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Weapons/Ammo FAQ by KTeoh

Version: Final | Updated: 04/20/01

                 R E S I D E N T   E V I L   3   N E M E S I S

Weapons, Ammo & Gunpowder FAQ vFINAL (Apr 20 2001)
Written by K.Teoh ( k t e o h 8 5 @yahoo.com - no spaces)
For: Sony Playstation

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The Resident Evil series is (c) of Capcom.
All other names are (c) of their respective owners.

Unpublished Work Copyright (c) 2000-2001, K.Teoh.

I wrote this FAQ and it took lots of hard work, so don't even think of ripping,
plagiarising or modifying it (else your conscience haunts you).

This FAQ is for personal and private use only. It cannot be modified and may 
not be reproduced in any non-electronic form such as CD-ROMs, magazines, books,
etc. You may print it out but you may use it only in your home. Do NOT attempt 
to use it for profitable purposes. Violation of the above statements will only
result in conditions implicating yourself.

This FAQ may only appear on my website(see above) and the following sites:
-GameFAQs ( http://www.gamefaqs.com )
-About.com guide to Video Game Strategies ( http://vgstrategies.about.com )

**If you got this FAQ from somewhere other than the sites listed above, please
report it to me (send me the URL of the site where you got the FAQ from).

**Sending Mail

*Send in comments/suggestions, fanmail, or anything associated with this FAQ to
my email address (kteoh85@yahoo.com). Please do not send any irrelevant mail,
asking about something which is available in this FAQ, or something totally out
of the perspective of this FAQ. All junk will be deleted.

If you are sending me any mail, please make sure you put "(insert FAQ name)" as
the subject (without the quotes). This is to make sure I can get to the mail as
quickly as possible.

If you're submitting any info that you think may be helpful, please do include
your name (how you want to be referred as) and email address (optional but will
be helpful). Homepage URL is optional.

I REVISION HISTORY (please also read WHAT'S NEW)

vFINAL (Apr 20 2001)
-Real Final Version

v3.50FINAL (Apr 12 2001)
-Changed contact info
-Moderate changes
-Removed Section 5 (Weapon Info)
-Final Version

v3.00 (Mar 07 2000)
-Added the way to get M.Thrower E
-Added small note under 'Enhanced ammo' section

v2.96 (Mar 03 2000) [HUGE update!]
-new host (my own site), and some minor changes to FAQ main structure
-Removed 'Full Lists' - added list to contents
-section 4.1 changed to 4.2
-section 4.1 now is for gunpowders (as opposed to direct under section 4)
-partly revamped weapons section
-section 2.6 added - Weapon Uses

v2.35 (February 11 2000)
-Added note for EAGLE 6.0
-Corrected mistake for Western Custom
-Added critical notice for M.Thrower E
-Corrected mix-up on Gunpowder AAB and BBA
-New weapon info - SIGPRO SP2009
-Changes to appearance (section titles)
-Added mail notes (see before revision history)
-Changed 'Guide' to 'FAQ'

v2.23 (February 3 2000)
-Added another item to section 2.4 ("Nemesis Droppings")
-Added tip for Shotgun
-Added a way to calculate amount of ammo made from gunpowder - section 3.3

v2.15 (January 30 2000)
-Changed a few things for the M.Thrower E, EAGLE 6.0, Western Custom
-Added a way to get the Assault Rifle for Jill in HARD mode
-Added a little more notes for the A.R. Bullets
-Added notes to section 4.1
-New section, "Nemesis' Droppings" (2.4).
-Changed Super Weapons section to 2.5
-Added some scoops at the end of section 2.1
-[Gunpowder] Added amount of Gunpowder A and B found in game

v1.94 (January 26 2000)
-Added some notes for M.Thrower E
-Added hint for Acid Rounds
-Added SUPER trick for making special rounds (flame, acid, freeze)
-Major addition/change to Gunpowder section.
-Small changes to descriptions in other sections

v1.62 (January 16 2000)
-Added ASCII maps to aid readers in finding weapons.
-Added new section - 'Weapon Info'
-Moved new stuff (the small section after author's note) to new section so
that its easier to know what's new and some ramblings...
-Changed 'Rocket Launcher' to 'R.Launcher' (correct in-game name)
-Some minor changes

v1.27 (January 14 2000)
-[Ammo] Added info about mixing Gunpowder A/B/C with Grenade Rounds (easier way
 to get special rounds). Submitted by JRKerr (go read his Merc Mode guides,
 very good)
-Added info on times needed to make ammo so that enhanced ammo can be made
-Added info on gunpowder colour

v1.00 (January 13 2000) 
-First version of this FAQ (after days of repeated testing and trying)


(You'll notice my name is very short as I prefer to be anonymous)
Well, this is the first FAQ I wrote so don't expect it to be entirely good.
Please do point out the mistakes if you see any, I would really appreciate it
if you do.

*I would like to remind readers that this FAQ is NOT a walkthrough. If you want
a guide to help you finish the game, please go find another FAQ. This FAQ is
about the weapons and ammo plus the gunpowder aspects of Resident Evil 3.
Please do not email me about anything other than topics associated with this
FAQ (weapons, ammo & gunpowder). Irrelevant mail will be deleted automatically,
so don't waste your time.

I'll try not to spoil the game for you out there, but there's no 100% guarantee
that it won't happen. The aspect I wrote about is based on the impression that
you know quite a bit of the game, more like, you have played the game once. So
it is recommended that you play through once first before attempting anything
in this FAQ. Some descriptions for getting weapons may be long, but if I put it
short, you won't be able to understand properly how to get it.

*In certain parts I will be using 'Parabellum' as a substitute for H.gun
bullets. Anyhow, that name exists in real life.

Lastly, if there's anything you have that you would like to contribute, feel
free to send it in.


