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Chris Walkthrough by JHarring

Updated: 01/31/98

Resident Evil - Chris 3-hour Walkthrough by Joshua Harring 

Greetings!  Welcome to my walkthrough of Resident Evil.  This walkthrough 
explains how to get through the game as Chris Redfield in under three hours.  In 
case you don't know, the whole point of trying to beat the game in that time is 
so you can get the Rocket Launcher.  This bad-ass weapon has infinite ammo and 
kills mostly anything in one shot.  Although having the Rocket Launcher makes 
the game have no challenge, it's quite fun to blast the hell out of everyone 
without worrying about ammo and such.  And besides, trying to win in three hours 
IS the challenge.

I advise you NOT to use this guide until you have won the game at least once 
with Chris.  That way, you will be familiar with using him, and you'll already 
know what happens in the game so you don't have to worry about me spoiling it 
for you.  You definitely should not spoil this game.

Some notes:

You pretty much need to run everywhere.  Not only does this cut down the time it 
takes to get from place to place, but many enemies can be outright avoided 
simply by running past them.

On the other hand, there are some enemies that you will want to shoot, simply 
because you can't run by them effectively or you know you will be returning to 
the area often.  Because Chris has less ammo than Jill (and by the way, Jill's 
game is really wimpy if you ask me...), you need to be careful with your ammo 
expenditure.  One of the first things you'll want to do is get the Shotgun to 
make killing zombies more efficient.  Aim up at close range to blow their heads 
off in one shot!

Another thing that makes Chris's game more difficult is that he can only carry 
six items.  You must be careful in how much you carry so that you're not running 
back and forth to item boxes and wasting time.  Generally, you don't want to 
carry herbs around with you unless you're going to fight a boss, and you only 
want one weapon and its ammo at a time under most circumstances.

I assume you know the floor plan of the places in the game, and that you know 
how to get from room to room, so I won't usually mention that.

Are you ready?  Then here we go...

1. Sit through the opening conversation with you, Jill, and Wesker.  There's 
nothing you can do to speed it up.  You'll walk into the dining room after it's 

2. Run to the door on the far side and enter the hall.

3. Turn left and run to the end to see the sequence with the zombie killing 
Kenneth.  You can press a button to skip this and all future rendered sequences 
because they just waste time.  Run back into the dining room, and then the main 

4. Grab Jill's gun (it's got 15 rounds).  Get the Ink Ribbon by the typewriter.  
Go back to the hall where you met the zombie.

5. Kill the zombie (careful, he might grab you...) and examine Kenneth's body 
twice to get two clips.  Run back to the main hall, and go up the stairs.  

6. Turn right and go in the door in the corner that leads to the tiny hall.  Get 
the small key here, head down the hall, and enter the door by the blood.

7. Run to Forrest's body and get the clip in front of him.  You don't need to 
examine him, it's a waste of time and plus the crows will chase you.  Run back 
to the main hall, 2nd floor and go in the door opposite the one you just went 

8. Kill the zombie walking towards you.  Run down to the door on the other end 
of this room.  No need to worry about the other zombie and statue just yet.

9. There are three zombies in this hallway so gun `em down.  You can wait until 
the first one shows himself around the corner and kill him, then run to where 
his body is and shoot the other two quickly.  Run down the stairs.

10. These zombies are easily avoided so run into the room where you meet 
Rebecca.  Sit through that little conversation. Store the knife, first-aid 
spray, ink ribbon, and small key.  Grab the Sword Key, save if you want, and get 
the two clips out of the chest.  Tell Rebecca no and leave.  I think you should 
have about 40 rounds or so now.

11. Run all the way back to the Main Hall using the way you've taken.  Go in the 
blue double doors on the first floor.  

12. Forget the map, but do go in the small room to get the ink ribbon.  You can 
avoid the zombie's grab by passing him on Chris's extreme right.  Then go back 
out to the main room and unlock the door.

13. Walk backwards in this room so you can shoot the first dog immediately when 
he busts through the window.  Kill him and then the next one that appears in 
front of you.  Move the chest aside and get the clip.  Go in the door.

