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Chris Beginner Walkthrough by The Head Gamester

Version: 0.6 | Updated: 11/24/00

 - AUTHOR: Shawn Seeley A.K.A - The Head Gamester
 - E-MAIL: theheadgamester@gamesteronline.com
 - ICQ#: 93522553
 - Web Site: www.gamesteronline.com
 - 11/19/2000-11/24/2000


2. Chris Redfield (BEGINNER)



- ver. -0.2- 11/20/2000 - I DIDN'T DO TOO MUCH, I HAD HOMEWORK...(OH FUN)...I DID HOWEVER GET





2. Chris Redfield (BEGINNER)



When the story ends, and you are in the dining room, imediatly equip your COMBAT KNIFE, and head
to the other end of the room, and out the door.  From here, go to the south on the screen to see
Kenneth being eaten by a zombie.  Kill the zombie if you want, and then grab the two CLIPS next
to the dead body.  Next, head back into the main room to find Jill and Wesker missing!  (What
happened to Jill and Wesker!?)  Grab Jill's 9mm BERETTA, because she obviously isn't using it.
Equip the BERETTA, and grab the INK RIBBON at the type writter.  Enter the blue doors to the left
of the stairs, and move the little set of stairs behind the statue to grab the 1st floor map.
If you go through the door way with the red curtains, you will have to shoot the zombie, and grab
the INK RIBBON that is on the shelf.  Now head back into the main room.

Go up the stairs, and take the right.  Open the door at the back, and grab the small key that
grabs your atention.  Go through the other door, and onto the deck.  Take the right, and find
Forest, who was pecked to death by crows.  Take out the birds by equiping your COMBAT KNIFE.
Now, exit the room, and head to the other door on this side.  Take out the first zombie that
comes after you, and ignore all of the doors along the hall way.  Watch out for the zombie around
the last corner, and head out the last door.  Grab and file the BOTONY BOOK, and head out the
other door.  Kill the zombie to your right, then the one that comes at you from down the hall. Go
down the stairs, and into the save room at the bottom, but be sure to kill the zombie that's
waiting for you.  Go into the save room, and put away everything except for the BERETTA, the
ammo, and the FIRST AID SPRAY, (if you still have it.)  Grab the CHEMICAL, next to the gardening
tools, and head out to grab the GREEN HERB.  Put the GREEN HERB away for later use, and grab the
extra CLIPS inside the items box.  (I suggest saving about now if this is your first time
playing.  Put the INK RIBBON back after you are done.)

Go back up the stairs, and down the hall to the left, making sure you kill the zombie.  Enter
the room at the end of the hall, and grab the GREEN HERB.  Put the GREEN HERB away, and head back
up the stairs.  Take a right, and go out the door to the north.  Head back into the main stair
hall way, and this time, go to the other side.  Enter the door, and kill the two zombies.  Shove
the statue off of the ledge.  Don't go after it just yet though, head out of the walk way through
the other door.  Kill the three zombies in here, and go down stairs.  Kill any zombies that come
after you, and go through the door to the left, behind the stairs to meet Rebecca Chambers.


Now,listen to her talk, and then I suggest saving your progress.  (Remember to always put back 
the INK RIBBON!)  Grab the MANSION KEY on the bed, and leave the room.  I said that I would take 
her,so you should too.  Kill the zombie around the corner, and go out the door in the back.  Kill
the two zombies ASAP, and head to the right to kill the other.  Go into the room to the right, 
and grab the CLIPS.  Now go around the bed, and look at the desk to see the zombie come at you!
Kill the zombie, and read the disturbing KEEPER'S DIARY on the desk.  Grab the shells in the
closet if you wish, and head out of the room.  Head back to the save room and see that Rebecca is
gone!  Oh well, put away the SHELLS, and the CHEMICAL while you are in there.  Go back into the
room you left from, not the one with the closet, but the one right before it.  Head to the right
again, and go out the door to the north.  Does this place look fimiliar?  It should, this is the
hall way where you saw Kennith die.  Go out the door below you, and look at the statue that you
shoved off the ledge.  You will find the BLUE JEWEL.  Take the jewel, and return to the room you
were in once again.  Now, head down, and take the first right that you see.  In here, look at the
tiger statue on the wall.  Use the BLUE JEWEL that you just got, and take the WIND CREST.  Go
back to the save room, and deposit the WIND CREST, now take out the CHIMICAL, and head back to
room, yet again.  Go down the other hall way, go into the room at the end, and use the CHEMICAL
in the water pump to kill the giant plant thingy.  Go behind the dead plant, and grab the other
MANSION KEY.  Now, head back, out of this room, like you are heading for the save room, and
unlock the room to the right.  In here, grab the BROKEN SHOTGUN, and the CLIPS on the counter.
Now, go into the save room, and drop off the BROKEN SHOTGUN, and pick up the SMALL KEY.

