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FAQ/Walkthrough by JCavallaro

Version: 1.3 | Updated: 06/12/98

                           SOUKAIGI FAQ
                              Ver 1.3
                         by John Cavallaro
			   4:05 PM 6/12/98

Added more to Buttons section
Fixed elements in Characters section
Added more to Basic Gameplay section
Fixed errors in Magic & Special Moves section
Added more to Stats section

1.  Buttons
2.  Menus
3.  Basic Gameplay
4.  Stats
5.  Magic & Special Moves
6.  Characters
7.  Walkthrough
8.  Extra
10. Thank You's

1. Buttons

Select Button     =	Skip Scenes
X Button	  =	Attack, Hold for Special Move, Tap X for combos
X Button          =     Special Attack (while being hit by enemy)
Circle Button	  =	Freeze enemies, Hold For Magic
Square Button	  =	Dash (You can also dash in air)
Triangle Button	  =	Jump
Tap Left, Left    =	Hop Left
Tap Right, Right  =	Hop Right
Hold Back	  =	Defend
Tap Back, Back    =	Hop Back
Square then x 	  =     Attack while dashing
Triangle then x   =     Downward attack from above(Before or at peak of jump) 
Triangle then x   =     Attack in air (After peak of jump)
Triangle twice	  =	Turn around in mid air
L1 or R1	  =     Turn to face enemy or Turn 180 degrees
L2 or R2	  =     Change camera angle	

2. Menus

Title Screen:
Left 		load
Right		Options
Middle		New Game

Title Screen: (Disk 2 or 3)
Left:  		Load
Right:		Options

Map Screen:
Middle		Start Level		
Right		Select Stage
Left		Save Game

Save or Load:
Left		Cancels
Right 		Saves or Loads 
Pause or Continue Screen:
Top		Start Level over
Right		Back to character Select
Left		Reset
Bottom		Exit level to map screen (only if you finished level)

Options Screen:
Press up or down to select between Mono or Stereo sound.
Press left or right and press a button to change the buttons configuration.
Press start to exit the options screen.

3.  Basic Gameplay

The basic gameplay in this game consists of running through levels killing 
enemies, destroying crystals, and fighting bosses. Here some other useful 
things in this game:

The bar on the right of the screen:
This bar increase when you destroy crystals or enemies. It needs to be filled
atleast once to be able to advance in most levels. when it's filled you'll be
invincible and your attack will be up for a limited time. You can raise it to
all blue. On the map screen if you highlight a level it will show how high
you got the bar.

Crystals will allow you to raise your stats when you get enough. They also
increase the bar on the right. Red crystals are worth one, Yellow crystals 
are worth three, Blue crystals are worth five. Through the game you'll see 
crystals you can't reach, you'll have to come back later for these when 
you've increase your jumping stat or with another character. Sometimes when
you hit a crystal it will leave behind a glowing light. Just touch it to get
it. Every crystal has this but most of the time you get it when you attack 
the crystal. This is really what increases your stats. they are really called
Samgharama stones but most people wouldn't know what I was talking about if I
used that instead of crystals.

Magic Circles:
While playing the game you will come across blinking colored circles on the
ground. Move on to them and a certain effect will happen depending on the
color of the circle and the character you are. I've listed in the character
section what effect each colored circle has on each character.

Freezing Enemies:
When you have an enemy in front of you press the circle button to freeze 
them. Not all enemies will stay frozen and some won't stay frozen long.
Some enemies (mostly bosses) when they come out of being frozen knock you
away. While they are frozen they can't attack but you can attack them. You
also can be frozen by some enemies. Tap all the buttons and rotate the 
controller to escape. The number of enemies you can freeze at the same time 
is indicated by the number of blue blocks at the top of the screen.

Sometimes some of the enemies will poison you when they attack you. While
your poisoned your health will continue to go down until you're cured. To
cure yourself you have to go in a magic circle that cures poison, finish the
level, or use the 2nd magic spell.

Death & Pause:
When you die you can choose to continue. If you continue you will lose 
everything you gained in that level. When you pause the game on a level you 
already have completed you'll see a bottom choice. Choose it to exit the
level and keep what you've found in that level.

Saving can only be done at the map screen. On the map screen choose the 
leftmost option. Another screen will pop up. Highlight the word on the right.
If it's highlighted it will be enlarged. Press it and another screen will 
come up with a few words on it. That means it's saving. Don't press x, that 
will cancel it.

