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10-Star FAQ/Walkthrough by sknmak

Version: 2.9 | Updated: 01/15/11

(No fancy large name)

Original Date and version: 10/9/04 - Version 1.0

Version: 2.9
WEBSITE FAQ/Walkthrough Posted On:

            (Feel free to join Gaming Pyro)    

Only send very important question to my e-mail 
address: trugamer@mindless.com

(c) Copyright 2004 SKNMAK   
______________________Legal Stuff__________________________
Don't copy my work as your own! But you can recommend it to 
other people in need. All Thank You's are welcome. If you 
would like ME to post this FAQ/Walkthrough on another web-site, 
please e-mail ME and let ME know. Don't claim this FAQ/
Walkthrough as your own, and don't put your name on it! Personal
use only. And NO profit should be made from this FAQ/Walkthrough.
I “SKNMAK” should recieve credit for this FAQ/Walkthrough, since
I wrote it (^_^).          
Oh yeah, almost forgot, SILENT HILL is copryrighted (c) to KONAMI. 

** UPDATE **

Version: 2.9

Yes another update!!!! I'm still updating this very OLD FAQ!!!
The good news is that I've corrected a lot of mis-spelled words etc.
(I'm sure there are still some though lol) The GREAT news is that 
I have included more info to the storyline and filled in more plot 
holes throughout the storyline. I've included a more in-depth guide 
for the enemies and bosses. I've also added a "Representation/Metaphor:"
with every enemy in the game (including boses). There is a completely 
new section for the Weapons in Silent Hill. There also a new section
for the puzzles, covering and answering all the puzzles in the game. 
So if you are a true Silent Hill fan and wanna know the Silent Hill 1 
complete storyline and information, then this is the FAQ for you. 
If you're not a true fan and only want to complete the game, I have a 
spoiler free walkthrough as well. I've updated just about every category 
in my FAQ this time around. 


** UPDATE **

Version 2.1

I've corrected a few thingsin the storyline / plot section. 
I've also added a new section called "Silent Hill Q's and A's".
If you have any questions, send me a e-mail and I'll be sure to 
answer them. The new section should clear up any questions
you should have about the game (hopefully). Enjoy the FAQ.


** UPDATE **

Version 2.5

Well I didn't know I would be finshed with this update so quickly.
I have finshed the characters of Silent Hill 1 brief biographies, 
and added that section. I've also added a new section named 
"Locations in Silent Hill", which is basically a brief description
of the locations around the town. This next sentence has nothing 
to do with Silent Hill.
I'm trying to get more poeple to join the site, so the site can be
more active. I think the site has great potential. As always if you
have any questions about Silent Hill, send me a e-mail to 
trugamer@mindless.com, and be sure to label the e-mail "Silent Hill",
or else I won't bother reading it. Hope you enjoy this FAQ.


** UPDATE **

Version 1.8

Nearly 3 years later.

First of all, I've added a new section to my FAQ, 
“The Silent Hill 1 storyline/Plot”. I've also updated the 
“Fighting/Shooting” category. I'm in the process of added 
another section. Currently, I'm writing brief biographies on the 
characters in Silent Hill 1. I will add that section soon, so
look out for it with the next update.
Notice the top of the page, where it says “(No fancy large name)”
If someone wants to make me a large SILENT HILL name for this FAQ 
send it to me via e-mail. Label the e-mail Silent Hill. It's 
optional and I will give credit to whoever decides to make one 
exclusively for this FAQ. Also post it in the e-mail, because I'm 
not downloading anything (^_^) if you decide to send me one. 
I'm also gonna try my best to make this FAQ more “reader” friendly.
Drop me a e-mail if you enjoyed my FAQ or if it helped you.

______________________TABLE OF CONTENTS:____________________

---------------------[B0. FAQ (Game Introduction)------------]
---------------------[B1. The Street Alley-------------------]
---------------------[B2. Cafe (Next Fear starts here)-------]
---------------------[B3. The Street Keys--------------------]
---------------------[B4. The House--------------------------]
---------------------[B5. Evil Streets-----------------------]
---------------------[B6. Midwich Elementary School----------]
---------------------[B7. Alternate_Midwich Elementary_School]
---------------------[B8. Time for Church -------------------]
---------------------[B9. Residential Area-------------------]
---------------------[B10. Hospital--------------------------]
---------------------[B11. Alternate_Hospital----------------]
---------------------[B12. Antique Shop and Town Center------]
---------------------[B13. Back to the Hospital--------------]
---------------------[B14. Sewers ---------------------------]
---------------------[B15. Silent Hill Resort Area-----------]
---------------------[B16. Amusement Park--------------------]
---------------------[B17. Nowhere---------------------------]

----** Updated **----[C1. 10-Star Ranking (Guide)------------]

------** NEW **------[D2. Quick Puzzle Guide-----------------]

------** NEW **------[E3. Weapons (In-depth Guide)-----------]

----** Updated **----[F4. Enemy List (In-depth Guide)--------]

----** Updated **----[G5. Boss List  (In-depth Guide)--------]

----** Updated **----[H6. Silent HIll Characters Bio---------]

----** Updated **----[I7. Locations in Silent Hill-----------]

----** Updated **----[J8. Silent Hill Storyline/Plot---------]

----** Updated **----[K9. Silent Hill Q's and A's------------]

---------------------[L10. After Thoughts About Silent Hill--]

---------------------[M11. Author's Notes--------------------]

In this guide you will learn and hopefully achieve your 10- 
Star Ranking! Dealing with all of the needed Gold Brackets. 
This is my first In-depth FAQ and/or FAQ for Silent Hill and 
I've made this FAQ for gamers like you. I will explain the 
KEY PLACES to go in the game so you'll finish the game under
1 hour and 30 minutes. I won't spoil the whole game neither.
I had to get my beloved Green Beam in my Hyperblaster! It 
has the power of the Hunting Rifle Ammo. A 10-star Ranking 
Codebreakers, or any cheating componets. I had to re-do my 
whole FAQ cause of a little restriction, but I hope this 
FAQ Guide helps you all. Check out the 10-Star Ranking Guide 
at the bottom of this page also, for more help. Sorry for 
writing this guide so late after the game was released. (-_-)

First of all, Label all e-mail messages (SILENT HILL?). 
A Large Star represents the Rank and a small star represents 
the decimal. (Example:) 7 big stars and 8 little stars means 
a (7.8) for your rank. Hope you understand this so don't e-mail 
me about this or anything regarding Stars lol! You can, however 
send me your 10-Star ranking, BUT PLEASE TELL THE TRUTH! Or 
post your 10-star ranking on GameFaq.com! Fell free to ask me
any question you might have about the game. 

In my guide while using the map: Just like Silent Hill Game Map
North means: UP    on the map
South means: DOWN  on the map
East  means: Right on the map
West  means: LEFT  on the map


**** Game Introduction ****

You're Harry Mason traveling to Silent Hill for a vacation, 
when a Police Officer tells you to pull over to the side 
of the road on the highway. The Police Officer speeds up, 
then out of nowhere a girl steps in the path of your car! 
Then Harry crashes his jeep. You wake up to find out that 
your daughter is missing! Then the game begins .....

B1. The Street Alley

When you wake up, follow the image of the girl. Continue 
following her until you reach a gate. Run through the gate 
and walk down the alley, and enter another gate. As day turns
into night you will use your Lighter, continue running 
through the bloody alley until you see a corpse hanging on 
a fence! Then let the little demon children hack you until 
you die! 

B2. Cafe__Next Fear starts here

When you wake up you will meet a Cop named Cybil, then she 
gives you a handgun. Collect all of the items in this room 
on the countertops, and notice the radio on the table. Then 
attempt to leave the Cafe. Kill the flying demon with your 
Handgun and grab the radio off of the table, Save your game 
and leave. 
B3. The Street Keys

Run East on Matheson St. (the street you're already on) and 
turn left into the first alley. Enter the GATES that says 
“OFF LIMITS” (to your left) in the alley; Grab the KEY of 
WOODMAN by the dogs head, then grab the Health Drink off 
of the garbage can. 

Now run East on Finney St. until you reach a dead-end with
a police car. Grab the KEY of LION and the Handgun Bullets
next to the police car. Watch out for the flying demons. 

Now run South on Ellroy St. until you reach a dead-end. 
Run to your right and cross the wooden bridge. Grab the KEY 
of SCARECROW, then grab the Health Drink on the steps. Now 
run West on Matheson St. until you reach a dead-end and notice
the camera change position. Examine the bloody pieces of paper 
on the ground. Run North on Levin St. On the left side of the 
street search the dog house and get the Key out of the dog house. 
Enter the house in front of the dogs house. 
B4. The House

Next Fear gamers enter the first door to your right, and grab 
the KATANA in the dojo looking room. Then go back and grab the 
bullets and health drink in the house. Save your Game, then go 
to the backdoor and use your 3 KEYS to open the door. Once outside 
get the two Health Drinks on the table. Then exit through the 
backyard gate. 
B5. Evil Streets

Run North in the alley, then make a left on Finney St. When you
make it to Midwich St. turn right and run toward the bridge, 
and grab the Bullets and Health Drink on the ground on the left 
(by the broken bridge) ,side of the street. Check your map and run 
down the street to the School. (I suggest turning your flashllight off.)
B6. Midwich Elementary School

Once you're in the School, grab the MAP off the table to your 
left. Enter the Lobby Doors. Run to you left and enter the 
Reception Area, get the Handgun bullets inside. Exit the room, 
run down the hall and enter the Infirmary Room. Grab all 
the Health Drinks you can find and a First-Aid kit (I think) 
and Save your Game. 

Exit the room and run to the Courtyard. Kill the enemies. 
Open the opposite doors across the courtyard. Enter the room
straight ahead and grab the Handgun bullets (don't shoot the
baby ghost; that's my baby!). Exit the room and run to your 
right and enter the double doors. Run up stairs. Once up stairs,
Run through the double doors and enter the Lab Equipment Room.
Grab the CHEMICAL BOTTLE off the back shelf. Now run to the 
Chemistry Lab and pour the CHEMICAL on the old man's hand.  
Grab the GOLD MEDALLION, find and get the handgun bullets 
then leave the room. Run back downstairs to the Courtyard, 
and place the GOLD MADALLION in the golden slot in the Clock 

Run back upstairs, CHECK your MAP, and enter the Music Room.
Play these keys in this order on the piano:
*Second white key
*Sixth white key
*Fifth black key
*fifth white key
*First black key

Pick up the SILVER MADALLION and run down the stairs “closes” 
to the Locker Room (bottom of map). Once downstairs Kill the 
demon children and unlock the double wooden doors, run to the 
Courtyard and place Silver Madallion into the clock tower.

Now run downstairs to the Boiler Room. Turn “ON” the Generator, 
run back to the Courtyard and ENTER the clock tower door. Climb 
the ladders and enter the door that says “Keep Out”.
B7. Alternate School

Enter the doors ahead of you and then enter the unlabeled room
ahead of you. There's a huge fan in this room, grab the Handgun 
bullets and the First-Aid kit and exit the room. Check your Map!
Run to the Storage Room, and get the RUBBER BALL, exit the room
and enter the room named “HALL” on your map. Once in the room 
exit through the door to the right. Now enter the Classroom to 
your left, and get the yellow PICTURE CARD off the table and go
back to the hallway. (DON'T GO INTO THE SECOND CALSSROOM) Open 
the double doors at the end of the hallway and enter the INFIRMARY, 
grab all the Health items you can find, then exit the room.

Enter the Lobby, kill those 2 demon children and examine the 
wheelchair, get the AMPOULE and exit the room. Run to the 
Reception Room down the hallway. Once in the Reception Room 
use the PICTURE CARD on the yellow door with the 3 squres on it. 
Get the handgun bullets off the couch before you leave.

*** Now ENTER THE Men's restroom, and grab the SHOTGUN off the 
backwall. Now exit and enter the women's restroom, nothing 
inside, exit the room and re-enter the Men's restroom and grab
the bullets off the floor in the back of the bathroom. Now 
re-enter the women's restroom and leave the women's restroom 
again to return things to normal. ***

Run down the hallway and enter the second Teacher's Room, grab
the bullets and leave through the Opposite door. After the 
weird phone call exit through the door and go upstairs, go up 
to the 3rd floor! Enter the Rooftop Area, check the hole on 
the right side of the room, notice the key in one of the holes. 
Use the RUBBER BALL to plug the hole in the corner, then TURN 
THE WATER “ON”. Now run down to the Courtyard. Once in the Courtyard, 
check on the side of the doors for a key laying by some water, 
pick up that ClASSROOM KEY. Now return to the second floor!

Once on the second floor enter the classroom to your right, 
watch out for the enemies! And run through the door that's 
connecting both of the rooms. Once you're in the other room, 
grab the Shotgun Shells off the chair. Exit the room, check 
your map, and run towards the Locker Room. Once in the locker 
room, check the locker in the back of the room and attempt to 
exit, then grab the LIBRARY RESERVE KEY from the corpse neck, 
exit the room and run to the Library Reserve Room (check your map). 
Grab the First-Aid Kit off the shelf and go through the opposite 
doors, and grab a box of handgun bullets. Exit this room and use 
the Classroom Key you got from the courtyard on the door to your 
right. Run through the door that connects the classrooms. Once in 
the second classroom, grab the health drink and exit the room. 

Head downstairs until you reach the basement. Enter the Storage 
Room and grab the two Shotgun Shells and the Ampoule, then exit 
the room. Next, enter the Boiler Room. Prepare for a serious boss 

Turn turn the valves in this order:

Right valve: 2 times to the right
Left valve: 3 times to the left

Now go through and the elevator will take you down to the boss!

Okay, when you see the Boss, whip out your Shotgun, keep your 
distance and shoot the Boss. Continue shooting the Boss until 
you see white spit looking stuff come from the Boss's mouth. 
Now the Boss will try to eat you. If he get his lips on you, 
you will die immediately! So let the Boss come a little closer 
to you, and when he opens his mouth, backstep while shooting the
Shotgun. Try to stay in the middle by the burning fire, 
so you won't get cornered by the boss. Do this a few times and 
the Boss will die. 
B8. Time for Church 

After you beat the Boss, PICK UP the Key of the ground in front 
of the generator and leave the school. As you leave the school
run to your right, until you see a school bus. Go inside the 
school bus and get two Health Drinks and Save your Game. Now 
run West on Bradbury St. (check your map) then, run north in 
the first alley you see. While running up this alley, you'll 
notice the camera view change, run to the gate by the garage 
with large blood stains on it. Use the Key you just found at 
the school in order to get into Gordon's house. Pick up the 
handgun bullets in the house, Save your Game then exit the house 
through the front door. 

