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And that's the news from Silent Hill, where all the skies are foggy, half the doors are locked, and all the children want to stab you. 02/28/05 DeadTrees
Konami has real good taste. 09/11/06 A Man in Flames
Experience a true survival HORROR-TERROR-RUN FOR YOUR LIFE classic from 1999 03/19/12 astroisawesome
The genesis of the greatest horror series. 02/26/03 Big Red Pyramid Head
At the threshold of reality, a gulf of darkness. 10/16/01 Bloomer
Resident Evil?... that's child's stuff 09/23/01 caliche
The start of something horrible 09/14/04 DamonD
STILL The Scariest Game Ever Made 10/03/11 dead_assassin
This is art, like it or lump it 01/17/08 desh79
The birthplace of psychological horror in modern gaming 07/30/14 Fieryterminator
A Modern Horror Masterpiece 12/20/02 geelw
Don't look back. 08/05/04 Genjuro Kibagami
A surreal dive into one of the most gruesome and incredible towns ever imagined. 05/26/11 jcb2589
Welcome to Silent Hill. Why Arn't You Running!? 12/02/08 kefka989
The Origin of Horror 05/02/13 Kwing
Didn't age well. 05/31/05 lufia22
One of the best games on PlayStation! 11/04/03 Naru2005
Lovecraft's favorite game 09/24/09 Ofisil
Resident Evil is NOT a child's game, but neither is this 07/02/04 REFreek
Less a Game than an Experience 12/17/02 Richo Rosai
Silent Hill is one of the most creepiest games ever created 12/29/07 sknmak
A horror gaming masterpiece. Shock 2 and AVP fans rejoice! 10/31/00 Sunjammer
The thinking gamer's Resident Evil. 02/14/02 Tom Clark

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Still one of the scariest 10/29/10 1983guy
A perfectly atmospheric horror game, but atmosphere doesn't always translate to functionality. 02/23/00 Alterwolf
WARNING: not for the weak gamer :) 01/08/00 Aristotle
Believe it or not, this is only the second worst vacation I've had 10/27/15 Bonglorio
Where the hell did all this blood come from?! 03/27/01 D E G
A new hallmark in the history of videogames, this one can't be missed. 04/26/01 dannyt
a great horror game 01/14/00 Dazed
Put the exorcism in a game, and here is what you got 04/26/01 Dr.Zan
An off-bound game that will keep you wanting to know what's next at all cost. 04/26/01 Elxalraj
Silenced Thrill 10/30/17 Exhuminator
Good? Yeah, but not as good as everyone would have you believe 04/26/01 Grasswidow
Weird, freaky and damn scary 03/08/00 Greatest One
Nice game but not like RE 04/24/00 HORgamerROR
14 Years Later, Still a Fun Game 06/19/13 imagine606
The 3rd best survival horror game ever made 05/24/13 itchytasty96
Ladies and gentlemen, prepare to crap your pants. 04/26/01 JClemer
Turn out the lights. It's gonna be a scream, baby. 04/26/01 JFilapeeno
If you're a chicken wuss like me, STAY AWAY! If you're not, you'll love it. 02/15/00 KingBroccoli
More fun in the dark than late night Cinemax. 04/26/01 Lone
A GREAT game for playstation, with horror, monsters and misterys. 04/26/01 Marcel J.
Silent Hill - Your worst nightmare comes true! 09/02/09 Marko_Nemesis
This is one creepy game! 04/26/01 MasterReviewer
The scariest survival horror !!! 02/04/03 Mysticcat
Gritty, Rustic, Scary and Outstanding. 11/09/11 onefreeman316
The Most Disturbing Game Ive Ever Played! 10/17/01 PContaminator
Have you seen a little girl? She just turned seven last month. Short, black hair. My daughter. 03/18/13 PfhorSkin
I was scared. VERY scared! 08/13/01 Ramza
A Beautifully crafted game, that brings true chills to the "survival horror" genre. 04/26/01 RiddlerOne
Aaaaaahhhhh! I'm scared! 05/31/01 Spoonmonkey
Not scary like RE, but scary like Stephen King. 04/29/01 Squall87
It's a shame this game's potential is not recognised. 04/26/01 SquallMacloud16
Just a little more evil than the competition. 08/12/09 Tenshi No Shi
Disturbing and frightening, Silent Hill oozes a very creepy atmosphere 01/10/04 THayes
The scariest game I have ever played 08/04/01 TheMan10
Don't play with the lights off 03/07/00 YankeeJTC
Horror to the fullest extent! 01/17/12 ZebuFrenzy
One ride that -will- scare you! 04/26/01 Zorlond

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CGRundertow SILENT HILL for PlayStation Video Game Review from CGRundertow

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