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Mine Launcher FAQ by IceWolf

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 10/31/00

                       RESIDENT EVIL 3 NEMESIS

The Ultimate Mine Launcher FAQ V 1.0
By J.Gour (IceWolf)
Created on 10/31/00 11:42:43 AM

The Resident Evil game series is copyright of Capcom and any other 
names mentioned in this FAQ that are not of Capcom will be placed with 
their respective owners.

This FAQ is copyright © 2000 J.Gour

I wrote this FAQ out of blatant creativity; So don’t even think for a 
fraction of a second that you will get away with stealing, altering, or 
renaming this FAQ to suit your own needs or wants to make a profit. If 
you do such things then I will be forced to find where you live, break 
your VCR and steal all your KitKat bars.


This FAQ is for your private and personal use only. DO NOT try and 
sell, print, copy, or redistribute this FAQ for your own personal 
profit. Doing the aforementioned will result in much pain and suffering 
on your part and perhaps the loss of many vital cellular functions on.


Note on E-Mail

If you want to send me E-Mail then please feel free to do so. Just send 
you questions, praise, comments, or suggestions to Destinystrike@hotmail.com. 
Please make sure to label the subject so that the name of this FAQ is 
mentioned. DO NOT send email that is irrelevant to the FAQ I.E: you 
suck, get off the net, and so on.

Revision History
V 1.0 wrote the FAQ 

Table of Contents

I. Before Getting Started
II. The Mine Launcher
a. In the Normal game
b. With Infinite Ammo
III. Optimizing the Mine Launcher 
a. Instructions
b. Troubleshooting
IV. How to Use the Mine Launcher
a. Direct Attack
b. Seeking
c. Corpse Trap
d. Trigger Shot
e. Lay Trap
f. Dispose Shot
V. Avoiding Accidental Death
VI. Dealing with Normal Enemies
a. Zombies
b. Dogs
c. Drain Diamos/Brain Suckers
d. Hunters/Head Hunters
e. Crows
f. Spiders
g. Leeches
h. Grave Digger
VII. Dealing With the Nemesis
a. Standard Attacks
b. Close Quarters
c. Learning His Movement
d. Laying Traps
e. Battle at the Clock Tower
f. Battle in the Garbage Disposal
g. Final Battle
VIII. Freaky Kills
a. Record Kills
b. Freaky Kills
c. Submission Guidelines
IX. Happy Survival
X. Credits



   Welcome to The Ultimate Mine Launcher FAQ. This FAQ is designed to 
better help you enjoy Resident Evil 3 Nemesis and hopefully rekindle 
your flame of love for the game if you have lost it. But be warned, you 
will need to have access to either a Game Shark, Action Replay, type 
cheat device before you can use this FAQ. But fear not, if you do not 
have an Action Replay type device BUT you do have a Dex Drive I will be 
able to help you later, as a starting save data will be provided for 
your benefit. Please note that this FAQ will ask you to view RE 3 in 
what may be a totally new light, if you are open minded you will truly 
love playing RE 3 after this FAQ.


   The Mine Thrower (to be called The Mine Launcher in this FAQ) is a 
rather underrated weapon in RE 3. To many I am sure that the gun was 
just a boon as such little ammunition was provided and it was almost 
"Totally Useless" in the fight with the Nemesis at the clock tower.
Well my friends, you are soon about to learn that this little launcher 
is quite the deadly weapon.


  In the normal game the Mine Launcher is found towards the near 
start of the clock tower, on the body of a dead UBCS soldier. Sadly 
the launchers ammo is scarce, and to most the gun might prove a 
little too awkward to bother using, but hey that’s ok.
 When used normally the Mine Launcher fires up to six rounds per 
chamber. Each mine is equipped with a sensor and will detonate when 
an enemy approaches it. The mines will not detonate if Jill 
approaches them and they will not detonate if they strike an object 
that can explode. There are also some drawbacks to the mine 
launcher in this mode. First off the mine launcher can not be 
reloaded in the game like most guns. You have to go into the 
inventory screen to reload it, and if you do reload it, any of your 
mines that have been untouched will disappear. The other drawback 
to the Mine Launcher is that the explosions from it will also hurt 
Jill. The damage is close to that of a light zombie bite, but it 
still adds up (and can also be pretty darn embarrassing when a 
zombie bites you and then both of you blow up).


Once you have attained the infinite ammunition in the Mercenaries’ 
game, or you have acquired the ammo box from Nemesis the mine 
launcher goes through an odd change. Because there is an infinite 
supply of ammunition there is no way to reload the gun and thus the 
mines wouldn’t be able to be removed, so Capcom changed the gun 
around a little bit. Instead of shooting out mines the gun shoots 
out a small missile that flies around the screen and locks onto the 
enemies and kills them. It can slay almost all enemies on the 
screen in one shot and all in all seems like the best practical 
weapon at that point. The sad part is that this change to the gun 
takes away all of the fun and strategy to using the Mine Launcher 
and so I have found a way to make a more fun mine launcher and have 
it from the start of the game too.


