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Knife Walkthrough by J Woodrow

Updated: 03/03/02

RESIDENT EVIL (With a knife) - PlayStation STRATEGY GUIDE

by J Woodrow (jonjon132002@yahoo.co.uk) 03/03/2002

Every guide to Resident Evil that I've seen recommends that you ditch the 
knife in the first available Chest, simply to free up another slot in 
your inventory. Someone in the team at Capcom surely took a good deal of 
time to allow you to equip and use that apparently useless weapon, so out 
of curiousity, I thought I'd give it a chance. (I don't imagine I'm the 
only one ever to do this.) Once I'd figured out how to take on that first 
Zombie without panicking and getting mauled in seconds, I got to 
wondering just how far I could go without any other weapon and the answer 
is: right to the very end! (Eventually.) You don't need any other weapon 
whatsoever until Brad drops the Rocket Launcher. Now, I know what you 
critics are thinking...

You mean the idea is to take on all those Zombies armed with just that 
titchy little knife?

Even when they come mob-handed?

But what about the dogs?
-Them too.

But surely not the Hunters...
-Even the Hunters.

The giant Spider?
-Not a problem.

And the Lab Monsters?
-A mere distraction.

If you say so... Ah, but what about the Bosses? You always need your 
biggest guns for them! I mean the Snake, and that Plant Virus thing!
-It's OK, honestly. Just the knife.

Stop right there. You CAN'T take on Tyrant with 'just' a knife.
-Well, I didn't say it was going to be easy...

Too right! It's madness! I just don't believe you can do it. 
-I'm not going to. You are!

RESIDENT EVIL (With a knife)

First off, I'd better stress that this is a mission for experts only. If 
you are reading this without having played the game much at all, then 
it's just not for you; there are plenty of excellent guides available on 
the net if you are looking for some tips on your first attempt. Good 
luck, and come back when you've played through the whole game a couple of 
times at least. I'm expecting you to know your way through the game to 
the point where it has become a bit routine or even (gasp!) boring, and 
that is the whole point of this little challenge. You need to recapture 
the magic.

Remember the very first time you played this superb game? The feeling of 
dread at your heavy footfall on the stairs, the apprehension at every 
turn of a door handle and the rising panic at watching your stock of 
bullets dwindle as an endless number of Zombies lurched toward you? You 
won't jump at the dogs bursting through the windows again, but your heart 
will beat faster as you limp along with damage on Red, desperately 
evading the clutches of a corridor of undead, knowing that you are out of 
Herbs and a long, long way from a typewriter. You owe it to yourself to 
enjoy once again that sense of achievement as the Snake evaporates into 
the lino or Plant 42 finally shrivels and dies. It's all very well 
earning the Rocket Launcher, but you soon find it an empty experience, 
having effortlessly blasted every last living thing off the map. This way 
you will again have to think very carefully about your strategy, screwing 
up the courage to leave the sanctuary of a Save Room and face the hungry 
horde outside. You will collect and husband each precious Herb and fall 
like a starving man on those all too scarce F-Aid Sprays - and you'll 
probably need every last one. You might also want to think about risking 
your neck to collect every available Ink Ribbon, because progress will be 
slow and hard-fought, so you'll want to Save often. You probably know it 
is usually best not to combine these, but keep them in ones and twos so 
they leave your inventory clear, but this is not a problem in this 
challenge, as you will always have plenty of slots free in your 
inventory. At least you will save a lot of effort by not going into rooms 
which have drawers containing 'only' Shotgun Shells etc. You already know 
What to do and When to do it, so it's just a matter of collecting key 
items and keeping yourself in one piece. On the plus side, it is 
amazingly liberating, not having to worry about ammo or deciding which 
weapon to select and carry; you just need to bring along some healing 
Herbs and carry whichever key item you are using next. All right then - 
Let's Go To Work...

Since you are a Resident Evil veteran, I will assume you play as Chris, 
because he has a tougher time of it and fewer slots, although I've 
noticed that girls especially seem to prefer to play as Jill. 'Girl 
Power' I suppose, and why not? I've got a soft spot for her myself, 
especially when you can let her dress in the rather fetching crop-top 
outfit. She's an Amazon. You know the differences anyway, so please 
disregard those references that don't apply to your preferred character. 
I won't need to tell you anything about how to play the game either, so 
this guide is really just to offer some tips on combat strategy which I 
hope you find useful. 

As soon as you have control of your character, equip the knife and take 
the opportunity to practice your strokes. You will notice that you can 
sweep nicely in front and also stab upwards (by holding the D-pad UP 
button) and down (not surprisingly by holding the D-pad DOWN). These will 
be useful in some situations. Move backwards around the table, slashing 
and stepping back so you build up an instinctive rhythm: Slash and 
Retreat. Slash and Retreat. Make this your mantra. As you step back, try 
holding the edge of your thumb on left or right at the same time, and 
notice how you weave from side to side. I don't want to tell you what you 
already know, but of course this is not your everyday combat stance, so 
practice it well, as you'll need to be perfect when you get into a 
desperate fight. Now let's go and get that blade wet.

