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Spoiler-Free Walkthrough by IcyFlamez

Version: 1 | Updated: 07/28/14

Silent Hill No Spoiler Walkthrough/Speed Guide
by IcyFlamez
version 1.0
Made during the night of 4/27/14 and the day of 4/28/14

Table of Contents
I. Introduction
a) Quick FAQ
II. Guide
III. Ending Guide
IV. Puzzle Guide
V. Contact
VI. Version History
VII. Copyright Notice

I. Introduction

Hey guys! Welcome to my Silent Hill guide. This guide aims to serve two (main)
different purposes: to create a speed guide and to create a no-frills spoiler
free walkthrough. If you have read my Fatal Frame guide, it will be similar to
that. This is one I have been meaning to write for years (I'm talking almost 8
years)! The biggest reason I do this is because most guides, especially for
survival horror games, give away too much detail. There are things you should
figure out yourself, especially about the plot. My guides are structured
completely barebones. It tells you where to go and what to do, but it lists
no items (unless needed), and doesn't explain the story. My purpose for this is
so that you can explore yourself, get scared, and use this is you are really
stuck, or if you want to just get done with the game as soon as possible.

Silent Hill is the scariest game I've ever played. It gave me nightmares and
made me sleep with the light on, at age 16, and I don't scare easily. It is
best enjoyed at night with no distracting sounds and by yourself.

a) Quick FAQ

Q: Why such a barebones walkthrough?
A: When I first played this game, I used a guide and it contained spoilers. I
   kind of wish I didn't. I expected everything that was supposed to scare me,
   and I felt it made the atmosphere less creepy. This is why I have such a
   barebones and spoiler free approach to these guides. The only possible
   indication of something about to happen is me saying when a cutscene will

Q: This guide is more descriptive than your Fatal Frame guide, what gives?
A: Lets be honest here (not to knock Fatal Frame) but Silent Hill is a little
   more in depth, both with its maps, characters and plot, so it required more

Q: Are you going to do the other Silent Hill games?
A: 2, 3, 4 and 0rigins are definitely planned. I highly doubt I will do 5, I
   honestly have yet to play Shattered Memories completely and I am uncertain
   at this point about Downpour (whether or not it is worth it). I had a plan
   to make a guide for the first mobile game, but I no longer have the phone
   it was on.

Q: Wait you jumped around and I don't understand how you got there!
A: The only shortcut I used was in the beginning with some keys. If I had
   jumped around on something else, I apologize. Please email me and I will
   update the guide to make it better!

Q: How do I get each ending and what do they mean?
A: I will discuss how to get each ending in the ending section. However, I will
   not explain any of the details regarding them. Remember, this is a spoiler 
   free walkthrough (not to mention there are better sources for that).

Q: I'm stuck at this one area and I can't get past it what should I do?
A: If I made something unclear at all during this walkthrough, you should email
   me and ask me how to do something and I will try to help you and I will 
   update the guide to make it more clear! I will try my best to help you as

Q: What difficulty level do you use?
A: I always use easy. Not only does it give me time to explore (I like to take
   my time and explore the surroundings not get swamped by enemies!) it also 
   makes speed runs a lot easier.

Q: I am SO confused in the sewers.
A: I tried to make it as easy as possible in the walkthrough for you but they 
   are honestly really confusing and frustrating, so you are not alone. It is
   honestly the worst part of this game.
Q: What is your best time?
A: I think my best time was 1hr 15 min. But my memory card used for that is
   long gone so I can't double check.
Q: Tips for speedruns?
A: Dodge enemies, skip cutscenes (I don't know if they add to time, actually),
   stuff like that. Obviously, speedruns require you to know previous knowledge
   of the game.
II. Guide

Note to every beginner: use this as an outline! Deviate from my path, explore,
use this when you get stuck! I tried to outline the most important paths you
need to discover the story but some things are better found out yourself!

Note #2: There are several things that can affect what ending you get. I have
noted where they are in the game. Whether or not you do them is up to you. If
you are speedrunning, one of them will get in the way.

