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Reviewed: 04/20/00 | Updated: 04/20/00

With more diversity, moves, stages, gems, characters and objectives, Spyro 2 is just plain great!

With more diversity, moves, stages, gems, characters and objectives, Spyro 2 is just plain great!

I LOVED the original Spyro game. The game may have been somewhat easy, but achieving the 100% (or 120 after reaching that 100) made the game so much fun. Trying to locate those out of reach but still in sight gems was a blast. ''You mean I have to jump over here, and float around that cliff to reveal a hidden ledge containing that Last blue gem?!'' Yes...that's what it is all about. While some complained about it not having enough depth to it, I enjoyed it immensely.

So now we have the sequel. Still a kiddy game with a ridiculous childish concept. Still massively in depth with tons of stuff to find. This time around, instead of just getting gems and reaching the end of the stage, you now have gems, talismans, and orbs. Spyro can now climb, and swim. There are mini games all over the place...some difficult, some not. There's plenty of changes here. The expert gamers will find joy in that while a good portion of the game can be breezed through, the more difficult sections aren't too shabby! Fortunately, like the Mario games that this is so obviously inspired by, you needen't do EVERYTHING to beat the game. The mini games are just that, and not important in beating the game...But, if you want to see the hidden sections and get to the cooler places, it's a lot of fun.

3D games typically include camera angle problems. Very few aren't plagued with this problem, and Spyro is one of them. The game has an option to toggle the camera view between Passive and Active. This is so wonderful. Just in comparison, Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver is an Amazing game, but I'm sorry, I NEVER want a camera looking at my face in a game. That's just annoying! The active camera in Spyro 2 (and the first game as well) will swing the camera behind you giving you the best view at almost all times. Awesome...

How about the controls? Analog or Digital, either way, I find them to be very good. Beginners will jog around at a decent pace, but once you've got the controls mastered, you'll be holding the run button down and fly through the stage. Only problem is that sometimes it's easy to miss areas and difficult to control exactly where you are going at such a speed. This is my only gripe w/ the game. Since it's the same as the prior game however, I can't complain. You'll get used to it and it's not really a big deal.

The music in the game isn't nearly on the same level as the first game's. Stewart Copeland (ex-Police drummer) composed all the music in the original and I don't believe he's done it this time around. While the ambience is the same, it just doesn't have that high quality feel. Such a shame too...

How about Spyro himself? The original boasted that Taco Bell chihuahua's voice. Again, I don't know if the staff has been changed, but it doesn't seem the same, and it's not as good!

Fortunately these 2 changes don't detract from the game very much and the other additions FAR outweigh the negatives. Overall this game is tons of fun. There's plenty to do and you will not (it's impossible) get everything on your first run through. By gaining new abilities, you can replay the stages, and reach those places you originally couldn't.

If you're expecting a change from the original, there's not much. It is mainly the same game, with plenty of gameplay additions to make it a worthy sequel. Just as fun, more to do, and plenty of voice overs. A definite buy in my book...

Gameplay: 10
Doesn't get much better than this...It's Fun!

Graphics: 9
Crisp graphics, bright colors, and cool textures.

Sound: 8
Lots of voice overs, cool soundtrack, it's very good overall.

Control: 8
There's some minor gripes I have, but they're minor and it's strong overall.

Final Score: 9
Close enough to the elusive 10, a blast to play, satisfying visuals, and nice replay value.

Rating: 9

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