Can the Arcane quest be completed for the Fuse/T260 scenario?

  1. Gen is missing in that one. He is needed to get to Wakatu for the Saber Card in all of the other scenarios.

    User Info: Ariax

    Ariax - 3 months ago


  1. I dont know if you can do that quest in Fuse Scenario but i was actually playing with T260G and tried to do the arcane quest. When you get those 4 card from the Magician in Devin, you just need to go to Korogon and when you try to go to Wakatu, Gen will say the same as usual
    "Im from Wakatu. Im going to pray for those dead ones killed by Trinity" In other words, if you are doing T260G scenario, you will jump the part of finding Gen to do the Arcane Quest.

    User Info: Oscurius

    Oscurius - 4 days ago 0   0

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