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Plot Guide by aoiseishin

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 03/09/03

Date: 9 March 2003

                          ESSENCE OF SAGA (version 1.0)
                     Making Sense of the SaGa Frontier World
                                   by Lynn U.
*Spoiler Warnings
*Important Note
*Author's Note
*Extra Tidbits
*Regions / Organisations
*Background Information
*Got a Question?
*Disclaimers and Acknowledgements

SaGa Frontier is the fourth instalment of the Romancing SaGa series created by 
Squaresoft, and was released somewhere in 1997. A non-linear RPG, it was a game 
that one would either love or hate tremendously. Although the North American 
release was not very well-received, the Japanese release enjoyed tremendous 
success. This was enough of a catalyst for the release of two books (in 
Japanese) about the game: "The Essence of SaGa Frontier" and "The Complete of 
SaGa Frontier".

"The Complete of SaGa Frontier" is a strategy guide to the entire game, listing 
every statistic, map and monster information a player would need. "The Essence 
of SaGa Frontier", on the other hand, details all seven plotlines within the 
game (plus a deleted eighth one), joining them up into one giant main quest 
comprising all of the major characters and a ton of extra ones.

It is the latter that this FAQ is based upon. It was created in an effort to add 
many interesting details and background information to the colourful world of 
SaGa Frontier, much of which were omitted due to lack of memory or time 
constraints. It was created to prove that there is more to SaGa Frontier than 
meets the eye. It was created to prove that SaGa Frontier does, indeed, have a 

Please take this warning SERIOUSLY! If you have not finished playing the game 
and would not like to be spoilt silly, do not read this FAQ. I have tried to 
keep in-game spoilers out of it as much as possible, but the little bits will 
always slip through.

However, if you have finished the game and are interested in knowing about the 
background of certain characters (or the ending of a, ahem, certain character's 
quest -.-xxx) or have several mysteries solved... or if you just plain don't 
care for spoilers no matter if you've played the game or not, then by all means, 
read on :o)

This FAQ is not a direct translation of "The Essence of SaGa Frontier" and it 
will never reach the level of depth and information that the book contains. If 
you are able to read Japanese, I highly recommend that you order the book and 
read it for yourself-- it would be infinitely more enjoyable than simply reading 
a translated compilation of it on a webpage.

This FAQ was created to serve the minority of SaGa Frontier fans who can neither 
read nor understand Japanese, and have nowhere to turn to but the good 
Samaritans who understand Japanese and willingly answer our questions without 
fail. To order these books, you will most likely have to go through an online 
bookstore. The following details should help you make the order:

The Essence of SaGa Frontier              The Complete of SaGa Frontier
336 pages                                 366 pages
Studio Bent Stuff 1997                    Studio bent Stuff 1997
ISBN# 4893668951                          ISBN# 4893668099

Besides, "The Essence of SaGa" is reputed to have a treasure trove of beautiful 
artwork, so much so that even those who have no knowledge of Japanese have 
bought it ;o) So what are you waiting for?

Not a single part of this is made up. Really. Everything is based on factual 
evidence, although some of it can be really kooky at times. However, it is all 
completely true, completely canon, and not fanon. There are several speculations 
by fans that I have included simply because they lend more depth to the 
character involved, but this is the exception rather than the norm, and they are 
quite clearly marked out.

For more speculations, I suggest visiting the GameFAQs SaGa Frontier board-- it 
has a wonderful community, both helpful and friendly, and many have a horde of 
interesting speculations to answer the numerous "why's" the game presents us 


Where did this name come from? Anyone who knows that the original name for this 
instalment was going to be "Romancing SaGa 4" would wonder about that. Well, 
according to Essence, there is a quote in a previous game which mentioned a 
place called Frontier. The description below it shows that it was a prophecy 
made by Poet, from Romancing SaGa 1, indicating the appearance of SaGa Frontier.

So, to quote Hyena, "the name change came from a quote said a long time ago that 
hardly anyone remembers."

The seven quests were acknowledged to have taken place at around the same time. 
A very vague timeline would be beginning with Asellus (technically, hers began 
twelve years before game time) and ends with Blue. Everyone else's begins and 
ends somewhere in the middle.

Yes, there is an eighth quest that was supposed to centre on the members of 
IRPO. Your main character was supposed to be Fuse, and it served to explain, 
among others, the seemingly trivial sub-quest of having to retrieve a flower 
from the top of a mountain. "The Essence of SaGa" has a mini IRPO novel that 
tells Fuse's entire quest, and suffice to say, it is very entertaining. 
Unfortunately, it was deleted from the game due to time constraints.

