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    Timeline by The Headcrook

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    The Headcrook's Resident Evil Timeline
    Table of Contents:
    The Disclaimer
    The Updates
    About the Headcrook
    The Timeline
    Special Thanks
    The Disclaimer:
    All characters and events are the property of Capcom Entertainment, but the
    timeline is mine and mine alone. After eleven long months of research and
    having beaten Resident Evil Dead Aim, I have managed to scrounge up this
    timeline of events. Enjoy.
    The Updates:
    11-4: RE0 files updated.
    12-30: REDA files and Trevor's letters updated.
    About The Headcrook:
    I am a 21 year-old college student who ocassionally writes videogame
    fanfiction, but this is my first analysis of the Resident Evil timeline. I've
    worked on this thing for about a year and a half and now I have finished...for
    the time being. Aside from Street Fighter and some other games, I am a rabid
    Resident Evil fan and decided to write this timeline in honor of the game. From
    my friends, I heard that some other RE experts have designed their own
    timelines, and those that have their own timelines can email me at
    headcrook@yahoo.com for any questions you have.
    The Timeline:
    Late 18th-Early 19th century: English noblewoman Veronica Ashford founded the
    Ashford family.
    Sometime in 1939: James Marcus graduates from university.
    Late 1940's (estimate, exact date unknown): Brian Irons is born.
    1950 (estimate, exact date unknown): English noblemen Ozwell E. Spencer and
    Edward Ashford (father of Alexander, grandfather of Alfred and Alexia) discover
    the 'Mother Virus.'
    1953: Kenneth Sullivan is born.
    1957: Enrico Marini is born.
    1960: Barry Burton and Albert Wesker are born.
    Construction of Raccoon City begins at an undisclosed location in the American
    Midwest (If I was doing the story, the ideal place for the location of Raccoon
    City would possibly be Colorado, but then again, that's my opinion).
    1961: Michael Warren, the future mayor of Raccoon City, arrives as an engineer.
    He's the main person responsible for the city's electrical and cable car
    1962: William Birkin is born.
    1963: Brad 'Chickenheart' Vickers is born in Delucia (see Brad's Note--N64
    version of Resident Evil).
    Lord Ozwell Spencer begins construction on a mansion in the Raccoon Forest near
    Raccoon City. The mansion is designed by a famous New York architect by the
    name of George Trevor. The mansion takes five years to be built. The mansion
    also has many secrets that only Spencer and Trevor know about.
    1967, Friday, November 10: Lord Spencer invites Jessica Trevor and Lisa Trevor
    (wife and daughter of George Trevor) to the nearly-completed Spencer Mansion
    while George Trevor is away on business. Lisa plays the piano for the host, who
    approves. Several days later, Lisa and Jessica Trevor disappear.
    Monday, November 13: Trevor arrives three days later, and is notified by Lord
    Spencer that his wife and daughter had gone off to visit an ailing relative.
    Trevor doesn't give it a single thought, since he is reveling in his work.
    Tuesday, November 14: While touring the mansion with Lord Spencer, he tells
    Trevor about his plans to establish a major medical and pharmaceutical
    conglomerate called the Umbrella Corporation. The mansion itself will be used
    as a resort for Umbrella personnel.
    Saturday, November 18: Four days later, Trevor begins to worry about his
    family's whereabouts, not to mention upset because he can't find a telephone in
    the mansion. While in the courtyard, he finds a tunnel (the one that leads to
    the labs) and figures out that this was not in his plans. Before he could
    investigate further, several security guards appear and 'escort' Trevor from
    the courtyard, saying that he should never be alone.
    Monday, November 20: Instead of the shotgun that his wife had given Lord
    Spencer for his birthday, Trevor finds its rusted, broken counterpart in its
    place. Aside from that, he becomes troubled when he can't reach his family. He
    notifies Lord Spencer that he plans to join them the next day, and Spencer
    tells him not to worry about it, since he says that Trevor will be seeing them
    Tuesday, November 21: Trevor packs his bags and prepares to leave. Before he
    can, however he is asked to come to the reception room (in other words, it's
    the art room with the 'Cradle to Grave' puzzle), and is escorted there by one
    of the courtyard guards. The courtyard guard notifies Trevor that his family is
    dead and knocks him out with a sedative agent.
    Friday, November 24: Four days has passed since Trevor was imprisoned within
    the confines of the mansion. One of the guards who bring him food tells him
    that he has to be silenced so that Lord Spencer only knows the mansion’s
    Monday, November 27: Trevor then escapes by means of a secret route he has
    designed. He is locked out of the mansion's many rooms, since he does not have
    any of the keys.
    Tuesday, November 28: Trevor comes across one of the mansion's experiments,
    which is a giant plant.
    Thursday, November 30: Trevor discovers the underground laboratory through the
    caves. He ponders of his wife and his daughter's fate and vows to escape.
    1967, Tuesday, December 5: Trevor is still trapped within the mansion. Worse
    yet, he is becoming dehydrated and hasn't eaten in several days.
    The Special Tactics and Rescue Squad is established in New York City as a means
    to counter occult terrorism.
    Thursday, December 7: The Death of George Trevor. Trevor reaches a dead end. He
    finds a tombstone with his name on it and discovers that it was all Spencer's
    intention for him to reach his own grave. Begging forgiveness to his wife and
    daughter, Trevor dies. Jessica Trevor is also killed and Lisa Trevor becomes
    Umbrella's chief experiment for the next 30 years.
    1967-1968: The Umbrella Corporation is established by Edward Ashford and Ozwell
    Spencer as a front for their 'Mother Virus' research. In time, it becomes the
    largest medical and pharmaceutical conglomerate in the world.
    1968: Several cable cars are imported from Europe and are installed in Raccoon
    1970: Morpheus D. Duvall is born.
    Edward Ashford's son Alexander (the future Nosferatu) discredits the Ashford
    family by killing his father, thus putting complete control of Umbrella into
    Spencer's hands. He then builds a research facility inside a mining post in the
    frozen wastelands of the Antarctic so he can work on restoring back his
    family's tarnished honor. Within the facility, there is also a mansion, which
    is modeled after the Spencer Mansion back in Raccoon City.
    1971: Joseph Frost is born.
    Alexander discovers the gene that controls a human being's intelligence. He
    takes a DNA sample from the remains of Veronica Ashford and extracts the
    intelligence gene from her DNA. He implants the tampered genes inside the egg
    of a surrogate mother and as a result, the twins Alfred and Alexia Ashford are
    1972: Billy Coen is born.
    1973: Christopher Redfield is born.
    1975: Jillian Valentine, Richard Aiken and Bruce McGivern are born.
    1975, Thursday, December 4: Umbrella researcher James Marcus modifies the
    Mother Virus. He gives it the codename 'Progenitor.'
    1976, Tuesday, March 23: James Marcus hears from Lord Spencer that he is
    starting a company which will soon be Umbrella. Marcus could care less, just as
    long as he can continue his research.
    1976, Thursday, August 19: Lord Spencer asks James Marcus--who notices a change
    of attitude in Spencer--to run the Arklay training facility. Marcus accepts,
    mainly because it allows him to explore the 'Progenitor' virus.
    1976, Tuesday, November 30: James Marcus is at odds with Lord Spencer, who sees
    'Progenitor' only as a financial opportunity. Marcus realizes that it could
    means trouble for his research if Spencer's influence begins to grow and
    realizes that the only way to fortify his position is by developing
    1977, Monday, September 19: Umbrella researcher James Marcus combines the
    'Mother Virus,' now codenamed 'Progenitor' by both Spencer and the late Edward
    Ashford with mutated leech DNA to create the Tyrant-virus, or T-virus for short.
    1977, Sunday, October 23: James Marcus is frustrated because he can't make any
    progress on the T-virus by experimenting on rodents. He realizes that he needs
    humans for a more suitable experiments.
    1977, Tuesday, November 15: James Marcus thinks that someone is onto his
    experiments. He vows that whoever discovers his secrets, that they will become
    guniea pigs in his research.
    1978, Friday, January 13: James Marcus's leeches--according to him--are ready.
    'Those of low intellgence, they will never have the privilege of tasting this
    sense of joy and satisfaction!' He now has an oppotunity to make a move for
    power against Spencer.
    1978, Saturday, Febuary 11: James Marcus finds that someone has been screwing
    around with the lab's entrance. He decides to put Umbrella rookies Albert
    Wesker and William Birkin on the case, seeing as he can only teust those two.
    He also debates on whether or not to reveal the T-virus at the next Umbrella
    directors' meeting.
    Fongling, Leon Scott Kennedy and Carlos Oliveira are born.
    1978, Saturday, July 29: Eighteen-year-old Albert Wesker and sixteen-year-old
    William Birkin are reassigned to the Spencer mansion as researchers by Ozwell
    Spencer himself.
    1978, Febuary 3: James Marcus begins to keep a log based on his experimentation
    on his leeches. He injects the T-virus into four of his leeches. He documents
    that 'their will to survive leads them first to
    parasitism and predation, then they breed and mulitply. Such single minded
    biology makes them attractive candidates for bioweapons research. Afterwards,
    no major changes observed.'
    Febuary 10: Seven days passed since Marcus injected the T-virus in the leeches.
    Marcus notes the leeches' rapid growth and the increase in their numbers. He
    also notes that they resort to cannibalism, due to their 'ravenous appetites.'
    1978, March 7: Marcus documents that when live food was brought to the leeches,
    'but lost half when the live food fought back.'  He also notes that they are
    'beginning to exhibit group attack behavior,' and that they are stopping their
    cannibalism methods.