Go back into the room with the BROKEN SHOTGUN, and open the chest to recieve SHELLS.  Put the
SHELLS away, and exit the save room.  Go up the stairs, and leave the room, back into the stair
way.  Go back to the other side, and through the door.  Take the first right, and find a dead
Richard.  Check his body again, to grab his CLIP.  Go out the door behind Richard, but be aware
of the hiding zombie behind the corner.  Leave the room, and head to the end of the hall way.
Go through the room where you got the BOTONY BOOK, and out the door there.  Go into the first
room to the right.  Kill the zombie in front of you, and take a right.  Grab the LIGHTER on top
of the shelf, and go to the save room down stairs.  Deposit both of your MANSION KEYS, and leave
the room.  Go back to the room with the deer antlers, and this time, take a left.  Push the
switch on the bug case, and watch the fish tank drain.  Move the fish tank toward the desk, and
then move the dresser to the back wall.  Look at the wall you just uncovered, to find some
SHELLS.  Now, to the right of the door, grab the INK RIBBON.  Head back to the save room, and
deposit them.  Don't forget to deposit the FIRST AID SPRAY, and take out the two MANSION KEYS
too.  Head back up stairs, take the left, go around the corner, and enter the room.  In
this room, use the LIGHTER in the fire place, and grab the 2nd FLOOR MAP.  Exit the room, and go
back to the room where Richard is.  I would save first though.  (Hint, hint.)


When you get to Richard, go behind him again, and go to the room down to the right.  In here,
use your LIGHTER to "brighten things up."  Check the tallest cabinet to grab a CLIP.  Now, move
the smaller cabinet to the bottom area of the screen, to go behind it and grab the SHELLS.  Go
drop off the SHELLS, and come back to the hall way outside of this room.  In the hall, go through
the double grey doors, and move the statues over the vents on the floor.  Now push the switch to
open the display case.  Look inside the case, to pick up the SUN CREST.  Deposit it, and exit the
save room.

Go up the stairs, and out the door to go back into the hall.  Now head to the main stair way.
Go down to the main room, and go to the right of the screen.  Open the door to the far left, and
grab the extra clips on the vanity miror.  Kill the zombie around the corner, and head down the
hall way, ignoring the desk that was next to the zommbie, because you don't have a SMALL KEY on

Enter the room, and kill the zombie crawling towards you.  There is an INK RIBBON, and two GREEN
HERBS here, but you can only take one for now.  I took the INK RIBBON, because I haven't been
injured yet.  If you need the HERBS, I suggest using one of them then.  Exit the room, because
you don't have the key to advance yet.  Go into the main room again, and head into the room with
the double blue doors.  Unlock the door to the right with the MANSION KEY, and deposite your
LIGHTER, AND INK RIBBONS before advancing.  I would grab my FIRST AID SPRAY, or a GREEN HERB too.
(Hmm... come to think of it, now would be a great time to save...)

Head back to the room I told you to leave, and advance.  There will be dogs popping out at you
from the windows, 2 of them to be extact.  Try moving some of the display cases, on of them has
a CLIP behind it.  Go around all the corners in this hall way, and open the door at the end.
Kill the two zombies, and take the door to the left.  This door will lead you to the save room
that I have had you use most of the time.  :) Easy access now! Yes!!! Enter the save room, and
save it.  (That's what I did anyway.  I needed to take a break from writing this!)

