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Walkthrough by Gunsmith

Version: 3.5 | Updated: 02/08/00

Silent Hill Walkthrough for the Playstation  v3.5 FINAL

"The fear of blood tends to create fear for the flesh..."

by Black Cat and Gunsmith 

REALLY LAST UPDATE: 8th February 2000
-The Ambulance thing was a fake from Felon.
-Please read the plot faq for answers to story
-The Katana is random.
-Some of the item locations are different for
 USA/UK release of the game.

The LAST update: 24th May 1999
There will be no more updates. 



"There are violent and disturbing images in this game..."

1.    Hasty Updates PLEASE READ
2.    Most Common FAQs
3.    Hints 
4.    Playstyle Tips
5.    Walkthrough
6.    Game Over
7.    Weapon Guide
8.    Necronomicon : Monster Guide
9.    What the ???  Unfinished Business + Misc
10.   Review
11.   Legal Claptrap
12.   Credits
13.   Spoilers - Do not read if you are superstitious about No. 13!          

SECTION 1: HASTY UPDATES-----------------------------------------------

No 1: If you have received an attachment file via email from anyone 
called HAPPY99.EXE, do NOT execute it and if you have, please visit:


5th Febraury: Got Silent Hill, sent in first two levels to Gamefaqs.com

6th February: Completed game on NORMAL setting.

7th February: Playtesting the Faq (on HARD level).  Added to the 
instructions on the Rooftop of Midwich School.  Added to the 
instructions before leaving the hospital for the Antique Shop.
Corrected "VOWO" name on truck.  

8th February: Finished game on HARD level.  Figured out how to
get Good + ending (Hurrah!).  Added instructions regarding the
plastic bottle in hospital kitchen.  Reformatted and added Contents.

9th February: Reviewed Game.  Completed game a third time.
Updated "Dog" in enemy guide.  Added "Map" description in first
scene.  Added "Teddy Bear" to enemy list.  Updated Cybil at the
Fairground (!).  Corrected location of "Door of Bethor".  Added
location of Sewer to Fairground map.  Updated "Unfinished Business".

10th February:  Received email with location of "Channeling Stone"
- see convenience store for details how to use.  Completed game a 
fourth time - and I'm starting get hacked off.  Where is that 
Katana and the Hyper Blaster???  Added "Monster Lurks" note where
you pick up shotgun.  Added two lines to review.  Added Misc 

10th February: 3 am.  We completed the game with a fresh start 
on Normal with continue (Coz he wouldn't wait for me to kill the
1st level boss for him).  We realise that the secret items are 
only available on "Next Fear".  See Misc Section.

11th Febraury: Printed the FAQ (35 pages!!!) and tested it.  
Completed game a (argh) fifth time on easy level.  Rearranged 
walkthrough section.  Added extra option "code".  Added Common 
FAQ section.  Numbered items.  Added items 203 and 204 (not in

15th February:  Katana Location!  Err.. found this out after we
 wiped our game saves to make a clean start. @_@

17th February:  Sushi Jimmy has sorted out the UFO business!!!
Amazing!  This has also solved the HYPER BLASTER puzzle too!
The UFO ending is hilarious!

19th February: Moved Spoilers into a seperate Faq.  Added 
Botanical book text.

4th March: Added Hammer location.  Added Queen Burger health
 location.  Added secret options.  We've never actually got 
204/204 items in one go however we have 206 items listed... 
There are two Katanas, but you can only pick up one.  

11th March: Added more misc notes, checked Sewer walkthrough,
reformatted FAQ so no need for wordwrap...added Final Boss 

12th March: Reformat.  After this there shouldn't be any more 
questions.  You can discuss Silent Hill stuff with others at
the Bulletin Board at the Wu-Tech Homepage.  Added corrections
and NEW Hints section for those of you who don't want help but
a little clue to complete the game on your own.

Added SOME FREAKY SHIT to the Misc section- The guys who loved
finding the references to mystic stuff will LOVE this!!!

Added _Super_ Hyper Blaster Info (Weapons Section).  Pulled the
Spoilers FAQ back in (coz I'm in a whoring mood)...

24th May: Added three bugs to misc section: two are weird and 
minor corrections on quotes and names -you guys love any kind 
of fame, dontcha :p Added location of Lisa's diary
(I could have sworn this was in the FAQ from the beginning!)
Added Katana to weapon section.  Added link to PLOT faq in 
Misc section.


In response to bulk email...

1.  How do I get the Katana Sword?

You need to get "Good" Ending.
It's a bonus weapon.  The Katana Sword appears on the Ranking screen 
after the credits, next to the Chainsaw, Rockdrill and Chanelling 
Stone - You must use the "Next Fear" save that you get after this 
screen to be able to collect the sword.  It's in the House next 
to the Dog House on Levin Street, in the door that didn't open before,
just as you walk in.

2.  How do I get the Hyper Blaster?

Use the Channeling Stone at these locations (Super Thanks Sushi 

 -Roof of School
 -In front of Hospital doors, before you meet Mothra Boss
 -Norman's Motel, in front of the apartments
 -Top of Light house

You will get a special UFO ending and if you save to make a 
"Next Fear" game, the Hyper Blaster will appear in your item list
IMMEDIATELY!  Use it on the WB!  :)

3.  How do I beat the Grim Reaper Puzzle?

We've explained the clue better now.  Go have a look in the 
walkthrough.  Type in "ALERT".

4.  What's with the story?  

The endings are now available from the webpage where you got
this FAQ from- it's called "Spoilers FAQ".

5.  Can you save Lisa?

Forget it!  Sad but true.  

6.  Where is the key of Aratron?  

It's behind the pink steel plate.  You have to go back "upstairs"
and unscrew the plate with the screwdriver.  Please look at the
map before you email us!  You have to unlock all the double
"WARP" doors, so that when you turn off the generator,
you can still get to the floor with the Steel plate/Key...

7.  How do I get good ending?

I had previously said "Save Kaufmann from the Teddy Bear".  I 
foolishly assumed that once people saw Kaufmann in Annie's bar,
they would pick up the clues and solve the puzzles in that area.
OH FOOLISH ME!  I guess a lot of people are too scared, or too 
lazy to play the game.  C'mon guys get with it!  Don't use this 
faq to run through the game!  Please only check it if you get stuck- 

Anyway, to get Good ending, Save Kaufmann from the Teddy Bear and 
solve the puzzles to get the Motorcycle opened!

8.  Did you know Blah Blah, I got Blah, I saw UFO Blah, Ratings Blah,
Please Kill me Now Blahahahah...

In other words, please check you have READ this faq before sending me
any questions.  I've been suprised by the way this FAQ has circulated
the net and yet I could swear it has always said visit (at least)
www.gamefaqs.com for the latest update, yet I STILL get questions such

"Hey, I got this big ol' sword on my end screen, but you don't mention
it in your faq v2.0, so give me credit and lick my toes because I am
a friggin genius!"

9.  (Sewer Section) Your faq says "Turn around and bear left" but 
we end up at a locked door.  

Ahem.  "Bear left" means stay on the left.  At the end of this path,
There are two doors here. The door on the right side is locked.  
Go throught the door on the LEFT side!!!  

SECTION 3: HINTS ------------------------------------------------------

I've noticed there really ARE some hardcore players who only look at 
FAQ's when they're REALLY stuck.  So I've designed this section for
them.  No big clues or spoilers but hints on how to complete the game.

1.  What do I do first?

Collect 3 keys which are lying around the map.  There is a house
where you can use these keys to get out the back door.  If you 
read all the notes found in the town area and house, the house, keys 
and school location are marked out for you.

2.  Midwich Elementary School.

Find the chemical that burns something "handy".

Take the item to the clock tower.

A song is sung in a musical learning place.

"A Tale of Bird's Without a Voice"

First flew the greedy Pelican, 
Eager for the reward,
White wings flailing.

Then came a silent Dove,
Flying beyond the Pelican,
As far as he could.

A Raven flies in,
Flying higher than the Dove,
Just to show that he can.

A Swan glides in, 
To find a peaceful spot,
next to another bird.

Finally out comes a crow,
Coming quickly to a stop,
Yawning and then napping.

Who will show the way,
Who will be the key,
Who will lead to
The silver reward.

Clue 1: The birds in the song are of two colors.
Clue 2: The piano keys are of two colors.
Clue 3: The birds cannot sing.

Take the item to the clock tower.

The door to the clock tower is powered by electricity.

3.  Alternate School.

Something small and round will fit into the hole in the roof gutter.

Then you can get the item to get through the classroom on the 2nd 

4.  Through K. Gordon's house to the Church.
5.  Hospital

If you want a "+ Ending", you'll need to pick up 1 item here 
and do something with it in one of the rooms so it becomes a 
different item.

Go to the lift and go to the 2nd floor.  Go out, push the doors 
even though they are jammed, then come back into the lift and go 
to 3rd and do the same.  Then *poof* the 4th floor button will appear.

6.  Alternate Hospital

Clouds flowing over a hill.
Sky on a sunny day.
Tangerines that are bitter.
Lucky four leaf clover.
Violets in the garden.
Dandelions along a path.
Unavoidable sleeping time.
Liquid flowing from a slashed wrist.

The order in which the plates are inserted is not clockwise- 
Organize the plates according to the poem from TOP to BOTTOM.

Clue 1:  Clouds flowing over a hill
         White          above  Green

Clue 2:  Unavoidable sleeping time = Black

The Basement Storeroom has another room entrance which is hidden.
Pyromaniacs will know what to do after that :)

7.  The phonebook marks out the location of the Antique Shop.

8.  Antique Shop

Clue: "Push it" (da dadadada...) Salt 'N Peppa

9.  Alternate Antique Shop

Go upstairs er... go shopping?  Then speak to Lisa at the 

10.  From the Post Office rooftop

Lisa has marked something on your map.  Go!

11.  Sewer

Explore and you'll be okay.  Why doesn't any monster clean up their
"bloody" mess?  That's the key to finishing this level.

12.  Sanford Resort Area

For "Good Ending", you need to explore this area but do not walk
past the S in _S_anford St on the map, or you will go to the next

Clue:  Dr Kaufmann drops something.

13.  Go to the boat down the pier.
14.  Lighthouse and back then through more sewers.
15.  To get "+ Ending" you must not kill Cybil.

16.  Final Scene: 

-Constellation Puzzle

Libra       = 2
Pisces      = 0
Cancer      = 10
Aries       = 4

Clue: What doesn't Pisces have?  Arms or Legs.

17.  Final Scene: 

-Grim Reapers List Puzzle


35   Lydia Findly
60   Trevor F White
18   Albert Lords
45   Roberta T Morgan
38   Edward C Briggs

Clue 1: Youngest to Oldest, the path will open.  Are you ALERT enough 
to figure it out?  