    1978, April 22: Marcus notices that his leeches no longer act on their own, but
    rather than as a unit. They also eat anything that Marcus gives them.
    April 30: When an Umbrella emplyee stumbles in on Marcus' experiments, Marcus
    begins to wonder if hummans can be use as a food source.
    1978, June 3: Marcus is in a jovial mood. He discovers that his mutant leeches
    have begun to imitate him. 'Surely they recognize their father...Wonderful
    children, No one will take you away...'
    1978: September 2: The asisstant director at the Arklay training facility
    complains about his employees' worth. However, he sees potential in both
    William Birkin and Albert Wesker.
    September 25: The assistant director notes the differences in both Wesker and
    Birkin, but they are both extremely competitive. He also adds that there is
    something about them that makes the both of them shady.
    1978, October 7: The assistant director gets a call from Director Marcus,
    ordering him to create a rivalry between Wesker and Birkin. The director is
    surprised that Marcus has shown interest in something other than his research,
    but promises to 'have them tearing at each other's throats.'
    1979: Claire Redfield is born.
    1980: Rebecca Chambers is born.
    1981: Kid genius Alexia Ashford graduates from university (probably Oxford),
    and is hired by the Umbrella Corporation. She is their leading researcher.
    Twenty-year-old Barry Burton joins the Raccoon Police Department as a S.W.A.T.
    Tuesday, December 8: The Rockfort Island Training Grounds and Facility are
    1983, Sunday, January 30: Twelve-year old Alfred Ashford discovers a secret
    door in the Antarctic facility, but needs the two jewels from his father and
    sister as well as his in order to open the door.
    1983, Thursday, February 17: Alfred gains access to the secret laboratory that
    was hidden behind the secret door. There he finds out about the circumstances
    regarding his and Alexia's birth. As a result of this, the twins grow to hate
    their father.
    1983, Thursday, March 3: Alexia Ashford creates a new virus by combining the
    T-virus with an ancient virus found within the remains of a queen ant. In honor
    of the founder of the Ashford family, Alexia names the new virus T-Veronica.
    Using their own father as a test subject, the twins inject the T-Veronica virus
    into Alexander, making sure that the family butler doesn't wise up to their
    1983, Thursday, March 3-Friday, April 22: The T-Veronica Virus mutates
    Alexander into a monster that emits toxic gases that not even the Blue Herbs
    cannot cure. As a result of the failed experiment, Alfred and Alexia imprison
    Alexander--now Nosferatu--deep within the Antarctic facility.
    1983, May: Alexia Ashford injects the T-Veronica virus into herself and places
    herself in cryogenic suspension in order for her body to co-exist with the
    virus. She leaves her brother to guard her for the next 15 years. The official
    story is that Alexia Ashford was killed in a laboratory accident.
    1986: Sherry Birkin is born.
    1988, January: Michael Warren, the former city engineer, is elected mayor of
    Raccoon City. He will remain as mayor until Raccoon City's nuclear destruction
    in October 1998.
    Acting on orders from Spencer himself, Wesker and Birkin oversee the
    assassination of James Marcus (shown in RE0 flashback) and Birkin take over the
    T-virus research. Marcus is revived by his leeches and now waits for the
    perfect opportunity to seek revenge against Umbrella.
    William Birkin comes across the G-virus in the now-mutated Lisa Trevor's body.
    He spends the next ten years researching the new virus until Raccoon's nuclear
    1992: The Umbrella Corporation give funds to Raccoon City, allowing the city to
    built a new municipal building and a hospital, complete with advanced medical
    equipment, making way for hundreds of jobs. As a result of this, Mayor Warren
    is rewarded with a statue in City Hall.
    1993: Brian Irons is promoted to Chief of the Raccoon City Police Department.
    1994: Robert Dorson begins working as Alfred Ashford's private attendant on
    Rockfort Island.
    Sometime in 1995: Chris Redfield (by my theory) graduates from the Air Force
    Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado and is commissioned as an officer in the
    United States Air Force. He serves under Colonel William Guile (not true in
    this case, but sounds good. Hey, it's Capcom, so anything's possible...)
    Sometime later, he gets kicked out of the Air Force, possibly for
    insubordination (Fanfiction websites and the Wildstorm Comics state that Chris
    was booted out of the Air Force for going back for a fallen comrade, thus
    disobeying his orders).
    1996: The Raccoon Special Tactics and Rescue Service is formed in Raccoon City
    with Albert Wesker as Captain and Enrico Marini as their second in command.
    1996, Monday, August 26: A condemned prisoner is transported to an unspecified
    Umbrella disposal facility as a test subject.
    1996, Tuesday, September 26: Day One: One month after the condemned criminal is
    brought in, the researchers begin their experiments on the man, now codenamed
    'Alpha.' For 'humanitarian reasons,' they place a metal rod in the test
    subject's skull to relieve him some of pain.
    Saturday, September 30: Day Four: The researchers remove the test subject's
    eyeballs for any reaction to 'external stimulation.'
    1996, Tuesday, October 10: Day Fourteen: After giving the test subject a muscle
    booster, it begins to increase in weight and in size.
    1996, Friday, November 1: Day Thirty-Six: The test subject, due to its lack of
    eyes, have an enhanced sense of hearing, and can pinpoint exactly where a sound
    came from.
    Wednesday, November 6: Day Forty-One: Project Alpha has escaped from the labs
    and is lurking around the sewers. Steps to capture the monster are in the
    works. Bruce McGivern and Fong Ling will encounter this monster four years from
    Sometime in 1997: Marine Lieutenant Billy Coen is framed for the massacre of 23
    civilians at an unknown African village. He is convicted, committed, and
    sentenced to death by hanging.
    1997, Friday, May 16: An operator is transferred to the Umbrella Disposal
    Facility, located somewhere in the Atlantic.
    1997, Monday, June 16: Due to the 'sloppy supervision' at the Atlantic disposal
    facility, an accident has occurred. Fortunately, it was a minor accident, but
    the operator promises to himself that if he dies, then he shall die as a human.
    Tuesday, June 24: The operator is at odds with Morpheus Duvall, the supervisor
    of the facility. 'He must pay more attention to worker health management and
    biological weapons that anyone I have ever met.' He wants to leave, but for
    some odd reason, he can't move.
    Sometime between 1998 and 2000 (Exact date unknown): Fongling arrests her
    brother, who was a member of a democratic movement in China and turns him over
    to her superiors, who order her brother to be executed in the same day.
    1998, early March: A mercenary who was on death row for a crime he did not
    commit is granted a second chance at life. Looks like Umbrella needs a few good
    Mid-March: Ada Wong becomes 'romantically' involved with an Umbrella researcher
    named John, who disappears from the Umbrella office in Chicago. In truth, he
    was transferred to the Spencer mansion.
    1998, Monday, April 6: Police Chief Brian Irons chews out his secretary for
    moving one of the statues on the second floor of the R.P.D.
    Tuesday, April 7: Irons' secretary becomes suspicious that her boss is dirty
    when she finds out that his art collection is worth hundreds of thousands of
    Saturday, April 25: An engineer who recently graduated from university is made
    manager of what will soon become the Dead Factory on his thirtieth birthday.
    1998, May: Child genius and college graduate Rebecca Chambers is the
    newest--and youngest--member of the Raccoon S.T.A.R.S. at the age of eighteen.
    She is placed as a member of Bravo Team under Captain Enrico Marini as a field
    medic and biochemist.
    Saturday, May 9: A keeper at the Spencer Mansion plays poker with Scott, a
    security guard, Steve, another researcher, and Alias, another staff member. The
    keeper thinks that Steve was cheating, since he was the big winner. 'Scumbag.'
    Sunday, May 10: The keeper at the mansion lab is given a new type of creature
    to look after. To him, it looks like a skinless gorilla (the Eliminators from
    Resident Evil 0. Anyone else have a reasonable explanation?) Feeding
    instructions: LIVE animals.
    At the R.P.D. Irons' secretary notices her boss drooling over another cheesy
    painting, which is a naked woman being hanged. Her suspicions arise then she
    finds out that the painting costs more than the Chief can afford.
    Monday, May 11: The supposedly deceased (and rejuvenated) James Marcus spills
    the T-virus over Spencer Mansion as the first phase of his revenge plot against
    The keeper is awakened by Scott the guard early in the morning and is told to
    wear a biohazard suit. If not, he could be infected with the T-Virus.
    Inside the lab where the Fi-3 Neptune sharks are kept, one of the scientists
    infected with the T-virus goes nuts and shatters the glass tank holding the
    mutant sharks, flooding the lab and releasing the mutated sharks.
    Tuesday, May 12: The keeper's skin begins to grow itchy. In retaliation, he
    decides not to feed the guard dogs.
    Wednesday, May 13: The keeper has his back inspected by the doctors, who
    bandages his back and tells the keeper that he does not have to wear the
    biohazard suit anymore.
    A prisoner at Rockfort Island meets his new cellmate, who happens to be Alfred
    Ashford's former private secretary Robert Dorson, who had fell out of favor
    with his boss.
    Thursday, May 14: The keeper ends up dragging his foot for most of the day, due
    to the fact that his foot has a blister. He also finds out later in the day
    that several guard dogs have escaped from their pens.
    The factory manager at Umbrella's factory near Raccoon Park reports that the
    disposal system is active, but not completely stable.
    Friday, May 15: The keeper is forbidden to leave the Spencer Mansion when he
    tries to see his girlfriend, nor he can't make a phone call, since all the
    phones have been ripped from their outlets.
    Saturday, May 16: The plant at Point 42 begins to grow at a geometric rate, due
    to the chemicals (and the T-virus) in the water from the shattered tank.
