.

Boss Data:
2,200 HP
0 MP
Strong Point(s): Darkness
Weak Points(s): Light
These beats can be slain with simplicity, in fact, due to 
the astuteness of your boosting, you should be invulnerable 
to their attacks.

Boss Data
Your objective is to die...

Collect Master Leon, run up the stairs, and onto the World
Map. Enter the closest village.

10.21/ /_ELURIA_COLONY_/    Wa011

Treasure: Veil Peircer or Fine Shield, Shield Sword, Metal
Fangs or Silver Robe x2, Giant Fists or Silver Greaves x2,
Rune Cap, Plate Mail x2.

Enter the door and speak to the leader of the village.
Afterwards, enter the Arsenal Weapons Shop. Search the 
environment for valuable treasures. As you attempt to leave,
the shop owner gives you an 'ID Card' for use in The Eluria

Tip: You can take some time to boost before advancing 
towards the tower, if you become weary, you can rest
at the leaders compound in Eluria Colony. Be forewarned,
there is a VERY tough boss in the tower, and there are
a multitude of pugnacious fiends!

Tip: In the Tower you sometimes fight an enemy called
Coldlizard (think Salamders but harder). They are the
opposite from the Salamander's fire breath in the 
sense that they can stone you. Just like every other
enemy in the tower, you should resort to Celine's
'Eruption' spell. Fighting a double Coldlizard will
grant you a whopping 6,000 EXP!

Tip: Stock up on Resurrection Bottles, moreover, about 7.

10.22/ /_THE_ELURIA_TOWER_/    Wa012

Treasure: Aquaberry, Crestier Guard x2, Crystal, Cure
Paralysis, Cure Stone, Fresh Syrup, Gale Earring, Giant
Fists, Holy Mist, Meteor Ring, Murasame Sword, Musical
Software, Sapphire, Spring Water, Star Ruby, Steel Helm,
Stone Check, Trickster Armband, Ultra Punch, X Box, ? 
GUARD (Core Plate).

Use the 'ID Card' on the door and infiltrate the main 
entrance. Pickup 'Meteor Ring', 'X Box', 'Holy Mist', 'Stone
Check', and 'Steel Helm' from the front foyer. Examine the 
glass statue and make a mental notation of [3-0]. Ascend one 
of the flights of stairs, (doesn't matter which one you 
choose) and enter the area to the left. Pickup 'Crestier 
Guard', 'Trickster', and 'Musical Software'. Exit this area,
and take advantage of the three chests outside, pickup
'Sapphire', 'Aquaberry', and 'Cure Paralysis'. Also, 
remember [5-A] twice. Head north and *SAVE* at the save 

At the top of the elevator examine the glass man to the 
right...[4-C]. Examine the other glass statue to the north
and remember...[4-C] again. Pickup 'Cure Stone' and 'Star
Ruby' up ahead. Take the elevator next to the treasures.
Examine both the glass men and remember [2-P], then, use the
elevator to the right. Pickup 'Crestier Guard', '?GUARD', 
and 'Fresh Syrup'. Remember the priest in this area, and 
take the opposite lift down. Pickup 'Ultra Punch' and 
'Crystal', remember [1-A]. Take the lift back up and visit 
the priest in the previous area.

Refer to this guide, and match the number with the 
corresponding letter, for the last letter, choose 'A'.
After you've acquired the 'Card Key', take the left lift
down, and in the new area, take the other lift to the left.

Use the key on the red pillars to the left, and proceed to
the event area. When your onboard the Calnus pickpocket the
man to the right of the door to acquire a 'Battle Suit'.
Talk with daddy. After you gain control of Claude again, 
ride the elevator up and *SAVE* at the save point.

Boss Data
21,000 HP
200 MP
Strong Point(s): Everything
Weak Point(s): N/A
Unlike previous encounters with SHIN, he is now vulnerable 
to your attacks, i.e. you can inflict damage on him finally. 
First, destroy his minions, then, concentrate on SHIN. This 
WILL be a long battle so be prepared for another test of 
endurance. Although SHIN has a lot of defense, this fight
isn't all that hard.

Heal yourself completely and *SAVE* at the previous point.
Head through the middle entrance, pickup 'Gale Earring'.
Choose the right path...

Boss Data
100,000 HP
100 MP
Strong Point(s): Everything
Weak Point(s): N/A
Similar to the earlier encounters with SHIN, the object of
this battle is to survive for 60 seconds. The most hassle-
free way to accomplish this is to spread your characters
far about, and once BERILE kills one of them, take turns
using resurrection Bottles between the far-apart characters,
this way, BERILE will have to travel a long way to kill the
other character, and subsequently buying you time.

            Disc 2 - Walkthrough of ENERGY NEDE

10.22/ /_ENERGY_NEDE_/       Wa013

Treasure: N/A

As a Nedian Rena has a sense of remembrance with this 
strange planet and leads the party through an enchanted
trail of lovely colors, and to a stone gazebo. Listen to
the voice and enter the transporter. 

10.23/ /_CENTRAL_CITY_/    Wa014
Treasure: N/A

When you exit Narl's office, you'll be in City Hall - home
of the Nede Chronicle and the Nede Publishing Company. You
can stay at the Brandywine Inn to rest from the exhaustive
fight with BERILE. After you've rested, by this time, you
should have noticed that you are being followed by a red-
haired women named Chisato reporting for the Nede Chronicle.

