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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Nefdar

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    SaGa Frontier FAQ
    Begun Apr 22, 1998
    By Nefdar (nefdar@hotmail.com)
    Places to find this FAQ:
    Revision 1 - Got the idea to write the thing, started intro
    Revision 2 - Finished intro section, began character descriptions.
    Revision 3 - Added sword, gun, and fighting ability lists.
    Revision 4 - Added mecha and monster ability lists and monster forms.
    Revision 5 - Added magic lists and descriptions.  Added combo section.
    Revision 6 - Added weapon/armor lists.
    Revision 7 - Added enemy lists and began walkthroughs.
    Revision 8 - Did T260G's walkthrough.
    Revision 9 - Did Lute, Asellus.
    Revision 10 - Did Red, Emelia, Riki, am finally done!!!
    Revision 11 - Fixed a mistake in Asellus section, added my site to 
    places to find this faq list, added name to thanks
    First thing---if there are any mistakes in this FAQ then please pretty
    please with a cherry on top write to me at the address given and tell me.
    I typed this thing completely by myself and am responsible for 90% of the
    work that went into gathering this information(9% goes to my
    fiance and about 1% goes to various emails from readers).
    There are bound to be mistakes, so let me know about them.
    Hello, and welcome to my SaGa Frontier FAQ!  Hopefully this document will
    be useful to the players of this game and will help out with any problem
    that the gaming public may have.  Note that I intend for this document to
    be exhaustive and to cover as much as I can, but since I am doing all the
    work myself with a small amount of help from other writers(who will be duly
    commended and credited) there is a decent chance that I'll miss something.
    If so, notify me by email and you will be credited here for any useful info
    you supply.  Note that anyone who uses this FAQ for personal gain other than
    personal enjoyment is not only violating the law, but incurring my wrath!
    You are free to use any information here for your page, but have the decency
    not to cut and paste this work and call it your own, give me due credit.
    Writing a FAQ for a game like this, which has so much to discover and to
    offer, is not easy - in fact, it's damn painstaking work which I'm sure will
    ruin my enjoyment of this game in the end.  So please have the respect to
    not steal from me.  This FAQ was written in MS-DOS editor for the US
    version of SaGa Frontier for the PSX.  I am aware that there are differences
    between the Japanese and US versions, and I felt that(at least at the time
    I started writing) there were not many resources available for the American
    version and that this FAQ would be useful.  Hopefully it still will be when I
    SaGa Frontier is a RPG by Square, the makers of the ludicrously popular
    Final Fantasy series.  It is unique in that it allows you to select from
    7 different characters, each with their own storyline and different(though
    not COMPLETELY different) adventure.  This game also contains something
    which Square has been leaving out of its RPG's lately - some challenge.  You
    won't tear your hair out or anything, but you will probably get killed a few
    times over the course of the game, especially when you first start and don't
    understand how the hell the level-up's work.  Some characters are easier
    than others, but none of them are a complete joke. Compared to the games
    that they have come out with recently, this is a decided improvement.  Not
    including fighting the completely optional weapon monsters, I have never seen
    the Game Over screen in FF7.  It may be because of the very slow pace that I
    play RPG's at, spending a lot of time exploring and level raising to take in
    the full experience of the setting, but that game was pretty much a piece of
    cake.  Come on, there's a spell that can kill the last boss in one move.
    I remember back when you had to walk around and play patiently in order to
    have even the slightest chance of victory(remember the first Final Fantasy?
    Or the first Breath of Fire game?  You'd get your ass kicked so bad
    the characters in your other games would feel it if you didn't spend a good
    bit of time leveling up).  This game requires a good bit of patience if you
    don't want to be reloading your game every 10 minutes.  Granted, you can
    win that way eventually, but is that really a victory?  Hopefully the game
    designers are wrong in their assumption that game players(read: American
    game players) are impatient and do not want to spend time to learn a
    challenging game.  How well this game sells will be a good indicator to me,
    since it is one of the most intriguing RPG's I've played in a while.
    Note that all the lists of weapons, armor, enemies, abilities, and general
    gameplay advice is given before the walkthroughs so that you do not have
    to scroll past the walkthroughs to read the lists, as the walkthroughs are
    big spoilers.  I would not advise you to read any walkthrough for any game
    until you have already finished the game or you are irrevocably stuck, as
    these ruin the story's suspense completely.
    Playing the game
    Upon booting up your game and reaching the opening screen, you must select
    your character.  Note that you'll be spending a lot of time with this
    character, so pick one that you like.
    Next you'll be asked to make system data for SaGa Frontier to use.  This is
    just a way for the PSX to keep track of how many characters you have comp-
    leted.  This is important so that you can get the special bonus room
    available if you complete all seven characters.  These menus are fairly
    self-explanatory, so I won't go into detail, just remember to wait after the
    ending for your character for the screen that allows you to update this
    system data, or else you'll miss out on the semi-cool bonus.  Oh yeah, this
    data requires 1 memory block on your card, and the actual game requires 2.
    The PSX controller is lain out(grammar...) like this:
    L2                                 R2   (on top)
    L1                                 R1      "
    D-Pad Select Start  S(quare)    O(circle)
    Hope that makes sense(actually, hope you don't need it).
    You will have some cinematic scene, then you will be in control of your
    character.  Holding down the X button allows you to dash(You'll be holding
    this down throughout the whole game.  If I were in charge, I would have made
    you hold down the X button NOT to dash).  The O button is for talking and
    picking up items, as well as investigating an area.  The T button is not used
    on this screen except for the quicksave option, achieved by holding T and
    pressing R1.  Don't use this, just save to the card, since pressing reset
    erases your quicksave.  The S button allows you to access your subscreen.
    Start pauses the game, Select is useless.  The D-pad moves your character.
    If you hold L1, R1, and select, then press start, you will perform the
    quick restart(faster than hitting reset on the console).
    Once on your subscreen, a plethora of options become available to you.
    You can see your current party's basic stats in the windows on the left.
    Pressing left and right will scroll through the stats until you reach the
    one you want.  Pressing select will change the display format.  Holding the
    T button will cause the windows on the right to disappear so you can see
    more clearly.  On the lower right is a window containing your credits(money),
    and the name of the area that you currently occupy.  On the upper and
    middle right is your list of options.  From the top down, they are:
    Equip Weapon
    Equip Ability
    1. Status
    This is an in-depth description of your character's abilities and equipment,
    as well as their stats.  The screen shows the character's name, race, sex,
    HP, LP, WP, and JP, as well as their statistics.  Each stat affects your
    characters in a different way.
    STRength: Affects the damage you do with physical attacks.
    QUIckness: Affects your ability to dodge attacks and your turn in battle.
    INTelligence: Affects speed at which you learn magic and effectiveness with
    mechanical equipment(cannons).  Also affects how fast you learn techs.
    WILl: Affects accuracy and power of techniques.
    PSYchic: Affects resistance to abnormal status.
    VITality: Affects resistance to damage and sleep.
    CHArm: Affects resistance to and power of charm attacks.
    DEFense: Reduces amount of damage taken.
    2.  Item
    This screen allows you to view and use the items in your posession.  The
    maximum number of any item that you can carry is 99.  Pressing right on
    the D-pad or R1 allows you to page down, while left or L1 pages up.  Double
    click on an item with the circle button to use it(if possible).  Pointing
    at an item shows its basic function(def power, attack power, sometimes
    relevant abilites) at the bottom of the screen.  Note that pressing select
    on this screen automatically sorts the items for you by type(gun, sword,
    armor, etc.).
    3.  Position
    This option allows you to move the characters in your posession around in
    your formation.  The basic setup is three five man parties, represented by
    the three vertical columns on the subscreen.  Place your characters in the
    three columns as desired.  Note that the vulnerability of a character in
    your formation decreases the farther he is from the front, so place them
    from the top down in order of descending strength.  Double clicking on a
    character will take you to the status screen.
    4.  Equip weapon
    This allows you to stick some equipment on your characters.  Each type of
    character can wear different kinds of equipment.  A human can wear 4 items
    at the top of the equipment list, which is used for weapons, items, and
    shields, and 4 items at the bottom, used for armor and accessories.  A weapon
    can be a gun, sword, or cannon.  Shields come in various types and are
    useful for defending against many attacks.  Items can be for attack, or for
    curing the party in battle.  Note that unless you have equipped the item
    "backpack" you will be unable to use items in stock unless you equip them.
    Armor can be helmets, gloves, boots, vests, suits, and shirts.  Accessories
    have a variety of uses, described later.  Note that a human can only wear
    1 of each type of armor.  If you are wearing an armor suit, you can only wear
    a shirt to go with it(the suit takes the place of vest, helmet, gloves, and
    boots).  As many accessories can be equipped as there is room.  If a piece of
    equipment on a character is shaded red, that means that it cannot be removed.
    Usually this is a permanent fixture that comes with a character.  Certain
    items are cursed, and can only be removed by breaking them.
    Mystics follow the same rules as humans on equipping and de-equipping items.
    Their special mystic weapons are abilities, not weapons, so they are not
    covered here.  A mystic can use any item that a human can.
    Monsters can only equip accessories.  They are given four slots to use for
    any accessory that you wish to place on them.  They can use no weapons,
    armor, or shields, nor can they use items.
    Mecha can use any equipment in the game, as well as being the only class to
    use circuit boards to upgrade their stats.  When any item is equipped on a
    mech, it affects their stats.  This includes weapons and armors.  Normally,
    the better the equipment, the more positive the increase will be.  I will
    provide a list of the stats gained from each piece of equipment later.
    Also, mecha do not follow conventional rules and can equip more than one of
    the same type of armor.  This includes anything that they can equip.  The
    best way to find the best equipment for a mech is through trial and error
    and a lot of money(or by reading my list..).
    5.  Equip Ability
    This option allows you to equip one of the abilities that your characters
    have learned.  The current abilities are in the left window, and the right
    window contains the categories of abilities to choose from.  Click on a
    space in your inventory, click on a category you wish to equip an ability
    from, and select what you will use.  You can only use equipped abilities.
    The categories are as follows:
    Gun, fighting, and sword techniques are considered combat techs.  This is
    important because if you equip 6 combat techs without any magic techs, then
    you will get a crown on your ability screen(that is what the bar at the top
    is for).  This means that all techs take 1 less WP.  If any magic is equipped,
    you lose that bonus.  The same goes vice-versa: if you equip 6 magic techs
    without any combat techs, you get a crown for magic and all spells take 1
    less JP to cast.  If any combat techs are equipped, that bonus is also lost.
    Special techniques are comprised of mecha abilities, special mystic weapons,
    and other rare or race specific abilities.  Basically, anything that doesn't
    fit into another category.
    Dodge techniques allow a character to be virtually immune to a certain form
    of attack.  Sometimes a truly powerful opponent attacking a very weak
    character can nullify a dodge ability(this happens with the end boss at
    times if your levels are ridiculously low) but that is extremely rare.  For
    all intensive purposes, you are immune to the attack that you learn to dodge.
    Note that you can only learn new sword, fighting, and dodge techs if there
    is an empty space on your equip ability screen for them to go in.  Always
    leave an empty space or two until you are completely satisfied with your
    character's abilities.  If you want to de-equip an ability, then double-
    click on it and then select "Seal".  This returns it to its respective
    category to be re-equipped later(or usually, never seen again).
    6. Config
    This allows you to customize some aspects of the game, such as selecting
    stereo and mono sound, or an opaque or transparent window format.  It also
    provides in-game help on the screens and commands.  Self-explanatory.
    7. Save
    Here you can save your game.  Saving is possible almost anywhere in the game
    and it is recommended that you do it often.  Once you select this option,
    the screen will show the contents of the current memory card.  Pressing left
    or right will allow you to select either memory card slot, or to select the
    quicksave option.  Self explanatory as well.
    As you walk about, you will see enemies from time to time.  Bumping into one
    initiates a combat.  You will be given a picture of the enemies and your
    first party.  Pressing left and right allows you to switch out which party
    you want to use against the enemy.  Try to use all your characters to give
    them equal strength.  Having many good characters is important, since each
    time you complete a combat, all characters that were not used regain some LP,
    WP, and JP.  This allows your unused party to rest, and allows you to
    have a lot of endurance in a dungeon.  A mech does not gain LP from resting,
    but it does gain WP.  By selecting an individual character's
    name and pressing T, you can switch him between the front and back row.  This
    affects his vulnerability to the enemy.  Physical attacks usually cannot
    reach characters who are hidden behind other characters.  Pressing O
    initiates the combat.
    You give commands to each character at the start of the round.  Press right
    and left to switch between the different categories of attacks available to
    each character, then select what you want to use.  Pressing T at this time
    allows you to see your HP, WP, JP, and status.  This is also shown to
    you between rounds.  Pressing R1 allows you to select "defense" which reduces
    the damage done by the enemy instead of performing action.  The attacks then
    take place based on a combination of random numbers and your quickness values.
    If your character's HP falls to 0, then you will lose 1 LP and fall
    unconscious.  You can be healed through normal means, which returns you to
    combat.  Each time a character falls, it loses 1 LP.  Also, if the enemy hits
    the unconscious body then it is damaged 1 LP for each hit.  If a character's
    LP falls to 0, then that character is dead and can only be revived by a
    Sanctuary Stone or a rest that refreshes all your LP.  Use of techs other
    than magic decreases your WP, and the use of magic decreases your JP.  When
    these become too low, you can no longer use the respective ability.  When
    damage is done, then the number in white over the target shows the damage
    taken.  If the number is green, then the target gains HP.  If the number is
    red, then the target has lost that many LP.  A "chink" sound indicated that
    the attack was blocked by a shield, whereas the word "miss!" appears if you,
    um, miss.  After battle, your stats for each character may increase, any
    monsters or mecha you have may absorb the enemy abilites, and any gun or
    magic techs will be learnt and placed in the respective categories on the
    "Equip Ability" screen.
    Battle Strategies
    There are a few things that you should always keep in mind when engaging
    1.  Fight often
    It is often tempting to blast past the lethargic enemies and try to finish
    as soon as possible, but this will be slower in the long run when you spend
    2 days trying to beat the end boss because your levels are so low.  Fight
    whenever you get the chance unless you are in danger or your characters are
    already very powerful.
    2.  Walk, don't run
    Running around(holding the X button) is normally the thing to do, but never
    run into an enemy.  When an enemy attacks you while you are running, then
    your party's formation will not be correct and the rear characters will be
    exposed to attack.  If you are walking, then the rear characters will either
    be behind the front guys, or you will surround the enemy.  Run close to the
    enemy to want to attack, then walk when you run into them.  Note that the
    direction that you and the enemy are facing is not important so don't waste
    time trying to sneak up behind them.
    3.  Train when you can
    Don't fight with your techniques all the time or you will learn very slowly.
    Use your regular attacks unless you are trying to learn a specific attack.
    Don't take this too far and get killed though!  Also, certain enemies are
    excellent training partners.  Early in the game, you'll meet enemies called
    "Unknown".  Punching them with your bare hand does almost no damage, so use
    them to learn the low level fighting techs.  They have almost no offense
    except to stun you and blind you.  Occasionally they will use DeathGaze, but
    that is rare.  Punch them out and you'll learn most of the low-level fighting
    techs pretty easily.  You might even get a few dodge techs while you're at it.
    Later in the game enemies like the Chimeras which are fairly weak but have
    high HP and power allow you to learn the really high power attacks.  Certain
    hidden enemies(DemonGoat, Minotaur) are good for learning the mid-level
    4.  Know your enemy
    If one of the enemies is much more powerful than the others, then you want
    to concentrate your attacks on it to combo it out of existence.  However,
    if the enemies are of fairly even power, then you might want to spread
    out the wealth a little so you don't do a combo that wastes 2 or 3 attacks
    on a dead enemy.  Learn what enemies are immune to certain attacks and
    use the appropriate moves.  The Gelatin monsters are strong against punches
    but are hit by guns, while the undead are generally strong against guns but
    are damaged by swords and fighting.  Learn what enemies are susceptible to
    your instant death moves and use them!  Unlike most games, the death spells
    in Saga actually work most of the time.  This is the easiest way to get rid
    of the giant squids called "Kraken".  Learn who you can paralyze and who you
    can't, because those attacks are unusually useful in this game too.
    5.  Never underestimate your enemy
    In this game, you can die at any time.  Save often.  Any enemy, no matter how
    weak, that has a charm attack can kill you any time it wants.  If one of
    your characters has MegaWindblast, Galeslash, Haze-to-Wheel, or a few
    other powerful big attacks and they get charmed, they WILL use it and kill
    every single person in your party.  If you are in Riki's game and you
    have the RING/Merchant equipped(the one that charms all the enemies) and that
    person gets charmed, then they WILL use it and charm everybody else.  That is
    not a pretty picture and you probably will not survive(I can't count the
    number of times that a charmed character has suddenly found it in their heart
    to learn 2Galeslash and kill my whole group).  Many of the bosses in this
    game are genuinely hard, so remember your combos in order to speed up the
    process of whacking off their high HP.  Get DSC on at least 1 or 2 characters
    before facing the end boss, it'll be a hell of a lot easier.  Don't use
    close range attacks on an enemy with a barrier, especially the CounterFear
    barrier that turns you into a red mess.  That is almost as bad as being
    6.  Fix status problems
    Don't be tempted to ignore the poison, blindness, or stone condition of
    a character in a long battle.  They don't really affect you all that much
    in a short fight, but over ten or twelve rounds it adds up big.  Use Grail,
    MagicHeal, your healing items, or StarlightHeal as soon as possible.  The
    following problems may come up:
         Poison : lose about 1/8 total HP each round
                  CURE: StarlightHeal, Cure items, MagicHeal, SnakeOil
         Charm  : always attack other party members with the most inconvenient
                  damn attack you have(maybe I'm just unlucky)
                  CURE: StarlightHeal, Cure items, MagicHeal, SnakeOil
         Blind  : hit rate decreases
                  CURE: StarlightHeal, Cure items, MagicHeal, SnakeOil
         Stun   : Lose rest of attacks in round
                  CURE: none
         Angry  : can only use basic attacks
                  CURE: SnakeOil, MagicHeal
         Sleep  : cannot act
                  CURE: any of the above, getting hit
         Palsy  : cannot act
                  CURE: StarlightHeal, Cure items, MagicHeal, SnakeOil
         Mess   : acts confused to 3 different degrees, depending on color:
                  Blue: May not perform selected action
                  Yellow: May perform selected action on either friends or enemy
                  Red: Performs a random action on either friends or enemy
                  CURE: StarlightHeal, Cure items, MagicHeal, SnakeOil
         Stone  : cannot act or be damaged
                  CURE: Antistone, SnakeOil
         Any of these except stun can also be healed with the Grail spell.
    7.  Equip before big battles
    Always equip the correct attacks against big bosses.  The most useful
    ones are DSC, LifeSprinkler, Tower, and some attacks to link together
    your Towers and LifeSprinklers in combos.  Don't forget the healing,
    especially MindHeal.  This allows the characters to be self-sufficient.
    If they can each heal themselves, then that's less work for the Starlight-
    Healers to do.  Don't mix healing and attacking unless you must.  Heal
    with all characters for a round, then have them all attack so you maximize
    your combo possibilities.  Against undead bosses, LightShift(that useless
    sunlight space spell) is invaluable to keep them from getting back 1000
    HP every round.  Think first.  I try to give advice for the bosses in the
    walkthroughs but I probably have not seen all of the attacks in the game,
    and I doubt anyone who doesn't work for Square has, so follow rule #5 and
    don't play around unless you don't mind reloading the game.  Kick ass, then
    take names, I suppose.
    8.  Notice the enemy's facing direction
    At the start of a combat round, while you are giving orders, take note of
    the direction that the enemy is facing.  If the enemy is going to use a 
    physical attack, then they will be attacking the character that they are
    facing.  It is especially easy to tell who they will attack if you are
    surrounding them, but if you are in formation you can usually only tell
    between 2 or 3 people.  However, it is easy to use this foresight to your
    advantage.  If you know that the enemy will use a physical attack, and you
    have to decide who to heal, then heal the character that the enemy is facing
    first, since that is the likely point of attack.  If you are in a situation
    where you surround the enemy and it has particularly strong attacks that
    focus on one character, then you may want to use "defense" for the character
    that is being faced by the enemy.  This will halve the damage and allow the
    other characters to attack freely.  This method provides no warning for
    attacks that hit all your characters, however, so against these enemies be
    There are four basic races in the world of SaGa Frontier - humans, mystics,
    mecha, and monsters.  Each type gains strength in a completely different way
    which forces you to vary your fighting stategies to strengthen all the
    members of your party.  I will list them in order from most to least useful
    (in my opinion).
    Humans are by far the most versatile and easiest characters to use in the
    world of SF.  They level up through the most traditional means - fighting.
    Depending upon the method that they use in combat, a human character will
    gain certain attributes after every battle.  They also have the capacity to
    learn sword, fist, gun, magic, and dodge techniques, and do fairly well at
    any of those abilities.  The method by which these techniques are learned
    will be covered later.  In order to increase certain stats, you must use a
    certain kind of attack during combat.  The more you attack in a certain way,
    the more likely you are to gain an attribute increase.  Note that the only
    way to gain JP is through the use of magic.  Also, the stronger the enemy,
    the more likely you are to get an increase.
    HP: All except Magic
    WP: All except Magic
    JP: Magic(this is the only way to gain JP).
    STR: Fighting, Sword
    QUI: Guns, Fighting
    INT: Magic, Guns
    WIL: Sword, Guns, Magic
    PSY: Magic
    VIT: Fighting, Sword
    CHA: Magic, Guns
    These are just general guidelines, but if you stick to a certain pattern,
    your characters will develop a certain way.  Note that a human with no magic
    will have 0 JP, and you can only gain JP by using JP, so it may seem that
    these characters can never use magic.  However, if you buy them spells, they
    will gain 10 JP to use.
    Mecha are man-made machines used for research and combat.  They gain strength
    in a completely different way than Humans or Mystics, in that the equipment
    that they wear determines their statistics.  By equipping swords, guns, armor,
    circuit boards, and basically almost any other equipment, a mech gains
    attributes in each of the areas, including HP.  Mecha cannot use
    techs other than Special.  Mecha learn their special mech abilities by
    fighting and defeating other mecha and stealing their programming.  If you
    pump enough money into your mech in order to give it the best equipment, it
    can become an extremely powerful warrior, due to its ability to equip
    multiple suits of armor.  This allows it to have very high DEF ratings.
    Also, placing circuit boards on a mech increases the number of abilities
    it can equip.  Overall not a bad class, but since cure items do not work on
    mecha and curative magic is not tremendously effective, repairing damage in
    long battles can become difficult.  Also, the limited number of abilities
    availiable and the amount of money required to purchase armor causes mechs
    to fall second in my hierarchy of usefulness.  Note that if you try to absorb
    a program that you already have, the message "Recharged" will appear and
    your mech will regain all its WP.
    Mystics are a lot like humans in that they also can gain certain attributes
    from battle, but unlike humans, Mystics only gain CHA, HP, WP, and JP from
    combat.  Their other stats are increased by absorbing monsters into their
    three special abilities: their Mystic Sword, Glove, and Boots.  Certain
    enemies give better stat increases than others, this will be covered later.
    Simply by finishing off an enemy's HP using one of these attacks will usually
    cause an absorption, but certain enemies cannot be absorbed(humans, mecha,
    certain powerful opponents).  Also, all three of the Mystic weapons have
    an instant death effect, and any enemy killed by this is absorbed as well.
    As far as gaining the four attributes that they can gain from combat, these 
    are gained the same as humans.  Mystics cannot learn any techs other than 
    Magic and Special(their Mystic weapons).  They learn magics just like humans.  
    Mystics can become powerful very quickly if you know what enemy to absorb, 
    but since they cannot learn most techs, they are at a disadvantage to the 
    humans, IMHO.  If you absorb monsters and get a high VIT score, then a mystic
    can have very high resistance to attack as well, but not nearly as high as
    a powered up mech.
    Monsters are non-human creatures with intelligence.  Monsters are unique
    in that they gain strength by absorbing other enemy monsters and stealing
    their abilities.  After battle, a monster gains the opportunity to learn an
    ability from one of its opponents.  Sometimes, based upon an ability absorbed,
    a monster will change form.  Each form has completely different stats.  In
    order to make a monster change into the desired form, you must absorb the
    abilities of the monster you wish to emulate until you have most or all of
    them.  This usually works, if not, then either you cannot turn into that
    type of monster or you have not absorbed enough.  Usually if you try to
    emulate a truly powerful monster, you will become a weaker version, symbolized
    by a "jr" after your race.  Unbeknownst to most, monsters can gain HP
    through combat.  Each time your monster absorbs an ability which it has never
    absorbed before, it gains 4 more HP.  This is added to the base amount for
    the monster's race.  If you absorb most of the abilities from each monster,
    then assume a fairly powerful form, your monster can have as many HP as your
    human characters.  Some of the attacks that a monster can learn are very
    powerful, whereas most are pretty useless.  Due to the unpredictable nature
    of the monster's transformations which often causes you to assume a weaker
    form, and due to the vast amount of time required to gain more HP max by
    fighting every single enemy type numerous times, monsters are usually more
    of a pain in the ass than an actual useful member.  Once you get the hang
    of changing your monster into the form you want(takes some getting used to)
    and have absorbed the right enemies' abilities, a monster can become a
    valuable backup character which can attack all enemies and heal the party
    with its abilities, but this takes a while to achieve.
    I would advise against placing more than 1 or 2 monsters in your
    group.  Note that if the monster tries to absorb an ability that it already
    has, you will get the "couldn't absorb anything" message.  Also note that
    each time a monster absorbs an ability, all its WP and JP are restored.
    General Tips for Using the Various Races
    Each race has a certain thing that they can offer a party.  For the most
    part, I like to spread out my characters among the three parties and not
    concentrate on any one race(although my lead party has been known to only
    contain humans).  Usually, 3 humans, a mystic, and either a mecha or
    monster make a good 5 man combination.
    When using human characters, it is important to spend the time to build their
    attributes and train them in their abilites as soon as possible.  When you
    get a new human character, it is usually weak as piss and should be leveled
    up as soon as possible.  Otherwise, this character will die in every other
    battle.  Usually, I start training my human characters intensively as soon as
    I have built a 5 person group.  Also, is is important to have 2 or 3 good
    parties, so your humans can regain their WP while resting.  Without WP, a
    human loses its advantages over the other races.
    Save up enough money to buy them some good armor.  The merchant in Koorong
    sells an armor called "Powered suit", placing two of these on your mecha
    not only gains you substantial HP and stats, but you also get an instant 99
    DEF rating.  A few circuit boards never hurt either.  As a weapon, find the
    sword or gun which gives you the most important attribute increases.  Weapons
    with innate special attacks are also useful, since this allows you to have
    another ability at your disposal which a mech sorely needs.  Whenever there
    are mecha in the enemy party, try to use your mechs so you can absorb the
    enemy programs.  Some of the mecha abilities are insanely useful, whereas
    others are virtually useless, so choose your equipped abilities with
    As soon as possible, absorb the best monsters you can into the equipment of
    your mystic.  With the high stats you can gain this way, a mystic's other
    abilities become much more powerful.  Concentrate especially on the
    quickness, intelligence, and will scores, because mystics are best used as
    mages.  You can get some cool attacks from each monster to use with your
    mystic weapons, but normally gaining the best stats is more important, IMHO.
    Each monster has 3 abilities you can gain on your weapons, 1 for each sword,
    glove, and boots.  Some good enemies are the Suzaku(phoenix things), Dullahan
    (the headless horsemen) and any type of dragon.  A complete list(almost) is 
    The best way to increase a monster's abilities over the long run is to absorb
    every enemy you can, especially newer ones or ones that have useful attacks.
    Even if a monster is very weak, it still may have an ability that you have
    never absorbed, and that is worth more HP to your monster.  Often your
    monster will transform into a powerful creature, only to turn back into a
    slime the next battle, but in order to gain more HP in the long run you must
    absorb those new abilities.  Make sure to move abilities you want to keep out
    of the bottom slot of your ability screen, since this is the spot that is
    replaced by new abilities.  Some abilities should be actively sought out,
    since they make a monster very useful(such as Magicheal, the best monster
    ability I've seen).  Usually you want to have one powerful single-enemy
    attack for bosses(such as Silf), one powerful multi-enemy attack to clear
    out large groups (Maelstrom, Heatwave), a protective barrier(Fire/Ice/Bolt
    barrier), a healing ability(Magicheal or Life Rain), and an instant death
    attack(Deathtouch, Deathgaze) for annoyingly powerful normal enemies.  Once
    you've spent some time hunting down the right abilities, a monster becomes
    quite powerful(though still not able to take a beating nearly as well as any
    other race).  As for equipment, try to equip accessories which protect against
    certain attack forms rather than for total defense power.  Your monster will
    always have low DEF, live with it, and give it items that allow it to survive
    powerful water, death, fire, bolt, sonic, etc.  attacks.  This allows it to
    have a role in battles with powerful enemies(if a monster is immune to water
    and has Magicheal, it can save your ass in battle with a Kraken, same goes
    for a monster immune to sonic when fighting an enemy with Oscillation).
    Once you have your monster's HP and reportoire of attacks to the desired
    level, then find the enemy whose form you want to assume, and absorb the hell
    out of it until you have at least 3 of its abilites.  Once you've done this
    long enough, you may become that monster.  If not, you probably cannot assume
    that monster's form.  Some good enemies to become are the Trisaurjr(strong),
    Chimera(very strong), the Gelatin(high resistance to attacks), and
    Suzakujr(flies, high HP, good attacks and strength).  The best is probably
    the kraken, it has the highest HP and vitality.
    Note you must keep the abilities equipped in order to become the monster you 
    want under normal circumstances(sometimes you get lucky).
    Learning Abilities
    The methods used to learn new abilities are different for each race.
    Monsters and mecha learn through absorption, and Mystics learn their
    mystic weapons by using the mystic weapons that they currently have.
    They learn magic the same way as humans.  By far, the most difficult class
    to learn abilities for is humans.
    To learn a new sword or fighting tech, a human uses another sword or fighting
    tech that it already has, or uses the base attack(sword, punch).  Occasionally
    a lightbulb will appear over the character's head, and voila! you perform a
    new attack.  This attack costs no WP, and it is put on your Equip Ability
    screen so you can use it at the cost of WP from that point on.  Usually the
    best way to learn a new ability is by using the basic attack, but some can
    only be learnt(or are learnt much more quickly) by using another attack that
    is related to it.  For instance, to learn a new fighting tech, it is best
    to use Air Throw as your base attack to learn other throws, and Kick as your
    base attack to learn other kicks.  With swords, to learn Galeslash quickly,
    use Swallowswing, etc.  This is not an exact science, and there is some
    randomness involved.  The more powerful the enemy, the more likely you will
    learn a technique, but there are no guarantees how long it may take.  Also,
    having a crown in combat abilities makes learning sword and fighting techs
    easier.  Here are some guidelines if you are having trouble learning techs:
    1.  Make sure there is free space on your inventory of abilities for the
    new ability to appear, or else you will learn nothing.
    2.  Fight more powerful enemies, since this makes learning much faster.
    3.  Equip two swords in order to learn the two sword techs.  These are
    learned the same as any other tech, but you will never get them unless you
    have two swords equipped.
    4.  Equip a katana to learn the katana techs.  Certain swords are labelled
    "Katana" or "can use sword technique".  These weapons have a few attacks that
    the normal swords cannot do.  If you want these, you must attack with the
    5.  In fighting, use the base attack that matches what you want to learn.
    To learn a new throw, use Air Throw, or Kick to learn a new kick.
    6.  Try using a different attack as your base attack.  I will provide a
    list of all the attacks that frequently lead into new techs, but if you
    discover something easier, let me know and you get full credit on this page.
    7.  To learn the very advanced sword techs, I have found that it helps to
    use a powerful sword.  This seems to speed up the process slightly.
    8.  Your character must be at a certain level in order to learn the
    very powerful attacks.  Don't expect to get LifeSprinkler if you only have
    250 HP and a 15 strength.
    9.  Have all your human characters train together.  This is best because
    if one character learns a new attack, the other characters are more likely
    to get the same attack in the same battle, often one right after the other.
    If you still can't learn the new attack, then you probably just need to keep
    trying.  Eventually it will probably happen.  The above tips speed it up,
    but the learning of specific techs is difficult and takes a while, usually.
    Sword Tech List
    --Stun Slash:  0 WP
    This does low damage and stuns one enemy.  Not too useful, but you get it
    --Double Slash: 1 WP
    You get this one soon too.  Does double damage of a normal attack and combos
    easily with other low level attacks.
    --Hard Slash: 2 WP
    More useful against large bosses than Double slash, because it combos with
    itself.  Have your whole party use it and this weak attack becomes
    moderately powerful.
    --Thrust: 2 WP
    Barely better than a normal attack, but is the base for learning more
    powerful techs.
    --Cross Slash: 2 WP---double sword tech
    Does good damage for a cheap attack.  Use Double Slash with two swords
    equipped to learn this quickly.
    --Smash: 3 WP
    A little more powerful than Cross Slash.  Use Double slash to learn this
    --Swallow Swing: 2 WP
    A long range attack that is good against enemies with barriers.  Combos
    --Thunder Thrust: 2 WP
    Thrust, only more so.  Use Thrust to learn this tech.
    --Heaven/Hell: 3 WP
    Powerful attack which may stun your opponent.
    --Wheel Slash: 4 WP
    A long range attack that hits a wedge-shaped area.  More powerful than
    Swallow Swing.
    --Willow Branch: 4 WP
    Not as good as other mid-level attacks, but used to learn some powerful
    upper-level ones.
    --Deflect: 1 WP
    If this is equipped, your character will sometimes jump in front of
    enemy attacks and block them for himself and other characters.  Very
    useful tech.
    --Bear Crush: 5 WP
    A powerful attack that is good at finishing combos.  Use Smash to learn it
    --Dead End: 6 WP
    A 3-hit attack that sometimes causes instant death.  Use Thunder Thrust to
    learn this quickly.
    --Head Wind: 5 WP
    Powerful single enemy attack.
    --Triple Thrust: 7 WP
    Very powerful single enemy attack.  Fighting powerful enemies is the best
    way to learn it.
    --Kasumi: 4 WP
    In response to a physical attack, your character spins back and retaliates
    with a 2 hit combo.  Extremely useful.  A character with this and Deflect
    is almost immune to physical attack(esp. if they have a shield).
    --NoMoment: 7 WP
    High power single enemy attack.  Causes them to be distracted(their back
    is turned).  Use Head Wind to learn it quickly.  This attack is unblockable.
    --Gale Slash: 5 WP
    Powerful attack that hits all enemies.  Use Swallow Swing to learn it
    --2Gale Slash: 5 WP---double sword tech
    Just like Gale Slash, only with two swords and twice the damage.  Use Gale
    Slash to learn this useful one.
    --Turbid Current: 7 WP
    You split into 5 replicas, then converge on your opponent for a powerful
    attack.  Using a sword that is not a katana seems to make you learn this.
    If using a katana, then try using ShadowCounter.
    --Godless: 5 WP
    Just like Kasumi, except that you do a 5 hit counterattack and it is not
    automatic(you command your character to do it at the beginning of the
    round).  Use Kasumi to learn this one.
    --Shadow Counter: 4 WP---Katana tech
    A powerful, cool-looking attack.
    --Blizzard: 6 WP---Katana tech
    A freezing snowstorm attack.  Use Shadow Counter to get it.
    --Still Stream: 7 WP
    A good attack for combos.  Decent power.
    --CrossDeflect: 1 WP---Double sword tech
    A very good defensive maneuver, making a character extremely difficult to
    hit.  Not automatic like Deflect.  Use Deflect w/ 2 swords to get this.
    --Moonlight Cut: 4 WP---Katana tech
    A pretty attack, with moderate usefulness.
    --RisingNova: 7 WP
    A very powerful attack which causes the enemy to explode into flame.  Use
    Willow Branch to get this.
    --Rosario Impale: 8 WP
    A downward thrust in the shape of a cross.  Extra damaging against undead.
    Use Triple Thrust to learn this.
    --Tres Flores: 9 WP---Katana tech
    The prettiest attack of all, but not useful enough to warrant the high WP
    cost.  Use Blizzard to get this.
    --Haze-to-Wheel: 9 WP
    A bigger version of Wheel Slash that hits all enemies.  Use Wheel Slash to
    learn this.
    --Life Sprinkler: 10 WP
    The ultimate sword attack in which you split into 4 forms and beat the
    crap out of your opponent.  Not easy to learn, but Turbid Current may
    make it faster.  Use a sword that is not a katana.  Note that this
    attack cannot be blocked.
    --Kaiser Wing: 1 WP---Alkaiser only
    A moderately powerful strike, only to be used by Alkaiser.  Long range.
    --Kaiser Smash: 4 WP---Alkaiser only
    A little better than Kaiser Wing at close range.
    Fighting Tech List
    --Kick: 0 WP
    No better than punch, but helps you learn better kicks.
    --Air Throw: 1 WP
    An attack that stuns.  Good for learning powerful throws.
    --Sway Back: 1 WP
    You lean back to avoid attack.  If this occurs before you attack, then
    your punch will immediately occur and cause extra damage.
    --Suplex: 4 WP
    A body-slam that stuns.  Use Air Throw to get it.
    --Sliding: 2 WP
    An attack that stuns.  Misses flying enemies.  Combos with itself for big
    --Chop: 1 WP
    A weak attack that blinds enemies.  Not too useful.
    --Rolling Cradle: 2 WP
    King's move from Tekken 3.  Not nearly as powerful as in that game, though.
    Stuns opponent.  Learn by using Air Throw.
    --Fist: 3 WP
    A good moderate attack that combos with itself.
    --Backfist: 2 WP
    Another moderately damaging move that causes your opponent to lose a lot of
    --Crush Beat: 4 WP
    You run over to the opponent and punch them a few times.  Not too great.
    Use Backfist to get it.
    --Rotation Kick: 3 WP
    A fairly powerful wheel kick.  Use Kick to get it.
    --Babel Crumble: 5 WP
    A frankensteiner throw.  Use Air throw to learn it.  Stuns opponent.
    --Triangle Kick: 7 WP
    A kick that jumps off the wall.  Good power attack.  Use Kick to get it.
    --Ogre Run: 5 WP
    A wave is sent along the ground, throwing enemies.  Misses flying enemies.
    --Scuffle: 4 WP
    You throw your opponent off the screen and commence to roughing them up.
    Pretty good attack.
    --Locomotion G: 5 WP
    Suplex your opponent 5-8 times, stunning them and causing a lot of damage.
    Use Air Throw or Suplex to get it.
    --Giant Swing: 6 WP
    A throw which sometimes causes instant death.  Use Air Throw to get it.
    --KO Throw: 2 WP
    A counterattack in which you grab an enemy punch and reverse it.
    --Dragon Turn: 3 WP
    Just like KO Throw, only reverses kicks.
    --Corkscrew: 9 WP
    Makes a triangle around your opponent, where dragons come out and hit them.
    Use Triangle Kick to get this one.
    --Gold Hand: 6 WP
    Your Fist of the North Star tactics are upgraded to an attack which causes
    the enemy to explode into a ball of light.  Use Fist to get this.
    --Last Shot: 9 WP
    A very pretty attack which is also very damaging.
    --DSC: 18 WP
    The most powerful attack in the game by far.  Causes 10-20 thousand points
    of damage and makes those annoying end bosses a snap.  Is not learned like
    a normal tech, however.  First, you must learn Sliding, Suplex, Babel
    Crumble, and Giant Swing.  Then equip them all.  In battle, DSC will be
    available at the bottom of the tech list.  Your character will slide, babel
    crumble, suplex, then randomly may giant swing, and if you're really
    lucky suplex again.
    --Bright Fist: 0 WP---Alkaiser only
    A decent free tech.
    --SparklingRoll: 2 WP---Alkaiser only
    Alkaiser backfists the enemy twice.  Use Bright Fist to get it.
    --FlashTurn: 4 WP---Alkaiser only
    Looks a lot like the Fist attack.  Use Bright Fist to get it.
    --AL-Blaster: 2 WP---Alkaiser only
    Alkaiser's long range attack.  Does magic damage.  Use Bright Fist to get it.
    --Shining Kick: 1 WP---Alkaiser only
    A kick that is powered by the Alkaiser armor.  Use Bright Fist to get it.
    --DeflectLance: 5 WP---Alkaiser only
    Looks a lot like TriangleKick.  Use ShiningKick to get it.
    --Final Crusade: 2 WP---Alkaiser only
    Get it after beating Shuzer.  Heals the other party members.
    Costs 1 LP.
    --AL-Phoenix: 7 WP---Alkaiser only
    A powerful flaming attack.  Use Bright Fist to get it.
    --Re-AL-Phoenix: 10 WP---Alkaiser only
    AL-Phoenix, only more so.  The most powerful fighting tech other than DSC.
    Must be gotten in the battle with MBlackIII.  Use Al-Phoenix on him after
    he uses his Dark Phoenix attack.
    To learn a new Gun or Magic Tech, the rules are different.  These techs do
    not require a free space on the ability screen, because they go directly into
    the category and must be equipped.  Unlike sword & fighting techs, these
    are learned after the battle is complete.  To learn gun techs, you must
    use a normal gun(not a cannon-type gun), because if a gun cannot use the
    tech, then you will not learn it.  Using more powerful attacks generally
    speeds up the learning process.  Fight exclusively using the gun and you
    should quickly learn all the gun techs(there are not very many).
    Gun Tech List
    --Sharp Shot: 2 WP
    Slightly more powerful than a normal attack.
    --Focus Shot: 4 WP
    The most powerful single enemy attack outside of combos.
    --Total Shot: 4 WP
    Attacks all enemies for decent damage.
    --Trick Shot: 2 WP
    Damages enemies that are strong against guns by shooting rocks off the
    ceiling onto them.  Not too great.
    --Reaction Shot: 3 WP
    Causes you to go on defense.  You will immediately respond to any physical
    attack by firing a powerful counter.  You take no damage from this.
    --Stun Shot: 1 WP
    Attempts to stun all enemies.
    --Cross Shot: 5 WP
    An attack that is good against undead.  Easily combos with itself.  If all
    5 characters use this, it will almost certainly create a combo for over
    10 thousand points of damage.
    --Bound Shot: 5 WP
    A powerful shot that rebounds off the wall.  Combos well, good damage.
    If used in a combo, the most damaging gun tech.
    --Quick Draw: 0 WP
    If this is equipped, then the first time you use your gun in battle, you
    will automatically go first.
    --Twogun: 0 WP
    Allows you to equip two guns.  All gun techs and attacks now do double
    To learn new magic, you must first have the gift for the type of magic you
    are trying to learn.  The methods to get these gifts will be covered later.
    If you have the gift, then a star will appear beside the type of magic that
    you have the gift for on your equip ability screen.  If you don't have the
    gift, you can only buy magic, you will never learn it through battle.  Once
    you have the gift, you simply use the spells of that magic type in combat.
    Using that type of magic exclusively speeds up the process, as well as having
    a crown for magic on your ability screen.  There are not many spells in each
    category, and half of them can be bought, so learning magic shouldn't take
    long.  The magic list will be done in the section dealing with magic.
    To learn a new dodge tech is probably the most inconvenient process of them
    all.  In order to learn a certain dodge, you must be attacked by the enemy
    attack you wish to dodge.  Occasionally, as the enemy attacks, a lightbulb
    appears and you dodge the attack.  This requires you to have an empty space
    on your ability list, as it goes directly onto the list(like a sword or
    fighting tech).  Now you are virtually immune to that type of attack.