  It is possible to optimize the mine launcher and give it infinite 
ammunition as well as its normal function. This is accomplished in only 
one way and that way uses a GameShark action replay device. I suppose 
any type of code device will work, just as long as it can use the codes 
found on The GameShark Code Creators Club at http://www.cmgsccc.com.
From this point on I will refer to the cheat device as a GameShark, 
just for simplicity.


- First off you must have played through RE 3 one time to get the 
mercenaries game and have purchased the Assault Rifle. I haven’t 
tried this trick with anything other than the assault rifle so I 
am assuming that it will also work with the Chain Gun or Rocket 
- Now start a game and play up to the first room where you can 
save. Take the Assault rifle from the box and put it in the 
first slot of your inventory. Make sure to keep it unequipped 
and then take it off of manual fire. It will be listed as the 
bottom option, highlight it and press X to change Manual to 
Auto. The infinity symbol on the gun should become green. Now 
take an ink ribbon and save the game and get ready for some fun.
- Turn off your Playstation and get your GameShark on. Now enter 
in the following code 300D2134 000C This code will put the mine 
launcher in the same slot as your assault rifle. Now start your 
game and be happy.
- Once you have loaded your save and are in the room with your 
happy mine launcher in your inventory, check your inventory by 
pressing circle. Look at the assault rifle and it should say 
that it is the mine launcher. Now I bet you’re confused, you can 
check the assault rifle and it says that it’s the assault rifle, 
but when your cursor is over it, it says it’s the mine launcher. 
Fear not, all you have to do is turn off your GameShark.
- With your GameShark turned off take the poor confused assault 
rifle out of your inventory and put it in the box. Close the box 
by leaving the screen and open it right back up again. Voila, 
your assault rifle has changed magically into an amazing mine 
launcher with a green infinity symbol. That green infinity 
symbol means that it worked. 

NOTE: You will still have the option to take the Mine Thrower off 
of auto fire, don’t do it. If you take the gun off of auto fire it 
will change back into an assault rifle. I think this entire problem 
could be changed if you used the chain gun or rocket launcher 
instead, but I am not entirely sure if it will. Please feel free to 
email me if it does work and ill not only change this entire 
section to match but I’ll give you credit too.


   No problems have been reported yet


  Ahhhh yes, the fun part. Now that you have the optimized mine 
launcher your probably going to want to learn how to use it. You can 
either learn on your own or you can continue to read further, but if 
you stopped you’d miss out on all of these cool strategies and other 
interesting tidbits so just save yourself the agony and read on.

  First things first, the mine launcher is a little different now. It 
has infinite ammunition but only six mines can be on screen at a time. 
That’s no big deal, the six only counts for mines that have been placed 
on the ground or on a wall. So you could keep shooting the enemies all 
day and as long as those mines detonate you’re all set. If you do run 
out of mines and there are six on the screen your mine launcher will 
not click, instead it will fire normally but no mine will come out. 
Just be sure to be extra observant of your mine launcher.

  The following is a list of various types of shots, how to perform 
them and what they do. The section also provides one example of that 
type of shot. These examples are written like an excerpt from a story 
and so they are made in graphic detail, they are also real stories as 
they have all happened to me during my play of the game. I hope that 
you enjoy the descriptions as much as you like trying the various shots 
that are described. Just remember an example is an example but practice 
makes it possible to surpass an example. Ok enough martial arts, 
philosophy crap lets get onto splattering some undead souls.

 This Section of the FAQ Contains Scenes of Explicit Violence and Gore


  This is the standard shot. It is very easy to do also, just aim 
at an enemy and shoot them once. Wait a second and POW, big 
explosion. This shot is also the basis for many if not almost all 
of the other shots. If you can not accomplish this shot then return 
the game to its store or use it as a coaster or something. 
  A standard direct attack will totally obliterate a zombie, 
decapitating and blowing off both arms (Or mixtures of the 3) in 
one shot. It has various effects with other monsters just watch and 

Example: A nasty zombie is lumbering towards Jill. Jill raises the 
mine launcher and grins as she fires. The zombie is hit in the 
chest and staggers back. Seconds later the mine detonates and the 
zombies head fragments and splatters about the room leaving one of 
its arms missing and strewn on the floor. The zombie falls over 
dead as Jill darts away to attend to more important matters.