After leaving Central City, take notice of the different
World Map theme accompanying Energy Nede, and boost a
bit in the forest.

10.24/ /_NORTH_CITY_/     Wa015

Treasure: N/A

Visit the large cylinder-shaped building that is the
Encyclopedia Library. There is information about the 
notorious Ten Wise Men, as well as other manifestations.

This city is where you can find a synard, i.e. a method of
transportation amongst Energy Nede. Beyond the library 
tower lies the facility where Synards are actinically bread.
Talk to the receptionist and once you mention that the party
has been sent by Narl, then you'll get a referral to the 
directors office.

When Claude's personal data is inputted into the Synard, it
reacts violently!

Boss Data:
43,000 HP
200 MP
Normal attacks should be sufficient enough for this beast.
If Celine has 'Lunar Light' it should deal some great damage
to it.

With a Synard dead, Claude's personal data is refuted and 
will never be tried again. Luckily, there is an alternative 
method for catching a synard. Your transported to an 
endangered species preserve, where you meet Zoologist Noel 
Chandler, who will take you to where the last wild Synard 

Pickup: '50,000 FOL'
Pickup: 'Pet Food'
Pickup: 'Nature's Life Force'

The dungeon where the last remaining synard lurks is only
a short journey away from Noel's compound. If you become
weary you can rest at Noels house, and make sure to *SAVE*
outside of the dungeon.

10.25/ /_CAVERN_OF_THE_RED_CRYSTAL_/     Wa016

Treasure: Cinderella Glass, Dream Bracelet, Flying Hawk 
Robes, Fruit Syrup, Heraldry, Resurrection Bottle, ?MINERAL 
(Meteorite) ?MINERAL (Moonite)
In the second area, head northwest. In the next area, hug
the wall to the right, taking a sharp right, and head all
the way south. Next, proceed off the main road and take the
road the leads to the white entrance.

From here, you have a visual posonar on your synard. In 
order to access it, take the southern path. Follow the inner
trail to the west, ascending the stairs. At the top, *SAVE*
at the save point. From here, head north into the boss area.

Boss Data:
40,000 HP
0 MP
Strong Point(s): N/A
Weak Point(s): Thunder
These opponents have the ability to teleport in and out of 
the material phase. Dazzle em' with critical attacks if your
able to because they also possess a high number of speed 

Let Noel Chandler join your party at your own discretion.

Synard navigation: directional (D-PAD) up, down, left, 
right, X to accelerate. Return to Central City and
rendevous with Narl. You are acknowledged for acquiring
a synard, and more importantly, you are given a quest of
trials. You should visit each field in the order Narl
presents them to you, ultimately, because, the monsters
levels go from low-high:

Introduction to the Four Fields
1. Field of Intelligence
Average level of monsters: 48
Boss's level: 65

2. Field of Power
Average level of monsters: 60
Boss's level: 70

3. Field of Courage
Average level of monsters: 57
Boss's level: 70

4. Field of Love
Average level of monsters: 59
Boss's level: 75

10.26/ /_FIELD_OF_INTELLIGENCE_/       Wa017

Treasure: Alpha Box, Fairy Glass, Fruit Syrup, Great Punch,
Jeanne's Helm, Mirror of Wisdom, Run Metal.

The goal of this field is to turn on the spinning orbs
from the main area of the field which will subsequently
create a special transporter to the boss area. Examine
the mirror in the middle. In the new area, these are the
orbs that must be powered on.

The three mirrors at the beginning transport you in and 
out of the main floors. Start by using the one to the left.
Search for all the yellow tiles, as these are the only ones
that will transport you to the orb room. Once all the orbs 
have been activated, there is a brief cut scene indicating
that the boss area is available in the center.

Boss Data:
60,000 HP
100 MP
Strong Point(s): Earth, Water, Fire, Thunder, Star, 
Vacuum, Void
Weak Point(s): N/A

30,000 HP
100 MP
Strong Point(s): Fire, Star
Weak Point(s): Thunder

30,000 HP
100 MP
Strong Point(s): Thunder, Star
Weak Point(s): Fire

30,000 HP
100 MP
Strong Point(s): Fire, Thunder
Weak Point(s): Star
Ideally, Celine will be the focus of this battle because
she is able to attack each boss at the same time via 
spells. All the boxes are weak towards thunder, so try
casting a high leveled thunder spell such as 'Thunderstorm'.
Keep Rena on standby; ready to heal. Once all the boxes are 
destroyed, the hand is useless.

10.27/ /_GIVEAWAY_/       Wa018

Treasure: Fairy Glass
As far as The Ten Wise Men and the ending of the game
is concerned, visiting this snowy village is irrelevant.
However, If you'd like to unlock the secret information
in the Enclopedia Library at North City (strategies for
defeating The Ten Wise Men) then this is the place to
be. Honestly, it's a foolish side quest. My strategy
for that topic is the optimal one anyway... ;)

The 'Fairy Glass' is in the Giveaway University.

Tip: Before starting your pilgrimage up the steep hill
and into The Field of Power, land your synard on one
of the nearby snow islands. On one of these islands, is
a well-hidden shop called the Fake Galley. This is
undoubtably, the BEST shop in the entire game! Heck,
the merchandise is costly, but if you have the money,
Boss fights will be hilarious!

