Who should I have win the duel between Blue and Rouge?

  1. I heard the stats changes or overtakes one another. I am playing my last new game + on the remaster, with Blue scenario being the last one I play. All my characters including Rouge has leveled up quite a bit through multiple playthrough.

    Blue is at his starting levels. As I play through his scenarios should I let Blue win the duel or Rouge win the duel and whose stats will I get? Will be the Rouge of all my previous playthroughs when I win or if I let Blue win will I just get Blue's stats plus Rouge stats?
    SwnsonSamsonite - 8 months ago - report

Accepted Answer

  1. Whichever character wins gets combined Intelligence, Constitution, and Psychic to a max of 99 and JP to a max of 250. This character also gets the Light, Shadow, Arcane, Rune, Time, Space, Realm, and Life Gifts.

    In addition to these:

    If Blue wins:

    1) Any other stat gains, spells, and techniques will be the same as before the duel. So if your Blue has Sword, Gun, and Martial Arts techs, he'll have the same after the duel. If you spent LP in Facinaturu, then he'll have the same LP after the duel.

    2) If you gave up Realm Magic for Mystic Magic, he'll have Mystic Magic (not the Gift) after the duel and will gain the four basic Realm Magic spells back. Since you have the Realm Gift, you can get the other two spells back through the usual method.

    If Rouge wins:

    1) Any other stat gains, spells, and techniques that you have learned AS BLUE will be lost (but with a New Game+ in the Remaster they'll be retained next time you play Blue in his own Story or in a Fuse Case File). So if your Blue has Sword, Gun, and Martial Arts techs, Rouge will NOT have them (unless you gained them AS ROUGE from another Protagonist's Story or Fuse Case File and carried them over via New Game+ in the Remaster). If you spent LP in Facinaturu, then this won't have an effect on Rouge--he'll start with 7 LP as usual.

    2) If you gave up Realm Magic for Mystic Magic, Rouge will not have the Mystic spells you bought for Blue--he'll have the Realm Gift and its spells as usual.
    killerb255 - 8 months ago - report 3   0
  2. Do LP changes roll over to NG+? What spells roll over to NG+? MysticLord - 8 months ago - report
  3. LP is reset on NG+.

    All spells that your character has acquired AND any spells that they normally start with will roll over to NG+ with the following exceptions:

    Blouge: The Time and Space Gift spells do not roll over (so no Overdrive + DSC cheese outside of Blue's Story, sorry).

    Gifts that the character does not start with do NOT roll over. However, that means your character can have all spells for one school and no gift for it, which is fine.


    Doll starts off with four of the five Shadow Magic spells if your BR/INIT was high enough in the Playthrough that you carried over to NG+. So in that past Playthrough you could give her the Light gift (she would lose all Shadow spells), and then when you get her back in NG+, she will have whatever Light spells you had AND four Shadow Magic spells (but no gift in either school).

    You can do something similar with Zozma and Mind Magic (he would lose his Evil spells in that Playthrough), carry over to NG+, recruit him again, and he will have whatever Mind Magic spells you bought for him AND the Evil Magic spells he normally starts with.
    killerb255 - 8 months ago - report
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