Your first encounter with the Zombie snacking on Kenneth gives you the 
perfect opportunity to establish your technique one-on-one. It usually 
seems to take seven or nine hits to polish a Zombie off (fewer if you 
play as Jill), so get your first strike in as soon as you can. A downward 
slash in the back is enough to get his attention, and then you'll have to 
step back out of his way because he can turn unfeasibly quickly. It may 
be best to turn and run back to the next camera view to give you time to 
compose yourself. Don't be too hasty; just take one slash and then back 
off fast. Now you can see the correct distance to leave so that you can 
sweep safely at arms length. If you get it just right there is a 
satisfying kerSCHNICKick! and then, as before, you should back off. If 
you go for another hit then he is more likely to grab you for a good 
necking, and although this is not an immediate hardship, you don't want 
to waste your health on petty encounters like this. You already know how 
to break free of his clutches should this happen, but when you throw him 
off he stunbles two paces back (just out of slashing range), which makes 
your next strike awkward, so it's best not to get involved in a wrestling 
match in the first place. He can move forward a little faster than you 
can step backwards, so a useful trick here is your 'left or right as you 
step back' move, which will cause him to stagger off to one side instead 
of lunging at you. If you haven't quite got the hang of it, then at this 
early stage it's no dishonour to turn around instead and run to a clear 
space for safety. If you go too far down the corridor you may not be able 
to see what's going on very well, so now you can practice another useful 
technique - the Bodyswerve. Step backwards towards one side as suggested 
above, and as he lurches forward in pursuit, dash forward while holding 
your thumb across left or right (as appropriate) and then switching to 
the opposite direction AND forward the whole time. This will cause you to 
run in a little S-shaped arc out of his reach and leave the poor sap 
clutching at air. Taunt him with another backslash and retreat as before, 
this time backing up the corridor. He should sink to his knees after 
about five hits and then you can run around behind him to stand just 
behind his ankles. Make a downward stab to bring him round and then step 
back and take another slash just when he has regained his feet, which 
should be enough to put him down for good. Phew! That wasn't so bad was 
it? Now, I guess that when you are playing as Jill the game designers 
hadn't expected any player to kill off this first Zombie, because when 
you go back out to see Barry, the Zombie will still be in hot pursuit, as 
in your earlier encounters. Ah, well.

Collect the Ribbon from the Entrance Hall, and take a few moments to use 
the arches on either side to practise that Bodyswerve. Weave in and out, 
running the whole time, up and down without bumping into the pillars, 
until it is second nature. You just have to rock the edge of your thumb 
on the left and then right button while holding Forward. Get it? Got it. 
Good. Now head up to the Statue balcony. 

Don't hang about here, but ignore the first Zombie and run and start to 
push the statue. The second Zombie will stagger up to greet you, but you 
can now shield yourself behind the statue and start slashing in complete 
safety. You can easily get the first five hits in to put him down, so 
quickly run to his ankles and go for the last couple of hits, then run 
back and resume pushing the statue over the edge before Zombie Number One 
comes up behind you (sometimes he seems a bit confused and stays on his 
side of the gallery, which is a bonus). Just as he's nearly on you, run 
away around the top of the gallery and exit the other door. If you are 
too slow to take out that other Zombie then things get a little more 
difficult. If he is down but not dead and Zombie One is nearly on you, 
run past Zombie Two and turn around to face them both before he gets up. 
You should now be able to slash two for the price of one! Again use your 
Slash and Retreat technique, or if you are messing up your timing, pull 
out and head up around the gallery to lure them away from the statue so 
that you can go all the way around and finish pushing it while they are 
still shambling after you. (If you are confident enough to run past 
Zombie Two, you could do this anyway without fighting anybody.) You'll 
still need to exit the other door, so all this may take a while. You'd 
better get some practice in.

The twisty corridor is the perfect place to try out your Bodyswerve, and 
since these Zombies only want to vomit on you (charming!), you should 
shimmy past the lot of them without taking any damage at all, and then 
quickly head down the stairs. Dive into the Save Room and take a 
breather. How are you doing? If you have managed to get this far without 
taking any damage, then you're a natural. More likely, you have taken 
some damage but feel you're getting the hang of it. Collect the Sword 
key, tell Rebecca 'No' and then head back out. You won't have to come 
back here, so there is no need to mess with the three Zombies waiting in 
this corridor (fancy footwork again), but as you know, the next area is 
visited a couple of times, so for a quiet life you'd better clear it. 
There are three ex-Lab Assistants to take care of, so get stuck in. 
(Geddit?)  Take on the chap in front of you before the second comes to 
join the action, then deal with him in a similar manner - dodge around 
and run toward the plant room and work backwards if they start to get you 
cornered. Trot back around the corner to the Tiger room passage, where 
number three is swaying gently, wondering where his next meal is coming 
from. He'll have to go. 