    The keeper hears that one of the researchers that had tried to escape was shot
    and killed by the guards. The keeper goes ballistic when a chunk of rotten
    flesh falls off his arm while he was scratching it.
    The prisoner who befriends Robert Dorson hears his new friend's story on how he
    ended up in the prison.
    Tuesday, May 19: The keeper falls victim to the T-virus and joins the rising
    number of the mansion's undead. He attack and kill Scott the guard and eats the
    dog food. 'FEvr gon bUt IchY. HUNgre unD EaT DogGE Fud. ICHy ItchY SCott KamE.
    Ugle FAcE sO KilLEd HIm. TaStY.'
    Wednesday, May 20: Like an idiot, the factory manager locks himself in the
    disposal room for an hour.
    Robert Dorson is escorted from the barracks by guards. The prisoner wonders
    what happened to his friend.
    The mauled remains of a female hiker are found on the banks of the Marble River
    in Raccoon City's Cider District. Raccoon Police assume that a grizzly bear or
    some other wild animal attacked her.
    Thursday, May 21: The prisoner sneaks out of the barracks and searches for
    Robert Dorson. Instead he hears Dorson screaming, followed by maniacal laughter.
    Henry Sarton, one of the few remaining scientists who has not fallen to the
    T-virus or his zombified co-workers, makes a report on the mutant plant at
    Point 42, now called Plant 42. Sarton also reports that the mutant plant has
    high intelligence, since it can block the doors with its vines while it sleeps.
    Wednesday, May 27: The Raccoon Times reports on the dead hiker found near the
    Marble River.
    The prisoner on Rockfort Island is the only one left in the barracks. Soon he
    will meet the same fate as did Dorson and the other prisoners before him.
    1998, early to mid June: Infected scientist Martin Crackhorn writes a final
    letter to his girlfriend explaining the outbreak and his decision to kill
    himself before he turns into a zombie.
    Sunday, June 7: The number of guinea pigs are the Dead Factory are rising, and
    the manager butt heads with the laboratory staff. Oh, did I forget to mention
    that the disposal system is STILL NOT WORKING?!
    Monday, June 8: Chief Irons' secretary is cleaning her boss' office when he
    comes in, and Irons ends up yelling at the poor employee.
    Ada Wong's boyfriend John writes his final letter to his love, explaining how
    to make the outbreak at the Spencer Mansion known to the public. He also adds
    that if she comes across him if he is a zombie, that she kills him herself
    Wednesday, June 10: Chief Irons' behavior becomes the gossip among the Raccoon
    police officers, since he hasn't came out of his office after kicking his
    secretary out two days ago.
    Monday, June 15: Chief Irons' secretary comes across several of her boss'
    secrets and realizes that her life may be in jeopardy if her boss finds out.
    Tuesday, June 16: The Raccoon Weekly magazine has an article on doglike
    creatures in the Arklay Mountains. It even dared its readers to go and try to
    find one of the creatures.
    Sunday, June 28: Don Weller, a chemical transporter for Umbrella keeps
    scratching himself and is sweating constantly while was talking to the sewer
    1998, Tuesday, July 7: The sewer manager notices Chief Irons' foul mood and
    sums it up to William Birkin's requests.
    Thursday, July 9: The Raccoon Times report that the Raccoon Police Department
    closes down the road to the Arklay Forest due to the murders, and enlist the
    S.T.A.R.S. to help with the case. The townspeople report sightings of hideous
    monsters hiding in the mountains.
    Mid-July: The Special Committee on Disasters of Umbrella's Raccoon Special
    Research Department sends a letter to Umbrella's Sanitation Department
    concerning the T-virus outbreak at the Spencer Mansion.
    Tuesday, July 14: An Umbrella employee receives orders from his superiors to
    investigate the long-deserted Arklay training facility. According to the
    employee, he is part of the first group assigned to investigate the failed
    Thursday, July 16: The Dead Factory can't keep up with the increasing number of
    bodies for its disposal system.
    The Umbrella employee notes that due to the investigation of the Arklay
    facility, the testing of B.O.W. Type-Y139 was suspended. 'There's a lot of
    interesting research left...Depending on the species and nurturing conditions,
    only minute doses of "T" bring about remarkable changes in solidity, size,
    multiplication of internal toxins and brain development.' The employee also
    adds that if 'these effects can be controlled, a weapon could be produced. But
    the sudden development of the shell results in corresponding fragility. Certain
    areas become exceedingly weak.'
    Sunday, July 19: The Umbrella employee is growing with anticipation on the
    upcoming day when his team investigates the Arklay training facility. He also
    adds that 'The Raccoon City newspapers and TV stations are full of reports
    about bizzare murders in the suburbs. It can't be the virus, can it?'
    Wednesday, July 22: Captain Wesker receives his orders from 'White Umbrella' on
    what to do with the B.O.W.'s and the destruction of the lab.
    Thursday night, July 23-Friday morning July 24: Here's where the mayhem starts.
    Resident Evil 0 takes place. James Marcus attacks a train full of Umbrella
    employees en route to a training facility near the Spencer Mansion. Wesker
    sends Bravo Team, which consists of team leader Enrico Marini, field
    scout/chemist Kenneth J. Sullivan, sharpshooter Forest Speyer, pilot Kevin
    Dooly, co-pilot Edward Dewey, radioman Richard Aiken, and field medic Rebecca
    Chambers to the Raccoon Forest to investigate. Their chopper crashes, and with
    the exception of the pilot Kevin, searches the forest.
    Not too far away, Marcus' leeches attack Billy Coen's transport vehicle,
    killing the MP's and in the attack, Billy manages to escape to the train.
    Rebecca Chambers finds the train and meets up with the fugitive, and the pair
    team up against the onslaught of the undead and mutant leeches. Rebecca is
    forced to execute the zombie that was formerly her comrade-in-arms Edward
    Dewey, and the train crashes near the training facility, where they fight their
    way through scores of the undead and Umbrella's monsters and test experiments.
    The pair encounters a prototype Tyrant and James Marcus in the treatment plant
    below the training facility. Marcus is killed and Rebecca comes across the
    Spencer Mansion. Billy and Rebecca go their separate ways after Rebecca takes
    his dogtags. "Officially, Billy Coen is dead." Whether or not Billy Coen lives
    or not afterwards is left open to question.
    Friday night, July 24-Saturday morning, July 25: Welcome to the world of
    survival horror. Resident Evil/RE Remake takes place. Having failed to regain
    contact with Bravo Team, Captain Wesker leads Alpha Team, which consists of
    Wesker himself, weapons specialist Barry Burton, marksman Chris Redfield,
    machine/lockpicking expert (and in some cases, ex-thief) Jill Valentine,
    vehicle specialist Joseph Frost, and the cowardly pilot Brad Vickers. Alpha
    Team comes across the remains of Bravo team's helicopter and the body of Kevin
    Dooly. Joseph Frost is attacked and killed by the Cerberus (zombie dogs), Brad,
    living up to his name, ditches his teammates, and the survivors are chased into
    the mansion.
    The team separate and discover the grisly fate of their teammates: Kenneth
    Sullivan became zombie food, Forest Speyer was attacked and killed by infected
    crows, only to become a member of the undead himself, Richard Aiken was
    poisoned by Yawn (giant mutant snake). Alpha Team blasted their way through an
    army of the undead, monsters, an overgrown plant project gone berserk, and the
    monster that was formerly Lisa Trevor. Along the way, they find a badly injured
    Enrico Marini, who is assassinated before he can tell who the traitor is among
    the S.T.A.R.S. members.
    In the meantime, Wesker makes his own plans. Using a special type of T-virus
    (minus the zombie effect) he injects it into himself and sets out to cover his
    escape by sending the Tyrant against Chris and the others. Jill Valentine is
    successful in taking down the Tyrant for the first time after it supposedly
    kills Wesker. The self-destruct sequence is activated and Barry, Rebecca, Chris
    and Jill head for the heliport, where they signal Brad to airlift them out of
    The Tyrant--now pissed off--has other plans for them. He makes an explosive
    entrance at the heliport and attacks the surviving S.T.A.R.S. members. Brad
    evens the odds by dropping an anti-tank Rocket Launcher on the heliport. Chris
    gets to it first and in one shot, reduces the 'ultimate bio-weapon' into bloody
    chunks. The surviving S.T.A.R.S. members escape the Spencer mansion, just
    seconds before the self-destruct mechanism is activated, and the mansion, along
    with its labs, are destroyed. Albert Wesker escapes by another route and now
    has a serious vendetta against the surviving S.T.A.R.S. members.
    Sunday, July 26: Chris Redfield makes a report on the events the night before
    to Chief Irons. He tells of the zombies and monsters within the Spencer
    Mansion, the deaths of his fellow S.T.A.R.S. teammates, Umbrella's involvement
    in illegal experiments, Wesker's betrayal and death, and their escape from the
    mansion. He finishes the report by stating a federal investigation on Umbrella
    should be initiated immediately.
    Wednesday, July 29: The number of bodies in the Dead Factory continues to rise,
    and the disposal system is beginning to fail. Under these inhumane conditions,
    the antibiotics are useless and several of the workers are infected. The
    factory manager begins to keep a loaded gun nearby, always saving the last
    bullet for himself. 'I want to weep. I don't want to die here. I swear that
    I'll lose my mind if I imagine how painful the death will be...'
    1998, Friday, August 7: Jill Valentine has physically recovered from the
    Spencer Mansion case, but is still haunted by the deaths of her teammates.
    Saturday, August 8: Chris tries once again to get Chief Irons to listen to him
    and open a case against Umbrella, but being on Umbrella's payroll, Irons turns
    a blind eye to the impending investigation. To make things worse, the majority
    of Raccoon's citizens are working for Umbrella.
