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Speed Handgun Walkthrough by VMerken

Updated: 09/16/02

"...So I'm back." 

._______. ._______. ._________.___._______. ._________._______.   ._______.
|   ._. !_|   ._. !_|   ._.   |   |   ._. !_|   ._.   |   ._. !_._! ._.   |
|   |\|   |   |\|   |   |\!___|___|   |_|   |   |/|   |   |/|   |   |/|   |
|   | |   |   !_!   |   !__\__|   |   | |   |   !_!   |   | |   |   | |   |
|   | !___|   ._____!_____.   |   |   | |   |   ._____|   | |   |___! |   |
|   | |\__|   !\_____\____!   |   |   !_!  _|   !_____|   | |   |__/| |   |
!___! |   !_________________. |   |_______!_!   ._________! !___!   | !___!
 \___\|    \________|   ._. !_|   |\________|   |________/!/___/    !/___/
                    |   | |   |   | |   |___|   |
                    |   !_!   |   | |   |   |   | .___.
                    |   ._____|   !_!   |   |   |/|   |
                    |   !\____!_.     ._|   |   !_!   |
                     \________! !_______!___!________/
                                |   ._. |_.
                                |   | |   |
                                !___|_| ._|
                                |___|_  |_|
                                ._____!   |

                         SPEED HANDGUN WALKTHROUGH

(c)Millennium-1 VMerken, started ed. Jan 16th - finished Jan. 20th


Mes chers Resident Evil Fans,

Umbrella is amidst us again. The mighty corporation releases yet another 
wave of terror upon Raccoon City. Join STARS agent extraordinaire Jill 
Valentine on her craziest escape yet...

After writing two FAQS on the previous RE games concerned with nothing but
speed, I thought it would be nice to make something else for a change. So 
how about... completing Jill's mission with nothing but her trusty 
Handgun? And to do that within 1:30 - 1:35?

You read it right. No Shotgun, no Magnum, no Grenade Launcher. The only 
bullets you'll see flying are 9mm parabellum rounds. The Handgun, rated 
2/10 by some people, will become your best friend. Or why do you think 
Jill is holding one from the start?

"Why on earth should I give up on all these great weapons?". You don't. 
However, as with Nicholai in the Mercenaries subgame, it's a great method 
to improve your gaming skills. Anyone can aim a Rocket Launcher at 
Nemesis. But a Handgun? 

Besides, it's great boasting material...

Him "Hey, wotsyatime in RE3?"
You "1:30..."
Him "Bwahahahah, I've got 1:2..."
You "...with the Handgun."
Him "Wha? But Hunters...?"
You "Handgun."
Him "Clock Tower Nemesis?"
You "Handgun."
Him "No way that you got Nemesis ty..."
You "Handgun. Three bullets."

You'll soon be the Prince of RE land, but watch out for those who go...

You "Hey, wotsyatime in RE3?"
Him "2:03..."
You "Bwahahahah, I've got 1:3..."
Him "...Knife only."
You "Wha? But Neme.."
Him "Knife ONLY."

Those are the Kings. They have the mental insanity to stab Nemesis 60+ 
times for a kill. They don't care about bonus items. Grave Digger needs 
80+ stabs. The final fight is under time pressure, but these guys finish.
So pay heed.

OK, this intro is getting way too long and I wanted to put some structure 
into this guide. Anyway, read on and never forget to have fun playing the 


01 TOC
05 TED (The Essential Disclaimer)
06 ????????????


In a time where PSX1 is showing its age, the King of Sequels, Capcom, 
brings us RE3: Nemesis - luckily they didn't call it RE EX PLUS ALPHA C 3 
(altho' there is a RE ZERO coming on N64 - ack). They decided to say 
goodbye in style, because, well, this game is a friggin' bomb.

Graphically, the polygons are not trilinearly filtered, there is no 
realtime shadow calc, and the backgrounds are not 3D. But there is no way 
that any current 3D engine could ever reach the same quality as these 
prerendered graphics. It's a joy running around in what was once a pretty 
normal US city.

As a bonus to all this eye candy, the enemy count has been greatly 
enhanced. And that raises the difficulty level. This is the hardest game 
yet, which is what we were all screaming for - Capcom did listen. 
Furthermore, Nemesis, the 'Live Selection' process as well as random 
scattering of objects add incredibly to the gameplay.

Finally, you get the best bonus game yet - the Mercenaries. Choose one of 
three characters, each with their unique armament and style and play one 
helluva tough mission. This makes Tofu from RE2 look like a stroll to the 
nearest pub. As this game's the only way to unlock the bonus weapons, 
you'll be playing it a lot. And then some.

Capcom deserves praise for this release (I haven't found a single bad 
review on the 'Net which says it all), and one can only hope that RE: 
Code Veronica on DreamCast is just as satisfying. Judging from the demo 
movies, it is... I think I'm gonna buy a Dreamcast, just for this one 
game. But I'm NOT (never) buying RE ZERO. Why? N64. I don't care how hard 
or challenging it's gonna be.


Before we get started on the real thing, I'll give you some general tricks 
and tips that'll prove useful throughout the walkthrough.

(A1) Time

If you want to be fast, you got to know how the game measures elapsed 
time. Fortunately, RE3 is very easy on this point: the clock starts as 
soon as Jill starts to ramble about her story and it ends when she and 
Carlos escape with the chopper. 

(A2) Abuse Select

The clock does not stop for FMV or cut-scenes, so you must effectively 
keep these very brief, which can be done using SELECT. Hold SELECT to 
shorten a FMV, tap it furiously if you run into a cut-scene. Note that 
some cut-scenes can not be aborted.

(A3) Get out Fast

While heading for an exit (a door, a gate, whatever), hold both the Run 
and Action Button. Jill will exit in the quickest possible way. 

(A4) Menu Access

The clock ticks away while you're deciding whether to equip that Shotgun 
or not. The key to really good times is to only access the menu when it's 
absolutely unavoidable. Figure out in advance what you have to do, then 
do it quickly. Keep in mind that simply opening and closing the menu 
screen costs you seconds, so keep access to a minimum.

(A5) Puzzles

It's obvious that solving a puzzle quickly is essential. I'll give you 
tips and hints on how to do that for every puzzle in the game.

(B1) Enemies

When speed is all-important, and you're only using low-power enemies, you 
can't afford to take on everything you meet. So most of the time, you're 
running around the monsters, evading their attacks. You'll need techniques 
to outsmart them when they get too close for comfort.

