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Epilogue Transcript by Muchitsujo

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 09/20/04


Written by: Muchitsujo v 1.00


: #  | CONTENTS                              | UPDATED   :
: 00 | TABLE OF CONTENTS / LEGAL SPEAK       | 09/19/04  :
: 01 | VERSION INFO                          | 09/19/04  :
: 02 | WHAT ARE THE EPILOGUE FILES?          | 09/19/04  :
: 03 | THE EPILOGUE FILES                    | 09/19/04  :
: 05 | FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS            | 09/19/04  :
: 06 | CONTACT INFO                          | 09/19/04  :
: 07 | FINAL NOTES                           | 09/19/04  :

TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: At this point in time, gamefaqs.com, neoseeker.com,
and faqs.ign.com are permitted to host this FAQ.  All others must first seek,
then be granted, permission to use this FAQ in any way, be it hosting or
merely taking out excerpts.  Any other usage is oh so illegal and proper
steps will be taken.  All direct references and characters in the game are
property of Capcom, but this FAQ and the effort put into either writing or
transcribing is mine and mine alone.  (In other words, copyright, by me,

or, as GameFaqs puts it...

This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a
violation of copyright.

=  01: VERSION INFO  =

v 1.0

What you see, is what you get, and likely to not be updated.  If someone
contacts me concerning a mistake or a serious question, then there will be a
corresponding update.


The epilogue files were added to Resident Evil 3: Nemesis as a means of closing
the door on Raccoon City.  This was late 1999 and Code: Veronica hadn't quite
been introduced yet, while the concept of Outbreak was years away from
completion.  Thus, this set of follow-ups focused primarily on the loose ends
from Nemesis, RE2, and the original RE1.

There were eight files in all, and each time you completed the game in hard
mode, assuming you used the same block of data, a new file would be unlocked,
regardless of any ranking during gameplay or usage of items opened up by the
Mercenaries mini-game.


All files are direct transcripts by the other.  Mistakes, such as "used be" in
EPILOGUE #8 are kept as such.

EPILOGUE #1: JILL VALENTINE                /
PICTURE: Jill crouching in a room,         \
         holding a bloody knife            /
After escaping the city, Jill              /
set out to join Chris Redfield.            \
However, all she found was an              /
empty hideout of Chris's.  On the          \
floor was Chris's knife.  Jill             /
left without hesitation because            \
she firmly believes that Chris             /
is still alive.  She will search           \
for him until she finds him.               /
Then they can go and put an                \
end to Umbrella...                         /

EPILOGUE #2: CHRIS REDFIELD                /
PICTURE: Chris sitting at a table          \
         as a woman passes by              /
"Please forgive me Claire."                /
Chris Redfield has just finished           \
this letter with his signature             /
phrase.  As he removes his                 \
sunglasses, a lady walks by him            /
with light steps.  "She looks              \
about the same age as Claire,"             /
he thinks.  A short time later,            \
Chris discovered that his sister           /
was looking for him, but was               \
caught...                                  /

EPILOGUE #3: BARRY BURTON                  /
PICTURE: Barry hugging one daughter, while \
         his wife and the other look on    /
Barry Burton looks at his young            /
daughters and says, "I'm sorry             \
but my comrades are waiting for            /
me."  He knows that he must repay          \
his teammates for forgiving his            /
betrayal.  Even if that means              \
leaving his family for now.                /
His wife tries to hide her fear,           \
Chris discovered that his sister           /
so she smiles and says,                    \
"Don't worry.  We'll be OK..."             /

EPILOGUE #4: LEON S. KENNEDY               /
PICTURE: Leon sitting, folding his hands   \
         while watching a man drink coffee /
Leon Scott Kennedy is confronted           /
with a man who claims to be a US           \
government agent.  Leon says,              /
"Leave Sherry alone.  She is               \
innocent." "She knows too much,"           /
the man replies.  He looks at              \
Leon and says, "But you have               /
value.  This is a good deal.  Make         \
your choice."  Without regret or           /
hesitation, Leon closes his eyes           \
and then sharply responds...               /

EPILOGUE #5: CLAIRE REDFIELD               /
PICTURE: Claire walking away from Leon and \
         Sherry on a highway               /
"Leave us alone."  Claire                  /
Redfield couldn't believe Leon's           \
words.  Leon continued, "You're            /
looking for your brother, right?           \
Just go!"  Claire knew that Leon           /
and Sherry needed immediate                \
medical attention, but she could           /
not waste anymore time.  "I...             \
I'll be back.  I promise!"  She            /
said as she disappeared into               \
the wilderness alone...                    /

EPILOGUE #6: SHERRY BIRKIN                 /
PICTURE: Sherry sitting on a desk as a man \
         tries to talk to her              /
"Do you have any relatives?"               /
When the army officer asked her,           \
Sherry Birkin did not respond              /
for she has no immediate                   \
relatives.  Her father and mother          /
died because of the G-virus.  And          \
so, this little girl holds                 /
herself with her arms and bites            \
her lip tight.  She thinks, "I'm           /
sure she will come back.  She              \
won't forget about me..."                  /

