How do you get the Light Sword itself instead of using the Light Sword spell, because I'm curious about that now?

  1. I've only heard that there's a gameshark code that is called having ALL of the items and they're there, infinite amount, including the light sword.

    User Info: jns2661

    jns2661 - 2 months ago

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  1. Getting the Light Sword as an item is impossible normally; It may be possible with cheat codes like you say, but that's only because of the way Light Sword functions.

    Basically, all characters actually have 10 equipment slots, but the last two are always hidden (and in the case of monsters, they have even more hidden slots). Those last two slots are occasionally used by the game for certain buffs and effects: Light Sword is one of them. So when you cast the Light Sword spell in battle, all it actually does is it equips the Light Sword item in one of those slots, making it usable (and giving its passive buffs) for the duration of that battle. After the battle's done, slots 9 and 10 are cleared for all characters, so as a result, the Light Sword item is deleted from any characters that have one equipped, and it won't go in your inventory, either.

    User Info: Ajogamer

    Ajogamer (Expert) - 2 months ago 1   0

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