Some layout modifications.
This is really the FINAL version, so thank you for reading.


Key:  * - New section
      + - Contains additions and/or modifications

      (2.1) Normal Weapons
            -Grenade Launcher
            -Merc's Handgun
            -Mine Thrower
            -Assault Rifle
      (2.2) Enhanced Weapons
            -M92F E
            -SIGPRO E
            -Benelli M3S E
            -M.Thrower E
      (2.3) Secret Weapons
            -EAGLE 6.0
            -Western Custom
      (2.4) Nemesis Droppings
      (2.5) Super Weapons
            -Assault Rifle
            -Gatling Gun
            -R. Launcher
      (2.6) Weapon Uses
3.0   AMMO
      (3.1) Normal Ammo
            -H.gun Bullets
            -Shotgun Shells
            -Grenade Rounds
            -Flame Rounds
            -Acid Rounds
            -Freeze Rounds
            -Magnum Bullets
            -M.T. Rounds
            -A.R. Bullets
      (3.2) Enhanced Ammo
            -H.G. Bullets E
            -S.G. Shells E
      (3.3) Calculating Ammo
      (4.1) Gunpowder
      (4.2) SUPER Grenade Rounds Trick



(You can skip this part if you want)
As with the previous Resident Evil games, Resident Evil 3 Nemesis is so much
fun to play. The storyline is intriguing, excellent graphics, and the most
importantly, incredible game play. If you don't have the previous games, I do
recommend you get them (get the Dual Shock versions, better). This way you will
know the story better and (maybe) help you survive this game.

Much of the game is about the same as the previous games, save for a few
additions to the controls and new features. You'll know what's new when you
play it. There's also the new gunpowder system, which I am also covering in
this FAQ. Its a bit confusing at first, but once you get the hang of it, its
almost like second nature.

Well now, enough of the introduction. Time to see what you missed when you
played...Read on for the FAQ!


You need weapons to survive the horrors of the game. Without a weapon, you are
dead (or undead). That's because the characters you use have no training in
unarmed combat (or maybe they don't like touching disgusting stuff?). Well
anyway, below is a list of weapons in the game.

The details are put in this way:

In-game Name (the name you get when you highlight it in the inventory)
"game description" (the description you get when you choose 'CHECK')

Get: (how to obtain this weapon - there may be more than one way, so its split
      into A, B and so on - 'EASY' means only in Easy mode)

Uses: (ammo it uses - refer to Ammo section)

> (extra info/notes I added)

(2.1) Normal Weapons
Listed below are the weapons found through normal means. There are maps (not
too accurate, but good enough), so below is a key for the most common symbols:

: or ==   - Doors
- or |    - Walls (mostly)

"Dagger knife for self-defense"

Get: Item Box

Uses: Nothing

>Weakest weapon in the game, fairly useful if you're highly skilled. Not really
recommended for beginners.

Handgun (M92F Custom)
"M92F Custom. A custom handgun made for STARS. It uses 9mm parabellum rounds"

Get: A) Jill's default weapon
     B) Item Box (EASY)

Uses: H.gun bullets

>Basic handgun. Primary weapon during early parts of game, one of the most used
weapons in game. Nothing special about it (nice design maybe?)

Shotgun (Benelli M3S)
"Benelli M3S. An easy to carry sawed-off shotgun. It uses 12 gauge shot shells"

Get: A) Item Box (EASY)
     B) Exit the warehouse, go along the path and thru the door. Go to the door
        nearest to you, which is to the left (don't turn when you come out from
        the door). Now walk until you see a metal door. Examine it and someone
        will rush out with zombies on his tail. Handle the zombies any way you
        want, go through the door (the one where zombies came out). Walk down
        the stairs, careful, something's there. You'll see a shiny object, take
        it, then walk some more and you'll find the shotgun (see map for help).

\==\                  | C |
 \  \                 |   |
  \  \                |   |
   \  \     /\        |   |------------|  * - Get Shotgun (Walk down stairs)
    \  \   /  \       |   |            |  A - Door to pathway (to warehouse)
    /   \ /    \      |   | WAREHOUSE  |  B - Go through this door
   /     \   *  \     |   |            |  C - Leads to other places
  /   /\  :    /      |   |----------==|  D - Examine this door
 /   /  \ D:  /       |  A:            |
/   /    \  \/      |-|   |------------|
   /      \  \      |     |
  /        \  \-------|   |
 /          \        B:   |
/            \--------|---|

Uses : Shotgun shells

>A powerful weapon that is good in many ways. Spread shot is effective in short
ranges only. This weapon's motto is "the nearer Mr. Baddie is, the more pain is
caused". Go near, but not too near. At long range it is useless.

Grenade Launcher (Hk-p)
"Hk-p grenade launcher. A small size grenade launcher developed for police use"

Get: A) Cupboard in STARS office. You must have used Jill's or Brad's STARS
        card at the computer before opening the number-based lock in the evi-

| T  ]    [-COMM-]|
| A  ]          [*|  * - Cupboard (Get Grenade Launcher)
| B  ]            |  A - Door you came in from
| L  ]            |  B - Fax machine on table (there's something there)
| E  ]           A:  COMM - Communications Equipment
| S  ]            |
|----]         B[]|
|               []|
|   [-TABLE-]     |
|                 |

     B)If you got the Magnum from the STARS office, you'll find the grenade
       launcher in the 'High Voltage' room in subway station (see map below).

|  A       | |  |    A  - Subway Station entrance
------==---- |  |    B  - High Voltage Room (Get Grenade Launcher)
| B |     |  |  |    C  - Low Voltage Room
|   :     |  |  |    D  - Emergency Exit
|---|     |  |D |    E  - Table (may find gunpowder B here)
| C |     ||--==--|  ^^ - Device for switching voltage control to auto/manual
|   :     ^^     E|  [] - Voltage changing device
|---|[] |---------|

Uses: Grenade/Flame/Acid/Freeze rounds

>High-class weapon in game. Incredible in almost all situations. Most monsters
die in one shot. Its a bit slow to turn when using this, so crows and any small
fast creatures will be hard to target with this.