EPILOGUE #7: ADA WONG                      /
PICTURE: Ada examining a wound             \
         using the mirror                  /
A woman looks at herself in the            /
mirror.  She used be called Ada            \
Wong... But this morning she               /
will say good-bye to the name.             \
"I'm not Ada Wong anymore..."              /
She feels her ab and thinks,               \
"This is Ada's scar, not mine."            /
And as she says good-bye to Ada            \
Wong, she can't stop her tears.            /
However, there isn't much time             \
left before her next mission...            /

EPILOGUE #8: HUNK                          /
PICTURE: Hunk (a blond man with stubble)   \
         holding a mask in a helicopter    /
"Once again, only you survived,            /
Mr. Death," the chopper pilot              \
speaks with a cold bitterness.             /
"Always, only you, survive, Mr.            \
Death," the pilot continues.  But          /
Hunk does not respond to the               \
pilot.  He doesn't care                    /
"The Death cannot die...," the             \
survivor thinks to himself with            /
a warm smile...                            \




While it's not certain whether or not he accepted the offer, the early plot
of RE4 seems to indicate that he may be working for a U.S. government agency
and is currently seeking the president's daughter.  It is certain that he has
continued the fight against Umbrella via his contacts with Ark Thompson
(Resident Evil: Survivor) and Chris Redfield (early Code: Veronica).


It's unknown the reasons for her spat with Leon in which he demands that she
leave, but most recently she reunited with her brother in defeating Alexia
Ashford in Antartica.  While she is apparently well-trained in espionage, as
she apparently broke into Umbrella's Paris building, it is unknown what she
is presently doing.


At last note in Wesker's Report, Sherry was in the custody of Albert Wesker,
an all-around bad dude who's become a sort of bioweapon himself.  From this,
one may question if it was the government questioning Leon at all, or if the
basic premise of RE4's plot is merely a ruse.  That said, Sherry may still have
a sample of the G-virus laying dormant inside her and this may come into play


The woman known as Ada Wong is still somewhat hung up over Leon.  Due to the
appearance of Wesker's Report I and II, it is assumed that Ada is affiliated
with the same company/organization Wesker is involved in, and he trusts her
with valuable information, though her exact role or journey since RE2 is as
of yet undefined.


Hunk's a wee bit mad, but it's fairly easy to assume that he's seen a lot.
Most people are probably leery of him as they know that he will survive any
mission, but don't know if they themselves will.  This is not, however, proof
that Hunk has any sort of superpower... 


Throw us a freaking bone already.


Q: Muchitsujo?

A: ... It means chaos and disorder in Japanese.  I'm not Japanese myself,
but I can never think of screen names for anything.
Q: Why did you write this?

A: The story of Resident Evil operates on a history that is constantly
rewriting itself, so it's important to be as aware of the facts as we can.
Q: Why don't you mention Gaiden with Barry Burton?

A: Because Gaiden is a suffix given to Japanese video games that translates
roughly to "fake game".  More literally, it means a passing down of a story
that is foreign to the accepted continuum, in other words, a "what if"
scenario.  Don't get on me with that "a British company made it" stuff either,
because Shinji Mikami was in an advisory role.  The facts are that 1) no game
with a gaiden suffix has been entirely true to an accepted storyline (see Ninja
Gaiden, Phantasy Star Gaiden, etc), and 2) no RE game since it has mentioned
Gaiden specifically, whereas RE0 gave brief nods to each of the previous games.
Barring any wackiness, Gaiden is not canon.

=  06: CONTACT INFO  =

First, I'm going to have to ask you to search through this to make absolutely
certain your answer isn't here.  I've tried to be detailed without being
concise, so hopefully there is an answer here.

Second, this is an in-depth FAQ, only on the epilogue files.  If you e-mail
with questions about an RE3 walkthrough, odds are I won't help you unless I
somehow write a walkthrough for it myself in the near future.

Third, no wacky theories.  Believe me, I've heard my share, but Occam's Razor
is still your friend and the simplest explanation is always the best.  If
you're justifying your reasoning with something not mentioned or heavily
hinted at in the games or, god forbid, using the movies or books as reference
points, you may come up with an interesting idea, but more often than not it
will also be wrong.

Fourth, harassers will be blocked.  Flames, despite mob opinion, are
not-so-surprisingly counterproductive.

That said, my e-mail is fearfaq(at)hotmail.com (replace the at with an @, I do
this to mess with the spambots.  Try to be good and give me some idea of what
you're talking about in the e-mail title.

=  07: FINAL NOTES  =

As all good FAQ / Walkthroughs come to an end, so must come the shout outs.

Props to:

-- Capcom, for catering to my apocolyptic / B-horror movie needs.
   The name Resident Evil and characters in it are their trademark.

-- CJayC, for being an all around good chap and putting up the gamefaqs
   site you are likely using.  Along with the disclaimer in the beginning.
   Posting this as well, cheers.

-- The people who run RE sites, because sometimes I need to refresh my
   memory, or at least access information on upcoming games and release
   dates.  They also sometimes have information on special features like
   Wesker's Report and for cheapskates like me who don't like to pre-order,
   thanks a lot.

-- People who write FAQs, thanks for keeping me from being the designated
   tech support for my friends.  And vice versa.

No props to:

-- Those who would infringe on the copy rights.  I don't make money off
   of any of this, but seriously, that shit ain't cool yo, and it doens't
   take that much to get permission.

---- Copyright 2004 Muchitsujo

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