    Sunday, August 9: Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service commando Nicholai
    Ginovaef submits his report concerning the destruction of the Spencer mansion
    and its laboratory.
    A Sheena Island factory worker has serious doubts on the tactics that his boss
    has concerning the experiments at the laboratory.
    Thursday, August 13: Jill Valentine notices a change of mood in Chris Redfield.
    He constantly causes trouble, and it came to a point when he decks Officer
    Elran of the Boy's Crime Department for accidentally splashing him in the face
    with hot coffee.
    Saturday Morning, August 15: Jill visits Chris at his apartment in the middle
    of the night and Chris shows her confidential information regarding the G-virus.
    Monday, August 16: The sewer manager notices that Chief Irons is in a bad mood.
    When he tries to cheer him up, the manager finds himself staring down the
    barrel of Irons' gun. The manager manages to calm the chief down...for now.
    Irons' mood changes for the better when William Birkin places a hefty deposit
    of $10,000 in the Chief's bank account. In exchange for the money, Irons has to
    keep the S.T.A.R.S. from snooping around in Umbrella's affairs.
    Tuesday, August 17: The Raccoon Police Department begin to get reports on
    'strange monsters' lurking around Raccoon City. Chris realizes that Umbrella is
    up to its old tricks again.
    Friday, August 20: A teenage boy from the Republic of Congo is kidnapped by
    Umbrella agents and is sent to Sheena Island, an Umbrella-run city which
    specializes in producing Tyrants en masse.
    Saturday, August 21: William Birkin orders the sewer manager to temporary cease
    all operations in the sewers, seeing that the police have launched an
    investigation on Umbrella's activities.
    Tuesday, August 24: With the help of Jill Valentine and Barry Burton, Chris
    Redfield finds more info on the G-virus. A course of plan is in action as Chris
    decides to go ahead to Europe, while Barry sends his family to Canada for
    safety. Jill, on the other hand, decides to stay in town in order to scrounge
    up some more info on Umbrella.
    Friday, August 25: A Raccoon P.D. night watchman is inside the police station's
    clock tower. Chief Irons finds him and gives the watchman the third degree for
    being in the clock tower, rather than not being at his post.
    Monday, August 28: Umbrella sends a dismissal notice to Morpheus Duvall,
    notifying him of his termination, saying that he was responsible for the
    T-virus outbreak at the Spencer mansion. Duvall swears revenge.
    1998: Tuesday, September 1: Thirty-one days left before the destruction of
    Raccoon City. The mercenary who was saved from execution has completed his
    training, which lasted six months.
    Saturday, September 5: The Congolese boy held captive on Sheena Island finds
    out that teenagers between the ages of 16 to 20 were kidnapped from all over
    the globe by the Umbrella Corporation as test subjects. The citizens of Sheena
    Island are working for Umbrella one way or another.
    Sunday, September 6: Vincent Goldman and another member of the Umbrella
    Corporation are sent to Sheena Island. Vincent kills the other guy, so that way
    he is appointed Commander of the island.
    Sheena Island sewer caretaker Andy Holland writes in his diary concerning
    Vincent Goldman. He heard rumors about Vincent's coldheartedness, but pays it
    no mind.
    Thursday, September 10: Twenty days left before the destruction of Raccoon
    City. The Director at Raccoon Hospital makes his report on the 'cannibal
    disease' that's beginning to appear in the city.
    On Sheena Island, the Congolese lad suspects that his and the other prisoners'
    food is being drugged.
    Lott Klein, the son of one of the researchers, is told by Commander Goldman and
    his father that the children brought here will be turned into ‘decent people’
    by Umbrella.
    Tuesday, September 15: Sixteen days left before Raccoon's destruction. Jill
    Valentine resigns from the Raccoon Police Department. She continues to
    investigate Umbrella, while at the same time laying low.
    The mercenary is forced to cut his vacation short as his U.B.C.S. unit is
    called to action. According to the mercenary, there are two separate teams of
    paramilitary teams; one group to combat corporate terrorism and V.I.P.
    kidnappings, and the second group--which he is a member of--is a special unit
    of nightmen trained to handle 'illegal products' and the problems that they
    Joel Allman, Vice-President of the U.S. Branch of Umbrella sends a memo to
    William Birkin concerning a shortage of chemicals at the Antarctic base. Allman
    requests a donation of chemicals to be transported to the Antarctic base, and
    reassures Birkin that the Ashford's reputation is damaged beyond repair.
    William Birkin finds out that Umbrella plans to steal his G-virus from him. He
    instructs Chief Irons to find and arrest anyone who is doing anything
    suspicious in the city.
    Friday, September 18: Thirteen days left before Raccoon's destruction. Another
    person suffering from the 'cannibal disease' is sent to Raccoon Hospital. The
    hospital director wonders if there is a cure for the disease.
    Saturday, September 19: Twelve days left before Raccoon's destruction. The
    night watchman that Chief Irons yelled at meets Thomas, who works at the sewer
    plant behind the R.P.D. Like the watchman, he is a chess fanatic, but wonders
    why his new friend keeps on scratching himself most of the time. '...does he
    have some sort of skin disease or his he just rude?'
    Sunday, September 20: Eleven days left before Raccoon's destruction. R.P.D.
    officer Neil Carson comes across a strange-looking person at the outskirts of
    the city. The person ran off, but left behind some plastic explosive, handgun
    ammo, and an infrared scope that's broken.
    On Sheena Island, Andy Holland hears rumors about Commander Goldman's inhumane
    experiments on the kidnapped children.
    Monday, September 21: The Congolese boy discovers that several of his friends
    were taken to 'the factory on the mountain.' While at a nightclub, he overhears
    some of the workers talking about Commander Goldman's horrific experiments. The
    Congolese boy and his friends plot their escape.
    Tuesday, September 22: Nine days left before Raccoon's destruction. Umbrella's
    French Research and Division director Christine Henri orders Hunk and his unit
    to steal the G-virus from the defiant William Birkin and deliver it to the
    French R and D at Loire Village. They enter the lab without a hitch and
    confront Birkin, who refuses to give up his work. A mistake on Birkin's part
    and a commando with an itchy trigger finger ends up with Birkin being mortally
    wounded by the commando unit (What goes around, comes around, Birkin. Serves
    you right.), and his G-virus samples are taken.
    Birkin, who has a hidden sample of the G-virus on himself, leads it into a
    syringe and injects it into himself. The G-virus revives Birkin, but mutates
    him into a Tyrant-like G-Type monster. Birkin pursues his assailants in a
    murderous rampage and slaughters them. He then stuffs down more G-virus samples
    and the sewer rats ingest the broken T-virus samples, thus leading to the
    full-scale outbreak at Raccoon City. Hunk manages to escape, but is knocked
    (My guess that the rats were probably immune to the T-virus. If they managed to
    survive the Black Death in Medieval Europe, then a man-made virus would
    possibly have no effect on them.)
    Wednesday, September 23: Eight days left before Raccoon's destruction. This is
    the beginning of the end for the city and its citizens. Chief Irons finally
    reaches the breaking point as he hears about the zombie invasion that's
    starting to take place. He vows to himself to kill everyone who is infected.
    Thursday, September 24: Seven days left before Raccoon's destruction. Raccoon
    City Mayor Michael Warren places the city under martial law.
    Chief Irons plans to sabotage his police force's efforts in containing the
    zombie menace. He spreads confusion in both the police department and the
    general public. Second, he makes sure that there is no outside help and that
    all escape routes in the city are barricaded. Third, he has his police force
    spread the ammo throughout the building.
    R.P.D. officer Marvin Branagh makes a report on two jewels stolen from City
    Hall. He has to suspend the case, due to the lack of police officers and the
    imminent zombie threat.
    Saturday, September 26: Five days left before Raccoon's destruction. The night
    watchman sees that his friend Thomas isn't feeling too well, and tells him to
    return home and rest. He also realizes that he himself is not feeling well
    Morning. Marvin Branagh reports a restaurant owner who had one of the two
    missing gems. The owner was shot after showing symptoms of the 'cannibal
    disease' and Branagh has to suspend the case once again.
    Round One: The Raccoon Police Department is under siege by the undead and the
    police gets their arses handed to them and many of the civilians hiding inside
    the police station are killed. (Sorry. A little 'Braveheart' humor there.)
    During the battle one of the officers, David Ford is rescued by one of the
    marksmen named Meyer. Instead of returning the favor when Meyer was in danger,
    Officer Ford chickened out and ran, leaving Meyer to be slaughtered.
    The Raccoon Hospital is in even worse shape than the police station. Zombies
    had killed the majority of the hospital staff, several of the floors are
    inaccessible and the director, who is now showing symptoms of the 'cannibal
    disease,' is forced to close the hospital down. '...I know that it's too late
    for me. I am beginning to feel that same itchy and hungry desire that all of my
    patients felt. It's too late for me...'
    The sadistic Chief Irons has a 'change of heart' and decides to hunt down the
    remaining civilians and police officers. One of his targets includes Mayor
    Warren's daughter, whom Claire Redfield finds sprawled over Irons' desk three
    days from now. '...I'm going to enjoy my new trophy. Yes, frozen forever in the
    pose I choose to give her...' Sick bastard.
    The remaining police officers plan on finding the remaining ammunition and
    escaping the police station. There's just one small problem though: the guy
    with the keycard went missing since the attack on the R.P.D.