  Seeking is not exactly a type of shot but more or less a reaction 
to a shot. If a zombie you are aiming at moves to the side or you 
aren’t using the automatic aim feature, Seeking occurs. Seeking is 
when a fired mine swerves a little in its path so that it will hit 
the enemy. It often happens when dealing with a large amount of 
enemies or when you are dealing with faster ones that maneuver in a 
confusing way. (I.e. Dogs, Drain Diamos, Hunters)
  A standard attack with seeking will curve a little to hit its 
target. The target it swerves to is usually the one closest to 

Example: After exiting from the car storage and picking up some 
wires from a car Jill encounters 3 dogs. The dogs seem calm until 
one runs up out of nowhere and spoils the mood, dodging to the side 
Jill dashes off as the rotting mutts follow in hot pursuit. Turning 
slightly around a curve Jill spins and aims too quickly and she 
accidentally lets a mine loose. As the dog swerves to attack Jill 
the mine swerves to the side as well, striking the dog in the torso 
and removing it of the privilege of having four legs and a head. 
Jill turns on her heels and enters the next room so that she may 
avoid becoming undead dog chow.


  The corpse trap or what I call the ‘you lay down for a reason’ 
shot. This shot is what happens when an enemy is killed before any 
of the mines detonate on their body. Usually another enemy is close 
on their heels and the fresh corpse on the ground detonates and 
kills the pursuing enemy. This may sound a little complicated but 
its not really. The maneuver is simple, its just the timing and the 
circumstance that’s a real pain in the @$$. 
  A good Corpse Trap will not only take out your target but also 
take out 1 to 3 other enemies, three was my record. Here is what 
you want to do to accomplish a good Corpse Trap. First as your 
enemy is approaching you kill him by laying as many mines into him 
as possible so that he dies before they explode. Now all you do is 
wait for the other enemies to approach you. On the way to you is a 
dead body of course and when they get close to it they go BOOM, 
just make sure to stand clear of the explosion.

Example: Worn and weary from a battle with the Nemesis Jill 
staggers into the detective room of the RPD station. Expecting to 
see Marvin Branagh she is shocked to see a zombie with several 
close behind. Mustering her strength Jill raises her Mine Launcher 
and takes down the first zombie with two shots, the creature falls 
backwards with two blinking probes jutting from its chest. With 
growing hunger the other two zombies stagger towards the wounded 
Jill who only clutches her side and grimaces as she steps 
backwards. A soft beep is heard as the zombies approach the 
weakened woman, and from nowhere the two corpses sail backwards as 
their limbs fly dismembered from their bodies and their decimated 
corpses shudder to the ground. Jill only grimaces but is happy that 
the zombies never noticed the two mines blinking on the recently 
killed corpse that was their downfall.


  The trigger shot is like the close cousin of the corpse trap. When a 
trigger shot is performed one enemy is hit with a mine which explodes 
and fries several of his buddies. This occurs most often with zombies 
but I have been lucky enough to have it happen with hunters and dogs, 
even crows once. A Trigger Shot should quickly become your best friend 
mainly because it will save you time, effort, and damage. You can 
easily avoid some of the pain that you would get from trying to fend 
off a horde of zombies with a pistol or even a magnum or shotgun if you 
use this technique well. 
  Here is how you get the Trigger Shot to work the best. First of all 
you need more than one enemy, it helps if his buddies closely surround 
him. Next you have to find an enemy in the MIDDLE of the group. Don’t 
try for the front because that might not even work. This is where 
manual aim helps, or a little adjusting of an auto aim. Once you have 
shot the fool in the middle of the group, admire your work for a second 
and then watch them all go to hell in a handbasket. One important note, 
make sure you are a ways away from your enemies if they can actually 
above an infantile crawl. 

Example: There was fear in her breath as Jill saw the metallic green 
door smash open. The undead began to pour out of the small room like 
molasses all of them lurching towards the fresh human flesh. Jill 
turned on her heels and ran back a ways to survey her situation. With a 
silent nod she fired her mine thrower into the center of the group. It 
struck a zombie square in the chest and he staggered back, pushing 
against the rest of the horde. Moments later the horde of zombies 
erupted in a flurry of bile and human fluids as the lot of them fell 
dead to the ground. Jill ran in to see the statue of the mayor of 
Raccoon City; the only thought in her mind was if the battle was worth 
her effort.


  Lay Trap, may sound like a funny name but its much more logical than 
it thinks. This is basically, in its simplicity, shooting a mine at 
anything other than an enemy. You can fire mines at the ceiling, floor, 
walls, and objects in the room. You can even Lay Trap exploding objects 
like barrels and TNT straps and they won’t explode. Lay Traps work best 
on zombies that might crawl at you. The best use for the Lay Trap is 
with those whore hunters and the stupid dogs. Lay Traps also make Drain 
Diamos very unhappy.
  Here is how you perform the Lay Trap shot. (Or in other words lay 
traps, hence the name) First, plan a little bit and make sure you do it 
fast. Listen to what you are going to have to deal with and then lay 
some traps. I suggest lining one a little ways in front of you by 
tapping the down button when aiming and not holding it. You should also 
launch some traps where an enemy might come from. This works great on 
the Nemesis, which will be explained later. If you plan to run away 
from something I suggest firing a lay trap in front of you and then 
running over it. Then your foe will get a very unfriendly surprise when 
he steps on the blinking present you have waiting for him. 