    Note that even if you learn the dodge from a very weak enemy, it will work
    against the same type of attack from any enemy.  Certain dodges are invaluable
    to your survival against some of the end-bosses, whereas others might as well
    not even exist since you are usually immune to that attack anyway.  Note that
    the more often the enemy attacks the character in the same fashion, the more
    likely you will learn to dodge.  Also, you are more likely to learn against
    powerful enemies.  However, there is no way to control what the enemy will do
    to you or who he will do it to, so learning these techs is a matter of luck.
    If you really want a certain dodge, then find a relatively weak enemy who can
    perform the attack you wish to dodge, then put yourself on defense and heal
    yourself while it attacks.  After a while, someone will probably get the
    dodge.  The enemy "Unknown" is very good for learning DodgeFlash(sucks) and
    DodgeGaze(very useful).  All the dodges that I have ever seen in my play
    are listed here.  Note that trying to get all these for all your characters
    will cause you to lose a lot of sanity, so just get the important ones on a
    few guys and leave it at that.  I think this list is done now, but tell me
    if you know of any more.
    Dodge Tech List
    Avoids Bloodsucker, HP Drain, and FireKiss.
    Avoids Needle, Poison Needle.
    Avoids Flash.
    Avoids Trample attacks.
    Avoids Thunderbolts.
    Avoids Gale Slash, Gale Attack.
    Avoids Spore attacks.
    Avoids touch attacks(Ghosttouch, Gremlintouch).
    Avoids Wing and Hellwing, as well as Gliderspike.
    Avoids all gaze attacks(Charmgaze, Stonegaze, Stungaze, Deathgaze).
    Avoids all nets(Ectoplasnet, Spidernet, Bladenet).
    Avoids body attacks(Tackle, Dash).
    Avoids Tail, Tailhit.
    Avoids DeathGrip.
    Avoids Seduction, Pheromone.
    Avoids Rock.
    Avoids Quake, Tremor.
    Here I will list the monster abilities and mech abilities that I have seen,
    as well as the enemies that I got the monster abilities from.  As far as I can
    tell, mecha learn random abilities not based upon the enemy that they absorb,
    but if I find differently I'll list that too.  These are too numerous
    and my memory isn't good enough to describe them all, so I'll rate them with
    asterisks in order of usefulness.
    * - useless
    ** - useful in rare situations
    *** - useful often
    **** - always keep this one
    The only abilities that I know you can get every time from the same enemy
    Virus:  from the viruses in the virtual reality world in HQ(T260G's chapter)
    DragonProgram: From MBlackII(Red's Chapter) or the BigDigger that uses
    Maelstrom in T260G's chapter(where you hit all the switches)
    TigerProgram: From MBlack(Red's Chapter) or the MecGod(in the Doomsday
    Machine, T260G's chapter)
    Mecha Ability List(Alphabetized)
    Combat Mastery:  0 WP-----  **
    Counter ECM:  0 WP--------  *
    Crosshair:  3 WP----------  **
    DragonProgram:  0 WP------  **
    --If you have this in combination with an OctopusBoard, your mech can
    use the Maelstrom special attack.
    EnergySupply:  0 WP-------  ***
    Evasion Bullet:  0 WP-----  **
    Evasion Laser:  0 WP------  **
    Evasion Rocket:  0 WP-----  **
    HypnoFlash:  2 WP---------  **
    InterceptSystem:  0 WP----  **
    --Your mech will counterattack a physical attack with missiles.
    Jammer:  1 WP-------------  *
    KAMIKAZE-Crush:  4 WP-----  ***
    --You use 1 LP to ram the enemy with a powerful attack.
    Logic Bomb:  4 WP---------  **
    Magnify:  15 WP-----------  ****
    --This causes any laser weapon to do tremendous damage, but the weapon
    will then be useless for the rest of the battle.
    Maxwell Program:  0 WP----  *
    MecSonata:  4 WP----------  **
    Plural Slash:  5 WP-------  ****
    Pop-Knight:  10 WP--------  ****
    RangeFire:  3 WP----------  **
    Satellite Linker:  7 WP---  ***
    --After using the bit system, use this to make the bits fire a powerful
    (2000-3000 damage) laser at all enemies.
    Self Repair:  0 WP--------  ***
    Shock Soldier:  8 WP------  ***
    Shoot-All:  24 WP---------  **
    --Your mech will fire all of the ammo out of its cannons and guns.
    Not as damaging as the WP cost and ammo consumption would indicate.
    Shooting Mastery:  0 WP---  **
    TigerProgram:  0 WP-------  ***
    --If you have this in combination with an OctopusBoard, you can use the
    TigerRampage attack.
    Virus:  0 WP--------------  **
    --This allows you to use Jammer and LogicBomb if you have a SecretBoard.
    Monster Ability List(alphabetized)
    --Acid Breath:  3 WP--------  *
    From Slugger, Trapvine, Gaeatoad
    --Arctic Breath:  3 WP------  *
    From Banshee, Ettin, Genbu, Snowfolk, Iceworm
    --Assist:  2 WP-------------  ***
    From Mellow
    --BattleSong:  3 WP---------  *
    From SpearValkyrie
    --Beak:  0 WP---------------  *
    From Axebeak, Pickbird, Platoonpus, Cockatrice, Platyking
    --Beat:  0 WP---------------  *
    From Gunfish, LivingGlove
    --Beetlejuice:  4 WP--------  *
    From Wormbrood, Manticore
    --Blade:  1 WP--------------  *
    From Giant, Harpy, SickleBug, Zyphon, FatDevil, Mystic, Living Sword, etc.
    --BladeNet:  3 WP-----------  **
    From LivingSword, KillerBee
    --Bloodsucker:  1 WP--------  *
    From Rabbat, Banshee
    --BoltBarrier:  0 WP--------  ****
    From Gelatin
    --BoltBlast:  5 WP----------  **
    From Gelatin, Thundragon
    --BoltBreath:  2 WP---------  *
    From Gelatin, Thundragon, Minidragon
    --BrainCrush:  3 WP---------  *
    From Snakeman, Siren
    --CentipedeCrush:  4 WP-----  **
    From Nidheg
    --Charmgaze:  3 WP----------  **
    From Mimic, Dullahan, Unknown, SwordValkyrie
    --Chop:  1 WP---------------  *
    From Zombie, Snakeman, Gremlin
    --Claw:  0 WP---------------  *
    From WonderDog, Snakeman, Red Dragon
    --Coils:  5 WP--------------  *
    From WhipJelly
    --CounterFear:  0 WP--------  ***
    From Lich
    --Da-Dum:  1 WP-------------  *
    From Yeti, Rockbaboon
    --DaggerJaw:  3 WP----------  *
    From Ankheg, Gargoyle, LivingGlove
    --Dash:  2 WP---------------  *
    From LivingArmor, Wererhino, Razorback
    --DeadlyMoss:  6 WP---------  *
    From Lich
    --Deathgaze:  4 WP----------  ****
    From Unknown, LivingMirror, Demongoat
    --Deathsynthesis:  0 WP-----  ** (This restores HP only without sunlight)
    From Lich, DeadKnight, Zombie, Ankheg, Skullasaurus, etc.
    --Deathtouch:  4 WP---------  ****
    From Lich
    --DoubleAxe:  2 WP----------  *
    From LivingAxe, Ogre, Minotaur, Rockbaboon
    --Ectoplasnet:  4 WP--------  ****
    From Gelatin, Ankheg
    --ElfShot:  1 WP------------  *
    From Wormbrood, Sprite, Darkfairy
    --Fang:  0 WP---------------  *
    From Minidragon, Wyvern, Gargoyle, Xeno, Razorback
    --FangCrush:  2 WP----------  *
    From Black Dragon, Genbu, Chimera, Dragonpup, Skullasaurus
    --Feeler:  5 WP-------------  **
    From Kraken, Mollasite, Treant
    --Feint:  4 WP--------------  *
    From Straysheep, Ogre, Frillneck
    --FireBarrier:  0 WP--------  ****
    From Suzaku
    --FireBreath:  3 WP---------  *
    From Ettin, Suzaku, Red Dragon, Flamefolk, Dragon Pup, Hellhound, etc.
    --FireKiss:  4 WP-----------  ***
    From Succubus, Lamia
    --FlameBlast:  5 WP---------  **
    From Red Dragon, Hellhound
    --Flash:  0 WP--------------  *
    From Unknown, Mystic, Sunflower
    --GaleAttack:  3 WP---------  **
    From Zyphon, Mystic, SickleBug, CrystalTree, DeadKnight
    --GasFlame:  4 WP-----------  ***
    From Chimera, FatDevil, EarthDragon
    --GhostTouch:  2 WP---------  *
    From Ghost
    --GliderSpike:  5 WP--------  **
    From SpearValkyrie, Wyvern
    --Grasp:  3 WP--------------  *
    From Gaeatoad, EarthDragon
    --GremlinTouch:  2 WP-------  *
    From Gremlin, Siren
    --GriffithScratch:  7 WP----  ****
    From Griffin, GriffinJr
    --GroundHit:  5 WP----------  ****
    From DeadKnight, Mystic, FatDevil, Scorpion
    --Heal:  0 WP---------------  ***
    From Butch, Razorback, KittyClawer, WonderDog
    --Heatsmash:  3 WP----------  **
    From Giant, Flamefolk
    --Heatwave:  5 WP-----------  **
    From Suzaku, Zyphon
    --Horn:  1 WP---------------  *
    From Dragonpup, Basilisk, Trisaur, Unicorn, Armorpilla, etc.
    --HP Drain:  4 WP-----------  **
    From Ankheg, DeathLord, Tanzer, DeadKnight
    --Hypnotism:  0 WP----------  *
    From Aperider, Ghost
    --IceBarrier:  0 WP---------  ****
    From Snowfolk
    --IceSmash:  3 WP-----------  **
    From Snowfolk, LiquidMetal
    --IllStorm:  4 WP-----------  **
    From Furdo, Gelatin
    --Ink:  1 WP----------------  *
    From Kraken, Devilsquid
    --Kick:  0 WP---------------  *
    From Frillneck, Gekko, Aperider, PrimaBronza
    --Kusanagi:  3 WP-----------  **
    From DeathLord
    --Kylin's Song:  3 WP-------  **
    From Kylin
    --Life Rain:  4 WP----------  ****
    From Unicorn
    --LightBall:  2 WP----------  *
    From Darkfairy, SwordValkyrie, IceCrystal, SpearValkyrie
    --Lullaby:  2 WP------------  **
    From Straysheep, Succubus
    --MadAttack:  3 WP----------  *
    From Butch
    --Maelstrom:  8 WP----------  ***
    From Kraken
    --MagicHeal:  5 WP----------  ****(*******)  Get this, it'll save your life.
    From Wormbrood, Unicorn, Mellow
    --MagneticStorm:  7 WP------  ****
    From CrystalTree
    --MightyCyclone:  6 WP------  ****
    From Kraken, Iceworm
    --MinionStrike:  6 WP-------  **
    From DeathLord
    --Needles:  0 WP------------  *
    From Manticore, Cactus, CrystalTree, Gargoyle
    --Oscillation:  6 WP--------  ***
    From Living Sword, SickleBug, CrystalTree
    --PainPowder:  2 WP---------  *
    From Harpy, Battlefly, Nightshade
    --Petrify:  6 WP------------  ***
    From Zeroworm, Cockatrice
    --Pheromone:  4 WP----------  **
    From Battlefly
    --Photosynthesis:  0 WP-----  ** (This restores HP only with sunlight)
    From Sunflower, Treant
    --PoisonGas:  1 WP----------  *
    From FatDevil, Basilisk
    --PoisonGrip:  3 WP---------  *
    From SonicBat, Zombie
    --PoisonGun:  1 WP----------  *
    From HugeSlime, Wormbrood
    --PoisonMist:  5 WP---------  **
    From Darkfairy, Furdo
    --PoisonNeedle:  5 WP-------  **
    From Scorpion, Wyvern
    --Powerbeat:  4 WP----------  ***
    From Chimera, Wererhino
    --Psychout:  0 WP-----------  *
    From Rocky
    --Quake:  5 WP--------------  **
    From Wererhino, Earth Dragon
    --Quicksand:  3 WP----------  ***
    From Slugger, Cockatrice
    --Rock:  2 WP---------------  *
    From Wererhino, Platoonpus
    --Sacred Song:  6 WP--------  **
    From Suzaku, DeathLord, Sphinx
    --SadSong:  3 WP------------  *
    From Scorpion, Succubus
    --Scissors:  0 WP-----------  *
    From Iceworm, Scorpion, Zeroworm
    --Scream:  4 WP-------------  **
    From SonicBat, Banshee, Skullasaurus
    --Seduction:  3 WP----------  **
    From Lamia
    --SeedVulcan:  1 WP---------  *
    From LivingRifle, Sunflower, Fishman
    --Silf:  5 WP---------------  **
    From SpearValkyrie, Airfolk
    --Siren:  7 WP--------------  ****
    From Siren, Ghostrider
    --SleepGas:  2 WP-----------  *
    From Mandrake
    --Solvent:  0 WP------------  *
    From Slime, BigSlime, HugeSlime
    --SphinxRiddle:  7 WP-------  ***
    From Sphinx
    --SpiderNet:  1 WP----------  *
    From Sporepile, Armorpilla
    --Spoil:  2 WP--------------  *
    From Slime, Butch, Zeroworm, Mollasite
    --Spore:  1 WP--------------  *
    From Shrieker, Sporepile
    --Stampede:  4 WP-----------  **
    From Dullahan, Frillneck, Chariot, Unicorn
    --Stinger:  3 WP------------  *
    From Butch, KillerBee
    --StinkGas:  2 WP-----------  **
    From Manticore, Slugger
    --StoneGas:  6 WP-----------  ***
    From Black Dragon, CrystalTree
    --Stonegaze:  5 WP----------  ***
    From Basilisk
    --Stungaze:  1 WP-----------  *
    From Unknown, Nightshade, Aperider
    --StunTouch:  0 WP----------  *
    From IceCrystal, FireCrystal, Airfolk
    --Supersonic:  2 WP---------  *
    From Quakeworm, Rabbat, Ghostrider, Sonicbat, Platoonpus, Ettin
    --Sweep:  1 WP--------------  *
    From WhipJelly, Trapvine, Platoonpus
    --Tackle:  1 WP-------------  *
    From Straysheep, WhipJelly, LivingAxe
    --Tailhit:  3 WP------------  *
    From Trisaur, Lamia
    --Thrust:  0 WP-------------  *
    From Mellow, Killerbee, Sprite, LivingLance
    --Thunderbolt:  3 WP--------  **
    From OgreLord, Fishman, Siren, Genbu
    --TitasWave:  6 WP----------  **
    From Zyphon, Black Dragon, Giant, SickleBug
    --Tornado:  5 WP------------  **
    From Genbu
    --Trample:  4 WP------------  *
    From OgreLord, Trisaur, Chimera, Demongoat
    --Tremor:  5 WP-------------  *
    From Shrieker, Zeroworm, Ankheg, Axebeak, Trisaur
    --TripGas:  4 WP------------  *
    From Shrieker
    --WaterCannon:  1 WP--------  *
    From Mellow, Undine, Gekko, Gunfish, Fishman
    --Windblast:  5 WP----------  **
    From Wyvern, Airfolk, Sphinx
    --Wing:  1 WP---------------  *
    From Minidragon, Battlefly, Airfolk, Sphinx, Straysheep, etc.
    Monsters can change into several forms.  All the forms that I have seen and
    their base HP(before adding the HP gained by absorbing new abilities) and
    their base stats before equipment is listed here.
    Monster Forms List(Alphabetized)
    Name                 HP   LP   WP   JP   STR QUI INT WIL PSY VIT CHA DEF
    Ankheg               305  4    94   52   57  51  19  46  29  57  13  42
    Armorpilla           160  6    40   24   17   6   3  22  15  27  15  18
    Axebeak              310  5    100  44   49  38  17  34  29  37  38   9
    Battlefly            300  6    106  50   31  47  16  40  37  46  45  15
    BigSlime             240  8    26   32   12   3   9  23  24  30   4  17
    Butch                460  6    124  76   51  63  44  62  37  48  44  30
    Cactus               100  6    14   18    4   2   7  13   8  11   7   8
    Chimera              540  6    162  84   75  64  48  67  46  73  57  40
    Cockatrice           405  5    132  76   55  61  28  47  67  39  55  27
    CrystalTree          440  6    162  116  64  38  55  88  79  80  72  25
    DeadKnight           250  4    98   48   42  34  24  41  24  40  41  42
    DeathLord            280  4    98   58   41  34  34  40  34  44  40  54
    DragonPup            210  5    64   36   21  28  19  20  26  17  32  25
    FrillNeck            310  6    84   38   35  33  29  28  12  36  32  22
    Gaeatoad             395  6    78   48   44  12  40  38   8  68  16  38
    Gekko                125  6    20    6    6   8   3   1   1  12   7   8
    Gelatin              430  8    110  84   32  36  16  74  68  99  28  12
    Genbu                515  7    144  78   64  38  62  52  34  66  60  45
    Ghost                130  4    28   30   14  16  13  22  16  12   8  24
    Harpy                255  5    94   36   27  32  24  22  18  28  51   9
    Hellhound            345  6    78   46   46  40  22  37  24  26  22  17
    Iceworm              460  6    162  74   60  69  27  72  41  82  58  50
    KillerBee            210  6    66   34   18  33   9  28  21  29  26  15
    kraken               640  8    166  74   78  54  62  53  26  90  56  19
    KylinJr.             540  6    150  128  52  71  90  48  70  41  82  41  
    LiquidMetal          350  8    100  64   40  40  40  40  40  40  40  37
    LivingAxe            115  5    24   16    9   7   1   4  18  13  11  14
    LivingLance          165  5    36   26   15  14   3   9  31  14  16  24
    LivingSword          340  5    86   56   35  35  35  35  35  35  35  30
    Lummox               60   10   16   12    8   8   8   8   8   8   8   6
    Mandrake             200  10   32   0    17  15  25  32  29  23  25  20
    Manticore            400  6    104  54   64  41  31  48  20  48  29  34
    Nidheg               280  4    92   34   59  63  13  32  14  37  13  35
    Nightshade           265  6    76   70   34  20  38  49  43  36  31  15
    Ogre                 220  10   40   28   27  11  16  12  20  24   9  16
    OgreLord             430  10   122  66   69  41  48  37  39  78  29  47
    Platoonpus           245  6    76   30   28  25  20  22   9  28  37   5
    Rabbat               150  5    42   28   11  23   9  15  22   9  21  12
    Razorback            230  6    70   28   25  22  14  24  11  33  31  14
    Rocky                110  6    22   12    8   6   4   8   3  10  11   9
    Scorpion             260  6    76   42   32  21  12  37  26  44  28  22
    Shrieker             390  6    142  102  53  42  52  75  68  56  68  42
    Skeleton             65   4    22   16   11   8   3  15   4  15   6  20
    Skullasaurus         390  4    132  78   71  61  37  77  34  40  47  52
    Slime                130  10   26   28    8   6   7  22  24  28   4  21
    SonicBat             320  6    84   54   26  47  13  49  37  36  31  33
    Sphinx               455  5    140  90   43  58  94  33  46  51  64  27
    Sporepile            150  6    38   32   12   6  14  19  21  18  21  13
    SunFlower            350  6    114  88   44  25  47  62  59  54  54  26
    SuzakuJr.            495  5    182  80   56  78  45  51  57  66  82  41
    Tidi                 220  7    46   20   16  31  12  22  13  16  21  24
    Trapvine             220  6    64   54   26  16  27  37  34  30  28  15
    Treant   *           300  6    108  88   41  23  50  55  62  50  52  27
    TrisaurJr.           450  7    122  50   63  49  31  39  21  55  40  30
    UnicornJr.           320  5    142  86   46  61  70  45  49  35  71  33
    Unknown              300  8    56   82   22  24  62  48  46  32  17   9
    WhipJelly            200  8    48   40   16  20  16  21  33  26  18  13
    Wyvern               360  5    120  64   53  60  26  45  49  29  50  27
    Zombie               185  4    40   22   28   6   2  34   1  44   1  16
    * The Treant form has the item ShadeRobe(only in battle).  It heals HP.
    Mystics get certain abilities based upon which weapon they absorbed the mon-
    ster into and what monster they absorb.  This will be listed in the enemy
    list section.
    Magic in the world of SF is classified into several schools.  Almost
    all the schools of magic have an opposite school, and if you have magic from
    one school you must give it up to learn magic of the opposite school.  In
    order to learn new spells and be a master of a particular school of magic,
    you must obtain the gift for that magic.  This can normally be inquired about
    at the shop where you buy the magic.  Some gifts are easy to get, some are
    hard, and some are annoying.  Some of the character's main quests involve the
    earning of these gifts, and almost all characters are advised to do so as
    magic is a very helpful tool in SF.  Here is each type of magic, where to
    get it, where to get the gift, and its opposite.  The specifics about getting
    each gift will be dealt with in the walkthrough section.
    Magic Ability List(spells that require the gift are marked with *)
    Light Magic
    Buy at:  Luminous
    Get gift at:  Luminous
    Opposite:  Shadow
    --StarlightHeal:  2 JP
    This spell restores HP to any one party member.  It works on mecha, but
    to a lesser degree.  Very useful, as healing spells usually are.  The main
    advantage of Light Magic.
    --SunRay:  1 JP
    This spell attacks one enemy with a sunbeam.  Does extra damage against
    undead opponents.  If you have 6 magic abilities equipped then it is free
    to cast, but a pretty weak spell overall.
    --FlashFlood:  5 JP
    This spell attempts to instantly kill all your enemies by sweeping them away
    in a flood.  The low success rate of this makes it less useful than it
    --FlashFire:  4 JP
    This spell damages all enemies with fire.  Not very damaging, but clears out
    large groups of lower-level enemies.  Also may blind the enemies.
    --Light Sword:  7 JP  *
    This spell creates a sword with extremely high attacking power to use in
    battle.  Not a very useful spell unless you don't have the money yet to buy
    the best swords for the character.  In that case, this is good to deal out
    damage to large bosses.
    --MegaWindBlast:  9 JP  *
    The other reason, besides StarlightHeal, to get Light magic.  Probably the
    most powerful mass attack spell.  Hits all enemies with 1000-3000 damage,
    depending on the power of the caster.
    Shadow Magic
    Buy at:  Luminous
    Get gift at:  Omble
    Opposite:  Light
    --PowerGrab:  1 JP
    This spell steals a small amount of HP from the target.  Allows you to
    regain a few lost HP, and is free if you have a crown in magic, but does
    too little damage to be extremely useful.
    --HideBehind:  1 JP
    This spell causes you to appear behind your opponent, tap their shoulder,
    and run away.  They turn around to face that way.  Characters who attack
    while the enemy's back is turned do slightly more damage and have a much
    higher hit rate.  Pretty much completely useless.  Combos with itself
    though.  You should see that at least once, it's pretty comical.
    --ShadowNet:  3 JP
    This spell paralyzes all of the enemies.  Actually pretty useful if used
    against the right enemies who are vulnerable to paralysis.  Probably the
    best low level Shadow magic.
    --DarkSphere:  4 JP  *
    This spell attacks one enemy with a large sphere of dark energy.  Fairly
    powerful(500-1500 damage) and combos with itself.  If two or three people
    cast it together, then the damage adds up.  Still, there are much better
    sources of magic damage out there.
    --ShadowServant:  9 JP  *
    The only real reason to bother with Shadow magic.  This useful spell creates
    a shadow that overlays the caster.  It repeats every action you perform, 
    guaranteeing a level 2 combo with whatever attack you use.  This is very
    useful against big bosses.  In addition, the shadow servant will protect the
    caster from 1 attack, destroying the servant but keeping the caster safe
    from damage.  If you always have a shadow servant active, then you can
    nullify any attacks toward that character while your JP lasts.  You can only
    have 1 shadow servant at a time.  A shadow servant will not mimic DSC, I
    guess they figured that would be too powerful.
    Note:  Of these two, I consider Light magic to be superior in most cases.
    The healing ability and MegaWindBlast are very useful.  However, in the case
    of characters who already have healing abilities(Dr. Nusakan, Measarthim,
    etc.) or in characters that can master Time Magic(Blue/Rouge, TimeLord) I
    recommend Shadow magic.  Shadow Servant doubles the power of Overdrive, and
    without the healing advantage, the Shadow Servant spell is very useful in
    comparison to the MegaWindBlast(there are many other slightly less effective
    mass-kill spells).  However, no matter who it is, if you don't get the gift
    don't bother with Shadow Magic.  Shadow Servant is the only useful spell
    Arcane Magic
    Buy at:  Devin
    Get gift at:  Collect all 4 Arcana Tarot
    Opposite:  Rune
    --Saber:  1 JP
    A decent, free spell(if you have a crown) to attack one enemy.  Low damage,
    but is good for learning the upper level spells if you have the gift.
    --Shield:  3 JP
    This spell raises the DEF rating of your entire party.  Note that if you
    use the spell more than once, the "DEF UP" signs will still show up but
    the spell only actually works once.  This spell also automatically comes
    out before any enemies can attack.  A useful spell for long battles.  The
    effect lasts until the end of the battle.  If a character is knocked un-
    conscious(loses all its HP) then it loses the benefits of Shield.
    --Grail:  3 JP
    This spell cures one party member of any status ailment.  Useful against
    enemies with petrify or charm attacks.  It is a good idea to always have
    at least 1 party member with this.
    --Gold:  3 JP
    This seemingly useless spell is actually not bad if used against enemies
    that are susceptible to instant death.  It has one of two effects.
    The milder, useless one causes all the enemies to turn around, which is
    like a HideBehind spell that affects all the enemies.  Attacks on an enemy's
    back have a slight damage and hit rate increase.  Occasionally, however, the
    spell will utterly destroy the creature because it chases the gold coins that
    drop completely off the screen, and is never seen again.  This happens
    most often against one lone enemy.  This spell gets rid of Chimeras,
    Zeroworms, and other powerful monsters with ease.
    --Magician:  7 JP  *
    This spell creates a shadow of the caster that appears randomly among your
    ranks.  It has an infinity symbol over its head(to differentiate it from
    ones created by Mystic magic).  If an enemy attacks it, then it is detroyed.
    If the attack used was a close range attack, then the destroyed shadow
    creates a vortex that sucks up and utterly destroys the unfortunate attacker.
    This will not work on bosses, but it is valuable nontheless against enemies
    that use powerful physical attacks.  You can have up to 5 shadows on screen
    at once.
    --Death:  4 JP  *
    This spell summons grim reapers(one for each enemy) to attempt to instantly
    kill all the enemies.  Any enemy that is hit is destroyed, but for each
    enemy that fails to be killed, the reapers come back and take 1 LP from the
    caster.  Moderately useful against single enemies, but don't use it against
    a large group or you risk losing all your LP.
    --Fool:  6 JP  *
    Your character does a funny dance, and from that point on the enemies
    attack power is decreased.  The spell's effect is lost if the caster is
    ever knocked unconscious.  Don't waste your time with this.
    --Tower:  All JP  *
    This spell takes away all of your JP to create an immensely powerful attack.
    The more JP you have, the more damage is inflicted.  This spell is your most
    powerful source of damage(other than DSC).  Unlike DSC, though, this spell
    can go into combos for horrendous damage.  If you plan to use a character in
    a boss battle as a fighter or swordsman, then equip them with this and
    let them blow all their JP first to soften up the target a bit.
    Rune Magic
    Buy at:  Devin
    Get gift at:  Collect all 4 Rune stones
    Opposite:  Arcane
    --Victory Rune:  1 JP
    This rune causes one character in the party to gain more attacking power.
    All their attacks will do about 1.25 times the original damage for the
    remainder of the battle or until they are knocked unconscious(lose all their
    HP).  Free to cast if you have a crown, but not too great except to learn
    better spells.
    --Vitality Rune:  2 JP
    This rune causes one character in the party to regenerate HP at the end of
    each round.  The number of HP gained is equal to about 1/8 of the max HP of
    the affected character.  Probably the most useful of the lower level runes.
    In long battles this is a good source of a little extra healing.  The effect
    lasts until the end of the battle or until the affected character becomes
    unconscious(loses all HP).
    --Hide Rune:  2 JP
    This spell causes one character to disappear from battle.  The character is
    immune to attack, but if it performs any action other than defense, then it
    comes out of hiding and the spell is broken.  This spell may be good for
    keeping low level characters alive so they can gain power, but overall it is
    a waste of time.  Heal the wounded character instead.  Note that a hidden
    character may still be hit by attacks that hit all characters.  A hidden
    character may affect itself without coming out of hiding(healing, Victory
    Rune, etc.).
    --Freedom Rune:  4 JP
    The character that this rune is inscribed over is protected from petrify,
    parlysis, and sleep until the end of the battle or until they are knocked
    --Wall Rune:  8 JP  *
    This spell erects a protective barrier around one character.  Any long range
    attacks(bullets, lasers, rockets, etc.) fired on the character will destroy
    the barrier instead of hurting the character.  If the shield could take
    more damage, or if it affected the whole party, this might be a good spell.
    As it is, it is forever condemned to rot in the unused ability list.  I don't
    see why it is a higher level spell.
    --Dwarf Rune:  8 JP  *
    This spell reduces the attack power of one enemy.  Another spell that is a
    waste of time except against very powerful enemies.  Even then, there is
    probably some better use of your time and JP.
    --Soul Rune:  7 JP  *
    This spell raises all of the caster's abilities, making him/her faster,
    stronger, more intelligent, etc..  If the caster is knocked unconscious, the
    spell is broken.  Handy in long battles, but this spell is not really that
    great normally.
    --Stasis Rune:  All JP  *
    This spell causes the caster and the affected enemy to go into stasis, a
    condition where neither can perform any action or be affected in any way.
    This lasts longer the more JP you use.  If you are badly wounded against a
    boss, use this so the remaining characters can heal up, I suppose.  That
    is one use for it, although I don't know if its worth the cost of all your
    JP to perform.  The spell really only has one true use, and that is in
    combination with the Time magic Overdrive.  Only 2 characters in the game
    (Blue/Rouge, and TimeLord) can have this spell, but once they do be sure to
    give them Rune magic so they can get StasisRune.  If you Overdrive, then as
    the last command you give put the enemy and yourself in stasis, then you
    will not lose all your JP and WP from the Overdrive!  This means you can just
    do it again once you come out of stasis.  Also, after you come out of stasis,
    the game will still think you are in Overdrive.  This means that the affected
    character can still attack 6-8 times every round.  Note that magic and skills
    used will still deplete WP and JP.  Also, you still must pay the 10 JP for
    the Overdrive.  Any boss can be easily defeated using this technique.
    Note:  Of these two, I consider Arcane magic to be vastly superior to Rune
    except in the case of TimeLord and Blue/Rouge.  If a character has Overdrive,
    then it is much better to give them Rune magic due to the Stasis Rune trick.
    Mind Magic
    Buy at:  Kyo
    Get gift at:  Kyo
    Opposite:  Evil
    --MindHeal:  2 JP
    This useful spell allows the caster to completely refill his/her HP.  Give
    this to all the characters you can.  It helps against enemies that can
    use mass attacks that hurt your whole party badly.  The more characters that
    can heal themselves, the less work your healers have to do to prepare for 
    the next big attack.  Probably the best Mind magic spell.
    --Spellbound:  2 JP
    This spell paralyzes one enemy.  Only good in specific situations, but can
    completely debilitate one enemy if used on the right enemy.
    --Evaporate:  2 JP
    This spell allows the caster to go into hiding.  It has the same effect as
    the Rune spell Hide Rune, except it can only affect the caster.  If the
    caster performs any action that affects another character, the spell is 
    broken.  Not one of my favorites at all.
    --LifeWave:  2 JP  *
    This spell attacks one enemy with a large yellow spear.  Does very good
    damage and ignores the defense level of the target.  On the average, does
    500-1500 damage to a single target.
    --Awakening:  2 JP  *
    This spell causes all the stats of the caster to increase, making him/her
    stronger, faster, more intelligent, etc..  Just like the Rune magic Soul
    rune, except it can only affect the caster.  Only good against large bosses
    where the effect will last long enough to be noticed.  The spell ends if
    the affected character is knocked unconscious(loses all HP).
    Evil Magic
    Buy at:  N/A(only Zozma can have this magic)
    Get gift at:  N/A(the gift for this magic does not exist)
    Opposite:  Mind
    --RavaShot:  1 JP
    A decent attack spell.  Does little damage, though, and is probably not as
    powerful as Zozma's normal attacks.  Hits one enemy.
    --PainDoubler:  1 JP
    This spell does damage to all enemies equal to the amount of damage that
    they have already suffered, up to a limit of 666.  The spell can never do
    more than 666 damage, and that is what limits its usefulness significantly.
    I usually don't bother with this spell.
    --Deathcurse:  4 JP
    Just like the Arcane Death spell, except it only targets one enemy.
    --SharpPain:  1 JP
    This is by far the most powerful Evil spell and the reason that Zozma is one
    of the best characters in SF.  This spell attempts to stun all the enemies.
    This does not sound useful, but the spell comes out before any enemies can
    attack automatically, and it is almost 100% effective against enemies that 
    are vulnerable to stun!  Having trouble with Dullahan?  Crystal Trees 
    oscillating and kicking your ass?  If Zozma uses this spell each round, then 
    these enemies will never get a chance to move and your other characters can
    leisurely beat them up.  This spell even works on some bosses, making them
    completely harmless for the cost of only 1 JP each round.
    Note:  Of these two, Evil magic is the best due to the SharpPain spell.
    However, since only one character can have it, Mind magic is the obvious
    choice for most characters.  Note that only humans can get Mind magic, and
    that Blue/Rouge cannot get the gift for it until they fight near the end
    of Blue's chapter.
    Realm Magic
    Buy at:  Magic Kingdom
    Get gift at:  Only Blue/Rouge have the gift
    Opposite:  Mystic
    --EnergyChain:  1 JP
    Probably the best low-level single enemy attack spell in the game.  It does
    good damage at first.  If it is used enough times, then the caster will
    "level-up" this spell and the chain will begin to swirl around the enemies
    after hitting them.  At this point the spell will also paralyze the enemy.
    Also, if you have a crown in magic this spell is free of charge.  It is un-
    known if other spells can "level-up" through use as this one does(some of
    them definitely need to), but if I find something out, rest assured that it
    will show up here.
    --Implosion:  3 JP
    Attacks a single enemy.  More damaging than EnergyChain, and may cause 
    instant death of the enemy.  The increased JP use makes it less useful on
    the average, and the instant death effect is annoyingly rare.  A good
    cheap attack to use on large enemies that are vulnerable to instant death.
    --PsychoArmor:  2 JP
    This spell increases the PSY and VIT points of one character, making them
    less vulnerable to magic and physical attack.  This spell only works once, 
    even though the "PSY up" message will continue to appear.  Only useful
    against the end bosses where the battle will last long enough to see the
    effect of the spell.  It ends if the target character is knocked unconscious.
    --Gate:  0 JP  *
    This spell is not a battle spell, but is used in conjunction with the
    RegionMap item to allow Blue/Rouge to travel with ease.  You do not need to
    ever have it equipped.
    --PsychicPrison:  7 JP  *
    This spell seals the enemy in a shell.  If they try to cast magic, then it
    will backfire on them and cause them damage.  Since there are not very many
    magic-using enemies in the game, the effectiveness of this is fairly low.
    If you are facing a magic user, then by all means give this a try.
    It helps against some guys in Blue's game.  After blocking one spell, then
    the shell is destroyed and must be renewed.
    --Vermilion Sand:  8 JP  *
    This spell attacks all enemies for good damage(800-1800 points).  It also
    may blind the enemies.  The second best mass attack spell behind MegaWind-
    Blast.  Make it a point to get this if you have Blue/Rouge in your party.
    Mystic Magic
    Buy at: Facinaturu
    Get gift at: Mystics and Asellus have this gift automatically, otherwise N/A
    Opposite:  Realm
    --Fascination:  1 JP
    This spell attempts to charm one enemy.  Charmed enemies will attack their
    friends, but they will not physically attack themselves(although they may
    hit themselves with mass attacks).  This spell is more effective depending
    on your CHA score.
    --PhantasmShot:  3 JP
    This spell attacks one enemy with a random phantasm beast.  It does good
    damage, and inflicts status problems as well.  The phantasms are the same
    as the Mirage magic spells, so look there for a description of each effect.
    A very good single enemy attack spell, does 200-1000 points to an enemy as
    well as causing them various ailments.
    --Glass Shield:  5 JP
    This spell creates a glass shield in front of the caster.  Any attack that
    targets the caster will break the shield instead of hurting the caster.  In
    addition to this protection, if the attack that broke the glass was a close-
    range attack, then the broken glass shards will attack the enemy and do a
    good bit(500-1000) of damage.  This spell is a good idea to cast at the
    beginning of long battles to protect your healing characters from attack.  If
    it is broken, then refresh it and the healers will be difficult to damage.
    --MirrorShade:  7 JP  *
    This spell creates 1-4 shadows of the caster in random locations among your
    characters' ranks.  Enemies may target the mirrorshades instead of damaging
    your real party members.  If a mirrorshade is hit, then it is detroyed.  If
    you are fighting an enemy that uses mass attacks, then this is useless as 1
    mass attack will destroy all the mirrorshades, but with enemies that kill you
    1 man at a time or get to physically attack many times in a single round,
    this can save you a lot of damage.  You cannot have more than 5 mirrorshades
    in existence at once.
    Note:  Of these two, I prefer Mystic magic because of PhantasmShot and
    GlassShield.  These spells are much better than the comparable Realm spells.
    Exceptions to this are Blue/Rouge, who can get the higher level Realm spells.
    Also, the inconveience of having to travel to Facinaturu to buy the Mystic
    magic may be a reason in itself to get the Realm spells.
    Time Magic
    Buy at:  TimeLord's Region
    Get gift at:  Kill TimeLord(only Blue/Rouge and TimeLord can get this gift)
    Opposite:  Space
    --DelayOrder:  1 JP
    Lowers the enemy's QUI score.  Whoopee.
    --TimeLeap:  3 JP
    This spell is like the poor man's Sharp Pain.  If it hits an enemy, then
    that enemy will be stunned and lose its turn that round.  However, unlike
    Sharp Pain, it only targets one enemy and it is not guaranteed to go off
    before the enemy moves.  Therefore, unlike Sharp Pain, it is useless.
    --ChaosStream:  9 JP
    This spell attacks all the enemies by spinning them around on the arms of a 
    huge clock.  It does a small amount of damage and may paralyze them.  Not
    a very good mass attack spell, despite the cool name.  Doesn't do enough
    damage to compete with other spells, but the paralysis effect is actually
    pretty common.
    --TimeEclipse:  5 JP
    This spell attempts to petrify one enemy, instantly killing them.  If it
    fails to do this, then the enemy's quickness is lowered and they take damage.
    A useful spell for destroying enemies that have high HP but are vulnerable
    to petrification.
    --TimeTwister:  5 JP  *
    This spell allows one character to perform the action that they would
    normally perform in the round twice.  Characters with DSC or LifeSprinkler
    are good candidates for this spell.  Overall a very useful move if used
    wisely.  Don't try to glitch out your Saga Frontier program by Time
    Twistering yourself, those guys over at Square thought of everything.  You
    will not create an endless loop that way.
    --OverDrive:  10 JP  *(depletes all JP, WP at the end of the spell)
    This powerful spell causes the caster to enter another dimension with a big
    clock on the floor.  This spell automatically comes out before any enemy can
    move.  In this dimension, the caster can perform any action(except another
    OverDrive) 5-8 times depending on the number of JP used.  These actions cost
    0 JP or WP.  You can use Tower or DSC 5-8 times in a row-say goodbye to any
    boss.  Also, if you cast a Shadow Servant first, each move in OverDrive is
    doubled!  Better yet, if the last move of the OverDrive is the Rune spell
    StasisRune, then you can avoid losing all your JP/WP and also perform an
    interesting cheat which allows you to move 5-8 times for the rest of the
    battle!  Just OverDrive again and repeat.  Note that after subtracting the
    10 JP for OverDrive, then you must have enough JP/WP left to perform the
    actions in OverDrive.  It does not cost any points, but the points must be
    Space Magic
    Buy at:  Kylin's Paradise
    Get gift at: Kill Kylin(Only Blue/Rouge and Kylin can get this gift)
    Opposite:  Time
    --VaporBlast:  1 JP
    This spell attacks one enemy for 300-800 points of damage.  One of the best
    attacking spells that cost no JP if you have a crown.
    --Vanish:  3 JP
    This spell attempts to instantly kill the target creature by making them
    vanish from existence.  Useful against big strong monsters that are
    vulnerable to instant death.
    --ReverseGravity:  6 JP
    This spell attacks all enemies by reversing gravity and dumping them on their
    head.  It does high damage and may also stun them.  A high power mass attack
    spell that is fairly cheap to cast.
    --LightShift:  1 JP
    This spell causes the sun to shine on the battlefield.  What the hell does
    that do, you ask?  Well, nothing usually.  However, when fighting undead that
    have DeathSynthesis(the ability to regenerate their HP), this spell causes
    their DeathSynthesis to stop working.  Very helpful against some undead
    bosses who get back 1000 HP every round.  Put a stop to that and the battle
    is much quicker.  Also, any monster that has Photosynthesis will begin to
    regenerate HP while the sun is out.  This could be helpful to your monster.
    This spell actually has its specific uses, but is not generally very good.
    --DarkShift:  1 JP  *
    This spell is the opposite of LightShift.  It causes the sun to go away.
    DeathSynthesis will begin working, and PhotoSynthesis will stop working.
    Since there are fewer big plant enemies than there are big undead enemies, 
    this is less useful than LightShift, but if your monster has Deathsynthesis
    then it will allow it to take advantage of that ability.
    --Vortex:  3 JP  *
    This spell opens a large vortex into which all status conditions, both
    positive and negative and from both friends and enemies, are drawn away.
    This spell can cure your entire party of status problems, but it will also
    remove from them positive spells like Reviva, Shield, and Vitality Rune.
    It will also remove the enemy's positive enhancements, but also any poison
    or paralysis you may have caused.  A useful spell when fighting status
    affecting enemies.
    Note:  Of these two, Space magic is preferable unless you are TimeLord or
    Blue/Rouge, in which case Time magic with OverDrive is the obvious choice.
    If one of these characters has Time, Shadow, and Rune magic they can Over-
    Drive, ShadowServant, and then Stasis Rune at the end and cause any boss to
    be destroyed without even an effort.  If you cannot get the gift, however,
    the low level Space spells like ReverseGravity and Vanish are vastly superior
    to the Time spells, in my opinion.
    Life Magic
    Buy at:  N/A(only Blue/Rouge can get it in Blue's chapter)
    Get gift at:  N/A
    Opposite:  N/A
    --Sacrifice:  2 JP
    This spell completely heals the entire party except the caster.  The caster
    loses 1 LP from casting this spell.  This is one of the only healing spells
    that can affect the whole party, and if kept in moderation it is very useful.
    Don't let Blue's LP get too low, or else you might abruptly end your game.
    --Reviva:  9 JP
    This spell works like the Reraise spell in FF Tactics.  If a character under
    this spell is knocked unconscious, then this spell automatically revives them
    with full HP.  The spell then ends.  The character still loses LP.  This
    spell is useful for many reasons, but can save your life against enemies
    with powerful mass kill attacks.  It is great against Blue's final boss, as
    it keeps you from being killed instantly by some of his attacks.