I may put up the summarised version of the novel later on, but for now the bits 
are scattered throughout several characters.

(arranged alphabetically)

Annie is a member of Gradius and had helped Emilia escape from Despair, along 
with Liza, another Gradius member. She is tough and practical, with several 
siblings to take care of. However, one of her sisters was adopted by a wealthy 
man in Yorkland-- the same girl who was possessed by Moral, a monster.

She knows about Shuzer of Black X because Gradius has always had a rivalry with 
it. Gradius' leader, Roufas, has been plotting its destruction for a long time.

Asellus was formerly a human girl who was turned into a half-mystic by Orlouge. 
He had infused her with his pure mystic blood, thus turning her into the first 
half-mystic to have ever been created. Asellus only realised this when she woke 
up twelve years later. She then escaped from Facinaturu with Princess White Rose 
by jumping into the fires of Kurenai and was transported to Mosperiburg.

She spent a majority of her life fleeing from Orlouge's lackeys, fighting those 
that stood in her way. Among the mystics she met were Furdo, Princess Lion, 
Princess Rei, and Zozma.

Asellus also stumbled upon the Bio Lab in Shrike and it was there did she 
witness the cruelty of humans; she met several mystics who had been captured and 
imprisoned there, soon realising that humans and mystics were so alike, yet were 
so equally evil towards one another. Evidently she and White Rose had also been 
captured by Yaruto, and Zozma broke into Trinity Base on a mission to rescue 

Contrary to popular opinion, Asellus and White Rose were not an item. Asellus' 
confusing feelings were speculated to be the after-effect of having Orlouge's 
blood in her. Gina was surprised by Asellus in the beginning, because she had 
thought the latter to be male.

In the end, after defeating Orlouge, Asellus was established as the new ruler of 
Facinaturu (albeit a sane one).

Blue and Rouge are twins from the Magic Kingdom, who were sent on separate 
quests to acquire and master as many schools of magic as possible. Their quests 
end in a single duel to the death, with the winner being allowed to return to 
the Magic Kingdom.

According to Essence, Rouge acquired space magic -- he was transported from the 
region, Paradise by Kylin due to his rudeness. In all likelihood, Blue acquired 
time magic. It is uncertain which twin acquired arcane, rune, shadow and light 

In the duel, it was Rouge who eventually won, thus earning him the title of 
Master Magician. He returned to the Magic Kingdom and ventured into Hell, alone, 
and fought against Hell's Lord. At the same time, Hell was being sealed up as 
Rouge was evidently used to stall for time. It worked out: Hell was sealed... 
but so was Rouge.

Ultimately, however, he managed to break free of his bonds after hearing the 
calls of his friends. Rouge had also begun warming up to them; his experiences 
in the outside world helped change his formerly cold personality for the better.

Diva is a giant monster sent by Joker to kill Emilia.

Doll is another patrolman, and the voice of reason in IRPO. This is a necessity 
due to the fact that most of IRPO comprises members who cannot talk or are plain 
idiots. Hence she is the one who keeps them together. Doll is known as Icy Doll, 
a good sign of her personality, but her real name is Doris.

Emilia is an ex-supermodel who was suspected of her boyfriend, Ren's murder. She 
was thrown into the prison Despair by a furious Fuse, but soon escaped with the 
help of Annie and Liza, joined Gradius, and eventually faced off with Joker, her 
boyfriend's murderer at gunpoint.

Joker turned out to be Ren, who had been possessed by the mask. Emilia shot the 
mask and freed him, but after that, she left him. Although she still loved him, 
she couldn't take the shock after all she had gone through.

Emilia also got her revenge on Fuse for falsely persecuting her by performing 
the Dream Super Combo (DSC) on him.

Furdo is a Mystic Lord that lives in the Magic Kingdom. He had fought Asellus 
and taught her that a high-ranked mystic isn't always powerful and dominating, 
as low-ranked mystics are also capable of acquiring unique powers that no one 
else has. In Furdo's case, he has the power to turn people to stone. The Time 
Lord is also an example.

Fuse is a hot-tempered patrolman who was good friends with Ren. After the 
latter's murder, he threw Emilia in Despair with barely a second glance. His 
flirtations with the IRPO secretary led to the quest of acquiring the flower 
from the top of Mt. Mosperiburg. He is known by the nickname Crazy Fuse, 
although his real name is reportedly Rooster.