Magnum (S&W M629C)
"S&W M629C. A large stainless steel revolver. A classic type equipped with
weights to reduce the recoil. It uses .44 Magnum bullets"

Get: A) Open the number-based lock in the evidence room of the police station
        WITHOUT using the STARS card at the computer. Now this may seem hard,
        because the number to open the lock changes from game to game. There's
        one way to do it though. First, save your game in the darkroom. Then
        get the STARS card from the meeting room. To get there, use the first
        door after you exit the evidence room (refer to map). Walk along until
        you find a double-door. The card is inside.

                | B:
                |  |
                |  |   A - Darkroom
|----|          |  |   B - Door to Evidence room
| A  |          |  |   C - Door to hallway (find double-door and enter)
|    |          | C:
-==-------------|  |
|                  |
|---------<---||   |
  (stairs)<---||   |

       Using the card, access the computer to get the number. Write down the
       number (or if you're good, memorise it). Now, reset your game (press
       Select and choose 'Reset'). You DID save before doing the steps above
       right? Okay, now load your game, and open the number-based lock using
       the number you got earlier. You'll get the Emblem Key (STARS key), use
       it to enter the STARS office. Check the cupboard to obtain the powerful
       Magnum (see map for help).

| T  ]    [-COMM-]|
| A  ]          [*|  * - Cupboard (Get Magnum)
| B  ]            |  A - Door you came in from
| L  ]            |  B - Fax machine on table (there's something there)
| E  ]           A:  COMM - Communications Equipment
| S  ]            |
|----]         B[]|
|               []|
|   [-TABLE-]     |
|                 |

     B) Item Box (EASY)
     C) If you got the Grenade Launcher from the STARS office, you will get the
        Magnum from the high voltage room in subway station (see map below).

|  A       | |  |    A  - Subway Station entrance
------==---- |  |    B  - High Voltage Room (Get Magnum)
| B |     |  |  |    C  - Low Voltage Room
|   :     |  |  |    D  - Emergency Exit
|---|     |  |D |    E  - Table (may find gunpowder B here)
| C |     ||--==--|  ^^ - Device for switching voltage control to auto/manual
|   :     ^^     E|  [] - Voltage changing device
|---|[] |---------|

Uses: Magnum bullets

>Most powerful weapon in game (not counting the super ones). Shoots any enemy
in ONE kill, with exception to bosses. Easily wasted, use only when you know
you need to kill in  a single shot. So crows and snakes are out of the question

Merc's Handgun (SIGPRO SP2009)
"SIGPRO SP2009. Its mainly made of plastic and is very light. It uses 9mm
parabellum rounds"

Get: Check menu when using Carlos

Uses: H.gun bullets

>Basic handgun, used by Carlos. Identical to the Handgun (M92F), except for the
appearance and name. Also has nothing special about it.

Mine Thrower
"A prototype weapon made by Umbrella's armament department. It uses special
bullets equipped with a sensor"

Get: Main hall of clock tower, examine the thing near the dead man. It doesn't
     matter which option you chose during the train crash part.

|                 *|-------|* |  A   - Get Mine Thrower (near dead man)
|                  |Stairs-|  |  B   - Door to Dining Room
|                  |-------|  |  C   - Door to Garden
|                  |-------|  |  D   - Door to room with books
|                  |-------|  |  *   - Music boxes
:    A    [Table]            D:
:B        [=====]             |
|                             |
|--------|       |------------|
         |   C   |

Uses: M.T. Rounds

>More like a time-delayed bomblet, shoots out rounds that has sensors. Explodes
when enemy is within proximity range, or after a while (if you shot directly to
an enemy, and it stuck on the baddie). Fairly middle-class, not much used.

Assault Rifle (M4A1)
"M4A1 Assault Rifle. The gun is set in AUTO/MANUAL mode. It uses 5.56mm NATO

Get: A) Carlos' default weapon
     B) Jill's default weapon (EASY)
     C) Kill Nemesis 7 times (S-E-V-E-N!). You'll get it on the 7th time
        (before that you'll get other stuff, see section 2.4)

Uses: A.R. Bullets

>Similar to the submachine gun in RE2 and its more realistic now (looks nicer).
Fast fire, very useful especially for beginners and trigger-happy people. Use
with caution, unless you wanna end with an empty bullet magazine with multiple
zombies around you.

|EXTRA INFO!| (some interesting bits)

-If you have a GameShark and you use the item modifier codes (from CMGSCCC)
you'll see some handguns which look like the SIGPRO, but have no names, and
can't be found in the game. There's 4 to 5 of them. 
The most probable answer to why these handguns are there is because these
handguns are the ones used by some characters in the game, like Brad, Nikolai,
some other mercenaries and Carlos, when you're using Jill.

If you look carefully, you'll see that the handgun that Brad uses resembles the
one Nikolai uses. Both are small and grey in colour.

There are many more items that don't appear in the game, but I'll not talk
about those as they are irrelevant to this FAQ. Don't email me asking me about
those either.

(2.2) Enhanced Weapons
Enhanced weapons are not found in the playing field. They become enhanced by
loading them with enhanced ammo (refer to Ammo section). The 'E' stands for

M92F E
"Enhanced M92F Custom. It is loaded with enhanced 9mm parabellum rounds"

Get: Combine Handgun (M92F) with H.G. Bullets E

Uses: H.G. Bullets E

>Attack power is increased, kills enemies in less shots. When bullet hits the
zombies, you'll notice something different. Not used a lot, unless you're going
for handgun only playing.