Note #3: If you are worried about speed, press select, options, then press the
R1 button. There you can turn your walk settings to reverse so you run all the

Part 1 - Cheryl? Is That Cheryl?
-Cutscene, then move forward, then forward again. Follow the shadow. Enter
 through the gate. Keep going forward and then go through the other gate.
-Again, keep going forward. Let it happen.
-Go to the counter pick up everything and try going out.
-Pick up the radio and go out. If this is your first time playing go back to
 the alley where you followed Cheryl (not required, but recommended, this next
 part is a shortcut).
-Look at the map. You will want to go to the far east side of Finney St. Pick
 the key out of the trunk, and bullets on the ground. Next locate the
 Convenience Store on the map (purple square). Under that is an alley. Go
 through there.
-Through the alley there is a gate you can go through marked "off limits", go
 in there, get the key from there.
-Look at the map again. Go to Ellroy St. and just keep going south. There you
 will cross a small bridge, pick up the key and nearby items and head west on
 Matheson St. At the end of the road, examine the papers.
-Go on Levin St. Go to the house with the doghouse and examine it. Go inside.
-There are helpful items around the house. I recommend you save now.
 *note: if you were playing without a guide, you would go here to find the keys
  but I simplified it for the speedrun. I apologize*
-Use the keys on the door and go outside. There are more helpful items to grab.
-I recommend you keep the light *off*. You can evade enemies easier. Look on
 the map and head towards Midwich Elementary School. Enter the doors. If you
 want you can save in the school bus towards the school.

Part 2 - The School
-Right when you walk in, pick up the map. Your only save room is the infirmary.
 There are also some useful items if you care about them.
 *note to first time players: there is a hint on the reception desk for the
  upcoming part*
-Go to the courtyard and just go straight ahead. You can kill the enemy but
 you don't have to.
-Go to your left and head into the school hallway. Go down and unlock the door
 where the school entrance is. After that, go upstairs.
-Its not required, but go into the boys bathroom. Unlock the door closest to
 the bathrooms but do not go through yet. Instead, go into the hallway with
 the chemistry lab.
-Go into the Lab Equipment Room and pick up the Chemical (the only thing that
 you can pick up) and then go into the Chemistry Lab. Use the Chemical on the
 hand on the lab counter. Pick up the item. Go out through the end go the hall
 closest to the library. Go downstairs.
-Unlock both sets of doors. Go out to the courtyard closest to the schools
 entrance. To the right, There is a tower. On the left side, put the gold
 medallion there.
-Go back upstairs to the hall with the music room.
*note for first time players: before using this solution try figuring out the
poem on the wall first!*
-Go to the piano and hit these keys in order:
 5 b   b b 3
w 1 w w 4 2 w

 And get the item that is now on the floor.
 For first time players, go into the locker room and investigate!
-Go back to the courtyard and place it into the right. Go back to the entrance
 and go through the double doors closest to the infirmary. If you didn't do
 that when I mentioned to earlier you need to go upstairs and around the sides
 to unlock it.
-Go downstairs. Go into the boiler room and hit the switch.
-Go back to the courtyard and into the tower. Cutscene. 
-Go into the door on the north end (the other end is locked). Go into the
 storage room and pick up the rubber ball. 
-Go into the "hall" room and through the other door. Unlock the blue double
 doors. Go into the classroom and pick up the Picture card off the table. Go
 through the other door in the room and through there, go out back into the
 hallway. Go through the blue door.
 *my recommendation is you save in the infirmary again*.
-Unlock the door to the courtyard but go into the reception area.
-Use the picture card on the door.

 Recommended for first time players, but this just gets some ammo
-Go into the girls bathroom (check the may it may trip you out) leave and go
  into the boys bathroom. Go back in the girls bathroom and you will be back 
  on the first floor.

