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Reviewed: 07/30/02 | Updated: 12/11/02

With a lot of work, Spyro could be as big as Crash.

I really don't understand all the hype about this ''Spyro the Dragon''. It's only a step above average game because of the perfect audio and voice acting. Other than that, Spyro is the run of the mill normal platformer. Don't get me wrong, the game doesn't suck. It just seems that the programmers and producers shouldn't edited through the game a couple more times. The game seems like the before ''image'', other than the ''after'' image.

The gameplay is nothing you haven't seen before. It's like Crash Bandicoot without, the levels. The controls and configuration is nice, but still it feels incomplted. The enemies don't take long to figure out how to beat. The uniqeness wears off very soon, you'll find yourself in a repettitive zone in no time. It's like Sonic, but you choose where you go. The game will have you still seated in your popcorn filled seat, but the luster and action will go ''bye bye'' soon enough. I played the demo liked it- and rented the game. I'm glad I did- just rent it.

The baddies wouldn't scare Erkal, the diffrent abilities Spyro can do is nothing short of a couple of actions, and it gets very annoying killing the Erkal fiends. The bosses are diffrent, but not too amusing. All the worlds you go into get really boring, and soon you'll find yourself leaving the popcorn filled seat. It just gets so boring that you'll wish that you would've gotten ''Seaseme Street Count's Revenge''.

The graphics are one of the strong points, I feel that they captued the look that they were going for. Again, the enemies looked as though they were third graders with taped glasses. A couple of the bad guys moon you and then go hide, like a geekish mini-me. Question, ''Why are all these big strong guys afraid of a kid-dragon?'' Anyway I'm done with the ranting. The backgrounds are excellent, the animation is very fluid. If you found lots of lumps of coal in the gameplay (like I did) you will at least enjoy the graphics.

The sound was amazing, all of it. No complaints here. The sound was very well done. The voice actors were caught up in there characters very well. Spyro always has a one-liner to say, and sometimes they're actually funny. But as for the difficulty, ugh. It's so easy. It's too easy! If you're a beginner on a bad day, you'll be able to beat this game in an hour- tops. All of the bosses were a big dissapointment. The very last boss ''Nasty Knork'' was pitiful.

Rating:   2.5 - Playable

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