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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Warhawk

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    Winner of GameFAQs' FAQ of the Month November 2003
    Silent Hill FAQ/Walkthrough
    Part One: Welcome to Hell
    Written by:Stephen "Warhawk" Harris
    Created:December 14, 2002
    Finished:October 16, 2003
    PayPal Donation:gamefaqswarhawk@gmail.com
    Hi, I am Stephen Harris and some of you may know me as Warhawk, because I am somewhat a frequent talker on the boards, you may even read some of my other guides that I have posted on Game FAQs. This is my first attempt at doing an FAQ/Guide for a Survivor Horror title and I hope that you'll be able to find this guide as useful once it is posted. I hope that when you read this FAQ/Guide for Silent Hill that you'll able to beat the game as my writing skills aren't that good because sometimes I seem to have trouble explaining things.Let me assure you that Ill try explaining on how to get through this game as much (even that I have because of my somewhat poor grammar). I hope that you'll be able to understand what I'm trying to say while reading but just try to work with me while reading this guide. Now you can read on and hopefully beat the game. Hope will enjoy this game as much as I did when I played it for the first time or playing this game for like the 20th time.

    Author's Note: This FAQ/Walkthrough contains explicit language.