-Go into the boy's bathroom, open the door *small cutscene* and pick up the
 shotgun. Unlock the blue doors, go into the classroom and go through to the 
 other conjoined room through there. Try to leave the classroom.
-Cutscene and leave. Unlock the blue doors again.
-Go upstairs twice and to the roof. Put the rubber ball in the hole and check
 the other hole, then turn on the water.
-Go down to the courtyard. Check the side and pick up the key from the drain
-Go to the second floor, and navigate through the two classrooms again. 
-Go through the blue doors and into the locker room. Investigate that noise!
-Pick up the key. Navigate through the classrooms and halls towards the Library
 Reserve and into the library. There is some interesting literature for
 first time players.
-Go into the hallway, unlock the double doors if you wish. Go into the room
 (if you didn't pick up the key, you can't), and navigate the rooms. Unlock the
 double doors again if you wish and head downstairs. Go through the gate, and
 into where the infirmary is. I strongly recommend you save. Go downstairs and
 into the boiler room. The fastest way to solve this puzzle is on the valve to
 the left, turn it 3 times to the left. On the right valve, turn it twice to 
 the right.
-Go through. Fight and cutscene.
-Pick up the key and leave the school.

Part 3 - The Church and Shopping District
-On Bradbury St. There is an alley on the map, going through it it will cut 
 to a weird angle. Go to the backyard and inside the house. Pick up the items
 if you want and leave.
-Get back on Bradbury St. and the other alley on the map, go through it and
 head to the church and go inside. Cutscene. Pick up the items. Head out and
 towards the bridge.
-Go inside the building, get the map of the shopping district off the chair.
-Use the drawbridge key on the control panel. Go out and through the bridge.
 *If you are a first time player please stop by the police station and it will
 help you understand the story, but then again you should be exploring the 
 first place hehe*
-Head towards the hospital, into the gate and inside the hospital.

Part 4 - The Hospital
-Go inside the first door you see and investigate that noise! Cutscene.
-Go on the door to the side of the room (next to the blue shelf) and through
 the little hall. Pick up the map and head back. Go through the medicine room
 and into that hall. Go into the directors office. Pick up the basement map.
 In the conjoined room, take the basement key.

This part is optional and can change things in the game
Go into the kitchen and pick up the plastic bottle and in the directors
office use that to pick up the liquid on the floor

-At the door at the end of the hall, unlock it with the basement key and head
 down. Go into the generator room and press the switch. Go upstairs and into
 the elevator. Go to the second floor, check the door. Go back, go to the third
 and do the same. Now, press the new button on the elevator and head through
 there and through the halls down the steps.
-On the third floor, go into the mens bathroom. Pick up the item on the shelf
 and head out. If you want to save, go to room 302.
-Go through the double doors to the other side of the floor. Go into the
 storage room and pick up the blood pack.
-Go to room 306 and pick up the item there.
-Go to the elevator room and go to the first floor. In the directors office
 you will find another plate that you've been picking up, and a save spot.

*recommended for first time players: visit the store room on the 1st floor
 as well as the medicine room*
-Get back to the 3F via the elevator and go downstairs to the 2F.
-Go to room 201 and get the lighter from the bed.
-In room 204, feed the monster the blood pack and get the plate off the wall.
-In the nurses station, there is a puzzle. The solution is

Red plate - top left
Yellow - bottom left
Blue - Top right
Green - bottom right

-Go through the door. Go into the operating prep room, and through there to
 the OR. Pick up the key dodging the nurse and leave back to the hall.
-In the ICU, pick up the disinfecting alcohol off the table.
-Go on the elevator and into the basement. Go into the storeroom.
-There is a cabinet. Push it.
-Use the disinfecting alcohol and the lighter on the gate and go through.
-Now we are in the sub-basement. There is no map so try to bear with me.
-There is only one door in the first hallway, go through it. Dodge the nurses
 *****first time players: recommended you go to the door on the left*******
 *****optional: once you walk in directly to your right, there is a VHS
      tape on a gurney pick that up******
-Go to the room all the way in the back to the left. Cutscene.
-Leave this room, leave the sub-basement and go to the first floor.
-Go through the medicine room to the examination room. Cutscene.
-Pick up the key on the table. I recommend you save before heading out.