I don't know what your preferred route through the game is, but we're 
going to leave Rebecca practicing at this point, before going for the 
Chemicals. Go to the Map room through the blue double doors and get set 
for a little light relief. Head into the ante-room and approach our 
friend napping on the floor. Keep out of grabbable distance and run to 
his ankles and start downward slashing. Remember the first time you 
stepped over this guy and he made you jump out of your skin? Now it's 
payback time. Watch him crawl helplessly in circles as you chase him 
around the room like Homer Simpson with that poodle..."Hee-hee! C'mere 
Fluffy! Hee-hee!" Priceless. Your real target is the Ink Ribbon, which is 
not so useless to you this time around. Now use the Sword key to enter 
the Dog corridor and suddenly things get serious.

The dogs like to attack from behind, so your strategy should be to keep 
your back to the wall or stand between two cabinets. Alternatively, try 
spinning gently around on the spot by holding left or right, which should 
have him chasing his tail for a moment as he tries to work out exactly 
where 'behind' is, and then you can get your all-important downward first 
strike in. You'll need to stay calm, as putting the dogs down is hard 
work and you will need deadly accuracy. You have to time your swipe after 
he jumps (because a forward swipe is too high), and connect just before 
he nips you. Too soon and you'll miss, too late and Chris (or Jill) will 
recoil with the shock, and you'll be slashing at thin air and taking 
rapid amounts of damage. However, if you get it just right the dog will 
go down on his haunches, and then here is the tricky bit - you need to 
dash forward and stab DOWN before he gets up and has another go at you. 
The catch is that each blow knocks him back just out of range, so you'll 
have to run forward to just the right place to stab down again, and don't 
miss or you will have to start over. It's very satisfying when you have 
it just right though, and only four blows will make that Devil Dog yelp 
his last. I would say that you have no chance of doing this if the dogs 
come at you more than one at a time, so perhaps it is better to chalk one 
up to the dogs whenever you meet them, and start with a sprint through 
this corridor. You won't be back at this stage anyway.

You are thankfully spared the task of getting the Shotgun, and you know 
the drill with the next corridor of Zombies. You can try the 'double' 
technique when the second joins the first, or swerve past before he 
arrives and duck straight into the stair corridor, where you can take on 
the lone Zombie for more practice. If you are Chris, it can sometimes 
take up to thirteen hits if you encounter one of those barstools who get 
up three times. There doesn't seem to be a predictable pattern, but 
you'll know you are up against one of these because it's quite satisfying 
to observe that you can slice his arm clean off for starters. If you run 
to the stairs you get an impressive overhead view, so you can finally 
judge your slashing distance exactly. All you are after here is the bag 
of Chemicals and any health items going, so after another Save it's time 
to go upstairs. Go left and take out the first Zombie before number two 
comes up behind you. You can then turn to meet him and if you swerve past 
to free up some space, you get another very nice camera angle so you can 
again see (from the side this time) at exactly what distance to strike. 
Having dealt with the first two Zombies, just for the hell of it run down 
to the end of the corridor where a third is staying out of trouble around 
the corner. A neat trick here is that you can stand right on the corner 
and slash this hapless Zombie the necessary five times in complete safety 
as he tries to grope forward, then finish him off from behind once he 
slumps to his knees. Well, there's no point in taking senseless risks.  

Now go out to the central corridor and you should have your technique 
down by now, so that these boys present little obstacle. If you're still 
struggling with your timing then you can easily run past them, but it's 
better to take them on for the practice, since at this stage you have 
nearly cleared your path of Zombies and soon the enemies will be a lot 
tougher than these poor fools. Just remember not to be too cavalier - you 
are not racing the clock this time, so it's Slash and Retreat, Slash and 
Retreat, taking as long as necessary, and don't be tempted to take 'just 
one more', or they will be on you and that precious Health is gone in no 
time. It can help you to judge their grabbing distance if you look at 
your respective shadows, although maybe not in this corridor, as it is 
quite dark. (I reckon that the game as a whole could be greatly improved 
if all the lighting was spooky like this.)

