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Boss FAQ by GResurrection

Updated: 06/12/98

Date: Sun, 12 Jul 1998 08:01:57 -0600

Boss Strategy FAQ
by. Grandchester Resurrection (grandchester@resurrection.com)

        Hi, welcome to my Sou Kai Gi Boss Strategy FAQ. I won't write
about the characters, walktroughs, basic moves, translations, etc... I
just want to write about my strategy against the Kick-Ass boss in this
great game.
        Feel free to distribute, however in it's current form. Well,
let's starts...


1st boss
Boss            : Kahaku
Boss Stage      : Small Village in Japan 
HP              : 2000
Character I used: Naoya with Mizuho's sword (Only)
        OK, this is your first boss battle. All you have to do here is
stay close to him, and do Naoya's combos. Unfortunatelly Naoya use
Mizuho's sword, so you can't do a lot of combos with it. 
        He'll walk away from you, shoot fireball, protect himself with
the shield, and attack area with the shield. The most dangerous attack
is the attack area. But it won't harm you unless you stay close to him.
Always block his fireball, dodge if you can. If you freeze him, he'll
knock you away. One more tips, use Naoya's Dash Attack as many times as
possible... Don't worry, he isn't as hard as you think.  

2nd boss
Boss            : Fire Devil
Battle field    : Beneth the Earth
HP              : 1800 
Character I used: Naoya

        Remember to use Daiki before this battle, so Naoya's strength
won't reduce. The battle field is huge. Block it's dash attack, and
combo it. It can shoot fireball if you run away from it. 
        Attack it with your combo, then run away climb the mountain.
Turn arround, if you're face to face with it, use Naoya's Dash Attack
and continue with some nasty combo... Easy, easy. One more... Use
Healing Circles when your HP is low.

3rd boss
Boss            : Kanan Gabu
Battle Field    : Gabu's House
HP              : 1000 
Character I used: Naoya

        Gabu is very fast and can do a very nasty combos. He is very
deadly, especially if you fight him strightly. The major point to beat
him is don't use Naoya before this battle. Fill your Attack Power and
Magic with Garans. 
        He always running and jumping arround the area. When he close to
you, use Naoya's combo. He'll jump away, climb his house, he'll land
near you, and use Naoya's combos again. When he is standing and do
nothing, use Dash Attack. When your HP is low, use your 8th magic...

4th boss
Boss            : Mono-Eye Evil
Battle Field    : Small Village near Gabu's House
HP              : 2100
Character I used: Kanan Gabu

        You musn't use Naoya here. His strength is low after the battle
with Gabu, but Gabu isn't like that. He has his normal strength... So
use him. This battle is quite hard because the Mono-Eye almost never
        Mono-Eye will shoot you with a lot of Fireball, climb a house
and reflect it with Gabu's fist. Yeah, like baseball!  

5th boss
Boss            : Flying Robot
Battle Field    : Dessert Mountain
HP              : 3000
Character I used: Naoya/Azsa

        Stay in the top of the mountain to beat this boss. It isn't very
hard, but it has a great strength to defend. Fortunatelly it often stay
and just shooting some lasers. Stand in front of it, and use combo.
Remember if Naoya do his last hit, he'll turn arround. Tap R1 or L1 to
rotate and face the opponent. Do the combo again. Ifd you use Azsa, you
have to stay in the top of the mountain, and throw arrows.  
        If your HP is low, find the Healing Circle in some destroyed
house below the mnountain. Don't use your magic to heal, but use it to
Invincible (5th magic). 

6th boss
Boss            : Infu
Battle Field    : Dessert Mountain
HP              : One Hit Only
Character I used: Naoya again

        Although you can beat her with one hit, but don't think if it's
easy. It's actually hard, man. She almost never lands, and always flying
arround and shooting a lot of deadly... Really deadly fireball. I beated
her when I was right under her and I did the combo. She died in my


7th boss
Boss            : Defender
Battle Field    : Destruction City
HP              : 3600 
Character I used: Naoya

        A fun battle, because the battle field is huge - real huge.
Destroy as many crystal as you can in this stage, that's way you should
fill the Jump and Dash Power! Enough for the stage, now let's start
talking about the boss.
        The boss isn't very hard in the beginning. Usually it's flying
low in the street and shooting fireball. Just combo it as many times as
you can. When it's HP is getting low, it'll fly high to the bridge and
shoot a huge and deadly laser... This time I call it deadly... 
        In the bridge, you'll find a Healing Circle. Use it when your HP
is low... Use your magic to stop time. If thew time stops, use combo -
combo - and combo... And when it flying high in the bridge, reach the
highest level of the bridge and use Dash Attack.   

8th boss
Boss            : Kahaku
Battle Field    : Blue Crystal Shrine
HP              : 3300 
Character I used: Naoya

        Kahaku is getting faster this time. Not like the previous
battle, he wont walk slowly, while his shield attack you... This time,
he's floating fast and shoot a lot of fireball. He has all of his
previous moves, plus a new huge fireball. 
        All you have to do is always getting close to him. Combo! Use
you're combo when he use his Shield attack. Lightning Strike is great to
damage him. Use your magic to Invincible.

9th boss
Boss            : Muntant Evil
Battle Field    : Great Road inside Earth
HP              : 3200
Character I used: Naoya

        Tough... Very tough... This is the most difficult battle so far.
The major problem is the battle field. It is only a long road with a lot
of fallen floor and without any fence on the side! So you can fall and
it takes a lot of HP!!!!
        Next is the enemy. It is floating, almost never lands, shoots a
crazy fireball that very damaging, shoots areial laser beam if you get
closer, and make a wall to protect itself! Sounds tough, huh!
         OK... Now the strategy. The most damaging attack for this ugly
creature is his own fireball. Remember when you fight Mono Eye? Use the
same strategy as you fight Mono Eye to beat the Muntant Evil. Save your
magic for Cure, and fill the attack and projectile meter.   