10.28/ /_FIELD_OF_POWER_/      Wa019

Treasure: Artemis Leaf, Assault Bomb, Blackberry, Janne's
Armor, Marvel Sword, Melting Lotion, Rune Full Moon,
?GUARD (Mithril Helm).

At the base of the mountain lies a tri-point area, 
meaning there are 3 available routes. Take the route
to the northeast. (you can confirm this is the correct
route by passing a save point *SAVE*) Eventually you will 
come across a Yety (gorilla) that will confront you.

During the battle with the Yety's, destroy the ones that
are advancing towards the switch FIRST. If you fail to 
guard the switch, reboot the game from the previous save
point. The reason is because if they do push the switch
it will block this current path and will make your return
journey A LOT more annoying. The good news is that this
sequence only happens once with my walkthrough ;)

After the encounter with the Yetys, exit through the 
opposite way. In the new area, exit through the doorway
above Claude's blonde head. In the next area, continue
onward and pickup '?GUARD', heading east bound to the 

When your back outside, follow the red arrow for guidance
leading you northwest. Run across the bridge, climb the
series of ladders, and *SAVE* at the save point.

Boss Data:
130,000 HP
0 MP
Strong Point(s): Earth, Fire, Water
Weak Point(s): Darkness
When choosing a boss to represent the credibility of the
entire Fields Quest, the GUARDIAN would suit is perfectly.
This boss is SUPER strong with an S class defense. The 
battle will go by much faster if you dazzle em'. Gang
up on the GUARDIAN with Killer Moves and he shouldn't
get a chance to react to your efforts.

10.29/ /_FIELD_OF_COURAGE_/         Wa020
Treasure: Jeanne's Shield, Mithril Greaves, Scyther, Sour
Syrup, Spring Water, Stone Check.

Normally, I prefer providing you with the fastest possible
route to the boss area. However, in this case, that IS NOT
the optimal path in this dungeon because if you follow the
route that I provide, you will be able to obtain a great
weapon for Ashton i.e. 'Scyther'...

In the first area, head northeast. In the next area, take
a right. Pickup 'Stone Check' and proceed north. Pickup
'Mithril Greaves' and head north once again. Pickup
'Scyther' and follow the path. In the next area don't head 
south, instead, continue running west. You finally come to a 
podium with a strange object levitating on top of it. 
Examine the statue to acquire the Precious Item 'Warrior 

With the 'Warrior Statue' in your possession make an effort 
to backtrack to the very beginning of this dungeon. Once at 
the very beginning, head east and then ascend the flight of
stairs. There is an event where you are warped to the boss
area, *SAVE* at the save point. Ascend the stairs and place 
the 'Warrior Stone' on the altar.

Boss Data:
130,000 HP
0 MP
Strong Point(s): Earth, Fire, Water
Weak Point(s): Darkness
This battle is identical to the last. Gang up on the
GUARDIAN with Killer Moves and try to invoke as many
critical hits as possible to dizzy him. Eventually the
beast will reveal his final form, which will be periodically
invulnerable to your attacks, and sometimes dealing massive

10.30/ /_FIELD_OF_LOVE_/    Wa01A

Treasure: Holy Rod, Hot Syrup, Resurrection Mist, Serpent's

Approach the main gate, once inside, it should be apparent
that there is a treasure chest to your right, go for it 
to obtain 'Serpent's tooth'. Take a left as the arrow 
suggests. When you get to the red orb, touch it. From the
same side your currently on, head north and touch the other
red orb. Pickup 'Resurrection Mist' and 'Holy Rod' from the
center platform. With both red orbs touched, the bridges are
now in the proper alignment for you to head north obtaining
'Hot Syrup', then, *SAVE* at the save point.

Boss Data:
60,000 HP
0 MP
Strong Point(s): N/A
Weak Point(s): Light
The breakwings are more of a challenge the LOVER because of
their spell-casting abilities. Destroy these first and then
slaughter LOVER.

With all the field-jewels in your possession, the party 
returns to Central City to rendevous with Narl. With all 
the preparations complete, everyone is ready for the 
offensive operation against Fienal and the Ten Wise Men.

The energy field that is protecting the Ten Wise Men can be
only extends to certain depths under water, so, with the 
heraldic beast known as the Herush, you will be able to 
scrape the ocean floor and enter the area of the enemy.

When your at the outer perimeter of Fienal, barge into the
enemy's headhunters. After the Calnus is destroyed Marsilio
dispatches Takicodes and Miel 64 to battle you, which both
can be destroyed in a handful of seconds. On the other hand,
when it comes to facing Marsillo, it's impossible to defeat
him so don't get frustrated.

10.31/ /_TOWN_OF_ARMLOCK_/    Wa01B

Treasure: N/A

It's not as great as the Fake Gallery (the secret weapons
shop on one of the snow islands nearest to Field of Power)
but your first order of business would be Wilword's Weapon
and Tool Shop. This is mainly what the town is popular for.

Head to the northern most part of town to reach access to 
the portal.


Treasure: Mind Ring.

Head north and *SAVE* at the save point. Enter the building
taking an immediate right. Enter the small room and pickup
'Mind Ring'. Back track, taking the left path and rendevous
with Narl. When Rena runs off, head past the stone gazebo to
initiate a cut scene where Claude ponders about Rena's where

When you get back to Armlock, enter the house with smoke 
barrels coming out of the chimney. Give the disk to Dr.
Mirage for decoding purposes. Ultimately, the data on the
disk will in turn destroy the defensive barrier of the Ten
Wise Men, but we don't have enough raw material...