    Several units of the Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service, led by
    Lieutenant Mikhail Victor and Sergeant Nicholai Ginovaef, are dispatched to
    Raccoon City. Despite being better prepared than the ill-fated police force,
    their numbers are quickly decimated and the remaining mercenaries finds
    themselves on the run, including Tyrell Patrick, Murphy Seeker, and Carlos
    Sunday, September 27: Four days left before Raccoon's destruction. Round Two:
    The Raccoon police force and its S.W.A.T. team take to the streets to try and
    stop the zombie menace. Using their cars as barriers, they open fire on the
    advancing undead, but the zombies simply barge through the police, forcing them
    to retreat back to the Raccoon Police Department, where they barricade
    themselves in for a standoff. They are then killed one by one by the undead,
    monsters, or by Chief Irons himself.
    (Looks like they haven't been watching any of George Romero's zombie movies,
    otherwise they would have known to aim for the head ;P.)
    Twelve more police officers are killed when the undead break through the
    western barricade of the Raccoon Police Department. A new monster, dubbed the
    'Licker,' due to its lance-like tongue, which is 'capable of piercing a human
    torso in an instant,' kills three more police officers. Let's face it, the
    Raccoon Police Department is seriously fucked here.
    Inside a well-fortified room, the unstable David Ford, thought to have been
    dead, plans on painting the ceiling with his brains with his Mossberg shotgun
    once he runs out of booze.
    Nighttime. A mercenary and his partner named Campbell arrive at the rendezvous
    point, the Saint Michael Clock Tower. They managed to stay alive by stealing
    their wounded comrades' weapons and using civilians as decoys, something that
    one of the mercenaries doesn't like doing. The mercenary, who is more
    sympathetic, takes a liking to one of the survivors, a teenage girl, who
    reminds him of his younger sister.
    Monday, September 28: Three days left until Raccoon's destruction. Dawn. One of
    the Umbrella mercenaries finally loses it. He would much rather be back on
    death row, since to him, it was a 'heavenly asylum compared to this place,' and
    proceeds to commit suicide. Jill Valentine comes across his body later on
    during the day.
    Sometime during the mission, Mikhail Victor is seriously injured. Whether he
    was injured by the Brain/Drain Deimos or survived a botched assassination
    attempt by Nicholai is left to question.
    Four more police officers are attacked and killed. The remaining police
    officers, now down to four, plan to escape through the sewers. They obviously
    did not make it.
    The two mercenaries at the clock tower prepare to escape. The more sympathetic
    merc wishes to take the girl with him, but the girl refuses to leave without
    her father. Campbell wants his buddy to ditch the girl, but the kind mercenary
    refuses to do so. All three are killed, the mercenary protecting the girl to
    the very end. Jill Valentine and Carlos Oliveira will come across their bodies
    while exploring the clock tower later that night.
    First Half of Resident Evil 3 Nemesis takes place. Jill Valentine decides to
    make her 'last escape' from Raccoon City. She literally blasts her way through
    her apartment building and hides inside a warehouse. Finding another survivor,
    a wannabe novelist named Dario Russo, Russo basically tells the former
    S.T.A.R.S. member to shove it and refuses to leave the warehouse. She comes
    across the injured Brad Vickers hiding inside Bar Jack and is told of the
    monstrosity that is hunting S.T.A.R.S. members. "He's after S.T.A.R.S. members.
    There's no escape!"
    Jill shoots her way to the Raccoon Police Department, where she encounters
    Brad, who looked liked, as what Pres. Evil says, 'someone dropped a truck on
    him.' The Tyrant-like monster that Brad was ranting about earlier makes its
    appearance and kills Brad in Jill's view. As the monster turns on Jill,
    chanting "S.T.A.R.S.," like a mantra, Jill dashes into the police station for
    safety. While she is inside, Brad Vickers joins the ranks of the undead.
    The resourceful woman searches the Raccoon Police Department for any survivors.
    When she finds none, she manages to find better weapons inside the S.T.A.R.S.
    Office. Back on the first floor, she encounters the trenchcoated monster again,
    this time it is armed with a HUGE rocket launcher. Jill escapes the creature's
    murderous advances and heads into Downtown Raccoon City. While Jill is
    exploring the city, zombies kill Dario Russo and a young woman. Jill will come
    across their bodies upon returning to the warehouse to check up on Russo.
    Inside the Grill 13 restaurant, Jill meets Carlos Oliveira and avoids the
    monster yet again. Jill ditches the monster again and comes across the injured
    Mikhail Victor and the cool Nicholai Ginovaef, as well as Carlos inside a cable
    car. Jill agrees to join forces with the Umbrella mercenaries in order to reach
    the clock tower. After a few close calls, they find parts for the cable car to
    get it moving.
    Jill's stalker makes another appearance on the cable car, and Mikhail, using a
    incendiary grenade, meets an honorable death by sacrificing himself to allow
    Jill and Carlos to escape, but end up crashing at the clock tower. After
    repairing the bell, Jill signals the rescue chopper to the clock tower, which
    is promptly destroyed by the creature's rocker launcher. With its tentacle, the
    monster infects Jill with the T-virus and in the ensuing battle, Jill sends the
    creature packing. Carlos comes to Jill's aid as she passes out and takes her to
    the tower's chapel.
    Tuesday night, September 29-Wednesday morning, September 30: Resident Evil 2
    takes place. While Jill Valentine is unconscious from the effects of the
    T-virus, two more unlucky souls join the zombie block party at Raccoon City.
    The first person is Leon Scott Kennedy, an idealistic rookie police officer on
    his way to work at the Raccoon Police Department (it's his first day on the
    job!). The second is Claire Redfield, a 19-year-old college student/motorcycle
    enthusiast who is in town looking for her older brother, former S.T.A.R.S.
    marksman Chris Redfield.
    Instead, shortly after arriving into town from separate routes, both find
    themselves on the run from Raccoon's zombified populace. They commandeer an
    abandoned police cruiser and head for the police station. A surprise zombie
    attack, a car crash, and one exploding tanker trailer later, Leon and Claire
    find themselves separated, with Leon being the closest to the police station.
    (I'm going by Claire A-Leon B scenario. Makes more sense. Too many plot holes
    in Leon A-Claire-B.)
    Claire meets Robert Kendo, the gun shop owner (and brother of Joseph Kendo,
    designer of the S.T.A.R.S. Samurai Edge Custom Beretta handgun, seen in the RE
    remake as a hidden weapon and again in RE 3 as Jill's default weapon), who
    unfortunately meets a bad end at the hands of the zombies and escapes through
    the back door. While she is making her way through the mazelike streets, Leon
    arrives at the police station's back door. He witness a botched rescue attempt
    and enters the station. Claire, on the other hand, arrives at the R.P.D.'s
    front doorstep and puts the now-zombified Brad Vickers' tortured soul to rest
    once and for all.
    While inside the police station, Leon and Claire encounter several characters,
    each with their own agendas. Leon crosses paths with the mysterious Ada Wong,
    who is looking for her boyfriend, a jailed reporter named Ben Bertolucci, and
    on several occasions, narrowly eludes the Neo-Tyrant known only as 'Mr. X.'
    (Writer's note: Resident Evil is not the only game who had a character named
    Mr. X. Aside from Metal Gear Solid 2 (the robo-ninja), the very first Mr. X was
    the Tommy gun-toting end boss from the Streets of Rage series. A little trivia
    Claire, on the other hand, encounters the dying Marvin Branagh, Sherry Birkin,
    the daughter of William and Annette Birkin, and Brian Irons, the screwloose
    police chief, leering over the dead body of Mayor Warren's daughter. Later on,
    Marvin Branagh becomes the latest victim to the T-virus and Claire is forced to
    execute the undead cop. Ada runs into Sherry, who leaves her pendant behind.
    Ada decides to hold onto it so she can return it to her.
    Both find exits to the sewers through different parts of the police station:
    Leon through the sewers inside the dog kennel, and Claire through a secret room
    in Irons' office. Both Irons and Bertolucci meet a violent end at the hands (or
    claw) of the monstrosity that was Sherry's father, William Birkin. Claire and
    Sherry escape the station first, while Leon meets up with the mutant Birkin,
    now G-Type I on his way out of the police station.
    While Leon and Claire escape the police station through the sewers; Hunk
    regains consciousness and makes his own escape with a sample of the G-virus.
    Using what ammo and resources he has, he carves a path of destruction through
    the police station until he reaches the rooftop, where an Umbrella helicopter
    airlifts him to safety. His mission completed, he returns to Loire Village.
    Claire and Sherry are then separated and in a twist of fate, Sherry is infested
    with a G-virus embryo by her mutant father while unconscious, while Claire
    meets up with Sherry's unstable mother, Annette Birkin, who explains to Claire
    on how Raccoon went to zombie hell. They split up in order to search for Sherry
    and in the process, Annette runs into Leon and Ada. Leon takes a bullet for
    Ada, who gets some payback by knocking Annette over the ledge. Ada then
    discovers a secret compartment inside the pendant that contains a sample of the
    Claire finds Sherry, but has to go through a huge alligator that is lurking in
    the sewers. After dispatching it Jaws-style, Claire rescues Sherry and escapes
    the sewers. They reach the factory and use the elevator (which is disguised
    like a train) to the Umbrella Laboratory, where Sherry passes out and Claire
    fights her monstrous father, now G-Type II. Several flame grenades later, the
    mutant Birkin goes down for the count.
    Claire takes Sherry to the office and keeps her there for the time being while
    she explores the lab. Meanwhile, Leon and Ada make it to factory (after
    Birkin's attempt to try and kill them on the way there), and call back the
    elevator. On their way down to the labs, Ada is injured by the G-Type's claw
    and Leon rushes out to combat the monster, which has mutated into G-Type III.