NOTE 1: Some surfaces will not accept mines. If you fire a mine onto 
one of these surfaces it will explode. As a general rule, never EVER 
touch or stand next to an area that you are going to trap. These areas 
have no real distinguishing characteristics so your test is pretty much 
a trial by error thing.

Example: ‘Why does he have to come at me with a rocket launcher?’ Jill 
tried to catch her breath from her recent fright. The Nemesis had just 
burst through a window with a rocket launcher and now Jill was standing 
in the doorway of the RPD police room. She looked curiously over at the 
bloodstain where Marvin was but was quick to shake off her curiosity; 
the Nemesis would be after her soon. Looking straight ahead she nodded 
and fired some mines into the wall and floor on the path to her exit. 
Lastly she rigged the front of the doorway with two more mines. Turning 
to face her goal she started in a mad dash. Only a fraction of a second 
later was the Nemesis hot on her heels. But instead of the guttural 
‘STARS’ she heard explosions and the sound of frying flesh. She was 
saved, although the damage was probably only making the Nemesis even 
more enraged.


  The Dispose Shot is your friend, your very close friend. It will 
almost always kill mass quantities of enemies or at least kill one or 
two. A Dispose Shot is when you shoot at an exploding object like an 
Oil Barrel or TNT strapped to the wall, among the obvious. ‘What’s so 
unique about that?’ your probably wondering. Well the answer is simple; 
the mine launcher will not detonate these objects. It just imbeds into 
them and acts just like any other normal Lay Trap. When an enemy 
approaches the trapped barrel they go BOOM along with their pals. 
  Here is how you perform a Dispose Shot. First of all plant a mine on 
or near an exploding object, you can aim with R2 just like always (You 
might have to aim down slightly to hit the barrels). Now that you have 
planted your mines, get away from the object! Barrel, TNT, Steam Pipe, 
whatever, just get the hell away from it. You have no idea how many 
times I almost put my foot through the TV when I was learning this.
Now that your away from it you just wait for that satisfying explosion, 
but you might just have to lure your enemy into it, in that case just 
run like your are was on fire.

Example: The barricade wouldn’t hold long, all she had to do was light 
some rope and run but the zombies wouldn’t allow for that. Jill saw a 
large red barrel and decided to use her wits and patience. She launched 
to mines towards the barrel, one on the barrel and the other at the 
barrel’s front. Luckily she finished just as the barricade gave way and 
the undead began to lush towards her. Jill turned on her heels and 
vaulted onto some wood planks. She watched from a safe vantage as the 
keg exploded and the zombies fried and blew to shreds. She hopped down 
and went to light the rope and shuddered as she saw a dismembered upper 


  Well as you have learned earlier you can kill yourself with the mine 
launcher if you’re not careful. There are some ways you can really mess 
up and there are some ways that you can prevent looking like a fool. I 
am now going to provide a really simple do and do not section to make 
this all quick and easy. Let’s try and avoid any Jillblets get it? 
Giblets? The things you pull out of a turkey? Oh never mind. 


-Do keep your distance from your enemies

-Do plan ahead so you have a strategy to follow

-Do practice the various shots so you don’t make mistakes

-Do save a little more often than normal, just in case

-Do keep a plain green herb to heal yourself if you do get a little  
  scruffed up by an explosion or two


-Do Not hang around to admire your work if there are mines close to you

-Do Not shoot an enemy that is close to you and let the mine detonate

-Do Not forget about any of the mines you have laid

-Do Not lose track of how many mines you have missed with

-Do Not trap any barrels if you can not get far enough away from them

-Do Not put your foot through your T.V if you die a few times (person 
   experience talking there)


  This following section will show you the best strategies on dealing 
with the common fodder of RE 3. It will not only tell how many shots on 
average it takes to drop that particular enemy, but it also includes 
the different types of kills for the enemy and some effective notes on 
attack patterns. Please feel free to submit if you have found anything 
that I have missed.


Name: The creature’s technical name
Types: The different models used for them (police man, business suit 
man) [Zombies only] the number in () is the number of different models
Created By: What viral infection method makes them (T-Virus etc)
Sounds: The sounds you listen fore to see if they are around
Kill Types: The different death they have (head explodes, severed at 
waist, charred, etc)
Hits to Kill: How many shots it takes to waste em
Recommended Shots: The shots you should use to kill them (dispose Shot, 
trigger shot, corpse trap etc.)
Strategy: A standard strategy to kill the enemy


Name: Zombie (a.k.a. Resident Evil Cannon Fodder)

Types: Civilian M (2), Civilian F (2), Fat Civilian M (1), Business  
 man (2), Officer M (1), Officer F (1), Nude M (1), Lab Worker M (1)

Created By: Infection of a standard human being by the T-Virus

Sounds: Scuffling, moaning, perhaps a wet squishing noise if they  
 are eating a corpse.