Clue 2: Rearrange the names in order of young to old, then type in the 
initials of the FIRST NAME into the keyboard at the door.

18.  Final Scene: 

-Altar Puzzle

Clue: You need the light of motivation to guide you.  In a flash, I had

19. Final Scene: 

The last key (of Aratron) is protected by electricity- ain't that 

SECTION 4: PLAYSTYLE TIPS----------------------------------------------

Game Abbreviations for the FAQ-

X:   X Button on the Joypad
T:   Triangle Button on the pad
O:   Circle Button on the pad
S:   Square Button on the pad
L1:  L1 button on the pad
R1:  R1 button on the pad
SH:  Silent Hill
ASH: Alternate Silent Hill
WB:  Winged Beasties
D:   Dog
BC:  Big Cockroaches
MT:  Mutant Turtle
MN:  Mutant Nurses
MD:  Mutant Doctor
TB:  Teddy Bears
RIP: Rest In Peace
FAQ: Frequently Asked Question
IIRC: If I Remember Correctly
AWOL: Absent Without Leave
ROTFLMEAO:  Rolling On The Floor Laughing My Evil Ass Off


If you want to use this FAQ as a walkthrough, visit the rooms in 
the order they are listed.  Within sections they are lists of rooms
rather than directions telling you where to go.  Visiting the 
rooms in the order listed will get you where you want to go.  Also
you may have to use your brain at some points as we refuse to hold
your hand throughout the whole game, for then there would be point 
in playing would there?

Also, this FAQ is written to set you up into the best positions to
give you a fright, so it may waffle at some points and deliberatley
NOT tell you when you're about to be attacked.  You have been warned.

Game system-

Upon pressing a button or letting the CG game attract run you will
get to the Silent Hill game start screen, with the options (very 
first time you play) of "Start Game" or "Options".

Start Game-

EASY LEVEL   : Few monsters, minimal damage.  Handgun Bullets give you
               30 ammo.
NORMAL LEVEL : More monsters, sustainable damage.  Handgun Bullets 
               give you 20 ammo.
HARD LEVEL   : LOTS of monsters (esp outside in the street) and three
               direct hits by a WB can kill you.  Handgun Bullets give
               you 15 ammo.

Option Screen- 

The first page is obvious, with brightness adjust etc, but don't
forget that by pressing any of the L/R buttons you can get into
the second page, wherein lies the secret options which appear 
after you make a "Next Fear" save.  The two extra options are:

 -Bullet Adjust

 At default it is "x1".  This means when you pick up a clip of handgun
 ammo you get (on normal level) 20 shots.  Change the Bullet Adjust to
 "x2" and you can now pick up 40 shots.  Use "x3" to get 60 shots.  It
 goes up in value every time you complete the game ("x9"!!!).

-Retreat Turn

 Ahh haven't quite figured this out :p

Two other options appear when you have made a game save or simply
died; "Load Game" (obvious) and "Continue".  

"Continue" doesn't start your game at the last place you saved, but 
rather at the beginning of a section.  

Silent Hill can be divided into sections thus:

ASH School
Outside School
ASH Hospital 
Antique Shop


Manouvering Harry-

Try to burrow/rent/steal a rumble pad to play this game.  It emulates
Harry's heart when he gets scared and the force of impact when he runs
straight into a wall (HA HA!)  (Don't use the anolog controls- they 
are rubbish; Parasite Eve was MUCH better).  Switch the light off, 
wait till late at night and play alone (If you like having nightmares 
and damaging your eyesight!).

*Please Note:  The authors do not condone stealing nor take any 
responsibility for the act of stealing a rumble joypad and the legal 
consequences that ensue thereforth.  We said it coz it sounded funny.

The controls are obvious, but remember that pressing L1+R1 will make 
Harry turn 180 Degrees sharply.  This is handy for running from Bosses 
and situations like when you meet a dead end and you have 1 dog 2 Eight 
Men and 1 Winged Beastie running after you @_@

Pressing X activates stomping or kicking on fallen Monsters.

If the camera angle puts you at a disadvantage, press L2 to get the 
viewpoint from behind your back.  This doesn't work at some points 

Harry can strafe by pressing L1/R1 + S.  Even more, Harry can also run 
around in a tight circle by pressing L1/R1 + left/right + S.  Wow, look 
at him go!  Shame you can't shoot!  DOH!

SECTION 5: WALKTHROUGH-------------------------------------------------

Game attract CG Sequence-----------------------------------------------

Among various other scenes, which you will get to see during the game,
Harry Mason is driving with his daughter, Cheryl.  He sees a Police 
Officer on a motorbike, who accerates out of view.  Then he sees the 
Police Officer's bike crashed into a wall.  Looking back and looking 
ahead he suddenly sees a girl in the road, causing him to swerve and 

Funnily enough, if you let the game demo run, you will notice that 
Harry runs into areas of Part 1 where you will need to go, without 
telling you why...  
Start Game

CG Intro---------------------------------------------------------------

Harry Mason wakes up in his crashed jeep to find that his daughter, 
Cheryl has disappeared. He leaves his jeep to find himself in the town 
of Silent Hill.  It is foggy and snowing.  


At this point you gain control of Harry.  Keep moving forward until you 
see a shadow in the distance.  You can try and go into the convenience 
store but the CPU will take control of Harry and run him in the correct 
direction.  You will see Cheryl, but she runs off.  You follow her.  
You go down an alleyway.  It's a basic direction with no choice but to 
continue.  It gets darker (eek!).  Harry lights a match and keeps 
running (!  You know with amazing skills like that, he'll go far...).  
You will see a crucified dead person at the end, where suddenly two 
(then three if you survive long enough) child zombies appear and stab 
you till you run out of energy and collapse.  

You wake in a cafe to see Cybil Bennett, a police officer from Brahms, 
the next town over.  She asks you if you're okay and explains 
something bizarre is happening in Silent Hill.  All the people have 
vanished.  She refrains from telling you the whole story.  You are 
about to leave to try and find your daughter when she hands you a 

 Handgun (item #1)
Scene 1:  Cafe

The first thing to do is gather up the items by pressing X.  

 Residential Map (item #2)
 Flashlight      (item #3)
 Health          (item #4)
 Health          (item #5)
 Knife           (item #6)
 Small Radio     (item #7)
 Save Game (notepad)

You can't get the small radio until you leave the cafe.  Upon picking
up the Residential Map, you will realise that you will have to equip 
your gun before you leave (equip your gun using R2,   Press X to 
fire).  After trying to leave the cafe, the radio will emit static.

*Item: Map
     As far as we can tell, most places marked out in dark pink hold
     some importance to you on your adventure.  However, see Sec. 8.
*Special Item : Radio
     The Radio emits static whenever a monster is near.  
     It will emit a louder and different crackle when
     you are very close to a monster.

The windows will smash and you will meet the first monster, from now
on refferred to as Winged Beastie (WB).  Press X till the bastard is 
dead.  Take the Radio.  Go out of the cafe.
Scene 2:  Outside the cafe

 Handgun Bullets (item #8)
 Handgun Bullets (item #9)

The Handgun Bullets is on the bench outside.  You have to check the 
alleyway.  Look at the map by pressing T.  Follow the red arrow on the 
map that points to Cheryl.  

As you leave the cafe, if you turn to Harry's left you'll get to 
"Queen Burger".  At the window is a 

 Health (item #10)
Scene 3: Alleyway off Finney St.

-Bachman Road:  Go to the top to find Harry's jeep.  Then visit the 
convenience store.

 Health (item #11)
 Health (item #12)
 Health (item #13)
 Health (item #14)(In Harry's Jeep)
 First Aid Kit (item #15)

(+1) Channeling Stone (Next Fear and only if seen on Rating Screen)

     The Channeling Stone can be used in five places.  Read
     the most frequently asked questions section.

 Handgun Bullets     (item #16)
 Handgun Bullets     (item #17)
 Pipe                (item #18)  
  Note: Apparently this is somewhere else in another
        version of the game!
 Cheryl's Sketchbook (item #19) 
  Note: I count this as an item as you can actually 
        see it in your inventory.

Pick up the sketchbook that will give you the idea to go to the School.
Scene 4: On the way to School

Do not bother trying to go the obvious and direct route to School using 
the map.  All routes are blocked off.

Proceed to the broken bridge (if you look on the map it is near the 
letter N of the compass).  There you will the broken down police car.  

-Police Car

 Handgun Bullets (item #20)
 Key of Lion     (item #21)

Go to the alleyway behind the cafe on Bachman Road.  

You will find a fence-gate that says "off limits".  You will find it 
is directly behind the cafe.  Enter to find the Basketball court.

-Small Basketball Court

 Health         (item #22)
 Key of Woodman (item #23)

-Small alleyway:  To the right of Ponston Market on Bachman Street 
(simply keep going down the alleyway behind the cafe).

 Handgun Bullets (item #24)
 Handgun Bullets (item #25)

Proceed to the bottom of Elroy Street.  There is a house that is all 
boarded up.  Near the chasm you will find a plank that you can walk 
across to get the items.

-Boarded-up House

 Health           (item #26)
 Key of Scarecrow (item #27)

MISC : You don't have to get these items, but then again you could 
just dig a hole in the floor and bury yourself, ne?  ^_^

-Matheson Street:  If you look on the map, by the letter E of Matheson 
St there is an alleyway.  

 First Aid Kit (item #28)

-Levin Street:  Look on the map.  Near the letter L of Old Silent Hill, 
there is a house.  

 Health (item #29)

Once you have all the keys, proceed to Matheson Street.  You will come 
across more of 

 Cheryl's notes (item #30)

on the left hand end of Matheson Street which gives you the clue to go 
to the Dog House on Levin St.  You cannot go to the dog house without 
reading the notes.

Scene 5: Dog House and House

 House Key       (item #31)
 First Aid Kit   (item #32)
 Handgun Bullets (item #33)
 Handgun Bullets (item #34)
 Health          (item #35)
 Save Game

(+2) Katana (Next Fear and only if seen on Rating Screen)
    -1st door on your right.  You can only get 1 Katana.

Go into the house and find the backdoor near the kitchen.  Read the map
on the wall just so you can make more scribbles on your own map.  Use 
the keys to unlock it.


 Health (item #36)
 Health (item #37)

Go out through the door.  It gets pitch black (oooh mommy!) so Harry 
turns on his flashlight.  You can turn off your flashlight by pressing 
O.  Go through the gate to get back on the street.
Scene 6:  Hit the Road, Jack er... Harry

-Broken down Highway: Top of Midwich Street

 Health          (item #38)
 Handgun Bullets (item #39)

-Small alleyway:  On the map near the letter O of Old Silent Hill

 Health          (item #40)
 Handgun Bullets (item #41)

-Alleyway off Bradbury Street:

You will see a garage with Blood over the door.  There is a plaque 
that says "K. Gordon".  Go down this alleyway to get into someone's 
back yard - to find absolutley nothing at all.  Well whoo-oo-oo-pee!  
That was worth it.  :/

-School Bus:  At the bottom of the map next to the school.