Head to the Church. Run East on Bradbury St. (pick up the 
health drink sitting on the bench) and make a left into the 
first alley you see (check your map). Once you exit the alley, 
go West on Bloch St. until you reach a dead end, run to your 
left and get the CHAINSAW out of the broken glass. Now run East 
on Bloch St. and enter the Church. After the cut-scene, grab 
the DRAWBRIDGE KEY and the Pyramid thingy, run to your left and 
get the Health Drink, Save your Game, then leave the Church. 
Next (check your map) and continue running East and enter the 
Gas Station (There is a dog there). Grab the Gasoline, then 
pick up the bullets by the wall, on the other side of the car. 
Exit the Gas Station. 

Now continue running East on Bloch St. until you reach a tower 
on the right side of the street; Enter the door on the back of 
the tower. Turn on your flashlight, and get the Chainsaw. Exit 
the room and run up the stairs and enter the door at the top of 
the tower. Once inside get the Map off the chair, and the Health 
Drink; Then use the Drawbridge Key on the control panel, then 
activate the control panel. Leave and run across the bridge.
B9. Residential Area
Once you reach the Residential Area, run to the Police Station. 
Once inside the Police Station, grab the Handgun and Shotgun 
Bullets and run through the door to the left. In the other room 
grab the Shotgun Shells then leave the Police Staion and run 
to the HOSPITAL! Be sure to check your map for locations.
B10. Hospital

Once you reach the Hospital, go around the corner and enter 
the first door to your left. After the cut-scene, enter the 
door to the right-side of the room. Run through another door, 
and you should be back in the front of the hospital behind the
desk. Grab the MAP of the chalkboard, and the First-Aid Kit, 
and run to the Examination Room, then the Medicine Room, then 
enter the Hallway. Run to the Doctor's Office and get the 
Basement Map (check your map) and enter the Conference Room. 
Get the BASEMENT KEY off the table in the Conference Room. Now 
run to the Kitchen and get the EMPTY BOTTLE off the back shelf. 
Then run to the Director's Office. Use the BOTTLE, in the 
Director's Office, to collect the blood on the floor behind the 
desk. Use the Basement Key on the door next to the director's 
office, and run down the stairs. Once in the Basement, run to 
the Gernerator Room and press the switch, then ride the elevator
to the 2nd, and 3rd floor, try to open the doors on these floors, 
their all locked!! Now go back to the elevator and ride it up to 
the 4th Floor! Enter the door.
B11. Alternate Hospital (Speed walkthrough!) 10-13 minutes!

After the cut-scene run down the halls and then run down the 
stairs. WATCH OUT, the hospital is infested with demon nurses 
and doctors! Okay, Pay very close attention to my words. On the 

IMPORTANT ITEMS: ON 3rd FLOOR (check map for rooms)

Men's restroom: Plate of Turtle
Room 306: Plate of Cat
Storage Room: Blood Transfusion Pack

Be sure to check all the rooms and get all the items you can find!
Now run to the elevator, on the 3rd Floor, and ride the elevator 
down to the 1st Floor. Once on the 1st Floor, grab 2 or 3 Health 
Drinks out of the vending machine to your right. You don't have 
to check all the rooms here just the one's I lable:

IMPORTANT ITEMS: ON 1st FLOOR (check map for rooms)

Director's Office: Plate of Queen
*** (Easy or Normal MODE): Doctor's Office: Bullets
Kitchen: Health Drink in the back

Now run to the 2nd Floor by using the STAIRS.
Run to room 204, and throw the Blood Tranfusion Pack on the 
floor to distract the Bloodsucker, and grab the Plate of Hatter 
off the wall. Run to Room 201 and grab the LIGHTER. Then enter 
the Nurse's Center, walk to your right and put the 4 Plates in 
the slots:

Top Left: Plate of Queen
Top Right: Plate of Turtle
Bottom Left: Plate of Cat
Bottom Right: Plate of Hatter

Walk through the door and enter ALL THE ROOMS THAT'S OPEN and 
collect all the items you can find.

IMPORTANT ROOMS: ON 2nd Floor (check map for rooms)

Operating Room door connected: Basment Storeroom Key
Intensive Care Unit Room: Disinfecting Alcohol
Now run to the elevator, on the 2nd Floor, and ride it down to 
the Basement. Run to the Morgue Room and grab the Health Drink 
and Ampoule on the two beds in the back of the room. Next, run 
to the Generator Room, and get the Huge Hammer! Then run to the 
Storeroom and unlock the room with the key you got earlier.
In the Storeroom, get all the items and move the cabinet in the 
back of the room. And enter the hidden door. In the next room, 
use the Disinfecting alcohol on the vines, then use the Lighter 
to burn the vines. Then run down the path. 

Run ahead and enter the door. Enter the big door to your left, 
then run down the other hall and enter last door to your right. 
Grab the Examination Room Key by the bed, run back to the Basement 
and ride the elevator up to the 1st floor. Check your map and 
enter the Medicine Room, then use the Key you just got and enter 
the Examination Room. (it's connected to the Medicine Room)
B12. Antique Shop and Town Center

After the cut-scene, GRAB the KEY on the table, and leave the 
hospital. Before you leave the Hospital, be sure to examine the 
pay phones. Check your Map and run to the Antique Shop. Run East 
on Koonts St., then run North on Simmons St. Run past the 
Town Center, and enter the open door on the right side of the 
street, and run down the stairs, use the Key to enter the door. 
You should now be in the Antique Shop. Once inside turn your 
flashlight on, save your game if you want, and run towards the 
back of the room. You'll notice a cabinet, Push the cabinet. 
After the cut-scene, you'll enter the hole behind the cabinet. 
Run down the hallway and enter the other hole. Grab the AXE off 
the wall, and attempt to leave through the hole in the wall. 

After the cut-scene, Save your Game and exit through the door. 
Run South on Simmons St. and you'll notice the camera change 
position, enter the Town Center, by running through the torn gate. 
Take the escalator up to the 2nd floor. Enter the store to your left, 
it's a Jewelry Shop. Grab the Rifle Bullets, then Grab the 
First-Aid Kit. SAVE YOUR GAME if you want!! Exit the room, run 
to your left and you'll fall into a pit!

After you fall into the pit, run and get the Hunting Rifle by
the wall. Avoid the worm as it comes from beneath, when it does 
surface shoot it with Rifle Ammo. If the Worms Acid spit hits 
you, use a Health Drink. Try to get the Worm to slide across
the metal gate, in the center of the room, so it won't be 
able to go underground for a while; And shoot the Boss while 
it's above ground to kill it. 
B13. Back to the Hospital

When the worm flees through the side wall window, walk through 
the hole in the wall. Run all the way back to the Hospital and
talk to Lisa (the nurse) in the Examination Room. Save your 
Game at the front desk and exit the Hospital. Walk through the 
front gate, run straight and run up the stairs.

The Worm has evolved into a Moth! This is the hardest or longest
Boss fight to me! Use your Shotgun (suggested). Or the Rifle if
you run out of Shotgun bullets. Use the Shotgun, while shooting
and backstepping and try to avoid the red/green looking acid, 
that the Moth spits on you with! After the acid, the Boss will 
try to attack you with it's abdomen(butt)stinger, so watch out. 
After the Boss spits the acid, run and shoot it from a distance. 
Stay on the move and shoot from a distance if you can!

After you beat the Boss run and cross the drawbridge, you crossed 
earlier. You'll appear in front of a gate. Examine the gate. 
Use the Hammer or the Axe to break the lock on the gate. Enter 
the gate and climb down the hole in the ground where the ladder is.
Pay Attention!

Once you're in the Sewers, run straight, and you'll come across
a few enemies, mutant turtles, kill them! Make a left and run 
all the way down the hall, kill another enemy, and make another 
left. Run down the hall and pick up all the items you see, on 
sides of the large body of water, on the ground, check the other 
side of the water also. Now run all the way back to where you 
killed the two mutant turtles, and continue forward and enter 
the door to your left. it say's “KEEP OUT”. Run through the 
narrow halls and grab the Map of the desk. Grab the Sewer Key on 
hanging on the wall and Save your Game. Exit through the door 
(by the desk). Check your map. Now you will have to run to the 
Southern most part of your map, and climb the ladder. 

On the 2nd Floor, check your map, and you have to run to the 
lower-left area on your map. But the path is blocked; So make 
a right, then make another right, then run and enter the door 
at the end of this hall. Run down all the corridors and you'll 
eventually see the camera change positions. Check the large body 
of water (by the blood) to find a Key. Enemies will surround you, 
so run like hell! Check your map and run to the ladder on the most 
Eastern part of the sewer. Save your game and climb the ladder. 
B15. Silent Hill Resort Area 

Enter the empty building next to the ladder you climbed from, 
to find bullets and Health items. Get the Map off the board in 
front of this building by the street. Run to Annie's Bar. Once 
inside Annie's Bar you'll automatically save Dr.Kaufman. After 
the cut-scene pick up his wallet, his receipt, and a Motel Room 
Key. Pick up the Health Drinks on the counter-top and Save your 
game. Then (check your map) head to the Indian Runner. There's a 
lock on the door, check the receipt, and input this code on the 
lock:(0473) Enter the Indian Runner, pick up the bullets and 
Health Drink on the counter. Then examine the drawer and get the 
Safe Key, use the Safe Key on the Safe behind the counter. Check 
the memo on the wall to get the Motel's back entrace (0886).

Then run South on Weaver St. until you see a motel door with a 
panel on the side. Use the Code (0886) to open the door. Once 
inside grab the MAGNET off the desk in the motel office. Run 
through to the back room and Save your Game. Exit through the 
back door to enter a parking lot. Once in the parking lot Enter 
Room # (3), by using the Key you found at Annie's Bar. Move the 
cabinet in the room and use the magnet to get the MOTORCYCLE KEY. 
Be sure to get the Health Drink in the bathroom, then exit. Run 
back to the front Motel Office. Enter the door to the right, and 
use the Motorcycle Key on the Motorcycle (duh!). After the cut-scene, 
grab the Shotgun shells and the Health Drink, then leave. Run West 
on West Sanford St. 

After the fusion of Earth and the Otherworld, keep running West 
until you see a small piece of land leading out to the Lighthouse, 
(check your map!) Make left on this small piece of land keep 
running and run down some stairs and across a wooden bridge, and 
enter the boat. After the cut-scene, grab all the items you can 
find and Save your Game. Exit through the side doors. Now check 
your map and run to the Lighthouse.

Once you're at the lighthouse, run up the stairs. After the 
cut-scene, run back down the stairs, Save your Game and exit. 
Watch out for the dogs after you exit. Run back to the boat. 
After you've been teleported to the boat, run West on Sanford St. 
(look to your right,) and run through an open gate, then enter 
the sewer area by climbing down the ladder. Once you're in the 
Sewers, get the Map off the wall. Check your Map, and run to the 
ladder on the other side. Search all dead-ends for items. Climb 
the ladder to get out the Sewers and to enter the Amusement Park. 
B16. Amusement Park
(GLITCH in the game: Use the Red Liquid you found earlier on the 
first baby ghost you see by the bench, right after the sewers level 
to skip this entire level.)

Find the Ice Cream Stand and Save your Game. Then, turn around 
and find the merry-go-round (the camera will change position). 
Run up the stairs and enter through the gate. 
_____Demon Cybil___

You can kill Cybil if you want but you'll get a lesser or worst 
ending! After she shoots you, use 2 Health Drinks to heal yourself, 
then use the Red Liquid you found at the Hospital on her. 
Be sure not to get shot! And she can't shoot you when you're 
standing behind a horse! After about 10-15 shots her gun will be 
empty, and she will drop it. She'll try to choke you, so use that 
red liquid on her if you haven't already.
B17. Nowhere 

(You have NO MAP for this ENTIRE level so read carefully)

After the cut-scene Save your Game. Enter the door in front of you. 
Get on the elevator. We will call the “first” hallway. Run down 
the hallway, make a left, and enter the last door on your right. 
Run down the stairs and enter the classroom. Examine the desk, then 
run through the back door, by the lockers. Hit the stairs, and enter 
the door. Grab the PLIERS and the SCREWDRIVER. (Watch out, the nurses 
are back for revenge)! Run back to where the elevator is, and enter 
the door to the right of the elevator. It's a restroom. Use the 
Pliers on the faucet, in order to get the KEY OF ORPHIEL. Exit 
the restroom, run down the hall and use the key you just got on 
the door, around the corner to your right (the door has ugly 
yellow lines on the door). Once you enter the new hall turn 
right and type this code to the panel: “ALERT” then enter the 
door. Run through the opposite door. Snag the AMULET OF SOLOMON, 
and leave this room. 

After the bloody cut-scene, run and enter the 4th door on your 
left. You'll notice there's a large thing where you can input 
numbers. Well press the numbers from left to right: 
(6 left) (4 center) (8 right), 

Then pick up the STONE OF TIME. Exit the room and enter the 
2nd door to your right. Once you're back in the “first” hall, 
enter the 2nd door to your left. You should now be in the Antique 
Shop looking room. Use the Stone Of Time on the clock, then grab 
the KEY OF HAGITH. Get all the items you can find and Save your game. 

When you exit the antique shop looking room, run to the right, 
and run to the end of the hall and use the KEY OF HAGITH on 
the two double doors. Ride the elevator up to the 2nd Floor. 
Open the doors, run down the hall and enter the 3rd door to 
your left. Once you're in Jewelry Shop, grab the RING OF 
CONTRACT and the CREST OF MERCURY, then exit the room. Run 
to your left and enter the double doors. Run around the corner 
and enter the first door to your right. Grab the CAMERA off 
the table and the Handgun Bullets. Exit the hall, (unlock the 
other double doors on this hall!!!) and run back to the elevator. 
Ride the elevator up to the 3rd Floor. On the 3rd floor look 
at the pictures on the wall, use the Camera and input the images 
you see on the door. (right picture=right door, left picture=left 
door) get it? 

If not I'll make you diagram:
   Left Door:            Right Door: 
     o o o                  o o o            
     o o -                  o - o         
     o - -                  o - o  

- - o     o - o       - o -      o - -  
- - o     o o -       o o o      o o -
o o o     o o o       - o -      o o o
In the left room, snag the BIRD CAGE KEY off the chair. In 
the right room, grab the Health Drink and waste time by 
reading the book if you can. Now ride the elevator down to 
the 1st Floor. 

Run back to the “first” hallway through the double doors. 
Run down the hallway and enter the last door on your left 
(it's on the left side of the elevator). Use the Bird Cage Key 
on the bird cage, then get the KEY OF PHALEG. Pick up the bullets 
on the bed, then leave the room. 

Walk down the hall and use the Key on the first door to your 
right. Watch out for invisible demon children! Once you're in 
the other hallway, enter the first door to your right. You're 
(or else you will automatically die!!!!) DON'T TAKE THE DAGGER 
once the chains are fixed, grab the DAGGER the leave. Enter the
second door to the left. Get the ANKH of the wall and exit the 
small room. Now enter the straight across the hall. Grab the 
Jelly beans of the shelf, then pick up the KEY OF BETHOR off of
the floor. Search all the shelves and pick up all the items you 
can find. Return to the hallway, and use the Key of Bethor on 
the last door, on the right (it's across from the kitchen). 
Turn the Generator OFF. 

