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Spoilers Guide by Gunsmith

Version: 2.0 | Updated: 03/08/99

Date: Mon, 08 Mar 1999 18:32:44 +0000

Silent Hill Spoilers v2.0

--------SPOILER---------------------------------STOP READING NOW!!!!
--------------------------STORY AND ENDINGS----------------------------

The story:  (Best Guess using the game dialogue)

Dr. Michael Kaufann may well be the director of the Hospital!  The Director's 
Room in the hospital room is all messed up because Dahlia was looking for the 
Aglophotis (red vial).  Kaufmann prepared for a double cross and simply left the 
bottle there, fooling Dahlia into believing Kaufmann would not be able to 
interupt her plans.  But...

Kaufmann is a drug racketeer that makes a deal with Dahlia and two others to 
bring about the birth of the Evil One in order to gain powers.  However, the 
plan goes wrong as first the child that is born only contains half the soul of 
the Evil One.  Dahlia believes that if the child were to be put in great pain, 
the other half would come.  So Alessa is burned alive, but kept alive with a 
magical spell.  This happens seven years before the time the game occurs.  This 
is the same time Cheryl was found by Harry and his wife by a roadside when she 
was a baby.  This is in the intro sequence.  Cheryl is not his biological 
daughter.  She contains the other half of the soul of the Evil One.  When Cheryl 
arrives at Silent Hill, Alessa breaks the spell and wreaks havoc on Silent Hill.  
The nightmares she has had for seven years have become monsters.  Harry thwarts 
her attempts with Flauros.  Dahlia wants Alessa to give "birth" to the Evil One.  
Alessa does not want this.  She is overpowered by Flauros and Dahlia regains 
control of her.  At the critical moment Kaufmann appears.  He did not want 
Silent Hill to be turned into some freaky nightmare and throws a special drug at 
Alessa, the same as the one Harry used on Cybil.  It's meant to extract the 
evil.  However, it extracts the Evil One from Alessa's body.  

Bad Ending:  Alessa drops to the floor.  You hear Cheryl's voice.  

"Thank you Daddy... goodbye"

Harry is not happy about this at all (awwwww)

cut scene to Harry's jeep.  Harry is dead.  It was all a dream?

Bad + 

Same but Cybil slaps you and tells you to go...

Good Ending:

(Kill Cybil at the Fairground)

A bright light envelopes the fallen demon.  When the shine rescinds, you see 
Alessa lying on the floor.   The cieling starts to collapse and flames busrt out 
everywhere.  Alessa hands you a small bundle.  Within it is a baby!  Alessa 
points to a blue light and you run towards it.  Kaufman tries to get up and run 
but Lisa comes up from under the floor and drags him into a fiery hole.  You see 
Harry running down the road as the music begins and the credits roll.  As the 
credits finish, you see Harry with the bundle looking up towards the sky with an 
expression on his face as if to say...

"What the ????"

Good + Ending

(Save Cheryl)

As you take the bundle from Alessa, Cybil gets up and limps towards the blue 
light.  You both start running.  Then the ceiling collapses on top of you.  They 
look up to see that Alessa has saved them.  They run towards the blue light and 

After the credits, you get to see the CG sequence from the Intro - where Harry 
is holding the baby with his wife, but this time it is Cybil!!!   Whenever you 
let the game attract CG sequence start, Harry's wife will have disappeared with 
Cybil in her place!!!

It's safe to say Alessa has given Harry his daughter back.  The question is: 
Does the baby Cheryl have a clean soul????

The options leave the game with an easy possibility for a sequel.

After Ending:

You get to see a CG sequence where Harry and the rest of the cast are joking 
around, like as if they are actors making a movie.  If you remember the intro 
where Kaufmann grabs Lisa's hand and they have an argument, you see an outake 
where Kaufmann misses Lisa's hand and she cracks up laughing.  Also you see 
Harry wake up (as in the game) and almost fall off his seat.  I really think the 
motion capture is excellent!!!  It's really realistic.  Do you like Dahlia's 
eyeshadow?  HAHAHHAHAH!!!

UFO Ending:

The UFOs swarm around Harry and two visitors land.  I will not spoil the rest, 
suffice to say that the game will end here, so don't bother saving Kaufmann at 
Annie's Inn or even bother collecting up items etc.  Just play the game and get 
to the lighthouse as quickly as possible.

Notes and other theories:

Lisa Garland

She was a normal nurse at some point and she was taking drugs (possibly from Dr. 
Kaufmann).  She was also looking after Alessa.  

Cybil Bennett

She seems quite stupid, but she's a toughie, eh :)

Dhalia Gilespie

She wears a school tie and no shoes.  Hmmm... definitely something evil going on 

The Town of Silent Hill is full of Black Magic worshippers.  Did Dhalia take 
their souls?  Perhaps they are the zombies and dogs!  Maybe Harry is dreaming 
the whole thing!  Maybe Harry is killing off the town population and that is why 
Cybil can't find anyone!!!  Maybe I should change my underwear!  EhhEHHEHE-

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