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    Ending List by MrDurp

    Updated: 12/23/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Game      Star Gladiator
    Platform  PlayStation
    Author    Andrew Rae - aka Mr Durp
    Contact   sprinter_h at hotmail.com
    Here I am again, people. Today I bring you an ending list for the PlayStation
    version of Star Gladiator. Now, being that this document contains endings from
    a game, it goes without saying that we have here some SPOILUS MAXIMUS. That's
    right, if you don't want to see the endings from this game, hit your 'back'
    button now. Go on. It's not too late.
    Oh yes, the preceding lengthy segment was meant to push the 'normal' endings off
    the bottom of the screen. They will not be visible if you haven't scrolled down
    yet and if your resolution is set at 1024x768 or less. And that's even if you're
    viewing this in Notepad and you have it maximized.
    Now then, are you ready?
    False ending - Didn't reach Ghost Bilstein
    We narrowly escaped, as the
    Fourth Empire fortress
    crumbled to the ground.
    Finally, peace has been
    restored and the Earth is
    But there is one thing that
    still bothers us.
    Despite a lengthy search
    conducted by the United
    Forces, Bilstein's body has
    not been found...
    Bad ending - Lose to Ghost Bilstein
    When we came to, we found
    ourselves still on the
    Fourth Empire fortress.
    Bilstein's body was still
    lying at our feet...
    W...what had just happened?
    Who did we just fight
    against? Is Bilstein still
    Or was it just a dream?...
    Normal endings
    After defeating Bilstein,
    June returns home to visit
    the picture of her deceased 
    parents. "I have finally 
    avenged you. For so many
    years, all I felt was 
    vengeance and now I feel...
    nothing. Finally you can
    rest in peace...Since I have
    nothing left,I will join you
    soon."With that,June takes
    a bottle of drugs off her
    desk and raises it to her
    Suddenly,Hayato slams open
    her front door..."Don't do
    it June!Don't leave us like
    your mom left you. Saturn,
    Gamof,and I need you!Don't
    you see that you've got a
    new family now?" As his
    words slowly warm her frozen
    heart she says,"W...what
    are you talking about
    Hayato?! This is just cough
    With that,June runs into the
    arms of Hayato...
    Behind her, June's parents
    smile from their picture.
    A few years later...
    Back on his home planet of
    De Rosa,
    Gamof has purchased the
    woodlands with his reward
    money. He's decided to go
    back to his peaceful life
    of being a lumberman.But to
    ensure that the woodlands
    would never be corrupted
    again,Gamof formed and is
    the leader of an organization
    against drugs.
    One day, after coming home
    from a hard day's work,
    Gamof's family greets him.
    "Tell me again brother. Tell
    me the story of the Star
    Gladiator."Pressed by his
    younger brothers,Gamof
    begins to tell his favorite
    One month later, Hayato
    returned to the orphanage
    only to find the director
    closing its doors. While
    looking at the rolls of
    money inside Hayato's hands,
    her emotions were torn
    between love and hate. As
    Hayato realized this, he
    smiled and said,"don't be
    mad! I promise to reform
    myself from now on."
    So filled with her mixed
    emotions, all the director
    could say was,
    "You're going to give me a
    heart attack!"
    Embarrassed by this Hayato
    quickly replied,
    "But if you die...I'll never
    Back at the United Force
    base, the General thanks
    Saturn for a job well done.
    Saturn looks at the General,
    smiles, and says,
    "This whole Fourth Empire
    thing wasn't a part of my
    mission.Since you used me,I
    believe that it is in my
    planet's best interest not
    to share any information
    between our two worlds."
    With the General speechless,
    Saturn leans forward and
    whispers into his ear,
    "However,I do believe that
    we can work something out..."
    A few days later at the
    Pompedo center in Paris...
    Saturn is entertaining
    people on the streets,
    surrounded by a crowd
    of people.
    "I am a lean and mean Super
    Hero machine..."