10.33/ /_MIHNE_CAVERN_/   Wa01D

Treasure: Fruit Syrup, ?MINERAL, Dummy Doll, Aceras, 
Lightning Gun, LEA Metal, Wonder Drug, Meteorite,
Encyclopedia, Fresh Syrup, Smelling Salts, Mithril Mesh.

After using the Mihne Cavern key, proceed, picking up 'Fruit
Syrup'. Head for the northern most exit. When you arrive in
the new area pickup 'Dummy Doll' and ahead there is an 
'Aceras'. Backtrack to the beginning of this area, and this
time, choose the left path and run under the little hole.
Pickup 'Lightning Gun' and continue north to the next map.
In the new area, continue to the northern most exit once 
again to enter the boss area. *SAVE* at the save point.

Boss Data
150,000 HP
400 MP
Strong Point(s): N/A
Weak Point(s): N/A
Before this battle begins, make sure that Rena has A LOT of
Magic points, and moreover, a good stock of blackberries in
your possession. This adversary is limited to only one 
spell called 'Lost Patience'. On average, this spell can
inflict anywhere from 3,000-4,000 range, so it is imperative
that your party is completely healed by the time it is used

With the 'LEA Metal' in your inventory, head back to the
Town of Armlock and rendevous with Mirage. Narl leaves you 
with 'N.F.I.D.', a FREE pass to Fun City!

10.34/ /_FUN_CITY_/      Wa01E

Treasure: N/A

Narl, along with the Nedian Defense Force, have programmed
a Ten Wise Men battle simulation. Mirage brings the 'Sacred
Tear' and the Fallen Hope' for Rena. You can embark upon
"intensive training" to boost and develop, but when you 
through with that, ask the clerk to go see Narl. When this 
option is selected, this prompts the Ten Wise Men to arrive.

Boss Data
150,000 HP
100 MP
Strong Point(s): Earth, Fire, Thunder, Darkness
Weak Point(s): N/A
MARSILLO is the first to attack, and in terms of strength
and speed points, he is almost identical to your previous
encounter with him. Gang up on him along with Ashton and 
perform anything in your power to dazzle him because his
Killer Move 'Cruelly Rushes' is devastating!

After you slay MARSILLO, exit the battle arena and *SAVE* at
the nearby save point. When you get outside, you are greeted
by a new character.

Boss Data
160,000 HP
100 MP
Strong Point(s): N/A
Weak point(s): N/A
SHIGEO'S popular spell 'Infringement' can stone your party
so be cautious, Rena SHOULD intervene with 'Dispel' when 
this occurs. SHIGEO is one of the fastest members of the
Ten Wise Men so boost your characters speed if you want
to gain the advantage.

With two members of the Ten Wise Men dead, the party seeks
out the 3rd member of the trio, BERILE, who has fled of
to the Town of Armlock in search of Dr. Mirage.

Boss Data:
170,000 HP
100 MP
Strong Point(s): Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, Thunder, Star,
Weak Point(s): N/A
You gotta' love BERILE's theme song, it reminds me of the
Eurlia Tower. Anyway, BERILE has a very intimidating 
demeanor, but he is REALLY easy to dazzle for some reason.
The key is to gang up on him and dazzle him, but this can
be worthless because of his spell 'Meta-Guard' which makes
him temporarily invulnerable to ALL efforts. This cannot be
conceivably overcome without, at least, taking SOME damage,
but don't worry, while BERILE using 'Meta-Guard', his normal
attacks are low.

10.35/ /_L'AQUA_/    Wa01F

Treasure: N/A

Narl is waiting for you in the Dispensary. In this area, 
there is also a nurse, and if you talk to her, you will be 
able to rest. If you are satisfied with your strength and
overall performance in battle, talk to Narl and tell him 
your sufficient enough for the final battle.

In the briefing, Narl exclaims that there are 7 wise men
left and the 3 that you have defeated were merely the 
weaker ones.

10.36/ /_FIENAL_/       Wa01G

Keep in mind that Fienal is a tough dungeon! It's one of
the largest and intricate, and home to some of the toughest
monsters in the game. Before entering Fienal, make sure that
your party has the best available armor and weapons. Use 
this guides explanation of the 'Customize' skill and other 
imperative skills that you can use to eliminate the enemy
threat with proficiency.

In the front foyer of Fienal, you are introduced to three
more wise men, Ruprecht, Jibril, and Nicolus slay em' will 

Boss Data:
105,800 HP
200 MP
Strong Point(s): N/A
Weak Point(s): N/A

85,200 HP
180 MP
Strong Point(s): N/A
Weak Point(s): N/A

45,500 HP
150 MP
Strong Point(s): N/A
Weak Point(s): Earth, Fire, Thunder, Darkness
If you have trouble with this battle it's not the end of the
world. You have ALL of Energy Nede to boost on so don't 
worry! However, if your confident in your skill then that's 
the best strategy you'll ever have. Use the powerful array 
of Killer Moves you possess. NICOLUS is the weakest of this
trio so save him for last, because to be quite frank, he

First Floor
The beginning of this huge dungeon starts in front of a red
door. Use the 2nd red door (all the way to the left). In the
new room, follow the corridor ignoring the red door. You 
will come to a portal marked '1'. Take it to the 2nd floor.