Go down to the main Entrance Hall and back into the dining room. Collect 
the Blue Jewel and the Wooden Emblem and swap it for the Gold one. 
Collect the Crest from the Tiger room and use the Chemicals to get the 
Armor key and mix up all those lovely Herbs. Pick up the Shield key on 
your way back through the dining room and Save on the stairs because the 
slithery Snake is up next! You may first like to go into the other room 
off the Entrance Hall, for a good opportunity to practice yet again in a 
one-on-one encounter and then release your aggression on the Poodle in 
the ballroom. The prize here is the Green Herbs. If you are having a 
really torrid time of it, then you might want to use the Armor key to go 
out to gather up all those Herbs out there with the dogs, although you 
may lose more health than you gain. For now, you should have just your 
Knife, the two Keys and lots of that precious Health because it's time to 
visit the Attic.

Take the opportunity first to grab the Herbs beside Richard, then just 
run up the stairs to avoid the Zombie there, and enter the Snake's lair. 
If you are one of those people who are able to run rings around him to 
grab the Crest and leave without a scratch, then I take my hat off to 
you. Go with honour. For the rest of us, life is harder. Just for the 
record, it takes a good seventeen hits to make him retreat with his tail 
between his er, tail, and you've realistically got no chance of surviving 
that long. Therefore I don't think you should resort to the knife on this 
encounter. Instead, you'll have to lure him out and then retreat behind 
the pillar to draw him to the left of screen, then dash back toward the 
door and swerve and run around his tail and then feint to come around the 
pillar again but loop back toward the barrels and turn at the last moment 
to dash for the fireplace. With luck and good timing, your twisty turning 
will have left him in knots long enough to grab the Crest, and now it 
depends where he's managed to position himself whether you'll escape 
without being poisoned. Check your health if you have taken more than a 
couple of hits because you'll be on Danger, and with the next strike 
you'll find that You Died. If he has you pinned in the fireplace area 
then it's curtains I'm afraid. I hope you Saved when you had the chance? 
If he is still by the pillars then you should be able to swerve one more 
time, left or right as appropriate, and exit pronto. Phew! It's a bonus 
not to have been poisoned, as you can pick up the Gas Room Crest and then 
go straight down the back stairs to the Crow gallery. If Rebecca has 
saved you then it's a bit of a trek back up here. But you already knew 

You also know that you don't have to fight the Crows in the picture 
gallery. Take the next opportunity to Save, having cleared your inventory 
of everything except Knife and the four Crests. Go and use them now. If 
you have a vicious streak, then you can try your luck with the dog out 
here. Walk up and he'll prowl suspiciously - Nice Doggie. Who's a lovely 
boy then? YOU'RE a lovely boy...yes, you ARE. Yes you...Take THAT! And 
That. And That. And THAT!... Hah! Nice Doggie, me R's. Or you could carry 
on calmly walking by and quickly place each Crest before he decides to 
bound up to you. Clear off and leave him in peace then, you big softie. 
Even if you got a clean kill that time, you honestly have no chance 
against the pack coming up next, so bag the Crank (and the handy Small 
Key if you are Chris), then go outside and collect as many Herbs as you 
can before those dogs come to investigate. Walk as far as they let you, 
then dash for the garden. Follow the same stealthy approach to get your 
character safely into the Guardhouse. 

Scoop up the F-Aid Spray and Save, then get the C. Room Key out of the 
bath. You can duck in and out before trouble arrives, but then you have 
to deal with the two Zombies to get the Red Book off the bed. There seems 
to be plenty of fight in these boys, so keep your contact to a minimum. A 
couple of strikes will take the first one down, then run to the bed 
before the other one cuts you off. Turn and flee before that first one 
comes round and exit quickly. Unless you are desperate for an Ink Ribbon, 
there is no need to go into the Bar, so go to the Wasp's nest and get 
that key. Now, I expect that every other time you came here the objective 
was to grab the key and run for the door before those little buzzers got 
to you? On this visit you effectively have unlimited ammo, so although it 
is usually not worth killing any of the wasps (they don't reappear on the 
next visit after all), now is the time to try something new. Move back up 
the passage a little, so that you get the shot of the nest in the 
foreground, and now you have plenty of time to see them coming. Stand 
your ground and as the first little swarm attacks, start slashing. You 
get a wonderful Technicolor effect as you slice three with one sweep, and 
if one becomes tangled then your character gets annoyed and flings it to 
the ground! Nice touch. It's best to bring one or two of those otherwise 
fairly useless Blue Herbs because you will probably get stung. After 
quite a long pause, another batch arrives. And another. And another. On 
and on it goes, and I was just on the point of giving up when - WHAT 
THE...! It's the Wasp Queen, and just look at the size of that thing! 
That's a nice piece of programming, and just think - most people never 
even bother to find it. However, Capcom let themselves down at this point 
by sending yet more outsize wasps at infrequent intervals - at least a 
dozen, as well as more of the smaller ones and then nothing happens at 
all as far as my patience would allow. Boo. Needless to say, you are only 
going to take this diversion if you are an Ace knife fighter, as you will 
otherwise suffer a lot of damage, and a poisoning to boot, for no good 
reason. You can simply waste all your Herbs here if you are curious, and 
then resume the real game from your last Save.

