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Reviewed: 05/02/03 | Updated: 05/02/03

Where IS Kula World?

Kula World is a puzzle game, but it's an unique one, because it's 3D. Few puzzle games are three-dimensional. You are a beach-ball and your goal is the level-exit. You have to find the key or keys to open the level exit in a limited time. You're stuck at a construction of platform blocks and have to roll and jump your way, grabbing bonus fruit and keys. There are things like pointy sticks you have to avoid (by jumping over it). This may sound simple enough, but it can become pretty difficult in the later levels.

There are some varieties on this concept too: in the Bonus Levels you simply have to collect coins as fast as you can. This is pretty fun. In the multi-player mode, Player 2 has to copy the moves of Player 1. This is original. All you need for this game is good memory. No fast reaction or sharp shooting skills. The 2-Player Mode can be fun for a while.

The graphics are excellent, they're extremely clear. Of course, there isn't much to be designed (as opposite to Spyro for example, where whole landscapes must be designed), but what is looks great. The ball looks fine as well, and the animation is absolutely flawless. There aren't any bugs either.

The sound's great as well. All the sound effects are there, and they're fine. The music is pretty good too for a puzzle game. There are some good up-beat tunes in there.

The controls are good too, and there's enough challenge to boot. So what's the downside? Why am I giving it a 9/10 instead of a 10? The lack of replay value. This is fun, but nowhere as addictive as Tetris. It never gets dynamic, it's all logically thinking and playing. It's almost math. Okay, it isn't, but you get my point. Kula World gets so many things right that I want to give it a 10. But I can't. Puzzle games are imperfect when they're not addictive, and so is Kula World.


Funfactor It's really fun to do 9
Controls Responsive and simple, which is essential in a puzzle game 10
Challenge There's enough of it 8
Graphics Wow 10
Sound Great SFX, up-beat music 9
Story Um... you're an intelligent beach ball trying to get to the level exit, or something 1

You'll play it for... At least three weeks

To buy...
+ Great gameplay
+ Great graphics
+ Great sound

...or to leave
- Not really addictive

9/10 Well, what can I say? Not in the same ranks as Tetris in terms of gameplay, but one of the few puzzle games with good graphics AND gameplay. Worth checking out, and an essential purchase for puzzle lovers.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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