How can I run outside ship on bridge with out blown off?

  1. When trying to fight pirates on ship. Last part have to go outside ship and run with out been blown off bridge how do you do this? Does not work for me any trick to this? clare53 - 2 months ago - report

Accepted Answer

  1. Hold the run button, and do not stop holding Left? If I'm not mistaken...

    There's really no trick except running as fast as you can. The run button should be O for PlayStation or B for switch if I'm not mistaken. I remember having issues on the original PSX though, the timing is insane.
    Shadasa1 - 2 months ago - report 3   0
  2. Agreed. Start this process on the previous screen and steady your movements so as to not tilt too far up or down. flayer6 - 2 months ago - report
  3. Thanks I found out that the problem was not knowing that I needed to press the B button and hold. clare53 - 2 months ago - report
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