Exit the room, turn right and go through the door, to re-enter 
the “first” hallway. Enter the double (unmarked) doors to your 
right (I hope you unlocked them, read above!) Run down the hall 
and enter the last door to your left. Use the Screwdriver on the 
steel plate on the back wall. Grab the KEY OF ARATRON hidden 
behind the plate. leave the room. Go back to the first hallway, 
and enter the door you used the key of phaleg to unlock (it's by 
the antique shop) Once in the dark hallway, run and enter the 
last door to your right. Unlock the door by using the Key Of 

After the cut-scene grab the DISK OF OUROBUS and leave the room. 
Run to the room straight in front of you across the hall. You're 
now in Alessa's bedroom. Save your Game! And use the Five items 
you've collected on the door, in the back of the room. 
Those items are:
1. Amulet of Solomon
2. Crest of Mercury
3. Dagger
4. Ankh
5. Disk of Ourobus

Enter the unlocked door. After the cut-scene, run down the 
Stairs. After the next cut-scene the final Boss is waiting 
for you!
_____Final Boss - "Incubus"___

Incubus will stay in the same place and shoot lightning attacks 
at you. When the fight starts, hold (L2) to look up at the Boss, 
shoot him with your Shotgun (if you run out of Shotgun Shells, 
use your Rifle). When you see him summoning lightning, RUN 
couterclock wise, uninterrupted and you won't get hit by the 
lightning that he shoots at you. If you do get hit, use 3 or 4 
Health Drinks immediately, or use some First-Aid Kits. When the 
lightning stops blast the Boss! Repeat these steps, until the 
Boss dies. 

Now you've beaten Silent Hill! Good Luck on your rankings! Try to 
memorize this FAQ, so you can beat the game under 1hr 30min 0sec.


C1.)----------10-STAR RANKING GUIDE-----

This will explain how to get a 10-Star Ranking!!

__I. Clear Game-----

You must beat the game 5 times or more. I suggest your six time 
through, though. You have to get all of the endings in the game. 
And you have to get the GOOD+ Ending! Here's a list on how to get 
all endings:

GOOD+: Get the RED LIQUID from the Hosptal, use it on Cybil at 
the Amusement Park, and save Kaufmann at Annie's Bar. Pick up 
Kaufmann's wallet and the key after you save him. Run to the motel 
on WEAVER STREET and input the code (0886). Take the Magnet on 
the table and exit through the backdoor. Run to room Number 3. 
Once you're in the room, push the shelves and use the Magnet to 
get a Motorcycle key. Now go back to the Motel Office (where you 
got the magnet) and enter the door to the right of the entrance, 
then use the Motorcycle Key, after the cut-scene finish the game 
as normal. (Whew)! This ending is needed to get GOLD!!

Good: Save Cybil with the Red Liquid at the amusement park, 
but don't enter Annie's Bar, don't save Kaufmann.

Bad: Save Kaufmann, and use the Motorcycle Key on the Motorcycle. 


UFO: You can't get a 10-Star rating if you get this ending. You 
should have the Channeling Stone by now. Get the Channeling Stone
from the Conveinent Store, at the top of your map. Use the 
Channeling Stone in these places:
1: Alternate School on the 3rd floor (where you use the rubber ball)
2: In front of the Alternate Hospital (before the Moth Boss)
3. Motel parking lot (where Kaufman room is) 
4: On the Boat.
5: At the top of the lighthouse.
Then the game ends. 

So basically you have to get all the Endings, complete the game
5 times or more, and get the Good+ Ending, in order to get GOLD!  

__II. Saves and Continues-----

You can only Save your game 2 times. ANYMORE AND YOU WON'T GET 
GOLD! So try to play as long as you can, then make your FIRST 
save. BE SURE to SAVE your game right before the LAST BOSS, that 
should be your second save. Try to play at least an hour then Save 
your game, this should be at the Sewer Area(hopefully), that should 
give you enough time to improve your ranks before the last boss. 
Remember only 2 saves. As for CONTINUES, you really shouldn't have 
to use one, but you CAN USE ONLY ONE! It might mess up your time
so I suggest not using one at all. 2 saves and/or 1 continue!

__III. Total Time-----

Must be under 1 hour and 30 minutes, not a second more! So 
enter only important rooms, and pick up needed items. Don't 
screw up and don't forget where to go. SKIP ALL CUT-SCENES AND 
MOVIES (even the last one). Run through the whole game none stop, 
and you should finish with enough time. Memorize the Maps and the 
whole game! There's a bad glitch or bug in the game, where you can 
use the RED LIQUID on the first Shadow Baby, when you make it to the 
Amusement Park. This will save you a lot of time and skip you to the 
scene after saving Cybil. To bad I found this glitch out after I got 
my 10-Star ranking (x_x)!

__IV. Items----- 

To get Gold, I suggest getting more than or at least 160 items. 
This shouldn't be hard if you pick up all of the needed items 
(ammo, health, keys, etc.) You must get all the endings, why, 
so you can get all the secret and/or extra items. (The Chainsaw, 
Katana, Channeling Stone etc.) You must pick up at least 5 of 
the 6 extra items. You can pick up all 6 if you want, but only 5 
is needed to get GOLD. I suggest skipping the Channeling Stone 
since you really don't need it anyway, but be sure to get the 
other 5 extra items. Don't use any of the extra weapons to fight 

__V. Defeated enemies/Fighting & Shooting-----

(Speaking of shooting, be sure to move your bullets up to 6x 
(dependiing on how many times you've beaten the game.)
This had me stuck for a long time. I read on other FAQs that you 
need 180 something for both. I read others that 200+ is recommended,
heck no I thought, so I found out on my own! But, boy was they wrong. 
You have to get both GOLD or none! YOU NEED AT LEAST 100 (or 101) by 
fighting and AT LEAST 110 (or 114) by shooting! I said 101 by 
fighting and 114 by shooting because that's what I got on my 
10-Star Ranking. So kill every enemy you come across, with the 
exception of the Flying Demons. Try to kill every enemy througout 
the game. DON'T USE THE EXTRA WEAPONS AT ALL! The game will 
penalize you! You can however, shoot an enemy then press (X) to 
stomp or kick them, that's what I did most of the game. It counts 
as fighting. Or I suggest using the Hammer, whatever makes you 
happy, but no extra weapons. I also suggest KICKING all the 
enemies before you get to the Hospital. Then when you make it 
to the hospital start shooting everything from there on. But 
you can still kick an enemy here and there. Not as difficult as 
you think! (read shooting styles below)

               ** Shooting Style UPDATE **

I was reading through my e-mail one day, when I came across a 
intresting read. A person named Steve sent me a e-mail about 
Defeated enemies. 

Here is his results that got him the GOLD status:

91 fighting and 127 shooting (218 total)  *GOLD*
90 fighting and 120 shooting (210 total)  *GOLD*
95 fighting and 116 shooting (211 total)  *GOLD*
110 fighting and 100 shooting (210 total) *GOLD*
125 fighting and 90 shooting (215 total)  *GOLD*


These are his results that did NOT get him gold:

85 fighting and 128 shooting (213 total) 
89 fighting and 116 shooting (206 total) 
90 fighting and 116 shooting (207 total) 
89 fighting and 120 shooting (209 total) 
89 fighting and 121 shooting (210 total) 
107 fighting and 99 shooting (206 total) 
133 fighting and 80 shooting (213 total) 
127 fighting and 89 shooting (216 total) 


This concludes that you must meet these 3 conditions:

1.) You must kill at least 90 enimies by fighting. 
2.) You must kill at least 90 enimies by shooting.
3.) You must kill at least 210 enemies TOTAL

So if you kill 90 by fighting and 90 by shooting, that's 180.
You'll need 30 more kills. The last 30 kills can be done by
either shooting or fighting the enemies, it's your choice, AS 


If the above statement doesn't work for you just send me
a e-mail and let me know what you did to get obtain the 
10-Star Ranking.

__VI. Shooting Styles-----

Last but definitely not least. Shooting Styles also had me 
stuck for a very very long time. You either get all GOLD or 
none! I notices that using the Shotgun does more harm than good
when I played through the game a few times. I don't suggest using 
the Shotgun at all, except on the First Boss at the school. 
Basically use the Handgun, then use the Hunting Rifle for the whole 
game. DON'T USE THE STUPID SHOTGUN! If you miss a few shot don't 
panic, I missed a lot, but try not to miss to much, though. 
No Aiming, leaving all the other shooting stats 0.00. Which means 
NO GOLD! If you use the HyperBlaster!

This is what I did to get GOLD:
At the school shoot enemies at CLOSE range, then stomp most of 
them! In the Streets, shoot all the dogs and Monk Men at CLOSE 
range, well only the ones that you pass. In the Hospital, boost 
up your Middle and Long Range shots with the HANDGUN. In the 
sewers, use the Handgun and try to stomp most of the enemies. 
At the Boat/Lighthouse area KILL all the Monk Men that you pass 
(kill them quickly), but don't try to kill the Flying Demons! At 
the last area, NOWHERE, use you Hunting Rifle to boost up your 
LONG RANGE SHOTS. Also in Nowhere, shoot all enemies, if you can 
from a distance. As for the boss battles, use only the Handgun and 
the Rifle. ONLY use the shotgun for the very First Boss in the school!
Hope this is very helpful! Try not to miss any shots, but you will

If you do as I say above, your Shooting styles should have GOLD! 
And your No Aiming should be 0.13 or lower, which is GOLD also. 
Or as low as my No Aiming (0.03)

__VII. Stuff that don't matter: walking and running distance! ---

This doesn't ever be GOLD! So don't worry about the distance. So 
run through the entire game! You can use all the health drinks 
you need, without getting penalized.

__VIII. My 10-Star ranking!!! -----

Game Clear: 8 
Ending: Good+
Saves: 2
Continues: 0
Total Time: 1h 22m 9s
Items: 160/204(+5)

Defeated enemy by fighting: 101
Defeated enemy by shooting: 114

Short Range: 0.47
Middle Range: 0.41
Long Range: 0.09
No Aiming: 0.03
             * * * * * * * * * *


D2.) Quick Puzzle Guide

::3 Lock Puzzle::

FInd the three keys at these locations in order to unlock the

1. Run to Matheson St., then run East of Matheson St. and 
enter the first all to your left. *The alley that is behind
the cafe* Then enter the gate that says "OFF LIMTS". Get 
the KEY OF WOODMAN by the dogs head. 

2. Run East on Finney St. until you reach a dead end, get the 
KEY of LION next to the police car.

3. Run South on Ellroy St. until you reach a dead-end. Run
to the right across the wooden planks and get the KEY OF 


::Clock Tower Puzzle::
1. Get the GOLD MEDALLION from the Chemistry Lab, but first 
you must get the CHEMICAL BOTTLE from the Lab Equipment Room. 
Then put the GOLD MEDALLION in the Clock Tower

2. Get the SILVER MADALLION from the Music Room, but you 
first you must omplete the piano puzzle (read below)


::Piano Puzzle::

Play these keys in this order on the piano:
*Second white key
*Sixth white key
*Fifth black key
*fifth white key
*First black ke


::Valve Puzzle::
(before fighting the first boss "Split Head"

Turn turn the valves in this order:

Right valve: 2 times to the right
Left valve: 3 times to the left


::Hostpital Puzzle Plate Door::
Top Left: Plate of Queen     (found in Director's Office
Top Right: Plate of Turtle   (found in Mens Restroom 3rd floor)
Bottom Left: Plate of Cat    (found in Room 306)
Bottom Right: Plate of Hatter(found in Room 204)


::Indian Runner Lock::



::Motel Door Lock::



::Room Number 3:: 
(at the hotel)

1. To enter Room #3, get the "Motel Key" from Annie's Bar.


::Astronomy Puzzle::

(6 left) (4 center) (8 right)


::Bird Key/Picture Puzzle::

   Left Door:            Right Door: 
     o o o                  o o o            
     o o -                  o - o         
     o - -                  o - o  

- - o     o - o       - o -      o - -  
- - o     o o -       o o o      o o -
o o o     o o o       - o -      o o o


::Alessa Room/Door:: 

Put these items into the door.

1. Amulet of Solomon
2. Crest of Mercury
3. Dagger
4. Ankh
5. Disk of Ourobus


E3.) Weapons (In-depth Guide)


Location: Cafe 5 to 2

This is the first weapon you obtain at the Cafe that is given
to you by Cybil. The handgun should be your first choice of 
denfense and offense. 

This is the fastest shooting weapon in the game. There is 
plenty of ammo just laying around Silent Hill for the Handgun.
You can move foward or backwards while shooting. The accuracy 
is very decent. There gun has a nice ammo capacity magazine. 

The handgun is not that powerful when it comes to tougher
enemies and various bosses. The weapon is used primarily for 
close/medium combat. 



Location: School, Boys Bathroom (first floor) 

Although this weapon is a bit odd to obtain, once you get it
you'll be glad you did. The Shotgun is very powerful on all
types of enemies, regardless of the enemy strength. This weapon 
will save your life more than once. 

The Shotgun is very powerful and accurate. It can kill
most enemies at close range. You can also move foward and backward
while shooting. There is plenty of ammo to be found for the Shotgun. 

It doesn't shoot as fast as the Handgun, meaning that if you 
miss using the Shotgun, those few seconds might give a enemy enough
time to attack you. Quicker enemies could possibly attack you while 
reloading, or if you miss a shot. The shotgun is limited to only 
6 rounds. 



Location: Silent Hill Town Center (while fighting Twinfeeler)

This weapon is found on the wall, while fighting Twinfeeler. This
is a weapon that I suggest you pick up before leaving the area where
you fight the boss. The hunting rifle is more powerful than the 
Shotgun and handgun. Even if you shoot a enemy far away the damage 
is still devastating!

One of the most powerful weapons in the game. Has a very 
good range. Can kill tough bosses and/or enemies rather quickly. 

You can't move while using the hunting rifle. You find it
later in the game, so you are limited to the amount of ammo you
find. Unlike the Shotgun/Handgun that found earlier in the game, the
hunting rifle ammo is scarce. Limited ammo clip. 



Location: Cafe 5 to 2 (on the counter)

This is the first hand-weapon found in the game at the Cafe.
You can't leave the Cafe unless you take all of the items on the 
counter. I personally don't use this hand-weapon, but I have used
a few times in the past. The damage is minor and takes a while to 
kill certain enemies.

It's a hand-waepon that you can use for self-defense!!

The enemies must be extremely close in order for you to attack them.
It only does little damage to the enemies. Most enemies won't even 
flinch if you use the knife on them.


Steel Pipe

Location: Finny Street (north, on the right side of the bridge) 

This weapon is found while running to the school, but you'll have to
find it on the right side of the collapsed bridge. The steel pipe is 
highly recommended if you run out of ammo or atleast until you obtain
the Emergency Hammer. The steel pipe does a good deal of damage to the
enemy. It's better than the knife and have different attack moves. 