Part 5 - Antique Shop/Fights/Sewers
-Look on the map, above the town center. You need to head up that way. Dodge
 any enemy. Head into the antique store.
-Move the cabinet. Cutscene. Go through the other hole. Cutscene.
-Pick up the axe and investigate the room. Cutscene.
-Head towards the town center on the map. You will find a spot that has an
 opening and go in. Dodge all the enemies on the way. Go up the escalator.
-Look behind you and go the Harry's right, into the store. I recommend you pick
 up the rifle shells and save.
-Go towards the noise on your radio, cutscene. Pick up the rifle. Fight.
-Head out the window and run. Your goal is the hospital. Just head east on
 Sagan St. and don't stray off the path, dodge all enemies.
-Go to the examination room. Cutscene. Leave the hospital and follow the only
 path you can now take. Cutscene. Fight.
-Run towards the bridge and you will get to where you need to go.
-Check the gate and keep smacking it with the knife, axe, etc and it will
-Go down the ladder. You are now in the sewers. Keep going straight.
-Kill the two creatures and turn Harry's left. Keep going left. On the wall you
 will see writing "C3". When you see that, cross that bridge. If you go left
 there is ammo and health if you need/want it, otherwise go right and across
 the other little bridge.
-You will find "C2" on the wall and go across that bridge. Go through the door.
-Go through this room and get the key, map and save.
-Check on the map. Where we want to go is on the south ladder. Go through
 the door start heading west and go back towards where we came in to the sewer.
-From where we came into the sewer, turn left. There is a locked door that 
 will be unlocked from the key we just got.
-Keep going straight, at the fork go to the right and dodge the creepers. Go
 up the ladder. Look on the map. Head east, then south through the passages.
 The door to the ladder is locked so we have to go west. Keep heading west
 through the doors. Eventually you will reach a dead end.
-Pick up the key and head back to the ladder. Save and go up.

Part 6 - Resort Area
-The map for this area is right by where you get out on a sign that says
 This next part is optional. For first time players I recommend you explore 
 before using this and if you are looking for speed skip all of this.
-Look on the map, go to Annies Bar and go inside. Cutscene.
-On the ground where the dead enemy is, there is an item to pick up. Get it.
-Examine the Receipt. That is our next location, the Indian Runner.
-Unlock the door with the code on the Receipt (0473) and explore inside.
-Read the diary. Open the drawer, get the safe key and open the safe. Check
 the shopping list. It has a code.
-Look at the key, it is a motel key. Head out towards the Inn. The code was on
 the list (0886) and enter it on the keypad. Get the magnet on the couch.
 There is another diary on the little desk, read it. Unlock the door via the
 reception area and go to room 3 (the number on the Kauffman key) and push
 the shelf. Use the magnet to get the key, go back to the office, and through
 the door to a garage. Use the key on the motorcycle. Cutscene.
-Head west on Sanford street. Cutscene. Your destination is the lighthouse.
 Keep west and head south when you can towards the lighthouse. Head down the
 stairs and into the boat. Cutscene. Go out of the boat. This part is a little
 confusing. Keep on the path. If you get confused, look at the map to make sure
 you are going in the direction of the lighthouse. When you get to the
 lighthouse, go upstairs to the top. Cutscene. Go back out.
-They save you the trouble of heading all the way back to the boat, just run a
 bit. On the map there is an arrow with a pink block. That is your destination
 Head there. It will be through a fence, and go down the steps. Cutscene.

Part 7 - Sewers and Amusement Park
-Take the map from the wall and head out. Head south and then east when you
 can. Head north. Then head east again when you can. Just keep running until
 you get to the ladder.
-There is no map for the amusement park. You want to just head right and hug
 the walls. Eventually you will get to a ice cream shop. From there, turn
 around and find the carousel. Fight. Cutscenes.
 *If you got the unknown liquid, use it in the fight.*