14. Grab the green herb, then run through this hallway but stop in the bathroom 
and drain the tub to get the small key.  Go through the double doors at the end.

15. Avoid these two zombies by going through the first door on your right.  

16. Kill this zombie and then go around the corner and into the little storage 
room.  Store the herb, small key, and ink ribbon.  Save if you want.  Take the 
herbicide with you.

17. Run back to the main hall again the same way and then run into the dining 
room and the hall beyond that.  Unlock the door to the piano room.  Inside, push 
the bookcase away to reveal the music notes.  Attempt to play the piano.  
Rebecca shows up so let her practice.  Leave and now run back to the hall 
outside of the room you first met Rebecca (you have to go up and around).

18. Avoid the zombies by hugging the wall to Chris's right to get past the first 
one, and the wall to Chris's left to get past the second one.  Go in the 
farthest door.

19. Kill the two zombies coming at you.  Run down to the door that leads to the 
room with the big plant.

20. Put the herbicide in the pump and watch the plant die.  Grab the Armor Key 
behind it.  Leave the herbs for the moment.  Go back into the hall.

21. Go around the corner and kill the zombie.  Unlock the door across from the 
room with the tiger.  Discard the key.  Grab the clip on the bed but then leave.

22. Go down the hall and unlock the door.  Step out into the first hallway.  Run 
into the dining room, grab the emblem, then run back down to the piano room.  
Rebecca should have finished practicing so the secret door opens.  Exchange the 
emblems.  Run back to the dining room and put the gold emblem in the space to 
move the clock and get the Shield Key.

23. Run back into the blue hallway and then into the hall with the zombies you 
avoided by hugging the walls. Unlock the first door on your left.  Go in and get 
the clip and broken shotgun.  Leave.

24. Run back out into the blue hallway again and from there run all the way back 
to the main hall.  Now run to the twisting hallway where you got the first green 
herb and enter the door across from the double doors.  Run into the next room.  
Replace the Shotgun with the broken one.  Woohoo!  Time to kick butt!

25. Go through the double doors and now feel free to kill these two zombies with 
the Shotgun.  Go through the doors that lead to the room with the crows.  Press 
the pictures in this order: Newborn, Infant, Boy, Young Man, Middle-Aged Man, 
Old Man.  Press the end painting to get the Star Crest.  Leave.  (Don't shoot 
the crows!)

26. Go into the storage room nearby and store the Beretta, Clips, Shield Key, 
and Star Crest.  This should leave you with the Shotgun and Armor Key.  Time to 
get ammo.  Save now.  Leave and run upstairs.

27. Kill the zombies coming from either side.  Don't worry about the one all the 
way down the end of the hall.  Unlock the door that leads to the room with the 
deer head.  Enter that room and shoot the zombie quickly. (At least, there's 
supposed to be a zombie here, but when I went through on my test run, there 
wasn't!)  Enter the door on Chris's left.  Get the ink ribbon in the lab coat, 
push the switch, move the aquarium and bookcase, and grab the Shells.  Go into 
the opposite room and grab the shells hidden by the bed.  Forget the lighter.  
You should now have 15 shells or so.

28. Go back in the hall and turn left and run down to the end and unlock the 
door. Step out into the U-shaped hall.  Kill the zombie and then run over to the 
other side of this hall and kill the other zombie.  Unlock the double doors and 
enter.  Push the statues over the holes and press the switch to get the Sun 
Crest.  Leave.

29. Run back to the main hall and from there to the dining room balcony.  Kill 
the zombie you ignored before and push the statue over.  Run downstairs and get 
the Blue Jewel out of the rubble.  

30. Run to the blue hallway, enter the room across from the tiger room, and 
examine the keeper's desk.  Kill the zombie that jumps out of the closet and get 
the shells there.  Run across to the tiger room and put the jewel in its eye.  
Get the Wind Crest.

31. Run to the hallway with the zombies you keep avoiding.  You may kill them 
now if you desire (hehe).  Run to the storage room, store the crests and ink 
ribbon, then grab 2 small keys out of the chest.  Hold off on saving.  Run back 
to the room where you get the broken shotgun and open the desk to get more 
shells.  Run back to the main hall via the dining room.  