 Health (item #42)
 Health (item #43)
 Save Point
Scene 7:  Midwich Elementary School

Run past the Ds and open the door.  You will find yourself in the 


 School Map (item #44)


 First Aid Kit (item #45)
 Health        (item #46)
 Save Point


Teachers Log book (read)
clues x3 (read)

"Alchemy Laborotory"

Gold in an old man's palm
The future hidden in his fist
Exchange for sage's water

"A place with songs and sound"

A silver guide post is 
untapped in lost tongues.
Awakening at the ordained order.

"Darkness that brings 
the choking heat"

Flames render the silence
awakening the hungry beast.
Open time's door to beckon prey.

-Room behind Reception

 Handgun Bullets (item #47)

Also check the picture on the wall for a clue of what to do later.

=Solving the riddles=

-10.00 Riddle

Run through the courtyard, avoiding the CZs (or maiming them with the
pipe if you feel annoyed for some reason).  In the courtyard is a clock 
Tower.  The face reads 10.00.  Go up to the second floor.  Go into the 
Lab Equip Room.

 -Lab Equip Room

  Chemical - Hydrochloric Acid (item #48)
  Glucose (Cannot take)
  Distilled Water (Cannot take)

Get the Chemical and go into the Chemistry Lab.  

 -Chemistry Lab

 Handgun Bullets (item #49)
 Statue of Hand (Gold Medallion (item #50))

CLUE:  The chemical is acid...

ANSWER:  Use chemical on statue of hand.

You cannot get the Silver Medallion until you put the Gold Medallion 
into its slot in the Clock Tower in the courtyard.

Go back to the courtyard and place the Medallion into the slot for 
the Golden Sun.  You can get the CZs to follow you in a line between 
the bench and the wall where they can queue up for a close examination 
in the law of "Pipe" plus "Thwack!" equals "Dead Zombie"... 

Once you have put the medallion in place, the clock face turns to 12.00...

-12.00 Riddle

Go to the Music Room on the 2nd Floor.  Read the clue:

"A Tale of Bird's Without a Voice"

First flew the greedy Pelican, 
Eager for the reward,
White wings flailing.

Then came a silent Dove,
Flying beyond the Pelican,
As far as he could.

A Raven flies in,
Flying higher than the Dove,
Just to show that he can.

A Swan glides in, 
To find a peaceful spot,
next to another bird.

Finally out comes a crow,
Coming quickly to a stop,
Yawning and then napping.

Who will show the way,
Who will be the key,
Who will lead to
The silver reward.

Go to the piano and check it.

The piano keys are numbered from left to right.  All keys included.

 2 4   7 9  11
1 3 5 6 8 10  12

2, 3, 8, 10, 11 do not work!

If you wanna figure it outself, stop scrolling now.

CLUE: The birds in the poem represent the keys on the piano.  Also the 
title of the poem is the key to narrowing down which piano keys are 
used.  Only 5 keys need to be pressed, once each.


3, 10, 11, 8, 2.

You receive the 

 Silver medallion (item #51)

Go down to the 1st Floor via the bottom right stairs and unlock the 
corridor (it makes things a little easier for you later).
Go back to the courtyard and put it in the slot for the silver room.  

=Once you have put the medallion in place, the clock face turns to 5.00...=

Now is the best time to get all your items from the School Rooms.

--1st FLOOR

-Top Right Classroom 
  Handgun Bullets (item #53)

-Room between Storage and Hall
  Handgun Bullets (item #54)

--2nd FLOOR

-Top left Classroom
  Health (item #55)

-Boys Toilets
  No items here but you can here the sound of a clock ticking
  which is very mysterious :p

-Girls Toilets 
  Handgun Bullets (item #55)
-Locker Room 
  I'm not telling! 

-Bottom Right Classroom
  Handgun Bullets (item #56)

  First Aid Kit (item #57)
=Don't bother with the 3rd Floor yet.=
-5.00 Riddle

Go to the Boiler Room in the basement.  Switch on the Boiler.  (Good 
idea to save now)  Go back to the Clock Tower.  Go through the doors 
in the Clock Tower.  Follow path downwards.  There are empty medicine 
bottles at the bottom.  Go out and an animated sequence takes over.

Harry finds himself in the courtyard again, however there is a strange 
symbol in the middle.  There is only one way into the school.  Go to 
the storage room.

-Storage Room
  Rubber Ball (item #58)

If you haven't noticed, you're in the school but it is er... different.

-Room Between Storage and Hall
  Hangun Bullets (item #59)
  First Aid Kit  (item #60)

-Top Right Classroom
  Yellow Picture Card (item #61)

-Hallway near the Bottom Right Classroom
  Health (item #62)

  Health        (item #63)
  First Aid Kit (item #64)
  Save Game

 (Wheelchair) Ampoule (item #65)

-Room behind Reception
  Handgun Bullets (item #66)

Go to the Room behind the Reception and put the Yellow Card into the 
door slot.  You'll appear in the girls Toilets on the first floor.  
When you exit you'll appear outside the girls Toilet's on the second 
floor (funky, eh?).  

-2nd Floor Boys Toilets 
  Handgun Bullets (item #67)
  Handgun Bullets (item #68)
  Shotgun Bullets (item #69)

Go back into the Girl's Toilets and you'll find yourself in the girl's 
toilets on the 1st floor  (Insert quote from Alice in Wonderland here).  

-1st Floor Boys Toilets: Open door and see girl in flowery dress (well 
 she might have been one at some point).  Pick up 

  Shotgun (item #70)

Pump your fist in the air and go "Whoop Whoop!  There's gonna be a 
party y'all!"

If you read the wall, it says "The Monster Lurks" by Leonard Rimes.  
This book will appear in the Library Reserve. 

Go to the Teacher's Room on the Top left corner of the 1st floor, pick 
up the Handgun Bullets.  Leave the Room and the phone will ring.  Go 
up to the 2nd Floor.

-Top Left Classroom
  Handgun Bullets (item #71)

-Bottom Left Classroom
  Shotgun Shells (item #72)

-Hallway Outside the Left side Classrooms
  Health (item #73)

Go to the locker room.  I'm sorry but you will have to deal with THE
STUPIDLY LARGE MONSTER MUTANT CAT inside the locker by yourself :p

After you leave the locker room, you will have found the 

 Key to the Library Reserve.  (item #74) Trust me (^_^') 

-Library Reserve Room
  First Aid Kit (item #75)

  Handgun Bullets (item #76)

Go to the Library and read the open book.

Hearing this, the hunter
armed with bow and arrow said
"I will kill the lizard"
but upon meeting his opponent,
he held back, taunting,
"Whose afraid of a reptile?"
At this, the furious lizard
"I'll swallow you up
in a single bite!"
The huge creature
attacked, jaws open wide.
This was what the man wanted.
Calmly drawing his bow,
he shot 
into the lizards gaping mouth.
Effortlessly, the arrow flew,
piercing the defenceless maw,
and the lizard fell down dead.

Okay, no prizes for guessing what kind of boss is coming up, eh?

Go to the roof.  (If you have the Channeling Stone, use it now).  There
are two drain holes in the top right corner.  Put the rubber ball in 
one of the holes.  Check the other hole to see the key.  Turn on the 
valve.  The water should push the key down the drainpipe.  Go to the 
courtyard.  Look in the gutter to find

 Classroom key (item #77)

Go to 2nd Floor.  Open the classroom on the top right corner. In the 
next room pick up the 

 Health (item #78)

-Bench outside bottom right classroom
  Health (item #79)

Go down stairs to first floor and unlock grill door and SAVE GAME in 
infirmary- boss is coming.  

Go to Basement.

-Storage Room: 
  Shotgun Shells (item #80) 
  Shotgun Shells (item #81) 
  Ampoule        (item #82)

-Boiler Room: 
  Valves and Gate.  
  Turn the right valve left x2.
  Turn the left valve right once.

BOSS: WALKING SAUSAGE (okay I lied, it's a big lizard)

Kill the boss as he opens his mouth, like you learned from the story like 
a good little kid.  Actually, the story didn't prepare you for NORMAL or
HARD Level where you need more than 1 shot to kill it!!!

Tips:  Use the shotgun! On easy level he needs about 1 good close shot.
On normal he needs about 2.  On HARD level it's a different matter.  
Run around the center circle to keep him away from you (you can run 
right up to his back) and shoot his head (not his tail) until he starts 
to split (The music will change).  
Then position yourself with LOTS of space behind you.  He will run 
towards you and as long he doesn't nudge you, aim, stand still and wait 
for him to open his mouth, then walk backwards while firing.  When he 
closes his mouth you can step closer to regain space or move around to 
a better position- then repeat.

As he finally bites the dust, cue movie  sequence.  
You will see the girl who you avoided in the crash again.  
Then you're back in the real SH boiler room.   You can 
hear Church Bells ringing.  Your next objective!  Pick up the 

 K. Gordon key (!) (item #83)

Well done, you've completed Part 1!

You can save game if you wish in the Infirmary.
Part 2
Scene 1:  Visiting K. Gordon 

-K. Gordon's House

 Handgun Bullets (item #84)
 Handgun Bullets (item #85)
 Save Game

Before leaving the school, check the Teacher's List on the Reception 
desk so that K. Gordon's House will be marked on the map.  Go to K. 
Gordon's House, heh heh heh  (So it wasn't a waste of time finding that
house earlier!!! Update: Oh, we found the teacher's list 2nd time we 
played the game through).

Just go along the bottom of the map until you reach the chasm.  Hit 
left and go up the alleway.  Go up to the house with blood on the 
Garage and a dog guarding the entrance. You can get in through the 
back door using the K. Gordon key. Collect the items and leave through
the front.

Before reaching the church, you can collect the following items.  

-Levin Street Chasm:
  (End House on right) 
  Health         (item #86)

-Bradbury St:
 (Just before the backyard alleyway on a bench) 
 Health          (item #87)

-Alleyway to the left of Cut-Rite Chainsaws
 Handgun Bullets (item #88)

Scene 2: The Church

 Flauros         (item #89)
 Drawbridge Key  (item #90)
 Health          (item #91)
 Save Point

Upon entering the Church you are greeted with CG of an suspiciously 
nutty old woman wittering on about how she knew you were coming.  She 
scuttles off into a locked room when you ask too many questions.  