Go back through the door you came from, and go down the hall to the south.  Go to the end of the
hall, and press the switch under neath the picture.  (I don't know what it does, but I did it
anyway.)  Head back to the room you came from, and go into the save room.  Grab the BROKEN
SHOTGUN, and go back into the room you came from.  Take the door in front of you.  Now you are in
a hall way.  Let's take the door infront of us, shall we?  You need to have one item space left
when you get here; if you don't, then go drop off a GREEN HERB or something you don't need.
When you enter this room, take the SHOTGUN off of the mantle, and replace it with the BROKEN
SHOTGUN.  (I would go save the game now, so you can have some fun with the SHOTGUN.)  Head back
to the hall way you were just in, and head north.  Take the first room to your left, and drain
the water in the bath tub to get a SMALL KEY.  I would put away all of my items except the
SHOTGUN, SHELLS, and the MANSION KEYS before grabbing the key.  Head further down the hall, and
use the MANSION KEY for the last time.  (This is only the SHEILD KEY, so you still have the SWORD

Don't bother with the dog behind the gate, just go around the corner.  Kill the dog that jumps
over though, and grab a GREEN HERB for the road.  Leave the room, and go back into the hall.
Head back down the hall way that had the two dogs in it, and out of the room, into the main room.
Go into the room to the other side of the man room.  In here, go to the right, and open the door
to the left with the MANSION KEY.  This key too, becomes useless.  Discard the key, and move on.
Push the cabnet in the back, to the wall, and snag yourself some MUSIC NOTES.  Try using the 
MUSIC NOTES, but you can't, because you don't know how.  Luckily, Rebecca does.  When she comes
in and tries it out, then asks you to let her try, say yes.  While you are waiting for Rebecca,
Go out to the main room, and into the room to the left on the other side.  Go around the counter,
and use your SMALL KEY to get some SHELLS.  Now, head back to Rebecca.  When she plays the song
correctly, the wall pannel moves!

I would go save before going in there, becasue I have no idea what's in there.  Well, one things
for sure, make sure you bring the EMBLEM, because you will need it.  (The EMBLEM is located in
the main dining room, above the fire place.)  You must replace the GOLD EMBLEM with the EMBLEM.
Now, leave the room, and head back to the fire place where you got the EMBLEM.  Place the GOLD
EMBLEM on the spot above the fire place.  That annoying clock moves, to reveal the SHEILD MANSION
KEY!  Yes! Now we can move on!  (I'm a little excited, because this took me a while to do.)

Now, before you do anything else, go to the room where I told you to press the switch underneath
the picture.  You must press the pictures in order, from birth, to death.  Grab the STAR CREST,
and go grab the others from the save spot.  Now, bring them all to the room to the left of the
picture room, and place them on the wall.  We still need one more, so let's go get it!


Head to the main room.  Head up the stairs, and go to the room with Richard in it.  Go behind
him, and in the other room.  Go up the stairs, and use the SHEILD MANSION KEY.  This key, is
already useless! Discard the key, and advance.  Yikes! It's a giant Anaconda!!!  Bring your
SHOTGUN, AMMO, and anything to heal with.  Don't try to kill the Anaconda, just go around him,
and grab the MOON CREST.  Get out of the room, and you callapse to the floor.  Rebecca comes in,
and she is to go and get the serum for Chris.  Go to the save room where you to first met, and
get the serum.  Take it to Chris.  Holy crap, Chris is almost dead!  Grab any HERBS near by, and
heal your self.  (You should save too...)

Go to the main room, that's where we will start ok?  Great, you are in the main room, now go up
the stairs, and into the first door on the right.  Bring your SHOTGUN, SHELLS, GREEN HERB, and
the MOON CREST.  Head to the save room in this section.  Don't go in it unless you feel that you
need to, just go out the grey door that you unlocked earlier.  Go behind you, and to the right.
Open the door, and in here, put the other CREST on the wall.  Now, you have unlocked the "gate of
new life."  Enter the gate and check the barrel in the left corner to recieve a SMALL KEY.
Push the steps, 4 shoves to the left, and all the way forward.  Grab the CRANK.  (I have no idea
what it is going to be used for, so let's take it anyhow.)  Now, leave the room, and wait for the
three dogs to come after you.  Kill them, and move on.  I didn't grab one of the BLUE HERBS, but
you might want to grab one, you never know...  Go down the dark walk way, and grab the GARDEN MAP
on the wall.