    After the Tyrant makes a hasty retreat following an unhealthy dose of buckshot
    the elevator overloads and stops halfway down. When Leon finds himself inside a
    corridor within the Umbrella Labs, the elevator leaves without him.
    Nevertheless, Leon finds his way into the Labs. After searching the labs, Leon
    encounters Annette. Just before she can put a bullet in his head, however, Mr.
    X makes yet another appearance, causing Annette to run away, this time heading
    for the man laboratory, while Leon leads Mr. X on yet another chase through the
    Leon rushes into the power room, where Mr. X has him trapped. Ada, though
    injured, appears and draws Mr. X's attention from Leon with her handgun. When
    the Tyrant lifts the helpless woman into the air, Ada blasts her gun into his
    face and in retaliation; Mr. X slams Ada into a control panel (ouch!) and
    staggers into the smelting pit several feet below. Obviously dying, Ada
    confesses her love to Leon and they kiss. She then dies in Leon's arms.
    Meanwhile, Claire encounters Annette outside the main laboratory. In the
    ensuing sequence, Annette is drawn away from Claire by William's screams.
    Rushing around the corridor, she finds her mutated husband. His humanity gone,
    the monster that was formerly William Birkin ruthlessly guts Annette and
    disappears into the ceiling. Before Annette dies, however, she hands Claire a
    document on how to synthesize the G-virus vaccine that will save Sherry's life.
    After Leon leaves the power room, Albert Wesker, who have been watching from
    the shadows (he has been in Raccoon all this time?!) revives Ada. The
    self-defense mechanism is activated and Leon is radioed by Claire (who is in
    the security room and saw Leon on a working monitor) and tells him to pick up
    Sherry from the office while she makes the vaccine. Leon follows Claire's
    wishes and takes her to the escape train.
    Claire creates the vaccine while Leon is busy preparing the escape train for
    departure. With five minutes left until the entire lab goes up in a ball of
    flames, both Leon and Claire are in a fight for their lives. First, Leon had to
    get power for the train. While inserting two plugs for the power generator, Mr.
    X attacks him yet again, this time the relentless monster has been transformed
    into a dual-clawed Tyrant. While Leon has his hands full with his adversary,
    Claire encounters Birkin yet again at the loading docks.
    After dodging the Tyrant's wild charges and claw swipes, Leon gets lucky. From
    a nearby perch, Ada tosses a rocket launcher down to Leon, who scoops it up and
    in one blast, ends the Tyrant's attempts to kill him once and for all. Claire,
    on the other hand, eludes the G-Type III, who transforms into G-Type IV. Claire
    defeats the monster and takes the elevator down to the escape train. Ada
    escapes by means of another route, as does Wesker.
    Leon races back to the train and activates it. Claire arrives just as it's
    pulling off and hops aboard. She administers the vaccine and saves Sherry's
    life. Before they can relax, however, the alarms on the train go off, signaling
    that a biohazard outbreak on the train. When Leon checks it out, he encounters
    the G-Type that Claire had supposedly killed. It transformed yet again, this
    time into a gel-like mass that takes up the entire car. One rocket, a clip of
    Magnum rounds, and an unhealthy dose of buckshot later, the G-Type V is
    defeated, but not down for the count.
    Leon can't return to the train and with the G-Type on his heels, heads for the
    roof. The monster breaks through the car and threatens Sherry and Claire.
    Sherry crawls through the ventilation duct into the control room and Claire
    escapes by going under the train. With the help of Leon, Sherry finds the
    emergency stop switch and stops the train. Our three heroes then bolt for the
    tunnel entrance, just as the train explodes, destroying the G-Type V...William
    Birkin once and for all. Not long after that, Claire, after an argument with
    Leon and leaving Sherry in his care, heads off to find her brother alone. Leon
    and Sherry are now in the custody of the U.S. Government.
    While Leon, Claire, and Sherry escape Raccoon City, Nicholai Ginovaef reports
    from inside the clock tower rooftop (Does he know that Jill and Carlos are also
    hiding there as well?). He concludes that renegade scientist William Birkin is
    responsible for the outbreak (this is partially true, but you can thank the
    trigger-happy Umbrella commando who shot him full of holes in the first place)
    and that more precautions should be in order so that another full-scale
    outbreak may never happen.
    Inside a hidden room in the Raccoon Cemetery, a secret communique is sent to
    the Umbrella supervisors, notifying them of their political influence in the
    U.S. Senate has delayed then inevitable, and that the 'Raccoon City Project' is
    scrapped and the city will be destroyed the following morning.
    1998, Thursday night, October 1-Friday morning, October 2: Second half of
    Resident Evil 3 Nemesis takes place. The day of Raccoon's judgment has arrived!
    Hellfire and brimstone will rain down on...sorry, where was I? Ahem, inside the
    chapel, Jill regains conscious and discovers that she is infected with the
    T-virus. Carlos promises to find a cure for her and heads for the hospital.
    Dodging zombies and Hunters, Carlos comes across Nicholai and an injured Tyrell
    Patrick. Before Nicholai could kill Carlos, Tyrell saves Carlos' life by
    sacrificing his own and Nicholai takes a five-story dive out the window. Carlos
    creates the vaccine for Jill and barely escapes the hospital just as explosives
    set by Nicholai demolish it.
    Carlos returns to the chapel and administers the vaccine to Jill who recovers.
    Jill avoids her pursuer and ditches the monster in Raccoon Park. She encounters
    Nicholai near the Raccoon Cemetery...and the Grave Digger. Jill deep-fries the
    monstrous worm with a street light and a puddle of water, and on her way to the
    Dead Factory, her stalker--now known as NEMESIS--ambushes her, and Jill evades
    him yet again. She encounters The Nemesis in a showdown inside the disposal
    room and in the process blows his head off and escapes the room, just as the
    Nemesis' body is dumped into the virus-laced chemicals. When she reaches the
    control tower, Nicholai has commandeered the rescue chopper and ditches both
    Carlos and Jill, thinking that they won't survive the nuclear assault.
    The Nemesis, however, is not dead. He mutates into a monster and attacks Jill
    inside the incinerator plant amidst the bodies of U.S. Army soldiers and
    Tyrants. Using an oversized rail cannon (how it got in there is anyone's guess)
    and six Magnum rounds, Jill finally destroys the Nemesis once and for all. "You
    want S.T.A.R.S.? I'll give you S.T.A.R.S.!"
    With less than two minutes left before the nuke hits, Barry Burton arrives by
    helicopter and airlifts Jill and Carlos out of Raccoon City. The tactical
    nuclear missile arrives soon after they escape and Raccoon City is completely
    annihilated in a way that James Cameron would be proud of. The official story
    was that the missile was used in a 'bacillus-terminate' operation and the city
    was 'completely wiped off the map.'
    Ten thousand souls are estimated dead, including Mayor Michael Warren and his
    daughter, Raccoon Police Chief Brian Irons (good riddance), Officers Marvin
    Branagh, Elliot Edward, and David Ford, gun shop owner Robert Kendo, Former
    S.T.A.R.S. pilot Brad Vickers, Umbrella scientists William and Annette Birkin
    and wannabe novelist Dario Russo. Survivors include Leon Kennedy, Ada Wong,
    Claire Redfield, Sherry Birkin, Albert Wesker, Jill Valentine, Hunk, Barry
    Burton, Nicholai Ginovaef, and Carlos Oliveira.
    (Here's some food for thought. If Wesker was hiding in Raccoon City this whole
    time, why didn't he try to kill Jill prior to Resident Evil 3?)
    Sunday, October 4: The news of Raccoon's destruction reaches Sheena Island. A
    restaurant owner on the island hears rumors that Umbrella was somehow
    responsible for the outbreak.
    Tuesday, October 6: The Sheena Island section leaders attend a meeting with
    Commander Vincent Goldman concerning the biohazard outbreak at Raccoon City.
    The place the blame solely on the late William Birkin and discuss the idea of
    having traitors on the island.
    Nicholai Ginovaef reports on the combat data gathered during the Raccoon City
    fiasco. He reports on the Nemesis, which was 'more ferocious and intelligent
    than we had expected,' and as a result, 'many U.B.C.S. members sent to the area
    have been sacrificed in the process of collecting combat data.' He hopes that
    with this data, an advanced B.O.W. may be created.
    Thursday, October 8: The restaurant owner on Sheena Island hears that the
    T-virus is on the island. Now he wants out of Umbrella and to be somewhere far
    away from Sheena.
    Taking advantage of the edgy prison guards who seem to be collecting
    information on the Raccoon City disaster, the Congolese lad and his friends
    plan their escape. According to the boy, 'Stojkovic and Enriquez are supposed
    to steal the keys from the guards, Sankhon and I will act as decoys, and
    Yoshikawa and Fellipe are in charge of gathering weapons.'
    Friday, October 9: Tonight the Congolese boy and his comrades execute their
    escape plan at 11 p.m. Twenty prisoners are separated into two groups--Units A
    and B. Unit A will escape through the sewers, while Unit B will scale down the
    surveillance tower.
    The prisoners execute their plan. Their plan failed and all twenty prisoners
    were personally gunned down by Commander Goldman.
    Saturday, October 10: The day after the botched escape attempt, Commander
    Goldman orders the prison warden to report the mass murder as a mass suicide.
    He realizes that the mass murder could blemish his otherwise perfect record as
    Commander of the Island and that could stop him from getting recognized for his
    'great achievements' in the city.
    Inside the sewers, the Sewer Manager Andy Holland hears rumors of what Vincent
    did to the 20 prisoners.