For each color is an element and here is how it works:

Element		Color

Gold            White
Wood            Blue
Water           Black
Fire            Red
Earth           Yellow

Other Important Things:
This is real important, don't go around each level destroying all monuments
and using all Magic circles! Later on when you're low on health you and you
want to recover or when you need to jump off something to reach crystals you 
won't be able too because they don't regenerate. Keep in mind that your 
characters won't recover their health every time you complete part of a 
level. So if you use your favorite character in the beginning of a level they
might be to weak to use on the bosses. 

4.  Stats 

Stats in this game can be raised by destroying enough crystals. When you 
destroy enough crystals to raise your stats go to the character select screen
to do it. Press up or down to raise or lower your stats. The more crystals
you destroy the more stats can be raised. If you raise your stats it isn't
permanent, you won't lose the stats you can raise either. You can always 
change who or what stat you want raised. You can raise any characters stats
even if you didn't use them. Some characters take more crystals to raise 
their stats.

Stats (from Left to right)
1.	Dashing and Jumping ability	
2.	Talismans you start with
3.	Number of enemies you can freeze at once
4.	Magic Defence  
5.	Physical Defense
6.	Magic and Projectile attacks power
7.      Physical attack power

5. Magic & Special Moves

Magic Moves

For Magic hold Circle then hold X then press circle the number of the times 
for the spell. Spells take Chinese Talismans (the middle number on the left 
of screen during the game). 


Press Circle	Effect
1 Time		Throw spell that damages enemy
2 Times		Cure poison
3 Times		Shield from projectiles (30 sec.)
4 Times		Damage all enemies on screen
5 Times		Invincibility and Attack up (30 sec.)
6 Times		Stop time for 11 sec. (Works on bosses too)
7 Times		Create Dummy that distracts enemy
8 Times		Recover all health

Special Moves

Hold X and wait for the characters position to change, then release for the 
attack. You get a different attack for each position. I've labeled all the 
attacks in the character part of this faq from the first position to the 
last. These take Materia (the Bottom number on the left of screen during the 
game). You gain more Materia by defeating enemies.

6. Characters

			Main Characters

Name:		Naoya Mabi
Age:		18
Height:		175cm
Gender:		Male
Element:	Wood	
HP:		400
Special Moves:	
1		Super Dash
2		Thunder Slash
3		Sword Beam (takes hp)
Magic Circles:
Red		Invincibility & Attack up
Blue		Recover Health
Yellow		Nothing
White		Invincibility
Black		Cure Poison
Notes: 	You'll have to use him more than any other character in the game. He
is a well balanced character with big combos and strong special attacks.

Name:		Daiki Yashima 
Age:		32
Height:		196cm
Gender:		Male
Element:	Fire
HP:		670
Special Moves:	
1		Spinning Flame (you can move during this)
2		Spinning Flame (lasts twice as long as the above)
3		Super Dash
Magic Circles:
Red		Recover Health
Blue		Cure poison
Yellow		Invincible & Attack up
White		Nothing
Black		Invincible
Notes:	He can't Defend, and doesn't have the fourth or defence stat. His 
attack are some of the strongest in the game. His reach is the also good
for reaching hard to get crystals.

Name:		Mizho Mikanagi
Age:		18
Height:		164cm
Gender:		Female
Element:	Wood
HP:		300
Special Moves:	
1		Circle Rainbow Slash
2		Iceball
3		Thunder Slash
4		Super Dash
Magic Circles:
Red		Invincible & Attack up
Blue		Recover Health
Yellow		Nothing
White		Invincible
Black		Cure Poison
Notes:  She is pretty weak and her combos are small. You are better off using 
another character if you can.

Name:		Azsa Kotohira
Age:		11
Height:		137cm
Gender:		Female
Element:	Gold
HP:		330
Special Moves:
1		Black Waves		
2		Rain Arrows
3		Arrows From Below
4		Light Arrow
5		Super Dash
Magic Circles:
Red		Invincible
Blue		Nothing
Yellow		Cure Poison
White		Recover Health
Black		Invincible & Strength
Notes:	She can't Freeze enemies, and she can't dash. She attacks with bow 
and arrows so she can attack from far away. Her attacks can't destroy 
crystals though.

Name:		Hifumi Sudou
Age:		25
Height:		170cm
Gender:		Female
Element:	Earth
HP:		420
Special Moves:	
1		Shoot fireball (needs power from 2)
2		Absorb Power from enemies
3		Pound Ground???
Magic Circles:
Red		Cure Poison
Blue		Invincible
Yellow		Recover Health
White		Invincible & Attack up
Black		Nothing
Notes:  She doesn't have projectile stat. Her combos are pretty good but can
only be used at close range. Her attacks are fast but weak.