-Gas Station: 

 Handgun Bullets (item #92)
(+3) Gasoline *Next Fear*
 Save Point

With the Gasoline, you have to make a choice.  You can either go to 

-Cut-Rite Chainsaws

(+4) Chainsaw *Next Fear*

or go to the Bridge Control Room and get the 

(+5) Rock Drill *Next Fear*

Refer to the Weapon Guide if you can't make up your mind...

When you complete Silent Hill 2 times in a row using the same save, the
third time you play lets you have both weapons.

-(Behind the Gas Station) "VOWO" truck:

 Handgun Bullets (item #93)
 Shotgun Shells  (item #94)

Go to the Bridge Control Room on Bloch Street.

-Right hand side of River, steps going down:  
  First Aid Kit  (item #95)
  Shotgun Shells (item #96)

-Bridge Control Room:
  (+4) Rock Drill (You need Gasoline)
  Shopping District Map (item #97)
  Health                (item #98)

Go upstairs.  Insert Drawbridge Key into Control Panel.  Go across the 

-Right hand side of the drawbridge, steps going down: 
  Handgun Bullets (item #99)

-Small booth on bridge
 (Look on the map: Dark pink square)
  Health          (item #100)

Go towards the hostpital.  Once you are inside, you cannot leave.  

Scene 3: Hospital

Go straight past the phones, 1st door on your left.  You will meet Dr. 
Michael Kaufmann, who took a nap and then woke up to find everyone 
gone, snow in the wrong time of year and monsters flapping about.  We 
learn that Harry wife died 4 years ago.

Facing the grey blue cabinet, take the right door.  Continue through 
the next door.  Pick up 

 Map of Hospital (item #101)
 First Aid Kit   (item #102) 

-Doctor's Office 
  Map of Basement (item #103)

-Conference Room 
  Basement Key    (item #104)

  Health          (item #105)
  Empty Plastic Bottle (item #106)

-Director's Office 
  Spilt Drug on the floor (arguable item#?) 

If you want the "+ Ending" Use the plastic bottle to scoop up some of the drug.

Go to the basement door and go through.  Go downstairs and meet some 
BCs.  Go to the Generator Room and activate Generator.  Go to the lift 
and go to the 2nd floor.  Go out, push the doors even though they are 
jammed, then come back into the lift and go to 3rd and do the same.  
Then *poof* the 4th floor button will appear.  You will see the girl 
who you avoided in the crash again.  Run to the double doors at the 
end.  Go through and go downstairs.  Go out into the corridor to meet 
a nurse monster.  She seems to have the hump.  She'll stumble towards 
you and then when she's about two paces away she will make a running 
grab at you.  Give her one good shotgun blast with an EXTREME Close up 
to finish her off.  She'll writhe on the floor until you put her out 
of her misery.  You now have to collect 4 plates to open the Nurse 
Center.  You'll also meet the doctor monsters with the same attitude 
problem, but they have scalpels *sweatdrop appears down side of author's 
head*.  Oh yeah, don't forget to watch the hump squirm... gross...

-Gents toilets
  Blue Square Plate of Turtle (item #107)

-Room 302
  Video Tape Player 
  Shotgun Shells (item #107)
  Save Game
-Room 304
  Steel Plate 
  Health (item #108)

-Room 306
  Yellow Square Plate of Cat (item #109)

-Storage Room: 
  Blood Pack      (item #108)
  Handgun Bullets (item #109)
  First Aid Kit   (item #110)

Go to Level 1 via the lift.

-Vending Machine: 
  Health (item #111)
  Health (item #112)
  Health (item #113)
-Director's Office
  Red Square Plate of Queen (item #117)
  Save Game

  Health (item #118)

  Handgun Bullets (item #119)

Go to Level 3 via lift, then go to Level 2 via the stairs.

-Room 201 
  Lighter (item #120)

-Room 204 
  Green Square Plate of Mad Hatter (item #121)
The snakes are interested in blood.  Walk up to them and Use Blood Pack.
They will move aside and allow you to pick up the Plate.

Go to the Nurse Center and read the clue on the wall.

Clouds flowing over a hill.
Sky on a sunny day.
Tangerines that are bitter.
Lucky four leaf clover.
Violets in the garden.
Dandelions along a path.
Unavoidable sleeping time.
Liquid flowing from a slashed wrist.

Go to locked door and place

Blue on Top Right
Green on Bottom Right
Yellow on Bottom Left
Red square on Top Left. 

The Door opens...

There are lots of NMs so arm up the shotgun!

-Operating room
  Basement Storeroom key (item #122)

-Intensive Care room
  Disinfecting Alcohol (item #123)

-Room 206
  First Aid Kit (item #124)

Go to the basement.

  Ampoule (item #125)
  Health  (item #126)

-Generator Room
  Hammer  (item #127)

-Basement Storeroom:
  Shotgun Shells (item #128)
  Shotgun Shells (item #129)

Push the cabinet to find a new door.  Go through and use the alcohol 
and lighter on the vines on the grill in the floor.  Go down (ooooerr) 
and go on!  Go on!  Be brave!  It's gonna be a scream, baby! *Gunsmith 
gets thwacked with telephone directory book*

Take the door on the right.  The door to your right contains a video 
tape.  Go to the furthest door on the left.  Pick up Examination Room 
key.  Alessa is the name of the girl that you almost ran over (and got 
you into this mess).  Evidence points to the idea that either she or a 
close friend of hers is a mental patient at the hostpital...

Go back to Room 302 and use the video tape.  

Go to Examination Room.  You will meet Lisa Garland.  She was knocked 
out and has the same story as Dr Kaufmann.  Suddenly you get a pain in 
your head and lose it.  You wake to see the old woman, who tells you her 
name is Dahlia Gillespie.  Apparently the mark of "Samael" is all over 
town and you must head towards the "other church".  She leaves the 

 Antique Shop Key (item #130)

on the desk and runs off again.  

Read the phonebook and walk out.

Scene 4:  What the ...?

-Police Station
  Handgun Bullets (item #131)
  Handgun Bullets (item #132)
  Handgun Bullets (item #133)
  Shotguns Shells (item #134)
  Shotguns Shells (item #135)
  Save Game

Read the blackboard.  A strange drug?

You can now leave.  At the top of Simmons Street is the Antique Shop.

-Antique Shop

Push the brown cabinet.  Say hello to Cybil.  Cheryl's been walking on 
air and heading towards the Lake up Bachman Road.  Harry does his macho 
man impression and makes Cybil wait for him while he goes searching 
through the hole in the wall.  Follow the path to see the other church. 
Pick up the 

 Axe (item #136)

Go for the switch next to the door.  The altar will burn and Cheryl 
will come looking for you to find that you have disappeared into thin 

Harry wakes up with Lisa  (Get those dirty thoughts out of your mind 
RIGHT NOW).  Lisa says he fell asleep, having bad dreams.  He's back 
in the  hostpital.  The story unfolds as Lisa describes the town's 
history in occultism... you pass out and you end up back in the Antique 
Shop.  Go upstairs to find yourself in Alternate Silent Hill.  You are 
at the top-right of the map, but the scenery is drastically different- 
not unlike when the school changed...

The plot thickens...

Scene 5: Silent Hill Town Centre

Head down on the map till you get to the Silent Hill Town Centre.  
Go through the hole in the mesh fence in the SH Town Centre.  It's a 
shopping mall.  Go up the escalator, watch the TV sequence, go up the 
escalator again.  At this point your radio will buzz.  Do not be 
afraid...  be very afraid *gets put in a scorpion deathlock- ARGH 
SUBMIT SUBMIT!!!*  Anyway, WALK on the left side and go into the door 
on the left hand side of the walkway- do not try to go further till you 
have picked up the 

 Rifle Bullets (item #137)
 Rifle Bullets (item #138)
 1st Aid Kit   (item #139)

Saved your game.  Come back out of the door and RUN towards the dead 
body.  You must do it quickly as soon as you have left the room :p

Boss p1: Dune Larvae

Clean your bottom quickly, because there is a midly annoying larvae 
that is a rip off of all the sandworms you've ever seen in the movies.  
Stand still with the camera angle looking at your back.  Nearly 
everytime, the larvae will appear behind you with a roar, squirt some 
noxious gas and dive to the side to go back into the sand.

There is a simple timing for the arrival of the larvae.  Time it so you 
can run (or walk) forward a little to avoid the gas and then turn 
around and blast the larvae.  When it dives, stop shooting when you can 
only see 3 or so segments of its body.  

You can pick up the 

 Hunting rifle (item #140)

at any time.  It's on the side of the room.  The shotgun will finish 
the little blighter in about 5 shots while the handgun takes ages.  
When you've hit it enough, it will curl up into a ball.  Stand back, 
because you can't hit it any more.  It makes a hole in the back of the 
SH Town Centre for you to exit from.

Scene 6: Go back to the hospital and kick ass

Head down the map towards Sagan St.  All other exits are blocked so you 
need to go down to Chrichton Street.  You can go to the Police Station 
on the way to save and collect

 Rifle Bullets (item #141)
 Rifle Bullets (item #142)

The Police Station entrance is on Sagan St, not Chrichton St.  

Head towards the hospital, go inside the hostpital and talk to Lisa.   
Lisa will tell you that to get to the Lake you can try and go through 
the tunnels at the waterworks near the Midwich Elemantary School.  
Leaving the hostpital (If you have the Channeling Stone, use it now) 
you will find all exits are blocked so you must go up the stairs 
directly in front (next to the Post Office) and ...

BOSS p2: Mothra!

The Dune Larvae has matured into a giant moth with a sting.  It will 
follow you around and sting you (doh), and emit clouds of gas.  It's 
fairly easy.  You can actually push it back by walking into it (don't 
get stung though).  There is a rythm to its attack.  Move in one 
direction around it and stop.  Watch it follow and attempt to sting 
you.  While it's moving (or rather, rotating) go back where you came 
from and watch.  It should sting the empty air.  So use this pattern 
to blast it till it bleeds purple. 

When you kill the Moth, you return to Normal Silent Hill.  But it's 
still snowing...

Part 3

Scene 1:  A quick respite

Go down the stairs.  You can save game in the hospital.  

-Koontz St
 (near the L of Hospital on the map, in the alleyway)
  Handgun Bullets (item #143)
  Health          (item #144) 

-On the corner of Koontz and Simmons 
 (on the cafe table)
  Health          (item #145)

Head up Crichton St and take a left onto the bridge.  

Cross the bridge.  Harry will get to the waterworks.  Use any weapon 
and smash the lock after inspecting it.