Now head back into the main garden area.  Go to the back, where there is a gate.  Open the gate,
and walk along the ledge on the left side.  Go along the ledge, and use your CRANK on the water
control valve.  Now the water is down far enough to walk across the gate.  Head back a little,
and find the ladder.  Use the ladder to go down.  Go across the bridge, up the other ladder, and
to the left.  Watch out for the falling snakes though.  Keep going on this path and killing the
snakes.  When it looks like you can't go any further, hit the X button.  (This is the elevator.)
When you get off of the elevator, head down the screen, but watch for 2 dogs.  There is a third
dog here too, but he is kind of hiding.  Head out the gate here, because the water is blocking
what ever is behind it, and the other elevator is missing it's battery.  If you didn't notice,
there are two GREEN HERBS next to the gate.  I would bring one with me, because I used one thanks
to the snake.  Besides, you never know whats around the corner.  There are two dogs that will
attack you before you get around the first corner, but there is another around the other corner.
To save SHOTGUN SHELLS, I recomend waiting utill the dogs are close, then shooting.  


Enter the room at the end of the alley, and take the first left, and the first door around that
corner.  In here is a save room, so I would first deposit the CRANK and the KEY.  But, before you
save, look on the book shelf to find FIRST AID SPRAY, and CLIPS.  Now, deposit all but the
SHOTGUN, SHELLS, and the GREEN HERB.  (Always remember to put back the INK RIBBONS when you are
done saving!)

If you head back, to the door that let you in here, there are 2 BLUE HERBS lying next to each
other.  I grabbed one, so you should too.  Head back into the hall, and take the first door on
the left.  I mixed my BLUE and GREEN HERBS.  (Try it out, who knows, maybe its the cure all.)
There are two zombies in here, so shoot them back to hell, and go into the top right corner.
In the corner, look into the jar with the X button, and find a SMALL KEY to unlock the desk in
here.  Unlock it, and recieve the needed SHELLS.  Don't forget to grab the RED BOOK on the bed.
Go back, and through the door next to the one that you entered with.  In here, is a bathroom.
Un plug the tun to get a C. ROOM KEY.  That's it for this room, lets head back out of it k?

You should now be in the hall.  Take the door in the front, but be VERRY CAREFUL! A giant spider
will drop down and spit acid at you.  There is another one in there too, so whatch out.  The
pool table is interesting though, it looks like a clock.  (One at 9, one at 6, and one at 3, all
that's missing is a 12...)

Leave th room, and head down the opening.  A tentacle or something will grab you, so move the
statue in the front of the entrence, on the hole.  In this hall, take the first door that you
see, because the other one; 002, is locked.  Head down the room, and take the first left.  Grab
the DORMITORY KEY, and run out of that area, because there is a wasp's nest there.  Head back
into the room that you just came from, and go further into the hall, to use the DORMITORY KEY on
the door 002.  Throuw away the DORMITORY KEY, and proceed.  In here, you should grab and file the
PLANT 42 REPORT, that lies on the bed.  The desk is locked, so move the dressers out of the way
in the back.  The dressers reveal a ladder, take it down.


In here, push all 3 wooden crates into the water, and cross.  (As if he couldn't jump...)
In this room filled with water, run to the right side of the screen, and into the first door that
you see.  grab the SMALL KEY next to the roots, and head out of the room.  Next, head to the
north, and use the C. ROOM KEY on the 2nd door.  Discard the key, and enter.  In this room, first
you must push the lever on the machine, which gets rid of the water problem.  Then, you must push
the switch on the wall by the door.  (I saved here, so you should too.)

When you leave the save room, take your SHOTGUN, SHELLS, RED BOOK, and SMALL KEY.  Head back to
the water tank room.  The door that was locked, is now unlocked, go in there for 2 CLIPS, and
SHELLS.  I just grabbed the SHELLS, because I am using the SHOTGUN.  Grab the KEY for room 003.
Leave the basement, and go back into the room with the ladder.  Go out the door, and back into
the room where the hornets nest was.  Do not go near the hornets nest, but unlock the door 003.
Discard the key, and enter the room.  In here, use your SMALL KEY to unlock the desk and get the
INK RIBBON.  Go over to the book case, and file the WHITE BOOK.  Now, put in the RED BOOK.  Do
not go through that door!  First, go through the door next to the one you used to get in with.
Kill the zombie, because its fun, and if you need to, grab the clips.  Now, go through the door
to see (dramatic pause...) PLANT 42!


