Review by LordShinin

Reviewed: 10/28/05

A good game.

A good game.
I first played Spyro the Dragon in the year it came out. My sister had gotten it for her birthday, and we played it. It turned into our favorite game for the Playstation. We used to play it all the time. When the sequels came out, we got those, and we're still Spyro fans.

Story - 8.5/10
Gnasty Gnorc, an evil gnorc (gnome + orc = gnorc) that is very powerful was banished to a trash heap somewhere in the ocean. He makes it into his own world and turns all dragons into crystal statues. Spyro, however, was playing hookie, so he wasn't crystallized. It's up to him to save the dragons. It's a unique story, but not very deep.

Graphics - 9/10
The graphics are great. The enemies look good and so do the dragons. The worlds are bright and colorful (though some are dark and gloomy) and things like magic blasts and flame breath look good, too.

Sound - 10/10
The music in this game is simply amazing. I can remember almost every piece of music from the game, and I haven't played it for a few years. The music is something that will make you want to do something like leave the game on so the music will still play. The sound effects are also excellent, from Spyro's flame to the noises of the enemies. The voice acting is also very good.

Enemies - 10/10
The enemies in this game are very unique. Gnorcs come in many shapes and sizes. There are theif gnorcs, giant gnorcs with clubs, snowball-throwing gnorcs and even gnorcs that moon you. The other enemies are also great, like bulls, wizards, Cupids and more. The bosses are very unique, mostly because they're kind of random. There's a bunch of sheep that look like a shepherd with a jack o' lantern for a head, a strange voodoo doctor creature, a powerful wizard that I think looks like a bird, a giant robot, an evil jack-in-the-box and, of course, Gnasty Gnorc.

Controls - 10/10
The controls are easy to learn and very good and responsive. X to jump, X in the air to glide, triangle in the air to fall down, O to breathe fire, square to charge, R1 and L1 are either the camera or are used to roll sideways, and R2 and L2 are either camera control or to roll sideways.

Gameplay - 8.5/10
The gameplay is excellent. There isn't much interaction with NPCs, and the conversations are just short words of wisdom from the imprisoned dragons. Lack of interaction with other characters doesn't make this game worse, though, the normal gameplay is still great. You may not do different tasks that don't involve finding out how to get around a level like in the sequals, but the game is still very fun with killing enemies, going through levels and, like stated above, finding out how to get around in each level.

Difficulty - 9/10
The difficulty is very well balanced. It gets harder as the game goes on, but only one level gets so annoying that you get really mad after trying to complete it, but only if you're going for 100%.

Replayability - 8.5/10
Even if you beat the game with 100% (or 120% or whatever the highest % you can get is), you'll probably want to play the game at least 2 more times because of how good it is.

Average of above scores - 9.1875
I'd say that 9.1875 is too low for this game. My overall rating is below.

My overall score - 9.5/10

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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