    "I can't win! If I free my
    wife and daughter, I'll have
    to destroy the human race to
    do it.But I can't live
    without them..." And so...
    Gerelt surrendered himself
    to Earth's United Forces.Two
    months later, he received
    judgement on the crimes he
    committed...Ready to accept
    the death penalty,
    Gerelt listened to the judge.
    "The accused is sentenced to
    five years in prison."
    Astonished by the verdict,
    Gerelt looks up and sees his
    Through the help of his
    adoring fans,Gerelt's family
    was rescued from prison and
    the truth about how Bilstein
    blackmailed him was
    Overjoyed with happiness,
    Gerelt runs toward his
    family, hugs them with all
    the passion in his heart
    and cries, "Thank God for
    your mercy. Thank God!"
    Now,at the end,Zelkin
    finally understands that not
    all of the Earth's people
    are cruel and brutal.
    "I have made a horrible
    mistake. Even my defeating
    Bilstein cannot make up for
    wronging the humans so
    terribly..." Zelkin tries to
    give himself up to Hayato
    and the other Earth warriors,
    but they will not accept his
    surrender. "Zelkin,now that
    we've fought you, we know
    you are not the enemy. Go
    home. Maybe this will bring
    peace to our two peoples."
    Hayato's companions agree
    with his kind decree. Zelkin
    politely expresses his
    gratitude and takes a
    spaceship from Zeta back to
    his home planet,Clonedyke.
    "So this is what they mean
    by'Forgive.'I am only now
    beginning to understand.
    We have much to learn from
    our human brethren."
    "this is the last thing a
    father can do for his
    daughter...Ahh,it's slipping
    away...I must control...
    Rimgal has entered the final
    stage of his transformation.
    He can't control the savage
    dinosaur nature that lurks
    in his mind...
    The next time his inner
    beast awakens, he will never
    be able to regain true
    control over his actions.
    This must never be allowed
    to occur.
    Rimgal knows what must
    happen next.
    He looks at June and his
    companions slowly.
    "Please take care of my
    daughter. I love her..."
    And with those words Rimgal
    leaped from the fortress,
    plummeting to the ground
    "Exterminate all humans..."
    This was the mission
    assigned to the unfeeling
    And now,he has achieved the
    ultimate: "Mission complete"
    Whispering in a small voice,
    Vector ceases all operation,
    as if he has fallen asleep...
    But if any foolish human
    sets foot on this planet
    again,he'll wake up and
    crush them with his robotic
    It's as if Vector is the
    guardian of a god's sanctuary.
    As he sleeps quietly,small
    birds fly around cheerfully,
    unmindful of the powerful
    behemoth who lies
    incapacitated in their midst.
    "Sorry fools,but I'm bored
    of messing around with this
    Fourth Empire game. No
    challenge! Why did I even
    waste my time?"
    Conquering Earth meant
    nothing to Gore.
    He just wanted to play with
    his favorite new toy--
    the human race.
    "Well,how can I amuse myself
    now? Can I play a new game
    with them? Oh,maybe I should
    burn them!"
    Where is Gore's insane
    desire leading him?
    Only one thing is certain.
    When next he stands on the
    Earth's ground,humans will
    face the real demon.
    "Oh well. The fake cannot
    defeat the real.What a waste
    of space that thing was!"
    Bilstein has defeated a
    clone of himself.
    The clone didn't stand a
    "And now,this should be
    enough to destroy the rest
    of the wimps on Earth!"
    With those words,Bilstein
    stretches his hand toward
    the Earth and clenches his
    Is this the true Bilstein,
    ready to end the world?
    Or is this just another
    clone of the real Bilstein?
    We are not in a position to
    know that...
    On a final note, if you are wondering why Kappah and Blood are missing from this
    list, well...they have no endings. Beating the game with either of them takes
    you straight to the credits. Don't you hate it when that happens? I know I do.
    Star Gladiator and all therein is © Capcom.
    This document is © Andrew Rae.

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