Go straight to the room where the spiders fell on you.  Look in the corner of the pool table, and
remember the numbers because they are different each time that you play.  Go to the room with the
hornets nest, and use that code on the door to the right.  In here, fallow these instructions
to make V-JOLT.

 - Get UMB No.4 in one bottle
 - Get UMB No.2 in another bottle
 - Mix UMB No.4 and UMB No.2 in the same bottle(UMB No.6)
 - Then go to the sink and fill it up with water, mix the water with UMB No.6 to get UMB No.7
 - Get UMB No.4 in one bottle
 - Get UMB No.2 in another bottle
 - Mix UMB No.4 and UMB No.2 in the same bottle(UMB No.6)
 - Mix UMB No.6 with UMB No.7 in the same bottle(UMB No.13)
 - Get UMB No.2 in one bottle
 - Fill up one bottle with water
 - Mix UMB No.2 with water in the same bottle(NP-003)
 - Mix NP-003 with UMB No.13 with NP-003(purple) to get V-Jolt

Now, let's go fix the Little Shop of Horror...  Head into the basement, and use the V-JOLT on the


Well, plant 42 is really easy to kill.  You simply run around, and shoot it.  I only had to hit
it about 5-7 times with my SHOTGUN.  When it dies, grab the last MANSION KEY in the fireplace!
(Hmm...now would be a great time to save.)

On the wat to the save room, you see Wesker.  I don't know where he went, and I don't care
either.  Let's just save and get the hell out of this place!  When you exit the garden area
completely, you see this awesome FMV movie of a hunter monster coming after you!  Kill the damn
thing, and save.  But, be careful, becuase it looks like the zombies were replaced by hunters!


Before you leave the save room, make sure you bring your SHOTGUN, SHELLS, MANSION KEY, and FIRST
AID SPRAY.  Head up the stairs, and kill the hunter as soon as you see it, because I though I
would wait for it, and it jumped in the air and almost got me.  Now, head down the hall, where
the hunter you just killed came from, and through the next two doors.  Get ready to battle the
Anaconda again!  Step over to the piano, an hit the X button.  The snake comes out, and you have
to kill him this time.  Just keep shooting him, and check your health.  When your health gets
low, use the FIRST AID SPRAY.  He goes down easy, and climb down the hole he bit into the floor.
push the switch on the tombstone, and go down the ladder.  Kill the zombie you see, and the one
around the corner, to get SHELLS.  Continue down the hall and through the door.  Kill the two
zombies eating the scientist, and grab the GREEN HERB there too.  Continue going down the hall.
Look at the cart in the back, and kill the zombie.  Now grab the shimmering SMALL KEY next to
the stove.  Watch out for the zomie lying on the ground around the corner, he got me in the leg,
but I crushed his head under my boot.  (LOL, serves the bastard right...)  Head through the door
that the zombie came in, and go up the stairs.  Unlock the door, but don't go in unless you want
to have to kill two hunters right next to each other.

Head back down to where the crawling zombie was a minute ago, and go in the elevator.  Kill the
first zombie that you see, and go to the bottom of the screen.  Kill the zombie here, and go
though the double blue doors.  Kill the zombie in here as well.  In here, use the SMALL KEY to
unlock the desk, and recieve MAGNUM ROUNDS.  (Hey, maybe we get a new gun soon...)  Head behind
the book cases, and be ready to blow the head off of the zombie that you see as soon as you get
around the corner.  Grab the SCRAPBOOK, and file it.  Head out the door behind the book cases.
In this room, hit the switch on the wall (It's on a statue like thing on the wall.)  Now, shove
the statue on the floor into the light to open a secret passage.  In here, grab the MO DISK.
Exit the room, and the one before it.  Go down the hall, and on the way, go to the right to get
a GREEN HERB (if you needed it, I did.)  If you did need it, then I suggest using it, because
you will want the space if something comes up.  Head down the hall, and kill the first zombie
before he bites off your head.  Go through the door, and don't go down the rest of the hall yet.
In this room, grab the BATTERY, and the SHELLS.  Now, we can power the elevator in the garden!
Go down the hall outside of the room, and open the door.  Kill the zombie you see right away.
Kill the zombie eating the other zombie, and go around the corner.  Go find a save room, because
the door here is locked.  I suggest using the one that I had you leave from last time, before
battling the Anaconda.