(B2) Zombies

Pelt them down using 3-5 Handgun bullets, then aim down. Two more bullets 
should work wonders. If the zombies are stacked and it's impossible to 
evade them, let them have a bite at you. Sure, you'll be hurt, but at the 
same time Jill'll dodge them away, clearing a path to escape. It's fast 
and saves bullets.

(B3) Dogs

A running technique mostly is best; when the attacking dog gets close, 
swiftly move left or right. He'll miss and by the time he recovers, you're
long gone.

(B4) Hunters  

Again, there's a neat running technique. I've read about 'run, then step 
back' stuff andsoforth, but I think a 'Wait, then run' technique is far 

'Wait, then run' basically goes like this: a Hunter is running at you. 
You're running at him, but before the clash, you stop briefly. The Hunter 
will always attempt a jump attack, so once you hear it's combat shriek, 
start running again.

If you perform this with three Hunters, you'll have a nice screeching and 
jumping parade following you as you go to the exit. Pretty amusing to 

(B5) Drain Deimos/Brain Sucker

These creatures are pretty harmless as they're completely blind and only 
react to sound. Use this to your advantage by tapping the Run button as 
you advance through a DD/BS-filled room. Jill will 'float' along and pass 
the them without being noticed. You'll only be detected if you float into 
them or get real close.      

(B6) Nemesis type I

If you meet Nemesis type I during the game, here's a little secret: 
He's LEFT-HANDED. See his right shoulder, showing all that brown tissue? 
That's what you have to run for if you want to get past him. 

Caution: sometimes, he does use his right arm, so keep some distance.

(C) Quick Reload Trick

While shooting, try to rhythmically press/depress R1. If the timing's 
right, Jill shoots faster than normal. Get the 'Infinite Ammo' item from 
the Mercenaries subgame and practice.

(D) Recovery Items

In RE3, you don't get penalized for using First Aid Sprays (unlike RE2),
but too many of them still can turn your A into a B. We're aiming for A 
rankings here (all secret outfits and the bonus game), so use the Sprays 
moderately. With practice 3-5 Green Herbs and 1-2 First Aid Sprays are 
sufficient. The guide will only show you the essential pick-ups, so for 
the rest... use your own judgement.


There are several places in the game where you'll have to reset due to 
various reasons, like too dangerous or too much timeloss. In such 
instances, there's really nothing else but to restart, unless you're 
willing to lose more time. 

The first few plays, boss fights could prove very difficult, so it's no 
problem if you save regularly and train these fights. However, saves 
absorb time (and I suspect that the game even penalizes you for it), so 
the fast runs should be done without the use of Ink Ribbons.

I'll denote the difficult spots and recommended saves in the text.

(F) Rooms

All the rooms are numbered and named, so you can easily follow the route 
I've taken. Also this way, I don't need to say 'take the closest door' or 
'get to the left exit'. The room names are the official Capcom ones.

By the way, if I say 'go left', I mean this from Jill's perspective.

(G) Scenarios

Due to the random positioning of enemies/objects/events, there are several
'scenarios' you need to act out according to situation. For each scenario,
I'll tell you what to do. These scenarios are only valid for a single 
room, they're NOT connected.


At the Menu Screen, select 'New Game' and 'Heavy Mode' to ignite the game. 
Tap Select to skip Jill, then hold it for the FMV. 

Chapter 1  My, Last Escape has, begun

Jill sure did change from RE1. Being a STARS agent, it's only logical to 
adopt sexy attire while escaping a zombie-ridden town. I guess she was a 
bit jealous of her polygonal colleague Ms. Croft and decided to show her 
'potentials' to the world, too.

Anyway, we see her blasting out of a burning hotel room of some kind. Run 
forwards and drop the zombie blocking her path. Go over the dumpster and 
enjoy the non-skippable cut-scene. Once Jill finishes saying 'I CAN'T 
beLIEVE that I'm stILL aLIVE', tap select followed by a reversal (tap the 
Run button and Down at simultaneously).

100 Storehouse

Pick up: Handgun Bullets (30) (locker near First Aid Spray)

101 Storehouse Office

Pick up both A Gun Powders and combine them to AA. Use the Reload tool to 
get 35 bullets. Then head for the Magic Box.

Discard: Game Manual A, Game Manual B, Reload Tool
Pick up: Warehouse Key

100 Storehouse

Use: Warehouse Key

102 Lane in front of Storehouse
103 Main Street

104 Y Junction

If you go up the stairs, you'll soon meet a door from which Brad comes 
storming out, zombies pursuing him. If you don't see this happen, try to 
open said door. Then, run back from whence you came.

103 Main Street

Do a 180 to re-enter the door.

104 Y Junction


The zombies are now much calmer. Go down the stairs, negotiating the two 
zombies coming out. Once down, let the single zombie bite you. Tap all 
keys to drop/dodge him. 

Pick up: Lighter Oil (Wha? No Shotgun?)

Head back up the stairs. If some zombies are making their way down, 
eliminate them. As you exit the stairs, curl right and enter the street 
Brad was going for. A single zombie should be there, but he's easy to 

Pick up: Green Herb

105 Street in front of Apartment Building with 1F Shop

Real easy here.

106 Garbage Dump

Go down the the stairs, where Brad's shooting a zombie. He'll kill it, 
then retreat to the Bar Jack. The zombie blocking the entrance is really 
quick, so pause shortly to lure him away, then run for it.

107 Bar Jack

Tap Select, followed by a 180 once Jill's visible again. You're so scared 
of Brad pelting a walking undead that you want to exit back to the 
Garbage Dump. As you do that, Brad somehow raises caliber and brings his 
assailant down quick. Tap Select.

Pick up: empty Lighter, Handgun Bullets (30) (cash register)

106 Garbage Dump

The zombies have retreated to fairly innocent positions.

108 Street where policemen were slain


A large group of zombies are hiding behind a fence. 

(Scenario 1)

Run up to the gate. 

Combine: empty Lighter, Lighter Oil
Use: Lighter

Once the ropes burn off, the zombies will crash through the fence, two 
crawlers in front. Don't let these get you, they stall enough for the 
pack to catch up.

(scenario 2)

The zombie crash occurs BEFORE you get close to the gate. Reset the game, 
or use the oil barrell (R2 aim) to kill all but two attackers (time loss). 
Run up to the gate.