Name:		Kanan Gabu
Age:		20
Height:		181cm
Gender:		Male
Element:	Water	
HP:		470
Special Moves:	
1		Power up attack
2		Dark Crush
3		Dark Fireball
Magic Circles:
Red		Nothing
Blue		Invincible & Attack up
Yellow		Invincible
White		Cure Poison
Black		Recover Health
Notes:  He  can't dash, use magic, or freeze. He is very good at dealing out
damage quick at close range and you can power up his attacks for bigger 

Name:		Yato Saugami
Age:		23
Height:		184cm
Gender:		Male
Element:	Water
HP:		530
Special Moves:	NONE
Magic Circles:
Red		Nothing
Blue		Invincible & Attack up
Yellow		Invincible
White		Cure Poison
Black		Recover Health
Notes:	He Can only attack while running, dashing, or jumping and he doesn't 
have attack power stat. He is invincible while attacking and his attack does
alot of damage. He also has no special moves. He can't be used until you win 
the game and save the extra game.

		        Other Characters

Name:		Yanron Bukiyutenron
Age:		12000
Height:		192cm
Gender:		Male
Note:		The young looking Evil man

			Main Enemies

Name:		Yanron Bukiyutenron
Age:		12000++
Height:		192cm
Gender:		Male
Note:		The young looking Evil man

Name:		Infu Riehoutensun
Age:		12000++
Height:		169cm
Gender:		Female
Note:		The evil lady

Name:		Kahaku Banseritenron
Age:		12000++
Height:		181cm
Gender:		Male
Note:		The Old looking Evil Man

			Other Characters

Name:		Namihinu
Age:		???
Height:		160cm
Gender:		Female
Note:		The goddess looking woman

Name:		Kongou
Age:		29
Height:		188cm
Gender:		Male
Note:		Hifumi's Friend

Name:		Shuzou Azma
Age:		40
Height:		172cm
Gender:		Male
Note:		???

Name:		Minami
Age:		10
Height:		137cm
Gender:		Male
Note:		Little boy

Name:		Sae Tateshina
Age:		29
Height:		170cm
Gender:		Female
Note:		The business woman

Name:		Hisagi Shiosato
Age:		20
Height:		166cm
Gender:		Female
Note:		The girl in the diving suit

7. Walkthrough
				DISK 1

Level 1
You  start out as Naoya with Mizho's sword. Make your way through the level 
killing enemies and destroying crystals. You have to charge up the bar on the
right of the screen once to be able to go into the tunnel. Once in the tunnel
you'll meet the first boss.

BOSS 	Kahaku 		Hp 2000
Just stay close to him and keep comboing him. when he throws a fireball
dash behind him. Simple!!!

Level 2
In this level you have to power up the bar again and then slide down the 
mountain. Watch out for some of the enemies because they'll poison you.
Also you can hit the rocks back at the enemies that shoot them at you for an
easy kill. 

BOSS 	Lava Demon 	HP 1800
For this boss dash around to it's sides and combo it. When he jumps dash
away from him or you'll get caught in an explosion. when he gets weak he'll
start shooting lightning at you. Just dash behind him to avoid it. If you get
low on health. There is a Hp restore circle in this area.

Level 3
In this level you will have to fill the bar again. You'll have to make your 
way over cliffs with out falling in the water. It doesn't kill you but it
takes away some of your life and puts you back at the beginning of the level.
You should raise your jump & dash stat for this level. When your bar is 
filled go to a cliff with some houses on it and you'll fight Kanan.

BOSS 	Kanan		HP 1000
Dash around him then freeze him and attack. Keep doing this and he should be
no problem.

BOSS	Winged Demon	HP 2100
Pick Kanan to use to fight him. Jump kick it when it's above you and punch it 
when it is on the ground. You can also hit the meteors it shoots at you back 
at it. Dash away when it starts to fall because it'll cause an explosion.

Level 4
This stage is pretty confusing. You'll have to run around warping from one
place to another. Watch out for moving shadow because they sometimes poison 
you. Eventually you'll enter a warp and a scene will follow. After that 
you'll be back in the same area. Now warp around until you get on a thin 
mound with three warps to your left and three to your right. Slide down to 
the right side and go in the middle warp. 

BOSS	Flying Robot	HP 3000
This boss flies around and has little spaceships that fly around dropping
bombs. you can destroy the spaceships but it will just make more. Don't get
to close to it or it will release fumes that will cause lots of damage and
can poison you. The easiest way to beat it is to use Azso and attack it from 
a distance but using other characters isn't that hard either.

BOSS	Yanron		HP ????
Not really a boss fight. Just hit her once and a scene will follow.

