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Silent Bomber has everything a great PlayStation game needs, and much more.
As one of the Silent Bombers you are plunged into a stunning 3D world of the Dante Super Battle Ship. Where the dark corridors and shadowy complexes play host to hordes of deadly inhabitants. Using utmost stealth and ingenuity, you must pick your way around every corner with the aim of eradicating everything in your sights.
- Fast paced, compelling and addictive arcade action gameplay
- 26 diverse missions keep your blood pressure rising and the adrenaline pumping from the start to the finish.
- An extensive tutorial training mission turns virgin gamers into master players.
- Incredibly fast, smooth and detailed 3D engine - no slow-down in the game no matter how frantic the action gets on screen.
- Unique Big Boss Two Player VR mode to test your skills against all the bad guys.
- Award winning cinematics that take you through the game missions.
- Global critical acclaim as one of the best action games ever.

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#34 highest rated PS action game (#194 on PS, #17406 overall)


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#121 hardest PS action game (#403 on PS, #13776 overall)


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#233 longest PS action game (#1071 on PS, #20783 overall)


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