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by ribot

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Strategy Guide by ribot

Updated: 08/17/2016

Speedball 2100 on PS1

League Player Manager Strategy

by ribot the exospecies - (c) 2016


  • To win the league, buy a star player as soon as you can (so don't spend any money in the GYM until you have one or even two)
  • It doesn't matter if you lose a couple of games before you have the first star player, but try to gather as many coins as possible during these games to get more money
  • When you have the first star player, start winning, continue gathering coins and upgrade your team
  • As you keep upgrading it gets easier to win.
  • Remember to keep an eye on the league table (TAB button), to make sure you are winning the league.
  • When your team gets better, make sure to win big, since the more you score in a match, the more points you get in the league table. This is especially important when you have progressed to first division, as the best teams there tend to win big.

Golden League, Division 2

  • Aim at getting more than 500 (or even 700) in money in every match, and use all money for upgrades as soon as possible AFTER you have two star players
  • In the first games, until you get the first star player, just collect money and don't bother about scoring points or even defending
  • When you have the first star player, score enough to win, but focus on collecting money (you can still lose a few matches)
  • When you meet a team that is significantly weaker than yours (check by pressing OPT and then FIX) - only then get a multiplier and win big. Otherwise the multiplier might backfire, and can take a lot of time to restore. Note that if you are already sure to make it to division 1, you might not bother to win big but collect more money instead.
  • If you need even more money, get in the second position in the end and keep getting draw games (though be careful not to lose)

Golden League, Division 1

At the first game, your non-substitutes can have over 200 in all skills. As you max up fully it will still be a lot more difficult than any previous league. You pretty much need to win over the best teams and score a lot of points against the weak teams (though even this gets difficult now).

Transfer A Star Player

The first objective is to get a star player. So, until you have bought a star player, do NOT do any upgrades at the GYM. Make sure instead to save and gather enough coins on the court (get around 1500 in total) to be able to buy a good star player. It doesn't matter if you lose the first couple of games (it's much harder to win without a star player). Just save the money until you can get a star player. You might even want to wait with other upgrades until you have two star players, especially in the golden league.

To buy a star player, click the MAN button, and then the TFR button. If there is no TFR button, there are no players to transfer, so you have to play at least another game before you can buy a player. If there are players to transfer, you can browse them by pressing the arrow buttons under the BUY button. After one or two games (as soon as you can), buy the best (or first) star player you can find, and place him as CM (because it can be quite hard to get the ball to the CF when your team is weak). The second star player however is good to place as CF. After you have two star players, you don't need any more, so you can focus on upgrading your team in the GYM.

Upgrade Players

To upgrade your players, press the GYM button. In the GYM you upgrade your players by buying them better gear. The top left button decides if you upgrade I (individuals), G (groups), or T (the whole team). If you don't upgrade the whole team, make sure you select the correct player or group before buy upgrades, using the arrows below the button that says I or G (or using L1/L2). Using the arrows under the BUY button (or R1/R2), choose the attribute you want to improve, or ALL to improve all. Make sure to move the cursor to the BUY button before buying any upgrades.

Upgrade your team gradually with the money you collect (after you have one or two star players). There is a limit to how much you can boost your players. After you have upgraded many players this limit will keep increasing. So for example if you boost all players except the substitutes to the max of all attributes, then you only need to upgrade a few of the attributes of the substitutes (or move some players' positions - see below) before the limit increases and you can boost the other players more. You don't need to upgrade all attributes to increase the limits, so if you don't want to upgrade the defense skill you just have to upgrade enough players skills and the limit will grow. The max limit you can upgrade to is 220.

Note that you can also upgrade your star players in this version of Speedball.

Upgrade All But Substitutes

There is a way you can use to boost up everyone EXCEPT your substitutes. Note that this means you will have to move your players' positions back and forth every time you upgrade. Suppose early on in the game, you have at least one star player, and everybody else except the substitutes have 130 in all attributes. The substitutes only have 100. You don't need to upgrade your substitutes yet.

Press OPT and then FIX. Here you can see the average level of your groups (attack, midfield, defense, substitutes). Since the lowest average is 100, you can't upgrade.

You only need to raise the average of the substitutes to keep upgrading your players. In other words, change positions with the highest level player(s) and the lowest level player(s). You can then upgrade all other players than the substitute, with the substitutes still at only level 100.

To swap positions with a star player and a substitute:
Press the MAN button, then use R1 and R2 to move the player cursor to your star player, and use L1 and L2 to select a substitute in the top left window. Then press the SUB button. The star player has moved to the substitutes group. Go go back to the GYM and you can now upgrade! Make sure you don't upgrade the players with level 100 until you have to (since they will not be listed as substitutes in the GYM when they have these temporary positions).