Has decent range and attack power. Can attack an enemy while the enemy
is on the ground. You can potentially hit multiple enemies while

You'll have to get the "feel" of using the steel pipe. Thanks to the 
game FPS (Frames per second) you could find yourself doing attacks that
you did not intend to do. 


Emergency Hammer 

Loction: "Alternate" Alchemilla Hospital (Generator Room)

This is the best hand-weapon in the game, this is only my opinion. 
The weapon is very powerful and can take care of enemies with very 
few swings. Be sure to pick this weapon up in the Generator Room. 

Very powerful, this most powerful hand-weapon in the game. The attacks
are very quick as well. Can kill enemies rather quickly. This is a great
melee weapon when you are trying to conserve your ammo.

You'll have to get the "feel" of using the emergency hammer. Thanks to 
the game FPS (Frames per second) you could find yourself doing attacks 
that you did not intend to do, but as long as they hit the enemy you 
will be ok. 


Small Axe 

Location: Green Lion Antiques (Hidden Hall/Alter)

The small axe isn't a weapon that I would normally use in the game, 
but it is better than the knife and the steel pipe. By the time you 
find the small axe you will already have the Steel Pipe and the 
Emergency Hammer, so you probably won't even think of using the small 

It is stonger than the steel pipe. It causes a decent amount of damage.
The attacks are also quick. You can move while using this weapon.
You can break rusted locks. 

Although it is quicker to attack with, it is limited to its range. 
You will have to let enemies get very close to you in order to attack
them using the small axe.



Location: Levin Street (the house with the doghouse in front)

This weapon can be obtained by completed the game twice. Get 
the Good or Good+ ending, then use that same save data, and 
get the Bad or Bad+ ending. Try to get a good rating. This 
weapon is found in the same house with the 3 locks early in 
game. This weapon is more for patient minded gamers. The
weapon is a cool add-on regardless. 

It causes a lot of damage. The sword can cause damage to 
more than one enemy. The weapon has "a lot" of different 
moves and powerful techniques. 

It can be hard to use. Harry actually "slides" forward while
trying to attack enemies, this can put Harry in dangerous 
situations and this could possible cause quick deaths. It
is very hard to master the Katana

*Note: you must unlock/get the Gasoline/Petrol Can*


Location: Bloch Street (Cut-Rite Chainsaws Store)

You must get the Gasoline Can from the gas station in 
order to power up/use the Chainsaw. If you don't have the 
gasoline you can't use the Chainsaw. Get a decent rating
and get teh Bad ending.

You can move while using the chainsaw. The chainsaw is 
powerful and causes a lot of damage. There are multiple
attacks that Harry can use. 

It's rather hard to use. THe chainsaw moves are slow.
It isn't recommended for multiple or fast enemies. 

*Note: you must unlock/get the Gasoline/Petrol Can*

Rock Drill 

Location: Under the Drawbridge Control Room

You must get the Gasoline Can from the gas station in 
order to power up/use the Rock Drill. The Rock Drill is 
very powerful and can kill some enemies with one hit.
Get a decent rating and Bad ending. 

Very powerful weapon. Some enemies will run stright into
the Rock Drill. Has a decent reach.

You can't move while using the Rock Drill. It seems rather
heavy to Harry to use. It's not recommended to use this 
weapon against multiple enemies or fast moving enemies. 
Since Harry can't move, multiple enemies can corner or 
ambush Harry. 
*You must unlock the Hyperblaster to obtain the UFO Ending*

Hyper Blaster

Location: Automatically in your Inventory after getting the 
          UFO Ending

The Hyper Blaster is a unlimited "alien" weapon. Actually 
Hyper Blaster is Konomi's actually Light-Gun named the 
"Hyper Blaster". As I stated the weapon has unlimited ammo.
When you first unlock the Hyper Blaster (depending on your
ranking) you will have the "Red Beam" (Hangdgun powered ammo) 
as ammo for the Hyper Blaster. As you get better ranking your 
Beam/Infared will change color. If you get a 8-Star Ranking
you will obtain the "Orange Beam" (Shotgun powered ammo). 
If you get the 10-Star Ranking you will get the "Green Beam"
(Hunting Rifle ammo). If you already have the orginal Konomi
Light-Gun (the hypeblaster), then plug it into your second
controller port. Load up the game and the HyperBlaster 
should automatically be in your Inventory. 

Infinte Ammo! There are different types/color of "Beams"
depending on your Ranking. You shoot enemies in the dark.
Has a automatic locking feature. Does not have to reload. 
The weapon renders nearly all enemies harmless.

If you use the HyperBlaster it will lower your overall
shooting styles (it will not be GOLD) and you will have 
a lower ranking at the end of the game. You can't do the 
"easy" Final Boss kill. 

F4.) Enemy List and In-depth Guide


Grey Children 

AKA Demon Children
Suggested Weapons: Handgun or Shotgun

Locations: School, Amusement Park

**sknmak notes:: The Grey Children were censored and replaced with 
Mumblers (read below) in the PAL version of the game, but they can
still be found on the PAL version demo, but not in the final version
of the game.**

Survival Guide:

The first enemy you encounter in the school. These little bastards 
sounds like they are laughing at you! They're mostly in the school 
and they travel in packs! These demons are wielding and knife so be
careful When you see these little bald-headed grey children, try to 
start shooting at close range and backstep. They can still attack you 
when you are shooting them at close range! So keep a little distance 
between you and them. I don't suggest using any hand-weapon, unless 
you absolutely have too. I suggest using your handgun or shotgun from 
a good distance. Try to keep your back to a wall to prevent the 
children from circling you and ambushing you. If all else fails, 
simply run away from the children, but beware, these enemies have 
great speed.


The Grey Children represents Alessa's childhood while she attended 
Midwich Elementary school. These Grey Children represents Alessa's
hatred she had for the kids at her school. These demons also shows 
Alessa's fear she had while the children mocked her and said terrible 

Larval Stalker 

AKA Shadow Child: 
Suggested Weapons: No Weapons

Locations: School, Amusement Park

Survival Guide:

These little things can shock the heck out you! Your radio will 
go crazy while you are around these shadow babies. But they are 
100% harmless.  So don't waste any ammo on them. They are also 
found throughout the school and they make a squeaky noise. They 
fall and trip if you walk through them (awwww). They also
disappear when you shine light directly on them. 


The laughter evokes the memories of Alessa being teased at 
Midwich Elementary.

Air Screamer

AKA Winged Demon
Suggested Weapons: Shotgun or Hunting Rifle

Locations: Residential District, Business District

Survival Guide:

I hate these flying things. I suggest running from them. If 
you try to shoot them you might miss, and if you do shoot them, 
they will fly away from you! That's a waste of ammo. On Hard Mode 
or Next Fear, 3 kicks, bites, or beaks, will kill you! But if 
you shoot them on the underbelly with the shotgun, they fall and 
die! You have to let them fly over your head though, so I don't 
suggest doing that unless you really have too. Just run and save 
your ammo. Try not to run in a straight line, because these demons
can hover in a straight line a kick you. It's really devastating
to your health.


The Air Screamers are from an image that comes from an illustration
in one of Aless's favorite books, The Lost World. Which was written
by Conan Doyle. 

Night Flutter: 

AKA Winged Demon
Suggested Weapon: Simply Run!!!!

Locations: Business District, Resort Area

Survival Guide:

These are "Air Screamer", but in a more violent manner. These 
demons are first encountered in "Alternate" Silent Hill. 
These enemies bodies are covered in blood, and they are 
skin-less. They also sound ugly! Do as I said above, just 
run from them. These Air Screamers now travel in groups of 4 or 
5 demons at a time! So do yourself a favor and just run. These
enemies are very aggressive. Use a shotgun if you really want to 
attempt to kill one or five. These demons heads are now completely
covered with worms.


Same as the Air Screamers. The only difference is that these 
enemies (Night Flutter) is found only in "Alternate" Silent Hill. 
There heads are completely covered with worms now. 


AKA Demonic dogs
Suggested Weapon: Handgun, Shotgun, Steel Pipe

Locations: Residential District, Business District,
           Outside of the Alchemilla Hospital
Survival Guide:

Shoot these dogs when you first see them. If you run, they 
will most likely chase you for a while. These dogs are extremely
sensitive to sound. Use your handgun or, better yet, your shotgun 
to kill the dogs. If there is a Groaner in the area where you are 
fighting another enemy, the Groaner will join the battle. They 
mostly travel in packs of 2 or 3. So be ready for some shooting. 
You can sneak behind a Groaner if you walk behind them for, a small 
advantage. You can also easily miss shots, so be sure to shoot 
very close and try not to miss shots. Try shooting the Groaner 
while it is jumping to attack you for massive damage to the enemies. 
You can also try to use a handweapon, such as the steel pipe, to 
attack the Groaner in mid air, while backstepping. This will knock 
the Groaner to the ground. 


The Groaner represents a large dog, in which Alessa has a strong 
fear and dislike for. 


AKA Skinless Demonic dogs
Suggested Weapon: Simply Run!!!!

Locations: Residential District, Business District, Resort Area,
           Outside of the Alchemilla Hospital
Survival Guide:

Same as the strategy above (Groaner), but RUN FROM THEM. Why? Because 
when you encounter them, there WILL BE OTHER ENEMIES AROUND 
TRING TO ATTACK YOU ALSO! So don't risk getting killed. The Wormheads
are also more deadly than the Groaners. If you must shoot them I 
suggest using the Shotgun to kill them quickly and keep moving. 


Same as the Groane, except the shift to the "Otherworld" (Alterante 
Silent Hill) was so strong that the its head is completely covered
with worms.


AKA Mutated Cockroaches
Suggested Weapons: Handgun

Locations: School, Alchemilla Hospital, Sewers

Survival Guide:

You can find these little creatures all over the game, in the 
school, hospital basement, and the sewers. They do the least 
amount of damage, but that doesnt give them the right to attack 
you! These little cockroaches can be a real pain, because when 
they attack you, you can't move for about 2 to 3 seconds! That 
gives other enemies enough time to attack you, especially in the 
sewers! The creepers moves very quickly and reacts strongly to light
So use your handgun to shoot them on their back, and stomp or kick 


The Creeper are a image of Alessa dislike of insects. These enemies
are a manifested image. 

Puppet Nurses  

AKA Demon Nurse
Suggested Weapons: Handgun, Shotgun, Rifle, Hammer

Locations: Alchemilla Hospital, Nowhere

Survival Guide:

These nurses are easily one of the most feared enemies in the 
game! They're ugly, they sound creepy, they use a strategy attack 
on you and they can run after you! Usually one nurse will choke 
you, while the other nurse slash you with a long sharp knife! 
Shoot them from a distance with either your shotgun or your handgun. 
They are also sensitive to light, so if you turn of your flashlight 
off, they won't be able to see you. They will just walk right by you! 
Cool! But if you shoot one in the dark or make to much noise, they will 
come after you! Shoot them from a distance with either your handgun 
or Shotgun. The Handgun and Shotgun allows you to move while shooting. 
This means that you can get way from the nurses while causing damage
to them. The Rifle will be great for boosting up your long range shots, 
but I don't recommend using the Rifle when there are multiple Nurses. 
The nurses can and will RUN towards you!!!! The Hammer works wonders
while dealing with the Puppet Nurses. Just swing at a safe distance 
and the nurses should be easily defeated on any difficult level. Just 
stomp them afterwards. Be sure to keep your back to the wall when 
taking on more than two of these nurses.  

**sknmak note: These nurses speed and physica strength differs depending
on its dress and hair style**


These nurses are being controlled by some demon parasite. This is the
same type of demon that possessed Cybil! It is also siad that this is 
could Alessa hatred to the nurse, Lisa, that saw her terrible injured 
body. Therfore the nurses were Alessa hatred to Lisa for seeing her 
injured body and Lisa's threats of leaving the duty of watching Alessa 
and keeping her heatlh stable. It's possible that Alessa felt betrayed
by Lisa, because Alessa had made her second friend and caretaker, 
Lisa Garland.
Parasitized Doctor

AKA Puppet Doctor, Demon Doctor
Suggested Weapons: Handgun, Shotgun, Hammer

Locations: Alchemilla Hospital

Survival Guide:

These are the Doctoes that are being controlled by a unspecified demon 
parasite. The same unspecified demon parasite that are controlling the
Puppet Nurses. The Doctors attack with a scalpel. They are males and 
therfore has a more devastating attack than the Puppet Nurses. The 
male doctors are more likely to run to you and cut you with the scalpel.
Use your handgun or shotgun while backstepping to aviod getting attacked.
You can also use the Hammer to defeat the doctors. Just don't get 

**sknmak note:: 
Just in case you don't know yet, or haven't played 
other Silent Hill games yet, the Male Parasitized Doctors only appear
in Silent Hill 1, on respects to the "Otherworld". They have never been
used in later games in the Silent Hill Franchise.**


Not Specified. 

**sknmak notes::
But there could be a reason for the Parasitized Doctor being only in 
Silent Hill 1. Remember that some members of "The Order"
were doctors and helped Dhalia and Kaufmann with their plans to birth 

Hanged Scratcher 

AKA Mutant (Ninja) Turtles 
Suggested Weapons: Shotgun or Hunting Rifle

Locations: Sewers
Survival Guide:

First encountered in the Sewer system. They do a lot of damage, so 
use plenty of health drinks. They are the second most feared enemies 
in the game! They can travel in packs of 2 or 3, then they start 
traveling in packs of 6 or 7! They are also a big threat because you 
have to listen for them, because your radio doesn't work in the sewers. 
They can also crawl across the ceiling and do a horrible slash 
attack to your shoulders. They travel with other enemies throughout 
the game, so watch out. Use the shotgun or rifle to kill them. 
Make sure they are dead by tring to stomp them. Because if they 
aren't dead, they will rise again, like any other enemy, and cause a 
load of trouble for you! Use health drinks if they attack you. Its
hook-like claws are its weapon. These enemies are hard to run pass, 
because of the small areas in the sewers. They also don't budge, so
if you can avoid them, do it!


Similar to the Creepers representation and/or metaphor, this is 
Alessa's hatred/fear of insects.


AKA Teddy Bears
Suggested Weapons: Shotgun, Handgun, Hunting Rifle, Hammer

**sknmak notes:: Then Mumbler also replaces the knife-wielding 
Grey Children in the PAL version of Silent Hill and encountered later 
in the US version in the sewers.** 

Locations: Sewers (US version), School (PAL version)

Survival Guide:
They do look like teddy bears. They are found in the second sewer 
before you reach the Amusement Park. They just want to be your 
friend, so give them a hug. NOOOOO!! Just joking, kill these 
bears from a distance, with the rifle. They have the same attack 
patterns as the demon children (read above), but the bears do 
more damage. They love to travel with those Hanged Scratchers, 
so watch your back. However, the Mumblers move slower than the 
demon children, but as a longer reach, thanks to their handy


These are Alessa's thoughts from a fairy tale book that contains 
animal and small demons. The hate in Alessa's heart is causing 
these fairy tale animals and small demons to actually bacome demons.