Combine: empty Lighter, Lighter Oil -> Lighter
Use: Lighter

(scenario 3)

You get to the gate, but the zombies come before you get a chance to 
access the menu. The crawlers are close, but there's still some room to 
unlock the gate. You don't need to be exactly in front of the gate, the 
far side works just as well.

Combine: empty Lighter, Lighter Oil -> Lighter
Use: Lighter

Tap the Action button like crazy to get out before the crawlers bite. If 
they do, reset the game. If you're not comfortable doing this stunt, go 
for the oil barrell (R2 Aim)(time loss).

109 Garbage Collection Point

Just two doggies who'll never catch you.

110 Street in front of Police Station Main Gate

Nothing there, so you might as train your running skills by following the 
shortest path to the Police Station (straight lines).

201 Police Station Main Entrance

Hold Select to end the FMV. 

LIVE SELECTION 1 -> Fight the Monster

Do a 180 and dash for the exit. Do it quickly or Nemesis will catch up and 
hurt you with his overhead punch. You don't want to moonwalk (failed 180) 

202 Hall in Police Station

Run forward. Nemesis will push you in the right direction. Follow it up by 
a reversal. 

Pick up: Handgun Bullets (30) (near computer terminal)

By the way, this part of the game takes place 24 hours BEFORE Leon and 
Claire arrive. But here, nearly all the exits are barricaded, whereas in 
RE2, they're gone! Mystery, oh mystery... unless the surviving cops 
decided that Raccoon City was safe again, so they removed their 
barricades. Makes perfect sense.

203 West Side Office

(scenario 1)

Jill looks dead ahead as she enters. All zombies are in a room you don't 
want to go to anyway. Good. Leave.

(scenario 2)

Jill looks to the left as a zombie is near. Pelt him, then let the zombie 
lying on the floor bite you. Evade the oncoming third zombie.

In this very room, you'll find the DEAD body of Marvin, 24 hours BEFORE he 
gets shot by Leon/Claire in RE2. Yes this makes sense to me. I guess that 
in RE ZERO, Rebecca will find Ada's dead body holding information about 
the G-Virus, 3 months before she dies in RE2.

(In the back, one can hear the annoyed voices of RE ZERO script writers: 
'How.. did he know THAT? Now we have to rewrite everything from scratch! 

204 Storehouse for Seized Object

Pick up: Blue Gem
Pick up: Emblem Key (after entering passcode)

I hear the entire survivalhorror community screaming at me.

No sweat then, mind if I take a lucky guess? 

The are only four codes: 0131 - 4011 - 0513 - 4312

I always enter them in this sequence as 0131 is the fastest to enter, so 
if it's the right guess, I'm out fast. But you could try the long 4312 
from the start, if you feel that Lady Luck's at yo' crib.

205 Corridor in front of Darkroom

Press upper left and run. The curve is large enough for the female zombie 
to notice you. As she marches forward, run past her along the other side.
The two other male zombies are easy provided that you don't get stuck at 
the staircase. 

206 Corridor with Stone Statue

(scenario 1)

You see three zombies as you go up the stairs. This is tricky, but you 
need to cut in behind the first and escape diagonally. If not, you'll be 
bitten. Run on. Chances are that you won't even see the fat zombie near 
the statue.

(scenario 2)

You see nothing as you go up. The fat zombie's here and poses no threat. 
The three previous zombies are now at the statue. It's less tricky to 
evade them here. 

207 Corridor in front of S.T.A.R.S. Office

Unlock the STARS Office with the Emblem Key (automatically). 

208 S.T.A.R.S. Office

Pick up: Lockpick, Handgun Bullets (30) (Barry's desk)

Tap Select when you hear the first beep from the communications panel 
(happens when you exit). You shouldn't hear the second echo beep.
All the way back now.

207 Corridor in front of S.T.A.R.S. Office
206 Corridor with Stone Statue
205 Corridor in front of Darkroom
204 Storehouse for seized Object
203 West-side Office
202 Hall in Police Station
201 Police Station Main Entrance

110 Street in front of Police Station Main Gate

The Lockpick comes in handy here.

111 Shopping Street Side Road

Pick up: Handgun Bullets (30) (from dead mercs body)

Press the Run Button twice to avoid reading the document.

112 Lane in back of Shopping Street
113 Street in front of Car Park

No threats.

301 Car Park

It's easy to pass doggy one, but number two has seen you and will attack. 
Zig to the left and zag back for an unharmed escape.

302 Car Park Office

Pick up: Handgun Bullets (30) (next to Jill as she enters)

303 Street in front of exclusive Hotel

Run left. Two dogs behind you. Keep on running to the left until a third 
dog jumps and misses, then go for the exit. Enjoy the doggy parade.

304 Construction Site

Run past the Drain Deimos. Don't stop or he might surprise you with a 
giant leap and drain the bejeezus out of Jill.

305 Street in front of Restaurant

Carlos is shooting some rotten flesh. Ignore him and go to the T Junction. 

306 T junction behind Restaurant

This is a tricky area, but should work out okay with some practice.
Run until you see a stationary zombie. Clip to the left so he notices you, 
then go around the other side. Keep running until you pass the junction, 
then glue all the way to the left wall. The three zombies waiting there 
can't reach you - most of the time.

307 Restaurant

Use: Lockpick (on nearby locker)
Pick up: Fire Hook
Use: Green Herb, Fire Hook

Immediately push Select to trigger...

LIVE SELECTION 2 -> Do nothing

'Are you nuts? Nemesis is coming!'. Sure, but Carlos is around to stop him 
just before Major Mutant can reach you. Use this to evade him (remember, 
he's LEFT-HANDED), but don't get stuck at the kitchen table.
Run like crazy as he'll pursue you at full speed.

306 T junction behind Restaurant

Tap Select. Nemesis will come after Jill, but the next room's closeby.

308 Shopping Street Storeroom

Pick up: Rusted Crank

306 T junction behind Restaurant

Nemmy's waiting for you. Evade swiftly.

If he's not there, he'll be at the next room, where it's very easy to 
circle him.

309 Street in front of City Office
310 Raccoon Press 1F

Pick up: First Aid Spray

Shove the stepladder to the high-up switch. Climb up and press it, then 
unlock the shutter. 

311 Raccoon Press 3F


Pick up: Green Gem

Guess who's there to get you in the small office corridor. Yep, Leftyboy, 
but this time it's hard to evade him. 

(scenario 1)

Nemesis is running and will hit you once, leaving you all the room to exit.

(scenario 2)

Nemesis grabs you good and decides to kick bootie. Try to get out by 
whatever means necessary.