32. Run across to the room next to the blue doors.  Unlock it and go inside.  
Kill the zombie around the corner, unlock the desk and get shells.  Run down to 
the door on the far side.  Avoid the slow zombie in this room and grab the ink 
ribbon.  Run back to the main hall.

33. Run to the storage room on the eastern wing.  Get the Shield Key out of the 
chest.  Time to get the Moon Crest from the snake.  It'd be a good time to save.  
Unlock the door to the room where Richard is.  Mix the two green herbs here and 
then head to the next room.

34. Kill the zombie which suddenly lurches at you.  Run up the stairs and unlock 
the door.  Enter the attic.  Trigger the snake.  Contrary to popular belief, you 
do NOT need to defeat him now.  Lure him over to the door, then run past him 
when he's going to strike.  Run into his alcove and grab the Moon Crest.  
Quickly run back out of the alcove again.  If you're too slow here the snake 
will trap you and then you're in deep trouble.  Run back to the door by running 
on whichever side the snake's not on.  Don't worry about the shells.  Leave.  
I'll assume you've been poisoned, so Rebecca will come get you and you'll wake 
up in the room you first met her.

35. Take the Shotgun, ammo, and four Crests with you.  Everything else goes in 
the chest.  Run all the way to the hall just outside of the room with the crows.  
Take the door which leads outside.  Kill the dog and put the crests in the 
slots.  Enter the now unlocked door.

36. Push the stairs over and get the Crank.  Get the small key out of the 
barrel.  Go in the next door.

37. Kill the three dogs that are here (shotgun works well).  Mix herbs together 
and fill your inventory.  Run to the gate.

38. Use the crank and drain the pool.  Run across the walkway and up the ladder 
and then run to avoid the little snakes dropping down at you.  Get to the lift 
and go down.

39. Three more dogs here so waste `em!  Run to the gate and go through and face 
three MORE dogs.  Finally, make it to the guardhouse.

40. Push the statue over the hole.  Go in the first door on the right to get to 
the storage room.  Store your herbs, crank, and the spray you find in this room.  
Save if you like.  Take a small key with you.  Leave.

41. Run to the room across and kill the two zombies here.  Use the key on the 
desk to get shells.  Take the Red Book and the small key in the little cup.  Go 
in the bathroom and drain the tub to get the C. Room Key.  

42. If you're low on ink ribbons, run into the room with two spiders, QUICKLY 
grab the ink ribbon on the table, and leave without fighting.  Run back to the 
storage room.  Store the book and ink ribbon.  You should have Shotgun, ammo, 
and two keys with you (small and C. Room).

43. Run into the hall with the vines hanging down and go in the big room with 
the hornet's nest.  Grab the 002 key next to it and run like hell to escape the 
hornets running after you.

44. Go up to the 002 room and use and discard the key.  Unlock the desk here and 
get shells.  Push the bookcases out of the way and go down the ladder.

45. Push the three boxes into the water and make the walkway (takes forever, I 
know...).  Run into the flooded room.

46. Run to the Control Room (shark!!!!), quickly discard its key, and get inside 
fast.  Phew!  Flip the lever and drain the basement.  Push the button and unlock 
the room next door.  Get the 003 key there, shells, and clips.  Run to the room 
across (the one with the root) and grab the small key.  Leave (flop flop flop).

47. I think you have one inventory slot so grab a herb and then run back to the 
ladder.  Run to the 003 door, unlock it but don't enter.  Run back to the 
storage room.

48. We're going to fight the plant now so take either the Beretta or Shotgun, 
whichever you prefer.  I like the Beretta because I can then save the Shotgun 
for tougher enemies but it's up to you.  Also take the small key, red book, and 
a couple healing items.  You should save now.

49. Run back to the 003 door and this time enter.  Use the key on the desk to 
get the Ink Ribbon.  Replace the white book with the red one to reveal the 
secret door. Go into the Plant room.