Kill Types: Charred, No head, No arms, Severed waist and legs kicking 
(when crawling on stomach)

Hits to Kill: 2 no detonation, 1 with detonation

Recommended Shots: All of them

Strategy: The best strategy is to keep them away from you. If you 
don’t they might grab and bite you and that would suck if you had a 
mine on them at the time. If they are crawling towards you back up 
before shooting them. Other than that just party hardy and keep the 
mines a comin’.


Name: Cerberus (a.k.a. Those dogs you see so often)

Created By: A dog becoming infected by the T-Virus

Sounds: Sound of claws on the ground, barking if they see you, a less 
 wet squishing then the zombies eating if the dogs are eating

Kill Types: No Head, Loss of some legs, charred

Hits to Kill: 2 no detonation, 1 with detonation

Recommended Shots: Corpse Trap, Lay Trap

Strategy: It’s not highly advisable to let these mutts get too close to 
you. First Lay a Trap mine in front of you and then fire at the first 
dog. By the way these mutts always travel in packs of at least two so 
be careful. Once the first pooch is shot it will fall over and growl at 
you, and then it will detonate. If that takes out its other pals great, 
if not then repeat. If the dogs are close to you but not surrounding 
you lay a trap, then corpse trap the first dog with two mines and then 
back up, that dog will take out the others in pursuit. If they are 
surrounding you then just run by them and let them try and follow you, 
lay a trap in front of you and run over it. The dogs will get hit, as 
they do turn and fire a mine into the group that has formed and voila, 
Puppy Chow!

c. DRAIN DIAMOS/ BRAIN SUCKERS (a.k.a. Those weird spider things that  
 like giving hugs)

Name: Drain Diamos are light brown and Brain Suckers are green 

Created By: No idea, please send in an answer if you have evidence

Sound: A suction like sound of their feet. They sound a little like 
 Lickers in that respect (Lickers a RE 2’s Hunter)

Kill Type: Charred, Some arms lost, one or two legs lost

Hits to Kill: 3-5 no detonation 1-2 with detonation

Recommended Shots: Trap Shot, Direct Attack, Dispose Shot

Strategy: These spider like bastards are rather tricky, but there are 
ways around that. First, when they are clinging to a wall or ceiling 
you should shoot a little in front of where they might land. Then shoot 
them and they will fall down, but be ready to run away at this point. 
As they get up the mine might detonate or if not they will be killed by 
the mine on the ground. Sometimes they might jump at you if you are in 
a direct line with them, this is why you have to be ready to run to the 
side and get away. They will often detonate as this is happening. Next 
step, when they are on the ground. First lay a trap in front you and 
WALK backwards out of range of the mine (they will see where you are if 
you run). Then shoot the drain Diamos and turn on your heels and 
retreat. If they run at you they will get hit by the mine on the 
ground, if not you can run to the side to escape there detonation if 
they try and jump at you. Lastly, if you can use a dispose shot then by 
all means do it. But be careful to prepare that first before the drain 
Diamos notices you or you’re in trouble. To stay safe, make sure you 
don’t use a Direct Attack when the Drain Diamos is within hugging 
range, and what is hugging range? Hugging range is about 5 to 7 walking 
paces. These guys rear up on their hind legs and scurry after you 
wanting to give you a little hug. 


Name: Hunters are green and have fleshy spots, Head Hunters have no 
head, they have one huge mouth on their shoulders

Created By: The T-Virus being merged with human DNA

Sounds: The moist thumping of their footsteps, its light but sharp

Kill Type: One or no arms, one leg blown off at the knee, no head (not
 sure on that one)

Hits to Kill: I’m guessing 3-7 no detonation 1-3 with detonation

Recommended Shots: Lay Trap, Direct Attack, Dispose Shot, and Corpse 

Strategy: These guys are real mean, they can take off poor Jill’s head 
faster than Fat Albert can unwrap a milkeyway. Your best tactic here is 
to use the Lay Trap shot the most and save Direct Attacks for more 
opportune times. Here’s my strategy on how to deal with them in most 
standard situations. First move quick and run forward a few paces and 
lay a trap. Then turn and run and turn to face where the enemy is 
coming from. If you are in a hallway with a sharp turn fire a mine into 
the wall just for protection. If the hunter is going to come for you 
he’s going to come running. As the hunter gets hits by the first mine 
shoot it when it’s down. Before it can get up turn and run like the 
dickens and pray he doesn’t get close to you as he is either jumping or 
running the mine will go off and he will die. Take note, that if a 
hunter is trying to take off your head you should run in the direction 
of the arm he is swinging with. So if you can see Jill’s face and the 
hunter from the back and he is attacking with the right arm, run to the 
right. Otherwise the follow-through will get you just the same. It 
makes no sense that it happens but it does, so just learn to adapt.  


