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Reviewed: 10/23/01 | Updated: 10/23/01

Spyro Gyro

Graphics: 10/10
Audio: 10/10
Controls: 9/10
Difficulty: 10/10 (Good for all ages)
Replayability: 9/10
Humor: 9/10 (thought I'd throw this in)
Overall: 9/10

Now that my ratings are posted lets get started on the review. I enjoyed this game after playing it and found several humorous items.

The graphics for this game is GREAT! I consider it to be one of the best games I've played on the Playstation graphics thus far. I would often just make Spyro stand there and change to first person view and look at the detailed skylines. The sunrise, sunset and other effects are great!

The Audio fits perfectly for the game play. I can't say more than that. The tunes that play in the background complement the levels you discover yourself in. Sound effects for the characters are both appropriate and funny. Sound also helps you find certain enemies.

Controls could have been a little better, but I got used to it once I played several levels. Once you master Gliding and dropping (even diving at enemies), you have the controls down. Just be careful to not fall off a cliff or go swimming in the swamp, dragons don't swim ;)

I give the difficulty a 10 not because I think it is hard. I think it suits the game perfectly. Its not too hard to discourage someone from playing for the fun of it and it's challenging enough to keep a good gamer going for hours. Some levels took me hours to finish, while others took only minutes. I’m the type to look for every little thing and check every nook and cranny. Looking for all the gems is pretty challenging at times; you need to rely on both sight and sound as well as some creative thinking to find some of the well hidden gems.

Replayability is a very important topic in gaming. I find myself coming back to the game because of humor (which I will come back to) and just to enjoy the game play it offers. From bashing enemies with your horns to burning the little flowers just for the heck of it. This game is definitely something I would come back to over and over.

I had to add humor in because that is one of the reasons I come back to this game. I find the character expressions very funny and some of your enemies do strange things that are just hilarious. I don't want to mention specifics, or my review may not get approved ;)

Overall, I think this is a classic for gamers of all ages!

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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