310 Raccoon Press 1F

309 Street in front of City Office

Use: Green Gem, Blue Gem

312 City Office 
313 Street in front of Pumping Station

Lots of zombies, but nothing difficult.

314 Street in front of a Monument
315 Cable Car Stop

Wait a moment, then press R2 to shoot the barrell. Dogs or zombies, 
they're dead. Go over the dumpster. If you barrell-killed zombies, press 
R2 again. Jill will aim at an unvisible barrell. Shoot to drop two more 
zombies. If, on the other hand, you killed dogs, another one will come out 
of the blazing fire. No need to take it down.

316 Back of Cable Car

Tap Select to avoid conversation with both Nicholai and Mikhail.

Chapter 2: Let's get this piece of junk moving

317 Front of Cable Car 

All babes dig Carlos' accent. Except Jill. She's a tough cookie, so 
mr. Oliveira decides to soften her up with gifts. Well, those extra two 
inventory slots do come in handy. Plus ooohh, the leather's real comfy 
and fashionable... 

Pick up: Wrench

Unlock the nearby door.

315 Cable Car Stop
314 Street in front of a Monument
313 Street in front of Pumping Station
312 City Office 

318 Street in front of Gas Station

Use: Rusted Crank, Wrench

319 Gas Station

Pick-up: First Aid Spray, Machine Oil (after solving puzzle)

Now this puzzle's easy, here's the general strategy:

Call AB the 'left side', CD the 'right side'. Suppose you have to solve 
for A. Well, reduce the puzzle so you leave a single light at the left 
side, then use the A switch if necessary. Same goes for the right side, 
except that you need to use the D switch.

Reducing the puzzle to such a case is often very easy. I could list a 
table, but a keen eyesight and logical mind is usually faster than looking 
up the solution.
318 Street in front of Gas Station

312 City Office 

It's time to waste some bullets! Destroy the four surprise zombies.

Pick up: Bronze Book.

309 Street in front of City Office

306 T junction behind Restaurant

Follow Carlos on his way out. Zombies... what zombies?

305 Street in front of Restaurant

Use: Bronze Book 
Pick up: Bronze Compass

306 T junction behind Restaurant

Oh, *those* zombies. Run around the stationary zombie, then take a left 
turn at the junction. Eliminate the two zombies there.

309 Street in front of City Office

312 City Office

Use: Bronze Compass
Pick up: Battery

309 Street in front of City Office
306 T junction behind Restaurant
305 Street in front of Restaurant

304 Construction Site

Execute the tap-the-Run-button-trick to negotiate the two Drain Deimos.

Use: Battery 

320 Street in front of Electrical Substation

(scenario 1)

You only meet a lonely female zombie while advancing through the area. 
There is lots more to come, but nothing you can't handle. You might try 
shooting the dynamite for some entertainment.

(scenario 2)

Male zombies home in at full throttle. Evade them, then work your way 
through the remaining masses (let them bite or shoot. Biting is quicker)

321 Entrance to Electrical Substation
322 Electrical Substation

First, put the transformer in Manual Mode, then activate the console. 
Press Red - Blue - Blue - Blue to open the left shutter. 

Pick up: Fuse 

Start tapping Select as you get out of the left shutter room.

LIVE SELECTION 3: Run to the Emergency Exit

Tap select again, then the Run button.

320 Street in front of Electrical Substation

Nemesis must be a big Pokemon fan, but he didn't get the slogan right: 
"STARS - gatta catch'em all". There's nothing to stop him from getting 
Jill. No zombies will hurt his trophy, so he uses the Rocket Launcher to 
remove them. Say "Thank you Nemmy!", then do a reversal and get out.

304 Construction Site
303 Street in front of exclusive Hotel
302 Car Park Office
301 Car Park
113 Street in front of Car Park

112 Lane in back of Shopping Street

Use: Wrench (Discard afterwards)
Pick up: Fire Hose

111 Shopping Street Side Road
110 Street in front of Police Station Main Gate

109 Garbage Collection Point

Use: Fire Hose

114 Alley from Garbage Collection Point
115 Lane in front of Office

Stick to the left to negotiate a Drain Deimos/Brain Sucker, then take a 
very tight curve so the second one can't stab you.

116 Pharmaceutical Company Sales Office

Tap Select, then perform a 180 and activate the computer to enter the 
'Lucky guess' again?"

Yup. There are three possible codes (ADRAVIL, AQUACURE and SAFSPRIN), so
I'll take the gamble. The keyboard wraps and I see every next letter I 
have to input, so the codes are quickly entered.

117 Pharmaceutical Storeroom

Pick up: Oil Additive

As you retreat to exit, hold Select for the surprise FMV, then enjoy 
Nich's 'OOoooaaajjjjj!' afterwards. Use the steam pipe near the oncoming 
zombies (run up three steps, then aim with R2) and try to evade the 
remaining lot, as they have the good habit of running into the wall, 
leaving you all the room to manoeuver through.

116 Pharmaceutical Company Sales Office

Wrap around the table, then try to run inbetween two zombies guarding the 
entrance hall - don't pay attention to the fast female zombie closing in 
from the back. Let Jill stumble them if she gets hurt, then leave. The 
solitary entrance hall zombie's no biggie.

115 Lane in front of Office
114 Alley from Garbage Collection Point
109 Garbage Collection Point
110 Street in front of Police Station Main Gate
111 Shopping Street Side Road
112 Lane in back of Shopping Street
113 Street in front of Car Park

301 Car Park

Pick up: Power Cable

LIVE SELECTION 4 -> Climb up

Tap Select, then leave zze reum.

302 Car Park Office
303 Street in front of exclusive Hotel
304 Construction Site
305 Street in front of Restaurant
306 T junction behind Restaurant
309 Street in front of City Office
312 City Office 
313 Street in front of Pumping Station

314 Street in front of a Monument

Tap Select as soon as Jill starts to shake.

323 Tunnel below Street in front of a Monument


"Hello mr. Digger, nice to meet you. Mind if I leave now?". 
As soon as Jill's under your control, do a 180, then walk backwards into 
the alcove perpendicular to the place Grave Digger got out of. Wait for 
him to come out (the ground shakes, strange noises can be heard), then run 
to the other alcove along the walkway.