AKA Monkey Men, Monk Men, Ape Men 
Suggested Weapons: Shotgun or Hunting Rifle

Locations: Business District, Resort Area

Survival Guide:

Shoot these bastards with the shotgun or the rifle! If you 
encounter one of them, and they see you, they WILL CHASE AFTER 
YOU! They chase you for a long time too and most of the time, 
they will catch you! So try to avoid them if you can. However, 
if they attack you They will pin you to the ground a press all 
of the buttons on the controller repeatingly, except the Select, 
Start and Triangle Button. They travel in packs of 2-4. Run if
you can or get ready for some blasting action. 


The Romper represents Alessa's fear of adults.


AKA Invisible Demon Children 
Suggested Weapons: Shotgun or Hunting Rifle

Locations: Nowhere

Survival Guide:

Thank goodness you only encounter them at the end of the game, 
in Nowhere. They are the exact same as the demon children (read 
above), EXCEPT they are invisible (you can't see them). You can 
see a small fraction of them though, which is only a small shadow.
Just Aim and shoot them, with your rifle or your shotgun. They 
also travel in packs of 4 or 5 so be cautious when fighting them.
I don't suggest using hand weapons, running past these enemies might 
be your best choice.


The Stalkers are the older version of the Larval Stalker. They are 
bascially the same type/form of demon, as the Grey Children. They 
represent Alessa fear/hatred of the children who bullied, teased her
and called her names.  


Suggested Weapon: N/A 

Locations: Alchemilla Hospital (Room 204), Nowhere

Survival Guide:N/A

Info: The creature resembles a tentacle and has no effective attacks
      while in the hospital. The only time the Bloodsucker becomes 
      aggressive is when Harry approaches it. Once the player has 
      reached Nowhere, the Bloodsucker can potentially kill Harry 
      with one action. The Bloodsucker is inside a fridge in nowehere. 


It represents Alessa strong aversion of worms and snakes etc. 


G5.) Boss List and Guide

-----------------------1st boss in the game "Split Head"

Suggested Weapons: Shotgun, Handgun

Location: Midwich Elementary School

Survival Guide:

Split Head does have small turtle legs, a hogs body and a very 
long neck. Okay, when you see the Boss, whip out your Shotgun, 
keep your distance and shoot the Boss. This is the only boss in
the game that can kill you with one hit. So be very careful when 
fighting this Boss. Continue shooting the Boss until you see white 
spit looking stuff come from the Boss's mouth. Now the Boss will 
try to eat you. If he get his lips on you, you will die immediately! 
So be careful and let the Boss come a little closer to you, and when 
he opens his mouth, backstep while shooting the Shotgun. Try to stay 
in the middle of thr room, by the burning fire, so you won't get 
cornered by the boss. Do this a few times and the Boss will die. 

So if you're still having problems, just let the boss walk upon 
you, then immediately start back-stepping, while shooting Shotgun 
shells in Spilt Head mouth. Be sure to hold the [L2] button, so you 
have a good view of the boss. Stay away from the walls. Stay in 
the middle, by the fire. If you don't have shotgun shells, the 
Handgun will do just fine. I don't suggest using any type of 


Spilt Head is a reference to a great lizard that appeared in a 
fairytale book from Midwich Elementary School. This is Alessa's
incarnation and transfiguration of the great lizard from a 
book she read and/or heard while attending Midwich Elementary.
Harry also remembers reading the same story himself as a child.

-----------------------2nd boss in the game "Twinfeeler"

Suggested Weapons: Shotgun, Rifle, Handgun

Location: Silent Hill Town Center

Survival Guide:

After you fall into the pit, be sure to run and get the Hunting 
Rifle on the wall. You must get the Hunting Rifle here because 
there is no other way to obtain the Hunting Rifle later in the game.
Avoid the worm as it comes from beneath, when it does surface, shoot 
it with Rifle Ammo. If the Worms acid spit hits you or Twinfeeler rams
you, use 1 or 2 Health Drinks. Try to get the Worm to slide across the 
metal gate, in the center of the room, so it won't be able to go 
underground for a while; and shoot the Boss while it's above ground to
kill it. I suggest using either the Shotgun or the Rifle. If you have 
neither, use the Handgun.

Can't keep from getting hit? Run in circles or run none stop until 
the worm surfaces, then shoot the worm with either your Shotgun or 
your Hunting Rifle. Just stay by the metal gate in the center of 
the room. When you hear the worm; Get out the way, and blast the 
worm while it's on the gate!


Twinfeeler is an manifested image of an insect speciman thats
found in Alessa's room.

-----------------------3rd boss in the game "Floatstinger"

Suggested Weapons: Shotgun, Rifle, Handgun

Location: Business District

Survival Guide:

The Worm has evolved into a Huge Moth! The Floatstinger is the
mature form of the Twinfeeler. It's also more powerful and more
dangerous than the Twinfeeler. This is the hardest or longest Boss 
fight to me! Use your Shotgun (suggested). Or the Rifle if you run 
out of Shotgun bullets. Use the Shotgun, while shooting and 
backstepping and try to avoid the red/green looking acid, that the 
Moth spits on you with! After the acid, the Boss will try to attack 
you with it's abdomen stinger, so watch out. After the Boss spits 
the acid, run and shoot it from a distance. Stay on the move and 
shoot from a distance if you can!

Well if you're still having problems, do what I also do. Run 
around until the boss is finish spitting acid; Stop running, Aim 
and Shoot the Moth, repeat! But watch out, the Moth will try to 
sting the hell out of you! So be sure to use 2 or 3 health drinks 
to stay safe.


THe Floatstinger is an insect specimen that was used to decorate
Alessa's room.

-----------------------4th boss in the game "Cybil"

Suggested Weapons: Shotgun, Rifle, Handgun, 
                  or the Red Liquid (used to save Cybil) 

Location: Amusement Park

Survival Guide:

At the Amusement Park Cybil has been possessed by a demon, it's 
up to you to decide her fate and the ending you want. And yes 
this does count as a boss battle, it's a demon for cring out loud. 
You can kill Cybil if you want but you'll get a lesser or worst 
ending! After she shoots you, use 2 Health Drinks to heal yourself, 
then use the Red Liquid you found at the Hospital on her. Be sure 
not to get shot! And she can't shoot you when you're standing 
behind a horse! After about 10-15 shots her gun will be empty, 
and she will drop it. She'll try to choke you, so use that Red 
Liquid on her if you haven't already.

Stay behind a horse so Cybil can't shoot you! This really waste 
time if your going for GOLD or if you're tring to beat the game 
under 1:30:00. Chances are, you will die from the next bullet she 
pierces through your chest! After about 10-15 shots she'll 
eventually drop her weapon, that's your chance to attack or use 
the Red Liquid on her it's your choice!

Representation/Metaphor: N/A

-----------------------Final Boss 1  "Incubus"

Suggested Weapons: Shotgun, Rifle, Handgun, 

Location: Unknown Realm (after Nowhere/Alessa's room)

Survival Guide:

Depending on your endings (Good+ and Good) you'll have to fight 
Incubus. Incubus will stay in the same place and shoot lightning 
attacks at you. When the fight starts, hold (L2) to look up at 
the Boss, shoot it with your Shotgun (if you run out of Shotgun 
Shells, use your Rifle). When you see it summoning lightning, 
RUN couterclock wise, uninterrupted and you won't get hit by the 
lightning that he shoots at you. If you do get hit, use 3 or 4 
Health Drinks immediately, or use some First-Aid Kits. When the 
lightning stops blast the Boss! When you see the lightning again, 
stop shooting and run in circles again. Repeat these steps, 
until the Boss dies. If you have no ammo, hand-weapons are not an

Well the paragraph above explains it all, sorry.(-_-)
But, if you empty all of your ammo out of your weapons before the 
battle, Incubus will automatically die, after the battle starts(^_^) 
Your Shooting Styles will be terrible if you do that though! 

If you are going for GOLD in the shooting syles category, I
suggest using your handgun for the entire battle. After Incubus
stops casting the lightning, run upon him, AIM your handgun, then
FIRE, while backstepping. This way you can boost up your middle 
and long range shots.


Incubus is a incarnation of the mental image of the "God" that Dhalia
had. Incubus resembles a Baphomet. Incubus is faught only if Dhalia
is able to complete the ritual with no interruptions. 
(Good+ or Good Ending)

-----------------------Final Boss 2  "Incubator/Mother of God"
Suggested Weapons: Shotgun, Rifle, Handgun, 

Location: Unknown Realm (after Nowhere/Alessa's room)

Survival Guide:

Depending on your endings (Bad+ and Bad) you'll have to face Alessa.
I like to call her "Queen Alessa" during the battle. Alessa has a 
barrier, you can't touch, that's protecting her. So stay away from 
the barrier and shoot her from a distance. Shoot her with either 
your Shotgun or Huting Rifle. As she raises her arm, and you see 
lightning, run counterclock wise, and hopefully you won't get 
struck by the lightning. If you do get struck, use about 3 or 4 
health drinks if you needed it. Repeat! (Same strategy as Incubus.)
Hand-weapons are not an option during this battle. 


Incubator/Alessa is faught only if Dhalia is able to complete the 
ritual with no interruptions. (Bad and Bad+) Alessa mental image
is projected. The name Incubator signifies an premature baby.


H6.) Silent HIll Characters Bio


Harry Mason  ::Age-32::
Gender: Male
Occupation: Writer

Harry Mason is the protagonist of the game. He is also 
a writer. It's unknown what type's of things he wrote 
(novels, article's etc.) Harry's lost his wife 4 years 
prior to him and his daughter visiting Silent Hill. 
Harry and his wife found a baby girl, 3 years before 
she passed away. They adopted the child, since no one 
knew the child biological parents, or family for that 
matter. Harry and his wife named the child Cheryl. Every 
since Harry lost his wife, Cheryl has been the only 
person to keep him happy. A few years after Harry wife 
passed, Cheryl tells Harry that she wants to visit 
Silent Hill. Harry sets a vacation date, and takes her 
to Silent Hill. 


Cheryl Mason  ::Age-7::
Gender: Female
Occupation: Elementary school student

The daughter of Harry Mason. Cheryl was adopted. She was 
found on the side of a road as a baby. She was not Harry's
biological. A very cheerful type of girl. She later begins 
to feel the urge to visit Silent Hill. She asks her father 
to take her there. He surprises her one day, and takes her 
on a vacation. 


Cybil Bennett  ::Age-28::
Gender: Female
Occupation: Police Officer

Cybil is a police officer from Brahms. Brahms is another
town located near Silent Hill. She was sent to investigate
a lost communication with Silent Hill. Upon her arrival, 
she crashes her motorcycle. When she awakes she soon, 
realize that every road leaving SIlent HIll is destroyed.
Cybil has a tough attitude and has no problems investigating
things on her own. She is rather curious, but can be quite
nonchalant at times. 


Michael Kaufmann  ::Age-50::
Gender: Male
Occupation: Director of the Alchemilla Hospital

When Harry first encounters Michael Kaufmann, Kaufmann
seems to be a innocent civilian, but he is far from it.
Kaufmann is a crooked man, who has ties with Dhalia Gillespie 
and "The Order". Kaufmann is responsible for keeping Alessa
alive. He stays relatively calm most of the time, but has a
quick temper, which causes him to act violently. Kaufmann
is a drug trafficker, who deals with various people 
around town. He specializes exclusively with PTV 
(a very strong hallucinogen drug). He also sells drugs to 
the locals and tourist in Silent Hill. He has yet to be 
caught by the cops, but continues to test his luck. 
Harry helps Kaufmann throughout the game, but ironically, 
Kaufmann is one of the story's antagonists. 


Lisa Garland  ::Age-23::
Gender: Female
Occupation: Nurse
Born in SIlent HIll, as a child Lisa attended Midwich 
Elementary School. Later, she bacame a nurse for the 
Alchemilla Hospital. Lisa has a good attitude towards 
things and seems like a cheerful person. She was put in 
charge of Alessa's care by the Alchemilla Hospital 
administrator, Dr. Michael Kaufmann. Lisa was instructed to
keep Alessa stabilized and alive. This was her only duties
at the hospital until further notice. Lisa was addicted 
to PTV, given to her by Kaufmann, Lisa stayed as long as 
the drugs kept coming. 


Dahlia Gillespie ::Age-46::
Gender: Female
Occupation: Owner of Green Lion Antiques

Dhalia seems to be the leader, or is one of the leaders
of "The Order". She gives her daughter, Alessa Gillespie,
as a scrifice to her "God". She believes heavily in 
fortune telling (which is usually correct). She helps 
Harry throughout the game, of course in the benefit of 
herself. Harry can reach places that Dhalia cannot, so 
she basically uses him to her advantage. Dhalia is very
deceitful and talks in a different style. She never gives
a direct answer, and it seems as if she speaks with 
riddle's. Dhalia is the person responsible for setting 
the series of events that take place in Silent Hill. 


Alessa Gillespie ::Age-14::
Gender: Female
Occupation: *the developers states that her occupation is 
             uknown*  So I'll just say Elementary school 

Daughter of Dahlia Gillespie. Alessa attended Midwich 
Elementary School. Alessa was teased in terrible ways
as a young child. Alessa knew a lot of things about the
cult at a very young age. Although Alessa was suppose to 
follow her mother footsteps and take over as the leader 
of "The Order", but she wants nothing to do with it. Dhalia 
rituals caused Alessa to carry the "God" within her.She was 
the sacrifice given by her mother Dhalia, to the cult's 
"God". Cheryl was serperated when the ritual took place.
Alessa's pain creates anger, which causes the paranormal 
effects to happen.


I7.) Locations in Silent Hill

*OLD SILENT HILL* - Basically the residential area. 
                    Most of the locals in Silent Hill 
                    lives in this area. 

8 - A gernal store located at the top of the map. 
    Normal house supplies can be found here, as well
    as groceries.

Cafe 5 to 2 - This is where Harry wakes up and meets 
              Cybil at the beginning of the game. A 
              local cafe. A small restaurant where 
              coffee, drinks and snacks are sold. 

Balkan Church - The church where you first encounter
                Dhalia. Local townsfolk attended this
                church. This church was said to have
                been ignored by "The Order", but 
                Dhalia is seen there. (?)

Midwich Elementary School - The only school in Silent
                            Hill. Located on the south
                            west of the map. Lisa and 
                            Alessa both attended the 
                            school. K.Gordon was a 
                            teacher there. 

CENTRAL SILENT HILL - This is where the tourist stayed
                      while visiting. Basically this 
                      was the buisness district of 
                      Silent Hill.