Name: Crows (a.k.a. Stop pecking my head or Hey they stick to the wall 
 when you shoot them with the bowgun)

Created By: Infection from the T-Virus

Sounds: Flapping and cawing

Kill Type: either just dead or noting left but a bloodstain and some 

Hits to Kill: 1 detonation

Recommended Shots: Lay Trap

Strategy: The strategy for the birds are easy, either run or lay a trap 
on the walls for them. If you lay some wall traps and run along that 
wall then they will go boom. Otherwise they’re just too small to really 
hit in flight. If they aren’t flying you can always lay mines on the 
ground for them so when they go to rest they can have a rather booming 
reminder of your dislike for birds.


Name: Spider (a.k.a. Stop Humping My Leg!!)<- Only in resident evil 
survivor does this occur

Created By:

Sounds: A light thumping of their furry legs

Kill Type: Blow off some legs, fragment their thorax (sometimes called
 the spiders arse)

Hits to Kill: 2-3 no detonation 1-2 with detonation

Recommended Shots: Direct Attack, Lay Trap

Strategy: The best time to kill a giant spider is when they are walking 
on the ceiling. When they do this fire a mine straight into them and 
they will usually just stay up there and let it explode and kill them. 
They are more dangerous on the ground because they can get some serious 
speed behind them so here is what you do. First lay some traps in a row 
on the ground, but make sure to lay at least two. Then run forward and 
get the spiders attention, when it rears up on its back legs start 
running. Now run over your mines and turn when you are away from the 
last mine and fire at the spider. If the spider is already dead from 
the mines on the ground then you just wasted one of you infinite supply 
of mines (oh no). But if it’s alive its got another mine to suck on, 
and it might just keep after you and run over the other mines you set 
for it.


Name: Leech, the non-medical type (a.k.a. They really DO suck)

Created By: no clue I’d guess the T-Virus or maybe an overdose of 
anabolic horse steroids

Sounds: Wet slithering, splorting plunk of them hitting the ground. 
(same sound effect as the snakes in RE 1)

Kill Type: charred

Hits to Kill: 1 detonation

Recommended Shots: Lay Trap

Strategy: Very easy strategy, even easier then the crows. Lay a trap in 
front of you and walk away. If they want to go after you they blow up, 
if they don’t then they will go about their business doing leech like 
stuff. It’s That Easy!


Name: The Grave Digger (a.k.a. Oh great, just what we all need, I 
Giant, Ugly, Necrophiliac leech.)

Created By: I am guessing the T or G virus leaking into the soil

Sounds: It will always let out a dry roar before just as it emerges 
from the ground

Kill Type: Chars

Hits to Kill: Instant Kill is possible, so you had better follow it if 
you decide to do it the hard way, please tell how many shots it takes, 
just detonation is necessary

Recommended Shots: Disposal Shot, Lay Trap, and Direct Attack

Strategy: Ok first of all as the fight starts, run forward and hug the 
right wall. This will stop you from being pinned in the corner. Now 
stay in the first screen with the water, the two lamp posts and the 
view of where you just came from. You will be alternating between this 
screen and the screen behind it quite a lot. Not all you have to do is 
lay a trap in front of the lamps towards the paths. Now start 
listening, when you hear him roar get ready to run either straight-
ahead or quick turn. In the first stages of damage the grave digger 
will emerge fully and move towards you, if you hurt it enough it will 
burst out and hit you then go back into its hole immediately. You can 
do this fight without taking a hit if you decide to fire minimally. If 
the grave digger is moving along the ground towards you only shoot at 
it once and run, when it goes back into the ground run back to your 
spot between the lamps. You can see where the worm is moving by 
watching the upturning soil, doing this will let you keep a definite 
eye on where he will emerge next. Anyway, once some time has passed the 
two lamps will fall forward in a little scene. Now is your chance, fire 
behind the left lamp and the wall will not take the mine, the mine will 
explode and the lamp will fall. Do the same with the other lamp and you 
will electrify the water. If you cant get it for the other lamp then 
lay a trap in front of it on the ground to the side. The Grave Digger 
will trigger it and it will definitely get zapped by it. Once you do 
this your done and you can leave, just make sure not to get zapped 
yourself. As another note, you want to focus highly on running from the 
digger and not so much on shooting.


  Yes the dirty little Nemesis is the big pain of the game, especially 
in the beginning when he likes to chase you around. The mine launcher 
is actually the only gun in RE 3 that can safely keep him at bay and 
let you escape. This of course does not count the rocket launcher, 
which is just cheap. At any rate, the following will show you how to 
understand the nemesis’s attacks, how he runs, how to lay traps and 
best of all, how to kill him when you want to and have to.


 The Nemesis is not the most creative of enemies. Ok I’m lying he’s 
the most creative in the entire RE series. But the Nemesis does have 
some standards. His standard attacks are the left hammer blow, the 
grab and throw behind, and forward, and lastly the grab and infect. 
Here is a summary of what they are and how to avoid them.

