Can you get the human in the jail in the basement of Bio Research Lab?

  1. There is what looks like a human character in the small building with 2 jail cells in the basement of the Lab in Shrike. He has a purple hat on. Can you get this character?

    User Info: gdust333

    gdust333 - 3 months ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. No, that person is just an unnamed prisoner NPC, who can't be interacted with in any way. The only recruitable character in the Biolab is the monster, Cotton.

    The Biolab was originally intended to tie into Asellus' scenario, but that was cut before release. In the recently released remaster, the associated events (along with a few others) were actually fully finished and added as optional scenes in Asellus' scenario, making interaction with some prisoners possible, but they're still nameless, non-recruitable NPCs (they have different sprites too, for whatever reason), and the interaction is pretty short.

    User Info: Ajogamer

    Ajogamer (Expert) - 3 months ago 1   0

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