It's not bad if you bump into the walls here. You need a perfect position 
to hit the switchboard. If you do, press the Action button, then wait 
again for the maggot to rear its ugly head. Now run back to the first 
alcove (the one you walked into) and press the switchboard there. Again, 

As Eartworm Jim comes out one last time, go for the switch at the end of 
the walkway. Make sure Jill's positioned directly in front of the switch. 
A ladder should come down. ATTENTION: IMMEDIATELY PRESS ACTION. If you get 
the 'Climb Ladder?' message, you're home free. 

If not, Grave Digger'll come out and most probably hurt you bad. You need 
to get back to the alcove you came from and lure him there, then retry.

315 Cable Car Stop
316 Back of Cable Car 

Combine: Oil Additive, Machine Oil -> Oil Mixture
Use: Oil Mixture, Fuse, Power Cable, First Aid Spray (if necessary)

After this, a small cut-scene begins in which Carlos offers Jill some 
Flame Rounds. Let's get him to think he's lost his romantic touch, so say 
no. Jill the ice queen. 

317 Front of Cable Car 

Tap Select, then run back to see if Mikhail's all right.

316 Back of Cable Car 

Oh look, Nemesis dropped by for tea, biscuits and a good chat with 
Mikhail. It's better to leave them alone philosophizing about the stars, 
so turn around, Action button, tap Select, hold Select.

317 Front of Cable Car 

LIVE SELECTION 5 -> Jump out of the Window

Chapter 3: Clock Tower and why I love RE3

401 Clock Tower Bedroom

Pick up: Clock T. Key (#1)

402 Clock Tower Living Room

Use: Clock T. Key (#1) (automatically)

403 Clock Tower Study

Rumble rumble... who's making that noise? Oh, it's Carlos. Still not 
giving up, he now offers Jill a box of Freeze Rounds. Tempting as they 
are, refuse. Carlos'll give up. It's no time for romance anyway.

404 Atrium-style Entrance

Why I love RE3... for this piece of music alone. It's not 'music', more a 
collection of noises, but god, it's so brilliant! This kicks any music 
score I've ever heard. This kind of music is why I feel Capcom is the best 
game company out there. More, please!

405 Dining Room
406 Dance Room

407 Clock Tower Chapel

Pick up: Clock T. Key (#2).

406 Dance Room

The perspective is misleading. After the small zombie cut-scene, press 
upper left and the Run button to turn around and head for the Dining 

405 Dining Room
404 Atrium-style Entrance
408 2F Corridor in Clock Tower

Three spiders here, but lacking enthusiasm to get you.

409 Clock Tower Balcony

Use: Clock T. Key (#2)

410 Clock Tower Mechanical Room

Activate the Music Clock. In order to receive the Chronos Chain, you'll 
have to reproduce the short jingle by placing pins at the right position.

Pick up: Chronos Chain (after solving the puzzle)
Combine: Clock T. Key (#1), Chronos Chain -> Chronos Key

This is a random puzzle with a total of 64 possibilities and unluckily, 
the odds are not in your favor, as 65% of the time, you'll place three 
or more pins incorrectly. I'll spare you the details on how I got that 

409 Clock Tower Balcony

LIVE SELECTION 6 -> Use the Light

408 2F Corridor in Clock Tower
404 Atrium-style Entrance
403 Clock Tower Study
411 Clock Tower Corridor

Three huge spiders are here. In this direction, they're a piece of cake.

412 Clock Tower Closet

Pick up: Amber Stone, Obsidian Stone, Crystal Stone
Use: Amber Stone, Obsidian Stone, Crystal Stone (time puzzle)
Pick up: Gold Wheel (after solving time puzzle)

Time Puzzle: What's the time you say? I dunno, check the clock, then
             use the table to determine in what sequence you have to
             put the three stones. Looking it up is faster than trying
	       to figure out the sequence by sheer calculation.

Time			  Stone Sequence (past - present - future)

11 o'clock			Amber - Obsidian - Crystal
10 o'clock			Amber - Crystal - Obsidian
9 o'clock			Obsidian - Amber - Crystal
7 o'clock			Obsidian - Crystal - Amber
6 o'clock			Crystal - Amber - Obsidian
5 o'clock			Crystal - Obsidian - Amber

411 Clock Tower Corridor

It could be that you get poisoned from the spiders here. Use the Blue 
herbs in the Atrium-style entrance if that happens. Be fast - every 
hitpoint you lose is one less against Nemesis...

403 Clock Tower Study
404 Atrium-style Entrance
408 2F Corridor in Clock Tower
409 Clock Tower Balcony

410 Clock Tower Mechanical Room

Pick up: Silver Wheel
Combine: Silver Wheel, Gold Wheel -> Chronos Wheel
Use: Chronos Wheel (DWONG! DWONG!)

Prepare yourself for the upcoming fight against Nemesis:

You have one, preferably two First Aid Sprays.
You have over 180 bullets for your Handgun.
You are willing to dance the lambada.


If this is your first time playing the Handgun guide, Pick up the Ink 
Ribbon and use it. You'll soon find out why.

409 Clock Tower Balcony (BONG! BONG!)

Once you're through the door, hold Select for the FMV. Btw, Jill in 
slo-mo... hoo-boy... don't get distracted, now.

413 Clock Tower Courtyard


Tap Select to skip the cut-scene.

It doesn't get any better than this. Jill's infected with the T-virus and 
Nemesis is ready to stomp her with his bazooka. It's good that you have 
your trusty handgun to defend yourself with.

Anyway, you have to get rid of that bazooka first. Gladly enough, Nemesis 
only has five shots. Once you're back in the game, turn around and enter 
the small backyard alley. You hear Nemmy arming the bazooka. STOP. He'll 
launch missile number 1, so run four steps forward, then halt. Missile 2 
is on its way. Run another four steps.

Now either missile 3 is coming, OR Nemesis is pissed off that he can't hit 
you and starts running. 2nd, 3rd, sometimes 4th missile, it doesn't matter. 
In the end, you'll see him moving in from the front, so reverse and run 
into the large courtyard. Should you get hit twice by a missile during the 
process, use a First Aid Spray. If you are skilled enough to evade all 
missiles, you'll only need a single Spray.

His running attack'll miss, and then you need to take distance so he 
starts using the bazooka again. Just run back and forth on the courtyard 
and count to 5. Now get at a medium distance from him and start shooting. 
Don't be afraid: he'll try to fire another missile, but upon noticing that 
the damn thing is empty, he'll throw it away and do his hallmark pose 

Meanwhile, you shot 5-6 bullets (even more using the shorter reload trick) 
into his large corpus. Now remember that he's LEFTHANDED, so the brown 
shoulder tissue is the safe side. As he starts closing in, run along the 
tissue side. He'll try to grab you, but misses. In the unfortunate event 
that he does use his right arm, tough luck, but be very happy with the 
fact that he never uses it to grab you.