Second Floor
When you arrive at the portal marked '2', follow the road
until you come to an area with two red doors. Use the 2nd
red door (all the way to the right). Next, head north and
you should discover your portal marked '2' once again. Warp
to the third floor.

Third Floor
Follow the road until your come to an area with a black orb
in the center with red corners in the room. When you reach 
this room, take western path and you'll come to a glass-
tubed tunnel and a red door. Enter the red door to find your
portal marked '3'. Wrap to the 4th floor.

Fourth Floor
All you have to do is run straight to the next portal marked 
'4'. Wrap to the 5th floor.

Fifth Floor
Follow the path, *SAVE* at the save point. Head through the 
red door...

Boss Data:
140,000 HP
200 MP
Strong Point(s): N/A
Weak Point(s): N/A

180,000 HP
300 MP
Strong Point(s): Earth, Fire, Wind, Thunder, Vacuum, Star,
Light, Darkness, Void
Weak Point(s): Water
You'll probably remember the spell 'Spicule' the most from
this battle due to the annoying factor of the Decus's vocal
chords. I have always had A LOT of trouble with this fight,
and moreover, the spells that are casted against the party
are devastating! The best advice I can give is to constantly
attack these two so they can't cast ANYTHING!

After the battle, proceed to the portal marked '5'. Warp to
the 6th floor.

Sixth Floor
This floor is a puzzle floor with no random battles:

1. Proceed East, then north activating the middle orb.
2. Proceed East, activating the middle orb.
3. Proceed North twice...

Pickup: 'Pleiad Sword'
        'Fresh Syrup'
        'Spring Water'

4. Proceed south twice and activate the middle orb.
5. Proceed West activating the left orb.
6. Proceed South, west, west, pressing the switch.
7. Proceed East twice, and north, activating the middle orb.
8. Proceed West twice and press the switch.
9. Proceed East twice activating the orb to the left.
10. Proceed North then West, activating the right orb.
11. Proceed West then North, pressing the switch.
12. Proceed South then East, activating the left orb.
13. proceed East then South, activating the middle orb.
14. Proceed East then South, pressing the switch.
15. Proceed North then West, activating the middle orb.
16. Proceed North, West, North, activating the middle orb.

17. Proceed East then North, taking the portal marked '6'.
Warp to the 7th floor.

Seventh Floor
Proceed North, taking a right, and then continuing North.
*SAVE* at the save point. Follow the path, entering the red
door to the boss area.

Boss Data:
300,000 HP
5,900 MP
Strong Point(s): Everything
Weak Point(s): N/A
Watch out for 'Wind of Destruction'! It's CYRIL's primal 
attack and does damage in the 4,000 HP range! You'll know
that 'Wind of Destruction' is coming when you begin to 
inflict 0 damage upon CYRIL. Your first obligation would
be to survive this spell, and then, making sure that it
NEVER is cast again, ganging up on him with Killer Moves.

After you defeat CYRIL, enter the red door. Take a left in 
the new area, and enter the portal that is marked '7'. Warp
to the 8th floor.

Eight Floor
All you have to do is run straight to the next portal marked 
'8'. Wrap to the 9th floor.

Ninth Floor
Head north. When you come to the red door, ignore it, and
head east. Follow the path until you come to the portal
marked '9'. 

Eight Floor (Part 2)
Follow the path until you come to the Final Save Point,
where you must *SAVE*. All that separates you and the 
Final Boss - INDALECIO are stairs. Climb em'!

Boss Data:
500,000 HP
10,000 MP
Strong Point(s): N/A
Weak Point(s): N/A
At the expedition of this battle INDALECIO always begins
with 'Divine Wave'. When I got up to this foe, I had 
Claude's 'Mirror Slice' and was inflicting 9,999 per
stroke. I strongly suggest you obtain this. Claude learns
this at lvl: 70.

***THE END***

Congratulations! You beat the game!

|011: Virtual Expel/Cave of Trials  |

After saving at the Final Save Point, you have two options,
you can:

1. Proceed to the Final Boss - INDALECIO

2. Return to Fun City and speak to the mysterious old man
in the Battle Arena. If you agree with him, he will
transport you back to Arlia village, and moreover, you will
be able to once again explore Expel like you've done before.

The only difference with Virtual Expel is that there is a
dungeon of unknown origin southwest of the Cross Continent.
This dungeon has pugnacious fiends within the levels of 
100-300! This is the home to the most unflagging equipment
and upgrades that you can ever lust for! Be forewarned,
this is a mighty tough challenge!


Level 1: Heraldic Ruins:
Treasure: Fruit Nectar, Link Stock, Blueberry, Juicy Beef,
Wonder Drug, Nuclear Bomb, Tri-Emplem.

Boss: Dark Feather
Prize: Bunny Shoes

Solution: Activate the appropriate levers.

Level 2: Love Alley:
Treasure: Purity Leaf, Reflex, Resurrection Mist, 
Link Combo.

Boss: Bloodgerell
Prize: Seraphic Garb
Solution: Yufie - down
          Lloyd - right
          Feria - right
          Cistina - down
          Milene - down
          Luke - up
          Sharon - left

Level 3: Single Path Cave:
Treasure: Slayer Rings, Fruit Nectar x2, Sylvan Mail, Wonder
Drug, Dream Crown, Juicy Beef.