The Left Hammer Blow: The Nemesis will either run at you or stand 
there and swing with his left arm in a very full cycled hammer blow. 
The good thing is, he only does the left and he can only do the hammer 
blow. To dodge this, run towards him and run in the direction of his 
swinging arm. This of course only goes for if your going to fight him.  
If you don’t want to fight him (and in most cases you don’t have to) 
you can just run away. Safely running away is explained in section d. 
Setting Traps.

The Grab and Throw: The nemesis once again uses his left hand to grab 
you by the throat and toss you either in front of him or behind him. 
You can avoid this in the exact same way you would avoid his punches. 
I suggest curving around him as you do this so you aren’t just running 
straight. If you are thrown start whamming the action button while 
holding R1 and or R2, Hell just start mashing all of the buttons 
including various directions. You want to stand up as fast as 
possible, if you don’t then he will pick you up when you’re down and 
use his Grab and Infect.

Grab and Infect: The real whore move is when he decides he wants to 
make you another Brad Vickers and pick you up by your neck and infect 
you. The good part is that the Nemesis can’t do this when you are 
standing, he can only use this attack if you have fallen down from his 
grab and throw. Even if he does grab you, hold R1 and rapidly tap the 
action and other buttons and you can escape the grasp. Sadly you can 
only do this if you are in Fine or Caution Condition. If you are in 
danger then consider yourself another Brad Vickers


  Well now that you know what the Nemesis can do to you for the first 
part of the game, here is how you deal with him in close combat. First 
let me define close combat, close combat is any distance that is not 
running from the nemesis. There are two kinds of close combat in this 
case, the type where he can hurt you and you can hurt yourself, and the 
kind that he cant hurt you and you can hurt him. The bad close combat 
is that ‘uncomfortable close’, that ‘you’re in my personal space 
bubble’ close. At that range your mines will hurt you if they detonate 
and the nemesis will be hurting you as well. This will kill you quick, 
my fastest time being 15 seconds. Here is how you deal with him in 
close quarters. First shoot him and get ready to circle to the left to 
avoid his punch. As he is recoiling from the detonation you should 
shoot again and repeat the avoiding process. Note that you should never 
fight the Nemesis in narrow spaces like alleyways. 


  This is not learning how to fight him, that is the section above this 
one. This section will teach you how he moves, and he moves with a 
startling amount of intelligence. First, the nemesis will always hug a 
corner if he is going to turn. Be it running or walking he always hugs 
corners, he does this so he can get to you faster. Next, the nemesis 
runs about 1.25 times faster than Jill. That means that basically the 
nemesis will catch you eventually if you are running down a 
straightaway. Lastly, the nemesis will suffer a hit reaction and 
stagger back from the first mine explosion but not the one right after 
that. Take note of that when you run from him. Also, when you hear a 
metallic click, you should start to swerve in your path or pray to god 
your going to get to a door because that click means he’s going to fire 
a rocket at you. Lastly, remember that if the nemesis is chasing you he 
will enter into the room you are in after about 5-7 paces. His entering 
has nothing to do with time, so you could go use the bathroom, make a 
snack and walk your dog and still come back to Jill sitting there 
annoyed and tapping her gun on her hip.


  If you want to run from the Nemesis then you want to learn how to set 
practical and concise traps. This means that you want to only lay traps 
that you are sure will hit him and slow him down. Here is how you do it 
using the, yep you guessed it, the Lay Trap Shot. Once the Nemesis is 
in hot pursuit of you, he won’t give up easily, only a beat down or 
just running for a long time will get rid of this problem. Here is how 
to lay your traps to beat him. First, lay one mine in front of the door 
or a little in front of the door on the path that you will run. The 
Nemesis will always follow the path you take so use your own track of 
movement as a guide. Well you have one mine down, that’s usually enough 
unless you have a lot of running to do to get to your goal. In such a 
case you need to just sit still and plan where you want your next mine 
to go. I usually hug walls myself so I would place a mine alongside a 
wall just to make the trip a little safer. If you are the over paranoid 
type then you could always just fire all 6 mines around the room, but I 
don’t recommend it.


 You can follow the same strategies as for close combat in this fight. 
Just take note of Nemesis’ two new attacks.

Tentacle Impale: The nemesis will wind up and lash his tentacle a ways 
in front of him. Just move to the side to avoid the attack.

Tentacle Lash: The Nemesis Will wind up to the left and lash his 
tentacle from left to right, for this one just run away from him and 
you will be fine.