Ildon and Rastaban are mystic princes under Orlogue's rule. However, Rastaban 
was also responsible for dethroning Orlouge by plotting his arrest and bringing 
Asellus to power. Ildon was mostly following Rastaban; he was sent by the latter 
to protect Asellus as she continuously tried to escape from Orlouge's minions.

Ildon assumes the title of "Prince of Black Wings", and is linked to the raven. 
Rastaban is the "Black Knight". Ildon and Rastaban are lovers.

Ren was Emilia's boyfriend and an IRPO patrolman, who was evidently killed by a 
masked man named Joker. However, Joker was actually another identity created 
after Ren was possessed by the mask. He had originally been on a mission to 
investigate Cube and other ancient legacies when the mask took hold of him. It 
is actually an item created by an ancient race to recover Cube. It carried the 
will of the ancients and was trying to recover their lost glory.

Kylin is a holy beast with the especially unique ability to control space magic, 
since by nature monsters are unable to acquire magic of any kind. It assisted 
Rei's reincarnation after her death, and is the creator of Paradise, a region 
created for all the children that exist.

This colourful region is a land inhabited by homeless children, or simply 
children who have had a bad life. It is much like Neverland, only more 
childlike, with towers and buildings made of colourful candy canes. There is 
also a maze to which Kylin transports any opponent who wishes to contest for the 
gift of space magic.

Because Paradise was created by Kylin, its existence is tied solely to Kylin's. 
When it dies, so does the region and all its inhabitants. Unlike in the game, 
Kylin does live after being challenged by Rouge for the gift of space magic.

Leonard was a scientist who was assassinated due to his knowledge about Mondo's 
secret dealings. However, he was able to live on as a mech and assisted T260G in 
its quest. After the battle, Leonard used the virus he attacked RB3 with to 
affect the Region Broadcast Centre's (RBC) main computer, releasing information 
about Trinity's evil doings. Trinity crashed in less than a week.

Leonard was elected as the new president after Mondo's fall, and established a 
new government.

Lute is a wandering minstrel in search of adventure, only to find himself facing 
off against his father's murderer-- Mondo. In his battle against Great Mondo, 
Lute delivered the finishing blow by playing the worst song ever. He was made 
the representative of Yorkland for Leonard's new government, after this.

Lute's father and Capt. Hamilton were friends and had worked together in an 
anti-Trinity movement. At the same time, Lute's father and Mondo had been best 
friends as well.

MBlack is a mech created by Dr. Klein. However, it is a sentient being with a 
kind personality. It is forced to fight against its will by its master and thus, 
does its best to fight Red fairly.

Mondo is the commander of Trinity, having arranged the monster invasion into 
Trinity Base to remove the previous commander, Yaruto. He was a friend of Lute's 
father and had formerly been involved as an agent in an anti-Trinity movement, 
along with his girlfriend. However, she has since died.

Mondo gave Emilia the Angel Broach because she resembled his deceased love-- 
both were agents in an underground movement. He also told Emilia about Joker's 
whereabouts because he wanted her to kill him.

Mondo has an arrangement set up with Black X: in return for military support, 
Dr. Klein builds Great Mondo for him. Incidentally, Great Mondo was created from 
Cube. He planned Leonard's assassination because the latter had found out about 
the agreement. The ending ties all characters together to face Great Mondo as 
the final boss.

Dr. Nusakan is a mystic doctor who has a clinic deep in the back alleys of 
Koorong. He is a lover of diseases, virology and anything else that makes one 
sick, even curses. It is for this reason that he opened up his clinic in 
Koorong-- his aim is not to help people but to conduct research on all things 
connected to illnesses and diseases. The reason he chose the human world is due 
to the mystics' immunity towards illnesses.

Dr. Nusakan is actually as strong as a Mystic Lord, although it is up for debate 
if he is as strong as Orlouge.

Orlouge is the dictatorial ruler of Facinaturu; his seat of power is in Chateau 
Aiguille; he has a harem-full of mystic women as mistresses, most notable of 
which are Princess White Rose, Princess Lion and Princess Rei. Under him is an 
assortment of mystic princes-- Ciato, Ildon and Rastaban are among them.

Orlouge ran over Asellus with his carriage while searching for his only missing 
mistress, Rei. He then infused her with his blood, effectively turning her into 
his heir, and sent a horde of underlings to reclaim her when she escaped with 
White Rose. Orlouge eventually faced off against Asellus herself and was 
defeated in battle.

Orlouge was truly defeated when he was arrested by Fuse for kidnapping girls-- a 
plot initiated by Rastaban as a coup de tat.