Back to business, then, and after collecting the Herbs hidden behind the 
statue outside Room 002, go and do the tedious mucking about in the 
basement. It might interest you to know that you can fight the Sharks off 
if you biff one on the nose (just like in the real world), but I don't 
think you can kill them in the water. All you are after here is the 003 
key, and of course the Green Herbs should be more than welcome. Take a 
moment on the way out to despatch our flapping friends - it's the kindest 

Now it is time to face Plant 42. Use the Small Key to get the Ink Ribbon 
from the desk in Room 003 - remember how disappointed you were the first 
time you wasted a key on that? If it is the only one you have left then 
go and Save now; and bring lots of health because you may just need it. 
In you go!

As soon as you gain control, get in close and start slashing. Dodge the 
tentacles and try to find the 'exposed' area and get two or three hits 
in, then run in a circle before they zero in and sweep across to knock 
you back. As for the acidic white goo, if you can stay close there isn't 
much of it. Every time you get thrown to the floor, check your health. As 
you know, Caution means use a Green Herb or two and Danger needs a Mixed 
Herb or F-Aid Spray. Don't be stingy with the healing - after all, this 
thing, Snake and Tyrant are what you should have been saving them for, 
and there are a couple of health items still to be found before you meet 
the Snake again. After about thirteen strikes the first (and worst) 
sequence of attacks is over. (If you are Jill, then you should have taken 
the time to use the V-Jolt first, and then Barry will arrive now.) Chris 
must wait and watch out for any stray blobs of goo, and then, when it 
regenerates, move in for the kill. Stand close and stab upwards this 
time. Those tentacles can still catch you, but there are fewer of them, 
and after only about eleven strikes it plops to the floor. Well done! I 
think that was easier than with a gun.

Weave your way carefully back past those suspicious dogs and prepare for 
the arrival of the Hunters. Most reviewers seem to be of the opinion that 
these enemies are the most troublesome in the game, and in a fair fight I 
agree - they have that disconcerting habit of flip-flopping menacingly 
toward you and then LEAPING as you fire off your Shotgun at thin air. 
EEEYAAH! EEEYAAH-EEEEEEYAAAH! I don't know what they do to Chris or Jill, 
but they frighten the bejaysus out of me! Of course, when you get the 
Colt Python it is almost a pleasure to meet one - "Go Ahead, Punk..." But 
right now you are as good as defenceless, so we need a different 
strategy, and I think cowardice fits the bill nicely. That's right - Run, 
Run, Run! As this first one arrives, duck into the office for the Doom 
Book 1, and face up to the fact that you are going to have to go and save 
Rebecca. What - you would think of  leaving her to the mercy of these 
dastardly creatures, after she risked herself for you? You cad! Pull 
yourself together and get upstairs.

You should be quick enough to swing left and press Action immediately to 
dive through the door to the stair corridor before that first Hunter 
swipes you. Although you can stand a quick slashing, avoid it if you can, 
because with these chaps it's three strikes and you're out. Now it's time 
to try out your most valuable manoeuvre for this stage of the game. If 
you didn't know it already, it may surprise you that you can easily run 
STRAIGHT PAST the Hunters without a scratch. You just have to feint to 
the right, then swing left as you brush past on their right side, and 
although they swipe after your departing figure, it seems so half-hearted 
that it is like a kitten with a ball of string. There is plenty of room 
in this corridor to practice this ubermove, so wait for him to advance 
around the corner to face you, and go for it. Watch out that he is not 
ready to spring at you, though. Dive into the Save Room and grab every 
piece of healing you have (leaving one slot for the Green Herb by the 
fireplace upstairs) and Save, because now it is time to tackle the Snake. 
Oh yes. Dash past the Hunter outside again, and this may be a good 
opportunity to practice that Running Pass. Using the nice overhead view, 
run past him on the right side, backwards and forwards beneath the 
stairs, keeping tight to the wall, and notice how he swipes forlornly 
only after you have passed. When you can do it half a dozen times without 
a scratch, you can consider it learnt. Or if you have taken a lot of 
slashing, simply give up on life and Load your game to be back in the 
Save Room with nothing lost. There is another good opportunity to rush 
the one off down to the left in the corridor upstairs to make sure you've 
got it. You should be feeling quite pleased with yourself, as you realise 
that those enemies you thought required nothing less than Shotgun Shells 
are really not so fearsome after all. 