    Mirage Magic
    Buy at:  N/A(only the Mystic Rei can have this magic)
    Get gift at:  N/A
    Opposite:  N/A
    --Black Cat:  1 JP
    This spell causes a phantasmal panther to appear and attack 1 enemy.  It does
    moderate damage and may cause the enemy to become a blue mess.  Subsequent
    castings may make them a yellow or red mess.
    --NightMare:  2 JP
    This spell causes a ghostly horse to attack an enemy.  It does a little more
    damage than Black Cat and may put the enemy to sleep.
    --Jackal:  4 JP
    This spell causes an illusory jackal to attack an enemy.  It does about the
    same damage as the NightMare, but may poison the enemy.
    --Cockatrice:  6 JP
    This spell causes a little more damage than the Jackal, and may petrify the
    --Reaper:  7 JP
    The ultimate illusion spell causes more damage than Cockatrice and may cause
    instant death to the enemy.
    Note:  All the spells of Mirage magic are available through the Mystic
    spell PhantasmShot.  The advantage of Mirage magic is that you get to choose
    which phantasm you summon, but the disadvantage is the higher JP cost to
    summon the more powerful monsters.
    One of the new features of SF is the combo system, which allows you to link
    several attacks together to increase the damage inflicted by the attacks.
    Attacks that are in combos are about twice as powerful as they would be
    seperately.  At first, the combo system seems random, and to a certain
    extent it is, but there are ways to rig it in your favor.
    Combos happen when two characters who move one right after another perform
    attacks which can link together.  Usually, these characters will link
    togther and perform a level 2 combo.  If another character which moves
    directly before or after this performs an attack that can link with the
    first or second attack in the link(respectively) then he will and you get
    a level 3 combo.  So on and so forth up to level 5, where all your characters
    link together.  Not all attacks link with all other attacks, and certain
    ones link better than others.  Only techs, magic, cannons, and monster skills
    may link, not regular attacks.  When you find 2 attacks that link, then
    try to find something that goes before the first or after the second and
    then try to do a level 3.  Eventually, a level 5 combo can be built this way.
    These are difficult, as if the enemy moves in the middle of your characters
    then the combo will be split in half(since the comboing characters must move
    in direct succession).  Also, if your characters move in the wrong order then
    the combo will be foiled.  The game seems to cheat for you with small combos
    and make your characters move in the right order, but this does not happen
    with large combos.  Some pointers if you are having trouble linking:
    1.  Make a note of what attacks link together well.  I have a list of
    attacks that I have noticed link, but this is not and will never be complete
    due to the high number of combinations possible.  Make a personal note of
    what links and add it to useful ones from this list.
    2.  If a human character has a lightbulb and learns something, it breaks the
    combo.  Make sure that you know enough techs so that learning is rare.
    3.  Attacks that link with themselves are your best friend.  If all your
    characters perform the same attack that links with itself, then it does not
    matter what order they attack in and they will almost always link.  They
    can only be broken by the enemy moving in between them.  This is the easiest
    way to build level 4 and 5 combos.  Good examples are CrossShot, DarkSphere,
    Fist, GiantSwing, and HardSlash.  Have your whole party do the same attack
    and watch the damage rack up.
    4.  Target the same enemy with all your attacks.  Combos will not work on
    multiple enemies(except in the case of mass attacks that link).
    5.  Take into account each character's QUI attribute.  Try to have the
    combo occur in descending order of QUIckness, as that is the most likely order
    that the characters will attack.  This is not 100% accurate, but it insures
    that the combo will occur as often as possible.
    Let's take an example.  I'm fighting some boss and I want to do as much
    damage as possible.  I don't have DSC, so the next best source of damage is
    linking.  I notice that RosarioImpale - Triple Thrust occurs pretty often.
    Also, I know that RisingNova can link before Rosario Impale.  If I do these
    three attacks on the same enemy, then I have a good chance of linking.  I
    do this, but notice that Lute, who is doing the Rosario Impale, keeps moving
    after Fuse with Triple Thrust and the combo is failing.  Since Lute is
    slower than Fuse, I have him do the 3rd attack in the link and have Fuse
    do the 2nd.  Mei Ling is doing the Rising Nova, and she is the fastest, so
    that works fine and they link together(provided the enemy does not attack in
    between and ruin the link) about 75% of the time.  Wow, there's 10,000+
    damage right there.  Well, I want to make it bigger so I look for something
    to put after the Triple Thrust.  I remember that Asura combos after
    Triple Thrust so I get my slowest character, White Rose(she accidentally 
    absorbed 2 Rockys and a Pickbird so she has 8 QUI) to use that Asura that I
    stuck on her way back in Facinaturu.  Hmmm, that's 4, how can I make it 5?
    I don't know of anything that goes after Asura right off hand, so I look
    to see if anything links before RisingNova, the first move in the combo.
    I notice that Asellus, the quickest character on the team, has the Sunray
    spell that links before RisingNova.  I do this, and I have set up a level
    5 link that can do up to 20,000 points of damage!  By having the attacks go
    off in order from the fastest to slowest party member, I increase the chance
    that the link will not be foiled by the characters moving out of order.  If
    they do, or the enemy moves in the middle and splits it, I will still almost
    always get 1 or 2 level 2 links, and maybe a level 3 or 4.  The damage on
    my attacks is increased dramatically this way, and the poor boss goes the
    way of all flesh due to the Sunray - RisingNova - RosarioImpale - Triple
    Thrust - Asura level 5 combo.
    I know this sounds unnecessarily complicated, but understanding this system
    is important in order to be able to use your attacks to their utmost.
    Following is a list of links that I have made note of through my gameplay.
    Note that this is far, far, far from all of them and contribution to this
    section is extremely appreciated(as is contribution to any other section).
    Only 2 part links are listed, as bigger ones are built by combining these.
    Combo List
    AcidBreath - Beak
    Air Throw - Kick
                 Triple Thrust
    Al-Phoenix - HyperBlaster
    ArcticBreath - HeatSmash
    Asura - Kusanagi
    Backfist - Fist
    BattleSong - Needles
    Beak - Beak
    BeamSword - Graviton
    BearCrush - Still Stream
    Beetlejuice - ArcticBreath
    Blade - Fist
    BlasterSword - ThunderThrust
    Blizzard - MightyCyclone
    Bloodsucker - Scissors
    BoltBlast - Silf
    BoltBreath - Blade
    BoltThrower - EnergyChain
    BoundShot - GroundHit
    BrightFist - Kusanagi
    CharmGaze - Smash
    Chop - MightyCyclone
    Claw - WaterCannon
    Coils - Rock
    Corkscrew - Sky Twister
    CosmicRave - PluralSlash
    CrossShot - CrossShot
    CrushBeat - Scuffle
    DarkSphere - DarkSphere
    DeadlyMoss - Missile
    DirtyFang - Asura
    DoubleAxe - WaterCannon
    Ectoplasnet - EnergyChain
    EnergyChain - EnergyChain
    FireBreath - PhantasmShot
    Fist - Fist
    FlameBlast - Wing
    FlashFire - WheelSlash
    GaleSlash - Still Stream    (GaleSlash, 2GaleSlash, and GaleAttack are
                 NoMoment             interchangeable)
                 Triple Thrust
    GasFlame - Saber
    GhostCannon - PhantasmShot
    GiantSwing - GiantSwing
    GliderSpike - FocusShot
    Gold - GasFlame
    GrainCannon - HyperBlaster
    Grasp - EnergyChain
    Graviton - Graviton
    GremlinTouch - Beak
    GroundHit - TitasWave
    HardSlash - Dash
                 Dead End
    Haze-to-Wheel - TitasWave
    HeadWind - ShadowCounter
    HeatSmash - QuickSand
    HeatWave - StunSlash
    HellWing - GroundHit
    HE-Rocket - AirThrow
    HideBehind - HideBehind
    HP Drain - DoubleSlash
    HyperBlaster - Kusanagi
    HyperionBazooka - HyperBlaster
    IceSmash - Thunderbolt
    IllStorm - EnergyChain
    Implosion - Saber
    KAMIKAZE-Crush - SunRay
    Kick - Backfist
    Kusanagi - RavaShot
    Laser - Kusanagi
    LifeSprinkler - Rising Nova
    LifeWave - GroundHit
    MachineVulcan - HyperionBazooka
    Maelstrom - EnergyChain
    MagicStone - FangCrush
    MagneticStorm - HellWing
                     Triple Thrust
    MecSonata - Air Throw
    MegaWindblast - PhantasmShot
    MicroMissile - HyperBlaster
    MightyCyclone - MightyCyclone
    MillionDollers - Horn
    Missile - MightyCyclone
    MoonlightCut - WillowBranch 
                    Tres Flores
    MysteryTap - Thrust
    Needles - RavaShot
    NoMoment - Silf
    OgreRun - Rotation Kick
    Oscillation - EnergyChain
    PainPowder - AcidBreath
    Phantasm Shot - Sliding   (PhantasmShot/Mirage magic are interchangeable)
                     Air Throw
    PluralSlash - BearCrush
                   Sky Twister
    Pop-Knight - HyperBlaster
    PowerGrab - MightyCyclone
    RailCannon - HyperBlaster
    RavaShot - PhantasmShot
    RaySword - TigerRampage
    Re-Al-Phoenix - PluralSlash
    ReverseGravity - Saber
    Rising Nova - Rosario Impale
                   Triple Thrust
    Rock - HardSlash
    RollingCradle - AirThrow
    RosarioImpale - Triple Thrust
                     Rising Nova
    Rotation Kick - AirThrow
    Saber - Fist
             Phantasm Shot
    SacredSong - RavaShot
    Scream - EnergyChain
    ShadowNet - EnergyChain
    ShadowCounter - CrossSlash
    Sharp Pain - PhantasmShot
    ShockSoldier - PluralSlash
    Silf - Implosion
    Sky Twister - GoldHand
    Sliding - Sliding
    Smash - Fist
    SonicBlaster - Blade
    Spellbound - HyperBlaster
    Spoil - Claw
    Spore - ArcticBreath
    Stampede - Kick
    StoneGas - FireBreath
    StunGaze - Bloodsucker
    StunSlash - Heaven/Hell
                 Still Stream
    SunRay - Rising Nova
              Triple Thrust
              Rosario Impale
    SuperMissile - HyperBlaster
    Supersonic - EnergyChain
    Suplex - BabelCrumble
    SwallowSwing - Horn
    Tackle - Tackle
    Thrust - CrossSlash
    ThunderBall - GroundHit
    Thunderbolt - AirThrow
    Thunder Thrust - SwallowSwing
                      Still Stream
    TigerRampage - Kusanagi
    Tornado - Thrust
    Tower - PhantasmShot
    Trample - Air Throw
    Tremor - EnergyChain
    Triangle Kick - Beak
    Triple Thrust - BearCrush
                     Rising Nova
    TurbidCurrent - Smash
    VaporBlast - EnergyChain
                  HP Drain
    VermilionSand - PhantasmShot
    WaterCannon - SwallowSwing
    WheelSlash - FireBreath
    WillowBranch - Heaven/Hell
                    Rosario Impale
                    Triple Thrust
                    Thunder Thrust
    WindBlast - GhostCannon
    Wing - Horn
    There are many weapons in the world of SF.  They are classified by type in
    this list.  The types of weapons are:
    Swords: cannot use katana techs
    Katanas: can use katana techs
    Guns: can use gun techs
    Cannons: cannot use gun techs
    Shields: block incoming attacks(listed with weapons, since they are put
    on the hands)
    Outfitting your characters is a matter of personal opinion.  I usually
    give humans 2 swords, one powerful one and one katana to learn the katana
    and double sword techs.  I then put on a shield and a gun.  Another approach
    is to equip 2 guns once you get the Twogun technique to add more power to
    your long range fighting.  You may also want to drop the extra sword for a
    cannon or a backpack.  For armor I usually prefer individual pieces to the
    suits because I like to have JetBoots at all times to defend myself from
    ground attacks.  If you use the suits, then you have more room to equip
    protective accessories, however.
    On any of the swords that are powerful but have no regular attack, you
    can save WP and still get the powerful weapon by using free sword techs
    such as StunSlash or DoubleSlash.  This costs the same as with any
    normal sword.  This makes Asura and Kusanagi much more useful.
    Weapon List
    Non-technique swords
    Name                 AT power   Other
    Asura                70         Asura(powerful sword tech)
                                    AsuraRevenge(counters with death attack)
                                    STR, QUI, INT, WIL, PSY, VIT, CHA+7
    --Note: This weapon has no regular attack.  You must use Asura.
    BroadSword           11
    CeramicSword         22
    DragonSword          72
    FiendRod             13         FinalStrike(breaks weapon for big attack)
    Glirandly            42         FinalStrike(breaks weapon for big attack)
                                    STR, QUI, INT, WIL, PSY, VIT, CHA+10
    --Note: This weapon can only be removed by using FinalStrike.
    Golden Lion          75
    Iron Pipe            ?
    --Note: Gen gets it for a moment in T260G's chapter.
    JackalSword          33         DirtyFang(rarely causes poison)
    Knife                7
    Kusanagi             66         Kusanagi(powerful holy attack)
    --Note: This weapon has no regular attack.  You must use Kusanagi.
    LaserKnife           15
    LordStar             51         Braveheart(increases attack power)
    Murakumo             33
    Obsidian             64
    Osc-Sword            30
    RuneSword            50         VictoryRune(just like the rune spell)
    Shadow Dagger        9          PSY+3, ShadowHold(paralyzes an enemy)
    SilverSpread         22         PSY+22
    SplashSword          49         ElementDissolve(attempts to destroy an enemy)
    TwiggyRod            52         FinalStrike(breaks weapon for a big attack)   
    TwinSword            20
    ZeroSword            60
    Technique swords(katanas)
    Name                 AT power   Other
    Comet Blade          55         MillionDollers(attacks all enemies w/ meteors)
    Katana               34
    Kukri Blade          10
    Samurai Sword        19
    SilverMoon           69
    Twin Dragon          41
    Name               AT power  Ammo   Other
    AGUNI-CP1          12        13
    AGUNI-MBX          36        20
    AGUNI-SSP           9        15
    BehemothRifle      47         7
    BrokenRifle         1         -
    --Note: Get it in arena w/ T260G
    DuelGun            55         1
    EagleGun           28         6
    EasyRifle          13         8
    KillerRifle        25         5
    Lethal Gun         60         5
    Living Rifle       42         4     WIL+9
    SniperRifle        31         6
    TroopRifle         22         8
    ZenGun             45        16
    LightRifle         88         1     PSY+20
    Name               AT Power  Ammo   Other
    Beam Cannon        20         6     Hits all enemies on a line
    BigMissile         44         4     Never misses if it attacks enemy that
                                        was originally selected(at the start of
                                        the round).
    Bolt Thrower       33         3     Hits wedge shaped area
    DOBBY Bazooka      10         3     Attacks all enemies, low hit rate
    Flame Thrower      33         3     Hits wedge shaped area
    GhostCannon         5        12     Effective against undead, pushes target
    Grain Cannon       45         8
    Hand Blaster       15        10     Hits all enemies on a line
                                        Paralyzer(paralyzes all enemies)
                                        BlasterSword(close range attack)
    HEAT Bazooka       55         2     Low hit rate
    H-G Cannon         60         5
    HyperBlaster       50         7     Hits all enemies on a line
    HyperionBazooka    85         2     Hits large circular area
    Ion Cannon         27        10
    Junk Bazooka       10         1
    LaserCarbine       25        10     Hits all enemies on a line
    LightBazooka       20         4
    Lightning Cannon   20         6     Hits all enemies on a line
    LightVulcan        15        60     Hits wedge shaped area
    MachineVulcan      30        40     Hits wedge shaped area
    MissilePod         12         8     Never misses if it attacks enemy that
                                        was originally selected(at the start of
                                        the round).
    Sonic Cannon       25        16
    SuperMissile       70         3     Never misses if it attacks enemy that
                                        was originally selected(at the start of
                                        the round).
    Thunderbolt        25         4     Hits all enemies on a line
    WaterCannon        20       N/A     Pushes target
    Name             Blocks      Is immune to     Other
    Buckler          Weapon
    ShellShield      Physical
    WonderBangle     Bullets
    ExcelShield      Physical                      Better than ShellShield
    GenbuShield      Physical    Water
    Mizukagami       Physical    Water, Heat
    Dragon Shield    All
    Durahan Shield   All                           STR, VIT+5, DeathGaze attack
    Like weapons, armor is classified into several categories:
    Helmets: worn on the head
    Boots: worn on the feet
    Gloves: worn on the hands
    Armor: worn on the body
    Shirts: can be worn on the body underneath armor or suits
    Suits: worn on the body, cannot have any other armor besides a shirt
    Armor List
    Helmets(all helmets defend against blind, so it is not noted)
    Name            DEF power     Other
    Mirror Glass     8
    MagiHat          6
    Egg Hat          5            CHA+5
    LaserScope       7            WIL+10
    FiberHood        6
    Yolk Hat         5
    Junk Helm        4
    InfraScope       6            Allows you to see lasers in Despair(Did you
                                  ever wonder why Emelia could see them and
                                  no one else could?)
    Boots           DEF power     Other
    Jet Boots        7            QUI+5, allows you to float
    SH-Anklet       10
    Iron Clogs       8            VIT+10, Defend push
                                  IronClogShot(physical attack)
    FeatherBoots     7
    RubberShoes      5            QUI+2
    LeatherBoots     3
    Catsocks         6            Defend stun
    Gloves          DEF power     Other
    CyberGlove       9
    HarmoniumBangle  7            Defend sonic attacks
    Armor Glove      8
    Shell Bracer     6
    Leather Glove    4
    SH-Armlet       10
    NornsBangle      7            PSY+10, Defend sleep
    OgreGlove        5            STR+10
    Armor            DEF power     Other
    Pluto Armor      35            Defend faint
    Warlord Armor    32
    Mystic Mail      23            Comes w/ most mystics, can't be removed
    Golden Fleece    28            Defend sleep
    Master Robe      10            PSY+5
    HarmoniumArmor   24            Defend sonic attacks
    Bone Breast      13
    Protector        10
    Beast Leather     6
    AngelArmor       27            QUI+10, allows you to float
    CelestialLeather 24
    Stardust Robe    16            WIL, CHA, PSY+5, Defend faint
    Dark Robe         8            PSY+5, Defend Blind
    ElectroArmor     25
    ArmorVest        18            Defend bullets
    FiberVest         8
    Glow Robe        18            INT, WIL+7, Defend Petrify
    HardLeather      12
    Shade Robe        9            WIL+9, restores non-mech's HP
    Blue Elf         20            Defend water attacks
    Hyper Scale      30
    Moonlight Robe   17            PSY, CHA+8, Defend sleep
    FireLeather      16
    LivingArmor      26
    Shirts           DEF power     Other
    Hyperwear        10
    Defendwear        8
    Budowear          7
    Magicwear         4            WIL+5
    Silkshirt         3
    Cottonshirt       3
    Powerbelt         1            STR+20, Defend sleep
    Mysticwear        8            Restores non-mecha's HP
    Suits(all suits defend blind, so it is not stated)            
    Name             DEF power     Other
    PoweredSuit      50            STR+10, QUI+10
    RubberSuit       22
    CyberSuit        36            STR, QUI, INT, WIL, PSY, VIT, CHA+5
    JumpSuit         25
    CombatSuit       15
    GolemSuit        25
    SprigganSuit     55
    These devices can be equipped on any race, even monsters, to increase their
    resistance to certain kinds of attack.  They usually don't provide much
    defense, but are invaluable against certain enemies with specific attacks.
    Accessories List
    Name                 DEFpower        Other
    Harmonium Earring     1              Defend sonic attacks
    Sea Stone             3              PSY, VIT+7, Defend water attacks
                                         Uses Maelstrom if wearer has all 3
                                         mystic weapons
    SandVessel            2              QuickSand, Defend Petrify
    BloodChalice          1              PSY+5, Defend faint
    PurpleEye             4              PSY+7, PhantasmShot, Defend gaze
    WindShell             5              QUI, WIL+5
    Junk                  2
    BrokenBumper          1
    UnicornTear           1              PSY+1, Defend poison
    KrisKnife             3
    PearlHeart            2              Defend water attacks
    FeatherCharm          1              CHA+5
    BoltCrystal           1              Use up in battle for BoltBarrier
    IceCrystal            1              Use up in battle for IceBarrier
    FireCrystal           1              Use up in battle for FireBarrier
    SteelAmulet           1              VIT+5
    FlowerAmulet          1              PSY, CHA+5
    WingAmulet            1              QUI+5
    FangAmulet            1              STR+5
    Magatama              1              SacredSong(holy attack all enemies)
    SleetCoin             1
    AngelBroach           5              Defend Psychout
    EMES Tag              5              Defend Petrify
    Bumper                3
    Tao-Tieh Pattern      3              Defend Psychout
    ThunderCharm          1
    CharmNecklace         1              CHA+10, Uses Kylin's song if wearer has
                                         all 3 mystic weapons
    MellowRing            1              Defend water, LifeRain(restores rest of
                                         party at cost of own LP)
                                         Uses Maelstrom if wearer has all 3 mystic
    RING/Guardian         1              Raises party's DEF
    RING/Merchant         1              CHA+10, Charms all enemies
    RING/Thief            1              QUI+10, Hides party
    RING/Healer           1              VIT+10, Heals party
    RING/Hero             1              WIL+10, Heals/prevents abnormal status
    RING/Schemer          1              INT+10, Confuses all enemies(red mess)
    RING/Hermit           1              Nullifies enemy magic
    RING/Fighter          1              STR+10, Raises party's attack power
    RING/Lord             1              PSY+10, Restores all WP/JP
    Items are used for a variety of purposes from healing to attack.  Note
    that unless you have the item "Backpack" equipped, you must equip the items
    before they can be used in combat.
    Items List
    Name                 Effect
    StunNeedle           Paralyzes an enemy
    Magic Stone          PSY+1, attacks all enemies
    Arcana Tarot         Get 4 to complete Arcane quest
    Rune Stone           Get 4 to complete Rune quest
    Magi-Water           Restores a little JP
    X-Magi Drink         Restores a lot of JP
    SnakeOil             Fixes all status problems
    Cure                 Restores 200 HP
    Power Cure           Restores 400 HP
    Max Cure             Restores all HP
    Unlucky Coin         Reduces enemy attack power
    Repair Kit           Restores mecha HP
    Sanctuary Stone      Restores entire party
    RottenMeat           Paralyzes enemy
    Backpack             Allows use of unequipped items
    Life Candy           Restores 1 LP
    Small stone          Get them in Devin
    Card                 Get them in Devin
    Flash Bomb           Blinds all enemies
    Gold Ingot           Give to Gnomes for Gold card
    Antistone            Cures petrification
    Lucky Coin           Increases party's attack power
    Sand Vessel          Get in Facinaturu
    RegionMap            Use to travel between regions
    VirgilKey            Get in Virgil Palace
    Mecha equipment
    When equipped on mecha, equipment has various effects on your statistics.
    The specifics for each item is below.
    Lordstar         HP+200, STR-QUI-WIL+20
    Silver Moon      HP+200, STR-QUI+25
    Obsidian         HP+200, STR-QUI+25
    Zero Sword       HP+100, STR-QUI+20
    Comet Blade      HP+250, STR-QUI+25
    Twiggy Rod       HP+80, STR-QUI+16
    Splash Sword     HP+100, STR-PSY+20
    Twin Dragon      HP+90, STR-QUI+18
    Katana           HP+65, STR-QUI+13
    Osc-sword        HP+60, STR-WIL+15
    Silver Spread    STR-QUI-INT-WIL-PSY-VIT-CHA+5
    Shadow Dagger    HP+30, STR-QUI-PSY+6
    Glirandly        STR-QUI-INT-WIL-PSY-VIT-CHA+9
    Murakumo         HP+150, STR-QUI+15
    Fiend Rod        HP+30, STR-WIL-PSY+6
    Kusanagi         HP+250, STR-QUI+25
    Twin Sword       HP+80, STR-WIL+10
    Ceramic Sword    HP+70, STR+13
    Samurai Sword    HP+50, STR-QUI+10
    Laser Knife      HP+40, STR-QUI-WIL+10
    Kukri Blade      HP+25, STR-QUI+5
    Broadsword       HP+35, STR+7
    Knife            HP+20, STR-QUI-WIL+4
    Asura            HP+150, STR-PSY+30
    Runesword        HP+100, STR-PSY+20
    Dragon Sword     HP+250, STR+30
    Jackal Sword     HP+50, STR-PSY+16
    MissilePod       HP+90, STR-WIL+15
    DOBBY Bazooka    HP+60, STR-WIL-VIT+8
    HEAT Bazooka     HP+200, WIL+30
    LightBazooka     HP+70, WIL+15
    GhostCannon      HP+100, WIL+20, PSY+10
    IonCannon        HP+100, QUI-WIL+15
    BoltThrower      HP+125, WIL-VIT+20
    ThunderBolt      HP+125, WIL-VIT+20
    LightVulcan      HP+70, QUI-WIL-VIT+8
    WaterCannon      HP+70, WIL-VIT+10
    SonicCannon      HP+150, QUI-WIL+20
    LightningCannon  HP+80, WIL-VIT+15
    BeamCannon       HP+80, WIL-VIT+15
    HandBlaster      HP+40, QUI-WIL+7
    LethalGun        HP+150, QUI-WIL-VIT+20
    LivingRifle      STR-QUI-INT-WIL-PSY-VIT-CHA+13
    AGUNI-MBX        HP+100, QUI-WIL-VIT+16
    SniperRifle      HP+75, QUI-WIL+13
    EagleGun         HP+75, QUI-WIL+13
    TroopRifle       HP+50, QUI-WIL+10
    KillerRifle      HP+50, QUI+10, WIL+25
    AGUNI-CP1        HP+50, QUI-WIL+10
    EasyRifle        HP+25, QUI-WIL-VIT+5
    AGUNI-SSP        HP+25, QUI-WIL-VIT+5
    JunkBazooka      HP+20, STR-WIL+5
    LaserCarbine     HP+90, QUI-WIL+13
    GrainCannon      HP+150, QUI-VIT+10, WIL+20
    BehemothRifle    HP+200, QUI-WIL-VIT+10
    BigMissile       HP+150, STR-WIL+20
    MachineVulcan    HP+150, QUI-WIL-VIT+18
    HyperBlaster     HP+175, QUI-WIL+25
    FlameThrower     HP+125, WIL-VIT+20
    DuelGun          HP+50, QUI-WIL-VIT+20
    HyperionBazooka  HP+250, WIL+40
    SuperMissile     HP+225, STR-WIL+25
    BrokenRifle      HP+5, QUI-WIL+1
    ZenGun           HP+150, QUI-WIL-PSY+20
    HG-Cannon        HP+250, QUI-WIL+30
    ECM System       DEF+10, ECM(deflects incoming missiles)
    MecBody          DEF+10
    MiniPlant        DEF+10
    Accelerator      DEF+10, Accelerator(increases speed)
    FortBody         DEF+20, Graviton(Cannon attack)
    GoldenFleece     HP+50, PSY-CHA+10
    MasterRobe       HP+20, VIT+4
    HarmoniumArmor   HP+75, QUI-VIT+15
    BoneBreast       HP+25, VIT+5
    Protector        HP+25, VIT+5
    PlutoArmor       HP+150, PSY-VIT+20
    AngelArmor       HP+100, QUI-VIT+20
    StardustRobe     HP+20
    DarkRobe         HP+20
    WarlordArmor     HP+100, STR-VIT+20
    ElectroArmor     HP+75, QUI-WIL+15
    ArmorVest        HP+65, VIT+5
    FiberVest        HP+35, VIT+7
    GlowRobe         HP+20
    HardLeather      HP+50, VIT+5
    ShadeRobe        HP+20
    BlueElf          HP+100, INT-PSY+15
    HyperScale       HP+75, VIT+15
    MoonlightRobe    HP+20
    FireLeather      HP+40, VIT+8
    LivingArmor      HP+65, PSY-VIT+13
    MagiHat          HP+75, INT+15
    EggHat           HP+50, INT-WIL+10
    MirrorGlass      HP+75, INT-WIL+25
    LaserScope       HP+100, INT-WIL+20
    FiberHood        HP+75, INT-WIL+15
    YolkHat          HP+25, INT-WIL+1
    JunkHelm         HP+25, INT-WIL+5
    InfraScope       HP+100, WIL+20
    HarmoniumArmor   HP+100, STR+20
    CyberGlove       HP+100, STR+20
    ArmorGlove       HP+75, STR-VIT+15
    ShellBracer      HP+50, STR-VIT+10
    LeatherGlove     HP+10, STR+5
    SH-Armlet        HP+150, STR-VIT+20
    NornsBangle      HP+75, STR-PSY+15
    OgreGlove        HP+100, STR-VIT+20
    WonderBangle     HP+100, QUI+20
    DragonShield     HP+75, STR-VIT+15
    GenbuShield      HP+75, STR-VIT+15
    ExcelShield      HP+100, STR-VIT+20
    ShellShield      HP+40, STR-VIT+8
    Buckler          HP+20, STR-VIT+4
    Mizukagami       HP+75, STR-VIT+15
    Durahan Shield   HP+100, STR-VIT+20
    GolemSuit        HP+200, STR+30
    RubberSuit       HP+60, STR+12
    PoweredSuit      HP+100, STR-QUI+20
    CyberSuit        HP+90, STR-QUI+18
    JumpSuit         HP+75, STR-QUI+15
    CombatSuit       HP+50, STR-QUI+10
    SprigganSuit     HP+200, STR-QUI-INT+25, +2 ability slots
    HyperWear        HP+5
    DefendWear       HP+5
    BudoWear         HP+5
    MagicWear        HP+5
    SilkShirt        HP+5
    CottonShirt      HP+5
    PowerBelt        HP+5
    SH-Anklet        HP+150, QUI-VIT+20
    Iron Clogs       HP+100, VIT+20
    FeatherBoots     HP+75, QUI-PSY+15
    JetBoots         HP+75, QUI+15
    RubberShoes      HP+75, QUI+10
    LeatherBoots     HP+10, QUI+5
    Catsocks         HP+10, QUI+5
    Junk             HP+5
    BrokenBumper     HP+5, VIT+1
    SandVessel       HP+5
    UnicornTear      PSY+1
    KrisKnife        HP+25, PSY+5
    PearlHeart       HP+5
    PurpleEye        HP+50, PSY+20
    SeaStone         HP+5
    FeatherCharm     HP+5
    WindShell        HP+5
    HarmoniumEarring HP+50, INT+10
    BloodChalice     HP+5
    BoltCrystal      HP+5
    IceCrystal       HP+5
    FireCrystal      HP+5
    SteelAmulet      HP+25, STR-QUI-VIT+5
    FlowerAmulet     HP+5
    WingAmulet       HP+5
    FangAmulet       HP+5
    Magatama         HP+5
    SleetCoin        HP+5
    EMES Tag         HP+50, VIT+10
    Bumper           HP+13, VIT+3
    Tao-Tieh Pattern HP+50, PSY+10
    ThunderCharm     HP+5
    RING/Guardian    nothing
    RING/Merchant    CHA+10
    RING/Thief       QUI+10
    RING/Healer      VIT+10
    RING/Hero        WIL+10
    RING/Schemer     INT+10
    RING/Hermit      nothing
    RING/Fighter     STR+10
    RING/Lord        PSY+10
    StunNeedle       HP+5
    Magic Stone      HP+10, VIT+2
    Snake Oil        HP+5, CHA+1
    PowerCure        HP+5, CHA+1
    MaxCure          HP+5, CHA+1
    UnluckyCoin      HP+5
    RepairKit        HP+5, CHA+1
    RottenMeat       HP+5
    Cure             HP+5, CHA+1
    Backpack         HP+5, CHA+1
    LifeCandy        HP+5, CHA+1
    FlashBomb        HP+5
    AntiStone        HP+5, CHA+1
    LuckyCoin        HP+5
    LaserCannon      ATT-50
    Bit System       ATT-20(bits attack at the end of each round)
    MachineVulcan    ATT-10, AMMO-20
    RepairPack       Restores Mecha HP+status(6 uses per battle)
    RailCannon       ATT-35, AMMO-16
    AT Missile       ATT-40, AMMO-10
    MediPack         Restores non-Mecha HP and status(6 uses per battle)
    MicroMissile     ATT-10, AMMO-16, attacks all enemies
    Hammer           ATT-45
    BeamSword        ATT-30
    MegaBeamSword    ATT-55
    OctopusBoard     STR-QUI-WIL+25, INT+30, +2 ability slots
    SecretBoard      HP+100, QUI-WIL+20, INT+15, +1 ability slot
    MemoryBoard      HP+100, QUI+20, INT+25, +2 ability slots
    JunkParts        STR-QUI+3
    NakajimaBoard    HP+50, QUI+30, INT+10, +1 ability slot
    NakajimaBoard2   HP+100, QUI-INT-WIL+15, +1 ability slot
    V-System         Uses V-MAX(allows powered-up stats and the use of the
                     attacks Cosmic Rave and Starlight Shower.  When the
                     duration runs out, you lose a lot of strength.)
    The following equipment was gotten in a game where Mecha cannot join, or
    I have not been lucky enough to find in such a game.  Any help on these is
    Sword      GoldenLion
    Accessory  AngelBroach
    Accessory  CharmNecklace
    Accessory  MellowRing
    Shirt      MysticWear
    Armor      MysticMail
    Gun        LightRifle
    This is a list of all the companion characters that will join your party
    in SF.  Not all characters will join you depending on your main character,
    this is mentioned in the description.  Note that if you try to get more than
    15 characters, the game will usually just let them join, but then they will
    disappear from the game!  Careful about this.  Even worse, if your party is
    full and you leave them for some part of the story, then gain new characters,
    when you return to your normal party, the new people will just randomly
    replace your old characters!  It is best to plan ahead who you want in your
    party to avoid disasters like that(this happened to me near the end of
    Emelia's game, when Zozma, Asellus, and White Rose join.  They replaced three
    good characters in my lineup with their sorry asses(well, except for Zozma,
    I like him).
    Characters List
    Will join: anyone
    T260G-talk to him in the Scrap pub, then go to the hut on the right outside
    Caballero's factory and beat the enemy.  He'll join.
    Everybody else-talk to him in the Scrap pub.
    Will join: noone
    He must be the main character.
    Will join: noone
    He almost joins Red at the beginning, but doesn't.  Must be the main
    Will join: anyone
    Go on the Arcane quest, then inquire about the Gold Card at Baccarat.  She'll
    offer to join you as you descend into the Gnome Cave.
    Will join: Emelia, Red
    Emelia-talk to her outside the room where you begin the Trinity building,
    then beat the enemy to get her.
    Red-talk to her on board the Cygnus during the pirate attack.  She joins
    Will join: Lute, Blue, Emelia, T260G
    Talk to him in the Scrap pub.  He'll join.
    Will join: Lute, Blue, Riki
    Talk to him in the Scrap pub.  He'll join.
    Will join: Lute, Red, Emelia, Asellus, Blue(sort of)
    Blue-lose the battle with him.  Your main character will become Rouge.
    Everyone else-talk to him in the Luminous port.  Answer yes when he asks
    if you want to study magic.  If you say no, he goes to Devin where you can
    ask him again if you want.
    Will join: Lute, Red, Emelia, Blue
    Emelia-either use the same method as everyone else, or accept your first
    mission and he'll join after the tournament.
    Red-he'll join on the Cygnus during the pirate attack.
        after that, get him back the same way as everyone else.
        You can also get him by choosing him instead of Liza after returning
        to the restaraunt when you beat the BlackX boss in Koorong(but you
        can get Liza and then get Roufas the normal way and get them both).
    Everyone else-Go to the tomb of Mu after triggering the Rune quest.  Talk
    to him in the far left hand room in the entrance and say yes to his question.
    Will join: anyone
    Red-when attacking the BlackX base in Koorong, she'll join.
    You also can use the everyone else method.
    Emelia-you start with her.  Talk to her outside the Gradius base to get her
    back permanently when she leaves.
    Everyone else-trigger the Rune quest, then go to Koorong after getting
    the other three runes and talk to her.  She'll take you to Despair.
    Will join: Red
    Talk to her in the port at Shingrow.
    Will join: anyone
    Red-He joins near the beginning temporarily.
    Afterward, get him the same way as everyone else.
    Everyone else-trigger the Arcane quest, then head to IRPO and get the
    Shield card.  He joins permanently.
    Will join: anyone
    T260G-finish the combat arena, then talk to him in the Junk bar.
    Riki-Talk to him in the Scrap pub.  He'll join as you attempt to leave.
    Everyone else-Trigger the Arcane quest, then go talk to the skeleton that
    is standing in the southern part of Koorong.  Afterwards, go to Scrap and
    talk to him.
    Will join: Red, Emelia, Riki, T260G, Lute, Asellus
    Riki-enter Tanzer to get the ring from Nomad.  He joins after beating
    Platyhooks if you answer "wait a sec" when about to descend into the
    tunnel, then talk to him.  Otherwise, he joins after killing Tanzer.
    Everyone else-Trigger the Rune quest.  Get one rune, then board a ship.
    Tanzer will eat you.  Follow him to his hideout and then agree to help him.
    Will join: Red, Emelia, Blue
    Red-return to the restaraunt after getting Annie in Koorong.
    Choose either Liza or Roufas.
    Emelia-you start with her.  Get her back after she leaves by talking to her
    in the Gradius base.
    Blue-talk to her after you get Roufas.
    Will join: Blue, Riki, Lute, Emelia, T260G
    Talk to her in the Scrap bar.
    --Capt. Hamilton-Human
    Will join: Lute
    Talk to her in the Owmi restaraunt.  Then go to Nelson.  Talk to her in
    her cabin.  Whether you agree to go to Mondo base or not, she'll join.
    Will join: Lute, Emelia, Asellus, Red
    Complete either the Rune or Arcane quests, then get the Light or Shadow
    magic gift.  Go to Mosperiburg and let Virgil send you to TimeLord's
    region.  Go to the hourglass until you get a text message, then go back and
    talk to Virgil again.  Buy the Sand Vessel in Facinaturu, then go back
    to TimeLord's region and collect sand.  Take the sand to the top of the
    hourglass.  Go to the drawbridge and cross it and ask for his help.
    Will join: Lute, Red, Emelia, Blue, Asellus
    Go to Omble for the Shadow gift.  Talk to his shadow on the first screen.
    After you leave, talk to him in the upper right corner of the magic shop.
    Will join:  Asellus, Red, Emelia, Riki, Lute, Blue
    Asellus-she joins the first time you arrive at Owmi temporarily.  After that,
    get her normally.  You must wait until you have progressed a little in the
    Everyone else-Go to the Lord manor in Owmi with a mystic in your party, but
    without Silence.  She'll offer to join in her pool or give you a SeaStone.
    --White Rose-Mystic
    Will join:  Asellus, Emelia, Red
    Red-she joins temporarily on the Cygnus during the pirate attack if you go to
    her room.
    Emelia-talk to her with Asellus outside the first room in the Trinity
    building.  Beat the enemy and you get her.
    Asellus-you get her at the beginning.  She leaves after the Dark Labyrinth.
    Will join:  Asellus, Emelia
    Asellus-he joins after the Dark Labyrinth
    Emelia-after getting Asellus and White Rose in Trinity, go to the next room
    to the right and talk to him.
    Will join:  Asellus
    He shows up after you beat the Lion Princess the first time in the next
    random occurence.
    --Dr. Nusakan-Mystic
    Will join: Riki, Blue
    Riki-talk to the rich man in Yorkland, then go to his office in the Koorong
    Blue-Accept the Rune quest, then talk to the guy in front of the chicken in
    Koorong.  Go to Nusakan's office.
    Will join: Asellus
    In Facinaturu, visit Rei's room both with and without White Rose in your
    party.  Later, after the Dark Labyrinth, go to Devin and talk to her.  Tell
    her that you know who she is.  You may also have to speak to her before the
    labyrinth(when White Rose comes out and stares at her) but I'm not sure.
    Do it anyway, just to be safe.
    Will join: Red
    Go to the Garden in the center of Kyo and talk to him.
    Will join: Blue, Red, Riki, T260G, Lute
    Talk to him in the back of Nakajima Robotics with a mech in your party.
    Will join: T260G
    Talk to him after getting the rat out of Sei's tomb.
    Will join: Red
    Talk to him on the Cygnus after the pirate attack.  He's the robot medic.
    Will join: T260G
    Talk to him in Trinity after completing the Ancient Ship.
    Will join: T260G
    Talk to the shopkeeper in the backstreets at Koorong with Leonard in your
    Will join: Blue, Red, Emelia, T260G, Asellus, Lute
    Get the Vitality Rune in Tanzer, he jumps in uninvited.
    Will join: anyone
    Go upstairs in the Bio Research Lab in Shrike.  Beat the enemies and he's
    Will join: anyone
    Riki-enter his chamber in his tomb, then talk to him.
    Everyone else-enter his chamber in the tomb, then beat him.  Choose to get
    him or his Kusanagi.
    Will join: anyone
    Get Lute then talk to him in Yorkland.
    --Red Turnip-Monster
    Will join: Asellus
    Talk to him in the Dark Labyrinth, then leave.  He'll join.
    Will join: T260G, Asellus, Lute, Riki, Emelia, Red
    Talk to him in Kylin's paradise and ask for his help.
    Will join: anyone
    Go to Mosperiburg after the Shield Card.  On the first screen, beat the fairy
    enemy then fight your way to the clearing with three boar enemies.  Fight the
    snowman, then go back into the cave and enter the north cavern and get him.
    If the snowman is not there, then go back and fight the fairy again and return
    until it is.
    Here is probably the most incomplete list of them all-the list of the enemies
    you can encounter in SF.  This includes what abilities a mystic can get on
    its mystic weapons from the enemy, approx. HP, and name.  Any input is 
    appreciated on this list, as I'm sure it is far from complete(especially the 
    items dropped).  If there are any striking things I remember I'll note it.
    A line ---------- indicates the monster can't be absorbed by mystics.
    Note that when a new mystic joins your party that already has absorbed
    monsters, the stats that the mystic gets will be different than shown here.
    I am unsure why the stats are incorrect, but if you absorb new monsters into
    the weapons then they are corrected.
    Note that the approximate HP estimate is just that, an estimate.  I got it
    based upon how much damage the enemy took before dying.  I try to be as
    accurate as possible, but these numbers are not exact.  They are just meant
    to convey a rough idea of the power of the monster.
    A ???? in a spot means that I have not had a chance to try and absorb the
    monster for that weapon, or I have not fought that enemy w/ mystics in my
    party yet.  If you have the information, then by all means contribute and
    you'll get full credit on this page.  The list is almost complete, but I'm
    kind of tired of hunting down monsters so any help is appreciated deeply.
    The HP of these monsters does fluctuate according to your power level,
    so I tried to give the upper limit of their HP if possible.
    A roman numeral in parenthesis after a monster's name indicates that it is
    a boss you will fight more than once.
