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Reviewed: 03/08/00 | Updated: 03/08/00

Don't rush to play this game; in fact don't play it

San Francisco rush was a decent game at the arcades. Then it was brought to the N64 and completely butchered. It was horrible. Finally, it reached rock bottom, when it showed up for the Playstation.
Suffering from choppy graphics, horrible sound and bad gameplay, Rush could be the worst racer on the Playstation. There are eight cars to choose from. All of them are the same, except for top speed and hnadling. The cars look just like blobs of metal and it is clear that not much time had been spent on them.
The tracks are set in San Francisco, although you wouldn't know that. The game manages to ruin the great city of San Fran. San Francisco is a lot more than just a bunch of hilly roads. Where is the Golden Gate bridge and Lombard Street? The title San Francisco Rush is an insult.
The game is billed as ''extreme racing.'' But there is nothing extreme to it. No, getting huge air doesn't turn a racer to an extreme racer. When I hear extreme, I expect crazy driving and wild crashes. The crashes are as bad as they can get in this game. Your car magically turns black and spouts a tiny bit of fire. Weird.
Single player is bad, but when you get to multiplayer, it is worse. The graphics get incredibly choppy and suffers from massive slowdown.
If you have a friend, you don't like, by this game and present it to him on his birthday.

Graphics: 1.
Unimaginative cars, bad and unrealistic surroundings. Choppy graphics which suffer from a lot of slowdown.

Sound : 1.
Horrible engine noises and the crashes don't even have good sound. When there is an explosion, you would expect to hear it. At least the N64 version had some decent music. This one doesn't even have that.

Gameplay: 3.
The game is too easy, but the controls don't respond well. The collission detection is bad, making it very frustruating. The short cuts, generally cause you to lose a lot more time, than gain any.

Replay Value: 1.
Play one race and throw it away.

Overall: 2.
Possibly the worst racer, I have ever played.

Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

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