"Enhanced SIGPRO. It is loaded with enhanced 9mm parabellum rounds"

Get: Combine Merc's Handgun (SIGPRO) with H.G. Bullets E

Uses: H.G. Bullets E

>Exactly like the M92F E, nothing different about attack power. You'll only get
to experience using this in Mercenaries mode (Nikolai).

Benelli M3S E
"Enhanced shotgun. It is loaded with enhanced shells"

Get: Combine Shotgun with S.G. Shells E

Uses: S.G. Shells E

>Attack power is greater, and results in more recoil. Be careful not to use it
especially at 'scene interchange spots', where the background changes, you WILL
get confused. Quite identical to the RE2 custom shotgun.

M.Thrower E
"A mine thrower loaded with special bullets that have auto-trace feature"

Get: Same location as the Mine Thrower, but you must have gotten the Infinite
     Ammo kit* by playing Merc's mode. Your game should be loaded by choosing
     "Restart" (as the game tells you to). Instead of the normal weapon, you
     will receive the infinite ammo M.Thrower E.
     *This item is not too be confused with the
     item with the same name that is obtained by killing Nemesis.

|                 *|-------|* |  A   - Find M.Thrower E (near dead man)
|                  |Stairs-|  |  B   - Door to Dining Room
|                  |-------|  |  C   - Door to Garden
|                  |-------|  |  D   - Door to room with books
|                  |-------|  |  *   - Music boxes
:    A    [Table]            D:
:B        [=====]             |
|                             |
|--------|       |------------|
         |   C   |

Uses: - (Infinite)

>Like the Mine Thrower, it shoots mines which look like bomblets. But now, the
time-delay is gone. As the game description says, it has an auto trace feature.
Will track enemies to a certain degree.

(2.3) Secret Weapons
These weapons cannot be obtained through normal means. You need lots of ammo
(recommend you use Acid/Freeze Rounds - see section 4.1), time, and skill plus
perseverance because you'll have to kill Nemesis. You'll know when you have
done it, because purple liquid will ooze out.

"STI EAGLE 6.0. A custom made gun for competitions. It uses 9mm parabellum

Get: Combine EAGLE Parts A & B. There are 2 ways to obtain the parts:
     A) In the restaurant, when Nemesis enters, choose the 2nd option(hide in
        kitchen). After the explosion, examine Nemesis to get EAGLE Parts A.
        Further in the game, on the 2nd floor balcony of the clock tower (with
        two lights), when Nemesis comes, choose 2nd option again(use the cord).
        After Nemesis gets what he deserves, examine the big guy. You will get
        the EAGLE Parts B.
     B) Take on Nemesis twice (assuming you didn't do the instructions in 'A').

Uses: H.gun Bullets

>This gun's attack power is basically the same as the other handguns, but this
is better. The firing speed is double, so its almost like double-attack power.
What's the scope for? See section 2.6

Western Custom (M37)
"Western Custom M37. Equipped with a special reload system and is effective for
close range battle. It uses 12 gauge shot shells.

Get: Combine M37 Parts A & B. To get the parts, kill Nemesis 5 times. On the
     4th & 5th time you'll get Parts A & B respectively (this is after you've
     gotten both EAGLE parts and a First Aid Box).

Uses: Shotgun Shells

>This weapon has the same case as the EAGLE 6.0, its basically a shotgun, but
with double the firing speed. Works more efficiently in my opinion. Other than
the increased firing speed, there's nothing more (except maybe the victorious
streak that you have because you beat Nemesis so many times to get this?)

(2.4) Nemesis' Droppings
(The section title is ironic isn't it?)

Well I know some of you may be confused after reading the explanations for
getting the secret weapons and the Assault Rifle for Jill in HARD mode. Worry
no more as I decided to put up this small (uh) but meaningful section to aid 
all of you out there. This section is a bit 'wordy', but as far as I can get,
it just needs a lot of words to explain in clarity.

Kill Nemesis and you'll get various items. Read on.

The "1st","2nd" and so on stuff is not referring to the first, second and so on
encounters, its the first, second and so on times you bring him down. 
He'll drop a white box. Beware though, as during some occasions, he won't drop
anything. That's either if you've obtained everything he's got, or the game
circumstances don't allow it (like, when you're using Carlos).

(Don't get it? READ below.)

E.g. You first meet him at the RPD (where Brad gets killed). That is the first
ENCOUNTER with him on the streets/etc. Because you don't have weapons powerful
enough to annihilate him, you can't fight there (forget about the handgun, 
unless you're a pro in dodging and have lots of parabellums).

So you'll have to put off until you've enough firepower (special grenade rounds
for example). Your first time killing him could be on the 3rd, 4th, 5th and so
on encounter with him.

(Still don't get it? Sorry, can't help you anymore)

TIP: Twice while playing, you'll encounter Nemesis and then the game lets you
make choices. During both occasions, choosing a particular option will kill
Nemesis (easy kill) and you'll get the items. The items gotten will depend on
what you got before that scene.

A) In the restaurant, when Nemesis comes, choose "Hide in the kitchen". Examine
   him after that.
B) On the 2nd floor balcony (with the lights), choose "Use the cord" to give
   Nemesis a shock. Then examine him.

What Nemesis 'drops':

1st - EAGLE Parts A
2nd - EAGLE Parts B
3rd - First Aid Box
4th - M37 Parts A
5th - M37 Parts B
6th - First Aid Box
7th - A) Assault Rifle - if you're playing a new game.
      B) Infinite Bullets Kit* - if you're playing from the 'Next Game' save.