50. Kill this big sucker using whatever strategy works for you.  Don't forget to 
heal when hurting!  Grab the Helmet Key when it's dead.  Run back out to the 
vine hall and meet Wesker.  Sit through that conversation and then run back to 
the storage room.  You're going to have to fight two hunters so you probably 
want the Shotgun now.  Make sure your health is full because you don't want them 
to do that head swipe.  Take the weapon, ammo, and Helmet Key.  You also 
probably want to save now, or you could wait. Leave the guardhouse and run back 
to the mansion.

51. The first hunter will be shown chasing you and then will be right there 
after the rendered sequence.  Kill him (try to time it so you shoot him right 
when he gets up from your last shot) and then unlock the first door on your left 
using the Helmet Key.

A note about hunters:  It's actually quite easy to run right past them.  A 
friend of mine showed me this.  If you want to save time, ammo, and health, you 
can run past many of them if you have the space.  This is especially true in the 
underground tunnel later on...

52. Turn the light on using the switch.  Grab the Magnum Rounds, and Doom Book.  
Open the Doom Book to get the Eagle Medallion.  Leave.

53. Go into the next door over where you'll meet another hunter.  Either pick 
him off from long range or be gutsy and wait for him to run at you so your shots 
cause more damage.  Once he's dead, run around the corner.  Don't read the note 
from Wesker.  Run in the storage room.

54. There's some stuff here like shells and first aid spray so get it.  Store at 
least the Eagle Medallion.  You have a choice of whether or not you want to get 
the Python.  It takes time but it will make things easier.  The next steps here 
will assume you're going to get it.  If not, skip down to step 66.

55. If you didn't save before leaving the Guardhouse, do it right this second.  
You should have your Shotgun, ammo, Helmet Key, and if you think you'll need 
them, a couple mixed herbs.  Let's go get the Python.

56. Leave the storage room.  Go back into the hall where you met the first 
hunter.  Enter the double doors.  Run down the twisting hallway, but be careful 
of when the hunter jumps out at you...

57. In the next room with the spiders on the ceiling, just run straight through 
stopping.  There's no need to waste time with them.  Go back to the main hall 
and up the stairs.  Enter the door that leads to the dining room.

58. There's one hunter coming from both directions.  Yikes.  You might want to 
just shoot the one on the side with the door, run past it as it's on the ground, 
and quickly get in the door before he recovers.  It's up to you.

59. As soon as you come in, there's one right there.  Plus there's one on the 
other side of the room who will rush you as soon as he spots you.  Talk about 
tough.  You probably want to kill them, or you could chance it.  You need to get 
in the room next to the stairs.  Unlock it and enter.  

60. Get the shotgun shells, and magnum rounds.  Push the stairs over to the deer 
head, turn the light off, and grab the Red Jewel.  How many slots do you have 
now?  I'm sure you're probably full, right?  No matter, we're going downstairs 

61. Now here's the source of a bit of confusion for me.  In every FAQ I've read 
for this game there's supposed to be a little scene right now where Rebecca is 
being attacked by a hunter.  However, on my test run, I went down the stairs, to 
find no such scene.  I then ran into the storage room expecting maybe to see it, 
and again, no scene.  Rebecca was there in perfect condition, and there was a 
little dialogue where Chris talked about orchestrating a search for the other 
members and then `getting the hell out of here.'  He told Rebecca to prepare to 
get going.  So then I ran around to several adjacent rooms and back into this 
hall and I never saw her being attacked.  Anyway, if YOU see the scene where 
she's about to be killed, at any time, let her die because it saves time (no 
self-destruct sequence, no fighting the second Tyrant).  If you don't see it, 
continue normally.

62. So run into the storage room and do save the game.  Take Shotgun, ammo, and 
Red Jewel.  Again, take some healing if you think you'll need it.  Leave and run 
to the end of the hall and go through the door that leads to the blue hallway.  

63. There's a hunter coming at you as soon as you enter so waste him and then go 
down the hall to the right.  Another one jumps out at you so kill him too, or 
shoot him once and run into the Tiger room.  Put the Red Jewel in the tiger's 
eye and get the Colt Python (mwahaha).  It kills hunters in two shots, possibly 
one.  Leave.

64. Try out your new toy if you didn't kill the second hunter.  By the way, 
remember all the herbs in the Greenhouse?  If you have space, fill it with mixed 
herbs.  Then run to the door which leads to the hallway outside the piano room.  