Go back to the garden.  On the way, grab the DOOM BOOK 1, in the first room to the right.  You
need to check the DOOM BOOK 1 when you get it.  Make the pages face you, and deposit the EAGLE
MEDAL.  Make sure that you bring your CRANK and your BATTERY with you!  Go down, and put the
BATTERY in the powerless elevator, and take it back up.  Now, use the CRANK on the water valve
again to reveal what's hidden behind the water fall.  Don't go down the ladder yet, head back to
the room above the save room where you first met Rebecca.  Kill the two hunters that you see,
and go to the room in the back (the first one on the left).  Discard the MANSION KEY, and enter.
Turn off the lights, and use the ladder to grab the RED JEWEL.  Turn on teh lights, and take the
SHELLS, and the MAGNUM ROUNDS while you are at it too.

Head down the stairs, and into the room where you met Rebecca.  Save the game if you want, but
some of you may find a hunter slashing at Rebecca.  Leave that room, and take the SHOTGUN, CRANK,
SHELLS, MAGNUM ROUNDS, and the RED JEWEL with you.  Go into the room with the tiger, and get the
COLT PYTHON (my favorite gun that blows off heads like 99.99% of the time!)

Head back to the ladder in the garden that I told you not to go into.  Go down the ladder.
Make sure you bring the COLT PYTHON, MAGNUM ROUNDS, and something to heal with.

When you get into the underground, take the first door you see.  Grab the FLAMETHROWER, and walk
around until you find Enrico, and he kills himself.  Now, run and find the CRANK (hexagon), and
kill any hunters on the way back to the place where you got the FLAMETHROWER.  Place the
FLAMETHROWER back, and it unlocks the door to go through.  Go to the room down the hall, and
use the CRANK that you just got in the slot, to make the floor walkable.  Enter the next area,
and grab the FLAMETHROWER.  When the boulder comes at you, just get the hell out of the way!
All you have to do is go the the door way, and let it pass you.  You can go to where the boulder
came from, and grab some more MAGNUM ROUNDS.  Now, head towards the boulder, and kill the hunter
there.  Open the next door, and kill the giant spider with three COLT PYTHON shots.  Use the
FLAMETHROWER on the spider webs covering the door, and proceed.

Place the FLAMETHROWER on the rack next to the door that you see, and go to the opposite end of
the hall.  Here, open the door, and grab the INK RIBBON, FIRST AID SPRAY, and, BLUE HERB.  Put
these things into the storage bin, and save the game.  (You don't have to save if you don't want
to, but I highly recomend that you do.)

Bring the fallowing items with you: COLT PYTHON, MAGNUM ROUNDS, EAGLE MEDAL, and CRANK (hexagon).
Now, go through the door where you put down the FLAMETHROWER.  Open the door, and walk towards
the boulder.  Once again, get the hell out of the way!  When the boulder goes past, go behind
where it was, and to the left, is an MO DISK.  Now, head back a little bit, and check the sides
of the screen for a CRANK hole.  Use the crank until it has the hole on the left side, and enter.
Once inside the room, press the statue so that if you were to stand behind it, you could push it
all the way into the light.  Now, use the CRANK hole on the wall in this room , and watch as the
statue is pushed in a bit.  Use the CRANK again, and push it the rest of the way into the light.
When the little hole opens, grab the DOOM BOOK 2.  Inside, check and find the WOLF MEDAL.  Exit
the room, and go up the red elevator, to the surface.

When you get to the surface, head to the right, and place the WOLF and EAGLE MEDALS in the right
spots on the pool, to drain the pool.  A path is revealed, so go down it.  Go in the elevator,
and keep a sharp head.  Go down the ladder, and into the next room.  Put away the MO DISK you
just got, and grab a GREEN HERB (if you have one).  Leave the room, and go into the next.  Here,
you will kill the two zombies that are coming at you, and go to the left, and kill that one too.
Go to the desk, and grab the MO DISK.  Head back to the storage bin, and deposit it while you
can.  When you get down the stairs, kill everything that gets in the way, and go until you see a
door that isn't unlocked (not the first one you see when you get off the stairs though).  The
doors should be red.  When you get in the room, turn on the PC, and sign in as JOHN, and use the
password, "ADA."  When it asks you which floor, hit B2, and use the enter password, "MOLE."
Then, do the same for B3.