Boss: Dreamshade
Prize: Magical Drops

Solution: The puzzle is complete when all blows turn red.
You need to travel through each room on this floor one time.
To accomplish this, start from the north, navigating the

Level 4: Dancing God's Altar:
Treasure: Black Earring, Peep Non, Seraphic Garb, Fruit
Nectar, Extinction, Resurrection Mist, Purity Leaf.

Boss: Miel 32
Prize: N/A

Solution: There are hidden door that allow access to
forbidden areas.

Level 5: Lady's Revenge:
Treasure: Wonder Drug, Fresh Syrup, Slayer Ring, Juicy
Beef, Seaphic Garb, Fairy Ring, Fruit Nectar.

Boss: Weird Beast
Prize: Red Lotus Jewel

Solution: You need the Red Lotus Jewel to open the door. 
When you fight the Weird Beast for the first time, simply 
escape from it. If you save Puffy, she'll reward you with 
the Weird Slayer, which will defeat the Weird Beast with
one stroke, giving you the Red Lotus Jewel.

Level 6: Burglar's Nest:
Treasure: Dream Crown, Cure Poison

Boss: Funny Thief Lvl:99
Prize: Magical Drops, Funny Slayer

Solution: One of the Funnythief statues has a lever 
hidden in it. There is an engraving on the floor that
will let your warp out of the Cave of Trials, but you
will have to retrace your steps to get back to this
current position. 

There is a Traveling Salesman on this floor with some 
unflagging items. Don't buy 'Santa's Boots' for 10,000,000 
FOL because you can get them for FREE in Arlia Village. If
you remember Rena's tour of Arlia in the beginning of the 
game she takes you to a house of a newly wed couple. In
Virtual Expel this couple has had an offspring. Pickpocket
the offspring to acquire a FREE 'Santa's Boots'.

Level: 7 Goddess's Altar:
Treasure: Ishidaya Tea, Yukiocho Tea, Bunny Shoes, Purity
Leaf, Peep Non, Tri-Emplem, Fresh Syrup, Cracked Jewel, 
Weird Slayer, Ganze Sea Urchin, Resurrection Mist.

Boss: Mithril Eater
Prize: Holy Staff Million Teller

Solution: It is mandatory to pickup the 'Cracked Jewel'
because you need it to gain access to the next floor.
Use the Metalworking Specialty to turn it into a 
'Red Lotus Jewel'.

Level 8: Food God:
Treasure: Peep Non, Slime Jelly, Fresh syrup, Seraphic Garb,
Lavender, Heavenly Prime Toro Tuna, Holy Staff Million
Teller, Soda Pop, Wonder Drug, Ganze Sea Urchin, Amoeba
Soup, Funny Slayer.

Boss: Erysin Beast
Prize: Gelatin Steak

Solution: Feed the picture food. When he says that you must
eat poorly, and asks what else you've got, feed him a 

Level 9: Sealed Coffin:
Treasure: Resurrection Mist, Wonder Drug, Valiant Boots,
Artemis Leaf.

Boss: Wise Sorcerer
Prize: Levantine Sword
Solution: The coffin here holds the boss to this level.
However, the key to it lies on the 12th floor. Once you
acquire 'Holy Sword Farewell' you must return to this area
and use the sword to fight the sorcerer and subsequently
gain acsess to the final floor.

Level 10: Decision Point:
Treasure: Bunny Shoes, Valkyrie Boots, Purity Leaf, Fresh
Syrup, Tri-Ace, Meteor Swarm, Funny Slayer, Holy Staff
Million Teller, Valiant Boots, Rainbow Diamond, Philosophers

Boss: Geo Guardian
Prize: Valiant Guard

Solution: The colors of the light grid correspond to the 
lights of each of the rooms on this level.

Level 11: Dragon's Nest:
Treasure: N/A

Boss Dragon Tyrant
Prize: Valiant Guard, Float Combat Skill

Solution: You will have to return to level 6 and use
the engraving to drop of your party members because
only two (2) party members are allowed to enter Level:
12 at a time.

Level 12: Hall of Warriors:
Treasure: Valkyrie Guard, Bunny Shoes, Battle Suit x2

Boss: Phoenix
Prize: Holy Sword Farewell

Solution: N/A

Level 13: Holy Nest of Angels:
Treasure: Valiant Guard, Valiant Mail, Angel Armband

Boss: Indalecia Celesta
Prize: Holy Sword Farewell, Silver Trumpet

Solution: Flip the two switches.

|012: Specialties List |

Required Skills: Scientific Ability, Mineralogy, Fairyology
Related Talents: Blessing of Mana
Revealable Talents: N/A
Required Support Items: Iron
Special Support Item: Erlenmeyer Flask, Lezard Flask

Skill Level            Mineral/Gem you can create
-----------            ---------------------------
1                      Silver, Gold
2                      Sapphire, Ruby
3                      Crystal, Green Beryl
4                      Diamond
5                      Star Ruby
6                      Damascus
*************|With the Lezard Flask|**************
Skill Level            Mineral/Gem you can create
-----------            ---------------------------
6                      Rune Metal
7                      Rainbow Diamond
8                      Moonite, Sage's Stone, Meteorite, 