65. They're doing this one-from-either-direction thing again so QUICKLY run into 
the dining room door.  Run through the dining room back to the main hall (I am 
told the hunters jump down at you from the balcony if you didn't kill them 

66. Run all the way to the storage room on the eastern wing using the lower 
route.  The way should be clear, except for the spiders, but you can run past 
them again.  Time to fight the snake for real now.  You should probably take the 
Python AND Shotgun since he takes lots of punishment.  If you want to conserve 
your Python ammo (can't blame you), don't take any magnum rounds.  Just have the 
six it can hold.  Don't worry about shotgun ammo, there's plenty of that around.  
So your inventory should look like:  Python, Shotgun, Shells, Helmet Key, and 
fill the other two slots with mixed herbs or first aid spray.  Your Helmet Key 
will be discarded after unlocking the door to the snake room.  Also, you should 
probably save either before or after the fight, but I don't think I would 
recommend both.  Once you're ready, leave and run upstairs.

(Of course, if you never bothered to get the Python, disregard it when I mention 
it from now on.)

67. You'll see a hunter.  Kill him.  There's one around the corner behind you 
but he won't bother you.  Run to the room at the end of the hall past the hunter 
you killed.

68. There might be two zombies here.  If so, quickly unlock the door, discard 
the key, and enter.  If not, unlock the door, discard the key, and pick up the 
Green Herb in the corner to give you some more healing, then enter.

69. Run to the piano.  The snake comes out of the fireplace.  Kill him by 
shooting him a couple times, then running to a new position and shooting again.  
Don't stand there in a war of attrition because you will lose.  After, you 
probably have used a couple healing items in the fight.  If you didn't save 
before the fight, I would run back downstairs now and do so, or you can take 
even more of a risk and not save.  You need to go down the hole now, but you 
can't get back up once you do. Make sure you have one space for the elevator 
battery before going down.  Drop down when you're ready.

70. Push the switch on the gravestone to reveal the ladder.  Climb down it to 
reach the basement.  A zombie's coming toward you (slowly) so shoot him.  
There's another one around the corner so kill him too.  Grab the shells he was 
guarding.  Run into the next room.

71. Forget the two zombies eating, just run into the kitchen.  Turn right and 
run past the zombie on the ground on Chris's extreme right (he might still grab 
you anyway...).  Go up the elevator.

72. Kill the zombie coming at you then run past him to the door with the battery 
inside.  There's probably another zombie right at that corner so kill him too.  
Enter the door.  Get the battery and shells.  Leave.

73. Go back down the elevator to the Kitchen again and head towards the door 
leading upstairs.  Kill the zombie that comes down the stairs, then run up them.  
It leads to the hallway outside the piano room.  But two hunters are here.  You 
can power your way through them or try to run past in what little space there is 
but both ways are VERY dangerous.  Either way, get to the dining room door 

74. Run through the dining room back to the main hall (are those hunters still 
in the dining room?...).  Then run back to the storage room on the eastern wing, 
again taking the lower route.  Definitely save now (how many ink ribbons you got 
now?) because we're going to the tough underground stage.  Bring the Python, 
because it makes killing the giant spider much easier.  If you don't have it, 
you'll have to take the Shotgun.  Bring ammo for your weapon, the battery, and 
crank.  Don't bring healing because there's first aid spray underground.  Leave 
and run to the outside passage with the crests.  There's a hunter here (if you 
got the Python) but just forget him and run past him to the door leading 

75. Outside, run to the empty pool, across it, over to the elevator, down it, 
and then over to the battery slot.  Put it in and take the now working elevator 
up.  Run to the crank hole and fill the pool again.  Run back to the elevator, 
take it down, and then run to the ladder behind the waterfall.

76. Underground, enter the door right there.  Turn left at the T-junction and 
enter the door at the end of the hall.  Run straight ahead and grab the First 
aid spray (leave the shells, unless you took the Shotgun). Make sure you have 
two spaces, though.  Run to the door that leads to Enrico.