Which can't be said about the Snake. No two ways about it, this is going 
to hurt you just as much as it hurts him. You will probably need three 
full doses of Health (Green Herb x 3 mixed or F-Aid Spray) plus any other 
leftover Herbs. Trigger his arrival and strap yourself in for a rough 
ride. Try to weave left and right to tangle him up and move around the 
whole room, slashing any part of him that is trailing by, and watch for 
the head to strike. Remember to slash down, one or two strokes at a time, 
and keep moving away from the head. All you should worry about is the 
number of hits you are taking. It seems that only about three will put 
you in danger, so keep checking your health meter and, as with Plant 42, 
use Green Herbs for condition Caution and don't waste valuable F-Aid 
Spray unless you are in the Red. I think it will take about twenty-five 
to thirty hits (possibly depending on where you strike) before he is done 
for, so just keep plugging away and keep your health up. It's quite a 
little rush when he finally gives up the ghost, especially if you have 
used all your health and this is your ninth attempt! (Don't ask) 

Winding through the Zombies in the cellars is a breeze. I suppose you 
will have to risk going for the Green Herbs if your condition is Red. 
Luring them away and jinking around those Greencoats is no problem after 
what you've been through, so fill your boots. Your next objective is the 
Battery, and of course the MO Disk. That's right - we're not only going 
to rescue Rebecca, we're going to free Jill as well. Go on, get the 
Battery AND the Disk and I'll see you back in the kitchen. Oh, and watch 
out for that guy lying down over there... If you are low on health, you 
should also risk some close combat to get some Herbs from the Zombie in 
the corridor past the Battery cupboard, because you will definitely need 
full health for your next battle. 

Done all that? Good. While you were gone I tidied up a bit - these 
bloodstains are just impossible. I expect that the first time you played 
this game, then just like me you were on edge waiting for whatever the 
hell was coming down the stairs to get you, and then couldn't believe it 
when this character turned up. How come he's just about the only Zombie 
in the entire game that knows how to open a door? Vent your indignation 
by slicing him to ribbons. Or you could be nice, and lead him gently 
around the kitchen table so you can exit upstairs. 

Make it snappy as you brush aside the Hunter in the Kenneth corridor (on 
his left side), and hurry through to go to the aid of Rebecca. Stay on 
the side away from the Tiger passage and run to the Save Room corridor 
with the thwarted Hunter hot on your heels. (Say that three times very 
fast.) Now it is time to teach one of these abominations some manners. 
You, Sir! Unhand that girl! 

Forget trying to run around getting in opportune thrusts and parries - he 
will simply leap around like a mad thing and give you a vicious headswipe 
every time. There is really only one technique here, and you'll have to 
steel yourself for it: go toe-to-toe and trade blows. Move forward to get 
your slash in first to make him gasp, then you'll have to take his swipe 
and you can go again. If he starts to creep around, just turn slightly to 
meet him, keeping your thumb on the trigger as sometimes you'll manage 
two hits on the trot. Luckily you can dish it longer than he can take it 
(watch your health after taking a couple of hits though), and after only 
five or six blows he is screaming for his Mummy. Now wasn't that worth it 
to rescue Rebecca? Little Cutie! Look - she even uses the wrong hand to 
salute, bless her... 

Now don't imagine after this encounter that you can tackle any more of 
the Hunters unless you are a glutton for punishment - Run, Run, Run past 
the lot of them. Upstairs or down, there are plenty in your way, although 
you already know how little a threat the giant Spiders pose, so that 
route is probably best. There is another pussycat in the twisty corridor 
(and didn't HE make you jump the first time?), don't forget the first one 
is still there and by now you won't even notice the one playing sentry in 
the outdoor passage. Creep past more pesky dogs, then use the 
Battery...and this is normally when I remember I've forgotten to bring 
the Crank. It's a short trip to the Guardhouse, so pick out an Ink Ribbon 
while you're there, for use in the Underground Passage.

You will need to grab that vital F-Aid Spray down there, so get it before 
all the mayhem kicks off. You may need to tempt the Hunter away from 
Crank No. 2 before you can pick it up without being rudely manhandled. 
The passage is wide enough to sprint past every one of these green 
demons, including the last one by the Spider room, as long as you stay to 
his right on rounding the corner. If you are playing as Chris, don't 
forget to pick up the flame-thrower first, but you're not allowed to use 
it - you will only be cheating yourself, you know... Come on, you can do 
this. Now for the Spider!

