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Kickstarted a genre 10/23/09 1983guy
Evil lurks in every corner... 12/18/08 acid2008
Definitely showing its age now, but it basically launched an entire genre 02/20/20 buruburu1
The worst PSX version isn't bad. 01/04/02 cvxfreak
Bio Hazard, the Japanese Resident Evil. Any better? 09/01/02 DogGrass 2
Zombies? Anyone? 01/13/01 Elxalraj
A classic game! 06/12/02 Evil Dead King
Just what I always wanted, to be in a bad B movie 04/07/00 Falsiloquos
The game that started it all. 04/15/00 Funk Punk
After wiping the zombie bits off his jacket, Larcen got to work on his review... 10/12/01 Larcen Tyler
My first survival/horror game and I love it! 03/30/02 lufia22
This is one scary game! 07/23/00 MasterReviewer
A true masterpiece. 01/04/12 Maverick350
A glorious beginning ! 02/04/03 Mysticcat
Zombies+Guns+Mayhem=Absolute Perfection 12/13/99 Q-Man
While it didn't begin the Survival Horror genre, RE did coin the term and brought it to mainstream popularity. But how does it hold up today? 12/03/10 shinji_masikari
Gift of flesh........meal 12/31/99 Slangmaster
A classic game that still sets the standard for all future horror games. 01/13/01 st11957
The Game That Started the Survival Horror Genre 08/13/01 Trigg
Capcom delivers one of the best games they have made. 01/13/01 Truegamer
Not a Bad Start for a Survivor Horror Series 07/05/02 Warhawk
Are you a man or a moogle? It's all up to you in this scary game. 01/13/01 Yakuza
Could have been better, but still a good game 04/26/01 Yoma
The first Resident Evil is a true classic 02/25/05 Zylo the wolf

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