Review by Enshidia123

Reviewed: 04/21/06

A Puzzler from the heavens. A diamond in the rough

Kula World, also known as Roll Away is an old game... an old game which i doubt anyone knows. I am giving a review for the people who do.

Kula World is a puzzle game which you have to navigate a ball on a series of blocks. The ball can bounce... move... jump 2 blocks and a bit more. It's not only a case of moving. There are obstacles... tricks...spikes...moving things and secrets. They are sometimes mean enough to burst your ball...

It's not game over if that happens... you see, there are also collectibles. Coins, gems, fruit, hourglasses, keys, pills, jumpy pills and sunglasses. The keys are what are needed to open the exit to the level. Coins and gems add points. They all add points except the pills. Fruit varies, you see, there are five fruits. Apple, Watermelon, Pumpkin, Bananas and the strawberry. There is a piece of fruit in each level, bar Bonus and secret levels. Bonus levels are activated when all five pieces of fruit are found. There are 30 bonus levels. A bonus level requires you to touch every block once. They give points as well. If you die... you don't lose anything but you win nothing.

The life of your ball depends on how many points you have. If you die, say you collected 5600, points worth, you'd lose that and the penalty on the level. The first level is 50, the second level is 100 etc etc. It stops building when you reach 5000. Every 15 levels equal a world. There are 10 worlds. That's 150 levels bar bonus and secret.

Secret levels are hidden in certain levels and take you to where space is everywhere and you're ball looks sweet. If you die, you will lose all you collected against your score and the level you entered on penalty. There are 10 but due to a glitch, only 9 are accessible. The levels continue to get tougher and tougher until you complete the game and unlock a very tough secret, the final 20 levels. These will test you and cause loss of sleep and hair loss from frustration. I have had the game for 6 years and never finished all 20 final levels.

The music is very good. The SFX(game-slang) are very quirky. The worlds have a theme song. I like world eight's the best. The bonus and secret levels have the same theme.

The repetitive value is okay but only if you play very rarely after finishing the game.

Overall Kula World is a tough puzzle game which is a lot of fun. No story or plot but still a VERY enjoyable game

Game-play 8/10. Very frustrating at times
Fun 10/10. Ditto to above comment
Music 9/10. Very good but if you get stuck...
Replayability 7/10. Once it's done, it's done but play for challenge and to find more levels


Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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