Timing your attack on this little lady is tricky. For some reason, the 
only strike that hits home is from directly in front, and as you know, 
you get sprayed faster than a Bloomingdale's customer at the perfume 
counter if you hang around there. She will hold you out of striking range 
if you stand for too long between the front legs, so you have to move 
forward and strike down just as she falls after spitting, and then pull 
back and move around to make her scuttle to one side for another go. 
Offering you her underbelly is a trick; it's one thing giving her a taste 
of the Shotgun, but quite another to dive in there and attempt to stab it 
- you'll only get a faceful of poison. Keep moving around in circles, 
occasionally pausing to tempt her into chucking another spout of venom at 
the spot you just left, and then you can dash in for another strike. It 
will take twenty hits or more, during which you'll inevitably take a lot 
of damage, which you can do without since you were saving that Spray for 
Tyrant. This was so easy with the Colt...
Plan B: On entering her lair, dash straight for the webbed door and 
simply start slashing. Look neither to the left nor the right; just stick 
to it. You would have got a poisoning anyway, so take the hits and after 
only six swipes you can get the hell out of there. (I said the Spider was 
Not a Problem!) Come back another time with that fabulous Flame-thrower 
and show her who's Boss. If you are so low on health that you cannot 
afford to take another hit, then you could try standing in front of the 
door and moving at the last moment so that her venom melts the webbing, 
but I wouldn't reccommend it. It's a bit of a swizz that the game 
designers take the trouble to give you a knife, and then the only time 
you actually need the thing, they leave another one glinting away for any 
idiot to pick up. Let them earn it like we've had to!

Go about your business in the last passage, and you ARE still collecting 
the MO Disks, right? I have to ask because I know what you're like, and 
you can't consider this challenge over unless you get the Good ending.

Down into the Lab and the end is in sight. Get rid of everything except 
your trusty knife and the MO Disks, as we now need to collect every bit 
of Health going. None of these Zombies should give you a scratch with 
your swervy running skills, but actually you know you are back here 
several times, so take the opportunity to kill them off right now. It 
should be good fun - you can tempt them after you one by one, and pile 
the bodies up neatly by the elevator. Head down and go and access the 
computer locks - just in and out, nothing fancy. Back upstairs to collect 
the Lab key and MO Disk, then go down again.

Now you will have to go and use the first of the MO Disks. Without a 
distance weapon, the room full of naked Zombies is just about the 
trickiest part of this whole challenge, and you may need to hone your 
skills or Save elsewhere before attempting it. I can say that I tried 
many times to take them on with the knife, but there are really just too 
many in there. Even if you take out the first one or two with your expert 
knifework, if more than one lines up to have a go at you your health goes 
down very quickly. Your character throws off the first one, just in time 
for the second to take his turn. Then number one has another go as number 
two waits patiently etc. If three line up for a snack then it's almost 
funny to watch, as you are completely powerless to do anything but watch 
them thirstily sway in line, and that's it for you, without the chance to 
even open your inventory, let alone fight back. No, for this task our 
principal weapon must be cunning and guile. Our TWO principal weapons... 
Enter the room, take one pace forward and STOP to attract the first two 
Zombies. As they turn their attention to you, make a dash to your left 
and hug the wall, and the others are already heading for the wrong spot. 
Stick to the wall until you round the corner then pull an 'S' swerve to 
fool the last Zombie, then it's a clear dash for the code machine to 
obtain Pass Code01. Take a deep breathe and then resume. Now they have 
zeroed on the corner with the machine, dash to your right, to the 
bookcase, and hug it as you rush past the lot of them and swing around 
the corner and head for the door. That woman had better appreciate 

(On a footnote: for me, one of the best of the many great touches in 
Director's Cut was arriving at this room to find it apparently empty. -
Strange..? This used to be about the toughest area, and now its... BU-
LUDDY HELL! - Just like in 'Young Winston'.)

Now you come to more naked Zombies. Sweet Fancy Moses. You know from your 
previous encounter that these poor unfortunates are quite tricky if they 
attack together, as they too will take it in turns to neck you. 
Previously you would have shot them without a thought, but now you'll 
have to brush up close. Even if you take them out in your expert manner, 
they will somehow reappear on your subsequent visit - almost as if they 
were 'undead' or something. As you exit that last corridor, stand at the 
foot of the stairs for a moment to draw the first one toward the corner 
there, then dash forward AND right to swing behind him toward the camera 
and go straight ahead until the next camera view shows two more Zombies. 
Once again, pause in the corner until they both lurch toward you, and 
then do a U-turn to swerve around them as they bumble about in confusion, 
and now make a dash for the Lab door and use the key to go through. 
That's how you're gonna beat them, Butch...just keep underestimating 

Next objective is Pass Code02. I guess it is a common complaint that you 
can't see very well what is going on with the boxes in the Autopsy Room, 
because if you have Director's Cut, then you know that this room is 
completely redrawn, with better views and a floor grid. You know what to 
do in there, and don't forget the Red Herb, as you will need it soon.