    Thursday, October 15: Lott Klein catches wind of Commander Goldman's heinous
    act concerning the prisoners. He begins to wonder if what Commander Goldman and
    his parents say about their work is true.
    Tuesday, October 20: The Prison Chief on Sheen Island receives a reply
    concerning the alleged 'mass-suicide' report he had filed a week and a half
    ago. He comes to understand just how ruthless Vincent is and will not hesitate
    to kill him.
    Friday, October 30: A recently hired driver at the Antarctic facility has
    serious gripes about his job.
    1998, Tuesday, November 3: The driver at the Antarctic facility finds out that
    his vacation is cancelled, due to a lack of manpower on Alfred Ashford's part.
    He's pretty much pissed.
    Thursday, November 5: The driver hears from another worker who has been at the
    Antarctic facility for about eight years about a 'man who has been confined for
    over 10 years, locked up in a cell located deep below here.' The workers call
    the mystery man 'Nosferatu.' Personally, the driver thinks it's a bunch of crap.
    Monday, November 9: Ark Thompson, a private investigator, and a close friend of
    Leon S. Kennedy arrives on Sheena Island to investigate Umbrella's affairs. Ark
    visits Andy Holland and Andy takes a snapshot of Ark, something that Ark
    disapproves, since he has Andy thinking that he is Commander Goldman. Lott
    Klein is hiding and reports to Commander Goldman.
    Tuesday, November 10: Commander Goldman realizes that the citizens on Sheena
    Island are preparing to turn against him. He also thinks that the 'spy,' as he
    calls Ark is somehow connected with the rebellious citizens. '...I'll let him
    for now, and see who he works for and why he is here. Then I'll kill him...'
    Meanwhile, at the Antarctic facility, the worker wakes up to growling from down
    below the facility. Can the legend of Nosferatu be true?
    Thursday, November 19: Vincent Goldman discovers that the townspeople are going
    to turn him over to the HQ representatives next week when they arrive with more
    guinea pigs. Vincent has a rather nasty surprise in store for them.
    Sunday, November 22: In what would appear to be an accident, Commander Goldman
    contaminates the entire island with the T-virus. Before he can leave, however,
    he has one more loose end to tie up. 'It's that spy. I have to eliminate that
    rat who sneaked into the city!'
    Tuesday, November 23: Lott Klein and his sister are under attack by zombies who
    were once nice to them when they were alive.
    Wednesday, November 24: Lott and Lily Klein's parents join the ranks of Sheena
    Island's undead. Now orphaned by the ordeal, Lott wishes to escape with his
    Wednesday night, November 24-Friday morning, November 26: Resident Evil
    Survivor takes place. A helicopter crash, a serious case of amnesia, an army of
    Cleaners, Tyrants, the undead and monsters, and twenty thousand bullets, two
    hundred grenade rounds, and God knows what else, Ark Thompson escapes Sheena
    Island with the Klein siblings in tow.
    1998, Thursday, December 17: While investigating inside Umbrella's labs in
    Paris, Claire Redfield receives a VERY cold reception. She dodges guards, a
    chaingun-toting helicopter, and escapes several more guards by using a move
    that you only see in a Chow Yun-Fat movie. Despite her efforts, she is
    captured, seeing how she is out of bullets.
    Sunday, December 27-Monday, December 28: Resident Evil Code Veronica X takes
    place. Claire is transported to Rockfort Island, Umbrella's prison located
    south of the Equator. After she is knocked unconscious, a HCF strike team, lead
    by Albert Wesker, lead a botched raid on the island, thus releasing the T-virus
    over the island.
    Claire regains consciousness and is released by her jailer, Umbrella security
    guard Rodrigo Raval. After avoiding a zombie death trap, she meets Steve
    Burnside, a prisoner who had also escaped infection. Claire finds a working
    computer terminal and e-mails Leon a message to notify her brother of her
    whereabouts so he can rescue her. Steve thinks that Chris won't come and storms
    While exploring the island, Claire encounters Alfred Ashford, the preppy,
    sniper rifle-wielding commander of the base on two occasions. After dispatching
    one of his creatures called a Bandersnatch, another one catches Claire by
    surprise. Just as Claire is about to meet an untimely end, Steve rescues her
    and the two join forces. Steve is forced to kill the zombie that was his
    father. Leaving him alone for the time being, Claire discovers a creepy old
    mansion and is nearly discovered by Alexia Ashford, Alfred's twin sister. She
    leaves the mansion and returns to the underground jail and finding her jailer
    there, hands over some Hemostat medicine she has found. In return for the
    gesture, Raval hands over some lockpicks and tells her to leave the island.
    On her way back to the mansion, she encounters 'a ghost from her brother's
    past,' who comes in the form of Albert Wesker, who manhandles the younger
    Redfield before leaving in a hurry, due to his orders from a higher power. Upon
    re-exploring the mansion, she meets Alexia face-to-face. Steve comes rushing in
    and in a burst of gunfire, hits Alexia in the shoulder. Pursuing Alexia into
    the next room they encounter Alfred Ashford...with Alexia's makeup on his face.
    Screaming hysterically, he runs out of the room, just as the self-destruct
    sequence is activated.
    They make it to the pane, but the bridge is blocking their escape route. Claire
    volunteers to raise the bridge and on her way back to the plane, she encounters
    T-078, released from its cryotube to hinder Claire's attempts to make it back
    to the plane. Claire knocks it down with a barrage of grenades and returns to
    the plane. She and Steve escapes Rockfort Island, as does Alfred Ashford, now
    suffering from what I like to call 'The Norman Bates Syndrome,' by means of a
    private Harrier jet.
    Before Claire and Steve can relax, however, the cargo door is wrenched open and
    when Claire enters the cargo hold, she finds an old friend waiting for her. The
    Tyrant has returned for round two. Maneuvering in the cramped cargo hold,
    Claire opens fire with her grenade launcher, until the Tyrant is weakened from
    the onslaught. She then knocks the monster out of the plane with a crate loaded
    with explosives.
    In a surprising turn of events, the 'cross-dressing freak' Alfred activates the
    cargo plane's autopilot, sending them to the Antarctic facility. The next
    morning, the plane crashes at the facility. While exploring the grounds, Claire
    comes across Alexander Ashford--now Nosferatu locked deep within his cell. She
    restores the power to the facility and succeeds in finding an exit, but this
    time, Alfred arrives to stop her. Steve rushes in to save the day, and in an
    exchange of gunfire, Steve is slightly injured, while Alfred's injuries are
    During the firefight, Nosferatu escapes his bonds and is on the move. Claire
    encounters this freak on the heliport of the facility. Using Alfred's sniper
    rifle, Claire blasts out Noseferatu's heart. "I got you now!" KA-BLAM! With the
    threat out of the way, Claire and Steve find a snowmobile nearby and head for a
    nearby outpost.
    Deep within the Antarctic facility, Alfred Ashford releases the cryotube
    containing his sister and dies. Alexia sends a huge tentacle to destroy the
    snowmobile containing Claire and Steve and bring them back to the base.
    About a couple of hours after Claire and Steve escaped, Chris Redfield, having
    gotten Leon's e-mail concerning his sister's whereabouts, arrives on Rockfort
    Island. He encounters Rodrigo Raval inside the catacombs. Just as he is about
    to tell Chris where his sister is, a monstrous worm swallows Raval whole. Chris
    rescues him, but the damage has already been done. Raval returns Claire's
    lighter to Chris and dies.
    While exploring the ruins of the island base, he runs into his former
    commanding officer, Albert Wesker. No match for the enhanced superman, Chris is
    only saved when Wesker catches a glimpse of Alexia on a nearby monitor and
    Wesker tosses him aside. After some more searching, Chris commandeers one of
    Alfred's harrier jets and heads off to the Antarctic facility.
    Shortly after arriving at the Antarctic facility, Chris has a sense of deja vu.
    The living quarters of the Ashford family was designed after the Spencer
    mansion in Raccoon City. He finds his sister inside some sort of cocoon and
    using his Bowie knife, frees her. Their reunion is short-lived, as Alexia makes
    her grand entrance. As the Redfields race after her, they are separated by a
    tentacle attack. Claire is forced to go on by herself. She finds Steve, who
    transforms into a huge monster wielding a battle-axe. Claire escapes the
    rampaging monster, but not the tentacle that follows. Steve, showing that he
    still retains some of his humanity, frees Claire, bus in retaliation, the
    tentacle deals out a severe blow, reverting him back to human form. Steve then
    dies in Claire's arms.
    Back in the mansion lobby, Chris watches from his hiding place as Wesker
    confronts Alexia. Wesker demands that she come with him, while Alexia rebukes
    Wesker. "You are not worthy of its power!" She then transforms into Alexia I
    and backhands Wesker, who shrugs it off. Alexia flings bloody flames at Wesker,
    who dodges them by running up the wall, Matrix-style and cold-cocks Alexia
    across her face. Wesker then ditches Alexia, leaving Chris to do his dirty work.
    Alexia and Chris face off. Chris dodges her flames as he blasts her several
    ties with the Magnum. Alexia goes down. He gains access to the secret labs
    where Alexander Ashford performed his gene manipulation experiments decades
    earlier. He comes across Claire, who tells him to set the self-destruct
    mechanism, so that she can escape. Chris does so, and the two siblings are
    united. Alexia once again appears and Chris and Claire unlock the weapon hold
    containing the Linear Launcher. With Chris' help, Claire is able to escape,
    leaving Chris to face off against Alexia once again.