Press X to go down to the tunnels.
Scene 2: TMNT 4 "Return of the beast"

Arm your hammer.  Well, you can use your gun if you want.  Your radio 
does not work underground.  You'll just have to listen out for the 
squeaks of the Big Cockroaches and the clicking noises of the Mutant 

Go left then head straight forward.  Go left at the junction.  The next 
left that you take will have a MT waiting.  Slap him from around the 
corner.  Continue on to get 

 Rifle Shells (item #146)

Double back and go to the other side to get 

 Health          (item #147)
 Shotgun Shells  (item #148)
 Handgun Bullets (item #149)

Turn around and head straight and bear left.  That means stay on the 
left side of the wall.  Keep going straight till you meet a fence.
It has two doors.  The door on the right side is locked.
Go through the LEFT door marked "Keep Out".  Continue on to find 
the room with 

 Sewer Key (item #150)
 Sewer Map (item #151)
 Save Game

The Key is slightly hidden :p

Go through the next Keep Out Door and the next.  There is a MT here.  
Stand still to see it coming.  

>From there, go left on the map and follow the path round so you can go 
down on the map.  Go straight down and unlock the door with the Sewer 

-Bottom right of this path
  First Aid Kit (item #152)

The Bottom left of this path leads to the ladder.

Take the ladder up.

-Immediately to Harry's left
  First Aid Kit (item #153)

Look at the map.  You basically have to go in a circular motion to pick 
up all the items.  

-The top right corner of the map
  Handgun Bullets (item #154)
  Health          (item #155)

-Bottom left corner
  Sewer Exit Key (in blood) (item #156)

Double back to the Bottom Right corner to find the save game and ladder 

Part 4: Sanford Resort Area

This level is quite fun.  Well, the first half anyway.  

Scene 1:  From the sewers arose a smelly man

-Sewer Exit/Collapsed Building
  First Aid Kit   (item #157)
  Rifle Bullets   (item #158)
  Handgun Bullets (item #159)

-In front of the collapsed building
  The Resort Map  (item #160)

Ending Choice:

You can run straight past Annie's Bar and go straight to the lighthouse.
However this will give you Bad ending.

-Annie's Bar
  Kaufmann's Receipt (item #161)
  Kaufmann's Key     (item #162)
  Health             (item #163)
  Health             (item #164)
  Save Game

You will meet Dr. Kaufman.  Read Kaufman's Receipt.  The combination 
is 0473 to get into Indian Runner.

-Indian Runner Convenience Store
  Safe Key     (item #165)
  Rifle Shells (item #166)
  Health       (item #167)
  Drugs (You don't pick them up)

Inspect the Cabinet behind the desk.  Read the notes.  Read the note 
on the wall.  Look at the photo.  Remember the back door combination 
to Norman Young's Motel.  Check out the safe.

Run to Haerby Inn.  Go to the backdoor and use the combination 0886 to 
get into the reception.  

-Norman's Motel (Hearby Inn Reception)
  Shotgun Shells (item #168)
  Health         (item #169)
  Magnet         (item #170)
  Save Game 

Pick up the stuff and unlock the front door.  Go out (If you have the 
Channeling Stone, use it now) and go to Apartment 3 and use Kaufmans's Key.

-Kaufman's Room
  Health         (item #171)
  Motorcycle Key (item #172)

Push the Cabinet to see the key.  Use Magnet.  Get the key and return 
to Norman's Motel.  Go into the back room and use the key on the 
motorcycle.  You will find a vial - but Kaufmann appears and takes it.  
You figure he's a shady character...

You can now save game.  Go to the F in Sanford St on the map- 

-steps going down 
  Rifle Shells (item #173) 
  Health       (item #174)

When you cross the S in Sanford St on the map, you will see SH become 
ASH.  Harry comes to the conclusion that he wasn't dreaming.  There are 
two Silent Hills.  But the ASH is becoming the real SH.  Something Evil 
is going on...
Scene 2: ASH 1977

Between West Sanford and Sanford St (the actual printed names on the 
map) is an alley heading north.  At the top are 

  Health         (item #175)
  Shotgun shells (item #176)

Run straight towards the lighthouse.  When you are on the path leading 
down towards the lighthouse, you will see a dead end- go left down the 
stairs and run into the boat.  Go into the door and cue CG.  

  Health          (item #177)
  Handgun Bullets (item #178)
  Rifle Shells    (item #179)
  Save Game

Cybil is here.  Yada yada she don't get it.  Dahlia turns up to croon 
about how you have to stop the Demon...

(If you have the Channeling Stone, use it now) Leave the boat through 
the door Dahlia went out and head for the lighthouse.  
Scene 3: Lighthouse

Go towards the Lighthouse.  On the way check the map and look.

-Very end of the Pier
  First Aid Kit (item #180)

Go up the stairs in the Lighthouse and "talk" to Alessa.  (If you have 
the Channeling Stone, use it now- Game ends here) Go back downstairs 
and run forwards.  You will end up back in the boat.  Cybil isn't back.  
Head for the Amusement Park (East).  

Scene 4: Prelude to disaster

Go east on West Sanford and you will find you have to go down the 
Sewers- the entrance is north where the route east is blocked.

When you get into the Sewer, 

-Leftside wall
  Sewer map       (item #181)

-At the ends of the tunnels are
  Health          (item #182)
  Handgun Bullets (item #183)
  Health          (item #184)

Go up the ladder into the Amusement Park.  

The fairground is fairly simple in design, just follow the path; you 
should see the back of the horse ride first, then the big wheel, then 
the ice cream vendor (At the back is a save point).  Go to the front 
of the Horse Ride to find Cybil (!!!!) 

Ending Choice :  To save Cybil or not...?

Cybil will walk up to you, smack you around the face and then will try 
to shoot you.  She only needs one clear shot.  If she wings you, you 
can wiggle on the joypad like crazy in order to get up and run away. 
If you run like a chicken from her, you will find that if you keep
running around the ride, you will find her sitting on a horse waiting
for you!  Oh how cute!  Waitaminute, she's getting out her gun...

To kill Cybil:  Walk up to Cybil and walk around her in close circles.  
She will fire about 10 times.  Then she will run out of ammo.  Run 
around the ride and press L1+L2 then L2 to aim and fire then move before 
she tries to strangle you to death. 

It was at this point that I realised Cybil was trying to tell me 
something...  She would chase after me and then walk away from me 
showing me the blood on her back.  I thought that was from me shooting 
the crap outta her, but then I realised in the CG sequence before you 
go into the Sewer, Cybil is looking around a corner when someone 
throws a bottle of red liquid onto her back.  It was most likely 
Kaufman who was responsible as he was dealing in the suspicious drugs.  
Anyhow, when we started playing HARD level, Black Cat realised that the 
plastic bottle in hospital kitchen was for the pool of liquid in the 
Director's Office NOT for Gasoline as we were hoping.  I just had a 
threaky idea it might work.  

To save Cybil (and get + Ending)  :  On easy/normal level (before Next 
Fear) let Cybil walk up to you and as she's about to hit you press 
SELECT to use the bottled with the drug.  On Hard or "Next Fear", Run 
up to Cybil's back or wait until she turns around and use the Plastic 
Bottle (with the Drug). 

You get an extra sequence where Harry explains how Cheryl is not his 
real daughter...

Alessa turns up.  To put it bluntly, she kicks your ass.  Then Flauros 
will activate by itself and knock her out.  Dhalia appers to seriously 
TWIST the story.  It gets worse.  Much worse.  Heheheheh!!!

You wake with Lisa, who has something to tell you.  I really like Lisa.  
Oh well.  

Final Scene: (All kinds of Mythical References) Hospital Revisited

This is the same layout as the hospital

          Door of Hagith
               !---Basement Door
               !---Door of Ophiel
               !---WARP 2 (Unlock from behind)
    Faucet     !
      !        !
      !        !
Start>-------------Antique Room
      !        !
      !        !
    Birdcage  Phaleg

-1st Door on left
  Key of Ophiel (item #185)

Use the pliers to take the key out of the Faucet

-1st Door on right
  Key inside Birdcage (item #186)
  Handgun Ammo        (item #187)

-2nd Door on right: Door of Phaleg

-Door in front: Antique Room Revisited 
  Save Game
  First Aid Kit  (item #188)
  Shotgun Shells (item #189)

1st Double Doors : Locked (until unlocked from WARP)
Directors Door   : Door of Ophiel
Elevator         : Door of Hagith
Basement Door    : Leads to Classroom 
                          Read the desk scribbles and leave 
                          through the second door.
                          This leads to 
                          Screwdriver (item #190)
                          Pliers      (item #191)

Room of Ophiel

           !      !
           !      !
        Start     X

1st door on left :  Puzzle 1
Constellation Puzzle

Libra       = 2
Pisces      = 0
Cancer      = 10
Aries       = 4

CLUE : What doesn't Pisces have?  Arms or Legs.


Saggitarius = 6
Taurus      = 4
Gemini      = 8

Collect the 

 Time Square plate (item #192)

Door Far Right :  Puzzle 2
Grim Reapers List Puzzle


35   Lydia Findly
60   Trevor F White
18   Albert Lords
45   Roberta T Morgan
38   Edward C Briggs

CLUE :  Youngest to Oldest, the path will open.  Are you ALERT enough 
to figure it out?  

Rearrange the names in order of young to old, then type in the initials 
into the keyboard at the door.


  Amulet of Solomon (item #193)

-Antique Shop revisited
  Key of Hagith (item #194)

Use the Time Square plate on the clock to get the key.

Take the elevator to 2nd floor.

                  !---------WARP 1
                  !    !
 Jewellry Shop----!    X

3rd door on left  : Jewellry shop revisited 
                      Rifle Shells     (item #195)
                      Crest of Mercury (item #196)
                      Ring of Contract (item #197)

    WARP2  X  X  X  Room
       !   !  !  !   !
       !   !  !  !   !
       !   !
   X---!  Nurses Center

-Nurses Center revisited
  Camera          (item #198)
  Handgun Bullets (item #199) 

-Steel Plate room
  Use Screwdriver to reveal Key of Aratron.

-3rd floor : Other Church Revisited
Light at the altar puzzle

CLUE: Take the camera and pretend to be a tourist at an art gallery.




  *        * *
  *        **
***        ***


      * *
      * *

 *         *
***        **
 *         ***

-Left Door
  Birdcage Key    (item #200)
  Handgun Bullets (item #201)(IIRC)

-Right Door
  Health          (item #202)
  Botanical Reference Book (read)

You need to have read the notes at the Police Station to be able to 
read the book.

What it says in the book:

White Claudia

               Perennial herb found near water.
               Reaches height of 10 to 15 in.
               Oblong leaves, white blossoms.
               Seeds contain hallucinogen.
               Ancient records show it was used for religious
               The hallucinogenic effect was key.