Part 8 - Nowhere
-Save if you want, and exit to the only door open and go forward. Cutscene.
-In the room straight from the elevator, there is a save room. I would save.
-Go to the door at the end of the hall (next to the locked double door) and
 go down the stairs.
 *If this is your first time playing look at the desk*
-Go through the other door in the room. Pick up the screwdriver and pliers.
-Go back to the room where the elevator is. If you are walking towards the 
 elevator, go to the room on your right. Go up to the drain and use the pliers
 and get the key.
-Go through the Ophiel door with your key
-Go straight, next to do the double doors. In this room is a puzzle.
-The solution: To the left, hit 6. The center, hit 4. The right, hit 8.
 Grab the item and leave the room.
-Straight across there is a keypad next to a door. Type in ALERT in it and it
 will unlock. Go straight to the other room. Get the item from the wall and 
 head to the other room. Cutscene. **If you are a first timer, go back and 
 don't cry**
-You are now finished in this door. Go to the room with the clock and save
-Use the stone of time on the clock and get the key.
-Go through the door of Hagith (the doors at the end of the hall)
-Go to the second floor via the elevator and through the doors.
-Go to the third door on the left, be SURE to pick up the ring of contract.
-Go through the double doors in this hall, and unlock the double doors.
 Before you go, do two things: go through the door right across from what you
 just unlocked. Pick up the camera and go back. At the end of the hall there
 is a door, go through it and use the screwdriver on the thing on the wall.
 We will come back.
 *Note: the double doors you unlocked leads back to the main hallway as a
-Make your way back to the elevator and go to the 3rd floor.
-The doors have locks on them. The left door solution is as follows
 o: pressed in
 x: unpressed
 On the top hit:
 o o o
 o o x
 o x x
 On the bottom left:
 x x o
 x x o
 o o o
 On the bottom right:
 o x o
 o o x
 o o o
 Go inside the door, grab the key on the chair.

If you are a beginner, go through the right door

On the top hit:
o o o
o x o
o x o

On the bottom left:
x o x
o o o
x o x

On the bottom right:
o x x
o o x
o o o

-Read the book

-Go to our main hallway. Go into the room right across where we used the pliers
 and use the birdcage key on the cage.
-Go through the door of Phaleg (the one right next to the birdcage room)
-Enter the room directly on the right. Use the ring of contract on the fridge.
 Grab the item off it, and leave.
-Go into the second door on the left wall. Cutscene
-Grab the item off the wall and leave and go into the room directly in front of
 you. Find the bag of Jelly Beans and grab the key.
 *If you have the VHS tape, go into the room next to where the jelly beans are*
-Go through the door of Bethor and turn off the generator.
-Go back through the main hallway, through the double doors to get to the
 room where you unscrewed the plate. You can now get the key off the wall. Go
 back through the room of Phaleg.
-At the end of the hall, go through the room on the right. Cutscene.
-Pick up the item next to the bed and picture. Go to the room straight across.
-Put all of the items you picked up here on the door it will unlock.
-Go through the door. Cutscene. Go downstairs. Cutscene. Fight! Cutscene.
-Roll credits

Time used for making the walkthrough: 4hr 24m 25s
Time used using this walkthrough: 1hr 20m 10s

III. Endings

Ok, there are 4 real endings, and 1 joke ending. In the guide on two parts
I mentioned things that will change the game.

Lets start with Good+.

You needed to save Cybil in her fight with the Unknown Liquid from the hospital
and save Kauffman and check his motorcycle at the the motel and go through
that ordeal.

Good Ending

All you had to do is do the Kauffman storyline, but not save Cybil.

Bad+ Ending
Basically all you had to do was save Cybil in her fight.

Bad Ending
You do none of the above. You probably just did a speedrun in this case!

UFO Ending
This is a joke ending. Only available if you do a New Fear game after. You pick
up an item at the convience store at the beginning and use it wherever you see
the symbol around silent hill (ie school courtyard etc).

As for the meaning of all of the endings, it is really up for debate. I have
my theories, others have theirs. 

IV. Puzzle Guide

=--------Piano Puzzle--------=

Hint on the blackboard:

"A Tale of Birds Without A Voice"

First flew the greedy pelican, 
Eager for the reward,
White wings flailing.

Then came a silent Dove,
Flying beyond the pelican,
As far as he could.

A Raven flies in,
Flying higher than the dove,
Just to show he can.

A Swan glides in, 
To find a peaceful spot,
Next to another bird.

Finally out comes a Crow,
Coming quickly to a stop, 
Yawning and then napping.

Who will show the way,
Who will be the key, 
Who will lead to
The silver reward?

This poem describes the order of the keys on the piano to press.