To beat the nemesis you just stay close to him so he will only use his 
Tentacle Impale attack. Once he starts to wind up back off and then 
run to dodge the tentacle, immediately launching a mine into him after 
that. Get a little closer to him and coax him into lashing you again, 
as he is lashing the mine will explode and hurt him but not so that he 
stops attacking. Just repeat this process of run to the left, move, 
fire, repeat and you’ll have him dead. Never run away from him, 
because that will just make him run after you and then you’ll have to 
deal with his punches and all that. Another definite no no is shooting 
more than one mine into him, don’t do it no matter what. 

NOTE: I have never fought him when he starts with the rocket launcher 
so I don’t know what to do about that. I will add a strategy for 
dealing with that when I play through again.


  This fight is much easier than they make it. Because you cant really 
detonate the acid you have to drop the nemesis with mines galore. The 
Nemesis will only walk in this fight so you can plug off at least 3 to 
4 mines before he is within swinging range. Once you mines have blown 
up run by him because he’ll be close enough by to hit you by then. Just 
run by his left side and he will swing and miss you. I’m not sure if 
nemesis goes blind by doing this like he does with the acid pouring on 

But be warned the Nemesis has two more new moves in this fight to 
replace the ones he lost from the previous fight. 

Tentacle Trip: The nemesis will lash out at your feet at try and trip 
you and pull you in close to him. Just run away to avoid that, or 
dodge. Dodging works great in this situation, but to those that don’t 
understand the precise mechanics of dodging it might be wiser to run.

Tentacle You Sick Whore *Closes eyes and looks away*: Your probably 
wondering why I gave this attack this name, well if you saw the fact 
that nemesis grabs you by the legs and smashes you into the ground over 
and over again. I just had to give it a colorful name. The bad thing is 
that the attack looks the same as the Tentacle Trip so if you can avoid 
that you can avoid this attack.


  This is not so easy, because you don’t want to be stuck in a corner. 
Your going to want to use a lot of Direct Attacks with some Lay Traps 
mixed in. Be sure not to miss or you might be in trouble. Also, do not 
push in the third battery until the nemesis starts to run away from 
you, just keep the battery 3 half in and when the nemesis starts to 
slither away from you and not attack any more you should put in the 
battery and finish it. All the nemesis can do here is spew acid, but it 
still hurts so be careful to avoid it. Don’t be afraid to run around 
the nemesis also, he cant do a whole hell of a lot to you if you try 
and get by. Or at least I haven’t seen anything incredible. Just make 
sure not to get hurt by your own mines because he is real long in this 
fight and the extra length might set off more mines then you want.


 This section is the only non-Mine Launcher related part of the FAQ. 
Although the coolest and weirdest kills occur with the mine launcher 
due to the time lag between impact and detonation if you have other 
weird kills then do submit them. Please do not submit a standard 
shotgun decapitation or a plain pistol kill. Anything else goes, from 
the least gory like popping 3 zombies heads in a row with the IMI eagle 
to crazy kills like shooting a hunter with the mine launcher and having 
the mine explode so it wipes out in mid jump. Anything cool goes. 
Please, ANY resident evil game submission is accepted from RE 1 to RE 3 
but not survivor because there was no good kills in that game I would 


  This section is for kills that have broken a personal record that you 
may have or are just more than one kill. A record kill only counts for 
the amount of enemies you kill with one shot from a gun. Your 
submission will be put up and various record categories will be created 
as I get more submissions.

  ==There are no submissions to the Record Kills area, please check 
back later ==


  This section is for kills that may be a game glitch, an amazingly 
disgusting kill, or just something that you consider really out of the 
norm or incredible. 

  ==There are no submissions to the Freaky Kills area, please check 
back later ==


  Send Your Submissions to Destinystrike@hotmail.com

Please title the subject of your email  "Freaky Kill Submission"

In your email please include

Your Name: Internet name or real name or both

Your Email: This is optional
The Resident Evil Game you achieved the kill with: Re 1,2 or 3

The Gun You Used: The weapon you used to kill your foe(s)

What you killed: The enemy or enemies you killed. Note that a freaky 
kill only counts for the enemies you killed in one room, and not over a 
series of rooms. In other words, only 1 submission per room

The Type of Kill it Was: Either a Record Kill, or a Freaky Kill
Give a brief description of what your kill was and what it did to the 

That’s all you need to have on the email. You will be put up in the 
Freaky Kills Section of this FAQ and credit will be given to you. This 
is just something I’m doing for fun so any re player can submit and be 


 Well, I hope you have enjoyed reading this FAQ as much as I enjoyed 
writing it. All in all it took me about 8 hours non-stop to write this 
and now I am going to go soak my wounded knuckles in some hot water. 
Some last words to you my RE 3 friends. First, never kick your TV 
screen when wearing steel toed boots, don’t play RE 3 at midnight while 
with another person, wetting your pants in fear may be embarrassing, 
and lastly Please Contribute To this FAQ. I have always believed that 
it is the contributions of other people that make something great.


As of now this FAQ is copyright 2000 J. Gour and I cant give credit yet 
because nobody has submitted anything yet. 

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