				DISK 2

Level 5

BOSS 	Flying Robot 2	HP 3600
Stay close to this boss and combo it. You'll take some hits but you'll 
survive. If you get low on health climb on the overpass and there is a magic
circle there. If you see him charging up energy run behind him or you'll get
hit with a beam that takes alot of health off.

Now you'll be in a part with a Big Blue crystal in the middle of it. You 
can't reach it until you charge your bar up. So run around destroying enemies
and crystals. Then go to the blue crystal and destroy it.

BOSS	Kahaku		HP 3300
He's alot quicker now and can now charge up for a big fireball. Stay close to 
him and keep freezing and comboing him. If you are always close to him he can
almost never hit you. Easy!!! 

Level 6
Here you'll have to go down corridors and falling down to different floors. 
Once you reach the bottom and go into one of the rooms you'll fight the boss.

BOSS	Mutant		HP 3200
This boss is pretty hard. It is most of the time out of reach so you'll have
to attack it with projectiles. You can also knock the meteors it shoots back 
at it. If you get close it will shoot a laser at you. When it gets weak it
will start running away. Follow it and try not to fall. Watch out for some of
the floors because they fall. There are a few magic circles here so use them
to your advantage.

Level 7
This first part of the level puts you on a boat. You can't fall off of it.
It will follow a set track and enemies will attack you. Watch out for 
enemies on ledges because they shoot lasers. Halfway through the stage you'll
be attacked by enemies that shoot fireballs. Here you'll want to use the 3rd
magic spell to create a shield to protect you from them.

For the second part you have make your way over pillars while being hit by 
lightning. When the pillars blink red you'll slow down and not be able to
jump as high. Power up your bar and them make your way forward. No boss.

				DISK 3

Level 8

BOSS	Yato		HP 2000
Dash around freeze him and attack him and he should easy.

BOSS 	Kahaku		HP 7000
Here you have to use Yashimadaigi. You don't have to fight him here. Instead
you have to jump up the floating steps to the top of the mountain. Try and
get there fast so Kahaku can't catch up with you and knock you off.

BOSS	Kahaku		HP 7000
Now you have to use Naoya to fight Kakaku. This one is hard because he is 
almost never close enough to combo. Instead you'll have to hit him by 
swinging your sword and hitting him with the projectiles. 

Level 9

BOSS	Yanron		Hp 6000
For her stay at a distance until she lands then attack her with combos. You
can block her dark fireballs without getting damaged. You only have to get
to 4000 HP and a scene will follow.

BOSS 	Yanron		Hp 4000
Here you must use Naoya. She is alot harder now. Se has all of her old moves
except she never lands. She also makes little dark things that will follow
you and explode and take off lots of damage and it isn't blockable. It can be
hit and explodes faraway but if it is to close it will still hit you. Just 
attack when you can and run when she starts chanting.

Level 10
Here you have to run through this level and just find the exit.

BOSS	Mutant 2	Hp 3600
This boss is tough! If it hits you sometimes you'll be poisoned. Try and keep
the center table between it and you and attack through the table.

BOSS	Infu		HP 8888
Here you fight as Naoya with his regular stats. Dash around him freezing him 
and attacking him. Get him down to 6666 HP and a scene will follow.

BOSS 	Infu		HP 6666
Here you fight as Naoya again but this time with maximum stats. He is pretty
much the same as before except quicker and he warps sometimes. If he does
warp run or he will damage you. You the same tactics as before.

			    THE	    END 
		        (See extra section)

8. Extra

When you win the game you can save (left option) and you'll be able to play
the game over with all the levels open, no cut scenes, all characters plus
Yato, and you can raise your stats as much as you had when you won.
Also you get a weird movie when you load it from disk 2 sometimes (Santa 
claus ???).

Here is a way to recover your health if you are traveling around going to 
past levels and are running out of health and there are no more magic 
circles. All you have to do is give yourself a magic stat of 8 and go to any 
level and use the 8th spell which recovers all your health. Now you can exit
the level and your health is back.
Started 12:11 PM 6/6/98

If anyone has any comments, corrections, anymore info or questions just write
me. Everyone that helps out will be credited.  Any story translation help 
would be much appreciated!!! If you use this faq anywhere give me full 

		     Deathpoet1's Console Cheats

                 Soukaigi is copyright of SQUARE/YUKE
10. Thank You's

Thanks for help goes out to:
			Jason "ShadowX" Ong
	"Kevin Ohannessian" <fuzzyhobbit@hotmail.com>
        "Nicholas Boulton" <Nick_Intergas@compuserve.com>

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