    Enemies List
                                 MYSTIC ABILITIES
    Name         est. HP     Sword           Glove         Boots       Stats
    A-Tractor    150      -----------------------------------------------------
    drops: BrokenBumper
    Airfolk      2600     PsyNet          PoisonousBlow Suffocation WIL-PSY+20
    drops: Magic Stone, WonderBangle, SilverSpread
    Ankheg       1200     GriffithScratch Feeler        MysteryTap  STR-QUI+15
    drops: BoneBreast, BloodChalice, SH-Anklet
    Aperider     500      Hypnotism       Da-Dum        Spiders     ALL but CHA+10
    drops: Yolk Hat, LuckyCoin
    Arachne(I)   40000    -----------------------------------------------------
    drops: HarmoniumArmor
    Arachne(II)  60000    -----------------------------------------------------
    drops: HarmoniumArmor
    Armorpilla   150      Lance           Feeler        BladeNet    WIL-VIT+8
    drops: ShellShield
    AutoBuffer   5000     -----------------------------------------------------
    Axebeak      800      Lance           DeadlyPowder  PowerKick   STR-VIT+15
    drops: FeatherCharm
    Banshee      650      -----------------------------------------------------
    drops: DarkRobe, FlowerAmulet
    Basilisk     2700     Bloodsucker     Crystalizer   TitasWave   STR-WIL+25
    drops: CelestialLeather
    BatKnight    50000    -----------------------------------------------------
    Battleaxe    80       -----------------------------------------------------
    drops: Buckler
    Battlefly    600      PsyNet          DeadlyPowder  Suffocation QUI-WIL+14
    drops: Magic Stone
    Berva(I)     50000    -----------------------------------------------------
    Berva(II)    65000    -----------------------------------------------------
    drops: SecretBoard
    Berva(III)   40000    -----------------------------------------------------
    drops: SecretBoard
    BigDigger    46000    -----------------------------------------------------
    BigSlime     600      Hypnotism       Spoil         Assist      PSY+15
    BirdMec      1000     -----------------------------------------------------
    drops: LightVulcan, GrainCannon
    Black Dragon 8000     GriffithScratch Crystalizer   TitasWave   STR-WIL-VIT+30
    drops: Protector, DragonShield, BloodChalice
    BlackGarb    3500     -----------------------------------------------------
    drops: DOBBY Bazooka
    BlackKnight  72500    -----------------------------------------------------
    BlackX       40000    -----------------------------------------------------
    drops: PurpleEye, CyberSuit
    BlueFighter  500      -----------------------------------------------------
    drops: RubberSuit
    BossX        150000   -----------------------------------------------------
    Butch        1500     Needle          Spoil         Thunderbolt STR-QUI-WIL+20
    drops: UnluckyCoin
    Cactus       80       Needle          Spoil         PowerKick   WIL+8
    CancerMec    1200     -----------------------------------------------------
    drops: LightBazooka, MachineVulcan, RepairKit
    Chariot      10000    Lance           TigerRampage  TitasWave   STR-QUI-VIT+25
    Chimera      5400     HeatSmash       PoisonousBlow Suffocation STR+40
    drops: FangAmulet, CelestialLeather, BehemothRifle
    Cockatrice   1600     Lance           Crystalizer   Spiders     STR-QUI+20
    drops: WingAmulet, CelestialLeather
    CrimeLady    1200     -----------------------------------------------------
    drops: LaserScope
    CrystalTree  1850     Oscillation     Crystalizer   Spiders STR-WIL-PSY-VIT+22
    drops: BoltCrystal, HarmoniumArmor, HarmoniumBangle
    Cyclops      8400     Psy-Net         IceSmash      TitasWave    STR-VIT+20
    drops: PurpleEye
    D-Tractor    200      -----------------------------------------------------
    Dancer       1000     -----------------------------------------------------
    Darkfairy    2000     -----------------------------------------------------
    drops: SilverMoon
    DeadKnight   600      Blade           Spoil         Asassinate  STR-QUI-VIT+13
    drops: FiendRod, BoneBreast
    DeathLord    16000    -----------------------------------------------------
    DemonGoat    34000    -----------------------------------------------------
    drops: FiendRod, SH-Armlet
    DevilSquid   15000    GremlinEffect   TigerRampage  ThunderBolt ALL but CHA+8
    drops: OgreGlove
    Diva         100000   -----------------------------------------------------
    DragonLord   70000    -----------------------------------------------------
    DragonPup    400      Lance           HellWing      ThunderBall QUI-WIL-VIT+9
    drops: FangAmulet, CelestialLeather
    Dullahan     7500     GriffithScratch Crystallizer  Assasinate
    drops: DurahanShield, PlutoArmor
    EarthDragon  80000    HeatSmash       GrapeShot     TitasWave   STR-VIT+36
    ElectroSheep 1300     -----------------------------------------------------
    drops: ThunderBolt, BeastLeather
    Ettin        9400     GriffithScratch Feeler        Suffocation STR-INT+20
    FatDevil     1800     -----------------------------------------------------
    drops: UnluckyCoin, Obsidian, TwiggyRod
    FireCrystal  500      HeatSmash       Crystalizer   Assist      VIT+20
    drops: FireCrystal
    FireSage     8000     -----------------------------------------------------
    drops: FireCrystal
    Fishman      900      -----------------------------------------------------
    drops: PearlHeart
    Flamefolk    3000     HeatSmash       HellWing      Assist      STR-WIL-PSY+20
    FlyMec       100      -----------------------------------------------------
    drops: Junk
    FrillNeck    500      Flash           SpreadBlaster PowerKick   QUI+18
    drops: PearlHeart, BlueElf
    Furdo        37500    -----------------------------------------------------
    GaeaToad     1400     Bloodsucker     WaterCannon   Tremor      VIT+30
    drops: BehemothRifle, SnakeOil
    Gargantu     4000     -----------------------------------------------------
    Gargoyle     80       -----------------------------------------------------
    drops: UnluckyCoin
    Gekko        70       GremlinEffect   WaterCannon   PowerKick   STR+8
    drops: SnakeOil
    Gelatin      2380     GremlinEffect   Feeler        Thunderbolt PSY-VIT+25
    drops:BoltCrystal, ThunderCharm
    Genbu        2300     GriffithScratch ArcticBreath  Thunderbolt INT-PSY-VIT+30
    drops: SeaStone, GenbuShield
    GenocideHeart 135000  -----------------------------------------------------
    Ghost        90       Bloodsucker     Spoil         Asassinate  INT-PSY+8
    drops: BloodChalice
    GhostRider   320      Oscillation     Spoil         Tremor      WIL-PSY-VIT+13
    drops: SteelAmulet, DarkRobe, BloodChalice
    Giant        12000    Blade           IceSmash      TitasWave   QUI-STR-PSY+30
    drops: PowerBelt, GenbuShield, Obsidian
    Note: This enemy appears as a boss for several characters.  The boss versions
    are much more powerful, with 52500 HP.
    Goblin       4000     -----------------------------------------------------
    drops: Buckler
    Golem        6500     Oscillation     ????          ????        VIT+40
    Grappler     2500     -----------------------------------------------------
    drops: MaxCure, HyperWear
    GreenFighter 950      -----------------------------------------------------
    GreenSage    20000    -----------------------------------------------------
    Gremlin      600      -----------------------------------------------------
    drops: SilverSpread, SteelAmulet, Junk, UnluckyCoin
    Griffin      42500    ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????
    drops: CelestialLeather
    GriffinJr.   6500     GriffithScratch HellWing      TitasWave   STR-QUI+30
    drops: CelestialLeather
    Gunbird      1200     -----------------------------------------------------
    drops: KillerRifle, AGUNI-MBX
    Guncart      200      -----------------------------------------------------
    drops: BrokenRifle
    Gunfish      180      Lance           WaterCannon   Assist      WIL+12
    drops: PearlHeart
    Harpy        800      Blade           Spoil         BladeNet    QUI-INT-PSY+11
    drops: WingAmulet, ShellShield
    Hedgehog     350      Needle          Spoil         Sweep       STR-WIL+8
    drops: StunNeedle
    Hellhound    800      FireBreath      Psychout      PowerKick   STR-VIT-QUI+12
    drops: FireCrystal, FireLeather
    Hell's Lord  125000   -----------------------------------------------------
    Hermes       3000     -----------------------------------------------------
    drops: HEAT Bazooka, MachineVulcan, BigMissile
    HugeSlime    2200     Hypnotism       Spoil         Assist      PSY+20
    HunterKnight 32000    -----------------------------------------------------
    IceCrystal   500      Oscillation     Crystalizer   Assist      VIT+20
    drops: IceCrystal
    IceWorm      2200     Blade           IceSmash      Assist      STR-QUI-VIT+22
    drops: ShellShield, HyperScale, GolemSuit
    Ironhopper   300      -----------------------------------------------------
    Jotnar       51000    GremlinEffect   IceSmash      TitasWave   INT-WIL-PSY+20
    drops: IceCrystal
    K9 Mec       800      -----------------------------------------------------
    drops: WaterCannon, ExcelShield, LaserCarbine
    KillerBee    250      Needle          HellWing      Assist      STR-QUI+10
    drops: StunNeedle, WingAmulet
    KittyClawer  550      -----------------------------------------------------
    drops: BeastLeather
    KittyKicker  550      -----------------------------------------------------
    Kraken       12000    Oscillation     TigerRampage  ThunderBolt STR-VIT+30
    drops: SeaStone, MaxCure
    Note:  This enemy is extremely vulnerable to status problems, instant death,
    and petrification.
    Kylin        55000    GriffithScratch TigerRampage  Assist      All but CHA+25
    drops: AngelArmor, HarmoniumArmor
    Ladyblade    1600     -----------------------------------------------------
    drops: Osc-sword, Obsidian
    Ladyhawk     1800     -----------------------------------------------------
    Lamia        5000     -----------------------------------------------------
    drops: PearlHeart, MoonlightRobe
    Lich         2400     PsyNet          DeadlyPowder  Suffocation INT+42
    drops: BloodChalice
    LionPrincess 29000    -----------------------------------------------------
    Liquid Metal 850      HeatSmash       IceSmash      ThunderBall STR-VIT+18
    drops: Steel Amulet, SH-Anklet
    LivingArmor  600      MagicHeal       SpreadBlaster Suffocation VIT+18
    drops: LivingArmor
    LivingAxe    100      Blade           Spoil         Sweep       STR-VIT+6
    LivingGlove  285      HeatSmash       IceSmash      Spiders     STR+15
    drops: ArmorGlove
    LivingLance  150      Lance           Feeler        Sweep       STR-QUI-VIT+8
    LivingMirror 1600     Flash           SpreadBlaster ThunderBall INT-PSY+20
    LivingMusket 1600     GremlinEffect   GrapeShot     Asassinate  WIL+25
    drops: LivingRifle
    LivingSword  1000     Blade           Spoil         Asassinate  STR-INT+20
    drops: Glirandly
    Note: three living weapon enemies(musket, sword, armor) have a special
    attack called "posession".  If you are hit by it and you have an open
    weapon slot, then a weapon will appear there.  If a mystic is posessed
    and has no empty slot, then the monster will jump onto his/her mystic weapons
    at random.  The stats that are given to the mystic will be different than the
    ones shown here.
    Lummox       50       -----------------------------------------------------
    Lunatic      11000    -----------------------------------------------------
    Mandrake     200      Hypnotism       PoisonousBlow Assist      INT-WIL-PSY+10
    drops: Cure
    Manticore    1300     Needle          PoisonousBlow Suffocation WIL-STR+16
    drops: CelestialLeather, StunNeedle
    MaskBuffer   7500     -----------------------------------------------------
    MaskedGiant  6000     -----------------------------------------------------
    MasterRing   50000    -----------------------------------------------------
    Note: MasterRing has 9 companions to represent each ring spirit.  They
    resemble normal enemies, but their HP are:
       Gremlin: 5000
       UnicornJr: 7000
       Mariche: 8000
       Lich: 5750
       Chimera: 10000
       Tidi: 7000
       LivingArmor: 10000
       Titania: 5500
       GhostRider: 6000
    MBlack       30000    -----------------------------------------------------
    drops: WarlordArmor
    MBlackII     50000    -----------------------------------------------------
    MBlackIII    120000   -----------------------------------------------------
    MecDOBBY     150      -----------------------------------------------------
    drops: FlashBomb
    MecDOBBY100  1700     -----------------------------------------------------
    drops: DOBBY Bazooka, RepairKit, BoltThrower, HG-Cannon
    MecGod       60000    -----------------------------------------------------
    Mellow       700      -----------------------------------------------------
    drops: SplashSword
    Mimic        16300    FireBreath      Psychout      Asassinate  QUI-WIL+25
    drops: PowerCure, SilverMoon
    Note: The HP given is for a Mimic that is alone.  If it appears with other
    enemies or in a group, then the HP is half that amount.
    MiniDragon   300      FireBreath      HellWing      ThunderBall QUI-WIL-VIT+9
    drops: FireLeather
    Minotaur     40000    -----------------------------------------------------
    drops: MaxCure
    Mollasite    7000     -----------------------------------------------------
    drops: RottenMeat
    Mystic       1500     -----------------------------------------------------
    drops: CombatSuit, RuneSword, StardustRobe
    Nidheg       40000    -----------------------------------------------------
    Note:  The HP given is for all characters except Emelia.  If you are Emelia,
    then the smaller Nidheg only takes 3000 HP before it runs away.
    NightShade   500      PsyNet          GrapeShot     Asassinate  PSY+20
    drops: LifeCandy
    NomadFighter 300      -----------------------------------------------------
    drops: RubberSuit
    Ogre         600      HeatSmash       PoisonousBlow TitasWave   STR-VIT+15
    OgreLord     1200     HeatSmash       PoisonousBlow TitasWave   STR-VIT+25
    drops: Iron Clogs
    Orlouge      75000    -----------------------------------------------------
    Pickbird     100      Lance           HellWing      Assist      QUI+9
    drops: WingAmulet
    PinkFighter  1000     -----------------------------------------------------
    Platoonpus   300      Lance           Psychout      MysteryTap  STR-WIL-VIT+10
    drops: EggHat
    PlatyHooks   4800     -----------------------------------------------------
    PlatyKing    1000     Lance           Da-Dum        PowerKick   ALL but CHA+15
    PrimaBronza  2500     HeatSmash       IceSmash      PowerKick   ALL but CHA+10
    drops: EMES Tag, SteelAmulet
    PrimaMaska   3000     HeatSmash       IceSmash      PowerKick   ALL but CHA+10
    drops: SteelAmulet
    QuakeWorm    16000    -----------------------------------------------------
    drops: HyperScale
    R & R        5500     -----------------------------------------------------
    drops: RepairKit, HyperScale, SuperMissile
    Rabbat       120      BloodSucker     Spoil         Assist      ALL but CHA+5
    drops: LifeCandy
    Razorback    300      Lance           PoisonousBlow PowerKick   STR-QUI-VIT+9
    drops: BeastLeather
    Red Dragon   4000     FireBreath      HellWing      TitasWave   STR-WIL-VIT+25
    RedFighter   2000     -----------------------------------------------------
    RockBaboon   800      Hypnotism       IceSmash      MysteryTap  STR-VIT+10
    drops: SnakeOil, BeastLeather
    RockScout    1800     HeatSmash       Crystalizer   TitasWave   STR-VIT+30
    Rocky        90       Hypnotism       Da-Dum        Sweep       STR+8
    Scorpion     450      Blade           PoisonousBlow Spiders     STR-WIL-VIT+11
    drops: StunNeedle, ShellShield
    Shadow       900      -----------------------------------------------------
    drops: PowerCure, MaxCure
    Shaman       2400     -----------------------------------------------------
    drops: MagicStone
    Shellworm    80       Blade           WaterCannon   Sweep       STR-PSY-VIT+5
    Shrieker     1500     Oscillation     Da-Dum        Tremor      QUI-WIL+25
    drops: FlowerAmulet
    Shuzer(I)    16500    -----------------------------------------------------
    Shuzer(II)   12500    -----------------------------------------------------
    drops: KillerRifle
    Shuzer(III)  60000    -----------------------------------------------------
    drops: KillerRifle
    SickleBug    2500     Oscillation     HellWing      TitasWave   STR-QUI-WIL+20
    drops: Twin Dragon
    Sir Demon    400      -----------------------------------------------------
    Siren        3100     -----------------------------------------------------
    drops: FireCrystal, GlowRobe, HarmoniumBangle
    Skeleton     60       Blade           Spoil         Sweep       STR-PSY+6
    Skullasaurus 3100     Bloodsucker     PoisonousBlow ThunderBall STR-QUI-VIT+20
    drops: BoneBreast
    Skulldrake   25000    -----------------------------------------------------
    drops: FireCrystal, BoneBreast
    Skylab       4200     -----------------------------------------------------
    drops: BoltThrower, GrainCannon
    Slime        140      Hypnotism       Spoil         Assist      PSY+12
    drops: LuckyCoin, UnluckyCoin
    Slugger      2000     Bloodsucker     PoisonousBlow QuickSand   STR-VIT+18
    drops: RubberSuit, RubberShoes
    Snakeman     500      -----------------------------------------------------
    Snowfolk     3800     PsyNet          IceSmash      MysteryTap  INT-PSY-VIT+30
    drops: IceCrystal, SleetCoin
    Soldier      300      -----------------------------------------------------
    SonicBat     725      Oscillation     HellWing      BladeNet    WIL-QUI+15
    drops: BeastLeather, WingAmulet, BloodChalice, PurpleEye
    SpearValkyrie 1200    -----------------------------------------------------
    drops: IceCrystal, HarmoniumBangle, AngelArmor
    Sphinx       1700     MagicHeal       HellWing      MysteryTap  INT+40
    drops: CelestialLeather, WingAmulet
    Sporepile    120      MagicHeal       DeadlyPowder  MysteryTap  INT-WIL-PSY+8
    Spriggan     160000   -----------------------------------------------------
    Sprite       50       -----------------------------------------------------
    drops: MagicStone
    Straysheep   800      MagicHeal       Psychout      Spiders     QUI-CHA+20
    Succubus     2000     -----------------------------------------------------
    drops: StardustRobe
    Sunflower    1200     MagicHeal       GrapeShot     Assist      WIL+28
    drops: GlowRobe, MaxCure
    Suzaku       6000     FireBreath      HellWing      TitasWave   ALL but CHA+20
    drops: FireLeather
    Note:  When this enemy appears as the boss in Mosperiburg(for the Shield Card)
    it has 30000 HP.
    SwordMec     150      -----------------------------------------------------
    drops: Repairkit, AGUNI-CP1
    Swordsman    130      -----------------------------------------------------
    drops: Cure
    SwordValkyrie 1200    -----------------------------------------------------
    drops: Runesword
    Tanzer       145000   -----------------------------------------------------
    drops: RING/Thief
    Thundragon   6000     GriffithScratch HellWing      Thunderbolt STR-QUI-VIT+20
    drops: BoltCrystal, DragonSword
    TimeLord     80000    -----------------------------------------------------
    Titania      1200     -----------------------------------------------------
    TrapVine     300      Bloodsucker     Feeler        Sweep       STR-QUI+12
    drops: FlowerAmulet 
    Treant       750      MagicHeal       Feeler        BladeNet    INT-PSY+18
    drops: ShadeRobe
    Trisaur      3500     Lance           PoisonousBlow Tremor      STR-VIT+20
    drops: BeastLeather, FangAmulet
    Trisaur Jr.  8500     Lance           PoisonousBlow Tremor      STR-VIT+20
    T-Walker     1500     -----------------------------------------------------
    Undine       300      -----------------------------------------------------
    drops: PearlHeart
    Unicorn      3200     MagicHeal       SpreadBlaster PowerKick
    drops: UnicornTear, MagiHat, GoldenFleece
    Unknown      750      Flash           SpreadBlaster ThunderBall INT+20
    drops: PurpleEye
    Virgil       N/A      -----------------------------------------------------
    Virus        1000     -----------------------------------------------------
    Vulcan       200      -----------------------------------------------------
    VulcanII     400      -----------------------------------------------------
    WaspMec      500      -----------------------------------------------------
    drops: LightVulcan
    Waterfolk    3250     MagicHeal       WaterCannon   ThunderBall STR-PSY-WIL+20
    WaterSage    14000    -----------------------------------------------------
    drops: GenbuShield
    WereRhino    2200     -----------------------------------------------------
    drops: GolemSuit, SH-Armlet, BudoWear
    WhipJelly    200      MagicHeal       Feeler        Sweep       QUI+15
    drops: PowerCure, MagicStone
    Wonderdog    60       -----------------------------------------------------
    drops: CottonShirt
    Wormbrood    800      MagicHeal       DeadlyPowder  Assist      WIL-VIT+14
    drops: ShellShield, Protector, HarmoniumBangle
    Wyvern       1050     Lance           HellWing      Assasinate  STR-QUI+17
    drops: FeatherCharm, WindShell
    Xeno         68       BloodSucker     WaterCannon   Assist      WIL-VIT+5
    drops: FangAmulet
    YellowFighter 1000    -----------------------------------------------------
    Yeti         585      Hypnotism       Da-Dum        MysteryTap  STR-VIT+15
    drops: BeastLeather, SnakeOil, OgreGlove
    ZeroWorm     3300     Blade           Crystalizer   QuickSand   STR-QUI-VIT+25
    drops: HyperScale
    Zombie       300      BloodSucker     GrapeShot     Suffocation STR-VIT+10
    drops: AGUNI CP1
    Zyphon       5000     -----------------------------------------------------
    drops: WindShell, MaxCure
    Places in the World
    In each major area of SF there is a travel office where you can go to travel
    to another town(free of charge).  Each town has a lot to offer(although some
    more than others), and a basic overview of the shops and items in each town
    is given here.  Note that more detail will be used in the walkthroughs, these
    are just basic guidelines.  Any optional areas that any character can reach
    are described here in detail.  Character specific areas and areas that are
    involved in the Arcane or Rune quests are in those respective areas.
    This town is at the center of the world, and from here you can travel to
    anywhere else that is approachable by ship(except Nelson).  You will find
    a few shops here to buy and sell goods, as well as valuable information.
    LeatherBoots       70
    RubberShoes        130
    JetBoots           250
    FeatherBoots       210
    JunkHelm           130
    Yolk Hat           170
    FiberHood          210
    InfraScope         250
    LaserScope         300
    MirrorGlass        300
    Army goods
    FiberVest          250
    ArmorVest          860
    CombatSuit         710
    PoweredSuit        5200
    DefendWear         250
    HyperWear          350
    ArmorGlove         250
    CyberSuit          300
    AGUNI-SSP          140
    EasyRifle          260
    AGUNI-CP1          230
    TroopRifle         640
    EagleGun           980
    SniperRifle        1180
    AGUNI-MBX          1550
    LethalGun          4020
    LaserKnife         330
    SamuraiSword       490
    CeramicSword       640
    TwinSword          800
    Osc-sword          1111
    Katana             1390
    RuneSword          2850
    ZeroSword          4000
    Cure               20
    PowerCure          150
    MaxCure            400
    AntiStone          80
    SnakeOil           80
    Magi-Water         200
    X Magi-Drink       1000
    LeatherBoots       7
    LeatherGlove       10
    HardLeather        45
    BeastLeather       100
    FireLeather        400
    CelestialLeather   800
    DragonShield       3000
    Also Koorong has the gold shop, an invaluable tool in powering up your
    characters by buying them the best equipment.  You see, there is a way to
    use this gold shop in conjunction with the Nelson gold shop to make infinite 
    money.  Do the following:
    1.  Collect about 15000 credits(you have to earn these, unless you use the
    other infinite money trick in Scrap)
    2.  Go to Nelson and buy as many GoldIngots as you can from the guy in the
    3.  Go back to Koorong.  Go to the gold shop and sell gold.  Press down on
    the controller to sell your gold until the value of gold drops to 0.  Keep
    pressing down until you have run out all your gold, then press up to take
    your gold back.  You see that the game does not count how many below 0 you
    went with your ingots.  Keep pressing up until you are back at your original
    number of ingots, then press down until the price reaches 520 and sell.  You
    should see a good credit profit from this.
    4.  If you need more, repeat the process.  The more money you have the more
    you will make, but you cannot get more than about 50000 credits from this
    trick, since the gold price has an upper limit at 2040.  Spend some money, 
    then you can come back and refresh your supply up to 50000 as many times as
    you need.  Don't spend your money below 15000 ever again once you get the
    trick working, or else it will be very difficult to get it going again
    without having to go out and earn more money.
    There are two exits from town.  The southern one leads to Dr. Nusakan's office
    and to a small section of sewer w/ 200 credits.  You end up here during
    training in Emelia's game.  The northern one is much longer and leads to
    the Natural Cave w/ the Hide Rune, several pieces of treasure, and a secret
    shop.  Walkthrough for this area will be done in the Rune Quest section.
    This is the most highly technologically advanced region except for Manhattan.
    The scientists here, led by Dr. Nakajima, are in constant competition with
    the Trinity scientists for the most cutting edge mecha technology.  The area
    is rich with history, as well, containing the tombs of two great kings of
    the past.  The town also has its bad side, with genetic research and bio-
    weapon manufacturing ocurring at the Bio Research Lab in the southeast.
    Street kids can be seen playing and information can be gained in the streets.
    There is a free inn here, as well as a bookstore for learning about the
    region's history.  Nakajima Robotics sells and buys items from your
    RepairKit         30
    ElectroArmor      1480
    MissilePod        300
    LightVulcan       450
    LightningCannon   750
    LaserCarbine      1110
    IonCannon         1250
    BoltThrower       1880
    Knife             10
    BroadSword        20
    KukriBlade        20
    LaserKnife        30
    SamuraiSword      50
    CeramicSword      60
    TwinSword         80
    Osc-Sword         110
    Mu's Tomb is here, containing the Victory Rune.  This area will be dealt with
    in the Rune Quest section.  The Bio Research Lab contains a character and
    a very powerful shield, as well as being the home to very powerful monsters.
    Once you have enough power to defeat them, these monsters are your best
    chance to learn new techs and find powerful items and abilities.  Sei's Tomb
    in the north contains 3 items.  If you want and are using a character other
    then Riki, then you can keep these items(a crappy sword, decent accessory,
    and an excellent shield) or trade them for a chance to fight King Sei.
    Sei's Tomb
    Treasures:  Magatama, Mizukagami, Murakumo, Kusanagi
    Characters: Sei
    This area is part of a few character's storylines, but I advise everyone to
    visit here to get some good treasures.  From the entrance, head downstairs
    past the slime enemy into the large altar room.  Remember its location, since,
    like most large altar rooms, it is important.  Pass through it for now.
    In the northeast corner of the next room you'll see a shield on the wall
    guarded by a couple of skeletons.  Don't try to get it yet, you cannot until
    you get the sword and accessory.  For the sword, go to the west side of this
    room near where you came in and step on the floor near the base of the stairs
    until you fall through a weak spot in the floor.  You will land below on a
    path that leads to a sword.  Defeat the skeletons and take the sword, 
    Next, exit this room by jumping down to the north and going upstairs until
    you reach the room you were just in w/ the shield.  Take the southeast exit
    this time.  You will reach a 3-way intersection, so head north.  Near the
    northeast corner in the back of the room you will see a teardrop shaped stone
    on a pedestal.  Take it(after beating the 2 skeletons), the "Magatama".
    Now return to the room w/ the shield.  Now that you have the other 2 items,
    you can reach the shield.  Beat the 2 skeletons and take it, the "Mizukagami".
    Now you have a decision to make.  Normally, I just leave the dungeon now,
    since the Mizukagami is one of the best shields in the game(it protects you
    from heat and water, and has a high defense rate).  If you have many mecha
    in your party then the Kusanagi may be attractive to you, since it increases
    a mech's power a good deal.  The Kusanagi is not as valuable on a human or
    mystic character as the Mizukagami is, in my opinion, but your opinion
    may differ.  Also, if you want Sei in your party, then you must give up the
    3 items you found.  Riki has no choice but to give up the items to meet Sei.
    If you want Sei or his Kusanagi, then go to the large altar room(west from
    the room w/ the shield) and place the three treasures on the 3 lit altars.
    Once all of them are placed, the rear door opens.  Enter here and approach
    the coffin to meet Sei.  He will join Riki without a fight.  For others, you
    must fight him.
    Sei is a fairly powerful enemy if you are not powered up, so be cautious.
    He regenerates 795 HP each round with his Deathsynthesis, so if you have
    LightShift then use it.  When Sei attacks he will have several DeadKnights
    that will guard him.  Kill all but one of them then attack Sei full force.
    If you kill all the DeadKnights then Sei will use his big attack,
    MinionStrike which does 100-200 HP damage to all your characters.  The
    DeadKnights really don't have much offense, so leaving one is not going to
    hurt you that bad.  Sei has a shield and can block, so be wary of using
    physical attacks.  Use your fighting techs to combo him to death.
    Sei has the SacredSong attack which is more powerful than MinionStrike
    (300+damage) but he uses it rarely.
    Once you beat Sei, you can choose to have him join you(he comes with all the
    attacks you saw in battle, including MinionStrike)  or get his sword.  The
    sword is the obvious choice to me, because the last thing I really want in
    my group is another monster.  If you like the monsters, then take him.  The
    sword takes 3 WP to use a normal attack, so equip DoubleSlash or StunSlash on
    the character to cut the WP consumption(just use that as your normal attack).
    If you have a mech, give the sword to it.
    Bio Research Lab
    Treasures: Dragon Shield
    Characters: Cotton
    This area contains the second best shield in the game, as well as another
    monster that can join your party.  The shield is guarded by a huge, powerful
    boss, the EarthDragon, but Cotton is guarded by some wimpy normal enemies.
    This accurately portrays the relative worth of the two, I think.  The
    scientists throughout the lab are not there on a routine field study, they
    want you dead.  Talking to one results in a battle with some powerful
    enemies.  Once you are high level, return here to fight the enemies, as they
    teach you techs fairly quickly.  Also, the Dullahan enemies(the second
    scientist on the first floor, as well as some others) can drop the best
    shield in the game(DurahanShield) as well as the best armor(PlutoArmor).
    The CrystalTrees drop several sound-resistant items, and the Suzakus are
    great for absorbing into your mystic weapons for very high stats.  The
    Snowfolk enemies often travel with DarkFairies, and they drop the SilverMoon.
    This is the best katana in the game.
    First, head upstairs from the first room(the stairs are near the southern
    wall).  You can visit the side rooms throughout the lab if you want, they
    contain some scientists.  Once upstairs, go to the far north door to reach
    the library.  Inside here, you can read some books(near where the scientist
    is).  Once you have filled your mind with the useless knowledge, then
    search(press O) against the far north bookshelf.  Voila!  It moves aside and
    reveals a secret door.  Head through here.
    After passing the secret door and going down the ladder, you'll have a choice
    of going upstairs or down.  Cotton is upstairs, the DragonShield is down.
    If you want Cotton, go to the top of the stairs and through the door.  Then
    go through the red door here to fight a few enemies and get Cotton(Cotton is
    a friend of Fuse's, apparently.  If you have Fuse in your party, they will
    have a meaningless conversation).  If you don't want Cotton, then just head
    downstairs and out the south passage at the bottom.
    You will be in a large greenery.  Your final destination is the far north
    door, but right now it is locked.  In order to unlock it, head for the
    southeast building(you have to go around it to the north and follow a semi-
    hidden path to get there).  Inside, go up the ladder to the second floor
    and activate the computer behind where the woman is standing.  The readout
    above you should change to (LOCK: OFF), signifying that you did it.  Now go
    outside and head for the northern building(the path to get there is sort of
    tricky to find, but it shouldn't be too difficult).  Save right after you
    enter, because that innocent looking scientist standing there will summon
    the EarthDragon, a powerful enemy.
    The EarthDragon is one of the game's harder enemies.  One of the things that
    makes this boss so difficult is that throwing techs of any kind(including
    DSC) are completely ineffective against it.  It is just too heavy, I guess.
    It has several forms of attack, GasFlame that usually hits all your party,
    Grasp(steals HP), Trample, and IronBall.  IronBall is the worst one, since
    he will drop a random number(I have had him move up to 10 times in one round
    with this attack).  Each IronBall does about 300-500 points of damage.
    Occasionally he will just bite for minimal damage, and the Grasp attack is
    not too powerful either.  However, to make things worse, his shell turns out
    to be a very effective shield that blocks attacks almost half the time.
    To beat the EarthDragon, you must be of fairly high level.  Make sure each
    of your characters has at least 500 HP and a few high power techs.  NoMoment
    and LifeSprinkler are good ones, since he can't block them.  Be sure that
    you equip these 5 with your best shields and the Deflect tech, so you can
    protect yourself from the multiple IronBalls.  Having a monster with MagicHeal
    is very useful in this fight if you can turn it into a form that can survive
    the IronBall attack.  Try to perform combos if you can.  Having MindHeal is
    also a good idea so each character can revive themselves after being nailed
    by a big cannonball.  If you are lucky, the EarthDragon will use his
    weaker attacks often and not drop too many IronBalls at once, but if not this
    can be a very difficult fight.
    Once you beat the EarthDragon, take the DragonShield behind him(near the
    S&M gear on the table).
    Manhattan is the home of Trinity Inc., the power company that is responsible
    for mech manufacturing and almost all technological advancement in the 
    regions.  Since they are so powerful, corruption is rampant at Trinity as
    each commander vies for control of the company and the public at large
    suffers(is this sounding familiar yet?).  Mondo, the commander of Trinity
    base is perhaps the most ruthless of all, but is a cunning liar and manip-
    ulator of others.  He plans to take over the whole company, using his hidden
    army.  This company is central in a few character's quests.
    Other than that, there is the C.T.C. Building, the home of Cindy Campbell.
    She is a criminal who smuggles stolen weapons for anyone who pays the price,
    including Trinity.  Lately, she has been seen doing a lot of business with
    the interregional crime syndicate BlackX.
    The shopping malls here are actually not very good for shopping, only having
    one store that sells accessories.  This shop is integral in Riki's quest.
    They sell a few accessories that are good for your monsters.
    PearlHeart       1500
    FireCrystal      1500
    IceCrystal       1500
    HarmoniumEarring 1500
    BloodChalice     4000
    PurpleEye        8000
    WonderBangle     10000
    RING/Schemer     30000(you can't buy this)
    Luminous is the home of Light and Shadow Magic.  Magicians travel here often
    to test their skills at the Luminous Labyrinth and in Omble, the shadow
    region.  Several magics are for sale here.
    SunRay         300
    StarlightHeal  300
    FlashFire      600
    FlashFlood     300
    PowerGrab      600
    HideBehind     300
    ShadowNet      300
    Rouge is standing in the port here, he will join most characters.
    In the far west, Light magic users can enter the Luminous Labyrinth to earn
    the gift for Light magic.  The gift for Shadow magic can be accessed by
    talking to the shopkeeper in the Shadow magic shop and asking about the gift.
    You will be sent to Omble to earn the Shadow gift.
    Luminous Labyrinth
    Treasures: MoonlightRobe, 400 credits, SanctuaryStone
    Characters: none
    This dungeon is really a series of 3 puzzles.  While inside, your item and
    save commands will not be usable, so do so before you enter.  Soon you will
    come to a room with many mirrors and a beam of light.  Rotate the mirrors
    until the light shines on the circular insignia on the north wall.  You
    will come to another similar room with two insignia on the wall in the north-
    west corner.  Also this room contains small prisms which serve to split the
    light beam.  Only one prism can be on at any one time, so turn off one(press
    O) before turning on another or it won't work.  Split the beam and rotate the
    mirrors so that light is shining on both of the insignia.  You will then be
    in a room with many colored screens.  The solution to this room is provided,
    since it is the only one that takes a while to solve.
                           3            4
         b                blue       2
                           1                  a    blue
    numbers: rotatable mirrors
    lowercase letters: prisms
    words: color screens
    The numbers and letters in the diagram are in the same relative positions as
    these objects in the room.  Turn each mirror(using the north end as a guide)
    in the direction indicated and turn on the indicated prism to get the color
    described.  Then walk up to the insignia to claim your prize.
    Blue: 1-right, 2-left, 3-left, 4-left, turn on prism a
    You must fight some fairly weak enemies here, usually a RockScout or some
    LivingArmor and Mirrors.
    Red: 1-left, 2-left, 3-left, 4-left, turn on prism a
    You must fight some stronger enemies, usually a Cyclops or a Giant.
    Green: I don't think it's possible.  If anyone can get green, please tell
    everyone else.
    Purple(Blue+Red): 1-left, 2-left, 3-left, 4-left, turn on prism c
    You get a SanctuaryStone.
    Yellow(Red+Green): 1-left, 2-left, 3-right, 4-left, turn on prism a
    You get 400 credits.
    Teal(Blue+Green): 1-right, 2-left, 3-right, 4-left, turn on prism a
    You get MoonlightRobe.
    White(all colors): 1-left, 2-left, 3-right, 4-left, turn on prism c
    You get the gift and exit.  Wait until you get the other treasures before
    you do this or you will miss them.
    Note that there is a room in the last puzzle in the southeast corner.  It has
    a few pillars and a mirror that you can't turn.  I have not found any use for
    this room, so if anyone knows please let me know too.  I tried shining every
    color of light in there and nothing happened.
    Treasures: 200 credits, Magi-Water
    Characters: Silence
    As soon as you enter the shadow region, your shadow runs off and you must
    find it in order to get the gift and exit.  If you want the Mystic Silence
    in your party, then find his shadow in the first room and talk to it.  Then
    after you complete the shadow region you can talk to Silence(the guy standing
    in the right hand rear corner of the magic shop) and he'll join you.  After
    doing that, then head for the northwest door.  There are 200 credits in the
    northwest corner of the next room(you can only see the shadow, so it is easy
    to miss), get that and then head upstairs.  Turn left here(the right leads
    to a dead end).  In the next room, you can head to the east to find a shop.
    There are several fairly useless items for sale:
    Cure           15
    PowerCure      100
    MaxCure        300
    MagicStone     100
    ShadowDagger   160
    DarkRobe       300
    After doing your shopping, go back out and head north.  Get the Magi-Water
    here(you can only see the shadow).  The next area north seems empty.  You
    can see another room to your west with the shadows of each of the 7 characters
    in it, though, and this is where you have got to go.  Go back south and head
    west from the room with the Magi-Water.  Follow the path and you'll end up
    in the room full of shadows.  Find the shadow of your character(could be easy
    or difficult depending upon who you have) and bump into it.  It will go into
    the room across to the east.  Try not to bump into the other shadows, they
    will be monsters when you touch them again in the other room.  Once your
    shadow has been sent across, then go back and go in the northern room again.
    Bump into your shadow again and it should go into the north passage.  If
    you bump into a shadow that is not your own, a fight will occur.  Follow your
    shadow into the north room and bump into it.  A fight will occur.
    The Shades are mirror images of your party, complete with all of your
    abilities and HP.  Their failing is that they do not have much intelligence,
    as they will often use your most ineffective attacks.  Use this to your
    advantage.  Equip each character with abilities that you are immune to or
    that do not hurt you badly, then put on one good attack ability at the bottom
    of the list.  The Shades will often waste their time using Thrust, Kick, and
    other weak attacks instead of using the best attack, which you should use
    every time.  Another strategy is to de-equip your characters of all their
    abilities.  This de-equips the Shades too, so they must use regular attacks.
    However, occasionally you may learn a new attack whereas they cannot, so you
    will normally come out on top.  Definitely de-equip characters who have
    Galeslash, ReverseGravity, Death, or other spells that could kill your whole
    party to keep the Shades from slaying you in one blow.  This could be a very
    difficult fight, but it usually is not.
    After beating the Shades, then the gift is yours and you are returned to the
    Note that for either the Luminous Labyrinth or Omble, if your main character
    cannot go(is Riki or T260G, or already has the opposite type of magic) then
    your characters that can go will walk in and then immediately come back out
    with the gift(no effort required).
    Magic Kingdom
    The Magic Kingdom is a land of mages.  All males born there have the gift
    for the native type of magic, Realm magic.  The Kingdom has a past littered
    with destruction.  Long ago, demons attacked here from the underworld killing
    many.  Since that day, the people have been trained so as to prevent that
    from happening ever again.  There is an item shop here, as well as a magic
    shop that sells Realm magic.  A mystic named Furdo has his workshop here,
    which is an optional quest that may test your abilities.
    Note that if Rouge is in your party, then you will have to leave him to go
    to Magic Kingdom.  You can find him again in Luminous once you are done here
    with all of his weapons, armor, levels, and abilities intact.
    MagicStone       30
    MagicWear        100
    Magi-Water       200
    X-Magi-Drink     1000
    BoltCrystal      1500
    RuneSword        2850
    Realm Magic
    EnergyChain      300
    Implosion        500
    PsychoArmor      300
    There is a woman blocking a path in the magic shop.  If anyone has ever been
    behind her, then I'd like to know what is back there.  She will not be help-
    ful to any of the characters.
    Furdo's Workspace
    Treasures: GlowRobe, UnicornTear, PearlHeart
    Characters: none
    This tricky area is completely optional, and all you get is a few worthless
    treasures and the privelege of fighting Furdo.  I usually do it just for fun,
    but it is not necessary.  Furdo's Workspace is in the western part of Magic
    Kingdom, past the trees.  From where you enter, go west, then north.  Do not
    go upstairs in this room, but go north past them.  Then head east until you
    reach the large arena with the stone dragon.  Go south and you'll be in a
    room with a large pillar in the center.  Activate this pillar(press O).  The
    fairies on the upper floor will begin to fly about.  They will unpetrify the
    treasures and enemies in the castle.  The treasures are located:
    Along path east of entry room: chest with GlowRobe
    Upstairs and west of GlowRobe, then south: PearlHeart, UnicornTear
    Be patient with the fairies, sometimes it takes them a while to unpetrify the
    treasures.  If you kill a fairy, then go back to the pillar and reactivate
    it to bring the dead fairies back.
    Once you get the treasure, head upstairs and to the balcony where the stone
    fairies once were.  You can walk through the wall on the west side of the room
    where a fairy used to be into a secret area.  Follow this path and you will
    meet Furdo.
    Furdo really is not all that difficult.  He will taunt you several times
    during the fight, letting you know when he is injured badly.  His attacks
    include StoneGas(an attack that can petrify a character), PhantasmShot, and
    GlassShield.  Use long range attacks to avoid getting nailed by a GlassShield
    and have someone with the Grail spell or a backpack with SnakeOils or
    Anti-stones to counter the petrify effect.  Rarely he will use one of his
    Mystic weapons to attempt to instantly slay a character, but this is not
    usually very dangerous.  If you are able to dish out a moderate amount of
    damage, then you will be able to topple Furdo pretty easily.
    Once you beat Furdo, you get----nothing!  Head back out.  You may want to
    absorb Furdo into a monster, there are a few rare abilities that he has(rare,
    not useful).
    Kyo is the training grounds for martial artists throughout the world.  It
    is also the home of Mind Magic, which utilizes your mind and spirit.  Kyo
    has also made a name for itself as a popular tourist attraction.  Overall
    a beautiful place to live, but each rose has its thorn.  The criminal
    organization BlackX has a headquarters here, hidden from the public.  This
    is the location of much of their narcotics development.
    If you are Red, then a lot of your game takes place here, but most characters
    only pay Kyo a cursory visit to stock up on Mind Magic.  There is also a
    pretty useless item shop.
    MagicStone     30
    LuckyCoin      30
    UnluckyCoin    30
    FangAmulet     150
    WingAmulet     150
    FlowerAmulet   150
    SteelAmulet    150
    BudoWear       210
    Mind Magic
    MindHeal       300
    Spellbound     300
    Evaporate      300
    You can also get the gift for Mind Magic here, by asking about the gift and
    accepting the training.  You will go into the back room, where each character
    must fight an enemy alone.  Any character that loses will not get the gift.
    Note that Blue/Rouge cannot get the gift until after they fight in Blue's
    chapter, and that mystics cannot use Mind Magic.  The enemies that you must
    fight in the training are quite lopsided, some being very powerful and others
    being very weak.  You can choose the order that your characters go in, so
    save your most powerful characters to fight the powerful enemies like the Lich
    and the Slugger.
