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Reviewed: 03/23/03 | Updated: 03/23/03

For extreme fans only!

The Rugrats is a pretty good show. It went really down hill after the first movie. But this game was made just before Rugrats turned bad so there's none of the silly new characters or anything but that doesn't make it a good game. Read the review and you'll see...

Graphics - 2/10: These graphics are bad even for the PSX! And in the age of the amazing Final Fantasy X or Metal Gear Solid 2 these graphics are just horrible. Nothing much else to say about them.

Sound - 9/10: Pretty good. All the characters voices are done by the same people who play them in the TV series. But, although that got the proper voice actors, they aren't very good at voice acting. Throughout the game the characters say thing at random times and sometimes it's not even them who's saying it. So you it can get very confusing. The music sounds like it's from the show but it gets very annoying after a short amount of time and if you get stuck on a level then you'll go crazy, specially with the random voices saying weird things every so often!

Controls - 1/10: These are the all time low point of this game. After playing this game for an hours or so, your thumbs will really hurt. You have to press down extremely hard for it to start moving and when then do move the camera swivels around so you can't see were you're going. This make the racing levels a living hell!

Game Play - 4/10: Walk around Tommy's house and when you go near certain objects they will sparkle and words at the bottom of the screen will say the name of the level and the difficulty (Easy, Medium or Hard). Press Triangle to enter that level. It'll show a little intro then text will appear telling you what to do in that level. Through out the game you'll play as Tommy, Chukkie, Phil, Lil and Angelica. In some levels you ride things such as Spike, Tommy's dog, and a tricycle. The gameplay is okay, but it's spoilt by the controls.

Story - 3/10: Tommy's lost his Reptar puzzle. You have to go out and find 12 pieces of it. Not that much of a story really but they give a little bit of story to each level at the beginning and end of each level. None of the levels relate to each other or go in any particular order. Nothing amazing here.

Replay Value - 2/10: Once you've completed the game, which takes a few hours, you'll never want to play, or even look, at it again! The only reason you'd want to play it again is for the last secret level. Which brings us to the next part of this review...

Extras - 3/10: These are actually quite good considering how bad the rest of the game is. There's a mini golf mode were up to 6 of you can play mini golf... how amazing Play it once and you're bored. But the best bit is if you get all 12 pieces of the Reptar Puzzle (which completes the game) then the ending intro will show and then you'll get to play a ''secret'' last level. I won't say anything else about it because it'll be a spoiler, but it's pretty fun compared to the rest of the game, they even made a whole new character with special moves for it! But, you can only play it once, then you have to beat the game again if you want to play it again.

Overall - 2/10: For anyone over 6, this game is agony to play. But if you're under 6 then you'll probably like it, but if you're under 6, you'll probably like anything that's got cute characters in. Only buy this game if it's very cheap and you're under 6 and like the Rugrats quite a bit or if you're over 6 and must get everything to do with Rugrats.

Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

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