In ancient times, two countries were at war-- one built RB3 and another built HQ 
to battle each other. The war was won when someone had infected HQ with a virus, 
thus stopping it from functioning. Because RB3 was created to destroy HQ, when 
HQ stopped functioning, RB3 lost its main objective and stopped functioning as 

Rei was the first mistress of Orlouge. However, with the addition of many other 
mistresses -- the numbers reaching the 50's and 60's -- into the harem, she soon 
became jaded and eventually only wished for release from Orlouge's rule.

Rei managed to escape Facinaturu (and was the only princess ever to escape) 
through Kylin's help. She stabbed herself and was reborn as a 12-year old 
mystic, complete with memories of her previous life. She currently serves as a 
priestess in Devin's Shrine.

In terms of power, Rei is as strong as Orlouge. Before escaping, she had sucked 
his blood and, in effect, stole his power. It is because of this that Orlouge 
kept his mistresses in coffins, in order to prevent similar rebellions from 
happening again.

The name "Rei" means "zero", thus giving her the name "Princess Zero". It has 
been speculated that this symbolises her position as the first of Orlouge's 

Silence, true to his name, is a natural mute and is the only mystic patrolman of 
the ones already known. He can be a little insane, particularly when he is about 
to absorb monsters, as proven by his failed attempt to absorb Tanzer. Silence 
also has a nickname, courtesy of Fuse: Narcissistic Cosplay Jerk.

This is because Fuse dislikes Silence's dress style, which, like other mystics, 
is quite fancy-- Silence was also wearing an Ocean Jewel accessory which saved 
him when he was attacked by Maelstorm; Fuse, on the other hand, got blown away. 
However, Silence is also quite popular, so jealousy being Fuse's motive is a 
theory with merit.

SLIME (yes, it has its importance too ;o)
Slime played a vital role in the fight against BossX, going so far as to bring 
victory to its comrades. It had covered BossX's eye, causing him to scream: 
"Oooooops! What happened? My eye, my eye.... Please take it off, please! 

Slime had also directly attacked Mondo in the final battle, dropping onto Great 
Mondo's head and releasing acid. The acid dripped into the cockpit and Mondo was 
heard screaming.
Suzaku is a phoenix that was trapped in an ice cave by Jotnar. Fuse was able to 
melt the ice imprisoning it, using the fire from Kurenai in Facinaturu. Fuse had 
told Red, the eighth mistress of Orlouge, that if she did not want to get 
arrested for forgetting to report about the waste being incinerated, she had 
better melt the ice for him.

After being freed, Suzaku joined IRPO.

T260G is a mech that lost its mission and is on a quest to reclaim it. It was 
once the main frame of the ship used to destroy RB3-- in the opening sequence, 
the voice speaking to the captain before the ship crashed is that of T@60G. 
T260G's personality is female-based.

Tanzer is a giant monster that lives in the void. Although any other living 
being that steps out of their region ships and into the void will be consumed by 
it, Tanzer has a natural immunity against the void's effects. It is so massive 
that it sometimes swallows the region ships and their passengers, whole.

The Time Lord is actually a nameless, low-ranked mystic who is able to control 
time, giving him the power to rival that of a high-ranked mystic's. This unique 
ability drew Virgil's attention, and he granted the formerly unknown mystic the 
title of Time Lord. Virgil also supplied the laboratory in which the Time Lord 
could conduct his experiments and expand his mastery over time magic.

It is speculated that the Time Lord is modelled after an owl, if one examines 
the artwork in Essence. However, others have associated him with a snake, 
because he stands on the Serpentarius sign in his region and because of his 
poison-related attack.

Thunder is an ogre monster that was picked up by Lute when he was a baby monster 
who got lost. Lute picked him up and they lived together as brothers. Thunder is 
actually younger, only he's much bigger due to his being a monster.



Regions are equated to the planets of our solar system, and the void they are in 
is space. As such, to travel to other regions, one must use the region ships 
because anything that steps into the void is automatically consumed by it.

This region is basically a promised land for all males. It is the holy ground 
that turns them into heroes. IRPO is aware of the heroes' existence and allows 
them to do what they want.

With a pseudonym meaning "Inter-Regional Patrol Organisation", IRPO is the 
peace-keeping force overseeing all the regions. It has an acknowledged rivalry 
with Gradius, is investigating Cube and other ancient relics, and is also after 
organisations such as Black X. It is known as a sub-organisation of Trinity. 
Among its members are Fuse, Doll, Ren, Cotton, Suzaku and Silence.