    Yorkland is the most rural of all the regions of the world.  The people here
    live a carefree life, brewing beer and wine like their families have done
    for generations.  The Trinity are slowly moving in on the liquor trade, as
    well as buying up parts of Yorkland to build another base.  The new commander
    of Trinity Base, Mondo, was born here.  This area is home to another point
    of interest for Trinity-the Cube power generator is stored here.  This
    extremely valuable power generator was built from the ruins of a highly
    advanced ancient culture, and many forces are vying to control it.  If you
    want the Grail card, then your travels will bring you here.  There is a
    monster named Thunder that can join you here too if you have Lute in your
    group(this is Lute's hometown).
    Devin is the home of Arcane and Rune magic.  Here fortune tellers and psychics
    run rampant.  This region is popular among tourists.  It also serves as the
    new home of Rei Hime, a mystic who escaped Orlouge's custody in Facinaturu.
    Rei can send you to Kylin's Paradise to get Space Magic, but only if you
    prove yourself worthy by first getting the gift for either Light or Shadow,
    then getting the gift for either Rune or Arcane magic.  Then ask her(the
    purple-haired woman at the shrine) about Space Magic and you're on your way.
    You must ask about the gifts for Rune or Arcane magic and get the cards and
    stones here from the shops before you can begin collecting cards or runes.
    Don't bother trying to draw a sacred lot, they are always sold out.
    Note that Rei can join Asellus-the details are in Asellus's walkthrough.
    Arcane Palace
    Saber      300
    Shield     300
    Grail      300
    Gold       150
    Lure of the Rune
    VictoryRune     300
    VitalityRune    300
    HideRune        300
    FreedomRune     300
    Kylin's Paradise
    Treasures: none
    Characters: Kylin
    After Rei sends you here, your first goal is to enter the circus tent
    structure in the northeast.  Kylin is inside, and he asks to test you.  Say
    yes, and you'll be in a maze.  The directions for getting through the maze,
    step by step, are:
    Go through first room
    Go northwest
    Go north one room
    Go west in the next room
    Get the clover-shaped key on the ground
    Go back two rooms and head south
    Go west
    Go northwest, then go upstairs
    Use the key to open the Northeast door(now you should be walking on the bottom
    of the floor)
    Head along the bottom of the floor until you cannot go any further, then
    get back on top and drink the water in the vase(now you will shrink)
    Go through the small door here(now you're back near the beginning)
    Go in the other small door on the same screen near the northeast door.
    Go west, then south.
    Pull the lever to open the tea cup(this is starting to look familiar)
    Go back north, then east, then south.
    Go in the other small door on this same screen.
    Climp on the teaspoon into the teacup
    Follow the stairs to the door.
    I know you are expecting to fight the Mad Hatter after all that, but all
    you find is Kylin.  Talk to him again.  You have two options, to ask for his
    help or "Don't bother".  I know it's rude, but its probably best to not
    bother.  If he joins you then you will not be able to learn Space Magic, and
    this magic is much more useful than another monster in your party.  If you
    do get Kylin, then he will have the space spells equipped(the only time a
    monster may use magic), so don't get rid of them because they are impossible
    to replace.  If you choose not to get him, then talk to him again and he'll
    sell you Space Magic.
    Space Magic
    VaporBlast     400
    Vanish         400
    ReverseGravity 1200
    LightShift     400
    Once your business is done, then talk to the new person(the blonde girl who
    is the only one standing still outside).  She'll offer to send you back.
    Instead of being nice and sending you conveniently back to Devin, however, you
    are sent to the middle of the Koorong sewer system.  Head down the rocky
    stairs to the east here and get back to town.
    IRPO stands for Inter-Regional Police Organization.  It is responsible for
    law enforcement in the regions.  A few of their officers(Doll, Fuse) become
    involved in your quests, and anyone who wants the Shield Card must work for
    the police for a while.  If you are not doing the Arcane quest, then there
    will be nothing here for you, but if you are then talking to the secretary
    will allow you to go to the Mosperiburg mountains to get a flower(obviously
    important police business).  Success earns you the Shield Card and a
    permanent alliance with Fuse.  This area will be explained in detail in the
    Arcane quest section.
    Mosperiburg is the location of Virgil Palace.  Virgil Palace is home to
    the Mystic Virgil, also known as Ring Lord.  He holds the RING/Lord, as
    well as the key to travel to Facinaturu and TimeLord's Region.  If you
    have proven your worth by getting the gifts for Light/Shadow and Rune/Arcane
    magics, then Virgil will send you to TimeLord's Region to get Time Magic.
    TimeLord's Region
    Treasures: none
    Characters: TimeLord
    Once Virgil sends you here, you should travel forward along the path(it is
    pretty straightforward) until you reach the large hourglass that is broken.
    By walking up to the hourglass, a text message will appear.  Once you have
    seen the broken hourglass and read the message, return to Virgil.
    Once Virgil hears about the broken hourglass, he will send you to Facinaturu
    to get the SandVessel from Gozarus.  There is a section about Facinaturu
    later, but for your purpose here you only need to go to Gozarus's shop and
    buy the SandVessel.  While you are here, you may also want to buy some
    Mystic Magic, or get the Asura.  Don't use up too many of your LP, though!
    Note that T260G cannot do business with Gozarus.  Once you have what you
    want, go to the northwest house and talk to the man, then enter the
    house just south of there.  Talk to the slime and you will be admitted to
    the Facinaturu Floor.  This path is pretty straightforward too, so keep going
    until you reach the plane and the exit.  Now return to Virgil and he'll
    send you back to TimeLord's Region.
    Go to the bottom of the hourglass and collect some sand, then climb to the
    top and pour it in.  The clock will work again, and the SandVessel will
    become an accessory that has the QuickSand attack and protects you from
    petrification.  Now that the enemies are active, you also have access to some
    of the game's rarer enemies.  Fight most of them if you want to make sure
    you've seen it all.  This area is home to the Demongoat, PrimaBronza/Maska,
    Minotaur, some ultra-powered up StraySheep, and a pair of Rockbaboons that,
    when hurt, combine to form a Yeti.  A few of these guys drop good items,
    and the Minotaurs and Demongoats are good to learn mid-level techs from.
    Once you've had your fill, let down the drawbridge just beyond the hourglass
    and cross.  TimeLord will be here.
    You can choose to get him, or to buy his magic.  In my opinion, since he has
    the gift, getting him in your party so you can have Overdrive is superior to
    buying the fairly weak low-level time spells.  He is a mystic, so his attacks
    are generally not as powerful as a human, but Overdrive is a tremendous asset.
    If you choose to buy the magic, the prices are:
    Time Magic
    DelayOrder      300
    TimeLeap        600
    ChaosStream     1500
    TimeEclipse     600
    If there is a slum in the world of SF, then Scrap is it.  This region is
    basically a large junkyard.  There is a bar, an inn, a junk shop that
    works like a grab bag(pay first, then get random items), and a factory run
    by Caballero.  Caballero is a profiteer who exploits the people here and in
    Junk, Scrap's sister region.
    The bar is a great place for most characters to get more party members.
    Riki, Mei-Ling, Lute, Gen, and T260G are all here.  Riki and T260G must
    beat Caballero in his factory in order to complete their quests.  In order
    to leave Scrap, you must pay a fare.  Normally it is 100 credits, but if
    you are not supposed to leave(you are in the middle of the Caballero event)
    then the price skyrockets to 10000 credits(come on boy, jump through the hoop,
    good doggy..).  To make matters worse, even if you do scrape together the
    10000 credits to exit, you still won't be allowed to leave-your character
    will still say "I don't have enough money".  This really pissed me off...
    After the Cabllero event is over, then the two characters who
    can do this get a discount and the price becomes 10 credits.  Don't worry, if
    you don't have the cash, then the ride is free.
    The junk shop will buy back the following items:
    RepairKit       20
    HyperScale      2000
    BehemothRifle   3000
    DuelGun         3500
    SuperMissile    5500
    HG-Cannon       6000
    LightRifle      8500
    HyperionBazooka 10000
    Probably the most lucrative cheat in the whole game is here in Scrap.  The
    monsters who run the Junk Shop in the southeast may be wise businessmen, but
    they are not very observant--it is possible to pay once and take as many
    items as you want!  It goes like this:
    1.  Pay the price the first time.  It may cost from 100-3000 credits,
    depending on your current power level.  It's worth it, so pay.
    2.  Go in and get your 3 items.
    3.  Go back to the counter and offer to sell items.  Go down to the last item,
    "Hyperion Bazooka", and click on it as if you were going to sell it.  Since
    you don't have one, you will hear a "bzz".  (Note: if you have one, then
    equip it so you can't sell it.  If you sell a Hyperion Bazooka, then you
    need to hire someone to come over to the house and laugh at you.)
    4.  After buzzing on the item, you will have 7 more items to take from the
    shop for free!.  You can
    also buzz on any of the other items, they give you progressively fewer free
    5.  Repeat, repeat, repeat.
    There are 6 boxes in the junk shop, and each contains a different type of
    item.  They are laid out like so:
      1   2
         3    4
       5   6
    1: swords: Knife, LightKnife, KukriBlade, SamuraiSword, TwinSword, Osc-Sword
    2: guns: AGUNI-CP1, AGUNI-SSP, EasyRifle, TroopRifle, AGUNI-MBX, LethalGun
    3: cannons: JunkBazooka, LaserCarbine, ThunderBolt, LightBazooka, SonicCannon
    4: shields/gloves: Buckler, ShellShield, ExcelShield, ShellBracer, CyberGlove
    5: armor: HardLeather, ArmorVest, ElectroArmor, JumpSuit, WarlordArmor,
              CombatSuit, CyberSuit
    6: helmets/boots: LaserScope, FiberHood, MirrorGlass, LeatherBoots,
                      FeatherBoots, JetBoots
    *note: these are not the only items there, just samples-the junk boxes
    contain many different inconsequential items of this type.
    You will also find Junk, BrokenBumpers, and RepairKits in each box(unless you
    are T260G, who only finds weapons/armor).  This is random.  At first the
    items you get are fairly weak, but each time that you sell RepairKits to the
    shop, the items get slightly better on the average.  It does not matter how
    many you sell, just how many times you sell them.  Since you will find them
    in the junk pretty regularly, just go back and sell the excess to get
    better and better items.  If you are T260G, note that since you'll never
    find RepairKits, you should bring plenty of your own to use for this.  Just
    clear out the junk room, go back and sell a RepairKit, buzz on the correct
    item, then go back and do it again.  Getting here to equip your characters
    should be one of your first priorities when starting a new game.  At your
    first opportunity, get to Scrap and get equipment for your present and future
    characters.  You will rarely have to worry about equipment again.  The best
    things to look out for for each race are:
    Humans, Mystics: 2 Osc-swords, ExcelShield, LethalGun, WarlordArmor,
                     MirrorGlass, CyberGlove, JetBoots
    Mecha: 2 CyberSuits, SonicCannon, LaserCarbine, ExcelShield, LethalGun, etc.
    Now, for a very low price of some time and a few credits, you have good
    swords, shields of good power for all your characters, the 2nd best non-cannon
    type gun I've seen, the second best armor in the game, a very good helmet,
    glove, and the best boots(some have better DEF, but JetBoots are still the
    best because of the QUI raised and because you float).  Your mecha can get
    up to around 500-600 HP, 2 Cybersuits give them great defense until you can
    afford the PoweredSuits, and they get some very good cannons to use.
    Since the game considers CyberSuits to be superior to WarlordArmor, and
    MirrorGlasses to be superior to JetBoots, then if you sell RepairKits too
    many times you may pass your opportunity to get these items.  Don't worry,
    you can buy them elsewhere using the infinite money tricks in the game.
    You can use this junk shop to get infinite money as well, because once
    you start getting Osc-swords you can get 99 of them and sell them off to
    the guy at Nakajima Robotics in Shrike.  They'll net you 110 credits a piece
    and then you can repeat the process.  This is slower than the GoldIngot trick
    (see Koorong section), but is good for scraping together the roughly 15000
    credits you need to get the other trick working.  Then you can buy the
    really good stuff, like the Katanas, ZeroSwords, HyperBlasters, etc..
    I advise you spend an hour or so in Scrap as soon as possible to get the
    equipment that will make the rest of the game much easier.
    The Caballero Factory will be explained in the individual character
    The waterfront region, Owmi is home to the seafood and merchant shipping
    industries of the world.  The rich man who owns the Lord Manor has eccentric
    tastes, especially in magical rings and a certain water mystic with the
    tail of a fish.  There is a free place to rest here.  The Lord Manor is
    the backdrop for a few character's quests.  Even if you are not required to
    drop by, there is a SanctuaryStone, a unique sword, and some opportunities
    to fight enemies here that you might not want to pass up.
    The port in Owmi is the only port that has access to Nelson, the fisherman's
    Lord Manor
    Treasures: KrisKnife, GhostCannon, RubberSuit, MaxCure X 3, Magi-Water,
               SanctuaryStone, RottenMeat, JetBoots, SeaStone(w/ Measarthim),
               ArmorGlove, JackalSword, ShellBracer, RubberShoes, PearlHeart,
    Characters: Measarthim
    The Manor is a treasure trove of semi-useful items, but more so it is some-
    thing to undertake while you are trying to level-up your characters.  First,
    get the items that are in the mansion before going into the enemy ridden
    basement.  Go upstairs, then turn right and enter the door next to where you
    come out(hard to see, since the door is on the wall that you cannot see).
    Go past large doors w/ suits of armor and into the attic for a KrisKnife
    and a GhostCannon.  Then head back to the first room of the mansion and go
    east.  Head downstairs, then take the 2nd door(near the wine rack) to get a
    MaxCure and a RubberSuit.  After that, head back and enter the door you just
    walked past in the room with the wine rack.  You should be in the basement
    with the enemies.
    Keep heading downstairs until you reach a room with two treasures and a bunch
    of the winged demons and amphibian enemies.  Take the SanctuaryStone and
    the Magi-Water, then keep going south.  In the next room you'll find JetBoots
    and RottenMeat, then you exit to the east.  You'll soon stumble across the
    area's boss, the DevilSquid.
    The DevilSquid looks and acts a lot like the Kraken enemies you'll meet in
    the Yorkland swamp and wandering around once you reach a high level.  It,
    unfortunately, is not susceptible to the paralysis and death effects that its
    bigger cousin is.  Fortunately, though, its attacks do less than half the
    damage of the Kraken's similar attacks, so defeating it should not be too
    hard.  Prepare for battle by equipping BlueElfs, PearlHearts, and such that
    protect you from water so the Maelstrom doesn't wash you away.  Other than
    that, the DevilSquid doesn't have much to fight with.  If you don't have
    enough accessories to protect everyone, then be sure to protect your healers.
    This is one of the bosses that I use as a combo target-it really can't hurt
    you if you're prepared.
    Beat the squid(don't let out that sigh of relief yet-you've got to fight it
    then head into the west room.  Walk up to the water.
    Measarthim will swim up to you.  If you have a mystic, and Silence is not
    in your party, then Measarthim will offer to join you or give you an item
    (SeaStone).  She is a mystic who comes equipped with a MellowRing and a
    BlueElf, both of which are good items.  If you'd rather have the SeaStone,
    then it's not bad either, it's like a PearlHeart only more so.  If you have
    no mystics, or if Silence is in your party, Measarthim will swim away(she
    will not help Silence because he is mute, and his lack of a response makes
    her think that she offended him).  Now go back out to the squid room.
    Now you can get the treasure there if you want-it is a trap that will throw
    you into the lowest part of the basement.  Not too bad, that's where you
    wanted to go anyway.  Go upstairs, into the room with the PearlHeart and
    LeatherBoots.  Head east from here, and you'll be in a room with 3 treasures
    in plain view.  Get the MaxCure, ShellBracer, and ArmorGlove, then go to
    the platform across from the ArmorGlove and search behind the wall for the
    JackalSword.  This weapon is not too great, but has a nifty looking special
    attack and cannot be obtained anywhere else as far as I know.  In the room
    to the south of the room with the JackalSword you can find RubberShoes and a
    MaxCure.  Go back and keep heading upstairs.  Once you reach the room with
    the squid, remember not to get the trapped treasure and fight the squid
    again(for some reason, the game can't remember that you already defeated it).
    Make your way out.
    Nelson is a fisherman's city on the outside, but behind the scenes it is also
    the meeting place for Captain Hamilton and her group of pirates.  Their goal
    is the defeat of Mondo, the new commander of Trinity Base.  This city has a
    person who will sell GoldIngots for 500 credits(unlike the Koorong shop, his
    price remains constant-this allows for the ripoff trick described in Koorong).
    There is also an armor shop here:
    Buckler       200
    ShellShield   500
    WarlordArmor  2300
    ZeroSword     4000
    Other than that, there's not really much to see here unless you're Lute.
    Baccarat is the casino resort of the world.  There are hundreds of games(none
    of which you can play, unfortunately), a hotel, and a bar.  Several characters
    make their way here for various reasons.  The casino, unbenkownst to most,
    is run by the Gnomes, a secretive little race of people who crave gold.
    Emelia is here, and will join you if you are going on the Arcane quest.  If
    you are not going after the Gold Card, then there's not really much here for
    you normally(specific characters have missions here).  The Gnome Cave will
    be covered in the Arcane quest section.  By the way, don't try to walk all
    the way down the stairs in the hotel area, they'll stop you at room 1000(yes,
    I did it...took quite a while...).
    This region is the home of the Masked Martial Arts tournament, a competition
    of fighting skills that brings warriors from the ends of the earth.  If you
    are Emelia or Red, it'll bring you too.  There are also two ruins here:
    an ancient spacecraft with a secret mission crashed nearby and contains
    valuable information and items for a certain mech.  The ruins to the north-
    east are actually a cover for Berva's base.  As one of BlackX's 4 emperors,
    he runs his network of crime from safety, protected by the traps and beasts
    that populate the ancient ruins.  Any character may visit the Ancient Ship
    and the Shingrow Ruins to collect the items and experience there.  Only
    those who are allowed to participate in the Masked tournament may fully
    explore Shingrow Palace, so that area will be covered in the individual
    Ancient Ship
    Treasures: Junk, RottenMeat, 200 credits, JumpSuit, 200 credits, MemoryBoard,
               300 credits, DuelGun, HyperScale, BoltThrower, 500 credits
    Characters: none
    This place is populated pretty heavily with mecha, so bring along your mecha
    to absorb the enemies and get as many programs as you can.  After climbing up
    into the ship, you can head north and press O against the rear wall to open
    it and enter the secret passage.  All that is in there are some bats, some
    mecha, and 2 treasures that I'm sure you're dying to get-Junk and RottenMeat.
    Get these two if you want, if not, then head south from the first room in the
    In the next room, keep heading south.  Follow the path as it curves west and
    go past the door.  Eventually you will reach a room with some enemies and
    a couple of treasures: 200 credits and a MemoryBoard.  Grab these, then go
    back and head through the door that you just walked past in the north wall.
    You'll be in a room with two levels-on the level below you you'll see a couple
    of treasures(JumpSuit, 200 credits).  You can climb down and get them now,
    or wait until you come back this way on your way out to get them, it doesn't
    matter.  Go through the north door on the upper level, then climb the ladder
    near the skeleton enemy.
    In the next area w/ the slimes, you have three paths.  The southern one
    leads to what appears to be the flight deck of the ship, where you can find
    300 credits and a DuelGun(find the path through the bushes).  The western
    path leads to a room with a HyperScale.  After getting all this, head north
    into the large room.  Go past the tower in the north and around to the west
    to the chest there.  The chest won't open if you click directly on it, you
    have to sort of press O against the fence next to it to open it and get a
    BoltThrower.  Finally, there is a secret door just above the area with the
    BoltThrower-just press O against the wall to the north near there to get
    500 credits in the room with the computer terminal(this is part of T260G's
    chapter).  That's everything, so go back the way you came.  Don't forget the
    treasures in the 2-level room if you didn't get them earlier.
    Shingrow Ruins
    Treasures: TwinSword, MagicStone, HarmoniumArmor, HarmoniumEarring,
               250 credits, SanctuaryStone, ExcelShield
    Characters: none
    The ruins here are optional unless you're Red, but I advise going in here
    anyway to gain a little more experience and to get some useful items, esp.
    the Harmonium items that protect you from sonic attacks.  Another Sanctuary
    Stone never hurts either, and if you haven't cheated in Scrap yet then the
    ExcelShield will probably help out too.
    First, keep going north until you reach a room with a TwinSword in a chest.
    Don't try to open the door in this room, as it is a trap and you will be
    attacked by some BlackX guys after being hit with sleeping gas.  There are
    three doors like this in the ruins, and each gives you a progressively
    worse ailment-sleep to palsy to being an instant red mess!  Luckily the
    enemies are weak as pond scum.  After getting the sword go back to the
    first room with the flying red enemy and the path to the west.  Go west
    from here.
    This path leads up some stairs and - did you hear that?  Loud croaking
    sound...must be an enormous toad!  Head through the door and you'll see the
    cause for the commotion: a huge GaeaToad blocks your path.  It has slightly
    more HP than a normal Gaeatoad, but it still should be of absolutely no threat
    to you.
    If you need a boss strategy, that means you got killed by the Gaeatoad.  You
    are ridiculously too low of level to be here-go to Scrap and steal some
    weapons and armor from the Junk Shop.  Even with the characters you have
    at the very beginning of most characters' games, the Gaeatoad should be
    easily conquered.  If you are still having trouble, then I hope you kept
    the original packaging of your SaGa Frontier disc so you can go back to Wal-
    Mart and get a full refund-you should probably give up RPG's and play
    Crash Bandicoot or whatever kids play nowadays.
    After stomping the Gaeatoad, enter the next room.  If you want the
    MagicStone, then you should stay on the higher path and head north.  Follow
    this path to a room with a door and the MagicStone in a chest.  Get it,
    but don't open the door because it is trapped.  Go back to the room just
    past the Gaeatoad.
    From this room, you should go downstairs and through the other door.  Soon
    you'll be in a room with a dirt floor in the middle that is covered with
    slime enemies.  Go to the corner to get HarmoniumArmor.  Then head through the
    north door.  Here is the HarmoniumEarring, but you can't get it until you
    beat the Valkyries on the steps.
    BOSS-SpearValkyrie and SwordValkyrie
    You may have seen these enemies in your travels, and these are simply more
    powerful versions of the normal ones.  They both can block your attacks,
    so you should make sure to have some unblockable attacks to use on them.
    Concentrate on destroying one of them, then the other, that way they won't
    combo you.  The SwordValkyrie(in front) can use Windblast, so take it out
    first.  The other one can use LightBall, which hits you all but is less
    powerful than the Windblast.  NoMoment, magic, and throwing attacks are
    all very useful.  If you are of high level, this will be just a nuisance, but
    if you are unprepared it can be hard.
    After beating the Valkyries, get the treasure and continue upstairs.  Here
    you will be in another room with a high path and a low path.  First, go
    downstairs.  At the foot of one of the staircases in the bushes is hidden
    250 credits.  Get that, then head west out the lower door.  In the next room,
    a SanctuaryStone is hidden in the far north behind the tree.  There is a door
    to enter here, but it only leads to another trap so go back and climb up to
    the top path in the room just past the Valkyrie room.  Keep heading this way
    a few screens and you'll come to a room with another minor boss enemy, the
    BOSS-HugeSlime and BigSlimes
    These guys are either easy or impossible, depending on your strength.  If you
    can kill 2 of them in one round, then you should be able to cut down the
    slimes faster than they can grow back, and their Solvent attack is pretty
    pathetic.  Just keep hacking and destroy the HugeSlime and his BigSlime
    buddies.  If your levels are too low and you can't kill more than one in a
    round, then you are going to have a hard time.  You then must injure them in
    such a way that you can throw a MagicStone or other attack and kill them all
    at once.  Of course, if you just spend some time to prepare and get GaleSlash
    then use it a few times and the slimes will be a memory.
    After trouncing the slimes(I'm starting to run out of synonyms for "beating")
    get the ExcelShield and then you can enter the path to the rear room.  I
    cannot open the north door in the slime room-if anyone knows what's back
    there then please tell me.  I figure it's just scenery, though.  The room
    in the back is empty unless you're Red, so back up and leave the way you came.
    Wakatu is the homeland of Gen, the swordsman who sticks his nose in virtually
    everyone's chapter at some point.  It was once a thriving land of powerful
    warriors who were known far and wide for their sword skills.  But all that
    was ended abruptly when Trinity's Mondo decided to build a base here.  The
    land was destroyed and became a haven for monsters and ghosts to cover the
    location of Mondo's hidden base which even the Trinity does not know about-
    the base he will use to take over the company completely.  Ships will not
    sail here unless you are accompanied by another person from the region(and
    Gen appears to be the only one that is still alive).  The Saber Card is
    here, and the Comet Blade can be gained by a warrior with enough skill.
    You can only go here on the Arcane quest, so it'll be covered there.
    The home of the Mystics, Facinaturu is a hidden region that is Orlouge's
    city and prison.  Orlouge, the evil king of the region,  is also known as
    the "Charm Lord" because of his guile and powers over the opposite sex.
    He keeps the women that he wishes to use in his region by his charm and
    sorcery, and if necessary, by force.  Only one has ever escaped, Rei Hime,
    and Orlouge still scours the earth for her.  This strange land is the
    only place to buy Mystic Magic.  There is also a shop where your main
    character can trade their max LP for powerful items.  The SandVessel you
    can buy here is important for reaching TimeLord, and the Asura is an
    extremely powerful weapon.
    Mystic Magic
    Fascination     300
    PhantasmShot    500
    GlassShield     300
    LP shop
    Asura            3 LP
    Tao-Tieh Pattern 2 LP
    ShadeRobe        1 LP
    SandVessel       1 LP
    There is also Orlouge's castle(only Asellus has any business here) and the
    Eternal Flame of Facinaturu(in the north).  These attractions may hold your
    attention for a while, but when you are ready to leave you must talk to the
    pilot in the northwestern house.  He will tell you to come to the house to the
    south, so go there and talk to the slime to open the passage to the Facinaturu
    Floor.  This is a straightforward dungeon-just follow the path and beat up the
    enemies until you reach the plane and escape.
    Junk is Scrap's sister city.  It is only reachable in T260G's chapter.
    The area contains a battle arena, a large crater created by a crashed ship,
    a port for transporting Junk's main export(junk), and an item shop.  This
    area is terrorized by Caballero's henchmen from Scrap, who want to control
    all the garbage in the universe, I guess.
    Cure         30
    PowerCure    200
    MaxCure      600
    AntiStone    100
    SnakeOil     100
    RepairKit    20
    HyperBlaster 10000 \ these items are broken, but don't worry, you can't
    GrainCannon  10000 / afford them anyway.
    The Despair prison is used to house the captured criminal element of the
    world.  The Warden himself is a criminal, guilty of a crime that he will not
    discuss with anyone.  He is serving a million year sentence!  The Freedom
    Rune is here, so if you are on the Rune Quest, then this will be one of your
    stops.  Also, the Warden has one of Riki's rings.  This area will be covered
    in the Rune quest section.
    The giant sea monster Tanzer may somtimes swallow oceangoing ships.  This
    creature is the home of a small civilization of people who have been swallowed
    by the huge monster.  Fei-on, the renowned martial artist, was swallowed here
    and now leads a small group of people in the struggle to protect themselves
    from Nomad, a pirate who is also a prisoner here.  One of the Rings is in
    here, as well as the Vitality Rune.  This will be covered in the Rune quest
    The Rune Quest
    Most characters can undertake this quest-the quest for the gift of Rune magic.
    In order to get this gift, one must collect all 4 runes in the various
    regions.  If you want this gift, then remember the following pointers:
    1.  Before going on the Rune quest, you will have to go to Devin and ask
        about the Rune magic gift to get the 4 normal stones.  Otherwise, you
        cannot collect the runes.
    2.  Once you begin collecting Runes, you cannot collect any Cards until you
        have all 4 Runes.  Once you have all the Runes, you can also get all the
        Cards if you want, but you cannot get them both at once.  This means that
        if you know you cannot get all the runes(you are Riki and you already
        killed Tanzer) then don't get any of them or else you will be forever
        unable to get the cards either.
    3.  Only characters who are in your party when you collect all 4 of the runes
        will get the gift.  For example, if you are Emelia and you get the
        Freedom Rune near the beginning, then collect a whole bunch of new
        characters and get the other runes, only Emelia, Annie, and Liza(the
        people who were there the first time) can get the gift.
    OK, to get started head for Koorong.
    The Hide Rune-Koorong Sewers and Natural Cave
    Treasures: 200 credits, SecretBoard, MemoryBoard, IceCrystal, FireCrystal
    Characters: none
    Exit the town to the northwest(near the armor shop).  Follow the back alley
    until you run into a couple of goons who want 100 credits to let you pass.
    Needless to say, stomp them and continue.  You will see one manhole that
    leads nowhere, so go past it and through a hidden path to a second manhole.
    Go this way.
    In the area here you'll find 200 credits in the north.  Get it, then head
    south.  Go upstairs.  There is a hidden passage here in the southeast that
    leads to a scientist who will sell you a SecretBoard for 400 credits.  If you
    are using mecha, take it the first time(if you say no, the price gets jacked
    up big time).  Afterwards, head down the next manhole.
    Here there is a MemoryBoard to the north, then a path that leads south around
    a corner.  Go this way.  You'll come to a ladder with a mech beneath it.
    Keep going past the ladder to get an IceCrystal, then head back and go up.
    Up here there is a door that leads to a shop.  If you are T260G and have
    Leonard in your group, the shopkeeper(named PzkyZ or some mishmash of meaning-
    less letters- it's in the characters section) will join you, otherwise you
    can buy stuff:
    FlameThrower        1880
    SonicCannon         1110
    ThunderBolt         1110
    HEAT Bazooka        4020
    BigMissile          3200
    GrainCannon         3300
    MachineVulcan       1550
    HyperBlaster        4020
    After your business here is done, go on and down the next manhole.  From here,
    you can go down the stone steps to get a FireCrystal and head back to Koorong,
    or you can go down the manhole to get to the Natural Cave.  Get the Fire-
    Crystal if you want, the go down the manhole and past the fairy that creates
    monsters.  The cave entrance is the one you're looking for.
    Natural Cave
    Treasures: 200 credits, 300 credits, 500 credits, StardustRobe, Magi-Water,
    AngelArmor, HideRune
    Characters: none
    Once inside the cave, get the 200 credits right across from you, then head
    downstairs to the intersection.  If you want all the treasure then head north,
    otherwise skip to the next paragraph.  After going north then enter the
    cave and get the 300 credits hidden across from you behind the wall.  Go
    south and follow the path.  In the next room with two skeleton enemies,
    there is a vine leading south and a cave to the north.  North leads back to
    the entrance, so go south down the vine.  There are 500 credits hidden behind
    the stones on the east at the bottom of the vine.  Then exit out the south
    door to get the StardustRobe.  Go back up the vine, through the north door,
    up the next vine, and west back to the intersection where you were standing
    Now head south downstairs.  You'll come to a large chamber full of monsters.
    Right in the middle of this is a Magi-Water.  Get it, then enter the
    northern cave entrance.  Beat the plants there and climb the vines to the
    chasm at the top.  If you want the AngelArmor then walk slowly to the
    chasm and fall down to get it below you, then head south and back around to
    the chasm again through the large chamber.  Jump across the chasm.  When you
    come to a cave in the west wall just past a mech and an amphibian monster,
    save your game and enter to fight the boss, Quakeworm.
    This enemy can be very dangerous to a low-level party, because of its
    Oscillation attack and the ability to heal itself using its Wormbrood
    offspring's MagicHeal ability.  Equip characters with anti-sonic equipment
    if you have it.  Your first priority in battle is to kill all the
    Wormbroods so they will stop Assisting and MagicHealing the boss.  Concentrate
    on them one at a time until all three of them are destroyed.  Once you kill
    all of them then the Quakeworm will start using its Quake attack, but
    if you have JetBoots this will not be a problem.  If it Oscillates, then you
    need to concentrate fully on healing in case he does so again to finish you.
    Other than that, the only attacks that it has are a few weak HP draining
    attacks and a Trample attack that is not too powerful.  He is pretty slow
    so your combos should work well(he probably won't move in the middle of your
    attacks).  The bright side of all this is that the MagicHeal ability of
    the Wormbrood can be absorbed by a monster.  Even after beating the boss,
    you should stick around and go in and out of this cave until you get
    MagicHeal on a monster, it is the best monster ability in the game except
    possibly for LifeRain.  I like MagicHeal better because you cannot heal
    yourself with LifeRain.  Don't worry, on subsequent trips into the cave
    you will only be attacked by the small Wormbroods, the Quakeworm only attacks
    you once.
    Once the Quakeworm is dead, you have the Hide Rune.  Head back to Koorong
    and heal up.
    The Vitality Rune-Inside the Belly of the Beast
    Treasures: VitalityRune
    Characters: Fei-on, Slime
    After collecting one rune, board an ocean-going vessel from Koorong.  You
    should immediately notice that the ship you're on is much cooler looking than
    usual, and we all know how tasty cool looking ships are.  The sea beast Tanzer
    will swallow you up before you can reach your destination.
    After entering Tanzer, you will see a scene where the other passengers are
    complaining about their predicament.  Then a skeleton guy shows up and
    starts harassing the passengers.  Depending upon who you have, you may have to
    fight him(don't worry, it's just a normal random enemy).  After this, a
    woman shows up and apologizes for the actions of her lackey.  But before
    you can even begin to buy into her scheme, Fei-on appears and tells you she
    is none other than the infamous crime boss, Nomad!
    Well, I'm sure you don't want to go with her now(not like you can..Fei-on only
    says to take your pick because he knows you can't get up to the ledge to
    follow her..) so watch her jump across her lackey's head and escape.  Follow
    Fei-on and the crowd to the south to reach Fei-on's lair.
    In this small town, there is a place to rest and regain your LP, but not your
    JP or WP, so use them sparingly.  When you have had enough of the
    townspeople threatening to "karate-chop your ass"(I found this to be amusing)
    head to the far right room and talk to Fei-on.  He will join most characters
    if you agree to help him fight Nomad(won't join Blue, though).  Afterwards,
    you have to go to the Slime Pool to get the rune.
    Go northwest, up the vines.  Throughout Tanzer there are windpipes that you
    can enter(the doors that are on the walls).  After you pass through one, you
    will pop out of a hemhorroid and can't go back.  ...What?  That's what they
    look like.  Anyway, one of these windpipes is at the top of the vines, so
    go through and keep heading north.  Take the right fork at the path and go
    up the vine where Fei-on should be standing if he came along.  You'll be in
    a room with a bird enemy on your left and Fei-on on your right.  Stay far
    away from the windpipe directly north of you or else it will suck you in and
    you'll go back pretty far.  Take the exit to the east near Fei-on.  Go
    south to the next windpipe.  There will be two more windpipes, then you'll be
    given a choice again.  If Fei-on is here, you'll hear from him again.  There
    is a small black turd-looking thing on the ground(this place sure is nasty)
    and if you jump in it you'll head to Nomad's Lair.  You can stop by if you
    want, but unless you're Riki there's nothing there of value.  Stay away from
    the entrance to the right of the turd-puddle-it'll take you back a long way!
    Go to the extreme northeast windpipe.  When given a choice, go north.  You
    will see another little turd-puddle.  Jump in and you'll be in the next
    area with the slides.
    Note that you should avoid all the turd-puddles in the slide area, they
    all lead you back a very long way.
    For the first set of slides, it does not matter which way you go, all the
    paths lead to the same place.  If you are in a hurry, then you won't get
    slimed here.  Enter the cave at the bottom.  Now take the slide here to the
    west, then slide down the short slide next.  From here, don't slide, but
    instead jump to the east.  Now slide down until you reach the boss.
    BOSS-HugeSlime and BigSlimes
    This enemy can be difficult if you are not leveled up.  If you have GaleSlash,
    FlashFire, MegaWindblast, VermilionSand, or any other mass attack spell then
    it should be a piece of cake.  If not, then you will have to strategically
    damage the slimes so that you kill all of them at once, then use the new
    Touch command to touch the rune before they grow back.  If there is only one
    slime left, then use your big attacks with a few guys then have some people
    Touch the slime.  If the others kill it, then Touch will default and touch
    the rune.  Note that you don't have to kill all the slimes, just clear a path
    and Touch the rune.  Hitting the rune has no ill effects, so don't worry
    about it.
    After clearing the slimes and getting the VitalityRune, Tanzer will spit you
    out-but not quickly enough to avoid you picking up one of the slimes as an
    unwelcome member of your party.  I wish this game had a drop member command
    to get rid of these monsters.  You'll end up back in Koorong.
    The Victory Rune - The Tomb of the Great King
    Mu's Tomb
    Treasures: 2 random items from mimics, ShadowDagger, Katana, 200 credits,
               500 credits, BloodChalice, VictoryRune
    Characters: Roufas
    Mu's Tomb is located in the southwest corner of Shrike.  Enter here next.
    You'll immediately come to a fork with a guy standing there.  If you want
    the two treasures from the mimics and to meet Roufas, head west.  Enter the
    first door to the west in the passage.  Soon you'll meet Roufas.  He'll join
    Emelia, and any male human who is going on the Rune quest.  Just answer yes
    to his question about victory.  There is a room behind him(press O against
    the wall) with 3 slimes and 2 mimics.  If you beat them(they are hard), you
    will get a couple of fairly useless items, usually SnakeOil or a GoldIngot.
    Now head back to the fork with the bald guy and head east.
    Ignore the warnings of danger(that warning is meant for someone else, not
    you!) and follow the path through the next door.  Get the ShadowDagger here
    and keep going south.  Eventually, you'll reach a chest with a Katana and
    a fork in the path.  If you want all the treasure, then head east.  Get the
    200 credits here, then keep going up and around.  In the room with many
    doors, explore the back for 500 credits and a BloodChalice.  After getting
    these, keep going and you'll end up back around where Roufas was.  Either
    go this way or go back until you get back to where you found the Katana and
    go downstairs.  In the next room, there are many enemies guarding the door
    to the southwest.  Either fight them or lure them into the center chamber
    and run past.  A few more screens down and you'll meet the boss, SkullDrake.
    The first round of combat, the SkullDrake is just a pile of bones.  Use
    defense this round, as your attacks will do no damage.  After 1 round, the
    SkullDrake makes the biggest mistake of his life and gets up to attack.
    The SkullDrake is not tremendously powerful, as his attacks can only hit 1
    or 2 people at a time normally and do low damage.  However, he does regenerate
    1000 HP a round, so if you can't do that much, you can't win.  Chances are,
    however, that you can.  If you have LightShift, use it.  You probably don't,
    though, so use your best combos to pound the SkullDrake into oblivion.  He
    has some fire breath attacks and a dash attack, but this is nothing special.
    If you want, you can use the enemy as a chance to train in your lower-level
    fighting and sword techs if you have not done so.  Just de-equip your
    characters of abilities and then go in and start punching and slashing.
    Since he regenerates so much, you will do no damage and learn technique after
    technique.  You can only learn the low to mid-level ones this way, though,
    because he's not powerful enough to give you the best ones.
    After beating him the VictoryRune is yours.  Now head back to Koorong.
    The Freedom Rune - The Halls of Despair
    Treasures: LightBazooka, ShellShield, FreedomRune
    Characters: Annie
    Once in Koorong with three runes, talk to Annie in front of the restaraunt.
    She'll offer to sneak you into Despair for the final rune, the Freedom
    Rune.  Take her up on it.
    You'll enter disguised as janitorial workers(some of the characters get
    dressed up, some don't even bother.  The security around here is pretty
    lax, if you ask me.).  Follow the path until Annie asks you to follow her up
    a ladder.  If you want all the treasures(and what great treasures they are)
    then keep heading west.  Go in the second door, then get the LightBazooka
    from the lockers.  Immediately hide in the lockers across from the item,
    because a guard will hear and come looking for you(if they see you, you
    won't like it).  After getting this, then go back and jump in the door
    near there with the green arrow on it.  Head out of this room, then north
    to the door.  From here, head up elevator for the ShellShield.  Now continue
    down the path here(there is a hallway with many mecha) through the locker
    room you were in earlier, and into the room where you first fell down from
    the door with the arrow.  Go down the northwest ladder.  Go past the sewer
    room and then jump down from the high ledge into the room with the
    conveyor(riding it takes you back to the elevator room).  After going
    downstairs here, you'll be in a room with many posts.  If there is a helmet
    called InfraScope in your inventory, then you'll see the laser beams(this
    is a good reason to always pack one).  If not, you must guess the path
    through the lasers(it is random).  If you cross a beam, then you are attacked
    by a group of mecha.  Keep going until you come to a grate.  You will be
    attacked by the boss here, Nidheg.
    The Nidheg is an extremely poor example of an enemy.  Its attacks do very
    little damage, even its ultimate attack, the CentipedeCrush.  You probably
    don't need my help here, just beat it down with your best attacks.  If
    you have a monster in your party, you may absorb the CentipedeCrush attack
    after the battle.  It is slightly better for you than for him.
    After beating him, it's just a hop, skip, and jump down the the FreedomRune
    and the exit!  Congratulations, you have earned the gift for Rune magic.
    The Arcane Quest
    Most characters can undertake this quest-the quest for the Arcane magic gift.
    In order to get this gift, one must collect all 4 cards in the various
    regions.  If you want this gift, then remember the following pointers:
    1.  Before going on the Arcane quest, you will have to go to Devin and ask
        about the Arcane magic gift to get the 4 normal cards.  Otherwise, you
        cannot collect the Arcana Tarot.
    2.  Once you begin collecting Cards, you cannot collect any Runes until you
        have all 4 Cards.  Once you have all the Cards, you can also get all the
        Runes if you want, but you cannot get them both at once.  This means that
        if you know you cannot get all the cards then don't get any of them or
        else you will be forever unable to get the Runes either.
    3.  Only characters who are in your party when you collect all 4 of the cards
        will get the gift.  Characters who join during the Arcane quest will not
        get the gift.
    This quest begins in IRPO.
    The Shield Card - Frozen Mountain Pass
    Treasures: LordStar, SanctuaryStone, KrisKnife, GoldenFleece, OctopusBoard,
               1000 credits, Shield Card
    Characters: Fuse, Suzaku
    Travel to the IRPO office.  Fuse will ask you to prove yourself by climbing
    to the top of the Mosperiburg mountain range and getting a flower(couldn't
    come up with something better than that...).  Fuse joins you permanently here,
    and you also can get the monster Suzaku, if you really think it is worth all
    the trouble.  On the very first screen, you will see a fairy enemy.  Kill it,
    then continue.  On the second screen, then you will come to a cave.  If you
    want the treasures listed, they are all in there(except for the card).
    Unfortunately for you, they are guarded by two dragons.
    BOSS-RedDragon and BlackDragon
    These two menacing lizards will hurt you bad if you are not powered up.
    If your characters don't have a few mid-level techniques and at least 300-
    400 HP, don't even go in here.  The RedDragon is just like any other RedDragon
    that you may randomly encounter, but the other one is about 4 times as
    dangerous as a normal one, and the normal ones don't give in too easy.
    Your first priority is to concentrate your attacks on the RedDragon, or else
    they will combo you to death.  It should not take too long to beat him.
    Then go to work on the big guy.  Have a Grail spell or some curing items
    to take care of the guys that are petrified by his StoneGas.  Be sure to
    keep yourself healed to above half your HP because the BlackDragon can deal
    out big damage to multiple characters with the TitasWave and StoneGas.
    If it chooses to use physical attacks, then it gets to attack three times a
    round.  It also may DeathGrip you and knock out 1 LP.  Make sure that your
    characters are equipped with JetBoots so that you cannot be hit with its
    Once you take out the two dragons, grab all that treasure(the LordStar is a
    good sword-its BraveHeart ability allows you to power up your attacks based
    upon the strength of the rest of the party).  If you are using mecha, then
    the OctopusBoard will come in handy.  Then exit and move on up the mountain.