77. Sit through the conversation with Enrico (oops, that got cut short...).  
When you try to leave, two hunters will jump you.  Run past them, but GRAB THE 
CRANK.  Run to the next room.  Turn left and run up the tunnel past the hunter 
to the door.

78. In the next room, there's one hunter which you can kill or run past.  Either 
way, get to the door that leads to the ladder and enter.  Run around the corner 
past the typewriter to the spot with the hole in the ground.  Use the hex crank 
and then run to the door.

79. Get the Flamethrower on the wall here.  Your inventory should be full now.  
Trigger the boulder and escape it.  I think there are magnum rounds in the 
little alcove where the boulder rolled from, so if you have those in inventory 
get them.  This should trigger a hunter to enter the room so kill or run past 
him.  There might also be another hunter in the corridor the boulder revealed.  
Get past them and enter the door leading to the spider.

80. Shoot him with the Python two or three times in the center of his body and 
he will die very quickly.  If you don't have it, the battle is much harder.  
Little spiders flow out of the dead big spider's body.  To get rid of them, 
leave the room and come back in again (careful if you didn't kill the hunters in 
the previous room...).  Use the Flamethrower on the web blocking the door.  

81. Turn left and run to the storage room.  Grab the stuff on the table and 
SAVE!  Take the Flamethrower, Eagle Medallion, and hex crank.  You don't need 
anything else.  Leave the room and run to the end of the hall.  Put the 
Flamethrower next to the door so it unlocks and quickly run through it to avoid 
the little vipers.

82. Run up to the passage where the boulder is and go to the hex crank hole.  
Use it so that the small passage is open and run through it to the door.  You 
don't need to trigger the boulder.

83. Move the statue so that it's next to the section of wall that comes out, 
then use the hex crank to push the statue away.  Use it so the wall goes back, 
then push the statue on the switch and get Doom Book 2.  Open it to get the Wolf 
Medallion.  Leave and run to the lift.  Go up.

84. Put the Medallions in their slots so the water drains.  You have space in 
your inventory so grab the herbs nearby.  Then go down the lift.  Go around the 
corner and down the ladder.  There's a chest here so take a weapon.  If you want 
to make life easy, you can use the Python.  Take the ammo for whatever weapon 
you've chosen to use.  Leave this room.

85. There are three zombies here so mow `em down.  If you have the Python, you 
can blow off their heads from any distance (see what I mean about making life 
easy...).  Run down the stairs.

86. Turn left and run down the hall to the room with the computer.  I don't 
think there's any zombies in your way.  Enter that room, go to the computer, 
login in with JOHN and password ADA.  Unlock the B2 and B3 doors with password 
MOLE.  Leave and run back up the stairs.

87. In the conference room, open the panel and hit the switch.  Grab the 
revealed Lab Key and run back downstairs.  This time, kill the zombies that 
stalk towards you.  There's a total of 4 in this room.  You can find an Ink 
Ribbon in a crack in the wall.  Use the Lab Key on the door in the opposite 
corner and discard it.  Enter.

88. There's a zombie in front of you and one around each corner.  Waste `em all 
and run into the storage room.  There's some Magnum Rounds and an Ink Ribbon 
here.  Save the game, take a weapon and its ammo, a healing item or two, and 

89. Turn left and run to the room that leads to the power generators.  Once 
inside, turn right and run to the terminal.  Activate it, then run over to the 
door that leads into the next room.  Run past everybody into the main generator 
room and activate the terminal.  Run back to the room outside the storage room.  
There's no need to kill any ceiling hunters, but if you get hurt by them, heal 

90. Run to the elevator and go up it.  If Rebecca's dead, she won't join you 
(heh heh).  If she isn't, she will.  You'll meet Wesker.  Sit through this long, 
drawn-out conversation and then watch Tyrant turn on his master.  Run and shoot.  
Run and shoot.  He takes very few shots from the Colt Python.  Unlock the door 
using the terminal and then leave.

91. If Rebecca's alive, she'll explain how her bullet-proof vest saved her from 
Wesker.  Take the elevator back down.  Rebecca would then activate the self-
destruct sequence.  You can save one last time if you like although you could 
get away with not saving.  You should have at least one space so no need to drop 
by the storage room.  Run back to the stairs (careful of the ceiling hunters).