*This item is different from the similar-looking item that you can get in the
mercenaries mode. This item, when combined with any weapon, will give that ONE
weapon infinite ammo, unlike the item obtained from the Merc mode which gives
infinite ammo to ALL weapons.

REMEMBER! You must KILL him and make sure you see a shiny object on the ground!
          If not, check the ground anyway!

(2.5) Super Weapons
The weapons listed below are obtainable only through the extra game (Mercenary
Missions). All of them have infinite ammo (the symbol tells it all).

Assault Rifle (M4A1)
"M4A1 Assault Rifle. The gun is set in AUTO/MANUAL mode. It uses 5.56mm NATO

Get: Get $2000 in the extra game and buy it. Load game and choose 'Restart'.

Uses: - (infinite)

>Similar to the assault rifle mentioned earlier in this FAQ, but with an aspect
changed. Its got infinite ammo, so you trigger-happy people will mostly hear
the gunshots of this gun.

Gatling Gun
"A powerful weapon that allows you to scatter bullets with single trigger 

Get: Get $3000 in the extra game and buy it. Load game and choose 'Restart'.

Uses: - (infinite)

>This weapon makes a comeback from RE2, and its just as magnificent. Pump lots
and lots of bullets into those sick and rotten zombies, and watch the pieces
fly (sorry, only blood is available).

R. Launcher (M66)
"M66 Rocket Launcher. An old but powerful weapon"

Get: Get $4000 in the extra game and buy it. Load game and choose 'Restart'.

Uses: - (infinite)

>The ultimate weapon of RE3, this thing kills anything in ONE shot, for bosses,
its more. Nemesis can eat a maximum of two rockets before he dies. The design
is identical to the one from RE1, unlike the one Nemesis holds, which is from

(2.6) Weapon Uses
This section contains ratings of weapons, their uses, and some nice (and FUN!)
tactics. I was thinking of combining information here with the main parts, but
it would take a lot more effort for readers to find what they want (info over-

The details are put in this way:

In-game Name (the name you get when you highlight it in the inventory)
Rating: 1-10 (where 'x' is value, 1 is lowest, 10 is highest)
Range: (maximum range which this weapon is effective - a '+' means the range is
        a bit more than stated, E.g. short+, means the range is somewhere
        between short and medium)
Power: 1-5 (how powerful weapon is, 1 is weakest, 5 is strongest - not too
            accurate, due to game matters)
Misc: -description (extra info/tips/misc I added)


Rating: 1
Range: very short
Power: 1
Misc: -Use to conserve bullets. Weaken enemy with bullets and use the mighty^_^
       knife to poke it to death. Dodge a lot when using this.
      -Useful when using Nikolai in Merc's mode. Go read the FAQs which are
       written for the Merc's mode.

Handgun (M92F Custom)
Rating: 3
Range: medium
Power: 2
Misc: -Nothing special. Its your standard handgun, so what were you expecting?

Shotgun (Benelli M3S)
Rating: 4
Range: short
Power: 3
Misc: -Spread shot useful for clearing multiple zombies.
      -Try not to shoot a zombie's lower half, the upper half will crawl after
      -Aim upwards at a zombie's head to blow it off (should be quite near).
      -When battling Nemesis, shoot upwards at him to destroy his dangerous
       rocket launcher.

Grenade Launcher (Hk-p)
Rating: 7 (8 when using special rounds)
Range: medium+
Power: 3.5 (4 and higher when using different rounds against different enemies)
Misc: -Aim downwards to do a ground-spread. Short range, not very useful for
       most enemies.
      -Refer to section 4.2 for a super trick. Increases the value of this

Magnum (S&W M629C)
Rating: 9
Range: far
Power: 5
Misc: -Kills in one shot, so make sure you have a sure aim to avoid wasting
       precious ammo.

Merc's Handgun (SIGPRO SP2009)
Rating: 3
Range: medium
Power: 2
Misc: -Nothing special. No different from the M92F, other than appearance.

Mine Thrower
Rating: 5
Range: medium
Power: 3
Misc: -Don't waste this on easy enemies, instead, use this to take on middle
       class enemies (spiders, brain-suckers, etc).
      -Recommend you don't shoot on floors or objects, shoot directly at enemy
       to get a positive hit (when it explodes after short delay).

Assault Rifle (M4A1)
Rating: 5
Range: far
Power: 2 (overall, not bullet by bullet)
Misc: -Default setting is AUTO. This means one tap when shooting lets out one
       single bullet. Three taps will use up 1% ammo.
      -MANUAL means one tap when shooting will let out three shot bursts. For
       this, one burst (3 bullets) is equivalent to 1% ammo.
      -Basically, you have 300 bullets in the magazine (A.R Bullets). 3 bullets
       make up 1%.

M92F E
Rating: 4
Range: medium
Power: 3
Misc: -Enhanced version of M92F. Nothing special, but notice the blood splatter
       when shooting zombies.

Rating: 4
Range: medium
Power: 3
Misc: -Enhanced version of SIGPRO SP2009. Like the M92F E, nothing special,
       just watch the blood.

Benelli M3S E
Rating: 6
Range: short+
Power: 4
Misc: -Exactly like the normal Shotgun, with more attack power. Nothing special
       here, shares the same tips/tactics as the normal one.

M.Thrower E
Rating: 7
Range: medium+
Power: 3.5
Misc: -Automatically traces enemy to a certain degree, it can't turn full 90
       degrees around corners, but maybe if you stand somewhere within the 45
       degree position, it should be able to trace easily.
      -If enemy is too near, the trace function is defeated. Use something like
       the Shotgun for closer situations.
      -If you hear an enemy, but can't see (scene difference),
       try using the M.Thrower E to destroy it (50% chance).