    Soon you'll enter another cave.  There are two exits from here, northeast
    and northwest.  The northeast way leads to a frozen Suzaku.  If you want it
    to join your party, then you are in for a treat.  Exit from here and move on
    to the northwest.
    Now you'll be in a large clearing with three boar enemies.  There may be a
    large snowman standing there too.  If you want Suzaku in your group, then you
    need to kill this snowman.  If the snowman is not there, then go back to the
    first screen and fight the fairy enemy there again(that was important earlier)
    and climb back up to this clearing and look again.  After a few tries, you
    should find the big snowman.  Save first, because he is tough.
    Jotnar is even harder than the pair of dragons, because he can hit all your
    characters with a Windblast and tear you apart if you are not of good
    strength.  He also has IceSmash, ArcticBreath, and a DivingPress attack,
    all of which do major damage to your characters.  To make matters worse, the
    monster has an IceBarrier that causes any close range attacks against it to
    be rewarded with an automatic freezing counterattack.  Beating Jotnar will
    require your characters to have enough HP to survive the Windblast(it usually
    does from 400-500 points of damage).  Then equip at least two guys with
    healing items or spells and start attacking with long range weapons.  If you
    have gun techs, then chain together a few BoundShots or CrossShots in a large
    combo to do big damage.  Twogun is another very nice tech to have.  If not,
    then use GaleSlash, LifeSprinkler, TurbidCurrent, RosarioImpale, and other
    long-range sword techs to dice up Jotnar.  Always try to engineer combos if
    you can.
    After beating Jotnar, then if you revisit the frozen Suzaku you will find that
    it is thawed out.  Bump into it and it joins you.  After you have done this
    (or not) and want to get the card and get out, continue north past Jotnar's
    clearing.  After a few screens you will come to a flowerbed.  Save again.
    If you have fought both the dragons and Jotnar, then using that SanctuaryStone
    the dragons had may not be a bad idea, because as soon as you pluck the flower
    another boss awaits you.
    This is just like one of the Suzaku enemies you may meet randomly as a normal
    battle, except it has about 4 times the HP.  It has a FireBarrier to counter
    any close range attacks, several mildly powerful strikes like FireBreath and
    GliderSpike to hit a character, and its best attack, a Heatwave that hits all
    of you for serious damage.  Gun techs are definitely useful here-a few level
    3, 4, or 5 combos of repeated CrossShots or BoundShots will dice up the
    Suzaku in a few rounds, before it can use its Heatwave.  If you don't have
    these, then you must rely on your long range sword and fighting techs.
    If the monster uses Heatwave, then your first priority is to heal yourself,
    because it will not hesitate to do it again almost right away.  Then
    continue on the attack.  This boss is tough, but not as tough as Jotnar or
    the dragons in my opinion.
    Once the Suzaku is destroyed, you will return to the station with the flower.
    Fuse stays with your party, and the Shield Card is yours.
    The Grail Card - Treading Through the Haze
    Treasures: Grail Card
    Characters: Thunder
    Next, head for Yorkland.  At the intersection, head southwest(toward the
    breweries).  There are five cellars that brew wine here.  Visit them all
    and talk to the people.  They will give you a drink of their best wine, then
    refer you to the next cellar.  Finally, at the fifth cellar, the man will
    give you a drink and telll you to visit the liquor shrine, in the middle
    of the swamp.  Go back to the intersection and go north.
    In the swamp, you will notice a lot of eyes staring at you.  You will also
    notice that your walking ability has been affected by the alcohol-you can't
    hold a straight line!  The shrine is to the north of the swamp, but those
    eyes are enemies that will attack you if you come too close.  The best path
    to meet the fewest enemies is to walk to the right at first, go up the right
    side, then back to the middle once you are near the shrine and up the middle
    of the rows of eyes.  It is possible to get through without any enemies, but
    it is highly unlikely given your drunken state.  To make matters worse, once
    you are in battle the drunkenness affects you by making each character in
    your party start off with a random status ailment, even characters immune to
    such ailments.  These effects include beserk, charm, poison, mess, and blind.
    De-equip attacks that hit all the enemies before fighting anything, or else
    a charmed character may randomly waste your whole party.  Most of the enemies
    that attack here attack alone, so these attacks are not worth the risk.  Oh
    yeah, speaking of the enemies, they are among the most powerful enemies in
    the game, ranking right up there with the ones in the lab.  If you are of
    low level, it will be Gaeatoads, so that's not too hard.  It then becomes
    Genbus, then Basilisks.  Once you get about 400-500 HP, though, the bad boys
    come out and every single enemy will be a Kraken.  If you are fighting
    Krakens, then equip SeaStones and PearlHearts ahead of time to protect you
    from the Maelstrom.  If you have a monster, make sure it has DeathTouch or
    some similar attack.  Equip instant death, paralysis, and petrification
    attacks to take out the Krakens in a hurry.  Every three rounds the drunken
    stupor will reinstate itself and give you a whole new host of status problems
    so you don't want the fights to take that long.  Later, when you are not
    drunk, the enemies here are good for leveling up, but now just hurry through
    as best you can.  Once you reach the liquor shrine, your characters will have
    a hallucination that is actually the true form of the Grail Card.  There's
    one more down.
    The Gold Card - The Cavern of the Gnomes
    Treasures: Gold Card
    Characters: Emelia
    The first thing to do is to get 4, and only 4, GoldIngots.  Head to Nelson
    and spend 2000 credits to get 4.  If you have already done the infinite money
    trick then you will have some left, so sell them down to 4.  Any more than 4
    Ingots will be lost for no reason, so get the money for them now.
    Once you have the gold, head for Baccarat.
    Travel to the casino, and head upstairs.  Find Emelia in her bunny outfit(she
    is near the slot machines) and talk to her.  A gnome will trot by, and the
    two of you will follow it upstairs.  Follow it to the elevator.  Once you see
    it go down the elevator, you need to find a different elevator and take it to
    the parking deck.  Once there, you will see that a manhole cover has been
    lifted, leading to the Gnome Cave.  Note that if you are Emelia, this cannot
    be done until after the event that occurs in Baccarat(see Emelia's walk-
    through).  As you try to descend into the tunnel, Emelia will run out.  If you
    want her in your group, then talk to her, otherwise ignore her and move on.
    Once inside the cave, you must travel to the southwest exit in the first room.
    Once in the next room, walk into the wall to the west to enter a passage.
    You should see a winged demon enemy, and a cavern to the north.  Go in the
    cavern, and you'll see the gold cache of the Gnomes.  There is much more
    to explore in the cave, but there are no treasures, so I wouldn't bother.
    Talk to the lead Gnome(the one on the upper right).  He'll ask for LOTS of
    GOLD.  If you talk to him again and you have 4 GoldIngots, he'll reward you
    with the Gold Card.  If you have more, he'll take all you have and give you
    the card.  If you have less, he'll take that then send you after more.  You
    then must bring 4 more to get the card.  Once you have the card, exit the
    cave and head back to Koorong.
    The Saber Card - Scavenging Through the Ghost Town
    Treasures: CometBlade, IronClogs, TwinDragon, Saber Card
    Characters: Gen
    In order to get this card, you need Gen in your party.  If you don't have him
    then talk to the skeleton guy standing near the leather shop in the south of
    Koorong.  After hearing the description of Gen, talk to him in the pub in
    Scrap and he'll go with you.  Now head for Wakatu from the Koorong port.
    Since Gen is with you, they will let you go and collect the Saber Card.
    Talk to the skeleton boatman to get a ride to Wakatu Castle.  Enter the doors
    and travel one screen to the west.  Follow Gen to the next screen to the
    east.  Go up the stairs and go north at the end of them.  You'll come to a
    house.  Enter it and Gen will direct to to the back way.  Follow him.  You'll
    come to another north-south intersection a few screens later.  Gen will walk
    off to the south, so follow him for now.  There are some pretty valuable
    treasures to the north, but it is faster to get the card first because the
    northern path leads back to the start.  If you are Blue, you may want to get
    the treasures first because of the way that you are instantly transported
    away every time you get a rune/card.  To get them, just follow the
    directions below the paragraph with the card, then come back here to get the
    If you followed Gen south, then you will come to a screen where Gen points
    out a back way in to get the card.  There is an entrance in the northwest of
    this area.  First, however, keep heading south and get the TwinDragon katana
    from the chest.  Then head back and go in the building.  You should be in
    a room with a skeleton sitting beneath a pinwheel.  Go upstairs from this
    room, then go upstairs a couple more times.  On the fourth floor, you'll see
    three candles.  Stand among them and Gen will come out and tell you the
    trick: three shapes will appear on the wall.  Press O to stop them on three
    swords and the card is yours.  If you get 3 rabbits or a combination of swords
    and rabbits then nothing happens.  If a monster is among the shapes, you must
    fight some random enemies.  The best way to get the swords is to listen to
    the "clink" noise that pops up about every other second.  If you press the
    button right as the clink goes off, you have the best chance of getting the
    card.  This sometimes takes a few tries, though.
    Now you can go back and get the rest of the treasure.  Go back to the
    north-south intersection and go north.  Jump across the chasm you find.
    You will eventually come to a west-south intersection.  Go south.  Enter
    the building here, and you'll see that you are on the other side of the
    crack in the building you were in earlier.  Go downstairs.  In the cellar,
    you will find the Blade God.  Depending upon Gen's strength level and number
    of times he has used his sword, you may be granted the CometBlade by the
    Blade God.  If I do not get it immediately, I usually hang around and fight
    enemies until it is given to me, as the CometBlade is a very valuable
    sword.  Its attack power is high, but even better it has the MillionDollers
    attack that deals big damage to all the enemies you are facing.  Once you
    get this weapon, head back and travel west.  Get the IronClogs, then jump
    across the chasm here and head south until you reach the front door and exit.
    Note that on the second floor of the building with the card, you can jump
    out and walk across the roof to get around to the other side of the room.
    If anyone knows why, drop me a line.
    Congratulations, that completes the quest for the gift of Arcane Magic.
    READ THIS!!!!!!!!!!!
    Many RPG's I've played lately have been ruined because I already knew the
    story line and what was going to happen before I even played the game.
    These kinds of games are a hell of a lot more fun when there is some
    element of surprise, so only read beyond this point if you are irrevocably
    stuck or if you are finished and want to see if you missed anything.  If you
    read this without playing first you will have less fun, I promise.
    OK, that's enough.  Now let's get on with it.
    T260's game was one of my favorites to play.  It had one of the most
    involved story lines of the game, as well as having many enemies and dungeons
    to travel through that are specific to the character.  When I first heard
    of this game, I envisioned all of the characters having games like this one,
    but many of them fall short of that goal.  You can kind of tell what order
    the writers did the characters in when they were making this game--they did
    Red, then T260G and Asellus, then signs of fatigue were starting to show
    with Riki and Emelia, they decided to make Blue's game consist of just
    collecting cards or runes(which I do with any character anyway), then at the
    end of their rope with the deadline coming up they did Lute.  After playing
    through a couple of times to do the walkthroughs, I must say that when I
    play this game for fun I always choose Red, Asellus, or T260G.  But anyway,
    on with the story.
    Travel From Junk and the Defeat of Caballero
    T260's game starts in Junk, a region that is only accessable in his game.  You
    will see a scene with a spacecraft that is destroyed.  T260 escapes from this
    craft, but his memory is erased and he is left for dead in the junkyard
    nearby.  Thyme, an obnoxious kid from the town here, finds you and brings
    you back to his home where you are repaired by his Uncle Taco(who is an
    octopus-screwed up family, huh?).  Talk to Thyme and to his sister, Rosemary.
    You can then explore the town outside.  There is a shop, but that is the
    only other house you can enter.  You will also notice that a man named
    Caballero has sent some goons to rough up the townspeople who are not obeying
    him--you get to take care of that later.  Your first order of business is to
    go to the Combat Arena.
    In the back of the arena, there is a bar.  Who do you expect to find in a
    bar but good old Gen.  Talk to him, then enter the other room to the north
    of that one, where you register for battle.  Before entering the combat arena,
    you will need to spend some of your cash on some RepairKits in the town shop.
    Equip a Backpack so you can reach your RepairKits, because you may need
    healing in the arena battles.  After you are prepared, enter the arena and
    fight.  There will be three robots you must beat at first, each one a little
    tougher than the previous one.  If you keep yourself healed up with Repair-
    Kits you should not have any trouble with these guys.  You will also get some
    items from them-namely, a BrokenBumper, a Junk, and a BrokenRifle.  Whoopee,
    you say.  Well, these worthless items can be fixed by Uncle Taco in town to
    make some below average weapons and armor.  In order to beat the fourth and
    most dangerous robot, you will need to repair these items.  After taking
    the stuff to Taco, you will get:
    Junk becomes JunkHelm
    BrokenBumper becomes Bumper
    BrokenRifle becomes EasyRifle
    Also, between each battle return to the northeast room to collect your prize
    After getting all this stuff, equip it and head back to the bar.  Save, then
    talk to Gen and you will be sent into a battle with Caballero's most powerful
    servant, Vulcan.
    What can I say, you're all by yourself, and there is not much equipment to
    choose from here.  Shoot it with your JunkBazooka, then fill it with lead
    from the EasyRifle you got(you did get it, right?).  If your HP drops below
    1/2 maximum, you should use a RepairKit because Vulcan can do a lot of damage
    to you with its guns.
    After the battle, there will be a scene with Taco in town and then the people
    will let you into their houses.  Talk to all of them, and you may be rewarded
    with a few menial treasures(nothing too useful, though).  Once you've had your
    fill of that, head back to the bar and talk to Gen again.  You will find out
    that Thyme is missing, so it's time to find him-head for the Crater.  Gen
    will join you here.
    Treasures: FiberVest, SanctuaryStone
    Characters: none
    Go to the area on the big map called Crater.  You will see Thyme's hat on the
    ground in front of an elevator.  Head down the elevator.
    Once inside, follow the path until you reach a clearing.  Go in the opposite
    cave to get a FiberVest, then jump down to the stairs and enter the next
    elevator.  You'll eventually go up another elevator and be back outside.
    Go down the next elevator to get a SanctuaryStone from the cavern, then go
    back up and enter the northern cave.
    There's Thyme, strung up by a pair of very unfortunate enemies.  Unfortunate,
    because you're here to kill them!
    I almost did not give this guy the dignity to be called a boss.  He will show
    up with a Skeleton and a Xeno as bodyguards, kill them then kill the head
    honcho.  If you beat Vulcan, you can easily beat this.  The only notable
    thing about this battle is that Gen uses an IronPipe like a sword to club
    the enemies, then cut down Thyme from the ropes--pretty cool of him, I guess.
    After you rescue Thyme, you will begin to search for your original
    programming that was lost in the accident.  Realizing that this information
    will never be found in Junk, you must travel to another region.  You'll
    leave Thyme and Rosemary and travel to Scrap by hitching a ride in the
    Once you arrive in this area, you should travel to the pub.  Here, you can
    pick up a few friends to help you on your cause.  Get Mei-Ling and Riki if
    you want.  Talk to Lute.  He will not join you now, but he will soon.  Next,
    travel to Caballero's office.  Needless to say, he will not simply leave the
    people of Junk alone without a fight.  I mean, there is so much valuable, er,
    um, junk there to steal.  Don't want to miss out on that.  Looks like you're
    going to have to pay the factory a visit and do this the hard way.
    Before going there, though, I would recommend going to the Junk Shop and
    using the cheat outlined in the Scrap section(above) to equip your characters
    with some very good equipment.  That will make the factory a piece of cake.
    Caballero Factory
    Treasures: KukriBlade, 400 credits, PowerCure, SteelAmulet
    Characters: Lute
    The first thing you'll want to do is get Lute in your party(you saw him sneak
    out after you approached the factory, that sneaky devil).  Head into the
    house on your right and beat the enemy there and Lute will run up and join
    you.  Now go across into the other two outer buildings to get 400 credits
    and a KukriBlade(these are guarded by enemies, though).  After rummaging
    through the crap out here, enter the main factory building.
    There are several snipers above you in the factory.  If you get in a battle
    with an enemy near where a sniper is, then throughout the battle you will
    be getting nailed with Enemy Fire from the snipers.  If you are strong, or
    got good equipment from the Junk Shop, then the weak Enemy Fire won't really
    hurt you all that much, but if you don't have good armor or you are going for
    the maximum style points, you can use the cranes and levers around the
    factory to knock off the snipers.  In order to achieve this level of
    smoothness, you should immediately run into the east door upon entering the
    factory(don't fight the mech there or you'll get shot up and look really
    silly).  Climb upstairs.  You will see a lever right next to where you come
    out of the stairwell on the upper level.  Hit it and you'll knock off the
    sniper below.  There's one down.  Beat up the human enemies up here, then go
    to the far west of the upper level.  There are two levers here.  The upper one
    is used later, so for now hit the lower one.  You'll move a box on the lower
    level to reveal a switch that will soon be important.  Now go back to the
    stairwell and climb down(you can go down from the stairs nearby, but you'll
    have to be pretty swift to avoid the enemies there.  It's probably best to
    go back the way you came).
    Once you exit the stairwell, you'll be back where you started.  Immediately
    hit the switch right next to you to your north.  That will take out the sniper
    that is in front of you.  Now lure as many enemies as you can into the south-
    east area and destroy them there away from the snipers.  After that, you can
    get to the lever that is where the box once was(the box you moved earlier).
    Hit it, and you will be operating a crane.  Press O just as the crane passes
    over the sniper and you will not only get him out of your way, but also give
    him one hell of a wedgie.  This allows you to pick up the SteelAmulet and the
    PowerCure in the two boxes(you can see that two of the boxes are glowing-it's
    those two).  Now sneak north until you can lure the human enemy and the
    flying skeleton enemy south away from the last sniper and kill them.  After
    that, go to the lever that is near the box in the northwest and hit it to
    raise the elevator.  Now you can go all the way back upstairs and press the
    switch that was useless earlier(in the northwest) to drop the box on the head
    of the strangely unsuspecting sniper.  It should now be free and clear all
    the way to Caballero.
    What treachery is this?  Caballero running away and letting robots do his
    fighting for him?  Unheard of!  After approaching him, he does just that and
    leaves you to deal with his new model, the VulcanII.
    BOSS-VulcanII and D-Tractors
    This enemy can be either very hard or ridiculously easy depending upon whether
    you did the trick and got good equipment from the Junk Shop.  If you did not,
    you'd better go all out with your techs and cut your way through to destroy
    VulcanII, then mop up the remaining D-Tractors.  VulcanII's vulcan cannon will
    knock off a good chunk of a weakly armored character's health.  The D-Tractors
    are not pushovers either, since their most common attack is Tackle, an
    attack that combos with itself(so if they all target the same guy, they'll
    probably combo him into oblivion).  However, if you shopped in the Junk Shop
    for 30-45 minutes and stocked up on good items, then these four enemies will
    probably go down to 4 attacks, and they will be almost unable to hurt you.
    After trashing these piles of scrap, Junk's freedom from Caballero is earned,
    and you are permitted to leave the region of Scrap via the port(the price
    drops from 10000 to 10 credits).  Jump on board and head for Koorong.
    Nakajima Robotics and Sei's Tomb
    Once you are in Koorong, you have access to any region you want to visit.
    This is the ideal time to go and recruit new characters, and to undertake
    some optional quests to get some experience and items.  Make sure to leave
    at least 3 spaces in your party open for the mecha that must join you later,
    they are all very useful.  Normally when playing with T260G, since it is the
    only game where you can get the required number of mecha, I like to have my
    lead party consist of nothing but 5 mecha.  The other two are usually
    divided among the other races.  The following characters can join T260G:
    Humans        Mecha               Mystics           Monsters
    Lute          EngineerCar                           Riki
    Emelia        ZEKE                                  Thunder
    Annie         Leonard                               Cotton
    Fuse          PzkwV                                 Slime
    Gen                                                 Sei
    Fei-on                                              Kylin
    Mei-Ling                                            Suzaku
    I usually go on the Rune and Arcane quests at this point, as well as clearing
    the optional areas like the manor in Owmi of treasure.  This allows me
    to get a chance to get some experience for the characters.  Also, try
    absorbing some good programs.  If you do not take time to level up, then
    the game will be extremely frustrating.  After getting the Cards and Runes,
    you're usually high enough level to move on to the next part of the story.
    My party usually ends up looking like this:
    1                 2                   3
    T260G             Gen                 Lute
    EngineerCar       Fuse                Annie
    ZEKE              Mei-Ling            Fei-on
    Leonard           Emelia              Slime
    PzkwV             Riki                Cotton
    T260G can't get TimeLord because he can't get the SandVessel in Facinaturu
    (Gozarus doesn't want your stinking robot life points).  ZEKE, Leonard, and
    PzkwV are gotten during the story, Gen is with you from the beginning, you
    get Fuse and Emelia from the Arcane quest, and you get Annie, Fei-on, and
    Slime from the Rune quest.  I like to have a lead party of mecha so that
    any time an enemy looks dangerous I can use my mecha to utterly destroy it
    (about the only attack in the entire game that a party of five mecha with
    two PoweredSuits each needs to worry about is MagneticStorm, and that attack
    is rare).  Make sure to get the infinite money trick started as soon as
    possible to get those suits for the mecha and weapons and armor for the
    Anyway, once you have powered yourself up and gotten the characters you want,
    head to Koorong.  There is a room behind the chicken in the southern part
    of town, go in there and log into the computer.
    If you are a speed reader, you may get some useful information about
    Nakajima Robotics, their legal problems with Trinity, a Dr. Leonard, and
    the Ancient Ship ruins in Shingrow.  Apparently, Nakajima is pissed because
    Trinity ripped off their mech design, and doubly pissed because he cannot
    do anything about it due to Trinity's influence.  Looks like these guys
    might be able to repair you and help you find out about your lost mission,
    so head for Shrike and enter Nakajima Robotics.  Apparently, a very important
    mouse is lost in Sei's Tomb to the north, and finding it will allow these
    guys to help you.  Head north to the tomb.
    Sei's Tomb
    Treasures: Murakumo, Magatama, Mizukagami, Kusanagi
    Characters: Sei
    If you haven't done so, now would be a good time to collect the treasures
    here(see the walkthrough above in the Shrike section).  All you have to do
    to continue the game, however, is fall into the large room with the Murakumo
    and get the mouse from the west corner.  If you need help, I already did the
    walkthrough for this section above.  Once you have done this, head back to
    Nakajima Robotics and you'll see ZEKE(the new mech model) get reactivated.
    Talk to him to get him to join you.  Don't forget EngineerCar while you're
    here, either.  You also can get your own body type changed here to suit
    your needs.  In my opinion, the two best are the one that has the Medipack
    and LaserCannon, and the original model.  The Medipack is useful if you have
    humans in T260G's party, and the original model has little standard equipment
    but the most slots to stick equipment on to increase its power.  Once you've
    decided, exit and head for Manhattan to investigate Dr. Leonard.
    Leonard and Infiltrating Tartaros
    Go to the mall and enter the burger joint to talk to the bald guy in the
    back.  This is Leonard.  If you have logged into the computer at Koorong,
    he will take you to his lab.  There he will examine you and tell you that
    you are a unique model that he has never seen before.  He gives you a memory
    chip, and tells you to come back sometime.  That you will, but not before you
    check out your last lead, the Ancient Ship in Shingrow.
    Ancient Ship
    Treasures: Junk, RottenMeat, 200 credits, JumpSuit, 200 credits, MemoryBoard,
               300 credits, DuelGun, HyperScale, BoltThrower, 500 credits
    Characters: none
    There is already a walkthrough for this section done above, so if you need
    help refer to it.  You must make your way to the secret room with 500
    credits in it near the Bolt Thrower.  Access the computer in here, and you
    can read the data files describing the ship and RB3, some type of powerful
    device.  Once you have read them all, you can choose to download one of
    three mech programs to use: ShootingMastery, CombatMastery, and EvasionLaser.
    Now exit the ship.
    Looks like that's all the information you can get now, so you should head
    back to Manhattan and check on Leonard.
    Leonard is nowhere to be found, so now you should activate the computer in
    the rear.  Leonard will then come out to greet you-but now he is a mech!
    Apparently somebody wanted him dead and destroyed his old body so that he
    had to transplant his personality into one of his mech models.  His model
    is unique, and he'll turn out to be a very useful character.
    Anyway, Leonard thinks that the only way to find out who you are is to break
    into the Trinity security program and see what they know.  He asks you to
    go with him to Tartaros(what a cheery name) for this purpose.  You'll
    hide in a container and be smuggled into Tartaros.
    Treasures: Osc-sword, LaserCarbine, ZenGun, SecretBoard, OctopusBoard,
               HyperionBazooka, PoweredSuit, SanctuaryStone
    Characters: none
    After entering the main building, head through the door on the left, then go
    downstairs and to the east.  Just as the passage curves north, there will
    be a door in the west wall.  Enter here, then go directly north up stairs to
    get Osc-sword.  Then head west.  In the southwest corner, hit the switch on
    the wall to open the door above you.  Get the LaserCarbine from the upper
    part of the room and then go back to the 2nd room(right after the first hall-
    way with two doors).  Go out the north door on the upper level.  Turn east
    and go through door.  You'll see a large mech enemy that is there-fight it.
    it is a BigDigger.  Beat it and you'll get a ZenGun.  There are four of these
    enemies in the area, and each drops a treasure.  They each have different
    attacks as well.  One of them uses a large cannon, and another uses Maelstrom.
    If a mech absorbs the one that uses Maelstrom, you will get DragonProgram
    which allows you to use Maelstrom if you have an OctopusBoard.  Be sure to
    fight them all.  Anyway, after getting the ZenGun, check the northeast door
    and Leonard will tell you that you need to hit all the switches around here
    to open the door.  There are 4 total, so do the following:
    1st: Go out west door and cross bridge.  Go down ladder and head north. Get
    SecretBoard then head through the door here.  The BigDigger in this room is
    the one that uses Maelstrom, so be sure to absorb it.  Beat it for an
    OctopusBoard and hit the switch.
    2nd: Go back up the ladder, then enter the north room and fight the BigDigger
    for a HyperionBazooka.  This one may use the HyperionBazooka in combat(it is
    about to do so if it lays down) so be careful.  Hit the switch.
    3rd: Go southwest from the room with the ladder, then take the west door.  You
    can get a PoweredSuit from this BigDigger, then hit the switch.
    4th: Go back down the ladder and head south along the tracks.  Get the
    SanctuaryStone and hit the last switch.
    Now go back to the locked door and head through.  Go up the elevator and head
    east, then follow the path to the computer.  Here you will find out the
    coordinates of HQ, where you hope to finally get your answers.
    HQ - The Secret Revealed
    Treasures: BehemothRifle, MemoryBoard, LaserScope, FlameThrower,
               HarmoniumArmor, GrainCannon, HyperBlaster, ExcelShield,
               HEAT Bazooka
    Characters: none
    First, before heading to HQ, you may want to visit the Backstreets at
    Koorong with Leonard in the party.  You can talk to the smuggled goods
    salesman in the alley and he'll join you.  Now you can have a 5 mech party!
    Get PzkwV, then take off for HQ from the Manhattan port.
    The first section of HQ is nothing but a treasure trove of items.  There
    are several rooms with items, and at the end there is a large computer
    console.  Don't access it until you have all the items above.  There is not
    really any way to get lost here, so just collect all the stuff then talk to
    the person at the entrance to refill your health.  Log into the computer at
    the end of the hall and you'll enter the CPU.
    Apparently a virus has taken over the CPU, and you must destroy it to get
    any useful information out of it.  You will end up in a virtual town,
    populated by Virus enemies.  Absorbing these enemies gives you a program
    called Virus.  I know this does not sound like a good thing, but if you
    use it in conjunction with a SecretBoard, you can use Jammer and LogicBomb.
    Anyway, the first thing to do is to head into the eastern house.  Activate
    the dresser and you will be transported to another place.  Exit here, then
    beat the Viruses to clear a path to the second door from the left.  Enter and
    open the big door to fight the boss, HQ Core.
    BOSS-HQ Core
    This is unique in that the HQ Core is not the enemy, but the viruses around
    it must be destroyed.  T260G will have a new command, "Contact".  Clear a
    path, then use this on the HQ Core to end the battle.  Overall, this is an
    easy fight, just remember you are not supposed to kill everything, just
    Contact the HQ Core.
    After beating this enemy, the viruses will be gone from the system.  Now you
    can exit the large doors to the south and go west as far as possible.  Go
    across the southern bridge, then enter the building.  Now you are presented
    with a puzzle.  You must walk across the panels in the right order to open
    the door(this reminds me of Q-bert, you know, the hard levels where the
    blocks change back if you jump on them again).  In order to make it, walk
    across them in the numbered order:
                   7          6
           3         4            5
                   2          1
    Once you've solved that one, then you get another puzzle.  The panels are
    switched with the panels above when you stand on them and press O.  They start
        B  R  B
        R  B  R
        B  R  B
    Activate the panels in the following order:
        2     4
        5     1
    and the panel will rise and give you access to the main computer.
    T260G's real mission is finally revealed - to destroy RB3, a doomsday device
    that is programmed to destroy all the regions at the slightest hint of
    its own danger.  The hacking into the computers that you have performed
    was constituted as an attack, so RB3 is activated and is on its way to
    destroy everything.  Your only chance is to get a ride and fly to RB3
    to take it out.  Exit HQ(with each room punctuated by more talk from Gen and
    T260G).  You may have found a panel that was out of order earlier, with a
    suit of armor that look sort of like a jet plane.  Go to this panel now, and
    activate it.  T260G will get the Omega Body, the most powerful mec model
    available.  You can use the V-Max ability, giving you StarlightShower and
    CosmicRave(two powerful attacks).  Looks cool too.  Get this, then exit the
    way you came in by talking to the guy out front.
    RB3 - The Doomsday Machine
    Treasures: none
    Characters: none
    This is the final dungeon, and once inside there's no going back, so if you
    want to level up(T260G has one of the hardest end bosses, so you may want to)
    or get more items and techs do so now.  When you're ready, head for RB3 from
    the Manhattan port.
    You'll land on the ship with your cheap rocketship.  From where you start,
    head west until you reach a room with green lasers across the doors.  Don't
    worry, these don't hurt you.  Go north from here and hit the switch on the
    computer console.  Then head south 2 screens and do the same to the computer
    console there.  Go out the east door once both are off.  The laser defense
    system will be turned off.  Head north.
    Here there are a series of red buttons you must push to open the path.  First,
    climb the first ladder and hit that button.  Then climb the next ladder and
    cross the bridge to hit another button.  Now you must go back to the first
    ladder and turn left to hit the button and open the passage.
    In the next room, many robots will floof out of the north.  They are just
    normal robot enemies, but you must kill them all.  Beat all of them(there are
    many), and then you will fight the first boss here, MecGod.
    The MecGod is not a weak enemy, but if you have good programs and the right
    equipment then it should not be terribly hard.  PluralSlash works well,
    especially if comboed with your HyperionBazooka and Kusanagi.  The MecGod's
    attacks will probably not be able to do severe damage to your mecha except
    for one: he rarely uses the MagneticStorm attack.  If this happens, most
    of your mecha will be dead and the survivors will be paralyzed.  Throw
    everything but the kitchen sink at him do destroy him before he does this.
    Remember that mecha-affecting attacks like LogicBomb and MagneticStorm will
    be very effective against the MecGod.  If you are skilled at comboing, then
    a party of mecha should be able to destroy the MecGod without too much
    trouble.  Make sure to absorb the MecGod into the same mech that has Dragon-
    Program, since you will get TigerProgram from this enemy.  I usually like
    to have these programs together.
    After you destroy the MecGod, you will enter the core to destroy it.
    This is another virtual reality world.  In order to progress, you must fight
    the enemies.  At first, the path to the east is blocked, but if you fight
    enough enemies it will open.  The area will just seem like a big circle,
    but after you fight enough enemies in the forest area then you will be able to
    reach a desert area by walking around to the north.  Fight many enemies in the
    desert area, and you will be able to reach the boss by walking around in the
    desert for a while.  This usually takes a while.  You will notice that the
    enemies are constantly changing form as they walk around.  If you want
    to get the TigerProgram on more of your mecha, then you can fight the
    MecGod again by finding an enemy in the jungle and waiting for it to change
    into a Hermes-like mech.  Run into it then and it will be the MecGod again.
    If you fight a Hermes-like mech in the desert, then it will be a Lunatic
    enemy with many K9Mecs.  There is not much to gain from this, but it is a
    unique enemy.  After fighting enough in the desert, you will meet the final
    boss, GenocideHeart.
    This boss is quite powerful.  My advice is to use an all mecha party, because
    GenocideHeart's favorite attack, Carnage, has a faint effect that instantly
    slays humans.  If you use humans, give them BloodChalices and PlutoArmor.
    The battle method of GenocideHeart is to hit you with Carnage, then Virtual
    Shift into one of 4 or 5 regions.  Each region gives GenocideHeart new
    attacks.  There is an ice world, a fire world, a wind world, a world where
    it uses holy attacks, and a few others.  None of these attacks will severely
    hurt a mech, but the Carnage will still whack off a good bit of health.  Heal
    up after he Virtual Shifts, and attack relentlessly.  If you got the V-Max
    armor, now is the time to use it.  Keep yourself healed to above 1/2 total HP
    at all times, or else you are risking losing some fighters, which is very
    inconvenient.  Unload your PluralSlash, CosmicRave, and HyperionBazookas
    into the enemy.  If you have a human, DSC is never a bad idea.  Note that
    each time the enemy returns from a Virtual Shift, some of the screens in the
    background break and a message appears that says "now at security level #".
    The number of broken screens and the security level let you know how damaged
    the boss is.  Once it is destroyed, sit back and enjoy your ending, it's a
    pretty good one.  Note that the theatrics and graphics in this battle are
    among the best in the game, enjoy it.  Good music too.
    Lute's game is, to put it bluntly, crap.  If I had chosen him first when I
    bought the game, then I probably would have taken it back to the store and
    wanted my money back.  However, a few details about the overall story(albeit
    very few) are to be gleaned from enduring his arduous mission(arduous due
    to the desire to go to sleep that you will have throughout).  The reason
    Lute's game is my least favorite is because he really does not have one.
    There is only one dungeon that is specific to Lute's game, and it is the
    last one.  You can access the final dungeon at virtually the beginning of
    the game.  I wasted 4 or 5 hours the first time I played this one because
    I went ahead into the dungeon(I assumed that I was nowhere near the end)
    with my fairly low-level party.  Naturally, I had no hope of defeating the
    boss, so I had to start over(once you save inside the dungeon, there is no
    going out).  It is obvious to me that the guys at Square did this story very
    close to the release deadline for the game.  If one of you guys reads this
    and that is not so, write and tell me why you did it.
    Lute Leaves Home
    You start your quest in Yorkland, Lute's hometown.  You are kicked out into
    the street by your mother so you can find a job, and since the only job
    around here is brewing liquor(Lute can't do that for a living-he'd drink the
    merchandise) you head for the port.
    Once you reach the port, you have a little trouble with the guards who say
    that the ship has been chartered for Trinity, and that you can't get on
    board.  However, Captain Mondo comes out of the housing project or whatever
    there on the left and says to let you on board.  You'll have a little chat
    with him, where you discover that he is also from Yorkland(if you do Emelia's
    game, then a lot of this makes more sense-Yorkland is the home of Trinity's
    power source).  You'll be dropped off in Manhattan.
    The only thing to really do here is go to the burger joint in the mall.
    Fuse will be sitting in the back there.  Talk to him and you'll find out
    (gasp) Mondo isn't nice!  In fact, he's another crazy-ass criminal bent on
    controlling Trinity, and then the world...hahahahahahaha!!!  Ahem.. anyway,
    we all know what happens in RPG's to people who aren't nice, so it's time
    to prepare to eventually face Mondo.
    The first thing to do is to use the port to head for Owmi(you'll have to
    transfer at Koorong).  In Owmi, go to the seafood shop(near the dock).
    There is a sailor there near the entrance-talk to her.  She'll make
    your standard small talk about food additives and preservatives, then
    offer to take you to her ship.  Take her up on it by going to the port
    and heading for Nelson.
    Instead of being in Nelson, you'll be on board Capt. Hamilton's ship.
    Speak with her in the rear room.  She'll tell you the startling news
    that, on top of not being nice, Mondo also had a hand in the death of
    your father.  Strangely, Lute really doesn't seem to care about that
    too much though.  Now, this is very important-you will be given a
    choice whether or not to go to Mondo Base now-do not go yet.  Believe
    it or not, this is the last dungeon and the only way out once you go in
    is through Mondo.  You won't be able to beat him with two characters
    who have 100 HP each.  This brings you to your next order of business,
    getting characters and leveling up.  Lute can get the following people
    to join him:
    Humans        Mecha          Mystics         Monsters
    Emelia        T260           TimeLord        Riki
    Rouge         EngineerCar    Silence         Cotton
    Roufas                       Measarthim      Slime
    Capt. Hamilton                               Sei
    Annie                                        Thunder
    Fuse                                         Kylin
    Gen                                          Suzaku
    Collect enough people to fill out your three teams.  A good way to do
    this is to go on the Rune and Arcane quests, since you pick up some
    good characters that way like Fuse, Fei-on, Annie, and TimeLord.
    Picking up the two mecha that you can get is a good idea too.  Clear
    out all the optional areas of treasure and fight the enemies to raise
    your strength.  A good group looks sort of like:
    Team 1             Team 2          Team 3
    Gen                T260            Capt. Hamilton
    Lute               EngineerCar     Fuse
    Annie              Fei-on          Emelia
    TimeLord           Mei-Ling        Rouge
    Thunder            Slime           Silence
    It really doesn't matter who you get, except that getting TimeLord is
    highly recommended.  His powerful Time spells are hard to refuse.
    Rouge is a pretty good pick too.  Once you have built a party, raise
    their levels until they have at least 600-700 HP each before continuing
    your journey to Mondo Base.
    Mondo Base-The Unveiled Tyrant
    Treasures: none
    Characters: none
    Return to Nelson, then talk to Capt. Hamilton in her room and accept
    her offer.  You will head for Wakatu, the home of Mondo Base.  If you
    have Gen with you, he'll come out and realize that's why Wakatu was
    destroyed-to maintain the secrecy of Mondo's HQ.  In so doing, Gen's
    interaction in the story equals Lute's!  Why wasn't Gen just a main
    character instead?  Anyway, there will be a battle with one of Mondo's
    ships, and you will escape to Mondo Base.
    There are no treasures inside the base, so just head through the first
    room and touch the green panel in the next room to lower the platform.
    You must get a key in order to lower the elevator any further, so go in
    the room ahead.  In the back, there is a box(behind the railing).  Get
    it, then return and you can operate the elevator again.  Repeat the
    process on the next floor, and you will reach the bottom.  Here you
    will see a large enemy.  Don't fight it-it is very powerful, completely
    optional, and gives you nothing that is very important or useful at
    this stage of the game.  If you bump into it, then use unblockable
    attacks to cut through its shield and heal up after it uses its
    GaleAttack.  Enter the door behind the enemy.  You'll pass through one
    more room.  After entering the hallway with the large open doors,
    you'll face Mondo.  Use a SanctuaryStone first if you've got it.
    Spriggan can give you major trouble simply due to the surprise factor
    of meeting the end boss so soon that you are not ready.  If you are
    prepared, however, the Spriggan is one of the easier end bosses.  As
    you damage him he will phase through 5 progressively cooler forms with
    progressively cooler attacks.  Occasionally, as he changes form, you
    will be hit by the background objects like IronPole and Enemy Fire.
    This usually is not too damaging, though.  The attacks of the first
    three forms are pretty weak, with only the HyperBazooka attack posing
    any real danger.  Once he reaches his fourth form, however, he begins
    using Shoot-All and BusterLauncher(two big damage attacks).  The
    BusterLauncher may only hit two or three characters, though.
    If you have built some powerful techs and heal after the BusterLauncher
    strikes, then Spriggan should be no problem.  Enjoy the deservedly
    brief ending and be glad you don't have to play Lute's chapter again.
    Asellus is one of my favorite games to play, since she has a great deal of
    character and a high level of involvement in the story when compared to some
    other characters.  She also has many strategic options available through the
    ability she has to become a mystic at will.  It is like having the high stats
    and special powers of a mystic along with having the learning ability and
    techniques of a human.  The nature of most of the dungeons and boss battles
    in the game is somewhat random-as you wander around the world the enemies
    find you-you don't find them.  There are predetermined places where they may
    find you, of course(this is a computer program) but the slight element of
    randomness forces you to stay on your toes.
    Death and Rebirth
    Treasures: SandVessel
    Characters: White Rose, Ildon
    Asellus' journey begins with you hearing the story told from the viewpoint
    of Gina, a person who lives in the Mystic village Rootville, in Facinaturu.
    Asellus was a human, who was hit by a carriage and killed.  She was saved
    by an infusion of Mystic blood, but thusly consigned to live in Facinaturu
    forever.  After listening to the intro, wake up and head through the room
    full of coffins.  Turning east at the base of the stairs on the next screen
    leads to a room with several treasures that are very nice-unfortunately you
    can't keep them(you lose them when you leave the room).  Once you reach the
    outside area, talk to Zozma in the northeast.  After hearing his story, then
    you should go back and head northwest.  There will be a room with a
    transporter that leads to a large room with flowers.  Once you enter,
    however, you are greeted with a knife in your back!  This is fairly
    surprising, but even more surprising is the purple blood that you suddenly
    seem to have and the strange fact that you are not dead.  Something crazy
    must be going on, so you head back through the transporter and go south to
    the throne room(in the large double doors to the north in the main hall).
    Orlouge(this happens to be the asshole that ran you over to begin with)
    tells you that you are doomed to be his concubine or whatever, and that you
    cannot leave Facinaturu.  Ildon, one of his lackeys, joins you.  You are told
    to go to town and get a dress to wear.
    This is the first time you get to meet Gina.  She works in the dress shop
    here.  There will be a nice scene and Asellus will get her outfit.(Is it
    just me, or does it look like Asellus' arm is in a sling on the character
    status screen?)  Once you're decent, head back to the castle, and into the far
    northeast building.  Explore and get used to the place if you have trouble
    finding it, it is not too confusing.  If you come to a place with monsters,
    then you went the wrong way.  Just east of the throne room is a room that
    allows you to train, but this is pretty much a waste of time(you gain nothing
    except some experience, and there are better ways to get it).  Once you get
    where you should be, you'll know because you'll meet White Rose.  There will
    be a scene here, and she'll join you.  Once you have White Rose, then travel
    to the southeast and southwest rooms to have the dialogue regarding Princess
    Lion and Princess Rei.  Anytime you want to split up your party, just return
    to your room(where you started).  Do that now.
    Return to get White Rose again, and revisit Princess Rei's room(southwest).
    Now that Ildon's gone, you will have a different conversation.  This is
    important-if you don't visit Rei's room she will not join you later.
    If you visit Gozarus in Rootville while White Rose is in the party, then you
    can get the Asura and the SandVessel from him.  You will need to get the
    SandVessel now if you want to get TimeLord later(trust me, you do).  If you
    think the super powerful sword is worth 3 LP, then grab that too.  As long as
    White Rose is in the party and Ildon is not, then you can go to the area in
    the back of the castle and fight the monsters to gain strength.  I recommend
    you do this for a little while.  In the far northwest, at the left of a fork
    in the road, there is a place where you can regain your strength.  To the
    right is a Giant and a door that leads back to the flower room.  Don't even
    consider fighting the giant now, you will not make it.