    After blasting her with everything he has, the deformed being that was Alexia
    takes to the skies. Chris grabs the charged Linear Launcher and in one shot,
    liquefies Alexia Ashford. On his way back to the Harrier, Chris discovers that
    Wesker had taken Claire hostage. Following them down a zombie-filled corridor,
    Chris catches up with them at Wesker's submarine. Wesker releases Claire who
    runs off to the escape plane, as Chris and Wesker fight. Sadly, it's a
    one-sided battle as Wesker knocks the poor guy all over the place. In
    desperation, Chris drops a ton of I-beams on Wesker. Too bad they didn't work,
    but they did injure Wesker slightly.
    An explosion and a fallen pipe separates the two combatants, who promise to
    settle the score the next time they meet. Chris and Wesker make their escapes,
    Wesker in his submarine, and Chris in the Harrier jet with Claire, just as the
    Antarctic facility is destroyed.
    Nearly four years later...
    2002, Sunday, April 7: While conducting a survey on B.O.W.'s considered to be
    failures, a researcher at the Atlantic disposal facility discovers some kind of
    'unknown water creatures,' whose body fluids are extremely acidic, thus making
    them extremely dangerous. He calls these water creatures 'Torpedo Kids,' since
    they swim like their namesake.
    Tuesday, April 9: The researcher discovers that there is a 'mother' that is
    producing the Torpedo Kids. If he can find the mother and kill it, then the
    number of Torpedo Kids will decrease.
    Tuesday, April 16: In an attempt to kill off the 'mother' of the Torpedo Kids,
    the researcher is badly wounded and the Torpedo Kids extended their territories
    to where the researcher is located.
    2002, Saturday, May 18: The injured researcher relocates his observation area
    to the underground, but remains cautions since creatures tend to congregate in
    dark places.
    Sunday, May 19: The researcher and several of his co-workers saw 'saw red
    shining objects,' which look like eyes of some creature, but haven't been able
    to identify it yet. Because of its shining eyes, the researcher calls this
    creature 'Glimmer.'
    Monday, May 20: The Spencer Rain, a cruise ship owned and operated by Umbrella,
    leaves on what it will be its final voyage.
    The researcher orders several workers to go and try to catch a Glimmer. The
    plan failed and the monster kills two of the workers.
    Thursday, May 22: After increasing the number of workers, they managed to kill
    one of the Glimmers and bring the body back for examination. 'According to
    workers, the "Glimmer" will open itself up just before it goes to attack.'
    2002, Saturday, June 1: The researcher concludes that the Glimmer is an
    apparent sub-species of the Hunters. The researcher decides to look into the
    matter even further.
    2002, Tuesday, August 27: A freight crewman working aboard the Spencer Rain
    celebrates his 100th day anniversary working on the ship.
    2002, Wednesday, September 4: The freight crewman notices that some type of
    'large cargo' was carried off into the Presentation Room, located below deck.
    The crewman absently wonders what is inside the containers.
    Friday, September 6: The freight crewman discovers in one of the creates,
    several canisters containing the biohazard insignia.
    Saturday, September 7: The freight crewman gets yelled ay by his boss for not
    being on the ball today. The crewman decides to be more attentive on his job.
    '...I'd better be more careful since I really need to keep this job...'
    Saturday, September 14: Joseph Carter, a waiter aboard the Spencer Rain writes
    a letter to his brother about his job on the ship.
    Monday, September 16: The Spencer Rain needs a new pool handle, since the old
    one is rather rusty. As a precaution, the old one is stored inside the Storage
    Wednesday, September 18: Morpheus Duvall, the scientist who was given the axe
    four years earlier, pulls off a Claire Redfield-style raid on the Umbrella labs
    in Paris and steals three T-virus samples, including a new virus, which is
    called the T-G virus (version 0.9.1), a fused version of both virus with
    electrical properties.
    Friday, September 20: The captain of the Spencer Rain is pleased at how the
    voyage is going so far. He is even in the good graces of his company, since a
    representative praised him on how he runs his ship.
    Saturday, September 21: The captain of the Spencer Rain thinks that something
    funny is going on. He is concerned about 'the ones' escaping and promises to
    himself that he will keep his Magnum on him at all times.
    Sunday, September 22: Morpheus Duvall unleashes the T-Virus aboard the Spencer
    Rain. How he managed to escape infection is anyone's guess. Ironically, this
    date also marks the four-year anniversary of the full-scale outbreak at Raccoon
    The captain of the doomed ship can't send out a S.O.S. Worse yet, all of the
    passengers and crew are dead. Like a man, the captain accepts his fate. 'All I
    can do is accept what has been happening on my ship as my destiny...' Bruce
    McGivern puts a bullet in the zombified captain's head later on.
    Sunday night, September 22-Monday morning, September 23: Resident Evil Dead Aim
    takes place. With the T-virus in his possession, Morpheus Duvall notifies the
    American and Chinese governments that if they don't pay $5 billion, then he
    would launch missiles containing the stolen T-virus samples at major cities in
    America and China. The two governments then dispatch two of their best agents
    to board the Spencer Rain and stop Duvall. From the American government, is
    Bruce McGivern (he looks like Paul Walker with a bad Southern accent in the FMV
    movies. Just look at the guy, for crying out loud!), a covert agent working for
    the Anti-Umbrella Pursuit Team, a subsidiary of the U.S. Strategic Command.
    From the Chinese side, it's Fongling, also a covert agent, only this time it's
    for the Chinese Safety Department.
    Both board the Spencer Rain without a hitch, but it's Bruce who gets to
    Morpheus first. Actually it's Morpheus who sneaks up on Bruce from behind, and
    would have killed him, had not Fongling and one of her hand grenades had
    interfered. Bruce escapes injury, but Morpheus is not so lucky. Bruce enters
    the ship and gains access to the main staircase. There, he and Fongling
    meet--and Bruce gets knocked to the floor.
    After their confrontation, Bruce explores the ship, or what rooms were
    accessible. He finds a rusty valve handle and is on his way back to the stern
    of the ship when he is attacked. Fongling appears and swipes the valve handle
    from him when he is down. With her machine gun and silencer pistol, Fongling
    blasts a path to the rear of the ship. Bruce follows her (or in this case,
    follows the trail of shell casings and dead zombies) and catches up with her at
    the stern of the ship.
    Inside a control room, Morpheus--in bad shape following Fongling's grenade
    attack--releases two Hunters on the two agents. Bruce takes them down with
    little difficulty and follows Fongling below deck. While snooping around in the
    presentation room, Bruce comes face to face with...Morpheus, who had injected
    himself with the T-G virus and transformed into an enhanced Tyrant. Seeing that
    his weapons have no effect on the monster, Bruce opts to run instead.
    Morpheus then chases Bruce all over the lower decks. Using an ID card he had
    acquired, he rushes into the living quarters of the crew...and into Fongling,
    who was attempting to open another door. Bruce decides to stall for time while
    Fongling opens the door from the other side. She disables the locks and helps
    Bruce escape from Morpheus.
    Bruce finds his way back to the upper decks and gains access to the captain's
    quarters. He puts the captain's undead soul into permanent naptime and takes
    his Magnum. Upon arriving at the bridge, he finds Fongling and discovers that
    the Spencer Rain is on a collision course with a rocky cliff. With five minutes
    to spare, both make a break for the helipad. There, Bruce is pitted in a
    not-so-dramatic battle with the newest member of the Tyrant family--the T-091.
    With tentacles instead of claws on its fingers (and a face that can give Jason
    Voorhees a run for his money) the Tyrant attacks, but Bruce puts it down and
    jumps off the ship. The Spencer Rain plows into the side of the cliff and is
    Bruce finds himself at the disposal site where Morpheus worker at four years
    earlier. Now deserted and abandoned (except for a small number of zombies,
    Glimmers and Torpedo Kids), Bruce, while on the radio with his superiors,
    discovers that the Chinese gave in and will pay the ransom, thus making
    Fongling expendable.
    Inside a helipad, Bruce saves Fongling from being killed by her own government
    by means of an orbiting laser platform. Using a pocketknife, Bruce removes the
    tracking device from Fongling's arm and destroys it, thus disabling the laser
    Bruce encounters Pluto, the experiment that had gotten loose several years
    earlier. He dispatches the monster and he and Fongling takes the elevator down
    to the undersea laboratory. Morpheus appears and severs the cable, sending the
    elevator rushing down. Bruce hits the emergency brake switch, allowing Fongling
    to escape. Bruce, however cannot, and the elevator is sent zooming down to the
    bottom. Luckily, Bruce is rendered unconscious.
    Morpheus then captures Fongling while she is exploring the underwater labs and
    Bruce regains consciousness. He destroys another of Umbrella's haywire
    experiments and acquires a new weapon; the Charged Particle Rifle, specially
    designed for T-virus infected beings, and can penetrate electrical charges. He
    confronts Morpheus and in the following battle, Bruce is the victor, but it's
    not over yet...
    Morpheus mutates, this time, into something that would remind anyone of the
    G-Type V from RE2. Following Fongling's instructions, Bruce makes his way down
    the mazelike corridors until he reaches the control room, which is locked.
    Morpheus is upon him again, attempting to crush him with his bulbous mass, but
    Bruce pushes him back with everything he has. He puts a bullet into Morpheus'
    exposed head, and that triggers an unstable mutation. Bruce and Fongling
    escapes the base by using a submersible and the base is completely destroyed.
    Bruce surprises Fongling by showing her that he knows a little Chinese and in
    response she kisses him just as rescue choppers appear on the horizon.
    Enjoy your time with Fongling, Bruce...heh, heh.
    Special Thanks to...
    Capcom, for creating the first 'survival horror' game.
    My friends, for supporting me.
    My writers-in-arms, for supporting me.
    And myself, for having the time to type out this timeline.
    Copyright 2003. All Rights Reserved.

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