Why Rouge disappeared?

  1. I was playing Asellus' quest. Have been grinding my stats a lot and got really powerful and Rouge had been on my team since pretty early on. Suddenly, after I explored the ruins of Shingrow and went to the Magic Kingdom, I noticed that Rouge just left my party. There was no text or anything, he just decided to disappear. Could this be because I wasn't collecting enough magic and thus lied to him about being on a quest for magic? I'm surprised no one else seems to have encountered this. Jhale - 1 year ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Don't worry, this is normal behavior for Rouge. It's simply because Blue and Rouge aren't allowed to return to the Magic Kingdom until they're done gathering magic (this is said in the intro of Blue's quest).

    If you want to re-recruit Rouge, you just need to do the same as you originally did: Find him at one of his usual locations (Luminious or Devin), and have at least 1 free spot in your party.
    Ajogamer (Expert) - 1 year ago 5   1
  2. I actually managed to find him again before reading this question. I was seriously scared a bit that he was permanently out as he was a bit of an anchor and encounters were reaching max strength... But thanks for the clarification as I didn't know whether it happened from entering Magic Kingdom or from him going to 0 LP (not sure if that happened). But for some reason, I swear I was able to visit Magic Kingdom with Rouge more than once without him leaving... Jhale - 1 year ago
  3. I must also add that if all four basic magic quests are completed before Rouge rejoins, he'll disappear permanently, as there is no longer any reason for him to join you. Ariax - 1 year ago

Other Answers

  1. When you reach the limit of characters, sometimes you get some of the ejected. gdaubian - 1 year ago 0   2
  2. I can't even find a full second row right now. Jhale - 1 year ago
  3. Rouge and Blue both can't reenter the Magic Kingdom until their final dungeon 2pac_Alypse_Now - 1 year ago

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