    Head back to your room, and you'll get to chat with Zozma.
    For another scene, you should train one time at the training ground(doesn't
    matter if you win), then return to the main hallway.  Rastaban will talk to
    you there.  Most of the scenes that occur here are not very enlightening,
    but you should endure them all if you want to see everything.
    Return to you room to dump your party, then head to Rootville and talk to
    Gina.  When you return to the castle, Ciato will tell you about a human in
    the bar.  Talk to him in the northwest house in Rootville, then return to
    the castle and get White Rose.  She will join, and now you can exit
    Facinaturu through the house in the center-west side of Rootville(talk to the
    slime to open a path).  The pilot will drop you off in Owmi.
    Upon your arrival here, White Rose notices the distress of another mystic
    by reading the rose petals in the water.  Your search leads you to the Lord
    Manor in the north.
    The Mermaid's Scar (good movie, rent it)
    Lord Manor
    Treasures: KrisKnife, GhostCannon, RubberSuit, MaxCure X 3, Magi-Water,
               SanctuaryStone, RottenMeat, JetBoots, SeaStone(w/ Measarthim),
               ArmorGlove, JackalSword, ShellBracer, RubberShoes, PearlHeart,
    Characters: Measarthim
    Talk to the lord of the manor.  Since he will not be particularly helpful,
    you will have to search the manor yourself.  After a little searching
    (upstairs, far west room)  you'll meet Measarthim, a demure mystic who
    seems to enjoy being a slave to others.  She quickly realizes, however, that
    she would rather be your slave than the mansion owner's slave ... um ...
    use your imagination here.  Anyway, she joins you and you need to take her
    to the basement so she can escape.  Get the treasures in the upper floor of
    the mansion, then travel downstairs.  The walkthrough for this area is
    already done, so if you need help then follow it.  Your target is to drop
    Measarthim off at her pool.  Once you do this, you will be taken out of the
    manor(so you only have to fight the DevilSquid once).  Therefore, I recommend
    getting the other treasures there first before dropping her off.  The
    DevilSquid has reduced HP in this battle to make it reasonable.  Switch
    around equipment(take Measarthim's BlueElf and give it to someone else,
    since she is already immune to water) to make beating it easier.  Once you're
    done here, then drop her off and you're outta here.  If you want her back,
    then you can get her just like any other character, but you need to wait
    until you progress in the story a little.  I usually come back for her after
    the Dark Labyrinth.
    Anyway, go back and talk to the pilot and he'll take you to Shrike.
    First, if you want to get Rei later, or if you are just interested in every
    little bit of character interaction you can squeeze out of this game, then
    go to Devin and talk to the purple-haired lady at the shrine.  White Rose
    will stare at her intently.  Don't know if this is required to get her or
    not, since I always do it.  No reason not to.
    Your next real mission is to visit your house in Shrike(an area only Asellus
    can access).  However, once you do, you will begin the cycle of random events
    that results in 5 bosses and a dungeon being thrown at you at somewhat
    random locations with no warning.  It is understandable if you want to power
    up and round up some friends before setting those wheels in motion.
    At this point, you have the freedom to travel the world.  Go to Scrap and
    get the infinite equipment trick going, then sell the Osc-swords from there
    until you can get the infinite money trick going.  This will take a few
    hours, probably, but it will save you a few hours later, trust me.  You also
    can start collecting characters now, and go on the Rune or Arcane quests.
    Make sure to leave 3 spaces open at least for characters that you will get
    during the story(4 spaces if you want Measarthim).  There are actually
    4 characters you will get, but you will lose one so it comes out to 3.
    The following characters can join Asellus:
    Humans                 Mystics             Mecha             Monsters
    Lute                   White Rose          none              Slime
    Annie                  Ildon                                 Cotton
    Fuse                   Zozma                                 Sei
    Rouge                  TimeLord                              Thunder
    Emelia                 Measarthim                            Kylin
    Gen                    Rei                                   Red Turnip
    Fei-on                                                       Suzaku
    You lose White Rose later, but you trade her in for Zozma who is vastly
    superior.  Ildon is required, and Measarthim and Rei are
    recommended, as well as TimeLord.  The large number of mystics available
    allows you to use them generously.  Power them up, then absorb the Suzaku
    enemy into their three weapons and they will be very powerful.  In the end,
    my party usually ends up looking like:
    Team 1              Team 2              Team 3
    Asellus             Gen                 Annie
    Ildon               TimeLord            Zozma
    Fuse                Rouge               Fei-on
    Rei                 Measarthim          Lute
    Red Turnip          Slime               Emelia
    Each of these parties has a power character that can turn the tide of a
    battle(Asellus, TimeLord, Zozma).  Asellus is arguably the most powerful
    character in the game(her special powers are discussed later).  TimeLord
    is near the top too, with the Overdrive spell.  Normally, I'll go on the
    Arcane quest first, then get TimeLord, then go on the Rune Quest with him.
    This allows him to get StasisRune and use the OverDrive cheat.  The SharpPain
    attack, although not effective against all enemies, is effective against
    most and makes Zozma one of the best too.  If you need power, then you can
    concentrate these three into a party and they will be an almost unstoppable
    team(relatively, that is).  Once teams are formed, equipment is bought, and
    levels are sufficient, then you are ready to head back to Shrike and go to
    your house.  Save first, you have to fight a boss here.
    Where Nobody Knows Your Name
    Your House
    When you arrive here, you learn that you've been gone a little longer than
    you thought - well, a little while in the cosmic sense.  See, time has a
    different meaning in Facinaturu, apparently, so what was a little while there
    was a long while here.  Your aunt thinks you are a ghost, and chases you away.
    After that emotional trauma, the last thing you need is one of Orlouge's
    henchmen jumping in to ruin your day.
    This enemy is pretty easy if you prepared yourself first, but you may need
    some luck if you just came straight here.  His best attack is the ChainHeat
    attack, which may instantly slay a character.  Use your best attacks and
    the FireSage probably won't give you much trouble.
    After you win this battle, Asellus will get her MysticSword.  This works
    like the MysticSword of any normal mystic, but it is the key to realizing
    Asellus' true power.  If you use one of Asellus' Mystic weapons in battle,
    she undergoes a MysticalChange.  This form is extremely powerful, because
    it has all the best traits of both humans and mystics.  Like a human, she
    can learn and use any type of technique, including gun, fighting, and sword.
    Her base statistics remain the same as well.  However, her mystic blood adds
    the stats gained from monsters absorbed on her weapons on top of that.  If
    you use the MysticSword, you will eventually learn the other two like a normal
    mystic.  Once you absorb 3 Suzaku enemies into the weapons, then you get your
    normal human stats +60 to each one.  All your stats will equal or approach
    99.  This effect only lasts during the battle, and you cannot absorb monsters
    into the weapons until after you have finished the MysticalChange.  Mystics
    in SF normally have higher stats than humans-their weakness comes from the
    lack of powerful techs.  If you get DSC on Asellus and use it after a
    MysticalChange, then it will do twice as much damage as normal, up to 25000
    points!  All her abilities are affected this way.  Also, like a mystic, she
    is highly resistant to death and bad status.  Imagine a human character, with
    all the powerful sword and fighting techs, but with the high defense and
    attacking power of a powered up mystic, and you've got Asellus.  The only
    down sides are that it does take a round to transform, and you gain stats like
    a mystic after the battle(only CHA, HP, WP, and JP).  Asellus' heavy attack
    power with the big techs is something you want, so I recommend getting DSC on
    her when you can.  You can then play around a bit with most of the bosses
    and have fun, because all you must do is use DSC and end it all if you get in
    Anyway, now you've opened a box of hornets because the next few elements of
    Asellus' story happen in random locations.  If you still have things to do
    (collecting characters/cards/runes/experiece) you may as well do that.  At
    some point during your wandering you will be attacked by the next boss.  If
    you want to hurry to the next boss though, and you're ready, then I have
    listed a few of the places where the boss events may happen.  There are
    certain places where these events can occur, so they are not completely
    random.  Go to one of them and continuously exit and re-enter the screen until
    the event occurs.  Listed next to the event is the place where it is most
    likely to occur quickly(when I go there, the event almost always gets me).
    Note that I don't think that two events can happen in the same place.
    Event locations
    Wakatu-in front of the building w/ Comet Blade
    Kyo- Garden
    Devin- Rei's Shrine
    Luminous- just outside the port
    Koorong- in Nusakan's Backstreet
    Mu's Tomb- on path leading to where Roufas is
    Sei's Tomb- in large central room w/ shield
    There are undoubtedly others, but these should be plenty.  Go to one of these
    places(preferrably the one listed next to the event below) and exit/reenter
    until you get the event.  Save often if you are trying to do something else,
    because the bosses have a habit of rudely interrupting you.  The listed
    places are places where I have met these events 2 times in a row, so I know
    that they can be there if you wait long enough-it usually is there on the
    first try, though.
    Event 1- Water Sage------(Kyo's Garden)
    Equip sound-resistant items(provided that you were prepared for WaterSage's
    attack), because WaterSage counts Oscillation as one of its powers.  It also
    has a shield and can block.  Other than that, there are a few weak water
    attacks it can do.  Oscillation is your biggest problem, so if you can avoid
    that then you'll be fine.  Use unblockable attacks like throws and NoMoment
    to cut up the WaterSage's HP.  After you take him out, you'll get his shield
    (GenbuShield).  Also, if you have not gotten it yet, you will recieve your
    Event 2- Green Sage------(Luminous-near the port)
    The GreenSage(why not EarthSage, I dunno) is the most powerful of the Sages.
    He has Scream and WindBlast attacks that can decimate you if you are not
    powerful.  Also, this Sage has a CounterFear barrier that causes any close
    range attacks against it to give the impertinent attacker a red mess status
    for their insolence.  Needless to say, this is to be avoided.  Use long
    range attacks like gun tech combos(if you can get a long string of CrossShots
    or BoundShots going as a combo, do it).  Of course, if you have DSC or
    LifeSprinkler, use it.  Don't forget to take advantage of Asellus' Mystical
    Change.  If you took the time to get some good monsters on her weapons then
    you'll be pleasantly surprised at how much more powerful she becomes.  This
    Sage also throws the Spore attack at you, but that's not too fearsome.
    Harmonium items can help against the Scream attack, but the only thing that
    can keep the Windblast off is a good shield and some luck.  Try to make sure
    you are powerful enough to survive this attack, or else you will be resetting
    a lot here.  Note that if you don't have it yet, Asellus gets her Mystic
    Boots after this fight.
    Event 3- The Lion Princess------(Devin-Rei's Shrine)
    Tired of sending the weak underlings after you, Orlouge decides that its time
    for the real deal.  He sends the Lion Princess to mop you up.
    After the GreenSage, the LionPrincess is pretty easy.  The same rule applies
    here as with the GreenSage though-no close up attacks.  The reason here is
    even more convincing than before, as the LionPrincess will retaliate with
    Kasumi and either kill or severely maim the attacker.  On top of that, she
    avoids all damage.  Use long range moves that are unblockable(NoMoment,
    LifeSprinkler, throwing techs), because she has a shield too.  If you can
    build a combo out of your attacks, then do so.  However, if you stick to
    long range, then LionPrincess' loses her counterattacking ability, and that
    is really all her power.  Other than that, she's just got a few semi-wimpy
    sword techs and fire/arctic breath attacks that shouldn't give you too
    much trouble.
    Event 4- Ildon Returns--------(Koorong-Nusakan's Backstreet)
    At this point, Ildon returns to join you.
    Event 5- Ciato---------(Mu's Tomb-near Roufas)
    Ciato, your old friend from Facinaturu, is now forced to come get you and
    prove himself to Orlouge.
    This enemy is a real pushover compared to the others.  He will use various
    Mystic spells like GlassShield and PhantasmShot, and occasionally will take
    a hack with one of his Mystic weapons to knock off a character instantly.
    This rarely works, however.  Just be carful not to impale yourself on a Glass
    Shield.  If he uses one, break it with a gun so the glass doesn't hit you.
    Be prepared to cure yourself in case the Reaper or a mystic weapon kills
    someone, or if the Cockatrice turns you to stone.  The Fascination spell is
    pretty dangerous if it hits the right person, so try not to equip attacks
    that hit multiple targets in case that attack is turned against your party.
    As with all enemies, preparation is the key.  However, it is sometimes
    difficult to prepare for bosses in Asellus' chapter...
    Event 6- The Dark Labyrinth------(Sei's Tomb----in the large central room)
    You will, in a last ditch effort by Orlouge, be pitched into the Dark
    Labyrinth never to escape-for a few minutes anyway.  Really, the place is
    not all that hard to escape at all.  The large doors sometimes lead to
    monsters if you go the wrong way, so to avoid a big nuisance & just take the
    northeast green door, then take the green door just to your southwest, then
    take the northwest green door.  Walk west and talk to the turnip there
    (if you want him to become a member of your party), then take the large
    center door to escape.
    Apparently, the thing that you were told about not escaping the Labyrinth
    without losing something dear was true, as in order for you to escape
    White Rose stayed behind.  Asellus seems heavily distraught over the loss
    (They sure seem like more than 'friends' to me... a few other people have
    said the same thing too...well, don't know if the American game industry
    is ready for that cultural experiment yet, so maybe not...).  I can't
    think of any reason(other than the parenthetical note) why I'd be upset in
    her place-she dropped White Rose, sure, but she was replaced by Zozma, a
    much more powerful character by far.  He has the Evil magic that can stun
    whole groups of monsters before they can even react.    Oh yeah, 
    you might be wondering what happened
    to the rest of your party.  Don't get too upset, if you go to the Shrine
    in Devin they are all there to meet you again.  Also, if you visited her
    room in Facinaturu back at the beginning like I recommended, you can get
    Rei.  Go back and grab Measarthim if you want.  You should go ahead and
    fill out your party at this point, if you haven't already done so.
    Do any leveling up or treasure gathering first, then when you think you are
    ready head for Owmi.  The pilot is there and he can take you back to
    Facinaturu to stop Orlouge once and for all.
    Return to Facinaturu
    Treasures: HarmoniumEarring, HarmoniumArmor, PowerBelt, SilverMoon,
    LightRifle, GoldenLion, PlutoArmor
    Characters: None
    Upon first arriving at Facinaturu again, you will want to visit Gina in the
    tailor's shop in the south of Rootville.  You'll find out that she is
    missing-taken by Orlouge(and you thought that you were special, being picked
    to have his blood-looks like the guy's just got a thing for humans).  Anyway,
    being Orlouge's concubine certainly wasn't your idea of a good time, so you
    decide to save Gina.  Note that one of the variables that determines your
    ending is whether or not you saved her, so you might want to try not saving
    her every time so you can see the other endings.
    Now head for the castle.  Go to the bedrooms if you want to see some
    dialogue(yours, Rei's, Princess Lion's, and White Rose's rooms).  On the way
    up to your room, stop off in that treasure room that is down the stairs to
    the east to pick up those treasures that you could not get before.  The
    SilverMoon is a powerful Katana, and the LightRifle is the most powerful gun
    in the game(although it only has 1 bullet, so the multi-bullet attacks like
    CrossShot will be less effective).  There is also the two Harmonium items
    and a lame old PowerBelt.  Be sure to search all the pots till you get all
    this stuff, then continue on your way.
    Next order of business-if you don't want to save Gina then skip the next few
    paragraphs.  Otherwise, go to the area in the back with the monsters(in the
    northeast).  Travel up the road until you reach the area with the Giant on
    the right and the room where you recharge on the left.  Recharge in the
    crystal room, then run into the Giant to fight him.
    As is the case with all Giants, this one is no pushover.  It has GaleAttack
    to hit all of your characters-if anyone has DodgeGale then stick it on them.
    If it opts to physically attack, then it gets to attack 2-3 times in a round.
    It has a shield and blocks attacks pretty well.  It has high HP.  Makes tons
    of Julienne fries!  You definitely want to use your most powerful unblockable
    attacks on it.  DSC, LifeSprinkler, No Moment, and LocomotionG all come
    to mind as decent choices, DSC obviously being the best.  If you transform
    Asellus before you use DSC, you will nearly kill the thing instantly.
    Once the Giant has moved on to the next world, you need to open the window
    behind him.  This seemingly innocent act opens a door in a previous room.
    You may have noticed a large room with a statue and a high window on the way
    up here(it is on the screen just before the screen with the Giant).  Go in
    there, and you'll see that the sunlight from the window(funny, there's no
    sun up outside) has opened a door.  Enter there to fight the Griffon boss
    and save Gina.
    The Griffon is a good bit easier than the Giant, as far as I can tell.  It
    has a few fairly potent tricks, but if you stick to your powerful attacks
    you'll be okay.  It can't block, so feel free to use whatever you want.
    After winning, absorb it into a monster if you want the GriffithScratch
    attack(that's what I usually get).  It's a pretty good attack tech.
    Yay, you saved the girl!  Lucky she has a knight in shining armor like you,
    huh?  Well, once she's okay, then you are ready to take out the main man,
    the insufferable lecher Orlouge.  Keep going up the mountian until you reach
    the room with the flowers(where you were stabbed way back at the beginning).
    If you saved Gina, just head up the cliffs until you get here, otherwise
    use the transporter in the northwest.  Once you're there, head east.
    Normally, Ciato is there to block you, but now he's feeling gutsy and wants
    to take you out.
    No, he won't throw Batarangs at you or use his hero-repellant spray, but this
    BatKnight does use a few pet bats to do his dirty work.  Just concentrate
    your attack on the BatKnight, it shouldn't be too tricky to take him out.
    If you have trouble with him, then go back and raise levels before continuing
    up the tower.
    You beat him, but now not more that 5 steps later you are confronted by the
    Lion Princess.  Despite your attempts to be friendly, she still feels
    obligated to serve Orlouge and destroy you(whatever drugs he's dropping in
    these girl's drinks to make them this devoted to him for no good reason, he
    could triple the size of the castle if he just put it on the open market-
    I guess he wouldn't be the Charm Lord anymore then, though).
    You'd think that she'd be more powerful this time than the was the first time
    you wasted her, but she is actually exactly the same.  The only difference
    is that you are more powerful so she should be even easier.  Remember, just
    don't use close range attacks to avoid getting a rectal probe with Kasumi.
    You get the GoldenLion sword after beating her.
    Well, good thing that's ov...ahh damn, just down the path there is another
    boss standing there.  If you didn't save Gina, then this boss is not here,
    but if you did then Rastaban(remember him, the happy guy) is standing there
    demanding his fair chance to beat you up.  You might want to use a Sanctuary
    Stone or go back and rest to recharge your WP, because the BlackKnight is the
    worst of the three sub-bosses.
    He'll hit all your characters with powerful attacks.  He'll inflict annoying
    status problems on you.  He'll occasionally be stupid and try to smack you-
    but this does little damage.  His one saving grace is that he is often
    pretty reluctant to use his more powerful attacks(at least to me-maybe I'm
    lucky).  Keep smashing him with your big combos and attacks and you probably
    won't have too much trouble.  Orlouge is more powerful than this guy, so if
    he gives you trouble then raise levels more before continuing.  You get the
    PlutoArmor after winning.
    Now, in the next room, is the doorway to Orlouge.  Before you enter, you'll
    be asked if you're sure...If you want to save, do it first and use a
    SanctuaryStone if you have to.  Don't save after you enter, as there is no
    way to go back and you may have to level-up more.  Once you're ready, go
    across the next room and you'll be on Orlouge's balcony.  There you will have
    a conversation with him.  This conversaton is different depending on what
    ending you are about to receive, but it basically is just telling Orlouge
    that you're pissed and that he should leave you alone.  He seems to
    do so, so you walk out.  But, before you can leave the area, Orlouge attacks
    to stop you from escaping his land.
    Orlouge is no enemy to be trifled with, but compared to some of the other
    end bosses you'll face in other chapters, he has pretty low HP.  Make sure
    Asellus has DSC before the fight, then MysticalChange and keep firing the
    DSC at him till he's gone.  Other characters could try Tower(in a combo if
    possible), LifeSprinkler, or DSC as well.  Orlouge will go down pretty
    quickly if you have a good number of powerful attacks, especially if they
    are being delivered by powered up Mystics.  You'll notice that occasionally
    the portraits in the back of the room will emit a beam that increases
    Orlouge's abilities.  Also, Orlouge has three spirits that stay behind him
    to help him attack.  At first, they will only appear one at a time, but
    once Orlouge is badly wounded they will all attack at once.  The spirits have
    powerful attacks like Salamander, Silf, and Windblast.  Orlouge himself
    also has the Selection attack, which instantly petrifies a character.  Have
    something on hand to cure or prevent this.  Once all three of the spirits
    are out at once, then they will have access to the 3Mistresses attack.  This
    is better than having all three of them attack you in one round, but it is
    still pretty powerful.
    Now you get to enjoy the ending.  I know that whether or not you rescue Gina
    is important, but there are three endings.  I think the other criteria for
    which ending you get is how many times you used your MysticalChange during
    the game, but I'm not 100% sure, so if you are tell me all about it.
    If I had to vote for the most fun character to play in SaGa, then it would
    have to be Red.  I mean, who else can just turn into a superhero, has a large
    number of dungeons that are not only fun but also specific to Red's game (so
    you haven't seen them 200 times already...) and who else gets to fight such
    a wide variety of bosses?  Some of the other characters are pretty
    repetitious, but Red was pretty fun to play all the way through.
    The Birth of Alkaiser
    There you are in the car, minding your own business, when you get run off the
    road by that buttface Shuzer.  Not only that, but he appears to have burned
    your house down and toasted your family alive!!!  That is beyond rude, IMHO,
    so you probably should get all pissed and attack him(not like you have much
    choice, really).
    Not like much strategy is required here.  Once you get KO'ed here by the
    much greater power of Shuzer, the mighty hero Alkarl comes and defends you!
    There will be much rejoicing and blowing of trumpets (well, at least in my
    mind there was) as you use the special attacks of Alkarl(you take control of
    him) to chase Shuzer back into whatever BlackX hole he crawled out of.
    Once Shuzer runs off, Alkarl saves your life by giving you the power of his
    successor, as you become the next mighty hero Alkaiser.  Alright, so you're
    just the gold power ranger, but bear with them and just say Alkaiser, OK?
    Anyway, since you're a little preturbed about your family being reduced to
    their component elements right in front of you, you swear vengeance on the
    evil criminal organization BlackX.  Hmmmm, where can you find a job that lets
    you travel and keep an eye on BlackX in all regions of the world?  Taking on
    the guise of mild mannered assistant engineer Red(well, you were already him,
    so it wasn't so hard...) you get a job on board the Cygnus, some high tech
    airship that travels all over the world shipping cargo and porting rich people
    around in style.
    Now would be a good time to explain exactly what powers and limitations
    Alkaiser has.  You cannot become Alkaiser just any old time, unfortunately.
    You see, you have a secret identity, and even your party members can't find
    out who you are(even though there are times when they'd have to be pretty
    stupid not to figure it out).  You can only change into Alkaiser when:
    1.  Red is in a party by himself.
    2.  Red is in a party composed entirely of mecha and himself(apparently, you
    can just trust the mecha not to tell anyone if you tell them not to because
    they are machines).
    3.  All of Red's Human/Mystic/Monster friends in his party are under a bad
    status condition or knocked out so that they cannot see him transform.
    (Apparently, if you transform right in front of them they notice, but if
    they get paralyzed for 3 seconds then come around and suddenly Alkaiser is
    standing where Red should be, then after the battle Red is just back, then
    they just can't put 2 and 2 together.  I call this "Sailor Moon Syndrome".
    "What is her real identity?"  "I dunno, probably the only other person on
    the damn planet with that haircut, maybe???").
    Alkaiser has more power depending upon Red's level of power, so you don't
    have to become Alkaiser to level him up.  You do have to become Alkaiser to
    learn his Alkaiser fighting and sword techs, which are listed in the tech list
    and marked Alkaiser Only.  It is worth it to go to the trouble to get these,
    as they look cool and are very powerful.  Also, Alkaiser can use any normal
    human tech.  Alkaiser will only learn Alkaiser sword techs with his
    trademark sword, the RaySword.  It is not a tremendously powerful sword, so
    you will probably find yourself using the Alkaiser fistfighting techs more
    often.  They are his most powerful.
    Head out of the engine room where you begin and walk around the Cygnus a bit.
    The passageways are numerous, but after a little exploration they are not too
    confusing so I'm not gonna be terribly specific here.  Check out the little
    green monitors if you want to see a useless map of the ship(reminds me of the
    useless car ad you can watch in the Shinra building in FFVII).  You'll come
    across Yuria, talk to her and you'll be promised a date(she never delivers,
    though, or at least I never found it).  You can pick up your paycheck in the
    Accounting Office.  Make yourself familiar with the location of the Accounting
    Office, Medical Room, Cockpit, Ballroom, and Cargo Bays, none of them are hard
    to find.
    Once you've finished exploring the ship, go back to engineering and talk to
    Hawk and you'll land in Baccarat.
    In the casino, you'll be tipped off to BlackX by the fact that several of the
    BlackX power ranger guys in their rubber body suits are playing the games
    there.  Go talk to them, then run over to the elevator and go to Parking.  In
    the elevator you'll become (Superman theme plays) Alkaiser, Defender of
    Justice and Savior of the Innocent, and whatever other moniker you want to
    stick on there.  When you arrive at the parking lot, you'll have to fight
    Shuzer's men.
    BOSS-Those pathetic little power ranger guys
    Please tell me no one needs help here...just whack these guys.  Have no fear
    when the last one takes you to the fearsome 4th dimension magisphere, although
    he says that there BlackX fighter's power is tripled, it sure seems exactly
    the same to me.  I think it's just a psychological thing to make the BlackX
    guys feel more confident about fighting such a fearsome opponent with such
    a powerful looking helmet and pair of boots.
    Once you have beaten these guys, the Cygnus calls you back to work.  Sure,
    you'd like to follow that guy who killed your family, but hey you can't be
    late for work...what the hell kind of superhero would you be then?
    On board the Cygnus, you can get your paycheck again(you can collect it again
    each time you complete a stop on the Cygnus's grand tour).  Once you're ready
    to move on, talk to Hawk again, and you'll end up in Shrike.
    Go to the playground and talk to the little red-headed girl.  Aggghh...BlackX
    punks are attacking you right here in the street!  Smash their puny heads then
    you'll have to head over to Sei's Tomb(in the northern part of town) to
    rescue the girl.  You will morph into the mighty Wielder of the Shiny Visor,
    Alkaiser and handily mop the floor with the evildoers there.  Then you've got
    to head back to work.
    Do the usual, get your paycheck then go talk to Hawk.  He'll drop you off in
    You can look around, but you won't find much here of use.  I wouldn't
    reccommend spending any money, it's really not worth it yet.  Just head back
    to the Cygnus after you've had enough mall-walking.
    Go get your paycheck, then go find Yuria.  She's found something in the cargo
    and you need to check it out.  Egad!  Weapons of terrible power which you
    obviously should not confuscate...you don't need these!  I wish you could
    at least touch them or something...anyway, after you see this, it's time to
    head over to the C.T.C. Building and find out what's going on.
    Fuse, a cop from I.R.P.O., will join you and you head up to talk to Miss
    Campbell, the head of this area.  She's obviously hiding something from you,
    but you decide discretion is the better part of valor and leave.  Note how
    Fuse smacks you around like a little dork throughout this whole scene.  If
    only you could turn into the Warrior with the Golden Lampshade on his
    Oversized Head and kick his ass, but you don't want to blow your secret
    identity, eh?
    As if Fuse pimp-slapping you around isn't enough, now there's pirates
    attacking the Cygnus!  Fight off the ones that bust into the engine room.
    Fuse will show up to help after you take out the first wave.  You can then
    escape through his secret exit.
    Now to save Yuria.  She's in the second door after you leave the ballroom
    (yeah, that one with all the damn enemies in front of it).  Try to lure them
    away if you can, fighting enemies is pretty dangerous throughout this entire
    scene(save often).  Next head up to the second floor and get Asellus and
    White Rose to join up(they're in the room in the far south).  Roufas is in
    the center door on the third floor, he'll join in your little rebellion too.
    You can talk to Blue on the third floor too.  He'll act like he's going to
    join you until he finds out your name(Rouge is his brother and arch-enemy,
    and Rouge is French for Red...get it?  Hahahahaha those wacky Square guys
    have some sense of humor, huh?)  Once you have all the characters you can get
    (you'll need them), head to the spot on the second floor that has three doors
    side by side.  You'll need to enter each of these doors and kill these enemies
    one by one.  The reason for this will become apparent soon.  These enemies are
    not really too bad if you have all of the characters you can get, provided you
    fight them one at a time.  Once they're all dead, go fight the enemy that
    guards the door to the cockpit.  If you defeated the three enemies in the room
    like I said, then the enemy guarding the cockpit will be easy pickings all by
    himself.  However, if you did not, then all four enemies will attack you at
    once and you can say "Bon Voyage" to your life, it really is that difficult.
    Even as Alkaiser you would require some serious luck to beat all four of these
    guys at once.
    Now after going through all that trouble to get to the cockpit door, Fuse
    doesn't want to go in that way.  Go downstairs to the Airlock.  You have to
    run across the platform outside to the cockpit.  Save first, because if you
    don't dash across as fast as possible, you'll be blown off the ship and it's
    Game Over for you.  I think that's a pretty cheesy way to die, so just save
    so you don't have to lose much progress just in case.
    Once you get over to the cockpit, you have to fight Platyhooks.
    Platyhooks shouldn't be too difficult.  After you've fought him for a while,
    he'll run off and summon some common Platoonpusses to fight you, then
    rejoin the battle later.  Try to build some simple combos if you can.  If you
    are having trouble, then use heals only on Red to keep him alive.  If everyone
    else get knocked out, become Alkaiser then bring them back.  It shouldn't be
    too hard after that, certainly.
    After you beat the pirates, then you'll see a short cinema that gives away who
    Miss Campbell is really working for...duh...
    Get your paycheck, then talk to the Mecha in the Medical Room.  Go visit Hawk
    for the next stop on your itinerary.
    The ship drops you off in Koorong, and right away the abuse starts up again
    with a bunch of little drug addict-looking punks making fun of mild-mannered
    Red's hair.  Not that he doesn't deserve a little ragging over that
    strange shape he chooses to keep on his head, but these guys go a little too
    far.  Walk back to them after you pass them once, and you'll have to fight
    a Yeti(weak enemy), both saving the kid's worthless life and putting out a
    strong anti-drug message(who says games aren't good for kids?)  Red chases the
    drug dealer through the backstreet and into the sewers.  Make your way to the
    sewer exit that leads back to the Cygnus(use the sewer walkthrough that is
    in the Rune quest section-it's down the stone steps, then out the exit near
    the FireCrystal treasure).  Aaaggh...lookit all them drug dealers!!!  Well,
    maybe they're not all drug dealers, but those silly hats earn them an ass-
    whooping in my opinion.  However, Red doesn't share my opinion so it's on to
    the next assignment.
    Get your pay, then talk to Hawk to move on to Kyo.  In Kyo, follow the drug
    dealer guy to the building marked "Syoin".  You hear about the 4 BlackX
    Emperors, but you have to go back to work before you can learn more.
    Get your pay again(you should have a fairly impressive bankroll by now) and
    talk to Hawk and you go to Shingrow.
    Treasures: SanctuaryStone, CeramicSword
    Characters: none
    Apparently there's a martial arts tournament being held here.  There's not
    much else to find, so wait in line then enter the tournament as Alkaiser.
    It doesn't really matter whether you win or lose, which is lucky for you
    because you'll probably lose pretty big to the third or fourth opponent.
    However, after it's over, you spot Dr. Klein (evil BlackX guy) above you.
    Chase him.  Go all the way down the northern path to get to a place where
    you can recharge your strength, then go back to the room with the long red
    carpet and go east.  There are two exits here, the northern one has a
    Sanctuary stone, the southern one has a secret passage that is revealed if
    you search the flowerpot there.  In the next room, there is a secret switch
    near the treasure that allows you to get it(CeramicSword).  Keep going east,
    then you'll meet the Goblin.  I'm not even going to dignify him with a
    strategy, simply pound him into lunchmeat and you'll be back on board the
    Get your pay for the last time, then get Hawk to drop you off in Yorkland.
    Now the real game begins...to find the 4 BlackX Emperors and reduce them to
    dust, then take down BlackX to avenge your family and save the future
    generations from their evil influence.
    But whoa there, tiger, you don't wanna do that until you've gotten some
    friends to help you and you've levelled up!  Some of these BlackX guys are
    pretty rough.  Get over to Scrap and get the infinite money and equipment
    trick working, then round up friends to stick all your new equipment on.
    I would definitely recommend getting all 3 mecha that can join Red.  I
    usually only have 4 people in Red's party, him and the 3 mecha.  Then he
    can change into Alkaiser anytime, and the mecha are almost unstoppable in
    combination with him once you give them all the good equipment.  Annie, Doll,
    BJ&K, and Rabbit will join you in the story, and you can get Liza and Roufas
    (they're cool, so I usually do).  Leave space for these people in the party.
    The following people can join Red's quest:
    Humans            Mystics           Mecha          Monsters
    Roufas            TimeLord          Rabbit         Slime
    Annie             Measarthim        BJ&K           Thunder
    Doll              Silence           EngineerCar    Cotton
    Lute                                               Sei
    Fuse                                               Kylin
    Rouge                                              Suzaku
    After all is said and done, I usually have a party like this:
    Team 1                 Team 2                  Team 3
    Red                    TimeLord                Gen
    BJ&K                   Measarthim              Annie
    EngineerCar            Liza                    Doll
    Rabbit                 Roufas                  Fuse
    (empty)                Slime                   Fei-on
    Go on the Rune and Arcane quests if you want and get the magic you want.
    Note how I leave an empty space so that Alkaiser can be used generously.  If
    only you could get T260 to join you, you'd have a full party, but you can't.
    At least I don't see how.  Anyway, once you've built the party you want(make
    sure to leave space for the characters that will join during the story events)
    then level up until you feel like a pretty bad ass and then move on to Phase 2
    of project Kick BlackX's Ass.  You have to decide which Emperor to dethrone
    first.  The order that they are listed in is the order I usually take them
    in, and it seems easiest to me, so here goes:
    The Downfall of Shuzer
    Shuzer Base
    Treasures: ElectroArmor, FinalCrusade
    Characters: Annie, Liza or Roufas
    Head to Koorong.  Talk to Annie(in the north, near the hat shop).  She'll
    offer to take you to Shuzer Base.  Talk to her again when you're ready.
    Enter the Koorong sewers, then go to the area where there is a pipe you can
    walk across(it's down the stone steps, follow Annie there).  Walk across, then
    climb the ladder to enter the base.  Don't worry, Annie leaves for a second
    but she'll be back in no time.
    There are 3 doors in the entry hall.  The first leads nowhere, the second
    leads to ElectroArmor.  Then go to the third door.
    Climb the ladders to the rooftop.  You'll have to fight Cyclops here...I hope
    you levelled up first.
    The Cyclops has high HP and a few powerful attacks.  If you levelled up a
    little and got all the good equipment using the infinite money cheat then you
    should be okay, but otherwise you are going to need to use a lot of healing
    to survive the bashing he gives you.  He can also stun members of your party
    with his gaze.
    Run across the rooftops, then at the first choice go upstairs.  Fight the 5
    BlackX guys in the ominous but futile 4th dimension magishpere, then go into
    the next building.  Press the circle button to search the lion on the right
    to open a secret passageway.  Follow and defeat Shuzer.
    Shuzer really isn't all that much of a problem once you've powered up.  You'll
    see pretty much the same attacks that you saw the first time you met, beefed
    up a little.  He'll use some flame attacks and his claw bits.
    Keep whacking him until he runs off and Alkaiser chases him by
    himself.  Once this happens, it gets a little trickier because Alkaiser is
    all by himself.  If you took the time to learn some of Alkaiser's fighting
    techs then you should have no problem, otherwise you're gonna need a few
    healing items before it's over with Shuzer.  Once you beat him, Alkaiser will
    learn his healing tech FinalCrusade(allows him to heal the rest of the party
    completely at the cost of one of his LP).
    After wasting Shuzer, then go back to the restaurant in Koorong and get either
    Liza or Roufas to join up.  If you get Liza, then you can get Roufas the
    normal way in Mu's Tomb and have them both, so that's what I usually do.
    Infiltrating Berva's Stronghold
    First off, if you had any trouble beating Shuzer then you should level up
    before coming here because Berva is a lot tougher.  Go to Shingrow.
    You'll see Doll in the port, so get her to join your party then work
    your way to the room past the big slime boss in the ruins(use the walkthrough
    in the Shingrow section above if you want).  Here you'll find Berva, the
    second of BlackX's Emperors.  Defeat him here.
    Berva is one annoying guy to fight.  He has the ability to SwayBack and avoid
    incoming physical attacks.  Use attacks that he cannot SwayBack to avoid like
    NoMoment, LifeSprinkler, and most gun techs.  Don't waste your time with
    normal attacks because he'll dodge them 90% of the time.  You'll see the
    Tremor attack in this fight, so JetBoots are a must.  He also has a few power-
    ful single attacks like GroundHit and PowerBomb.
    Once you run Berva off, he'll run off to the castle outside.  Fight your way
    through the goons, then go the the arena inside Shingrow Castle to finish
    him off.
    Now, he'll have increased the stakes a little.  Instead of using SwayBack to
    avoid attacks, he'll start using BrvaCounter to counterattack big time.  Do
    not do close range attacks to him or you will die very quickly!  His other
    new attack, GodHand, is a super powerful punch.  Keep the healing coming and
    pound him with long range attacks.  If you have a lot of trouble, then level
    up and come back.
    There's two down, two more to go.
    Cindy Campbell's Secret
    C.T.C. Building
    Treasures: 400 credits, WaterCannon, MissilePod, LightBazooka, Magi-Water,
    EagleGun, MaxCure, Protector, Thunderbolt
    Characters: none
    Head to the C.T.C. Building and talk to the receptionist.  You'll head up
    the elevator.  Beat the PinkFighters in there then talk to the woman at the
    top of the elevator.  You'll be attacked by a PinkFighter and some monsters.
    Climb up the ladder and activate the control panel to open the door out.  Get
    the MissilePod in the upper right hand corner, then head west and get the 400
    credits and the WaterCannon in the west room.  Exit in the upper right hand
    corner of this room.  You'll be in a corridor with 2 doors.  Take the first
    door, then take your first left, then take the LightBazooka from this room.
    Go back to the hall just outside that room and continue north.  You'll see a
    fairy thing over a turbine off to your east if you're in the right place.
    Keep going north.  You'll come to a long staircase covered with slime enemies,
    then once you reach the 32nd floor you'll have to fight a HugeSlime and some
    PinkFighters.  Beat them and get a Magi-Water, then go to the next staircase.
    This one is covered with mecha.  Once you reach the 34th floor you'll fight
    some mecha and a PinkFighter.  They'll drop an EagleGun.  Continue upstairs
    beating the thick enemies and get the treasures from the guys guarding each
    even-numbered floor(MaxCure, Protector).  Once you reach the 40th floor,
    you'll meet a woman.  Accept her offer to get a Thunderbolt.  Then keep going
    south to Campbell's office.  You'll have to fight BlackGarb and his
    AutoBuffer friends here.
    This Will Smith impersonator shouldn't put up too much of a fight.  He'll use
    his Vulcan while the Autobuffers fire their weak guns.  Take them out however
    you like, they're easy.  The screens in the back use HypnoFlash and Yell to
    aid BlackGarb, but he needs more aid than that, I'm afraid.
    Once he's dead, then there's a blackout!  Quick, take the opportunity to
    become Defender of Disco, Alkaiser!  Now you must fight Campbell in her true
    form, Arachne.
    Arachne is not really all that hard to take out.  If you beat Berva, this
    will be no problem.  She'll use RavaShot and Jackal from the Mirage and Evil
    schools of magic, as well as BladeNet and LightningWeb.  She can use HPDrain
    and can charm characters with Pheromone(but luckily she rarely does so).
    Keep healed and have Alkaiser send her on to the next dimension.
    After beating the third BlackX Emperor(Empress???) you end up in the
    Manhattan port.  Now for the last one!
    Just Say No to BlackX
    Metal Black Base
    Treasures: 300 credits, SamuraiSword, 300 credits, MaxCure, MagiWater,
    Characters: none
    Go to Kyo.  If you haven't gotten him yet, pick up Rabbit in the Garden.
    Then go to the Syoin.  Rabbit will point out a secret entrance to Metal
    Black Base.  Go inside(search the wall).
    Go downstairs and get the 300 credits.  Go out the lower door.  In the first
    corridor, take the southernmost door on the upper level to get the Samurai
    Sword, then go back out and into the far north door to get 300 more credits.
    Exit downstairs and to the south.  Keep going south until you reach a hallway
    with a large greenhouse to the north.  Get the MaxCure and Magi-Water in the
    greenhouse, then keep going north to the room with the furnace.  Get the
    BigMissile from the floor, then head up the ladder to destroy the GreenFighter
    there.  Examine the drug furnace and Red will set bombs there.  Get the hell
    out quick(I've never actually had it blow up with me inside, so I'm not sure
    if it does, but it's probably not in your best interests to test it).
    Once you get outside, the final BlackX Emperor, MBlack, attacks you.
    MBlack has a pretty powerful attack to hit one character(TigerRampage) and
    to hit all(MoonScraper).  The MoonScraper is particularly painful and is
    his best attack.  Keep yourself healed, and use your best attacks, obviously.
    You should outlast him after beating the other Emperors.
    That should do it-you've mopped the floor with BlackX's Emperors!
    The Black Ray and BlackX Base
    Black Ray
    Treasures: IronClogs, WarlordArmor, SprigganSuit or
               IronClogs, WarlordArmor, OctopusBoard or
               WarlordArmor, SilverMoon or
               IronClogs, SilverMoon
    Characters: BJ&K
    After beating all 4 Emperors, the Cygnus will call again.  Go the nearest port
    and hop on board.  Go to the Medical Room and talk to the mecha there, he'll
    join your party(BJ&K).  Then talk to Hawk in engineering and you'll get a
    BlackX disguise and board the Black Ray.
    You'll see several treasures around the BlackRay, but you can't get them while
    you're disguised.  Your goal is to meet MBlackII on the bridge on the top
    floor, but once you do you'll have a fun little runaround to do.  You'll see
    on the treasure list above that you can not get all of the treasure, so decide
    which ones you want(it's in order from most to least useful, IMHO).  Then
    follow the directions below.  The basic idea is to go through 10 straight
    rooms without backtracking.  If you backtrack, MBlackII will attack and even
    if you win you die because the ship will self-destruct.  If you make it
    through 10 rooms(until the readout says "About to reach BlackX base") then
    fight MBlackII then you will make it to the base before the ship explodes.
    There are only a few paths that allow you to get through all 10 rooms, so save
    before meeting MBlackII on the bridge and NEVER save while you are running
    through the rooms.  If you make a mistake that cannot be corrected then save
    then you get to start your whole game over. 
    To get IronClogs, WarlordArmor, SprigganSuit:
    Bring the elevator up to the 3rd floor before meeting MBlackII on the bridge.
    Set off the alarm, then take the elevator to the bottom floor.  Go south, then
    up the flight of stairs on the right and out the east door.  Enter the first
    door on the left, get IronClogs, go west.  Go across the room and exit
    southwest.  Get the WarlordArmor, then exit to the southwest.  Head southwest
    at the intersection in the next room.  Take the door on the left at the end
    of the passage.  Get SprigganSuit in the room, then exit through the
    northeastern door.  Now you're at BlackX base.