10th Boss
Boss            : Yato
Battle Field    : Destroyed City
HP              : 2000 
Character I used: Naoya

        Yato is very fast and his attack is very damaging. He often
freeze you and make a Shield. He isn't very hard, just freeze him, and
use your combo. Don't use your Dash Attack, it'll miss.

11th boss
Boss            : Kahaku
Battle Field    : The way to the tower
HP              : 7000
Character I used: Daiki (Only)

        Don't hassle yourself to attack him. Just try to get to the top
of the tower. Feel your jump and magic def meter into maximum. If you
jump freely, you'll fall down. You have to jump upward, and dash, then
press dash again to land. Do this as fast as you can... You'll win.

12th boss
Boss            : Kahaku  
Battle Field    : Kahaku's top tower
HP              : 7000 
Character I used: Naoya (only)

        This is the final battle against Kahaku. He lost his Shield but
he is getting faster and never close to you. Feel your projectile meter
into maximum. Toss a lot of projectile to him. Use combo if he is

13th boss
Boss            : Infu
Battle Field    : Infu's top tower
HP              : 6000 - 2000
Character I used: Hifumi/Mizuho

        Not to hard, all you have to do is fight until her HP reach
4000. Don't use Naoya here. I use Hifumi, while my friends use Mizuho.
If you use Hifumi, do a hide and attack technique. When Infu lands,
combo her. When Infu flies, jump near her and toss projectile from air.
Yes, it's correct, Hifumi doesn't has any projectile meter, but Hifumi
has a great air projectile. Just jump, when you get down, press the
attack button! If you use Mizuho, you'll fell like you use Naoya.

14th boss
Boss            : Infu
Battle Field    : Infu's Stage
HP              : 4000
Character I used: Naoya (Only)

        Now the finishing touch. This time you'll fight as Naoya. First
use the Sword Beam attack as many times as you have, that attack is very
damaging to her. If you don't have any materia to do Sword Beam, just
attack her with combos. This time she'll always floating arround. Never
landing! You can do combo if you trap her in the corner. 
        One more note. If you use Sword Beam, you'll lose your HP too.
So feel your magic meter to heal yourself.

15th boss
Boss            : Muntant Evil Resurrection
Battle Field    : Yanron's Domain
HP              : 3600 HP
Character I used: Daiki

        I think Daiki is the best for this battle. Before we talk about
the battle, lets talk about the area first. In the last area, you'll
fight a lot of deadly creatures... Real deadly! There are two types of
creatures that'll attack you. The first one is the Frog Evil. It'll
knock you away when you attack it. Freeze and finish it with combo. It
is very damaging! The second creature is the Bird Evil. It has a low
attack power, but very fast and poisonus. Freeze it and combo it. You
only need 4 hit to kill it if you use Daiki. Kill as many creatures as
you can, so you'll have a lot of Materias. If you kill all the
creatures, you can use Super Flaming Spin Attack four times, and Flaming
Spin Attack once. Great isn't it.
        As soon as you beat this level, you'll fight the Mutant Evil
again. Fortunatelly the battle field isn't as bad as your previous
battle. It's tough and poisonus, it lost all it's attack and has a two
new attack. The first one is Dash Attack. Fast, chase you, and can be
done in air. The next attack is Poison Claw. This is dangerous and
poisonus. Remember to block even when you're using Daiki. Daiki can
block physical attacks but can't block projectiles or magics. It means
he can block all of the Muntant's attacks. 
        Use your magic to invincible. Attack it with combo, when you're
poisonus, use the Super Flaming Spin Attack. Get close with it when you
use this move, it'll really harm it. If your Area Meter (the meter in
the top right of the screen) reach blue, it means you are in Heal Mode.
You'll gain your lost HP and you'll cure from Poison. If your HP is low,
use Healing Circle.             

15th boss
Boss            : Yanron
Battle Field    : Yanron's top tower (Heaven's Gate)
HP              : 8888 - 6666
Character I used: Naoya (Only)

        Exciting battle... Really. Yanron has meteo ball shoot and mega
ball shoot. He's also float, but he'll lands sometimes. He often freeze
you! This time you can't feel any meter, so Naoya have to fight with his
default strength. See the Magic Circles in the ground, use them for
Invincible. Yanron'll fly to the mountainus place, chase him and do your
combos. If your invincibility is gone, retreat, and use the Magic Circle
to invincible again. You'll want to make a megic Shield too.

Final boss
Boss            : Yanron
Battle Field    : Heaven's Gate
HP              : 6666
Character I used: Naoya (Only)

        Getting more exciting. I think this battle is fair enough. Naoya
with his super strength (full strength) and Yanron with his real power.
Yanron has all his previous moves plus teleport and super meteo ball
attack. Use the same strategy like the previous battle... Invincible!
You won't find any Magic Circle here, but you can Invincible three
times. Always use them to win this battle.

        Finish! After the very exciting battle with Yanron, now it's
your time to enjoy the ending scane and a beautiful music... You'll get
a new-game-plus-like after you finish this game. Well, how about that? I
hope you enjoyed my guide. And, if anyone has any correction or want to
add something please mail me. Your contributions will be noted.


Grandchester Resurrection

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