Rating: 4
Range: medium
Power: 2 (per shot)
Misc: -Shoots faster than normal handguns, so attack power may seem increased.
      -See the scope? Its for aiming (although there's no laser). Its like a
       hidden/passive/auto function, if a zombie's head is within the straight
       point of the gun's aim, chances are you'll blow the head off in a shot.
      -For the one-hit headblower, if the enemy is facing sideways, which means
       you're aiming its side, the chances for blowing the head off is lower.
      -Useful for Merc's mode (the scope kill). Read those Merc FAQs for more.

Western Custom (M37)
Rating: 6
Range: short
Power: 3 (per shot)
Misc: -Shoots twice the speed of normal Shotgun, so seems like more power.
      -It shoots faster, but take care as your Shotgun Shells will finish a bit

Assault Rifle (M4A1) (infinite version)
Rating: 5.5
Range: far
Power: 2 (overall, not bullet by bullet)
Misc: -No difference from the standard version, but this version has infinite
       ammo, therefore increasing its value.

Gatling Gun
Rating: 9
Range: far
Power: 8
Misc: -Be careful of the spin-up/spin-down sequence. Since it has infinite ammo
       already, don't settle for one shot bursts. You're wasting time.
      -When facing multiple enemies, try going further away from them so that
       you won't be overwhelmed by them while trying to mow them down turning.
       What? Don't get it? 
       When using this weapon, that is while shooting, you can turn, but at a
       very slow rate, so take care.

R. Launcher (M66)
Rating: 10
Range: far
Power: 10
Misc: -Slow carry-up rate, takes some time after pressing aim button to be able
       to shoot. Important thing to remember when facing foes who go near you.
      -May lessen your fun, as its so powerful it kills Nemesis in two or so

3.0   AMMO

With weapons, you'll survive for only so long. You need ammo or else you'll
be firing blanks (and using the knife so much). Running out of ammo is a very
frightful experience, so know your ammo and use it well.

The details are put in this way:

In-game Name (the name you get when you point at it in the inventory)
"game description" (the description you get when you choose 'CHECK')

Get: (obtaining this ammo
      -'field' means you'll find it in in various places, always check dead 
        bodies or suspicious looking storage areas.
      -'gunpowder XX' where XX is the gunpowder type. Combine the specific
        gunpowder with the Reloading Tool to create that ammo.
      Some types of ammo can only be obtained in certain places)

Use for: (which weapon this ammo is for - refer to Weapons section)

> (extra info I added)

(3.1) Normal Ammo
The types of ammo below can be obtained through normal means (found in some
areas and through gunpowder mixing).

H.gun bullets
"9x19 parabellum rounds. Used for either the M92F Custom or the SIGPRO SP2009"

Get: A) Field
     B) Gunpowder A
     C) Item Box (EASY)

Use for: Handgun, Merc's Handgun, EAGLE 6.0

>The most common type of ammo you'll encounter and use in the game. Always
keep a box of this with you if you're using a handgun.

Shotgun shells
"Shot shells. Used for the Benelli M3S"

Get: A) Field
     B) Gunpowder B
     C) Item Box (EASY)

Use for: Shotgun

>Not as commonly found as the parabellums, keep some so that you can fuel your
shotgun. Have ammo, can shoot.

Grenade rounds
"Grenade Burst Rounds. Standard bullets that scatter fragments when they hit 
the target. Used for Hk-p Grenade Launcher"

Get: A) Field
     B) Gunpowder C

Use for: Grenade Launcher

>The more powerful the ammo is, the less you can find it. Save some for the
middle to last parts of the game. I dont get it why the game description says
'scatter fragments'. You fire the shot, it hits the enemy, but no fragments fly
out (except for burnt meat).

Flame rounds
"Grenade Flame Rounds. Special bullets whose warhead is filled with powerful
napalm gel. Used for Hk-p Grenade Launcher"

Get: A) Carlos will give it to you in the cable car
     B) Gunpowder AC
     C) Combine Gunpowder A/AA/AAA with Grenade Rounds *

Use for: Grenade Launcher

>As the name says, this ammo burns the enemies and turns them black. If you aim
down on the floor and fire, flames will spread in a small area in front of you,
damaging any enemy within the zone. This special spread function is good for
multiple enemies in front of you. Not effective against bosses.

Acid rounds
"Grenade Acid Rounds. Special bullets whose warhead is filled with 
anti-creature sulfuric acid. Used for Hk-p Grenade Launcher"

Get: A) Gunpowder BC
     B) Combine Gunpowder B/BB/BBB with Grenade Rounds *

Use for: Grenade Launcher

>Powerful grenade rounds that shouldn't be wasted. Although not as powerful as
the Freeze Rounds, you might want to use this if you want to aim for the
magnum rounds.

RECOMMENDATION: Use Acid Rounds for the battles which you want to get items
such as the secret weapons (to kill Nemesis). This is usually the obvious
choice, 'cos when you start getting lots of Gunpowder C, you might not have the
chance to strike at him.

Freeze rounds
"Grenade Freeze Rounds. Special bullets whose warhead is filled with ultra low
temperature liquid nitrogen. Used for Hk-p Grenade Launcher"

Get: A) Carlos will give it to you in the room full of books if you chose
        "jump out" when the cable car is about to crash.
     B) Gunpowder CC
     C) Combine Gunpowder C/CC/CCC with Grenade Rounds *

Use for: Grenade Launcher

>The best way to keep meat fresh is to keep them cold, but in this case, cold
kills. Effective against a variety of enemies. Incredibly effective for Nemesis
as it kinda blows his innards out when he sneezes (heheh, joking). Notice
how it freezes Nemesis' chest?

|* This is the easier ways to get special grenade rounds. You don't have to
|use so much Gunpowder C to make Grenade Rounds, you can just use those Grenade
|Rounds you found during the game.