    To get IronClogs, WarlordArmor, and OctopusBoard:
    The Black Ray is symmetrical, and the OctopusBoard is on the other side of the
    ship from the SprigganSuit.  If you want the OctopusBoard instead, just
    reverse the above directions.
    To get WarlordArmor and SilverMoon:
    Put the elevator on the bottom floor before you activate the alarm.  Activate
    the alarm, then go down the stairs to the left.  Get the WarlordArmor, then
    head southwest.  Go north at the intersection.  Keep going north out the door,
    then follow the path around to the next screen.  Go south to the next screen,
    then go to the intersection and go west.  Continue down the passage to the
    west-don't go in the door!  In the next room, go downstairs, go in the north
    door, take the elevator to the second floor, then go in the 2nd northern door.
    Get the SilverMoon.  You should have arrived now, so go out and fight
    To get IronClogs, SilverMoon:
    Reverse the above directions.
    You'll just see stronger versions of the same attacks you saw from MBlackI.
    His new attack, Shoot-All, is pretty powerful, but nothing you can't handle.
    Overall, he's not much harder than he was before.
    The ship will crash, and you'll be at BlackX Base.
    BlackX Base
    Treasures: SanctuaryStone, Magi-Water, MaxCureX3, GrainCannon, LethalGun,
    PowerBelt, HyperionBazooka
    Characters: none
    Your first two characters will come out and wonder where Red went, at which
    point Alkaiser shows up and says Red was injured and he'll fight with them
    from now on.
    Go upstairs and get the SanctuaryStone, then head up the ladder and go in the
    door around the corner.  Try to exit from the north door in the next room and
    the big enemy-filled area will open up.  Fight past them to get the Magi-
    Water, MaxCure, and GrainCannon.  Hit the yellow button in the back to open
    the northern door and escape.
    Go upstairs in the next room and exit by way of the stairs in the northwest.
    Get the MaxCures and LethalGun, then exit through the northern door.  Get the
    PowerBelt in the northeastern corner of the next room.  Hit the switch in the
    north to bring down the elevator, then use it to get up.  Get the Hyperion
    Bazooka to the east, then go north.  Go around the railing to the north and
    walk across the pipe just past the stairs.  Enter the door there.
    Here you discover that your mother and sister are not dead!  They are here
    inside this room.  After a touching scene, talk to your mom again to get the
    key you need to continue.  If you talk to her again, she'll heal your party.
    Now go back and through the yellow door in the northern wall.  You will soon
    meet the man himself, BlackX.
    This guy is not too powerful in comparison to the guys you have to fight
    after this, so if he's hard then you're gonna be in a little trouble.  His
    most powerful attacks are his instant death and petrify attacks like
    ChainHeat, DeathGaze, and StoneGaze.  DodgeGaze will help out here.  Just
    whack him into submission.
    Once you beat him, you'll meet Dr. Klein.  Now you'll not only have to listen
    to his little speech, but you'll have to beat Berva, Shuzer, and Arachne all
    at once.
    BOSS-3 Emperors
    This enemy keeps changing between 1 of the Emperors, except for MBlack.
    They have pretty much the same attacks, so use the same strategy as before.
    This might take a while, but it's nothing Alkaiser hasn't handled before.
    Once that's over, then you'll get a moment's respite.  Talk to Klein when
    you're ready to continue.  MBlackIII will appear, and heal all your party
    out of some strange sense of robot honor before attacking you.
    MBlackIII is just like MBlackII, only more so.  He has high HP, and a few
    new attacks, most notably his Dark Phoenix.  Once he uses Dark Phoenix,
    then have Alkaiser use his Al-Phoenix attack and you'll learn Alkaiser's
    ultimate attack, Re-Al-Phoenix.  You should be able to beat this guy
    without too much help, just make sure to get Re-Al-Phoenix.
    MBlackIII fully heals you when he dies, and Dr. Klein runs away.  Now the
    final boss of BlackX, BossX, attacks you.  Instead of being in the 4th
    dimension magisphere, you go to some other place with green swirly stuff.
    I guess it's the 5th dimension magisphere.
    BossX is a pretty bad ass, all in all.  He's got the highest HP of any of the
    other character's end bosses.  However, his attacks leave a little to be
    desired and the other characters don't have Alkaiser on their side, do they?
    He'll use Charm and StunGaze so equip the DodgeGaze tech or PurpleEyes.  This
    will also protect you from his special HyperGaze that can really mess you up.
    He will use a LordCannon(powerful attack), and his prettiest and most power-
    ful attack, JudgmentX, can take out anyone who's not above at least 300 or
    so HP.  If you've never seen this, then let him do it because it is nice-
    looking.  You know the drill here, DSC, LifeSprinkler, Tower, and heal up
    when necessary.  Re-Al-Phoenix will come in handy too.
    Now it's finally over.  Enjoy your ending, you earned it on this one.
    Next to Lute, Blue has the least eventful game in SF.  His entire game
    revolves around getting the gifts for the different types of magic, but
    since I always do that anyway no matter who I have it seems like there's not
    much to Blue's adventure.  You do get to play with some magic spells that no
    other character can get, though.  All in all, this game might be good for
    beginners to learn how SF works, but once you have played the game a few
    times you'll probably find Blue's chapter pretty boring.
    The Birth of a Great Wizard
    You begin the game at your graduation ceremony at the university in Magic
    Kingdom.  There you are told that the Kingdom needs a perfect magician, and
    that you cannot be one unless you cease to be divided.  This means that you
    must kill your twin brother Rouge and add his power to yours.  Isn't that
    cheery?  Even better is the fact that he is looking to do the same to you.
    Some family, huh?  Your first mission to become a better magician is to gain
    the gift for as many different types of magic as possible.  You will get to
    choose to travel to either Devin or Luminous to begin your search.  It
    doesn't really matter which one you go to, what's more important is the
    RegionMap that you're using to travel.
    Blue gets a special item called RegionMap.  This item allows you to travel to
    any region that you have been to before quickly and easily.  Each icon on
    the screen represents a different region.  Note that all the icons will never
    be lit up, since I think several of them represent areas that cannot be
    reached in Blue's game.  They were probably added so the game wouldn't crash
    if some gameshark using cheater decided to go there, or maybe there were more
    regions in the Japanese game that were removed, I dunno.  You should go to
    Scrap and get the infinite money and equipment trick going as soon as
    possible, then go collect as many characters as you can.  Also, at least pay
    a cursory visit to each region so that it will appear on your RegionMap.
    You will pick up a few characters on the Rune or Arcane quests, so leave space
    for them if you want them.  If not then don't worry about it because they will
    simply disappear if they join you while your party's full.  The following
    characters will join Blue:
    Humans             Mystics            Mecha           Monsters
    Lute               Silence            T260            Slime
    Roufas             Dr. Nusakan        EngineerCar     Cotton
    Annie              Measarthim                         Sei
    Fuse                                                  Thunder
    Emelia                                                Riki
    Gen                                                   Suzaku
    I usually build a squad like this:
    Team 1                   Team 2                 Team 3
    Blue                     T260                   Gen
    Dr. Nusakan              EngineerCar            Measarthim
    Roufas                   Liza                   Mei-Ling
    Lute                     Silence                Emelia
    Slime                    Riki                   Cotton
    Round up whoever you want, then level up and learn some techs.  Once you
    feel confident enough, then move on to the next phase of the adventure:
    collecting the gifts for the magics.
    This walkthrough is pretty easy for me, because I already wrote it.  Just
    follow the directions for the Rune or Arcane quest(your choice) and get the
    gift for either Light or Shadow magic.  Once you've done that, then level
    up a little more and learn the spells in these areas.  The walkthroughs
    for these quests are right above the character walkthroughs.  Note that
    you cannot get Mind magic's gift because Blue's mind is "divided".  Once
    you're ready(power up until you're packing at least 600 HP for your characters
    because you are gonna have a pretty hard fight in a second) head out to
    get the gift for either Time or Space magic.
    Get these gifts normally(this is outlined above).  Instead of offering to
    buy the magic from TimeLord or Kylin, respectively, Blue will instead attack
    them.  Apparently only one being in the universe can have the gift for Time
    or Space magic, so Blue must kill these creatures to get the gift.  Both are
    hard, so pick one and start whacking.
    TimeLord has all those nasty Time spells that are so powerful in your hands,
    plus he seems to have quite a few more HP than he does when you joins you
    in other chapters.  His TimeEclipse can render a party member motionless in
    stone, and ChaosStream can sometimes do very high damage.  He also has
    Mystic Magic and can put up GlassShields and throw PhantasmShots at you.
    Don't accidentally get caught in a GlassShield.  Use long range attacks if
    possible.  A useful spell here is the Realm Magic PsychicPrison, since it
    seals his magic spells.  It only works once though, and then must be
    refreshed.  Use PsychicPrison with Blue and smash him with everybody else.
    Once he get beaten pretty bad, then he'll use his OverDrive spell to get
    6-8 free hits on you.  If you survive that, though, he'll be drained of
    power and be forced to rely on his poison and kick attacks, which are pretty
    weak.  Make sure to equip PsychicPrison and also a spell like Grail or an item
    like AntiStone to sure the petrify spell.
    Kylin is probably the harder of the two bosses to beat.  His first move will
    be to LightShift, so that he can use his Photosynthesis to gain HP each round
    of battle.  Then he'll start smashing your party with truly awesome attacks
    that hit all your members, like ReverseGravity and SacredSong.  His Vortex
    attack will remove any powerups you put on your characters, so don't bother
    with status up spells.  Instead, use Blue's PsychicPrison spell to seal
    Kylin's magic.  This takes away most of his damaging attacks.  Make sure to
    use the PsychicPrison again each time it absorbs a spell, because it only
    works once.  Have everybody else use their best attacks.  The attack to watch
    for is the SacredSong, because the PsychicPrison won't block that(it's not
    really a spell).  After being hit with that, then it's time to concentrate
    on healing the party as quickly as possible because two of those in a row
    can easily kill the whole group.
    As soon as you defeat the boss, then you'll get the gift for that magic.  Exit
    the room and you'll begin the battle with Rouge immediately.
    This is a one-on-one battle between Blue and Rouge.  Rouge will use magic that
    is the opposite school from the magic that you got in the game, and some-
    times throw a MagicStone(which is usually his best attack, actually).  You'll
    see that every few rounds a type of magic appears in a dialogue box in the
    center of the screen.  This means that for the next few rounds of combat,
    that type of magic will be enhanced in power.  You can try to match the type
    of magic you use to the magic that is enhanced to get an advantage, but
    sometimes the enhanced magic is a magic that you cannot possibly have(like
    Mirage or Life).  Rouge will have the same HP as you.  Each time you are
    defeated, you lose 1 LP and are revived by an automatic Reviva spell.
    Whoever runs out of LP first loses.  My advice is:  instead of screwing around
    with that magic crap, just use your best sword tech or DSC until Rouge is
    pushing up daisies.  The game does not penalize you for this at all, and the
    battle goes by much faster.  Note that if you lose this battle, then you
    will continue the rest of the game as Rouge.  This means that you will get
    back any LP you used to buy weapons at the shop in Facinaturu, but you will
    lose all your techs except for Magic.  Otherwise, Rouge is the same as Blue.
    After this battle, you will see some credits...don't be fooled, the game's
    not over!  After the credits are over, the truth about your identity is
    revealed...Blue and Rouge were just two halves of the same person!  Looks like
    you need to go to Magic Kingdom and find out who's responsible for this.
    But first, head back to Kyo and get the gift for Mind Magic.
    Now you have all the types of magic in the game, except Evil, Mystic, and
    Mirage.  Life Magic contains only two spells, but they're good ones.  If
    you want, you can experiment to see how they work, because once you go to
    Magic Kingdom(using the RegionMap) then you're on the road to the end of the
    Demons Attack!  The Defeat of Magic Kingdom
    Magic Kingdom, Hell
    Treasures: NornsBangle, SanctuaryStone, BloodChalice, MaxCure, DragonSword
    Characters: none
    When you get back home, you find it in ruins.  Defeat the undead monster near
    the fountain and climb down the pipe in the upper right hand corner of the
    map.  Go down the wall and find out about the demon attack from the wounded
    people.  When presented with two paths, take the one on the right.  Fight the
    monsters, then fight the Giant.  He's pretty powerful, so be careful.  Now
    you'll be standing in front of three stars on a pedestal.  Get them in order:
    Right, Left, Center.  You'll get the NornsBangle.
    Now go back up and take the left route.  Inspect the center Goddess statue.
    You'll find yourself inside the Goddess, where you are told why you were
    split at birth...to create a powerful magician that could defeat the demons.
    You are upset at being used this way, but after the demons attack again you
    are motivated to do what you were meant to do and destroy them.
    When you reach the screen with all the bodies on it, you can go to the
    right and inspect the back of the podium in the room.  It tells you what order
    to get the stars in to get the NornsBangle.  I already told you that, though,
    so when you are ready to move on talk to the woman on the upper right hand
    side of the screen.  She'll take your RegionMap and Gate spell and you will
    descend into Hell to fight the demons.
    Note that you can return to the entrance to Hell to get your power recharged
    anytime you want.  Hell has a lot of little angels and puffy clouds(as a joke,
    I think).  The innocent looking cherubs are enemies, though, so avoid them if
    you can.  Note that in Hell, on the first round of combat enemies take a lot
    less damage than they should from attacks, then they take normal damage on
    the second and subsequent rounds.  I call this the "Hell Shield" and don't
    know why it is there.  Don't use up your super attacks in the first round,
    though, because they will not have full effect.
    Exit the first screen to the northeast.  Go north one screen, then walk west
    into the clouds and follow that path to get a SanctuaryStone.  Then go back
    onto the road and head north.  Go across the bridge until you are at a screen
    with a chest to your south.  It's a mimic, so avoid it.  There is a chest in
    the north that has a BloodChalice, and another in the west with a MaxCure.
    Exit northwest after getting the stuff.  Go up spiral staircase and make your
    way to the center door in the east.  In there, you can fight the DragonLord
    for the DragonSword.  Don't use close range attacks against him, or else
    he'll use Kasumi to shred you.  Do that, and he should die pretty easily
    (otherwise, you're gonna have trouble with the big boss).  Then go back out
    and use the transporter in the northeast corner to go to the end boss.
    BOSS-Hell's Lord
    This guy can be a real nuisance.  You cannot even use the OverDrive/Stasis
    Rune trick on him very effectively, because he switches between 2 forms and
    when he changes he breaks out of stasis!  His humanoid form has IllStorm to
    poison the whole party, Smile which paralyzes you all, LifeSteal to steal LP
    and heal himself, and his power attack, Sabers, which knocks off a good chunk
    of life.  His beastly form has a choice of either pelting you with all three
    of his breath attacks each round(fire, bolt, arctic) or physically attacking
    anywhere from 3-10 times.  I would recommend using the ShadowServant spell,
    followed by an OverDrive.  In the OverDrive, use Tower until the last move
    then use the StasisRune.  He'll probably break out of stasis, but you at least
    won't lose your JP.  Now hold him off until Blue wakes up and repeat.  This
    makes it pretty easy, especially if the rest of the party has good attacks to
    work with.  Don't forget about the "Hell Shield".  Never waste an OverDrive
    on the first round or else it'll have reduced effect.
    What!  That's the ending???  This made me want to vomit, really.  You don't
    want to see this.  Just turn away and make up your own ending, this is silly.
    The thing just fades to grey.
    Emelia has a pretty enjoyable adventure.  She stands out as the one character
    who has multiple outfits, so the Barbie fans who play SF won't be
    disappointed.  You can get several different things to wear, from a Rambo
    outfit to a wedding dress.  (Obviously the bunny outfit is the best, It's the
    cutest by far).  So far as gameplay, there is a decent story interwoven with
    a few unique dungeons.  Unfortunately, most of Emelia's game is played in
    places that you can go with any character, removing a lot of the uniqueness.
    I Shot the Sheriff
    Hi honey!  I'm home!  Oh, you're dead, huh?  And there's this freaky looking
    guy there with a bloody weapon!
    You get arrested under suspicion of killing your husband, who was killed by
    the infamous criminal Joker.  After Fuse accuses you of killing his partner
    and being a durty slut or whatever he calls you, you end up in Despair prison.
    Strangely, later if you get the Shield Card in I.R.P.O., Fuse seems to have
    forgotten about you(I guess partners getting killed just doesn't stick in
    your mind in this game).  Anyway, that's off the point.  You'll have a few
    conversations that basically say that if you can get the Freedom Rune, then
    the warden will release you.  So you, Annie, and Liza sneak out of your room
    at night to get it.
    Head south after leaving your cell.  Take the next pipe to the west, then
    head west through the pipe and up the ladder.  Jump down the hole into the
    locker room.  Now you can use the Despair walkthrough in the Rune Quest
    section above to get the rest of the way to the rune, since I don't feel like
    typing all that again.  The Nidheg boss will be decidedly weaker, and will
    run away after you damage it a little, so don't be afraid.  After you touch
    the rune, the warden releases you.
    You try to head home, but Joker attacks you.  Luckily everybody's favorite
    muppet Roufas shows up to help out.  You are taken to Gradius HQ.
    Agree to help them find Joker.  This will allow you to undergo "training".
    First, you have to shoot the target.  This is a menial task, shouldn't pose
    any trouble.  Next, you've got to get back to Gradius HQ from the sewers.
    It's pretty much a straight shot, just don't miss the sack of credits down
    there.  Talk to Roufas to finish the training.  Then you need to talk to Liza
    and Annie(Liza's in the other room, and Annie's standing outside).  You
    can then talk to Roufas a few more times to get some money and a clue about
    Before you go to Devin, you should probably go and pick up a few characters
    and do the infinite equipment trick to strengthen yourself.  Asellus, White
    Rose, Roufas, and Zozma will join you in the game.  Leave space for them,
    you don't want to miss a chance to get Zozma!  You'll probably want to go on
    the Rune quest, too, so leave space for Fei-On and Slime.  Fill up the rest
    of the party now, and get the good stuff.  The following people will join
    Humans              Mystics            Mecha            Monsters
    Lute                TimeLord           none             Slime
    Roufas              Measarthim                          Cotton
    Annie               Silence                             Sei
    Fuse                White Rose                          Thunder
    Rouge               Zozma                               Riki
    Gen                                                     Kylin
    Fei-On                                                  Suzaku
    Collect characters, then go on the Rune Quest to get Fei-On, Roufas, and
    Slime.  You should have 3 empty spots for Zozma, White Rose, and Asellus,
    these are all powerful characters.  My final party is something like:
    Team 1                Team 2                Team 3
    Emelia                Annie                 Liza
    Asellus               TimeLord              Zozma
    Fei-On                Fuse                  Gen
    Roufas                White Rose            Lute
    Slime                 Mei-Ling              Riki
    Note that if you want to do the Arcane quest too, you won't be able to get
    the Gold Card until you finish your Gradius mission in Baccarat.
    Once you're done with all that, then return to Gradius HQ to get your first
    Martial Arts Rhythmic Gymnastics
    Shingrow Palace
    Treasures:  SanctuaryStone
    Characters: none
    You end up being entered in the Masked Martial Arts Tourament in the most
    ridiculous outfit I have ever seen.  Get in line and enter the contest.
    Depending upon how much powering up you may have done, maybe you can win,
    but it doesn't affect anything.  After the tournament is over, you'll see
    Joker in the stands.  Talk to Annie and Roufas, then chase him.  Exit west,
    and keep going north to the end of the path for some people who'll recharge
    your energy.  Then go back down to the room with the long red carpet and go
    to the northernmost east exit.  Get the SanctuaryStone, then follow Joker
    south.  Beat the guards, then search the flowerpot to reveal a secret
    entrance.  Get the CeramicSword in the next room by hitting a hidden button
    near the sword, then go east.  You'll have to fight the Goblin boss in the
    next room past the three guards.  This guy sucks so bad I'm not gonna put a
    strategy for him, he probably can't even damage you at all if you've levelled
    up, and if not he certainly can't kill you.  Bash his brains in and the
    mission is over.
    To accept your next mission, then you need to go talk to Roufas at HQ and
    get your pay, then train in the firing range.  After that, if you talk to
    Roufas again you'll get another mission.
    The Gold Rush
    You'll end up in Baccarat.  Talk to the people until you see Joker.  Follow
    him 2 floors up and get in the elevator.  Go down the manhole where Liza and
    Annie will join you.  Use the walkthrough for this section in the Arcane
    quest section to find the Gnome's room.  You'll have a confrontation with
    Joker, and just as you're about to end his miserable life, he throws some
    gold and the Gnomes go crazy, allowing him to escape.
    What you do here affects your ending.  Emelia has 2 endings.  If you simply
    leave the sewer now, then you get one.  If you follow the directions below
    and beat the boss, you get another.  The ending you get if you don't fight the
    boss is actually more informative, I think, but whichever one you want you've
    got to decide now.
    If you decided to go beat the boss, then go south from the gnome room, then
    go south again, turn east, go past the staircase up, then enter the cavern
    just past them near the center of the room.  Follow this path to meet
    Gargantu is a big wussie.  Equip JetBoots and 3/4 of his attacks will have
    no effect.  His MysteryTap is his only attack that may cause a problem, but
    chances are he'll be dead before he can use it.  That is, of course, provided
    you got the good equipment from the Junk Shop before coming here.  Otherwise
    it may take a while, but it still isn't too difficult.
    Beat Gargantu and get the PurpleEye.  You comment that it used to belong to
    Ren.  Exit the manhole to get back home and end the mission.
    Now, if you are on the Arcane quest, you can go back in there with your gold
    ingots and get the Gold Card.
    Go back to HQ, get your pay, rest, train in the firing range, then talk to
    Roufas again to get the next mission.
    Yaruto Gets Fired!  The Arrival of Mondo
    Trinity Base
    Treasures: EMES Tag, SanctuaryStone
    Characters: Asellus, White Rose, Zozma
    Now you've "volunteered" to become part of Yaruto's harem(Yaruto is the head
    of Trinity Base, and a real sex-starved maniac).  Not only that, but you're
    dressed like a damn genie.  Oh well, at least you get to dance a little and
    loosen up, even if it is in front of those evil guys...AAAHH!  A blackout!
    Just when you were starting to have fun.  Oh well, at least you can try to
    find out about Joker.  Exit the room.  Asellus and White Rose will join up
    here, after you beat a monster together.  Equip the new characters.  Try
    to avoid fighting whenever possible, your small force will make it
    difficult to survive.
    Go upstairs one floor and enter the second room on the far right.  Beat the
    two monsters, then talk to the boy in the back.  He's really Zozma, a mystic
    who is responsible for attacking this base.  He'll join up.  Equip him and
    you'll have a pretty powerful party.  Use his SharpPain spell to immobilize
    most enemies and fight more safely.
    Go back out and all the way downstairs and into the door on the left.  Follow
    the path until you meet a robot guarding a door.  Go in there after smashing
    the robot.  AAACK!  Joker is getting away!  Get out and head to the bottom
    floor.  Go to the western end and enter the door.  Beat the living weapon
    enemies for an EMES Tag, then get the SanctuaryStone.  Go downstairs across
    from door, head east, and take the north door at the end of the passage.
    Head west to exit.
    There's a room in the base with a crane you can operate, and I haven't found
    any use for it.  If you know Email me please.  I'm pretty sure it's nothing,
    Now you can go back to Roufas and get paid, rest, train, and get your next
    You'll be sent back to Trinity Base...alone.  Do not get in any fights here
    if you can help it, because you are not going to last long by yourself.
    On a brighter note, you get a cool commando outfit, second only to the bunny
    outfit in style and overall cuteness.
    Go downstairs, go all the way to the east, then take the north door.  Head
    east then go up the stairs in the next room.  From the next room take the door
    to the east and keep following the path until you get to the commander's room.
    Commander Mondo will talk to you...he's a pretty smooth talker, that hides the
    fact that he's certifiably insane.  He'll give you the AngelBroach that was
    given him by an old friend(Lute's dad...who he killed).  After that's over,
    meet your friends outside and regroup.  Go all the way downstairs and out the
    front door to complete the mission.
    A Long Awaited Wedding
    Return to Roufas, and you'll get your last campaign fund.  Then talk to him
    again when you're ready to face the final challenge.
    You'll make your way toward the outpost in the Yorkland mountains.  It is
    pretty much a straight shot, but there is a hidden path in the trees to the
    south about halfway there that leads to a scenic yet useless area.  All the
    way to the east you'll come to a chapel, where for some reason everybody
    decides to have a mock wedding in the middle of the mission.  During this
    festivity, you are attacked by the end boss, Diva.
    The Diva goes through two forms.  She has many simple attacks, but the ones to
    watch out for are her GaleAttack and Retribution.  These hit all your guys
    hard.  Keep healed up, and use your best attacks and combos.  If Asellus is
    there, don't forget MysticalChange to increase her power.  Anti-death items
    or DodgeGaze will come in handy to avoid her DeathGaze attack.  Other than
    that, really not much to say.  If you're powerful enough, she'll pose no
    Your ending, like I noted earlier, depends on whether you beat Gargantu or
    just left the Baccarat dungeon after meeting Joker.  They're both decent, so
    you might want to play this one twice.
    Riki has one of the better adventures in SaGa.  There's lots of stuff to do,
    and the character deelopment is much better than in some other games.  You
    are limited in that you cannot do the Rune quest(Riki can't get the rune
    inside Tanzer).  Don't get any runes, or else you won't be able to go on the
    Arcane quest either.  Also, Riki's end boss is probably the hardest one of
    all to defeat.  I had a good time with this one.  His ending doesn't suck
    too bad, like a lot of the other ones do, either.  Unfortunately, as in most
    chapters of SaGa, Riki recycles the common dungeons to make his story events
    occur instead of having unique areas to visit.
    Margmel is Dying!  A Call to Action
    Margmel, Scrap
    Treasures: RING/Guardian, 400 credits, 400 credits, KukriBlade, PowerCure,
    SteelAmulet, RING/Merchant
    Characters: Lute, Gen, Mei-Ling, T260
    After watching the opening, you'll be in the town of Margmel.  The only
    eventful thing to do here is to fight the sisters that are near the center of
    town.  Absorbing their powers will give Riki some valuable extra HP and
    abilities.  Once you're satisfied, go to the elder in the northernmost
    dwelling and hear the story of the rings.  Riki must collect all 9 in order
    to save Margmel.  Get the RING/Guardian from the elder, and move on to
    Riki's Rings are very useful tools, so equip him with at least 1 or 2 of them
    at all times(once you have a collection).  These rings are what give Riki
    the power he needs to beat some of the powerful foes he must face.  The
    first ring, Guardian, allows you to double your entire party's defense power.
    Use it in boss battles.
    You end up in Scrap.  Go to the bar.  Talk to everyone and you'll acquire
    T260, Mei-Ling, Lute, and Gen(as you leave) into your party.  Now that you've
    done that, now would be an excellent time to go down to the Junk Shop and do
    the infinite equipment trick.  This will take a little while, but it makes the
    first part of Riki's game 10 times easier.  If you do not do it, then the
    Caballero factory and the next area will be very dangerous, otherwise they'll
    be a joke.
    Once you've equipped yourself in the Junk Shop, save and go to Caballero's
    office to work out an arrangement.  Apparently he wants Mei-Ling to go with
    him for some "private negotiations".  Hmmm, time to rescue her.  Talk to Gen
    in the bar when you're ready to begin the rescue.
    After you split up and Mei-Ling smacks Caballero silly, you'll be in a room
    with 400 credits.  Get them, then go out and meet your friends.  Get the
    400 credits and the KukriBlade in the buildings outside, then enter the
    front door.
    There are several snipers above you in the factory.  If you get in a battle
    with an enemy near where a sniper is, then throughout the battle you will
    be getting nailed with Enemy Fire from the snipers.  If you are strong, or
    got good equipment from the Junk Shop, then the weak Enemy Fire won't really
    hurt you all that much, but if you don't have good armor or you are going for
    the maximum style points, you can use the cranes and levers around the
    factory to knock off the snipers.  In order to achieve this level of
    smoothness, you should immediately run into the east door upon entering the
    factory(don't fight the mech there or you'll get shot up and look really
    silly).  Climb upstairs.  You will see a lever right next to where you come
    out of the stairwell on the upper level.  Hit it and you'll knock off the
    sniper below.  There's one down.  Beat up the human enemies up here, then go
    to the far west of the upper level.  There are two levers here.  The upper one
    is used later, so for now hit the lower one.  You'll move a box on the lower
    level to reveal a switch that will soon be important.  Now go back to the
    stairwell and climb down(you can go down from the stairs nearby, but you'll
    have to be pretty swift to avoid the enemies there.  It's probably best to
    go back the way you came).
    Once you exit the stairwell, you'll be back where you started.  Immediately
    hit the switch right next to you to your north.  That will take out the sniper
    that is in front of you.  Now lure as many enemies as you can into the south-
    east area and destroy them there away from the snipers.  After that, you can
    get to the lever that is where the box once was(the box you moved earlier).
    Hit it, and you will be operating a crane.  Press O just as the crane passes
    over the sniper and you will not only get him out of your way, but also give
    him one hell of a wedgie.  This allows you to pick up the SteelAmulet and the
    PowerCure in the two boxes(you can see that two of the boxes are glowing-it's
    those two).  Now sneak north until you can lure the human enemy and the
    flying skeleton enemy south away from the last sniper and kill them.  After
    that, go to the lever that is near the box in the northwest and hit it to
    raise the elevator.  Now you can go all the way back upstairs and press the
    switch that was useless earlier(in the northwest) to drop the box on the head
    of the strangely unsuspecting sniper.  It should now be free and clear all
    the way to Caballero.
    What treachery is this?  Caballero running away and letting robots do his
    fighting for him?  Unheard of!  After approaching him, he does just that and
    leaves you to deal with his new model, the VulcanII.
    BOSS-VulcanII and D-Tractors
    This enemy can be either very hard or ridiculously easy depending upon whether
    you did the trick and got good equipment from the Junk Shop.  If you did not,
    you'd better go all out with your techs and cut your way through to destroy
    VulcanII, then mop up the remaining D-Tractors.  VulcanII's vulcan cannon will
    knock off a good chunk of a weakly armored character's health.  The D-Tractors
    are not pushovers either, since their most common attack is Tackle, an
    attack that combos with itself(so if they all target the same guy, they'll
    probably combo him into oblivion).  However, if you shopped in the Junk Shop
    for 30-45 minutes and stocked up on good items, then these four enemies will
    probably go down to 4 attacks, and they will be almost unable to hurt you.
    After beating the robots, Mei-Ling negotiates a settlement for the ring, and
    Caballero reluctantly agrees.  You get the second ring, the RING/Merchant.
    This ring allows you to charm all of your enemies, a powerful attack against
    many monsters.  Now you can head for Koorong(the guy at the taxi service has
    lowered the price from 10000 to 10...talk about a discount!).
    Tanzer's Hungry!  Inside the Beast
    Treasures: MissilePod, Magi-Water, SanctuaryStone, RING/Thief
    Characters: Fei-On
    Talk to Mei-Ling, and she'll run off the locations of all the rings for you.
    Once you've had your fill of info and shopping, then try to go anywhere from
    the port and Tanzer will swallow you.  Looks like you just decided which ring
    to get next...
    Talk to Fei-On, then follow him to his village.  Talk to him there, and he'll
    lead you to Nomad's Lair.  It is in a small black puddle to the south along
    the path to the Vitality Rune.  Note that you cannot get the Vitality Rune
    because you're not on the Rune Quest yet(and you can't get to Devin to get on
    the Rune quest until after you've defeated Tanzer, so you can't get this
    rune).  If you need help here, check the walkthrough in the Rune Quest
    Once inside Nomad's lair, avoid or defeat her henchmen then enter the north
    door.  Get the Magi-Water in the east room and the MissilePod in the north
    room.  Then take the far southwest door to fight Playhooks.
    This guy will be a piece of cake if you got the good equipment while you were
    in Scrap.  Otherwise, try to combo and destroy his little friend quickly, or
    else they will combo you and hurt you bad.  There's really not much strategy
    available, just kill them one at a time.
    Once Platyhooks is dead, get the SanctuaryStone from the dresser.  As you try
    to descend, Fei-On appears.  Put "Wait a sec" and talk to him to get him to
    join you.  Then continue down.  You'll follow a short path.  Save here, then
    enter the door to fight Tanzer.
    This guy is tough, especially for characters at the strength you're probably
    at.  Also, Tanzer is proficient at comboing with his spore throwing pods
    that surround the heart.  You cannot target these pods, so you have to go
    all out on the heart.  Use the best attacks you can.  If you didn't take the
    time to do the infinite equipment trick in Scrap, then really only luck can
    save you here.  Otherwise, it is still a fairly hard fight, but if you're
    careful you should come out on top.  Try to combo, and keep yourself healed.
    The RING/Guardian's defense increase will be useful here, but it will have
    no effect against the heart's AcidBreath attack so don't let your HP get too
    After beating Tanzer and saving Nomad, you get the RING/Thief.  This ring
    hides the whole party(like a HideRune spell).  This allows you to completely
    avoid attacks.  However if you attack, you come out of hiding.
    Now you finally have freedom to travel and go wherever you want.  Use this
    time to collect magic, equipment, and characters.
    You already have Gen, Lute, T260, Fei-On, and Mei-Ling.  You will get Dr.
    Nusakan, Sei, and Annie in the game.  You should fill out the rest of the
    squad now. The following people will join Riki:
    Humans            Mystics            Mecha            Monsters
    Lute              Dr. Nusakan        T260             Cotton
    Gen               Measarthim         EngineerCar      Sei
    Fuse                                                  Thunder
    Mei-Ling                                              Suzaku
    Annie                                                 Kylin
    You'll have to start the Arcane quest to get a full roster of characters.  I
    usually go ahead and do that now.  Once it's all over, I have a party like:
    Team 1                  Team 2                  Team 3
    T260                    EngineerCar             Gen
    Mei-Ling                Fei-On                  Fuse
    Dr. Nusakan             Measarthim              Annie
    Lute                    Emelia                  Kylin
    Riki                    Sei                     Cotton
    Once you're satisfied with your characters, then it's time to start collecting
    the rest of the rings.  Go to Koorong and talk to Mei-Ling.
    The order in which you get them is somewhat flexible, but I usually do it this
    way, because you get the more useful rings first.  First head to Yorkland.
    The Stealer of Dreams
    Go to the rich man's home in Yorkland.  It's near the center of town.  You'll
    be told of the daughter's condition, and offer to help.  Mollasite will attack
    you, then run away before you can defeat it.  You are told that you need to
    talk to a man who is well versed in destroying monsters like this, who lives
    in the backstreets of Koorong.
    Head back there and go to Nusakan's office.  He'll join you permanently at
    this point.  Now go back to Yorkland with him.
    Fight Mollasite again, this time for real.
    This enemy is really easy, as long as you don't chase it away.  Don't damage
    it very much each round, only maybe 1000 points or so.  Wait until it climbs
    on the bed and destroys it.  That's your cue to kick ass, since it's not
    going to run away anymore.  Once you unleash all your power on it, Mollasite
    won't last long.
    Once you beat Mollasite, the girl gives you the RING/Healer.  This ring heals
    the whole party to max, very useful in big battles.  Talk to the rich man
    and get money from him over and over until he begs you to stop, then go back
    to Koorong.
    Rats and Schemers
    Once you get to Koorong and talk to Mei-Ling, she'll offer to take you to
    Baccarat to get another ring.  Take her up on it.
    Get off the elevator in the hotel and go to room 2001.  The suicidal guy
    in there says he lost everything...oh well, not the ring!  Um, uh oh.  A rat
    stole the ring.  Well, now he really should kill himself.  But he does have
    the decency to wait for you to leave the room chasing that rat!
    Chase it from the table to the woman's dress and hit the rat jackpot on the
    slot machine.  After the guy wins the roulette game, chase the rat to the top
    of the chandelier and fall to the parking lot.  Enter the Gnome Cave.
    Once inside, exit the first room to the southeast and corner the rat to get
    the RING/Hero.  This ring seals your status so that you are immune to
    status problems until the end of the battle or you are knocked unconcious.
    Probably the most useful ring.  It's invaluable fighting the end boss.
    Now for the next ring, head to Manhattan.  Go to the accessory shop.  You'll
    get a message that the ring has been bought by the Lord of Owmi.  Note that
    you'll only get this message if you have at some point in the game had the
    money to buy it.  If you have done the infinite money trick, then that's no
    problem otherwise go do it and it'll be taken care of.  Once you see that it's
    sold, head to Owmi for it.
    Once in the castle, some guy(he looks nothing like the castle lord from
    Asellus' game.  Maybe he moved out?) throws you into the dungeon!
    Use the walkthrough for this area that is in the Owmi section above to get
    out and go into the bedroom(with the large suit of armor in front of it).
    Once you confront the guy, he'll give up the RING/Schemer.  This ring attacks
    the enemies.  It's not too great, but that's one more ring down.
    The Two Prisoners...The Warden and the King
    Head back to Koorong and talk to Mei-Ling again.  Liza will show up and tell
    you to talk to Annie at the restaraunt.  She'll offer to take you to Despair
    for the ring(Mei-Ling sure is loaded with cash, huh?).
    Follow Annie once you get inside the prison.  She'll take you to the far east
    upper level.  Talk to the warden in the door here and you'll get the
    RING/Hermit.  This ring allows you to block magic attacks.  If you are getting
    the runes, then the warden will allow you to get the Freedom Rune before you
    leave.  Since you can't get all 4 runes, I wonder why he does this??  Anyway,
    you got your ring, so now go to Shrike.
    Go to Sei's Tomb.  Use the walkthrough above in the Shrike section to find
    your way to Sei's chamber.  Instead of attacking you, Sei gives you the
    RING/Fighter and joins you.  This ring increases your attack power.  Now you
    have 8 rings.  Only one more to go...
    The Final Ring!  Riki's 8 Trials
    Treasures: 400 credits, 400 credits, RING/Lord
    Characters: none
    Head to Mosperiburg.  Travel straight north until you see Virgil.  He'll tell
    you to complete each room in his castle, then come back and he'll let you
    challenge him for the ring.  So it's off you go back down into the castle to
    complete the tests.
    You must get this ring last, because the other 8 rings are the keys to enter
    each room in Virgil's palace.  There are 2 floors with 4 rooms each.  It's
    laid out something like:
    2nd Floor          6                8
                    5                      7
    1st Floor          2                4
                    1                      3
    Check the corresponding number for a description of the test.  Once you get
    all 8 VirgilKeys, then go talk to Virgil again(save first).
    1.  Search each gravestone until you see the sparkle of a key.  Each time you
    search the wrong gravestone, a skeleton enemy appears in the room.  It's
    random each time where the key is.
    2.  Fight your way to the key.  This one's pretty straightforward.
    3.  Fight the MagmaSlimes.  Use a party with a lot of mecha if you can,
    because the MagmaSlimes attacks directly take away 1 LP.  Protect Riki with
    LifeCandy and such if he's about to die, since if you lose him the game's
    over.  Use 2GaleSlash, Haze-to-Wheel, and mass attack magic spells to cut
    down wave after wave of the slimes.  After you kill about 30 of them they
    stop coming.
    4.  Participate in the game show.  The items that are used are random, so
    you'll just have to remember their prices.  The game is like Price is Right,
    you have to tell whether the next item on the list is more or less expensive
    than the previous one.  If you get them all, then you get the key as well
    as the last item on the items list.  If you miss one, you have to fight
    enemies, but your entire party becomes a bunch of Rocky enemies.  That's
    pretty embarassing, so try to avoid messing up.
    5.  Search each barrel until you find a key.  It's random, you'll just have
    to check them all.
    6.  Get all the money bags in the Pac man-like maze, then get the chest.
    7.  Beat all the enemies in the room.  For extra style points, you can
    use the switches in the floor to activate the bowling balls and knock the
    enemies off.
    8.  There is a secret path across the spikes that allows you to get the
    2 bags of credits and the key.  If you step off the path, you are attacked.
    Follow the woman walking on the spikes to find the path(be patient with her,
    she's in no hurry).
    Before returning to Virgil, save and put 4 humans in the party with Riki that
    each have CrossShot, EnergyChain, Fist, HardSlash, SwallowSwing, or any other
    attack that combos with itself.  Equip them all the same way.  Save, then
    enter Virgil's room.
    You can't actually do damage to Virgil's HP.  The only way to beat him is to
    score 10 points by doing combos.  Level 2 combos are worth nothing, but level
    3 is worth 2, level 4 is worth 3, and level 5 is worth 5.  The easiest way
    to get the big combos is to have all 4 humans do the same attack that will
    combo with itself, then have Riki do something that can stick on the front
    or back of it.  You'll get either a level 4 or 5 combo almost every time
    and Virgil will die easily.  Of course, you can try to be all fancy, but
    that just takes longer as far as I'm concerned.  If you take too long to do
    your combos then Virgil starts attacking, and you won't last long once that
    happens, so try to take him out fast.
    After beating Virgil, you'll get the RING/Lord.  This ring restores the
    party's WP and JP.  Now that you have all 9 rings, you'll be instantly taken
    back to Margmel.
    The End of Margmel
    You'll meet the elder here, and he'll tell you to use the rings to wish
    Margmel back to life.  You've got to be careful with the wording on those
    all powerful wishes, though...Riki's wish for Margmel to be reborn is causing
    everyone who wasn't there when the region was created to disappear!  As if
    that wasn't bad enough, Mei-Ling reveals that the whole time she has been
    under the evil control of the Black Ring, lord of the 9 rings(um, is this
    starting to sound familiar, Tolkien fans?).  Now you must fight her in her
    powered up form, Master Ring.
    If Mei-Ling is in the lead party, move somebody else in there before you walk
    over to her and initiate the battle.  Otherwise you'll have an empty space
    in your party.  Also, equip the RING/Healer and RING/Hero too.
    This guy is a nightmare!  Master ring has 9 friends that each represent one
    of the minor rings.  They each have status attacks, and they cast spells to
    increase MasterRing's stats.  The ones that attack have a nasty habit of
    trying to combo with MasterRing.  Well, just use mass attacks to kill all of
    the little guys and have MasterRing all to yourself, you say?  That's not
    such a good idea either, since if you kill all the small ring guardians then
    MasterRing will start continuously using its Revolution9 attack on you.  Two
    of those in a row and even the most powerful party is destroyed.  Do not
    kill the small guys, just concentrate on MasterRing with your best attacks.
    Start the battle by using the RING/Hero to protect yourself from the status
    ailments.  Save the use of the RING/Healer for when you're in serious HP
    trouble, and use your DSC, LifeSprinkler, Tower, and best monster attack
    from Riki to dust MasterRing.  MasterRing has very high defense, so it will
    be hard to severely damage him, but if you're strong enough you'll come
    out on top.
    Now enjoy the ending, it's a pretty good one(you'll think so too if you look
    at some of the others...).
    Well, I'm finally done!!!!!  If there are any questions, additions,
    suggestions, or comments be sure to email me at nefdar@hotmail.com.
    Thanks for looking at my work, it makes it actually sort of worth it.
    Square, for a game good enough to motivate me to write this monster
    Phoenix, who helped me take notes and crap and sat with me while I played
    this game entirely too much
    Marc, for helping me type and playing Tekken with me when I got bored
    Mikba, for the location of the LightRifle weapon
    RoadHog, for helping me with the combo and monster forms lists
    Dimetric Houston, for pointing out that you don't have to get the turnip in
     Asellus' chapter
    Anyone else I accidentally left out?  Write me and refresh my memory.

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