Nathan Drugs - The local drug store noticed in Silent
               Hill. (It also appeared in the movie)

Green Lion Antiques - A very small antique shop, owned
                      by Dhalia Gillespie. Dhalia and 
                      "The Order" operated here. They 
                      also performed various rituals
                      here. This was also known to be
                      The Order's church. 

Silent Hill Town Center - The local shopping mall. 
                          Silent Hill's residence and 
                          tourist, both shopped at this 
                          mall. Dhalia's "Green Lion 
                          Antiques" shop is next door 
                          to the mall. 

Alchemilla Hospital - Silent HIll's local hospital. 
                      The hospital is managed by 
                      Dr. Michael Kaufmann. Lisa 
                      Garland is also an employee there. 
                      The hospital seems to be a ploy,
                      so Michael Kaufmann can distribute

Silent Hill Police Station - This small Police station is 
                             where the towns officers work.
                             Officers retrieve their orders 
                             and head out to the streets of 
                             Silent Hill. To protect and 
                             serve. Prior to the "alternate"
                             Silent Hill paranormal effects, 
                             The police were working on a 
                             case, involving the drug 
                             trafficking in Silent Hill.


SILENT HILL - RESORT AREA - A lot of tourist visited this 
                            part of the town. It was more 
                            sightseeing for guest to the 
                            town. This area is north of the 
                            Toluca lake. 

Indian Runner - A Locally owned store. It's mainly a small 
                general store. This store is also a ploy, 
                because PTV is either being used, or 
                distributed by the store's manager. The 
                owner most likely knows, or is affiliated 
                with Kaufmann.

Norman Motel - A motel that is located near the Indian 
               Runner. Built mostly for tourist, but 
               Michael Kaufmann apperently lives there;
               or he does his "buisness" there.

Lakeview Hotel - A Hotel building that was destroyed by a 

The Lighthouse - A lighthouse that is located on Toluca Lake.

Lakeside Amusement Park - A theme park built mostly for 


J8.) Silent Hill Storyline/Plot

Orginal Starting Date: 8.16.07

I've decided to add a storyline/plot to my FAQ for Silent Hill 1. 
*Note: Some are my thoughts of the game, nothing is official*

I hope this helps most of you learn more about the Silent Hill storyline. 


                           [*-Sometime in the 1500's-*]

Before settlers came from Europe, the area where Silent Hill was founded,
was a holy place. Some think the land was possessed by a mysterious power.

There was an Indian Tribe in an area in America, that area later became 
Maine in history. The area was known for its sacred place by the Tribe.
They called it the “Place of the Silenced Spirits”. There were rituals used
at the sacred place, practices by the Tribe. There were 2 stones used
during the practices. These stones were called the “Nahkeehona”. 
The Tribe was able to speak with their dead ancestors during the rituals. 
The Indian Tribe was driven away by settlers and had to abandon their town.

                   *England begins to colonize North America.*

               [*-Sometime in the 1600 ' s (some think after 1621) - *]

Settlers build a town in the same area where the “sacred” place was 
located. Some settlers heard about the rituals that took place in the 
area, so the settlers made their own cult named “The Order”. They
also renamed the “Nahkeehona” to “Mother Stone”. So the Settlers 
now used the “Mother Stone” to talk to the dead. Jennifer Caroll was 
known as an important member of “The Order”. She was later burned 
to death by Christians for her beliefs. Her statue was built in
Rosewater Park. The town's name and the Indian Tribe name was  
forgotten by time.                                   

                      *Salem Witch Trials in Massachusetts.*

                           [*-Sometime Around 1700-*]

A fatal disease falls on the settlers and they decide to abandon 
their homes.

                        *U.S declaration of independence.*

                          *George Washington Elected.*

                          [*-Sometime Around 1810-*]

                          *There was a war in 1812.*
The town has now been abandoned. The town is now a penal colony called 
“Silent Hill”. The Silent Hill prison was built along with the 
Brookhaven Hospital. People died during the construction of these 2 
places. The hospital became famous because it brung in another unknown 
disease. Some people believed the disease was brought by a unknown 
power only in the area.

                              [*-Sometime  in 1820-*]
*Maine becomes a state.* Allen Smith paints Waterfront Landscape.
Admission of a prisoner (C-221) in the Silent Hill prison. 

            *Beginning of forced removal plicy for Native Americans.*

                          [*-Sometime Around 1840-*]

                         Silent Hill Prison is closed. 

                          [*-Sometime Around 1850-*]

Locals in Silent Hill discovered coal. The Witse coal mine is founded.
This would help the town become more active and noticeable, by surrounding


*The Civil War has started in America.* Patrick Chester, who is from Silent Hill
(son of Edward), goes to fight in the war along with his father Edward Chester.
Patrick dies during the battle and a monument will be erected in the 
Rosewater Park.


              Toluca Prison Camp is built for Prisoners Of War (POW).

The Silent Hill cult, “The Order” has great influence over the locals in 
area. This was a period in time where religion and beliefs were strong 
among the townsfolk. The Order had their own God, in which they
worshipped in many different ways. The Order was divided into two
important sections: 1.) The Holy Mother section, and 2.) the Saint Ladies 
section. Many years later, a third section would appear, that was created
by Jimmy Stone for the valet of God, Valtiel. Those who followed Jimmys
section dressed like this Valtiel and wore a pyramid-shaped hood to 
illustrate his will. These people were also known as executioners, who 
were ruthless against condemned people. They tortured people in 
atrocious ways for their crimes. 

**sknmak notes:: Valtiel plays a very important role in the Silent Hill series
and events that take place. Valtiel are relentless when it comes to birthing 
their "god"**
                            *The Civil War has ended.* 

                   Toluca Prison Camp is now the Toluca Prison.


                *End of the Native Americans organized resistance.* 
          A lot of People in Silent Hill began to mysteriously disappear.

                           [*-Sometime Around 1900-*]

Toluca Prison closes and SIlent Hill becomes a sightseeing area. 
Silent Hill Historical Society was built over Toluca Prison, but some 
things and areas from the Toluca Prison were kept for historical values.


In November, a boat with tourist on board named “Little Baronees” 
disappears in the lake named “Toluca Lake”. No survivors or bodies 
were found. The cause of the accident is unknown. More stange events 
happened at Toluca Lake.

                             Michael Kaufmann is born. 

                             Dahlia Gillespie is born

Wiltse coal mine closes and Silent Hill develops a tourist industry,
although it suffers from a lot of boat accidents. Strange events 
happen around Toluca Lake, and there is a mysterious thick fog 
at Toluca Lake. The boat accidents at Toluca Lake gave Silent Hill a 
poor reputation as a sightseeing area.

                               Harry Mason is born.

                              Cybil Bennett is born. 

                          [*-Sometime Around 1960-*]

                         *Lisa Garland is born in 1960.*
The mayor of Silent Hill dies. Police Officer Gucci dies, due to a heart 
disease. Some think that Gucci could have been “involved” around the 
White Claudia investigation. People who wanted to develop the Resort 
area died as well, in mysterious ways. Some people thought the random 
deaths were a curse. 
                             [*-Between 1964-1967-*]

Lisa Garland will attend Midwich Elementary School sometime in/after

                         [*-Sometime between 1950-1975-*]

Dhalia Gillespie owned an antique shop in Central Silent Hill, called 
the “Green Lion Antiques”. No one knows how Dhalia obtained this shop, 
but it was her place of business. This was also the place where 
“The Order” conducted their operations and rituals. A perfect hideout.   

Alessa Gillespie is born, daughter of Dahlia Gillespie. Father unknown.


Alessa Gillespie (6) knows about the cult and the “God within her. She 
probably learned all of this from her mother Dahlia. Alessa met and 
had a best friend named Claudia. Alessa and Claudia were cult sisters.
Alesssa wants nothing to do with the cult. Alessa and Claudia were very
close, almost as if they were real sisters. Claudia was 2 years younger 
than Alessa. Dhalia is an important member of the cult, Dhalia told the 
people that she could give birth to their “God”.

                          [*-Sometime During 1975-*]

Alessa (6) lived a hard life at a young age. Alessa's classmates called her
witch and wrote terrible things on her desk (drop dead, thief etc.) 
When Alessa was being called a witch by a lot of her classmates, 
Alessa decides to run off to the girls bathroom crying. While 
crying, Alessa encounters the school Janitor, Collin. He walks by
the bathroom stall, where Alessa is crying and notices her all alone.
Collin, the school Janitor rapes Alessa (presumably). 

** MOVIE REFERENCE:: Presumably this made Alessa more afraid of men.
This could also've been the influence of Pyramid Head existence,
and the Janitor in the girls bathroom, in “alternate” Silent Hill **
** GAME REFERENCE: This could be why the corpse was in the bathroom
tied up in barbed wire, in Silent Hill 1. **

No one knew about what the happened in the girls restroom. 
K. Gordon, who was Alessa teacher, was worried about Alessa behavior  
and the she would not go any further in life.

** GAME REFERENCE: Remember that K. Gordon had a huge blood stain near 
his house in the game **

                            [*-1976 continued-*]

Alessa is now 7 years old. Dhalia, Alessa's mother, now feels that the 
moment has come for the arrival to birth the “God” within Alessa.
Dhalia is the reason Alessa is impregnated with the "God"
Dhalia locks Alessa within the basement in order to perform the 
ritual of birth. Dhalia decides to use fire for this special ceremony.
Dhalia fells that she must put Alessa through great pain in order to 
draw out the “God”. The ritual begins, but the fire begins to spread 
throughout the house. Dhalia destroyed 6 houses in the process. 
The fire was said to have been an accident and nothing more. 
While being transported to the Alchemilla Hospital, Alessa prevents 
the birth of the God by dividing her soul into two parts, One half of the
soul is within Alessa, and the other half of Alessa's soul is left on the
outskirts of the city, in the form of a baby girl. When Alessa made it to
the Alchemilla Hospital, the cult locks Alessa body in a secret room
below the hospital, in the basement. When Alessa divided her
soul, she also divided the “foetus” as well, leaving half of the power
inside of her. Apparently, the cult members (“The order”) knows that the 
other half is missing from Alessa. The cult manages to cast a spell 
that will bring Alessa's other half back to her. The cult feels that 
Alessa's pain should be enough to bring the other half of the soul back.
They also used hallucinogenic drugs on Alessa, this makes her torment

Michael Kaufmann (43) and Dahlia Gillespie, Alessa mother, have ties 
with each other. Michael Kaufmann is the director of the Alchemilla
Hospital and he works with the Silent Hill cult. He wants power and
wealth, so he sells drugs (White Claudia) to tourist and local townsfolk.
He causes problems around Silent Hill to avoid being caught. Dhalia
also uses crooked doctors to advance her plans. So this is how it was 
possible for Alessa body to be put in the secret basement in the hospital 
of all places. Michael and Dhalia connections, along with other doctors, 
that are part of the cult, was why this situation was able to happen.  

Michael Kaufmann puts Lisa Garland (16) in charge of Alessa's care.
Some say that Kaufmann addicted Lisa to drugs. He supplied her with drugs
so that she would watch Alessa condition closely. Whatever the case is,
Lisa WAS on white claudia and WAS addicted, and that's why she did what 
Kaufmann told her to do; for the exchange of drugs. Lisa and Kaufmann 
took drugs together. 

**It is also believed Lisa and Kaufmann also had "relations" with each 

Lisa gives Alessa a diary, and they both becomes friends. Lisa is afraid that 
Alessa would die, because of her servere burns and wounds, but somehow, Alessa 
was still alive.

Sometime after Alessa splits her soul, Harry Mason (25) and his wife, 
who were on vacation in Silent Hill, finds the baby on side of the road. 
Harry and his wife decided to adopt the baby, since no one knew who the 
baby belonged to. They named the baby Cheryl. Cheryl Mason.

**Some SH books conclude that Harry found Cheryl on side of the rode 4 years
after his wife death. They also state that Harry wife died 2 years after 
Alessa's birth. However, the Silent Hill intro concludes that Harry found 
Cheryl while his wife was alive.** 

                         Harry's wife dies from an illness

                            [*-During 1981 - 1983-*] 

Dr. Michael Kaufmann begins to grow inpatient with Dhalia and Alessa's 
so called “God”. He has housed Alessa for nearly 7 years and nothing has
come good from it. He has also kept Alessa alive and stabilized. During 
this period of time Kaufmann starts to not trust Dhalia, and hides samples
of the aglaophotis. ** (Youll learn more about aglaophotis below) **

                                  (Silent Hill 1)
Lisa Garland somehow kept her thoughts and things she witnessed on video 
tapes. Even though Lisa was on drugs, Lisa decides to leave Alessa.
She could not take the sight of the child suffering any longer. Lisa 
doesn't want to be in charge of Alessa any more and decides to quit
Alchemilla Hospital. Kaufmann felt that Lisa was never going to come back, 
he felt a betray. Kaufmann Kills Lisa by beating her to death in a violent 

Alessa begins to write in her diary.

*Quote from SH tears: Alessa diary*

*April 15: Alessa wants to go play outside. Lisa told her that her bandages 
will be removed soon. Cult members came to visit her but she didn't 
understand what they were saying. 

*April 16: Someone is talking near Alessa's room. She says that 
Kaufmann is worried about her health and doesn't talk to her a lot. 
A guest is coming to visit Alessa.

*April 17: The cult are talking about Alessa's resurrection 
(or maybe about God or Cheryl). Alessa's scared. Something is obviously 
worrying the cult members. But what? Then she remembers her guest: 
Harry Mason who's coming late at night for a vacation to Silent Hill 
with Cheryl.

*April 18: Alessa cannot leave her room by telling the cult members 
or she'll be tied up. She hopes Harry will understand her behavior
when she'll meet him. She must reunite with Cheryl and run away.

*April 19: Alessa wants to go out of her room. She's holding a pendant. 

*April (no date): Alessa remembers the God she's carrying and demands 
herself to die for the good of humanity. She considers herself as a fool for 
letting that thing growing up and bringing pain. After finding Cheryl, 
her plan will be suicide to prevent God's birth

Cheryl (7) starts to feel Alessa's pain subconsciously and ask her father,
Harry, to take her to SIlent Hill for a family vacation.

** MOVIE REFERENCE:: Supposedly Lisa decided to look directly at Alessa, 
behind the hospital bed curtains, and Lisa was shocked at what she saw.
Lisa saw Alessa's charred and third degree burns. Alessa punished Lisa
by making Lisa eyes bleed for all eternity. 
It also appears that Lisa has no eyelids either while bleeding**

                        *Silent HIll*
Harry Mason is taking his daughter, Cheryl, on the vacation that she
had been talking about repeatedly. Harry never thought about why Cheryl 
wanted to go to Silnt Hill, he just wanted to make his little girl happy.
Harry see's an Officer pass by on a motorcycle. The Officer speeds up 
into the night. Harry looks and see's that the Officers motorcycle is 
on side of the Highway, as Harry looks ahead, he notices an image of a 
female girl. Alessa (14) knew Harry and Cheryl was coming, so she sent 
an image of herself. Harry panics, swerves and crashes the Jeep. 

