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The BEST role-playing game EVER!!!!!!!!! 03/01/00 Aristotle
A great addition to your Playstation games! 01/25/00 CChan
A huge success!!! 07/06/05 CrashFan101
With a lot of work, Spyro could be as big as Crash. 12/11/02 Donomark
A stunning game. 05/20/02 Doodleheimer
A good start to a great trilogy 01/03/07 Dragongeezer
Look out it's Spyro the Dragon! 06/23/03 dumbndumber9999
It's A PURPLE Dragon!! How Can't It Be A Great Game? 06/13/03 GGAGAHC
Absolutely Wonderful 06/22/02 golonghorns
Great game! Very good! Cheers! Yeah! 07/05/02 Haunter12O
New mascot? I say yes 07/05/02 Izzy
One of the best platform games for PSX 04/19/01 Joe the Destroyer
It's been 12 years and it still amazes me! 02/02/10 kyleere994
The best game ever made. Period. 03/06/01 Last Avenger
A very rewarding game 09/22/02 Lathander
A good game. 10/28/05 LordShinin
SpyroMaster234's review of Spyro the Dragon 06/21/11 LotsOfGames
Adventure gaming doesn't get much better than this! 11/26/99 Makaveli
Tsk, tsk, Insomniac... 07/13/07 meepcheese
One Of My most Favorite Games 10/09/01 narshe101
Spyro Gyro 10/23/01 PSplayer76
Spyro the Dragon: Personally, I'd call it a classic! 01/05/10 redbuck
Purple can be a good thing. 07/19/02 RyuGB
An excellent platform game for all ages 01/13/01 SDJaY
Before Spyro, Insomniac made incredible games - nothing's changed! 12/04/08 SpyroCrashJak
Same system, new mascot... 07/05/02 Tenshi No Shi
A great game that will entertain for hours at a time. 03/05/02 Tha2000
Fun 3D platformer, though the massive levels seem too empty in places 01/10/04 THayes
An Excellent Game Guaranteed to Last Forever 12/02/08 TweetAngelStar
A wonderful start to an excellent series! 06/06/08 Uighdfghdefj
simple, short but good 3D platform game 10/23/01 Xa4
Will Spyro be BIG ENOUGH to replace Sony's Crash mascot? Definitely, possible! 12/16/02 YSF

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