Get to medium range and fire a single bullet. Medium range is important or 
Big Guy will start a running attack, and you really don't want that. 
Repeat about 15+ times until Nemesis decides to take a short nap. Use a 
First Aid Spray.

Get behind him, aim down and shoot 4-5 times until he finishes the pose.
Then apply the same technique as before to polish him off with another 15+ 
bullets. By the way, count your bullets and reload via the menu screen, or 
you're toast. 

Laugh maniacally as Nemesis beats a hasty retreat. Congrats, you just 
finished the hardest battle of the game. Don't worry about your health. 
Once you regain control of Jill later on, she'll be in Fine condition 
again. Now take a small breather while Carlos wheeps and Jill brings on 
her monologue. Those who beat him for the first time should go out and 
chop some trees to work off the adrenaline.

Chapter 4: The Carlos Connection

407 Clock Tower Chapel

You're now in control of Carlos. By the way, he ain't using his Assault 
Rifle. This is a true Handgun guide, so

Equip: Sigpro

406 Dance Room

Run straight to the exit, the zombies won't even get close.

405 Dining Room

Once out of the small corridor, turn 45 degrees right, or you'll have to 
take some pain.

404 Atrium-style Entrance
403 Clock Tower Study
411 Clock Tower Corridor

412 Clock Tower Closet

Carlos must shift the large clock. 

601 Park Street

You only have 15 bullets, so use them wisely.

501 Hall in Hospital

Hurray, the Hunters are back! Immeadiately turn right and enter the door, 
or a Hunter'll snab you. You can't afford losing any health.. yet.

502 Office in Hospital

Pick up: First Aid Spray (optional)

503 Doctor Station in Hospital

Pick up: Tape Recorder, Handgun bullets (30)
Initiate Voice Control Panel
Use: Tape Recorder

Once the elevator's up and ready, proceed to the 4th floor.

504 4F Corridor in Hospital

(scenario 1)

Nothing happens. Phew. Proceed.

(scenario 2)

From the moaning you deduct that zombies will come stumbling through the 
elevator doors. It is tempting to use the Assault Rifle as shooting the 
Sigpro is a waste of time. Break through the zombie rank by letting them 
bite you. You'll get your revenge later on.

505 Reference Room in Hospital

Select. Tap.

Pick up: Sickroom Key.

504 4F Corridor in Hospital

Time to get even. If there are zombies here, shoot them with the Sigpro, 
but only take out those that block your immediate exit to the elevator, 
then go back to 505 and return. The remaining zombies are easy to evade.

506 Room 401 in Hospital

Search the doctor's corpse for a passcode and look for a metallic cabinet. 
Memorize its position.

504 4F Corridor in Hospital

507 Room 402 in Hospital

Place the metallic cabinet in this room opposite to the position of the 
cabinet in the other room. It's 'height' must be the same, tho'.

Enter: Passcode
Pick up: Vaccine Base

504 4F Corridor in Hospital

Take the elevator to the third floor basement.

508 B3 Corridor in Hospital

(scenario 1)

Nothing happens. Proceed.

(scenario 2)

Zombies barge in. Let them bite you in order to get out. It's better than 
shooting your ammo without killing the pack. Lure as many as you can to 
the dynamite and shoot (R2 aim). Finish off any remaining living dead 

509 Laboratory in Hospital

Use the "Wait, then run" technique to exit.

510 Study in Hospital

Pick up: Medium Base

Drain the water from the Hunter Gamma capsules.

Use: Medium Base

Turn off valve I, III and A

Pick up: Vaccine Medium

Now, when you run back out, the Hunter Gammas will break loose. All you 
need to do is exit.

509 Laboratory in Hospital

508 B3 Corridor in Hospital

(scenario 1)

No zombies first time round? Then there'll be two Hunters. Take one out 
using the dynamite (R2 aim), the other using "Wait, then run" followed by 
a shot once he jumped over you (repeat about 7-8 times).

(scenario 2)

Nothing, because you already dealt with them zombies.

503 Doctor Station in Hospital

(scenario 1)

If you haven't seen a single zombie yet, they're here. Let them hurt you 
and just try to get out.

(scenario 2)

In any other case, you'll be greeted by two Hunters. These can be evaded 
by one smooth break to the door.

502 Office in Hospital
501 Hall in Hospital

I think you get the general idea here: escape during countdown!

601 Park Street
412 Clock Tower Closet
411 Clock Tower Corridor

Don't worry should you get poisoned.

403 Clock Tower Study
404 Atrium-style Entrance

Whoa. Seems like Nemmy's had a clash with an octopus. Do a 180 and leave.
You don't have enough Sigpro bullets left to take him on anyway ('I wanna 
use the Assault Rifle! You're sooo cruel!').

405 Dining Room
406 Dance Room

407 Clock Tower Chapel

Combine: Vaccine Base, Vaccine Medium
Use: Vaccine

Switch-back to Jill. She's fully healed again.

Chapter 5: A stroll in the park

406 Dance Room -> 405 Dining Room

Nemesis will crush through the exit. Curve around his right side 
(surprise!) and GO RIGHT once through the small corridor. How often I 
panicked and had to run all the way round the dinner table...

404 Atrium-style Entrance

There's a small pursuit, but N 2 won't catch you.

403 Clock Tower Study
411 Clock Tower Corridor

I can hear Nemesis' music. But I don't see him around. Hah.

412 Clock Tower Closet
601 Park Street

Use: Lockpick (automatically)

602 Park Security Center

Pick up: Park Key (#1)

601 Park Street

Use: Park Key (#1) (automatically)

603 Park Central Plaza

604 Passage next to Pond in Park 

Most of the time, two 'surprise' Hunter Gamma roam this area. That's good 
since they're easily avoided. Should there be four zombies instead, it's 
best to clear the path using the Handgun.

605 Path in Park 

The monsters in this area are random, too, being either three Hunters or 
just as many dogs. Evading the dogs is a piece of the proverbial cake, 
whereas Hunters need to be dealt with using the "Wait, then run" 

Pick up: Park Key (#2)

After pickup, tap the Run button to abort reading the document.