Now that the rooms are all unlocked, pick up the SLIDES in the back of the room, and go up the
stairs.  Go into the room next to the desk, and look at the pannel on the wall.  Push the
button, and grab the LAB KEY that is revealed.  Now, use the SLIDES on the projector to see some
of the monsters you have been fighting, except for "Tryrant".  Also, Wesker is on the right of
the D & R team!  What the hell is he doig in there?!  Put your CRANK away, along with your GREEN
HERB, and grab all three MO DISKS.  Now go down the stairs, and in the blue marked room.

Use the LAB KEY, and discard it.  Immedieatly take the room to the right, and do not step on the
switch!  The swith releases poison gas!  Put the wooden crates over the vent holes, so the gas
can't get out, but make enough room for the step ladder to go in between the two.  Go up the
steps, and through the vent shaft.  Now, get the password in the password finder like you did
to the last one, and exit the room.  Go into the blue door, and straight forward to get into a
save room.  Saving the game might be a great idea...(hint, hint.)

Bring the last MO DISK with you, and kill the zombie that you see.  Turn around, and kill the
other one too.  Turn around and head to the south, and into the power room.  Kill the monster
that you see, and head to the left.  Kill this zombie, and head further.  Supply power to the
blacked out areas , and head back one camera angle.  Kill the monster that is charging you, and
go down that hall.  Take the left here, and go through the door.  In this room, head straight,
and enter the last MO DISK.  Now head back, and take the left.  Go down this hall, and to the
door.  Enter, and head to the left.  Use the computer to turn on the elevator.  Go to the


Hit the switch to turn on the elevator, and watch the movie.  (What kind of crap animation is
this anyway?)  Well, it turns out that Wesker's whacked out plan backfired, (ironic huh?)
Shoot the Tryrant about 3-4 times, and it falls.  Head to the panel by Wesker's body, and unlock
the door.  Leave, and talk to Rebecca.  I suggest saving the game now, becuase you will have to
fight Tyrant again, and you have to save Jill still.  (Make sure you equip your gun again.)
Go back to the bottom of the stairs, and go back to the room with the stairs.  Go up the stairs,
and to the room at the south.  (I suggest that you grab any healing things that you have right
now, and go up the ladder.  Make sure you have atleast 2 free spaces; you will be needing them.)
In here, head out the door to the right.  Head through the hallway, and grab the BATTERY that
you see, and put it in the elevator.  After Jill and Rebecca stay, get out of the elevator, and
grab the flare to the left.  Use the flare, and the helicopter comes.  After you hit Tyrant
enough, Brad drops down the ROCKET LAUCHER.  Pick it up and equip it, then sned Tyrant to hell!

Great job!  You just beat the game!!!

TOTAL TIME: 13: 42min and 45sec

This FAQ was solely intended for the public use on the www. It cannot be reproduced,
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terms of law, whether the punishment be civil or  criminal law.  To put it at best, DON'T DO

This document copyright (c) 2000 Shawn Seeley A.K.A. The Head Gamester

 - Don't try to kill everything that moves!  If you are low on health, then just run from the
 - Grab ammo, and save it in your bin at the save rooms if you don't have the gun yet.  (If you
   can grab the ammo, tehn you should get the gun soon!)
 - When you see a GREEN HERB,  grab it even if you don't need it; you can deposit it, and heal
   your self when you save!

- Thanks Capcom for making this great game!  You guys rule, not only do you make R.E., you make
  Mega Man!
- CJayC at www.gamefaqs.com.  Thanks for making this possible.  (If you didn't answer my e-mails
  then I wouln't know how to make a .txt file!)
- Dingo Jellybean at www.vfaqs.net for making the hard parts easy.  (The walkthrough you made is
  great, but I am making one for Beginner mode.)
- My brother's friend for letting me borrow this game for a bit.  (That's how I got hooked.)
- Register.com, for making it possible to create my web site, www.gamesteronline.com

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