2. ART
Required Skills: Sketching, Esthetic Sense
Related Talents: Sense of Design
Revealable Talents: Sense of Design
Required Support Item: Magic Canvas, Magical Clay
Special Support Item: Graphic Software

Required Skills: Writing
Related Talents: Writing Ability
Revealable Talents: Writing Ability
Required Support Items: Fountain Pen
Special Support Items: Text Software

Required Skills: Biology, Herbal Medicine, Mental Science
Related Talents: N/A
Revealable Talents: N/A
Required Support Items: Herbs 
Special Support Items: Antiseptic Gloves

Required Skills: Kitchen Knife, Good Eye, Recipe
Related Talents: Sense of Taste
Revealable Talents: Sense of Taste
Required Support Items: Groceries
Special Support Items: All-Purpose Knife

Required Skills: Craft, Metal Casting, Functionality
Related Talents: Originality
Revealable Talents: N/A
Required Support Items: Weapons, Metal, Gems
Special Support Items: Magical Rasp

Starting Weapon      Mineral/Gem      Resulting Weapon
Weak Weapon     ||    Ruby        ||   Flame Sword      ||
Weak Weapon     ||    Silver      ||   Silver Fangs     ||
Weak Weapon     ||    Gold        ||   Golden Fangs     ||
Strong Weapon   ||  Star Ruby     ||   Ignite Sword     ||
Strong Weapon   ||  Orichalcum    ||   Silvance         ||
Sharp Edge      ||   Damascus     ||   Grand Stinger    ||
Minus Sword     ||   Damascus     ||   Grand Stinger    ||
Veil Piercer    ||   Diamond      ||   Heart Breaker    ||
Sharp Edge      ||   Mithril      ||   Minus Sword      ||
Minus Sword     ||   Mithril      ||   Eternal Sphere   ||

Starting Weapon        Mineral/Gem      Resulting Weapon
-------------------||----------------||------------------ ||
Weak Weapon        ||   Damascus     || Pain Cestus       ||
Weak Weapon        ||   Rune Metal   || Metal Fangs       ||
Strong Weapon      ||   Moonite      || Dragon's Claws    ||
Magical Gloves     ||   Moonite      || Rune Full Mone    ||
Magical Gloves     ||   Rune Metal   || Sorceress Knuckles||
Rune Full Mone     ||   Sage's Stone || Sorceress Knuckles||
Sorceress Knuckles ||   Diamond      || Kaiser Knuckles   ||
Kaiser Knuckles    ||   Moonite      || Empresia          ||

Starting Weapon        Mineral/Gem      Resulting Weapon
----------------||------------------||------------------- ||
Weak Weapon     ||     Mithril      ||  Silver Rod        ||
Strong Weapon   ||     Ruby         ||  Ruby Wand         ||
Strong Weapon   ||     Star Ruby    ||  Ruby Rod          ||
Strong Weapon   ||     Orichalcum   ||  Holy Rod          ||
Silver Rod      ||     Moonite      ||  Silvermoon        ||
Holy Rod        ||     Star Ruby    ||  Dragon's Tusk     ||

Starting Weapon        Mineral/Gem      Resulting Weapon
-----------------||----------------||-------------------- ||
Twin Swords      ||   Damascus     ||   Smaller           ||
Smaller          ||   Moonite      ||   Pair Nuts         || 
Guard Sword      ||   Iron         ||   Shield Sword      ||
Pair Nuts        ||   Meteorite    ||   Gemini            ||
Twin-Edge        ||   Mithril      ||   Holy Cross        ||
Lotus Eater      ||   Meteorite    ||   Gemini            ||
Scyther          ||   Damascus     ||   Melufa            ||

Required Skills: Whisling, Animal Training
Related Talents: Love of Animals
Revealable Talents: Love of Animals
Required Support Items: Pet Food
Special Support Items: N/A

Required Skills: Tool Knowledge, Mineralogy, Herbal Medicine
Related Talents: N/A
Revealable Talents: N/A
Required Support Items: Spectacles
Special Support Items: Element Analyzer

Required Skills: Mech Knowledge, Mech Operation
Related Talents: Dexterity
Revealable Talents: Dexterity, Sense of Design
Required Support Items: Material Kits
Special Support Items: N/A

Required Skills: Mineralogy, Craft, Esthetic Sense
Related Talents: Dexterity
Revealable Talents: Dexterity, Originality
Required Support Items: Metals and gems
Special Support Items: Soldering Iron

Required Skills: Music Instrument, Musical Notation
Related Talents: Pitch, Sense of Rhythm
Revealable Talents: Pitch, Sense of Rhythm
Required Support Items: Feather Pen, Musical Instrument
Special Support Items: Musical Software

Required Skills: Radar, Piety, Playfulness
Related Talents: Blessing of Mana
Revealable Talents: N/A
Required Support Items: N/A
Special Support Items: N/A

Required Skills: Courage, Poker Face
Related Talents: Dexterity
Revealable Talents: N/A
Required Support Items: Bandit's Glove/Magician's Hand
Special Support Items: Magician's Hand

Required Skills: Effort, Perseverance, Patience
Related Talents: N/A
Revealable Talents: N/A
Required Support Items: N/A
Special Support Items: N/A

Required Skills: Copying
Related Talents: N/A
Revealable Talents: N/A
Required Support Items: Magical Camera, Magical Film 
Special Support Items: RIRICA

