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  1. Ok i down loaded Resident evil 3 onto my PS3 it plays good and everything but when i beat Nemesis he doesnt drop anything ..Does anyone have any ideas?...Oh im playin on easy i dont know if that has any thing to do with it or not.....This was the only plce i could think of to ask

    User Info: burndathird

    burndathird - 10 years ago

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  1. Yes, difficulty affects Nemmy's droppings. Well, you said that you started playing on easy mode, that's the reason why you don't got the droppings. If you play on Hard, you WILL get Nemmy's droppings.

    Here are the lists of Nemmy's drops in Hard:

    1st "kill"- Eagle Parts A
    2nd "kill"- Eagle Parts B
    3rd "kill"- First Aid Box(can hold up to 3 first aid sprays, very helpful item)
    4th 'kill"- M37 parts A
    5th "kill"- M37 parts B
    6th "kill"- First Aid Box(again)
    7th "kill"- Either Assault Rifle OR Infinite ammo for a weapon(when you finished the game at least once).

    The Eagle is a handgun, while the M37 uses shotgun bullets.

    User Info: LOVELESS_15

    LOVELESS_15 - 10 years ago 11   3


  1. To get the Nemesis items, you must be playing the game on hard mode.

    User Info: XIITG

    XIITG - 10 years ago 2   2

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