604 Passage next to Pond in Park 
603 Park Central Plaza

606 Fountain in Park 

Pick up: Green Herb, Green Herb (optional)

You have to drain the pool to open up a secret area. In order to do this, 
you need to solve a small puzzle. This one's so easy, that I'm not telling 
you how to do it. It almost solves itself. 

607 Underground Water Pipe in Park 

Bit of a rumble here, then some Sliding Worms dropping down near the 
ladder. Ignore. It's not even worthwhile shooting the boogers as each 
kill gets replaced with a new one.

608 Graveyard in Park 

Use: Park Key (#2) (automatically)

609 Graveyard Shed in Park 

Pick up: Iron Pipe
Use: Lighter, Iron Pipe

610 Strategy Room in Park

Pick-up: Park Key (#3)

609 Graveyard Shed in Park 

"Well..." is all Nicholai can say, because you're tapping Select to end 
the cut-scene. 

608 Graveyard in Park 


Hold Select to terminate the FMV, then keep up and the Run button pressed. 
Jill will barely pass the outcoming Grave Digger. 

Don't waste any bullets on this powerhouse. Sure, you can take him down 
with skillful shooting, but it's quicker to simply wait a few minutes. 
Now, there are two attack patterns this guy likes to perform.

Pattern 1: Gold Digger comes out for a full frontal attack. He'll slide 
over the surface, jaws extended to hurt you. If he's in this mode, get 
close to stall him and run when he decides to charge. Once he goes down 
again, he'll switch to pattern two.

Pattern 2: Grave Digger moves underground and leaps up for a short bite 
for a certain amount of times (pretty random, in my experience between 
2-6 times). After that, he'll revert to pattern one, which you can hear 
as the digging suddenly stops. You MUST run to the site where he emerges
and stall/run.

There's a great trick to outsmart the worm while he's in pattern two. Run 
to the place where you climbed the ladder to access the graveyard for the 
first time. For the moment nothing's there, except for a lot of dirt. Now 
position yourself about four-five steps before the track ends. Turn Jill 
around so you can see her bee-hind (ooohh..). 

Here, Grave Digger is unable to attack you from both sides, so he can only 
attack Jill from the back. When he does, simply run forward and he'll miss 
completely. Immediately reposition yourself and repeat. You can do this 
trick at the other side too, but the perspective is awkward there.

Anyway, after a while, you'll see a cut-scene with two lampposts coming 
loose. Continue evading Grave Digger until he starts pattern 1, then run 
up to the small pool and press R2. Shoot lamppost #1. Press R2 again. 
Shoot lamppost #2. Do NOT step into the pool. A few moments later, your 
assailant's history. With just two bullets. 

607 Underground Water Pipe in Park
606 Fountain in Park 

The music here is of unrivalled quality, too. Hear how the composer works 
magic with just a few silences here and there... brilliant!

603 Park Central Plaza

Drop the annoying bridge zombie.

604 Passage next to Pond in Park 
605 Path in Park 

You'll get to see a nice parade of dogs or Hunters as you unlock the gate.

Use: Park Key (#3) (automatically)

611 Bridge in Park

Tap Select once you're on the bridge.

LIVE SELECTION 7 -> Jump off the Bridge

6-13 Wastewater Area under Bridge

Chapter 6: Disused Plant Area

701 Wastewater Channel
702 Sewage Monitor Room

Pick up: Water Sample

703 Water Testing Room

Pick up: First Aid Spray (optional)

Use: Water Sample 

Pass the Quality Control Test by using following table. There are four 
possible sample puzzles, where you have to use 3 reels (A,B,C) to recreate 
the Water Sample. A sample contains 16 measure points, with each taking on 
a certain reactivity level (Hi-Middle-Low-Null(nothing)).

For each possible sample puzzle, it suffices that you identify the first 
two measure points. From that, you can use the table to solve the puzzle 
in the shortest possible time.

Table: Quality Control Test

Pattern to recreate (first two measure points)	Solution

Hi-Null							Reel A: right(1x)
								Reel B: right(1x)
								Reel C: left (2x)

Middle-Low							Reel A: right(1x)
								Reel B: right(3x)
								Reel C: left (3x)

Middle-Null							Reel A: left (4x)
								Reel B: right(2x)
								Reel C: left (2x)

Hi-Low							Reel A: left (1x)
								Reel B: left (2x)
								Reel C: right(2x)

After this, lock 1 from a sealed area is released.

702 Sewage Monitor Room
701 Wastewater Channel

Tap Select the second you hear an unexpected noise; you'll end a cut-scene 

704 Decomposition Pool 

(scenario 1)

A Drain Deimos is lurking in front of Jill. Press R2 to barrell kill the 
blighter, then march up the stairs, evading two other Deimos.

(scenario 2)

Zombies can be heard in the distance. It must be your lucky day as nothing 
will block your way to the exit.

705 Decomposition Pool Elevator
706 Waste Processing Control Room

Lotsa zombies here, but leave them alone for the moment.

707 Entrance to Waste Processing Plant

Tap Select, then 180 to the next room.

708 Off-duty Room in Waste Processing Plant
709 Power Supply Room

There's a puzzle here, but as you may have noticed, I likes to cheat and 
gain precious seconds. Click the button so you get in reach of the 
terminal. You'll see two steam blasts, one up, the other down. 
Press both nearby buttons until only the low steam blast remains. 

Now position Jill carefully to the left of the steam blast -get close- 
and tap Action. She gets hit by the blast, but at the same time the game 
will think you effectively solved the entire puzzle and unlock the final 
lock of the sealed area. Bwahahahah. 

708 Off-duty Room in Waste Processing Plant


Pick up: First Aid Spray (optional if you already have one)

707 Entrance to Waste Processing Plant

A Drain Deimos is here. You're unimpressed and press upper right and run 
to get to the exit.

706 Waste Processing Control Room

Drop the zombie near the computer terminals.

Pick up: System Disk

Now head for the sealed area, dropping the solitary zombie guarding the 

710 Passage in front of Waste Processing Room

Reload: Handgun
Use: System Disk

711 Waste Processing Room


"It's dark in here. Smelly, too."



- jump - 

"Look - I'm sorry I pelted you at the Clock Tower, Big Guy, can't we talk 
this over, like adults?"


It's not looking good now, is it? Nemesis has more resilience than ever 
and you're still holding that pop gun. Plus there's a four minute 
countdown. You're never going to beat him in time...

Luckily, your worst enemy actually shows you how to defeat him. Look at 
that valve... it opens, and lots of gooey stuff comes out. It seems to 
hurt Nemesis bad. Well, that's your strategy right there. And it only 
takes three bullets.