NB: I believe White Claudia is the ingredient discussed on the 
whiteboard at the Police Station...
Room of Phaleg

-1st door on left : Door of Bethor 

Do not touch the cupboard with the dagger sticking out until you use 
the ring of contract to fix the missing link (!) - unless you want a 
quick and fatal laugh.  Use the ring and take the 

 Dagger of Melchior (item #203)

-2nd door on left  
  Ankh           (item #204)

-2nd door on right 
  Health         (item #205)
  Hangun Bullets (item #206)
  Jelly Beans 
  Key of Bethor  (item #207)

The Key of Bethor is inside the bag of Jelly Beans.

Check the other room to really watch the video tape.  Go through door 
of Bethor to switch off Generator.  Go and collect 

 Key of Aratron (item #208)

from the Steel Plate Room on the 2nd Floor.

-3rd door on right : Door of Aratron. 

Go through to get 

 Disk of Ouroboros (item #209)

-3rd door on left  : Child's Room 
  Save Game
  Level Exit

Place all the mystical items into the door to open it.  Go through the 
door.  Watch the intro and then heal yourself if you haven't already.
Then go down the stairs...

Final Boss:  Cute?  Errr, Alessa looks like a goat!

If you get bad ending, you will face Alessa herself.  She has a psychic 
barrier and fires blue lightning at you.  Just run and shoot till she 
dies.  If you get hit, simply heal as soon the lightning touches you 
(if you are in orange or red status).  Keep hitting SELECT to check 
your health.  

If you get Good ending you get to face Alessa in a different form.  
Hmmm... Disappointing Boss this.  She hovers and then throws lightning 
bolts.  The bolts hit about 4/5 times.  If you get hit by more than two 
lightning bolts, press SELECT and heal yourself.  Then walk up to the 
demon and full it full of lead.  On hard level, check your health EVERY 
time you get hit- you'll need about 5 First Aid Kits.

I died on first try.  Black Cat took over and used the healing trick to 
kill her while running around.  I loaded it up again to have another go 
(press START to skip the pre-boss dialogue), walked up to the bitch, 
shot her about 3 times with the rifle, got hit by lightning, healed 
myself, shot her about 8 times at point blank range, got hit again, 
healed again, ran out of rifle ammo, loaded the shotgun, shot her 3 
times and she died.  Took about 15 secs.  Hah!

Rob sent in these tips: "When the boss starts to crackle, start running 
in a circle. If you can run in a continuous, uninterupted circle, you 
will dodge all the lightning. Keep running until you're sure he's 
stopped.  I ran out of ammo and switched to the hammer, which I 
couldn't touch him with. However, two lightning blasts later, the boss 
died on her own. I suppose the game is designed to recognise when you 
run out of ammo while fighting the last boss."

-CHEAT sent in by Chacal:  "The easiest way to defeat the final boss 
is to unload all your guns before going down that final staircase.  
He dies the instant he appears."

SECTION 6: GAME OVER---------------------------------------------------

There are four endings.

Bad +
Good +

To get Bad ending don't save Kaufman from the Teddy Bear.  The + simply 
signifies if you save Cybil. 

To get Good ending you need to save Kaufmann AND solve the motorcycle 
puzzle (Norman's Motel).

If you got Good or Good + ending, I still think you will sit back and 
get puzzled at the ending, then raise eyebrows at the CG - did you miss 
something???  What the????   Yes, there is more after the credits.

After the final CG sequences you get a rating screen:  Items will 
appear in the background, meaning you can collect them in the "Next 
Fear" game save.  The results shown in gold means you made the special 
bonus points.  

You can get Good + ending in EASY mode (and have a lot of fun too).  
We believe the best way to play the game would be to start on EASY 
level and get a good enough rating to unlock the secret items, as 
"Next Fear" will be NORMAL level.  You can also activate the extra 
options.  After NORMAL, HARD level will allow you to collect both the 
Rock Drill and Chainsaw and perhaps...

Our ratings:

1st ever game

Game       : Normal
Game Clear : 1
Ending     : Good
Continues  : 3
Saves      : 44
Total Time : 6h 35mins 49s
Items      : 199/204 
Ranking    : 5.2/10

6 games later

Game       : Normal (Next Fear)
Game Clear : 2
Ending     : Good + (Gold)
Continues  : 00 (Gold)
Saves      : 1 (Gold)
Total Time : 2h 15mins 35secs
Items      : 201/204 (+3) (Gold)
Def Fight  : 152
Def Shoot  : 96
Ranking    : 7.9/10
(see below for our shoot rating)

In this end screen which shows the stats of your adventure you will see 
items in the background that you can get in the "Next Fear":

-Under 3/10
(+3) Gasoline
(+4) Chainsaw
(+5) Rock Drill

-Over 3/10
(+1) Channeling Stone

-Good ending
(+2) Katana

-UFO ending 
(+6) Hyper Blaster

These are the items that appear in the brackets.  They are not normal 
items to be collected. 

We have listed 209 items to collect.  This is out of a total of 204 
items.  However I have been told there are only 203 items!  Anyhow,
if the maps are not items then that is 209 - 8 which leaves us with
201 items!

The shooting ratings are based on your accuracy:

Short Range 
Middle Range
Long Range
No aiming

Each section is worth 25%.  But what you want is No aiming (which means 
miss) to be as low as possible and the rest to be high.  If you have 
been accurate with your shots all the way through the game (which just 
means aiming first),  you can "cheat" by killing the boss by standing 
at the edge of the area and use the handgun.  This boosts the Long 
Range shots Ratio way up, so you can get something like us:

Short Range  : 0.25   - Gold
Middle Range : 0.31   - Gold
Long Range   : 0.30   - Gold
No aiming    : 0.14   - Gold

If you made up to 2 saves you get Gold.
If you made up to 1 continue you get Gold.
Time:  Under 1 hour 30 mins = Gold
Game Clear : 5 = Gold

The big stars at the bottom is your main rating.  10 small stars counts 
as 1 big star (that's how you get a decimal rating).  

What else do you need to get a high rating?

Running Distance:  Perhaps there is a more direct route?
Fighting:  I dunno.  I went on a killing spree (200+ RIP)in Hard Level, 
and I simply ended up running outta bullets- especially when those damn 
WBs kept running away.  

We also have a discussion board that you can use.  Go to our homepage 
at Wu-Tech.

SECTION 7: WEAPON GUIDE------------------------------------------------

Remember every handweapon has a one hit and a two hit strike.  By 
holding down the button, you get the one hit which does greater damage 
but has limited scope.  The two hit is the opposite in value.


     Aim:  NO
     Move while using:  YES
     Quick, short range.  You can kill L1 Dogs with this.  

     Aim:  NO
     Move while using:  NO
     Good for attacking:  Up to 2 CZs, WBs, Cockroaches (2nd Hit only)
     Long range, but a little slow.  If a CZ manages to grab you and 
     it falls on the floor after you shake it off, press and hold X to
     make sure it doesn't get up again.

     Aim:  NO
     Move while using:  NO
     Slower but stronger than the Pipe.
     Good for attacking:  Nurses and zombies etc.  This is the best hand-non-secret-weapon.

     Aim:  NO
     Move while using:  Er... kinda
     BIG FRIGGIN SWORD!  Looks nice... but kinda hard to use.  You seem to glide forward
     every time you use it so it can put you in a difficult position.  I have managed
     to kill a Dog with one hit though...  Harpies are another matter and don't even 
     think about using it in a room full of hungry children.  Resist the temptation
     to use the joke "Hey are you hungry?  How would you like a slice of... MY SWORD??!!"


     Aim:  YES
     Move while using:  YES
     Good for attacking: Everything
     No need to save bullets for the bosses.  Used best when met 
     with multiple resistance.  Max Stock is 200 bullets, so (esp
     on EASY level) try to keep stock of 180 at all times.

     Aim:  YES
     Move while using:  YES
     Good for attacking: Everything
     If you aim and wait, the closer the enemy is, the more damage 
     they will take.  I reserve this for the Lizard and Mothra Boss.  
     Also use it if you feel annoyed with 3 CZ's and want to move

Hunting Rifle
     Aim:  YES
     Move while using:  NO
     Good for attacking: Most things
     Slow speed makes it difficult to aim on fast objects, but when it 
     hits, it's pretty much lethal.  Normally reserved for the last
     boss (esp on HARD level).

     Aim:  NO
     Move while using:  YES
     Good for attacking: CZs, MNs, MDs and MTs.  In fact you are 
     practically invincible in the hospital and sewers.  You don't 
     even have to swipe; just press R2 to ready your weapon and walk
     forward.  Then make lots of jokes about bleeding penetration 
     when you meet the nurses... Don't bother the WBs with the 
     chainsaw, it takes too long.

Rock Drill 
     Aim:  YES
     Move while using:  NO
     Good for attacking: Everything (You can crush BCs easy!)
     It's crap in my opinion.  You need to move!  And hey, the 
     Chainsaw is simply more fun to use.
     "You wan't a little?"

Hyper Blaster
     Aim:  YES
     Move while using:  YES
     Good for attacking:  Everything, but not in a melee.  It's great 
     for sniper action as it really isn't that powerful but it locks
     on target and keeps shooting till them creeps are history!

 THOMAS PREZORSKI <CVIEW@webtv.net> says:
 "I got  a 10 star rating, with that my HYPER BLASTER became
 stronger. It says it in the load menu. Its now Yellow laser thars
 probably 4 times more lethal."

I've seen the screen shot so I'd say he's right!

SECTION 8: ENEMY GUIDE-------------------------------------------------

     You don't have to fight these monsters to proceed.
     You can run past them and save Handgun Bullets. If
     you do decide to wipe them out, then remember you
     must not only shoot them down, but you must also
     stomp them or shoot them again until more blood 
     appears and the radio stops crackling.  Otherwise
     they will ressurect.  Pressing X will stomp them, 
     pressing forward and X will kick them.

Level 1/2 Dog (D)

For Level 1 Dog you can simply arm the knife, face the dog and walk 
backwards using the double strike.  For Level 2... er... run or shoot 
it.  If you have the chainsaw you can walk backwards as it jumps and 
let the Dog fall onto the blade...

Level 1/2 Winged Beastie (WB) (Harpy)

You can run from these, just weave left and right slightly if they 
catch up.  If I'm bored, I shoot them with the handgun coz they're 
really annoying  (Make sure you don't totally kill them so you can 
stomp them, hehehe).  On average it will take 3/4 shots from a 
distance.  Also, it would seem they are somehow related to the chicken 
as if you spot one and start shooting it from long distance- it will 
fly away!!!  Just that and the fact that in the dark these are your 
worst enemy makes WBs my favourite target. *update* starting using 
shotgun to "kill" time.  Oh Hell Yeah.

