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Ultimate version of the ultimate game 02/28/11 1983guy
What started it all! 06/17/03 AJM Ruler
3rd times a charm? Maybe.... 06/26/03 CAHowell
Good gameplay, bad music! 10/03/01 cvxfreak
The Demo is irresistable... as is this game 01/04/02 cvxfreak
The Pinacle of the sereis 01/17/01 Dark Templar
Resident Evil 1 is still the scariest of the bunch! 05/27/01 DayoftheRhodes
The 1st Survival Horror is the one of the best. 04/02/02 GameReaverX
I hope this isn't Chris's blood... 02/10/11 horror_spooky
If you love Resident Evil, get the Director's Cut! 06/03/13 itchytasty96
Brilliant, the start of an exceptional series 09/01/03 King Atari
After getting his jacket cut off, Larcen returns to the mansion... 10/13/01 Larcen Tyler
Enough already, Capcom! 10/13/01 Larcen Tyler
A great remix of the original 11/06/02 M A C
A great Remix! 03/05/02 Millers C
Resident Quasi-Evil 04/07/09 Mono_Kosas83
I seriously hope the movie isn't like this... 03/14/02 plain_ol_Matt
Its better than ever! 10/28/03 Robster184
A Slight Improvement 09/26/01 SleightOfHand
In this case, first is not the worst 05/26/02 SolidSnake15
Great game, not perfect though..... 02/01/05 stone100
It shall be kicking the ass of you! 08/06/03 stubbajo
The one and only Resident Evil returns... 05/29/02 TheEternalVenomX
The Game That Started The Best Series Ever!!! 03/24/02 trunksnumber1
What a sweet game! Awesome game play & plot 06/09/01 Vincento
Only worth it if it's your first time with the game outside of the ReMake 01/20/09 wolverinefan

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