Once Jill's back, run forward to the last valve in a sequence of three. 
Lure Nemesis to it -Jill's the bait-, then R2 aim and shoot. You don't 
care if Jill gets hurt. What you care about is that he positions himself 
nicely in front of the valve. In fact, Nemesis' hits aren't that powerful 

After a short delay, a shower of chemicals gushes out, hurting Nemmy type 
II hard. Repeat this at the next valve and watch how your foe literally 
loses its head, but still keeps going. Now do your trick near the third 
valve. This will be lethal for Nemesis.

Say: 'Mwaahhhhh YOU, sucker!'
Pick up: Card Key
Use: Card Key

710 Passage in front of Waste Processing Room

706 Waste Processing Control Room

There's a whole bunch of zombies here. You're still in moderately good 
health after last fight (Yellow Caution), so let them bite and work your 
way through. Use the First Aid Spray afterwards. 

707 Entrance to Waste Processing Plant

Use: Card Key

Finish the small threesome.

Pick up: Green Herb, Green Herb

712 Control Room

Pick up: Missile Radar

Try to exit and tap Select once the screen goes to cut-scene mode.

LIVE SELECTION 8 -> Negotiate with Nicholai

Tap Select before Jill gets a chance to speak. There'll be a short 
sequence with Carlos running away in despair. Once Jill turns around, 
Select away and descend the ladder.

713 Back Door of Waste Processing Plant

Check your stats.

You're a badass and have 75+ bullets left. You have two Green Herbs and 
are in Fine condition.
You're not sure about what's to happen and have 1 First Aid Spray (maybe 
even more) and two Green Herbs. You have 75+ bullets total.

Anyway, there is an annoying sleeper and a solitary zombie here, which can 
be evaded without bloodshed (for both parties).

714 Passage for Scrap

Chapter 7: Roast, NE1?

715 Waste Incinerator


I totally dig this part.

Go to the control at the back to activate Rail Cannon, from now on called 
Shaq. Shaq likes to smoke weed, so.. he's.. totally off.. it, man... He 
needs some energy so shove in battery one. Down comes Nemmy type III, all 
morphing and growing.

He absorbed so much chemicals that he's now a walking vat of acid. But 
you're not going to die here. Not now that you're so close. So shove 
batteries two and three to feed Shaq. Meanwhile, Nemesis three is crawling 
around on top of a giant platform. Aim up and shoot while avoiding his 
acid breath - beware, large spread.

Should he decide to come down, fire cautious shots but don't stay in sight 
for too long. His acid spits are fast, accurate and damaging. He can hit 
twice if he has to and once you hit orange caution, it's practically 
instant death. And don't get trapped by him, it's lethal.

Wait for Shaq to clear a pathway with his first shot - as with... 
everything Shaq... does, this is... painfully slow, so be patient. Once he 
does, you're through. Fire a shot, go round the pathway and shoot again. 
Since he's not a fast turner, you'll have the opportunity to hit him. Once 
he's turned around, do a reversal and go round again. Repeat and heal if 

Sooner or later, N 3 will be hurt so badly, that he'll crawl for retreat. 
That's when Shaq roasts him. Oh by the way, this fight was under time 
pressure, check the Missile Radar and discover that there's only 100+ 
seconds (and 5+ bullets!) left. Run for the door.

LIVE SELECTION 9 -> Ignore Nemesis and proceed to the elevator

I think Nemmy's had enough. The Shaq rules.

716 Elevator Room

717 Scrap Site

Just follow the pathway to start the final cut-scene and FMV.

The End

That's it. If you didn't save, you should see something à la 1:35 or even 
better. Congrats, you're now the Prince of RE Land. Turn off the PSX and get a 
drink. After this ride, you need to relax....


Room Names & Game characters are (c)Millenium-2 by Capcom.  
This entire text was written by Vincent Merken.
All rights reserved. 

This document is hosted by GameFAQs and http://www.survivalhorror.com, 
thus only they have the right to display it.
You are not allowed to print out this document for any commercial purpose 
(such as putting it into a strategy guide or separate booklet with the 
intention to ask money for it). Selling printed copies of the text is 

You are not allowed to ask money in exchange for viewing this document on 
your website. If GameFAQs and survivalhorror.com do it for free, why 
should you do otherwise?

You may not, in any way, alter the text. Not one letter. Lots of work and 
many hours of play went into this and I don't want to see any other name 
saying its their walkthrough. 

If you want to see this document on your website, send me an e-mail 
telling your intentions. I'll generally concur, if you agree with the 
terms stated in this disclaimer. 

Sorry to be so strict, but I don't like reading about people who see their 
text appearing on websites they didn't give permission for. The Internet 
is a FREE information center for anyone and serves to make our lives a bit 
easier. Period.

06 Secret Chapter: V TALKS

I hope you enjoyed reading this FAQ. If you have questions about it, 
comments or flames, e-mail (vip@padua.org). As with my other FAQS, I'll 
probably won't update it, since I prefer leaving the tuning to you guys. 
However, I am thinking of doing a Knife only walkthrough.

Since the Knife's "ammo" is unlimited from the start, I can try to create 
a FAQ in which ALL enemies get annihilated, including the Nemesi and the 
first Grave Digger. But then, the end time wouldn't be spectacular and I 
think only two or three players will actually try it. Knife only is insane 
and extremely frustrating. Still, I'm thinking about it...

It's an exciting period for game playaz. Vagrant Story (from FFT people, 
this can NOT be wrong!), Chrono Chross (erhhmm, yeah, a bit TOO cute), 
Parasite Eve 2 (please let it be longer and better than part one) and of 
course RE: Code Veronica (made under Shinji Mikami's guidance, oh YES) are 
all on it's way and damn fine they look. Now let's hope the looks match 
the gameplay... 

I'd like to finish off by greeting some people; Yo's to: My parents, 
brother and sister, Nadine, Frank, Tim, Stijn, Koen, Bart, Gert, Griet, 
Geert, Els, Jo, Frank Michlick, Frank Glaser, Joerg Kraut, Ives 
Brabant, Geert Verschueren, Fredrik, Marco, Yariv, my former 
colleague-students at KUL, my fraternities Filii Lamberti and Wina, 
JR Kerr, Aya Brea, Mermaid, Xbow, Deekay and Jeff. 

Lectori Salutem,

Vincent. Belgium. Wafels. Beer. Hmm... Beer.

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