M.T. Rounds
"Special bullets that burst if anyone other than the user approaches thanks to
the equipped sensor. Used for Mine Thrower"

Get: Field

Use for: Mine Thrower

>This ammo is ultra rare (found once in the game when I played). Not a big deal
anyway since its not that good.

Magnum bullets
".44 Magnum rounds. Powerful bullets for the revolver. Used for S&W M629C"

Get: A) Field
     B) Gunpowder CCC
     C) Item Box (EASY)

Use for: Magnum

>Most rare ammo (other than the M.T. Rounds). Most of this ammo will come from
mixing gunpowder. Very powerful indeed, so don't waste it.

A.R. Bullets
"5.56mm NATO rounds. Army bullets for the assault rifle. Used for M4A1"

Get: Item Box (EASY)

Use for: Assault Rifle

>It displays 100%, so don't carry this item until your rifle's percentage drops
to about 20-30%. Recommend you don't combine this with the assault rifle until
the rifle's percentage drops to 0% to save time (you'll know the ammo is out
when you press the action button and you get a 'click' sound). Saving time is
not having to combine the ammo with rifle another time to use up the leftover
percentage in the ammo.

|EXTRA INFO!| (some interesting bits)

-Notice the colours of the gunpowder. IF you mix them with the Grenade Rounds,
they'll turn into...special rounds that resemble the colour of the gunpowder
used. Mix Gunpowder C with:

Gunpowder A (red) = Flame Rounds
Gunpowder B (yellow) = Acid Rounds
Gunpowder C (blue) = Freeze Rounds

See? Kinda like a colour code if you can't read properly (but then you won't be
playing the game...).

(3.2) Enhanced Ammo
These ammo are more powerful ammo. They are not found just anywhere, you need
to make them. And you can't just make them like that. You need to build up your
bullet-making skills by making the same type of ammo lots of times (e.g. making
many, many H.gun Bullets).

-You don't need much gunpowder to improve your skill actually. You just need to
make the same type of ammo repeatedly. To be exact, combine the gunpowder with 
the Reloading Tool for 8 times (which means 8 Gunpowders). On the 8th time, the
game will prompt you: "Will you create the enhanced ammo?". Just select 'Yes' 
to make the enhanced ammo. If you choose 'No', you'll create the normal type
*You can only make two types of enhanced ammo, which are listed below.

H.G. Bullets E
"9mm parabellum rounds added with powerful powder created with the Reloading
Tool. Used for either the M92F or the SIGPRO"

Get: Repeatedly make H.Gun Bullets from Gunpowder A until skill is improved

Use for: M92F E, SIGPRO E

>By using enhanced ammo, you can kill faster using less ammo. You'll need a lot
of Gunpowder A to improve your skill for this ammo.

S.G. Shells E
"12 gauge shot shells added with powerful powder created with the Reloading
Tool. Used for Benelli M3S"

Get: Repeatedly make Shotgun Shells from Gunpowder B until skill is improved

Use for: Benelli M3S E

>With these enhanced shells, your shotgun's power will be greatly increased.
The recoil is greater, so be a bit more careful (can slow you down at times).

NOTE: There are no M.T.Rounds E or something like that in the game. Please read
      the entry for "M.Thrower E" to learn more about this.

(3.3) Calculating Ammo
Thanks to Paul (you should know him by now), we now have a way to calculate the
amount of ammo you get every time you mix gunpowder. This is only a rough guide
so expect me or Paul to give you exact numbers.

The more ammo you make out of gunpowder, the more your bonuses will be.
Lets say the normal amount is 10, so 10% of that amount will be 1, so if your
bonus is 10%, you'll get 11 instead of 10 ammo

On the 4th-6th time, the amount will increase by 10%.
On the 7th-11th time, the amount will increase by 30%.
On the 12th to 21st time, the amount will increase by 50%.
On the 22nd time (approx.) the amount will increase by a whopping 70% (wow).

The keyword here is "of the same type".

Currently, a way to calculate enhanced ammo is not available.


This section details the use and mixing of gunpowder. The game says there are
13 kinds of gunpowder, but some will only turn into more of a type of ammo (the
game makes you think you make extra types, like the M.T. Rounds which you can't
make from gunpowder).

The details are put in this way:

In-game Name (the name you get when you point at it in the inventory)

Get: (obtaining this ammo
      -'field' means you'll find it in various places, always check dead 
        bodies or suspicious looking storage areas.
      -if its a combined gunpowder, the combination used will be listed)

Make: (what the gunpowder becomes when combined with the reloading tool)

> (extra info I added)

(4.1) Gunpowder
There are a total of 13 different mixes of gunpowder. Those listed below are
the types which don't turn into unique ammo.

Gunpowder AA (makes more H.gun Bullets)
Gunpowder AAA (makes more H.gun Bullets)
Gunpowder BB (makes more Shotgun Shells)
Gunpowder BBB (makes more Shotgun Shells)
Gunpowder AAB (makes more ShotgunShells)
Gunpowder BBA (makes more H.gun Bullets)

*For triple gunpowder mixes (eg. AAA), it is recommended you don't mix 3 of a
kind unless you need the space (or you want to do the super trick. Certain 
parts of the game give you three gunpowder A and three gunpowder B, so decide

*NOTE: For some gunpowder descriptions, the term Grenade Rounds refers to
       ONE unit of grenade rounds found, which is 6 rounds.

Gunpowder A

Get: Field

Make: A) Variable amount of H.gun bullets
      B) H.G. Bullets E (Improved skill)
      C) 6 Flame Rounds (Combine with Grenade Rounds)

>Most common gunpowder in the game. Their use is not limited to parabellums
only, you'll find out...
*You'll find about 20 or 22 Gunpowder A in the game.