Here is the piano, x are the black keys and w are the white keys.

 x x   x x x
w w w w w w w

If you notice, some of the keys play correctly and some play a clacking noise
when hit. In order for this poem to work, you assume to ones that do not play
correctly are the ones that need to be hit.

 a x   x x a
w a w w a a w

The ones marked with 'a' do not play. There are 5. So let's analyze this poem.

The first bird is a pelican. Pelicans are normally white, so we know this is
a white key that needs to be hit. The wings flail, so we assume it can't go too
far. With that information, we can assume the first key that does not play is
the first one to hit.

The second bird, a dove, are also normally white, so it is a white key. It
flies in further, so we should assume this is the last key that doesn't play

Now, a raven, a normally black bird, flies higher than the dove, so it is the
black key directly above where our dove key is.

A swan, a normally white bird is next. It flies and sits next to another bird,
by process of elimination, it is the key before our dove key since there are
no other white keys left.

Our crow, which is a normally black bird in the poem says he doesn't go very
far, so it is the first black key to be pressed.

When we combine all our information, it comes to this order:

 5 p   p p 3
p 1 p p 4 2 w

=--------Nurses station puzzle--------=

The hint:

Clouds flowing over a hill.
Sky on a sunny day.
Tangerines that are bitter.
Lucky four-leaf-clover.
Violets in the garden.
Dandelions along a path.
Unavoidable sleeping time.
Liquid flowing from a slashed wrist

The plates are arranged as such beforehand

blank   white    blank
black            orange
blank   purple   blank

The four plates you have acquired are a yellow, a blue, a green and a red

Lets analyze what colors there are in the poem.
Clouds - White
Sky - Blue
Tangerine - Orange
Four Leaf Clover - Green
Violets - Purple/violet
Dandelions - Yellow
Sleeping Time - Black
Liquid from a slashed wrist - red (obviously, blood)

It is starting from the white plate already on the door, going clockwise.

So it will be:
Red     White    Blue
Black            Orange
Yellow  Violet   Green

=--------Zodiac Puzzle--------=

Around this room, there are pictures of the zodiacs. and under it a number.
If you look closely, the numbers are counting all the limbs they have.

In the center, it is the Taurus, which has 4 limbs (the legs).
To the left, it is the Sagittarius, which has 6 (the legs and 2 arms)
To the right, it is the Gemini, which have 8 (2 arms each, 2 legs each)

=--------Grim Reapers List--------=

Hint #1:
Names engraved
On a lithograph.
The Grim Reaper's list.
Yes, the headcount is set
Young and old lined up
In order of age.
Then, the pathway opens
Awaiting them, the frenzied
Uproar, the feat of death!

Hint #2:
35 Lydia Findly
60 Trevor F White
18 Albert Lords
45 Roberta T Morgan
38 Edward C Briggs

Line up the ages in order.
18 Albert Lords
35 Lydia Findly
38 Edward C Briggs
45 Roberta T Morgan
60 Trevor F White

The first names spell "Alert" and entering that into the keypad opens the door.

=--------Picture puzzle--------=

Use the cameras on the pictures. It reveals shapes, use those shapes to unlock
the doors.

o: pressed in
x: unpressed

Left Door:
On the top hit:

On the bottom left:

On the bottom right:

For the Right door:
On the top hit:
o o o
o x o
o x o

On the bottom left:
x o x
o o o
x o x

On the bottom right:
o x x
o o x
o o o

V. Contact/Credit
For any reason you may need to contact me, please email me at etiucb@gmail.com
However, if it is for explanation for the plot or anything like that, I cannot
answer these questions. Everything is open for interpretation. I recommend you
check out the Silent Hill Heaven boards at http://silenthillforum.com/

I would like to thank everyone involved in the games development as well as
Conquerer. Even though I spoiled the game with your guide you were such a big
help to me all those years ago.

I would like to thank my friends as well as everyone in the DIY punk community.

Go vegan.

VI. Version History
1.0 - Original version submitted.

VII. Copyright Notice
This guide is copyrighted. I appreciate if you don't use it for any
publications (unless contacted otherwise) either printed or electronic. 
The only site this will ever be allowed on is gamefaqs.com

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