Required Skills: Danger Sense
Related Talents: Sixth Sense
Revealable Talents: Sixth Sense
Required Support Items: N/A
Special Support Items:  N/A

Required Skills: Herbal Medicine, Patience
Related Talents: N/A
Revealable Talents: N/A
Required Support Items: N/A 
Special Support Items: Survival Kit

|013: Super Specialties List  |

Required Specialties: Customize, Alchemy
Leveling-Up Skills: Metal Casting, Mineralogy
Required Support Items: Smith's Hammer, Metals, Gems
Special Support Items: Magical Rasp

Required Specialties: Scout, Familiar
Leveling-Up Skills: Danger Sense, Whistling
Required Support Items: N/A
Special Support Items: N/A

Required Specialties: Practice, Survival
Leveling-Up Skills: Effort, Patience
Required Support Items: N/A
Special Support Items: N/A

Required Specialties: Identify, Metalwork
Leveling-Up Skills: Tool Knowledge, Craft
Required Support Items: Spectacles
Special Support Items: N/A

Required Specialties: Compounding, Cooking
Leveling-Up Skills: Biology, Kitchen Knife
Required Support Items: Groceries
Special Support Items: N/A

Required Specialties: Art, Music
Leveling-Up Skills: Esthetic Sense, Musical Instrument
Required Support Items: Conductor's Baton, Musical Instrume.
Special Support Items: N/A

Required Specialties: Writing, Machinery
Leveling-Up Skills: Writing, Mech Operation
Required Support Items: Fountain Pen
Special Support Items: Beret, Text Software

Required Specialties: Pickpocket, Reproduction
Leveling-Up Skills: Courage, Copying
Required Support Items: Vellum Paper
Special Support Items: N/A

|014: Heraldry Spells List  |

Rena Lanford
Spell Name             Level Learned      MP Consumption
Heal               ||        -          ||       3    ||
Antidote           ||        3          ||       5    ||
Press              ||        5          ||       7    ||
Deep Mist          ||        8          ||       11   ||
Cure Light         ||        10         ||       11   ||
Silence            ||        12         ||       14   ||
Ray                ||        14         ||       10   ||
Energy Net         ||        18         ||       12   ||
Cure All           ||        20         ||       18   ||
Delay              ||        22         ||       18   ||
Dispel             ||        25         ||       24   ||
Gravity Press      ||        28         ||       24   ||
Light Cross        ||        30         ||       18   ||
Protection         ||        33         ||       18   ||
Tractor Beam       ||        36         ||       22   ||
Haste              ||        42         ||       20   ||
Growth             ||        47         ||       22   ||
Fairy Heal         ||        52         ||       30   ||
Anti               ||        54         ||       40   ||
Raise Dead         ||        60         ||       45   ||
Star Flare         ||        63         ||       26   ||
Fairy Light        ||        65         ||       40   ||
Angel Feather      ||        72         ||       30   ||

Celine Jules
Spell Name             Level Learned      MP Consumption
Firebolt           ||       -           ||      2       ||
Wind Blade         ||       -           ||      2       ||
Thunderbolt        ||       -           ||      4       ||
Ray                ||       9           ||      10      ||
Energy Arrow       ||       12          ||      17      ||
Forget             ||       15          ||      10      ||
Starlight          ||       17          ||      10      ||
Reflection         ||       19          ||      8       ||
Mind Absorber      ||       22          ||      1       ||
Neutral            ||       27          ||      17      ||
Bless              ||       28          ||      18      ||
Thunderstorm       ||       31          ||      28      ||
Eruption           ||       34          ||      30      ||
Curse              ||       39          ||      20      ||
Lunar Light        ||       43          ||      38      ||
Southern Cross     ||       49          ||      42      ||
Thunder Cloud      ||       55          ||      40      ||
Anti               ||       59          ||      40      ||
Explode            ||       66          ||      54      ||
Angel Feather      ||       76          ||      30      ||
Meteor Swarm       ||       -           ||      82      ||

|015: FAQ Overview  |

Here's a list of all my work:

1. Resident Evil CODE: Veronica X  
   Infinite Launcher/A ranking guide

2. Metal Gear Solid 3 SNAKE EATER
   Stealth Camo/IFP FAQ


|016: Final Words  |

I never would have throught I would write out an RPG FAQ
due to the length and dedication. I hope you enjoy using
this just as much as I enjoyed writing it! This is my 
second favorite video game of all time, my first favorite
is obviously the legendary Final Fantasy 7. The story line
of this game might not be compelling enough to play through 
twice, but the seemingly endless gameplay and enjoyable 
narrative, is likely to be the best you'll come across.

|017: Disclaimer  |

This text is (c) 2006 by Michael Condella (MCondella)
All rights reserved. Game concept and characters (c) ENIX.

I published this guide for the intent for it to be viewed on 
www.gamefaqs.com & www.gamefaqs.com ONLY. This may not be 
reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or 
otherwise distributed publicly without advance written 
permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a 
part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a 
violation of copyright. 

If you would like to use this guide publically or broadcast 
it on the internet you may ask me, I will gladly approve of 
the matter if, and only if, it is deemed evident that it is 
my walkthrough without no other person(s) taking credit for 
MY walkthrough.

Lots of personal hard work, careful considerations and 
strategic game play went into this guide. To protect my 
work, if anyone should disobey the above terms, they will 
be reprimanded with a copyright infringement.


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