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Secret Items and Endings by SVegeta

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 03/08/99

Silent Hill FAQ V.1.0 - Secret Items & Endings - by Super Vegeta

!WARNING!: This FAQ contains spoilers which may give away more of the 
plot than you wish to know. PROCEED AT YOUR OWN RISK!! Please pardon SP.

3.8.99 - Initial write up. Secret Items & Endings. NEXT: definitive 
proof for items!

===========Secret Items============
After each item is a list of what I did when the item appeared at the 
End Game Screen or where to find it. Events listed first are more likely 
to effect it's appearance. Even if you find an item in the game you 
won't be able to pick it up unless it was on your End Game Screen on the 
previous game.

Gasoline: Finished Easy level; Gold - Items, Continue
Chainsaw: Appears with Gasoline
Rock Drill: Appears with Gasoline
Channeling Stone: Ending - Good+; Gold - Items, Continue 
Hyper Blaster: Ending - UFO
Katana Sword: Ending - Bad+; Gold - Saves

Note: After you get the Gasoline you can choose either the Chainsaw 
(better) or the Rock Drill to use it on. On any games after this weapons 
stay gassed up.

Gasoline: Inside Shell Station (copyright violation?)
Chainsaw: Window of Cut-rite Chainsaws (need Gasoline first time)
Rock Drill: Storeroom of Bridge-Control Room (need Gasoline first time)
Channeling Stone: Super 8 Mini-Mart
Hyper Blaster: In Inventory at start of game
Katana Sword: In Locked room of house with doghouse

Gasoline: To power Chainsaw or Rock Drill
Chainsaw: Kill stuff while walking into them (wicked!)
Rock Drill: Kill stuff bad, but while standing still (not as much fun as 
Channeling Stone: Summon Aliens (I'm serious) 
Hyper Blaster: Konami's Lightgun has infinite ammo and a laser light so 
you never miss! ROCK ON!!!
Katana Sword: Slices, dices,  and julienne's. "There can only be one!"


--------Cause 'n' Effect----------
To Save Cybil: 1. Go to the Hospital
(Get + Ending) 2. Get Plastic Bottle in Kitchen
                        3. Use Plastic Bottle on Unknown Liquid in 
Director's Office
                        4. Use Unknown Liquid on Cybil during boss 
Note: On Easy level simply use it as soon as she tries to slap you. On 
harder difficulties you may have to let her run out of ammo and then 
catch her from behind.

To Save Kaufmann: In the Resort Area of Silent Hill go to Annie's Bar.
(Get Good Ending)

----------How to List------------
Bad: Don't save Kaufmann; Kill Cybil; Boss - Alessa
Bad+: Don't save Kaufmann; Save Cybil; Boss - Alessa
Good: Save Kaufmann; Kill Cybil; Boss - Sameal
Good+ (Save): Save Kaufmann; Save Cybil; Boss - Samael
UFO:  1. Get the Channeling Stone (CS)
           2. Use CS on School Roof
           3. Use CS inside Hospital gates BEFORE fighting Mothra
           4. Use CS outside apartments at Haeby Inn
           5. Use CS inside boat.
           6. Use CS on top of Lighthouse
Note: In UFO Ending there is no end boss. The game ends on top of the 
Lighthouse. Clocked at 1hr 30mn 

---------ENDING SPOILERS!!!!----------
These are THE endings. If you would rather be surprised DO NOT scroll 


+++++SILENT HILL+++++

<Fight Alessa>
Cheryl: Daddy... Thank you daddy...
<Alessa vanishes>
Harry: Cheryl? Cheryl... Cheryl!!!!!!
Cybil: Harry. Harry go.
<temple colapses>

<Fight Samael>
Cheryl: Daddy...
<Alessa hands a baby (Cheryl) to Harry and points to a blue light>
<Harry heads toward the light and Kaufmann follows...>
<CG: Lisa rises out of the floor and grabs Kaufmann and drags him into 
Kaufmann: No. AAAUUUGGGHHH!!!!!!!!!! 
<Harry runs down street with Cheryl in his arms>
<CG: Harry stops at a street corner and look toward the sky. The 
streetlight is on.>

<Fight Samael>
Cheryl: Daddy...
<Alessa hands a baby (Cheryl) to Harry and points to a blue light>
<Harry heads toward the light with Cybil behind him and Kaufmann 
<CG: Lisa rises out of the floor and grabs Kaufmann and drags him into 
Kaufmann: No. AAAUUUGGGHHH!!!!!!!!!!
<Harry and Cybil run down the street with Cheryl in Harry's arms
<CG: Harry gets up from a crouch with Cheryl in his arms. Cybil touches 
her nose with her finger and looks at Harry>
---Note: This CG is the same as the CG in the beginning of the intro 
except Cybil replaces Harry's ---deceased wife. This CG replaces the old 
intro as long as your memory card with the Next Fear save is in ---the 

<Use CS (for fifth time) on top of Lighthouse>
Harry: What? What's that light?
<UFOs zoom in and aliens beam down>
Aliens: (gibberish)
Harry: Um... Sorry... Have you seen a little girl anywhere? About seven 
years old with short black hair?
Aliens: (gibberish)
<Aliens zap Harry with stun ray>
Harry: AAAUUUGGGHHH!!!!!!!!!!
<Aliens take Harry to their leader>
Aliens: (gibberish)
---Note: This ending is done up with comic book like artwork. The 
credits music is sci-fi in nature and the ---words fade back in Star 
Wars style. When you start Next Fear the Aliens send you back in time 
with the ---Hyper Blaster to try again.

==========Legal Hill=========
"Secret Items & Endings" Copyright 1999 Super Vegeta. 
This FAQ may not be reproduced in whole or part without writer's 
Punishment for violation is DEATH!!

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