Child Zombie (CZ)

Will stumble towards you, but if it gets closer than the hit range of 
your pipe, will grab your knees.  Shake them off  by wiggling the pad 
left and right and pressing X.  If they're is more than one, the other 
will proceed around and slice you with a small blade.  Stick around too 
long and 3 will surround you with no exit.  A good tactic is to get 
next to a desk or something similar and smack them with the pipe (over 
the desk).  Also there is a bug in the program where if you hold the X 
button down on the fatal blow, the CZ (and other monsters) will keep 
"dying" until you stop hitting it ^_^  If you wan't to run past them, 
try to lure them to one side of your path and then run like the dickens.  
Don't let them get too close because they can lunge and they have quite 
a range for this. 

Big Cockroach (BC)

Annoying little ... The pipe can finish them with the second hit of the 
two hit swipe- but you have to time it.  You can run past them, and 1 
hit is minimal damage.

8 Man (8M)

You can hear these guys a mile away and you will get spooked.  In the 
dark, one is bad enough but three?  They love to surround you.  Get the 
heck out of there and fast or use a gun.  If one of them tries to mount 
you (!), wiggle on the joypad and press X or they will take more energy.

Mutant Turtle (MT)

Only a real threat when it is on the cieling.  When it gets down, you 
can outrun it or use the pipe.  

Mutant Nurse (MN) Mutant Doctor (MD)

Really annoying when there's more than one, because one will hold you 
while the other goes for an incision in your face.  I use the gun and 
when there's no way out, use the shotgun, first come first served.  
If you use a handweapon (not "Next Fear" weapons) the Nurses will fall
to the floor, and writhe in pain.  In fact, they will stop if you 
leave them alone (but they are'nt dead!!!)... so wait... then stomp
em to get 'em to writhe some more before they finally die :)
"Gimme some sugar, baby..."

Black Baby Ghost (BBG)

Do not worry about these.  They are harmless, just good to scare you 

Teddy Bear (TB)

Basically the same as CZ.

Black Child Ghost (BCG)

These appear in the last level.  Much more of a threat because they are 
like the BBGs- you can barely see them if it's dark.  When they attack 
in threes (HARD level), use shotgun with extreme prejudice (unless you 
have the chainsaw).

SECTION 9: UNFINISHED BUSINESS-----------------------------------------

Not all the CG scenes in the Game Attract Sequence are in the game as 
we thought-  Is this because they are just for the GAS or have we 
missed something?

On the map it would seem most places marked out in dark pink are 
significant to you on your adventure- HOWEVER:  There is a shop on 
Simmons St that doesn't open.  There is also a boat below Indian 
Runner that you cannot get to... 

The diner next to Norman's Motel are only locked, not jammed IIRC.

In the school Chemistry Equip Room, there is Glucose and Distilled 
Water.  These are among the ingredients needed to make bombs.  But you 
are told you have no reason to take them...

Emails are telling me I should mention the luverrrly lady poster that 
says "You don't need to look at this right now".  Well, hey,  check out 
the notes on the table in the motel- Kaufmann seems to like a bit of 
porno too...  It doesn't mean anything- it's just er... cool?


-NEXT FEAR.  If you complete the game you are asked if you want to
 save.  When you do it will be called "Next Fear".  The x/6 secret
 items are available depending on what you get your ranking screen. 
-There is a box in the last level that says "Psychick TV".
 *update* "psychick tv" is a reference to, I'm sure, the 80s industrial
 band Psychic TV, with Peter Christopherson of Coil and Genesis 
 P-Orridge of Throbbing Gristle.. these guys were real fucked up, and
 Genesis often spelled "c" words with "ck".. maybe one of the designers
 is a PTV fan???  Your guess is as good as mine...
-The classroom pictures on the wall look damn familiar - teddy
 bears, ghosts, dogs, crest of mercury.... And there are some freaky
 messages: "You?" "Why?" "Who are you?" "9109 CUT"
-Harry will fall over if you run him off a porch missing the steps.
 I've also seen him fall onto his knee after running down the stairs  
 from the Bridge Control Room.
-*Esperandote* You get to hear the song if you complete the game with
 BAD ending.
-I've shot a WB and watch it land on a bin with a thump and then hit
 the floor with a second thump.  It also slid past me when I shot it 
 from the bottom of the steps near the bridge.  I've also heard one
 land in the water with a splash.  Cool...
-You can shoot the Larvae eating the dead body at the top of the 
 escalators.  If you run back to the escalators and run back again, 
 one will re-appear, twice (On Hard Level).
-We also shot a WB and it landed in one of the chasms.  It should 
 have resurrected, but we didn't hang around to find out.
-If you are getting bored waiting for the rating screen press START
 to skip LISA sequence, credits and CG outtakes.
-The Hyper Blaster is actually Konami's official Lightgun!
-The three teachers' names on the paper at the school reception desk
 are the names of three members of Sonic Youth.
-I completely forgot about the final scene with Lisa; after you close
 the door on her, go back in to read her diary.
-There seem to be two versions of the game.  In one version, 
 you will find the shotgun in the bathroom in the school and the pipe
 in the alleyway.  In the other version, you will find the pipe under
 the collapsed bridge at the top of Midwich Street and the shotgun
 in the police station... hmmmm... also ammo per difficulty level
 is different.


 1.  You proceed from Boat to Sewer Entrance to get to the Amusement
     Park.  However... Harry says "Did Cybil go down there?" and 
     the dumbass WON'T go down!!!  From what I've heard- at this
     point you are more stuck than an insect in amber.... there is
     no solution to this...  

 2.  At some point in the game, Harry's leg or arm will simply 
     DISAPPEAR!  Hmm well... lot's of fun.  If you lose your
     right arm, you are buggered 'coz you can't use any weapons!

 3.  When you get to the Amusement Park, use the bottle with 
     the red liquid on the first BBG on your right....
     errrr... something happens but I have no idea... ask 
     Scorpion Kid....

--These film notes were sent in by Jason Coffman--
-Most of the street names are all names of famous authors.
     a. Finney- Jack Finney, author of "Time and Again"
     b. Bachman- Stephen King's pseudonym, who wrote "The Regulators"
        (most recently)
     c. Bloch- Robert Bloch, author of "Psycho"
     d. Matheson- Richard Matheson, author of "I Am Legend"
     e. Ellroy- Jack Ellroy, author of "The Black Dahlia"
     f. Bradbury- Ray Bradbury, author of "Something Wicked This Way
     g. Levin- Ira Levin, author of "Rosemary's Baby"
     h. Sanford- John Sanford, author of the "Prey" books
     i. Simmons- Dan Simmons, author of "Song of Kali"
     j. Sagan- Carl Sagan, author of "Contact"
     k. Crichton- Michael Crichton, author of "Jurassic Park"
     l. Koontz- Dean Koontz, author of "Phantoms"
     m. Midwich- name of the town in "The Midwich Cuckoos" by John
        Wyndham (basis for films "Village of the Damned")
     n. Wilson- F. Paul Wilson, author of "Nightworld"

-There are several film/tv references in the end credits.
     a. The music is very similar to some of Angelo Badalamenti's work
        for "Twin Peaks"
     b. The manner in which Dr. Kaufman dances is also similar to the
        Man from Another Place from "Twin Peaks"
     c. Cheryl Mason mimics the pose of Kelly MacDonald on the poster
        and cover of "Trainspotting"

-The whole fog/flying monsters thing is strongly reminiscent of
 Stephen King's novella "The Mist."
-"Norman's Motel" seems to be an obvious reference to "Psycho"
 (Norman Bates, Bates Motel)
-The amusement park may be another reference to Bradbury's
 "Something Wicked This Way Comes" 
-Remember Dhalia saying "I was shocked to hear the talisman of Metraton 
 was being used" ?
 In the world of Jewish mystics, Metraton came to hold the rank of the 
 highest of the angels despite his not being mentioned in the 
 Scriptures. One interpretation of his name is "one who occupies the 
 throne next to the Divine throne." 
 In a number of traditional sources, Metatron is said to have been the 
 prophet Enoch, who was taken up to Heaven and transformed into an angel 
 of fire, with thirty-six pairs of wings, to continue his days as a 
 celestial scribe. In certain schools of mysticism, Metatron, said 
 to be the tallest of all the heavenly beings (13 to 18 feet), became 
 known as Lesser YHWH. In  Hebrew, the letters 'YHWH' stand for the 
 most sacred and unpronounceable name of God. 
-Phaleg, Hagith, and the other door names are taken from the names of
 The Olympic Spirits, as follows :
      Sun - Och
      Moon - Phul
      Mercury - Ophiel
      Venus - Hagith
      Mars - Phaleg
      Jupiter - Bethor
      Saturn - Aratron
 Which are part of the instructions for making a planetary talisman! 
 There is more info at this page-
 But check out these diagrams I took from there!!!

              Sigil of Och    Sigil of Phul    Sigil of Ophiel
              |    |    |     o  o  o  o      | / o  /
              |    |    |     |  |  |  |      |/__|_/_______
              |    |    |     |  |  |  |      |   |/       /
              |    |    |     |  |__|  |      |   /       /
              |____|____|     |_/|  |\_|      |  /|      /
                   |             |/\|         | / |     /
                   o                o         |/  |____/

                  Sigil of Hagith         Sigil of Phaleg
              |                    |     |  |  |      |  |  |
              |                    |     |  |  |  /\  |  |  |
              |   |  |      |  |   |     |  |  | /__\ |  |  |
              |   |__|______|__|   |     |  |  |   h  |  |  |
              |      |      |      |     |  |  |______|__|__|
              |      |      |      |     |  |_________|__|
              |______|      |______|     |____________|

                  Sigil of Bethor        Sigil of Aratron
              | |    |      |   |        |                     |
              | |    |      |   |        |           |  |      |
              |_|____|      |   |        |      _____|__|___   |
              | |           |   |        |_____|_____|  |______|
              | |           |   |        |                     |
              | |___________|___|        |                     |
              |_____________|            |_____________________|

                    I  A M  F R E A K I N G  O U T ! ! ! 

We also have a discussion board that you can use.  Go to our homepage 
at Wu-Tech.

Here is a link to a plot faq by President Evil which is pretty good!

RUMOUR MILL-------------------------------------------------------------
This is stuff I cannot confirm.  Read on at your own (psychological
stability) risk!

"Saburo Okita" <saburo_o@hotmail.com> says you can use the "Justifier"
light gun to use the Hyper Blaster.

Gunsmith <gunsmith@i.am> says:  
"There are some real nutcases on the internet.  Forget Silent Hill, 
this is much more terrifying!"