Gunpowder AA

Get: Gunpowder A + Gunpowder A

Make: A) Variable amount of H.gun bullets
      B) 12 Flame Rounds (Combine with Grenade Rounds)

>No extra significance, except for making twice the number of Flame Rounds.

Gunpowder AAA

Get: Gunpowder A + Gunpowder A + Gunpowder A

Make: A) Variable amount of H.gun bullets
      B) 18 Flame Rounds (Combine with Grenade Rounds)

>Good for the SUPER trick explained in section 4.1 . Other than that, nothing
special about it.

Gunpowder B

Get: Field

Make: A) Variable amount of Shotgun Shells
      B) 6 Acid Rounds (Combine with Grenade Rounds)

>Quite common, but not like Gunpowder A. In the later parts of the game you'll
find 3 Gunpowder B together with 3 Gunpowder A. I recommend making 2 gunpowder
C and saving the rest.
*You'll find about 15 Gunpowder B in the game.

Gunpowder BB

Get: Gunpowder B + Gunpowder B + Gunpowder B

Make: A) Variable amount of Shotgun Shells
      B) 12 Acid Rounds (Combine with Grenade Rounds)

>Makes more Shotgun Shells/Acid Rounds, depending on how you use it. Good if
you prefer Acid over Freeze while taking on Nemesis (maybe you just wanna save
the Gunpowder C's for the Magnum?)

Gunpowder BBB

Get: Gunpowder B + Gunpowder B + Gunpowder B

Make: A) Variable amount of Shotgun Shells
      B) 18 Acid Rounds (Combine with Grenade Rounds)

>Ultra Acid maker. Don't spill that acid stuff, or you'll kill yourself. Makes
more than enough rounds to corrode Nemesis.

Gunpowder C

Get: Gunpowder A + Gunpowder B

Make: A) Grenade rounds
      B) 6 Freeze Rounds (Combine with Grenade Rounds)

>Made by combining Gunpowder A & B. Follow my recommendation stated above for
Gunpowder B. Can be mixed with other gunpowder to create special grenades.

Gunpowder AC

Get: Gunpowder A + Gunpowder C

Make: Flame rounds

>Remember the Gunpowder A that I told you to save? You can use mix them with
Gunpowder C and create the hot 'n' burning Flame rounds.

Gunpowder BC

Get: Gunpowder B + Gunpowder C

Make: Acid rounds

>A good combination, useful for stocking up on Acid Rounds. Recommend you use

this only if you don't have normal grenade rounds.

Gunpowder CC

Get: Gunpowder C + Gunpowder C

Make: A)Freeze rounds
      B)12 Freeze Rounds (Combine with Grenade Rounds)

>Recommend you don't combine this gunpowder with the Reloading Tool, go for the
grenade rounds instead. Then make Nemesis catch cold. If you want Magnums
instead, save it.

Gunpowder CCC

Get: Gunpowder C + Gunpowder C + Gunpowder C

Make: A)Magnum rounds
      B)18 Freeze Rounds (Combine with Grenade Rounds)

>Many players will not really want to part with so much Gunpowder C, but then
you need those ammo to win Nemesis.

(4.2) SUPER Grenade Rounds Trick
(this trick is so good that I decided to make a sub-section for it)

Here's a trick sent in by Paul . As you already know, mixing a certain
gunpowder with Grenade Rounds will produce special rounds.Mix 6 Grenade Rounds
with any one gunpowder, and you get 6 special rounds. Ok, you already knew.

But what if you mixed a double or triple gunpowder mix with Grenade Rounds? 

Answer: double or triple the amount of special grenade rounds! (12/18).

This can be achieved by mixing the double/triple gunpowder mixes (AA, AAA, BB,
BBB,CC, or CCC) with 6 Grenade Rounds. You save 12 Grenade Rounds (and time).

This way, you only need 6 rounds for the trick (as opposed to combining
individual gunpowders to grenade rounds).

*After further testing, the amount you get each time will increase, giving you
more than 18 (assume the gunpowder is a triple mix). As the amount will vary a
lot, it will be hard to pinpoint exactly how many and in how many times.

I would like to extend my thanks to:

Hosting of this FAQ:
-GameFAQs ( http://www.gamefaqs.com )
-About.com guide to Video Game Strategies ( http://vgstrategies.about.com )

Capcom & Resident Evil development teams
-Without them, we won't be having fun with the Resident Evil series. They did
 a really impressive job on these games.

CMGSCCC ( www.cmgsccc.com )
-I wouldn't have been able to discover certain things if I didn't use codes
from CMGSCCC. Made my life easier, and will make yours even easier. Has tons of
codes for lots of games, including quite a number of import games too.

Kao Megura
-For advice, and for being a great example to all FAQ writers


-For telling me about making special rounds by mixing gunpowder with grenade
rounds, especially for Freeze Rounds.

Paul (PjBrood36@aol.com)
-For telling me the way to make double/triple amounts of special grenade rounds
with the triple gunpowder mixes.
-For telling the amount of Gunpowder A and B in the game.
-For finding out the method to calculate ammo made from gunpowder
-For providing the shotgun tip and another 7th item for Nemesis Droppings

Robert Hines (rhines@qx.net)
-For providing the weapon info for the SIGPRO SP2009
 (Sorry, but the information has been removed. Great thanks anyway)

-For giving the much needed info for getting M.Thrower E

(Got anything you want to contribute? Send it to me)

Thank you for reading this FAQ. I hope you benefited from this FAQ and also did
enjoy reading it.

If you have anything you would like added to this FAQ (especially if it helps
the FAQ to be as complete as possible) feel free to contact me. Please follow
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Weapons, Ammo & Gunpowder FAQ vFINAL (Apr 20 2001)
Written by K.Teoh ( k t e o h 8 5 @yahoo.com - no spaces)

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