Trinity is a major organisation that consists of Manhattan (for trade and 
politics), Tartarus (for labour and mechanics) and Nirvana (the residential 
section). Yaruto was its commander, but he was later ousted by Mondo.

The creation of Hell goes back many years ago. In ancient times, someone from 
the Magic Kingdom had collected the rings and wished for Heaven. However, as 
wishes never go as planned, the rings had created the opposite of Heaven, Hell, 


The three paintings behind Orlouge are symbolisms of mystic attributes: Pride 
that bows to None; Beauty that charms Anyone; Fear that dominates Everyone. The 
portraits were matched to the princesses that symbolized them: Rei (pride) with 
the purple hair on the left, White Rose (beauty) in the middle and golden-haired 
Lion (fear) on the right.

Mystic Lords are different from Lords. Any mystic born of nobility is considered 
a Mystic Lord; however, only certain individuals are given special titles based 
on their abilities. Among them are Virgil, who is known as the Ring Lord due to 
his mastery over the rings and Orlouge, who is the Charm Lord because he is 
undoubtedly the master charmer.

The Space Lord Kylin and the Time Lord were granted their titles due to their 
mastery over their respective fields. They are, however, not Mystic Lords 
because Kylin is a monster and the Time Lord is merely a low-ranked mystic.

King Sei of Shrike is known as the Death Lord, possibly because he was a great 
ruler who continues to protect his kingdom until today. So exalted was he that 
even his soldiers were willing to follow him until their death, and even after 

To become a Mystic Lord is not as easy as simply being born a noble, though. 
Several requirements had to be met: a mystic must be over 1000 years old, have a 
large territory, and must have conducted a Shayou hunt (basically, it's hunting 
humans). However, these rules were later abandoned due to the change in society.

In a nutshell, the title "Mystic Lord" recognises nobility in the mystic ranks 
whereas the title "Lord" is a recognition of one's unique ability and is 
recognised by all races.

Red's quest was supposed to have a unique spin to it-- he was supposed to have a 
love parameter that would determine how close Red and Yuria are. Depending on 
how Red responded to her, they would either end up together or not. However, due 
to a lack of memory, this project was scrapped, and it is the general consensus 
that they end up together.

Mystics have a longer lifespan than humans: they are immortal. However, 
immortality only denies death by natural causes; unnatural, outside elements 
such as stabbing or poison could most certainly kill a mystic.

The Master Ring and all the other rings bring absolutely no good; since they had 
originally been made by ancient monsters to collect negative energy from humans, 
these rings can only bring evil. It is said that the rings are embossed with an 
ancient monster language that has since died out. Virgil is known to have power 
over the rings, but the question of him being their creator is still unanswered.

Cube is a mysterious power core created by an ancient race-- it was being hunted 
down by Joker, and many have suspected it to be in Yorkland. Cube is actually 
located in Tartarus, and is the power source for RB3.


You must be wondering, "Where the heck is Roufas? Gen?? And the gazillion other 
weird things that exist in the game?!!"

If you don't see a question of yours that's been answered, then it's always a 
good thing to ask :) This FAQ is far from complete and will expand only when 
people start asking more questions, since the question-and-answer session makes 
it easier for our esteemed sources to figure out what people want to know. Of 
course, "The Essence of SaGa Frontier" does not have information about every 
single thing, right down to the colour of Asellus' hemline (some things are 
better left up to the imagination) but we will try our best to give you the 
information you want.

Feel free to send me your questions and I'll pass them on for you. On the other 
hand, if you're a member of GameFAQs, pop into the GameFAQs SaGa Frontier board 
and holler your question there. We all love new meat ;o)

SaGa Frontier is property of Squaresoft. "The Essence of SaGa Frontier" is 
property of Studio Bento Stuff. This FAQ is copyrighted 2003 Lynn U. and cannot 
be reproduced anywhere without my expressed permission.

Now, for the much-needed thank you's...

*to Squaresoft, for creating this immensely-detailed game-- even though it 
wasn't exactly a record-breaker, we still love it to this day :)

*to Studio Bento Stuff, the creators of "The Essence of SaGa Frontier", for 
fleshing out this intricate world and answering so many questions!

*to the contributors of the FAQ: Niu, Hyena, St. Ajora and all the ingenuitive 
people on the GameFAQs SaGa Frontier board who kept asking all the right 
questions-- it was you guys who breathed life into this little FAQ in the first 

*to GameFAQs, for creating the message board that has become a haven for 
desperate SaGa Frontier fans ;o)

*to Dragonsagadensetsu.com (http://www.dragonsagadensetsu.com/), for providing 
the book information


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