PlayStation DexDrive Save (North America)

Save Game File07/01/07Hassan131K
All 7 characters at the end of their quests.
Save Game File11/23/08Zunamathedragoo131K
Blue at 2nd div with great stats and items
Save Game File11/04/01phoenix OMEGA131K
Blue: Save is at the last boss, with sufficient abilities to beat the game.
Save Game File11/10/01phoenix OMEGA131K
Game saved before last boss as T260G. Sufficient abilities to beat the game.
Save Game File02/17/03Razma999131K
Save as Blue at the end of the game. Should be able to beat last boss.
Save Game File08/10/02Fragnarok131K
Save of Red in the Debug room. Use the Region map to return to Baccarat when finished.

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