Felon <IMAGlN@aol.com> has been snorting some White Claudia:
"allright first things first...i got 9 of 10 stars on hard next fear 
my 5th time through your 5th time you get gold...and each time i got 
a different ending im not sure if that did it or not but im pretty
possitive...well i started another game and when i got to the school
i noticed something new! it let me take the glucose and dist. 
water...well i started trying to use it everywhere until i got to 
the hospitol...where i used them to blow open the door across from 
hospitol doors to the hospitol parking lot...were i found 
oil...wow...??...anyway...i got confused and went on with my game 
until i got to the gas station...where i took my gas and if you 
noticed like i did when u go through next fear a couple times you 
can use the saw and rockdrill both without adding the gas can?? 
anyway i tryed the oil on that engine in the station cool! now i 
can take the engine...back to the hospitol where i put the
engine into an ambulance and used the gas!!!!! at this point im in 
aw like what next...well as you might have figured you use the 
ambulance to break through the barrier with its new V-8 
muwahahahaha...and had a little fun running over things (sirens 
flaring) and decided to take a look at the map to see what i could 
maybe do next...after a couple of trys leaving town and such i 
noticed the other parking lot...you know the one in gray on the 
map with skid marks going in...bam busted in that bitch...
searched around found the boat key...went on as usual again...ah 
ha i can take the drugs in the safe now...got to the boat and 
fired it up...took it around to the boat dock...you know where 
the red thingy was by indian runner...got out and i seen a bunch 
of plants and such...i took the blossoms off the plant...white 
claudia if you didnt guess...okay went on as usual untill 3rd 
floor of nowhere where it let me read the botanical book...
talked about the white claudia and shit...said something about 
a ceremony...and remember when you were at the alter in 
antique shop? you search on it and it says "i wonder what they 
worship" or something...anyways i mixed the drugs and claudia in 
that alter right outside the door where the book was and made 
a shitload of aglaphogis or whatever its called...used it on 
alessa and...i wont ruin it give me props in your faq for this! 
handle - felon  -  peace"

SECTION 10: REVIEW-----------------------------------------------------

I inserted the game and let the Game Attract Sequence run.  The CG 
graphics were impressive and set the story scene (deceptively).  
Upon starting the game, I felt the controls were jerky and sluggish.  
However once I got used to the controls, it wasn't so bad.  However at 
key points when you need Harry to move suddenly in another direction, 
you may find yourself gnashing your teeth in frustration;  when it comes 
to turning, Harry is slow.   Running in a direction before Harry is 
facing that direction can sometimes be murder, literally.

The dramatic camera angles are great and do indeed add to the tense 
atmosphere but heighten the problem of Harry's mobility.  You need 
nerves to get through this game; you need to watch Harry on the screen 
and direct him carefully in relation to the monsters position which 
can be a gruelling task at some points.   There is a great attention 
to graphical detail too:  The rain falls and makes splashes on any 
surface, all the shops have authentic markings and... I wonder why I 
haven't seen a reference to Metal Gear Solid?

The puzzles had me thinking for a while.  I'm XX years _old_.  In fact, 
some of the puzzles had no clue for the answer and we just got lucky due 
to that old RPG'er intuition.  I enjoyed solving the puzzles -which 
brings me onto the entertainment factor :  I rate Silent Hill highly in 
that respect.  It's not very long and when it comes to rationing ammo 
like in Resident Evil, you don't have to be conservative so you can let 
off some steam regularly.  However Resident Evil 2 has a far wider 
choice of weapons and enemies.  Silent Hill fails in this respect, but 
it is only one disk and a respectable release for Konami.  

The one thing that seperates Silent Hill from the other "Horror" games 
is its fright factor; it's very high and much scarier than the others.  
I didn't play it alone on the first try and still got scared when I 
played it myself.  It's not the story- it's simply looking for monsters 
in the dark, hearing them nearby and then suddenly finding them behind 
you - the sound events that you don't expect.  Even when you have 
completed the game, you'll be ready for the main scare scenes but not 
the smaller ones as they are always occur when you are thinking about 
something else...  

The story has some good twists in it and the endings make you want to 
know more...  but after clocking it on hard, I'm not sure I want to go 
through it all again.  However, as I am writing a FAQ, I am 
occasionally picking up the pad to check some things; while checking 
I find myself playing more than I need to... that Chainsaw kicks ass!

In conclusion: A very good game *update- it's a GREAT game*, worthy of 
purchase if your favourite type of game is horror adventure.  Also 
good for scaring friends and making girls cry (on your shoulder).  
Not recommended for young children.  Mentions Black Magic and 
Occultism.  Nice people die horribly.  Main character dresses like 
Ash from "Evil Dead" and looks great with a chainsaw while getting 
attacked by a Harpy.

I'd like to say (2 days after) that I'm pretty much addicted to playing 
this game- I really want to find the secret items; but this maybe 
because I'm writing this FAQ!

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SECTION 12: CREDITS AND COPYRIGHT--------------------------------------

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Channeling Stone and the info about the Katana and Hyper Blaster.

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SECTION 13: SPOILERS- ENDINGS AND WHATNOT------------------------------


--------SPOILER---------------------------------STOP READING NOW!!!!
--------------------------STORY AND ENDINGS----------------------------

The story:  (Best Guess using the game dialogue)

Dr. Michael Kaufann may well be the director of the Hospital!  
The Director's Room in the hospital room is all messed up because 
Dahlia was looking for the Aglophotis (red vial).  Kaufmann prepared 
for a double cross and simply left the bottle there, fooling Dahlia 
into believing Kaufmann would not be able to interupt her plans.  But...

Kaufmann is a drug racketeer that makes a deal with Dahlia and two 
others to bring about the birth of the Evil One in order to gain powers.
However, the plan goes wrong as first the child that is born only 
contains half the soul of the Evil One.  Dahlia believes that if the 
child were to be put in great pain, the other half would come.  So 
Alessa is burned alive, but kept alive with a magical spell.  This 
happens seven years before the time the game occurs.  This is the same 
time Cheryl was found by Harry and his wife by a roadside when she was 
a baby.  This is in the intro sequence.  Cheryl is not his biological 
daughter.  She contains the other half of the soul of the Evil One.  
When Cheryl arrives at Silent Hill, Alessa breaks the spell and wreaks 
havoc on Silent Hill.  The nightmares she has had for seven years have 
become monsters.  Harry thwarts her attempts with Flauros.  Dahlia wants 
Alessa to give "birth" to the Evil One.  Alessa does not want this.  She 
is overpowered by Flauros and Dahlia regains control of her.  At the 
critical moment Kaufmann appears.  He did not want Silent Hill to be 
turned into some freaky nightmare and throws a special drug at Alessa, 
the same as the one Harry used on Cybil.  It's meant to extract the evil.  
However, it extracts the Evil One from Alessa's body.  

Bad Ending:  Alessa drops to the floor.  You hear Cheryl's voice.  

"Thank you Daddy... goodbye"

Harry is not happy about this at all (awwwww)

cut scene to Harry's jeep.  Harry is dead.  It was all a dream?

Bad + 

Same but Cybil slaps you and tells you to go...

Good Ending:

(Kill Cybil at the Fairground)

A bright light envelopes the fallen demon.  When the shine rescinds, 
you see Alessa lying on the floor.   The cieling starts to collapse 
and flames busrt out everywhere.  Alessa hands you a small bundle.  
Within it is a baby!  Alessa points to a blue light and you run towards 
it.  Kaufman tries to get up and run but Lisa comes up from under the 
floor and drags him into a fiery hole.  You see Harry running down the 
road as the music begins and the credits roll.  As the credits finish, 
you see Harry with the bundle looking up towards the sky with an 
expression on his face as if to say...

"What the ????"

Good + Ending

(Save Cheryl)

As you take the bundle from Alessa, Cybil gets up and limps towards 
the blue light.  You both start running.  Then the ceiling collapses on 
top of you.  They look up to see that Alessa has saved them.  They run 
towards the blue light and escape.

After the credits, you get to see the CG sequence from the Intro - where 
Harry is holding the baby with his wife, but this time it is Cybil!!!   
Whenever you let the game attract CG sequence start, Harry's wife will 
have disappeared with Cybil in her place!!!

It's safe to say Alessa has given Harry his daughter back.  The 
question is: Does the baby Cheryl have a clean soul????

The options leave the game with an easy possibility for a sequel.

After Ending:

You get to see a CG sequence where Harry and the rest of the cast are 
joking around, like as if they are actors making a movie.  If you remember 
the intro where Kaufmann grabs Lisa's hand and they have an argument, 
you see an outake where Kaufmann misses Lisa's hand and she cracks up 
laughing.  Also you see Harry wake up (as in the game) and almost fall 
off his seat.  I really think the motion capture is excellent!!!  It's 
really realistic.  Do you like Dahlia's eyeshadow?  HAHAHHAHAH!!!

UFO Ending:

The UFOs swarm around Harry and two visitors land in front of Harry.

*bemused look on Harry's face*
Harry : Er......
Aliens: ........
Harry : Er......
Aliens: ........
Harry : Sorry...
Aliens: ........
Harry : Say, have you seen a little girl, about seven with short bla..
*Aliens shoot Harry with a stun ray*

The Aliens carry Harry under each arm and drag him off to their spaceship.

Cue credits in STAR WARS STYLE!!!

Suffice to say that the game will end here, so don't bother 
saving Kaufmann at Annie's Inn or even bother collecting up items etc.  
Just play the game and get to the lighthouse as quickly as possible.

Notes and other theories:

Lisa Garland

She was a normal nurse at some point and she was taking drugs 
(possibly from Dr. Kaufmann).  She was also looking after Alessa.  
Possibly because of the drugs, she didn't fully turn into a 
zombie... like the others(!?)

Cybil Bennett

She seems quite stupid, but she's a toughie, eh :)

Dhalia Gilespie

She wears a school tie and no shoes.  Hmmm... definitely something 
evil going on there.

The Town of Silent Hill is full of Black Magic worshippers.  Did Dhalia 
take their souls?  Perhaps they are the zombies and dogs!  Maybe Harry 
is dreaming the whole thing!  Maybe Harry is killing off the town 
population and that is why Cybil can't find anyone!!!  

The Bad Ending suggests that indeed the whole thing was a bad dream 
yet that is not the proper ending!!!

The hallucinigenic properties of White Claudia and Dr Kaufmann's 
other agendas in Silent Hill simply leave a lot of mess in people's
minds when trying to figure out what exactly is going on!!! I can't
really say anything about the drugs part of the story.  It just 
doesn't fit with the ending.  It's like some sort of sub plot to
totally throw you off!  It could be said that the White Claudia 
is actually "taken" by the player to play the game of Silent Hill.
It all isn't happening- it's just a game- when you switch off your
PSX, the drug wears off.....

Well, that's all for now.  Sweet Dreams my friends.  Don't be scared
of skinny looking dogs.


This FAQ is Dedicated to my little sister. 


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