Harry awakes and finds out his daughter is missing. He notices a 
little girl that resembles his daughter. He follows the little girl down 
an alley. Then, the daylight becomes the pitch black night. Harry uses his 
lighter to, somewhat, illuminate the darkness. Harry continues to search, 
when he stumbles upon a bloody corpse hanging from a gate. Harry is then 
hacked to the ground by little demons.

Harry wakes up at a Cafe from a frightening dream, which felt almost 
realistic. Harry meets an Officer. The Officer apparently carried, or pulled 
Harry to the Cafe, after the crash. The Officer reveals that her name is 
Cybil. Cybil (28) is the cop that was on the highway. Cybil tells Harry that 
she's from Brahms and that she was sent to investigate the lost 
communication with Silent Hill. She also tells Harry that the town's empty. 
Harry tells her that his daughter is missing. Cybil decides to give 
Harry a gun, since the town is dilapidated. Cybil's Radio isn't working 
and the phones are not working either. No one is in the town. Cybil tells 
Harry that she would go look for help, and tells Harry to be careful and stay 
nearby. Cybil leaves the Cafe. Harry looks around the Cafe and notices 
that a radio, on the cafe table, suddenly started making static like noises. 
Harry walks over to the radio and a demon burst through the glass window. 
This demon had no skin, was bloody and had wings. Harry shoots the winged 
demon until it dies. Harry begins to realize, that he is not dreaming. 
Harry leaves the Cafe area to search for his daughter.

Harry and Cybil find out that every street entering and leaving Silent Hill 
has been destroyed.

By Cheryl's soul coming within close proximity of Alessa's soul, this
triggers the “alternate” Silent Hill effect. 

Alessa and Cheryl are now one soul, and so is the “God”. Alessa hides 
in the “alternate” world so her mother, Dhalia (47), cannot reach her.
Alessa also uses the “Seal of Metatron” to slow down the development 
of the foetus thats inside of her. Alessa does a not want the so called 
“God” to be born. Alessa wants to commit suicide, therefore, the “God” 
will die. Alessa resurrects Lisa Garland to slow down Harry from finding 
Cheryl too quickly.

** The “alternate” Silent Hill is known to be Alessa's nightmares and 
thoughts. When this effect happens, everything in sight disappears as the 
day quickly turns into night. Pitch black night, with no moonlight. 
There are more demons allowed to roam the town in “alternate” Silent Hill. 
The town has completely changed, things are now made of metal and bloody 
chains, the walls are bloody as well, etc. There are more disgusting 
things around the town. This is Alessa's hate and fear tied together. 
One thing is certain, the demons can and will attack. Alessa is too 
unstable to control her thoughts, pain, anger, and the demons. However, 
there are a few sequences in the game when the “paranormal” effect 
happens and Silent Hill is still in it's “original” state, but it's 
just dark everywhere. As the game progress, reality slowly becomes the 
paranormal effect. ** 

Meanwhile, Harry hears church bells, and runs to the nearby church. Harry
enters the church and encounters a woman. Harry asks the woman if she was the 
person ringing the bells. The woman tells Harry that she had been waiting 
for him. She tells him that it was told by Gyromancy. (basically religious
fortune-telling). She asks Harry if he was there looking for the girl.
Harry asks about his daughter, Cheryl. The woman on the other hand lies 
to Harry, and tells him that the Flauros can stop the demons from spawning 
over SIlent Hill. She tells him Samael (flase name to the Seal of Metatron)
is causing all of demons to spawn. Harry's been through alternate SIlent Hill 
and back, and believes what she says. The woman leaves Harry the Flauros, 
but what she didn't tell him was that the Flauros was a device used to STOP 
the Seal of Metatron's effect. She gives Harry a hint about where his daughter 
might be. She also gives Harry an item that will help him reach his destination 
(bridge key etc.) the woman leaves the room through a door in the church, 
despite Harry's pleads. Harry heads to the hospital, following Dhalia's hints.

Harry encounters Michael Kaufmann (50) at the 
Alchemilla Hospital, and Kaufmann nearly kills him. Kaufmann 
had killed a demon before Harry walked into the room. 
They both explain to each other, that they didn't know what's happening in
Silent Hill. Kaufmann tells Harry that he was taking a nap, and when 
he had awoken, the hospital was empty, and everyone had disappeared. 
After talking for a short while. They both went their separate ways. 

Later, while continuing through the hospital, Harry Mason, finds a red 
liquid on the floor in the Directors Office. Harry, who doesn't even 
know what this red substance is or does, takes some of it. While 
searching through the hospital, the hospital changes to the “alternate” 
SIlent Hill. Harry searches through the hospital and notices a hospital
room in the basement. The hospital room consisted of a bed, doctor 
equipment and a picture. There's a picture of a girl, and the picture
reads, “Alessa”. Harry is confused and leaves the room.

Harry continues through the hospital, and finds a woman named
Lisa Garland hiding. Lisa(23) tells Harry that she is afraid and has no 
idea about whats going on. Lisa also tells Harry that she passed out 
and when she had awoken everything had changed. Harry asks about his
daughter, but Lisa doesn't remember a thing. Harry ask Lisa if she 
knows about the weird things that are in the basement. Lisa tells him
that no one is allowed in the basement area, under strict orders.
Harry hears sirens and passes out. Harry can hear Lisa's voice fading. 

Harry regains his conscious, but the hospital is normal again. Harry is 
sitting on a stretcher. Harry encounters the woman again. The woman 
tells Harry that he was too late and that he is wasting time. She reveals 
that her name is Dhalia Gillespie. She tells Harry his next destination. 
The Antique Shop. Dhalia leaves the room. She leaves Harry the Antique 
Shop key. This time Dhalia seems to be upset. She tells Harry that he 
must stop the crest marks on the ground from spreading across Silent 
Hill, or all will be lost. Dhalia is referring to the symbols in 
“alternate” Silent Hill. Once again Dhalia has given Harry another hint. 

Shortly after Harry leaves the hospital, Dhalia has other motives on her 
mind. Dhalia heads to the Directors Office, finds and destroy the 
aglaophotis. She finds the aglaophotis (substance that repeals demons 
from a host) spilled all over the floor; she gets rid of it. 

- ** Note: Some people think that Kaufmann left the aglaophotis on the floor,
as a decoy into fooling Dhalia; so she wouldn't think that he had more.
Other people thinks, that Dhalia reached the hospital before Harry and 
Kaufmann altogether, and destroyed the aglaophotis.
As the game plays out, that doesn't seem to completely be the case. 
Dhalia destroyed the aglaophotis in Kaufmann's Director Office, AFTER
Kaufmann leaves the hospital. However, Kaufmann did leave the aglaophotis 
in his office on purpose for Dhalia to find. ** -

Kaufmann (50), who is trapped in Alessa's alternate world somehow, feels 
that Dhalia had set him up. Kaufmann doesn't know that Alessa is causing 
all of the demons to spawn. Kaufmann decides that he would use Alessa's 
powers to his advantage, since he felt betrayed by Dhalia. Kaufmann 
betrays Dhalia. Kaufmann must have known that Dhalia wasn't trustworthy, 
because he kept extra samples of the aglaophotis, that Dhalia didn't know 

Harry reaches the Antique shop and encounters Cybil again. Harry almost
shoots Cybil, but he lowers his gun. Cybil tells Harry about the drug flow 
in Silent Hill. Cybil is reluctant to Harry's talk about the cult and 
demons. Harry tells her about Dhalia and the darkness, but Cybil 
thinks that Dhalia is on drugs. Cybil reveals the fact that there is a 
drug flow in Silent Hill. Harry continues searching through the Antiques 
Shop and discovers a hole in the wall. Cybil and Harry decides to 
check it out. Harry insists that would check it out first. It's safe. 
Harry begins to ask Cybil has she experienced anything like the 
alternate world that he'd been through. Harry tries to explain the 
darkness, and the nurse named Lisa he met in the alternate Silent Hill.
Cybil doesn't understand Harry, and thinks that he's just tired. 
At this point, it seems that Cybil has not entered the “alternate” 
Silent Hill. Cybil tells Harry that she would cover him. Harry continues 
walking through the hole, leaving Cybil, behind, and discovers some 
sort of chapel. Harry looks around and begins to walk away, but he turns 
to look at the chapel again and he see's flames coming from the candles 
around the chapel. Harry hears the sirens again and falls to his knees, 
Cybil is asking Harry is he alright from a distance. Harry passes out. 

Harry suddenly awakes at the hospital where he had first found Lisa 
Garland, in the examination room. Lisa insures Harry that he never left 
the room. She tells him that he had a bad dream. Harry is stunned, 
because he can't figure out why his dream felt so realistic up to that 
point. He asks about Dhalia, and Lisa gives him information on Dhalia, 
well at least what she knows about Dhalia and the “religion” most people 
practiced in the town. She does, however, give Harry great detail about 
Silent Hill and its residence. Harry once again looses his conscious. 

Harry awakes at the Antique shop again, except this time Harry is in 
“alternate” SIlent Hill. Harry makes his way back to the hospital. 
While he was on his way, he notices marks and symbols that are embedded 
into the ground (the ground is now steel and metal). When Harry makes it 
back to the hospital and goes into the examination room to ask Lisa a 
question, Lisa was happy to see that Harry had come back. Harry wants 
to know how to get to the lake, and Lisa helps him. She tells Harry
how to get near the lake. Harry attempts to leave, but Lisa asks Harry 
not to go. Lisa doesn't want to be left alone. Harry asks her to come with
him, but Lisa feels that she is suppose to stay at the hospital. Lisa
tells Harry that she feels cold and that she's afraid. Harry tells 
her that he'll be back, as soon as he finds his daughter.

After taking Lisa's advice, Harry finally reaches his destination,
the resort area in SIlent Hill. Upon reaching the resort area, Harry
notices something odd, and walks into Annie's Bar. As Harry entered
the bar, he notices a demon trying to kill Kaufmann. Harry shoots 
the demon, and Kaufmann is very thankful. Kaufmann and Harry both 
explain that neither of them has found away out of Silent Hill. 
Kaufmann suggest that they should not give up and keep looking. 
As Kaufmann is exiting the bar, Harry asks Kaufmann if he knows 
a girl named Alessa. Kaufmann answers, “No” and leaves. Harry leaves
the bar. Kaufmann is nowhere to be found.

Harry has now reached Norman's Hotel in the resort area of Silent Hill. 
Harry looks through various rooms. Harry finds a garage area and examines 
a motorcycle. Harry discovers a red bottle containing a red substance. 
Kaufmann enters the area and gets extremely angry with Harry. Kaufmann 
snatches the red bottle from Harry and leaves.

While Harry is searching for Cheryl, Silent Hill changes into “alternate”
Silent Hill. Harry now knows that he is not dreaming and everything is 
real. Harry continues to search. Harry runs into Cybil on a boat, near 
the Lighthouse. They both are still looking for Cheryl. Cybil still
doesn't believe Harry's accusations about the “alternate” Silent Hill, 
although she is now present in the “alternative” Silent Hill. Cybil 
witnessed the snow and fog turn into night with dark rain, but still 
acts reluctant. Dhalia has now entered the boat, as worried as ever.
Dhalia continues to lie to Harry, by telling him that he should use
the Flauros on the demon thats taking the child form. She tells him
that the demon wants to use his daughter as a sacrifice. She tells
him to hurry and check the Lighthouse and the amusement park for the 
demon. Cybil is determined to help Harry find his daughter, so she 
decides to check out the amusement park. Cybil leaves, then Dhalia 
leaves. Harry heads to the Lighthouse.

Cybil is later attacked by a demon, while on her way to the amusement 

** The demon that attacked Cybil, was most likely Dhalia's doing. **

When Harry reaches the top of the lighthouse, he was a little too late.
the image of the young girl, disappeared. Harry returns to the boat 
after checking the lighthouse, but Cybil hasn't returned yet. Harry heads
to the amusement park before it's too late. 

Harry eventually reaches the Amusement Park. He searches for any sign of
his daughter or Cybil. After searching around the pitch black amusement 
park, Harry decides to look on the merry-go-round. While searching, 
Harry encounters Cybil who's standing on the merry-go-round. Cybil 
shoots Harry, wounding him! Harry has no choice, but to quickly 
recover from the shot, or else the next bullet might be his last breath. 
Harry runs and hides behind the horses on the merry-go-round so Cybil 
can't get a clean shot. Harry now notices Cybils movements are slower, 
she isn't talking, and that her eyes are blood-shot red. Cybil aim 
isn't accurate, so Harry uses that flaw to his advantage. Harry tries 
to move around quickly without getting shot. Cybil fires randomly, 
while trying to kill Harry. After about 8 shots, Cybil gun is empty. 
Cybil, throws her gun away and starts walking towards Harry. Harry now 
has time to treat his wound, while Cybil is moving slowly without a 
weapon. Harry doesn't want to kill Cybil, so he buy's himself more time,
until he notices a demon on the back of Cybils shoulder. Harry now knows
that he has no choice and must kill Cybil, she's been possessed by the 
demon on her back. Harry kills Cybil by shooting her with the same gun
she had given him earlier. Cybil vomits up blood and chokes to death. 
The demon dies as well and bleeds. Harry is deeply depressed; he 
can't believe what had just happened. 

Harry leaves the merry-go-round area and walks though the amusement park
and encounters an image of a girl. Harry encounters the girl, but she 
doesn't disappear like the last female image in the lighthouse. Harry 
asks for his daughter to be released. The girl, uses her telekinesis 
powers to knock Harry to the ground. While Harry was being knocked to 
the ground, the Flauros slips out of Harry pocket, and begins to glow 
brightly. The Flauros provides Harry with a force field. This field is 
protecting Harry.The girl screams in pain as she falls to the ground. 
The Flauros effect is working on the girl. As Harry demands fpr the return 
of his daughter, Dhalia makes an appearance. Dhalia reveals the girl name 
to Harry, Alessa. Dhalia talks as if Harry isn't there. Alessa is too weak 
to defend herself against Dhalia's tight grip. Dhalia scolds Alessa, and 
tells her that it is time to go home. The force field around Harry glows 
brighter, as the Flauros effects takes place, and Harry looses sight of
what going on and looses conscious.

When Harry regains his conscious and view, he's back in the same room 
with Lisa. Lisa explains to Harry that although he told her not to go,
she went to the basement area. Lisa tells Harry that something happened
in the basement, but she can't remember. Lisa is scared. She tells Harry
that he doesn't understand, Harry tells her to stop; but she leaves the 
room anyways. Harry follows Lisa, but can't find her. After searching 
through a couple of rooms, Harry finally finds Lisa. Lisa tells Harry
that she's like the other demons. Lisa begins to bleed from her head and 
every orifice. As Lisa bleeds, she asks Harry to stay by her and to help 
her. She walks towards Harry in a staggering motion. Harry panics and runs 
to the door and leaves the room. Lisa tries to follow, but she can't open
the door. Harry is on the opposite side of the door, holding it, so Lisa
can't come out. Lisa knocks on the door as hard as she can, but Harry
refuses to let her out. the knocking stops, and Harry stops blocking the 
door and leaves the area. 