After you have upgraded you might want to swap back your star player(s) so he can play the next match.

In the beginning you just need to swap your star player's position with a substitute. Later on, swap both your star players with substitutes. Even later, when you need to start upgrading substitutes, make sure to upgrade those substitutes temporarily positioned in the weakest groups (to higher their average that you see in FIX). This way you might only need to upgrade one substitute at first. When you upgrade a substitute, you can even save money by only upgrading their cheaper attributes.


Once you have bought the first star, it might still be difficult to score or even gather coins in the beginning. Yet, it is a lot easier with the star player than without. So whenever the star has the ball, try to score a goal, because it can be hard to even pass the ball to him.

When your team is weak, it is a good idea to get the ball to the star player, and when he has it, make him run all the way to the goal and score. When you are leading a bit, you can also run around with the star player gathering coins.

An easy way to score (and gather coins) is to run around zigzag with a star player. When you get close to the goal, run diagonally past the goalkeeper so that he tries to tackle you and leaves the goal open. Then quickly throw the ball into the goal.

Early on in the league it's enough to score only as many points as you need to win. After that, focus on gathering coins so that you can buy another star player and then upgrade your other players. When it gets a bit easier to win, you can start to win big if you need to. If you try to win big when your team or skills are too weak, you might waste a lot of time chasing the ball instead of gathering coins.

Check the league table regularly to make sure you at least get in second position after week 14. Note that the amount of points you make in a game affects how many points you have in the league table too.

Win Big

In the second division, you might need to do a few big wins, but in the first division you will for sure need big wins. When winning is starting to get easy, it means your skills and team are good enough for big wins. If you are in the second division, you still need to gather coins and keep upgrading your players, because the teams in the first division are much stronger and better.

To win big, run the ball through the loop, twice, early in the game. You find the loop on any of the sides in the middle of the court. Go as far right or left as possible, and throw the ball straight up or down through the loop (it doesn't matter which side of the court is yours). This will multiply your points with 1.5 for the first loop and 2 for the second (unless the opponent already has run utilized the loop, which will make you cancel his or hers from 2 to 1.5, or from 1.5 to 1). You will see when you have two glowing dots next to the loop. There is no need to run it any more through the loop when you have two dots (unless the opponent cancels your multipliers).

The opponent will seldom run the ball through the loop, but if they do, make sure they never have the advantage of the multiplier. Be careful about throwing the ball through the loop when your team is weak. This is risky because when the opponent gets close to the loop is the time when they will utilize it.

When you have the maximum multiplier, score a lot of goals. Although you also get points when you hit the stars on the side, or the bulb in the upper or lower part of the court, or when you injure another player, it's usually much faster to just score goals. A good big win is when you have around 200 points, though it might be okay to get around 100-150.

The League Table

After the first game a TAB button will appear in the OPT menu. Press it to see the league standings. Notice that you get 10 points for each match win, but you also get league table points for the amount of points you get in each match. So if another team wins big, and loses to you, they might still lead over you if they scored enough points in their other matches. 10 points in a match means 1 more point in the league table. This is why you sometimes have to win big, because the top teams (especially in the first division) will often score a lot of points, and might lead over you even if you beat them. If you keep winning big you can afford to lose some games.

In the first division you need to win bigger. It's quite much harder in golden league. You can do this if you keep collecting coins and upgrading your team, since it will be much stronger than all other teams. Just keep track of the league table, because the top teams might win games with 200 points, getting 20 extra points in the league table.

When you are still in division two, it's enough to get in second position after the last match (week 14). If you do, you make it to the playoffs, and need to win only one more game. If you are in first position you will automatically make it to the first division without the playoffs. The thing is that you can focus more on gathering coins and upgrades instead of scoring goals if you only make it to the second position. The first division of golden league is a lot more difficult than the earlier leagues, so it might be worth your time to gather coins instead of getting to first position in golden league, second division.

Win the Leagues

To win the leagues, just be on top of the league table at the end of the season. You get to meet the each other teams in your division twice before the season ends. You start in the bronze league division 2. After you win it you go to division 1. After you win that one, you get to the silver league division 2, and then 1, and so on. After you win a first division all your players downgraded to 100 as in the beginning. Each league takes 14 matches (14 weeks).


Suit Colors

Be careful if you change the colors of the suits of your team - or you might end up having the exact same colors as another team! You will see your next opponent's colors if you press the OPT button, so just make sure your colors are okay before you play the next game.

by ribot the exospecies - (c) 2016