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Jill's Diary Guide by TWilde

Version: 2.0 | Updated: 03/04/00

Getting Jill's Diary
a FAQ of sorts for Resident Evil 3: Nemesis
by Thomas Wilde [storyteller@msc.net]
version 2.0


	Resident Evil 3: Nemesis is published by Capcom, and all elements
of it are owned by that company.


	As you may have known, there's a hidden file in Resident Evil 3
called Jill's Diary. This file details a few of the events between
Resident Evil and its sequels, including what happened to Chris
	In order to get this hidden file, it's necessary to pick up all
thirty files in Resident Evil 3 in order. This isn't difficult, but
it takes a little bit of planning. This list is meant as a handy,
at-a-glance resource for players going after the diary, to help
you map out your route through the game.
    It has been pointed out to me by alert reader "Matfarley4" that
there was a slight omission from the first version of this FAQ.
When you pick up a file in RE3, you can hit the Triangle button
to immediately put it away. However, if you're looking to get Jill's
Diary, you *mustn't do this*. You must scroll all the way through the
file and hit the "exit" prompt.
	This FAQ does not contain a transcription of Jill's Diary, or
of any of the RE3 files. They just ain't that hard to find.

Game Order

	Here are some suggestions on how best to play through RE3, if
you're looking to get the Diary. These don't do anything special, but
if you go through the game this way, you won't have to go out of
your way to get the files in order.

1) It doesn't matter where you choose to meet up with Carlos, but
	you'll want to at least stop by the restaurant before you go to
	the Raccoon Press building.
2) Choose to pull the emergency brake when the trolley car goes
	out of control. You'll wind up outside the clock tower, and
	you'll encounter file #17 before file #18.
3) As Carlos, go to the fourth floor of the hospital before you
	check out the basement.
4) Choose to shove Nemesis off of the bridge in the park. You'll
	be able to reach the lounge before the monitor room, and get
	access to file #27 before file #28.

The List

	The following may, obviously, contain a spoiler or two if
you've never played the game before.

#1: Game Instructions #1
#2: Game Instructions #2
	You begin your first game with two books in your inventory.
Use them to convert them into these files.
	Every time you start a new game on this save file, these
two files will already be in your files screen.

#3: Clock Tower Postcard
	On the counter in the bar where you meet Brad. It'll be
right in front of you.

#4: Photo A
	In the hallway with the door that's been tied shut,
a few zombies are banging on a barricade. After they burst
through and you take care of them, check the two dead bodies
that were behind the barricade.

#5: Marvin's Report
	Marvin's lying on the floor in the office in the RPD
building, right where Leon or Claire had to whack him in RE2.
Check him for the file.
	(Incidentally, am I the only one who noticed that when
you come back through this office on your way out of the RPD,
Marvin's gone?)

#6: David's Memo
	On the table in the darkroom, behind the typewriter.

#7: Fax from Kendo
	Check the fax machine in the STARS office. It's on top
of the desk next to the door.

#8: Merc's Diary
	On your way uptown, you'll enter a narrow hallway with
a red barrel in it. On the screen after the barrel, there'll
be a dead man slumped in the corner. Check him, and take the
handgun bullets from his corpse. You'll get the file.

#9: City Guide
	On a table in the restaurant.

#10: Photo B
	Lying on top of a pay 'phone in the lobby of the Raccoon
Press building.

#11: Photo C
	On one of the desks in the third-floor office of the Raccoon
Press building.

#12: Reporter's Notebook
	In the Raccoon Press office, in the corner on top of a cabinet.
It's barely visible.

#13: Mechanic's Memo
	Check the sparking control panel in the trolley car.

#14: Manager's Report
#15: Business Fax
	Both are in the sales office. You'll automatically pick up the
report when you try to use the remote control. The fax is in one
of the drawers to the side of the room, near Murphy's corpse.

#16: Dario's Memo
	At any time after talking to Nicholai and Carlos in the trolley car,
make your way back downtown and revisit the warehouse where you started
the game. The trailer the fat guy shut himself up in is now open, and
Dario's Memo is in it, along with a few bottles of gunpowder.
	This is probably the easiest file to overlook, as well as arguably
the hardest to get. Downtown Raccoon has been overrun by a fresh tide of
zombies, dogs, and crows while you've been in Uptown, which can make
things a little problematic.

#17: Operation Instructions
	On the body of the merc in the front hall of the clock tower. You'll
get this automatically if you pick up the mine thrower.

#18: Picture Postcard
	On an end table in the clock tower's library, near an open drawer with
an ink ribbon in it.

#19: Mercenary's Pocketbook
	On the dead man and woman in the corner of the clock tower storeroom,
next to the clock puzzle.

#20: Director's Diary
	In the doctor's office in the hospital. It's visible on the floor
next to the dead man on the couch.

#21: Photo D
	In the back room on the fourth floor, by the sickroom key.

#22: Medical Instruction Manual
	On a counter in the hospital's basement laboratory.

#23: Photo E
	On the table in the small safe room by where the hospital used to be.
You get the park key in the same room.

#24: Written Orders To The Supervisors
	In the Raccoon City Park, head east from the fountain. One of the
dead men on the path has a park key and this file.

#25: Supervisor's Report
#26: Fax from HQ
	Both are in the room behind the fireplace in the graveyard tool shed.
The report is on the table, and the fax is posted on the nearby chalkboard.

#27: Manager's Diary
	In the lounge in the dead factory, by the typewriter. If you pushed
Nemesis off of the bridge, you'll run into Carlos in here.

#28: Security Manual
	On a desk in the monitor room in the dead factory, near where you
get the water sample. When you walk in, it'll be in the foreground.

#29: Incinerator Manual
	In the room below the control tower, on the wall next to the
ladder. It's very easy to overlook.

#30: Classified Photo
	In the junkyard, on the ground. It's right in front of the door
that leads to the final battle with Nemesis.


	Upon getting File #30, check your file screen. If you did
everything correctly, Jill's Diary will have replaced File #1. Read it, and

Just killing time 'til Code Veronica:

Thomas Wilde

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