Harry has no idea where he is now. The rooms that he enters in this area
are places that he's already been (the small Green Lion Antiques, 
hospital rooms etc.) Harry reaches an area that looks like a bedroom. This 
is actually Alessa's bedroom. Harry notices a large door in the room and 
decides to see whats on the other side. This area now looks like a house.
This is Dhalia's and Alessa's home. Harry goes down the stairs, to a huge
area. He looks around and encounters Dhalia.

Dhalia has both Alessa and an unknown person (or thing) in a wheelchair. The
unknown person is covered with some sort of blanket. Harry once again ask 
Dhalia to tell him where his daughter is. Dhalia points to the wheelchair
and tells Harry, “She's right there”. Harry doesn't believe her. Alessa 
and Cheryl merge and there's a bright light. As the bright light dims, 
Alessa is in her true form. Cheryl is no more. Harry does not know this.
As Dhalia continues to gloat. Kaufmann appears unexpectedly with his 
revolver. Kaufmann points his gun at Dhalia, and demands that she return 
things to normal. Kaufmann shoots Dhalia, and continues his demand. 
Dhalia tells him that he is no longer useful. Kaufmann pulls out a sample 
of the aglaophotis. Dhalia gets worried, she didn't know that Kaufmann kept 
extra samples. This is the same sample that Kaufmann snatched from Harry 
in the garage area. Dhalia screams as Kaufmann throws the aglaophotis,
at Alessa. The aglaophotis liquid spills on her. Alessa screams in pain 
and falls to her knees. The demon, “Incubus”, erupts from Alessa's body. 
Kaufmann didn't think that a demon would be born from Alessa's body. 
Dhalia apparently told Kaufmann a lie, about what the aglaophotis really
does to the host. Dhalia laughs as Incubus levitates in the air with it's
long wings. Dhalia felt as if she would be saved by Incubus. Dhalia
sneaks up behind Kaufmann, while he's looking at the huge demon, and knocks
him unconscious. Incubus summons lighting bolts and shocks Dhalia. 
Dhalia falls to the floor, while on fire. Dhalia is dead. Harry must now 
battle the winged demon, "Incubus". 

Long story short, Harry uses his weapons to kill the demon, avoiding all
of the lighting bolts that Incubus slowly summoned. Inucbus is defeated 
and slowly levitates towards the ground. There is now a bright light 
surrounding Incubus. As the bright light dims, Alessa is there, still in 
her true form. Alessa has a baby in her hands. She hands the baby to 
Harry. The newborn baby is Alessa's and Cheryl's soul fused together
as one. Cheryl is reborn. She then points at a portal with a bright light. 
Alessa falls to the ground and lays there. Harry runs to the portal 
with the baby in his hand. Kaufmann regains his consciousness, and notices 
the bright portal that Alessa had created. Kaufmann stares at the portal, 
and begins to follow Harry. Before Kaufmann was able to start running, 
Lisa Garland, who has been transformed back to her dead/demonic self, 
raises from the grated floored area, and grabs Kaufmann. Kaufmann screams 
as Lisa pulls him into the depths of hell. Harry manages to escape with 
the baby, and reaches the “real” Silent HIll”. After a loud explosion, 
Alessa's dreams, thoughts, fears, and anger vanishes. The “alternate” 
Silent Hill is no more. 



Harry Mason has moved to Portland with his daughter, Cheryl Mason, who 
is now 5 years of age. Harry manages to live a normal life, although 
he hasn't forgotten anything that had happened. A cult member from  “The 
Order" manages to finds Harry and Cheryl. The cult member wants to take 
Cheryl, so that she could birth the “God”. Cheryl is the chosen one to 
birth the “God”. “The Order” feels that Cheryl has the reincarnated god 
within her. Harry shoots the un-named cult member dead. Harry goes to 
court over the matter, but he wins, because it was self-defense. He was 
only protecting his daughter and himself. Harry had always kept the 
aglaophotis he found at the AlchemillaHospital on the floor (red liquid 
in Kaufmann's office). Harry manages to put the aglaophotis in Cheryl's 
necklace. However, Cheryl does not know this. Harry decides to rename 
Cheryl, since the cult member came after them. He renames her, “*******”
(you'll have to find that out on your own lol:) As the young girl gets 
older with age, she decides to dye her hair blond. She isn't a violent 
girl, but she also carries a switch blade around for some unknown reason. 


Finshed: 8.23.07
Updated: 5.3.08

I used plenty of references while writing/typing this. 
I'll like to thank a couple of Web-sites, that I used for references:

- Of course the “Silent Hill” video-game 
- Conqerer for writing in-game script in a FAQ that he had made.
(that way I didn't have to play the game to read in-game dialogue)
- SHtears.com

Now remember, if you use my FAQ as a reference, all I ask is that you
include my name as well.


K9.) Silent Hill Q's and A's

I've been receiving a lot of e-mails regarding the 
Silent HIll storyline every since I updated my FAQ. 
I've been getting so many that I decided to add a 
Q's and A's section to my FAQ. I've also been 
receiving various questions about the game as well
(will there be a remake?) and things like that. 
Here are various questions I've received over the 
past few weeks (and years!)

Remember if you have questions, feel free to send me
a e-mail, and label it Silent Hill. 


!!!!!!!!!!!!MAJOR SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Q: Who or what is Samael?

A: Samael is the FAKE name told by Dhalia, to have 
   Harry believe that Samael was the reason that 
   everything was "happening" in Silent Hill. Samael 
   is the false name to the "Seal of Metatron".
   Basically there is no Samael.


Q: Why did Dhalia use Harry?
A: Dhalia had no choice, but to use Harry to her
   advantage. Alessa hid in "alternate" Silent Hill,
   in order to prevent Dhalia from reaching her. 
   Alessa wanted to commit suicide in order to stop the 
   birth of "God". Some kind of way, Dhalia was unable 
   to reach Alessa. So Dhalia helped Harry so that he 
   could eventually and hopefully weaken Alessa. She 
   lied to Harry by telling him that the Flauros would 
   stop Silent HIll from being taken over by the 


Q: What is the main purpose of the Flauros?

A: The Flauros is a pyramid shaped device of some 
   sort, that is used to STOP the "Seal of Metatron"
   effect. This device also would allow Dhalia to capture
   Alessa. Harry does not know this, because of Dhalia's 


Q: Was Lisa Garland ever truly alive in the game?

A: No. Lisa Garland died before Silent Hill 1 took 
   place. However, she was resurrected by Alessa, which 
   is why she seemed to be alive in the game. If you 
   pay attention closely while playing the game, you
   will eventually notice that Harry only encounters
   Lisa in "alternate" Silent Hill. Therefore, any 
   chances of Lisa being alive is thin, but it is 
   apparent that she was dead the entire time.

Q: Why is Cybil trapped in the Silent Hill?

A: Cybil was on her way to Silent Hill to investigate
   a lost communication with the town. When Cheryl came 
   within close proximity of Alessa, Cybil got caught up 
   in the paranormal effect. 

Q: Why is the town so empty?

A: I don't know. I'm guessing it's because of  
   Alessa and Cheryl (Alessa's other half of her soul) 
   reuniting. Only a "lucky" few was able to survive
   the paranormal effects. 

Q: How is it only the main character and the other
   NPC, are the only people in the town?

A: It seems that they all are there for a reason. 
   Harry brought Cheryl, Kaufmann was involed with 
  "The Order" , Dhalia caused Alessa extream pain. 
   Cybil seems to be the only character that happens 
   to get "caught up" in Alessa's nightmares. As far 
   as Kaufmann and Dhalia goes, Alessa could've planned 
   to trap them in Silent Hill out of anger and hate, 
   and decide to kill herself and leave those 2 trapped 
   in Silent Hill forever; but Harry and Cybil are there 
   as well. 

Q: What is Dhalia running away from in the opening FMV?

A: I still can't figure this one out. At first I thought 
   Dhalia was running away from the fire that she had 
   started (ritual to birth the "God"), but fire isn't 
   green? There's no telling what that part in the FMV
   relates too.

Q: Did Harry die in the Jeep accident?

A: No.


Q: Was the entire game just a dream and did everyone

A: Play SIlent Hill 3 and tell me :p


Q: What was the true effect of the aglaophotis?

A: I don't know the "true" effect of the aglaophotis,
   but I do know that it is a substance that repeals 
   demons from a host. It seems that Dhalia lied to 
   Kaufmann about the "true" effects of the aglaophotis.
   Perhaps there is a certain way to kill a demon that's 
   inside of a host by using the aglaophotis in a 
   different way..?.. Kaufmann threw the aglaophotis at 
   Alessa causing it to spill all over her skin. Perhaps 
   if Alessa would've swollowed the aglaophotis, then 
   maybe there would be no Incubus.....and Alessa probably 
   wouldv've thrown up the demon. (I have proof to protect
   my claims)  


Q: Why does Harry have the ability to go in and out 
   of "alternate" Silent Hill and not Dhalia?

A: Alessa cast some kind of spell (using the Seal) that 
   prevented only Dhalia from reaching her in "alternate"
   Silent Hill. Dhalia uses Harry, because for some reason, 
   Dhalia knows that Harry can enter "alternate" Silent 
   Hill. It seems that Dhalia, Kaufmann and Cybil does not
   enter "alternate" Silent Hill, although Kaufmann and 
   Cybil have no reason to enter "alternate" Silent Hill. 


Q: What is the true meaning to the puzzles??? I mean
   Silent Hill is mostly dark/grimy and mostly involve
   killing off enemies and surviving. Why so many puzzles.

A: Well Alessa childhood is the reason for the puzzles. 
   Honestly they are. I'm sure this is true for Silent 
   Hill 1 and 3. SH 2 is irrevelant as well and SH 4.
   BUT, some of Alessa's childhood fairy tales are shown
   in Silent Hill 2 (Snow White and Cinderella).   
   Most of the puzzles that lead to the next paths are 
   from Alessa's favorite childhood books. Meaning that 
   it is twisted in the "Otherworld" aka "Alternate Silent
   Example: The door that needs the 3 keys. Those 
   3 keys are: Woodman, Lion, Scarecrow. These keys comes 
   from the Fairy tale: The Wizard of Oz. Which is one of
   Alessa's favorite fairy tales. Another good example is 
   from the the Hospital. If you remember the Hostipal 
   puzzled when you need the: Plate of Cat, Hatter, Turtle
   and Queen. These are characters from Alice in Wonderland.
   Alice in Wonderland is an older fairy tale and was 
   eventually made into a cartoon movie. There are plenty
   of Alessa's manifested throughout the series, and there
   are plenty in Silent Hill 1 and 3. 


Q: Will there ever be a remake?
A: At this time, no. Who knows, Team Silent might make 
   a remake one day.


Q: What is that two story house in the opening movie?

A: The only explination I can come up with is that, this 
   house is Dhalia's and Alessa's home. It's not offcial, 
   but this is the only reason I could come up with. If 
   you can remember, in Nowhere after you leave Alessa's
   room, you are upstairs, and you must run downstairs to 
   confront Dhalia. This is the only 2 story house you enter,
   in the game. Also Dhalia tells Alessa during a 
   cut-scene that they are going home now. 


Q: In what state did Silent Hill take place?

A: In the game all research leads to the state, Maine. 
   In the movie it's somewhere West Virginia. 


Q: So is Cheryl even real?

A: Strictly speaking, no. Cheryl is the other half of 
   Alessa. Alessa split her soul, that means Cheryl
   is no more than Alessa's other half. When Alessa's
   other half of the soul was found by Harry and his wife,
   they named her Cheryl because she had no parents and 
   no family.


Q: Why didn't you include the School in your storyline?

A: I found the school to be mostly irrelevant to the 
   main storyline. Yeah, Cheryl leaves clues about the 
   school, but I don't how it affects the storyline in 
   any kind of way. The school only leaves clues about 
   things that happened during 1976 (Alessa gets picked on)
   and the symbols that are on the ground in the "alternate"
   school. Other than that, I see no need to type the whole 
   school level.


Q: Who is that baby at the end of the game? Cheryl??

A: That baby is basically a reincarnation of Alessa.
   You must remember that Cheryl was actually Alessa's 
   other half (of the soul). Cheryl really never existed, 
   it was only a name given to the other half of Alessa's 
   soul by Harry and his wife.


Q. What is Dhalia running away from in the opening scene?

A. It is not explained what Dhalia is running away from.
   It looks as if Dhalia is surprised at someone entering 
   the area where she was. There is also green lighting 
   in the area. 


L10.) After Thoughts About Silent Hill
I think that Silent Hill (1) is the most scariest game that I will 
ever fear the most. When I was in the 7th grade I was afraid of 
zombies, but in 1999, Silent Hill brought a new type of fear into my 
life. The game seemed so realistic! I wanted to know more about the 
game's Storyline, but was afraid to find out. Questions like, what was 
Samael? And why would the developers put astronomy in the game? 
Why would they speak so much of demons and the “underworld”? I think 
I know why ...................To scare the crap out of all the fans!! 
Face your fears is what this game should've been called. 
(  *_* )….“Who am I”  “Yeah, that's right you already know!!”       

M11.)----------Author's Notes

When I first played Silent Hill I was terrified! This game scared the 
heck put of me! Even in the daytime or in the morning!!! I was in the 
8th grade at the time, when the game was released. I truly don't know 
what made me start playing Silent Hill, but I rented the game and 
eventually bought it. I don't know why I rented a game that I was scared 
of (seriously), but I still rented it anyways. It took me 5 years to 
complete Silent Hill 1 for Psone! I was afraid to finish the game, 
and the riddles and puzzles were damn hard to fiqure out! The game 
is very good and heart-pounding exciting. The graphics are also nice 
for a Psone game. Controls are responsive and easy to get used. The 
story along with the different endings, makes this game very fun and 
intresting to replay (a lot of times). The game is very challenging 
and scary. There are plenty of secrets for you to earn in Silent Hill. 
The music is pretty nice too. The voice acting is pretty good also. But 
I still feel that Harry should have been a little scared while he was 
in Silent Hill. He should of had a little trembeling in his voice or 
something. The voice acting is o.k though. I wish that Konami would 
remake this great game for the Playstation 3 or something, that would 
be nice. 

I would like to: THANK YOU ALL for reading my FAQ/Walkthrough for 
Silent Hill.

___________________________________GOOD LUCK WHILE PLAYING!

I hope you all have fun scaring yourselves while playing Silent Hill!

{I THANK YOU “THE READERS” for using my FAQ/Walkthrough/Guide.}

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