92. There are zombies here now so take them out and then run to the door with 
the chest.  You don't need anything from the chest so run up the ladder and then 
out the door.  Run down the passage and use the battery you find in its slot.  
Go up.

93. Use the flare immediately. If there's no self-destruct sequence, there's no 
Tyrant.  If there is, run around until Brad drops the Rocket Launcher (yes, the 
same one as the one you get to use) and then shoot Tyrant with it.  You've won!  
Hope that this took less than three hours.  If it did, enjoy your new Rocket 

Final thoughts

If you didn't do this in under three hours but came pretty close, you can omit 
some parts of this guide that aren't necessary.  For example, if you finished 
the game with 20 shotgun shells left, maybe you could skip some rooms where 
there's only shotgun shells.  The same is true with ink ribbons, or Python ammo, 
or whatever.  Every minute counts.

As I've mentioned before, there are things that were supposed to happen that did 
not.  My theory why there was no death scene with Rebecca when I went through it 
is because there is perhaps some kind of time variable in the game so that if 
you make it to Rebecca's room quickly enough, she's all right.  If you waste 
time, she's been found by hunters.  I don't know if that's true or not, but it 
might be.  The other FAQs I've read for Chris were not created for speed so 
maybe that is why they saw Rebecca's death scene.  

That reminds me of something else.  What you say to Rebecca the first time you 
meet her is one of the most important events and determines what happens in the 
rest of the game.  If you say `yes', it implies that she is coming with you 
(although you never see her except at certain points), which is why she is there 
after being poisoned, and also at the plant.  You have to control her at these 
times.  I wonder if there is a variable here where if you take forever to save 
Chris, he dies.  I think this because in Jill's game, if you take too long to 
get the serum for Richard, he's dead when you come back.  There probably is no 
such variable in Chris's game since he is the main character, but wouldn't it be 
kind of cool if you could play the rest of the game as Rebecca?  :) On the other 
hand, if you say `no', she stays put.  She won't appear at the plant, so there's 
no V-Jolt making.  She does appear after the first snake, in the piano room, and 
at the end, and why this is is a mystery to me because she's not supposed to be 
following you.  When Chris kills the first hunter, the one shown chasing him, he 
realizes Rebecca is still in the mansion with these creatures.  Perhaps it is 
then the time variable begins counting and you have x amount of time to get to 
her.  I don't know.  He makes no such realization if you said `yes' to her, 
because she stays in the V-Jolt room after the fight with the plant.  Believe it 
or not, I've never actually seen the death scene with Rebecca, because I've 
always said `yes' to her.  I am told that the hunter knocks her down and starts 
walking towards her and you have a window of a few seconds to shoot the hunter 
before he kills Rebecca.  I've also seen a part in the end credits where the 
hunter scene with Rebecca takes place in the room with the Botany Book.  I don't 
know what causes this to happen, either.  There is a hunter in that room, but 
never any Rebecca.

Another thing is in the room next to the room with the aquarium (the one with 
the deer head), there's supposed to be a zombie.  But there wasn't when I went 
through the test run.  I wonder if this was a time variable too, where if you 
made it here fast enough, there's no zombie.  This could make sense because in 
the room with the aquarium, I watched a friend of mine play and she grabbed the 
will on the desk only to find the top half had been ripped off.  She was taking 
her sweet time in the game so perhaps there is a time variable here that 
dictates if you take too long to get here, someone rips off the top part of the 
will.  That part has some very damaging information about what's going on, so I 
imagine Wesker got there, saw it, and ripped it.  That's all implied because you 
would never see it, but it's my theory.  It appears Resident Evil has many 
secrets that remain undocumented.  One can only imagine what Resident Evil 2 

This FAQ was written by me, Joshua Harring.  If you have questions, comments, 
theories, or solutions, feel free to email me at harring@student.umass.edu.  
This FAQ may not be posted on any website unless it is written in its entirety, 
including this disclaimer.  Thanks to Jeff Veasey at www.gamefaqs.com for 
posting this.

Copyright 1998 Joshua Harring
Resident Evil is copyright Capcom.

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