No need to bother with the ex-Lab Assistants on your return; a quick 
swerve and a dash into the Save Room will bring you a Green Herb to mix 
with the Red one you just got. If you have a couple of Ribbons left, then 
Save before you mix it with the Lab Monsters, or risk it if you are 
feeling confident. Dodge the poor fools in the corridor and head for the 
Power Room. If you know where the Lab Monsters hang out (Stop it, you're 
killing me), then it is quite easy to dash into each room and simply 
swerve as they attempt to slash you going by. Don't bother to use your 
knife unless you want a faceful of maggotty monster. You can quite easily 
kill the ones on the floor with ten or twelve hits, but knocking them 
down is another story. The first one is hanging by the power panel off to 
the left, as you can see on your approach. He is easily avoided by 
swerving when you get to the corner by that machine. Watch his shadow to 
let you know where he is above you as you leave, and swerve again at the 
last moment. The next one is scuttling about on the deck, and he is even 
easier to run past than a Hunter. Go to the corner and turn right, (not 
the first right, since there is another one waiting there), and then go 
straight down and through the door. The next one is readying himself for 
a swipe at you. Give him the soft-shoe shuffle: advance within range and 
then pull a swift U-turn and run back a pace or two as he slashes, then 
another U-turn and a swerve and continue your dash past as he swings 
about like a lemon. You almost feel sorry for them. After accessing Pass 
Code03, pull the pause-and-dash trick when he has another go, then take 
the middle branch past two more feeble floorwalkers and go and switch the 
power on. Take a deep breathe and start your journey back, noting that 
the monsters outside have reversed their positions floorwise. Hang back 
on the first section until these two swing into view, then swerve as you 
did for the first one, and then simply run for the door as number three 
comes scuttling after you. Too late, my friend. Stick to the wall going 
out through the last room, but dodge the one swinging down by the door 
and emerge without a scratch, to find that the Zombies in this corridor 
have gone! Now, you might not have known they clear off by themselves 
because every other time you came here you gave them a taste of hot lead. 
That's what they mean when they say "Fighting foes is not the only way", 

And now the end is near - it's Tyrant time. If you have two Ink Ribbons, 
first gather all available Health items and then Save right now. In fact, 
if you have not Saved for a while, then definitely use even your last one 
because your character WILL die. (Several times probably.) Learn from 
each experience and get back up there, Soldier. Head on up now, to find 
that Wesker has done you up like a kipper. He gets what he deserves, but 
you will not want that little cut scene to end, because that means it is 
time for you to Put Up or Shut Up. Why did you ever start this? Well, 
there is good news and bad. The good news is that it takes just 23 
strikes to put him down. The bad news is...you'll take 69 hits. OK that's 
an exaggeration, but this is a battle of attrition, so expect to get 
sliced up Big Time. 
Take to your heels anti-clockwise around the glass tubes before you pause 
to arm yourself with your pathetic knife. As you know well, Tyrant is no 
brainless Zombie; he will stalk you until you are cornered and then whack 
you with his appalling combo's before slashing out your heart and 
flinging you to the floor. And you don't want that. Watch your opponent 
carefully and anticipate his moves. He paces slowly until he zeros you, 
and then comes a swift blow which is hard to avoid. ("Call that a knife? 
THIS...") Don't just stand there dazed, because another three slashes are 
following in succession, and then comes a final fatal stab. Check your 
damage immediately, as this is usually the coup de grace, but you can 
neutralise it if you heal yourself in time. 
All very well, but how can you fight back? Not easily, as I said at the 
start. Tyrant is a tough opponent but he has one very obvious flaw - he 
can only slash what's in front of him! You, on the other hand, are 
practised at the stab in the back... So what you have to do is try to get 
behind him and stay behind him long enough to get a hit in. There is 
really only one way of striking him up close, which is to get him to 
follow you into the open at either end of the room, dash past wide on his 
blind side and start to circle behind him. Never at any time just stand 
in front or he will strike quickly. Try to keep moving backwards and 
forwards as appropriate in a bid to stay behind him, and suddenly he will 
lose patience and take a stab at you. With luck(!) he will miss, and then 
he will pause as if surprised not to be holding your kidneys. This is 
your only realistic chance to hit him, so turn in to face his back or 
side (or backside) and quickly SLASH and then RUN. Remember, it is the 
only way to strike him without taking a hit, so get the timing right and 
you are halfway there. Take your time, and pull out if you can't set him 
up just right; as you have done throughout the game, show some patience 
and you will succeed. Run around the next corner and repeat the tactic as 
well as you can, but don't get over-confident - he can finish you in 
seconds. Even if you only get in one hit per 'lap' that is just fine; the 
clock is not ticking. ONE strike only remember; no more and no less 
(ideally). Count each strike, and when you have twenty you know you are 
on the home stretch. Stick to it. As in your previous battles, I hope you 
brought plenty of health, but don't waste an F-Aid Spray on anything less 
than Danger, although don't hold off until you find You Died either. How 
well you eke out your healing items will dictate how long you can stay in 
the battle, so judge it well. I don't think I would have believed it 
until I saw it, but eventually he WILL go down! I bet you are feeling 
pretty good about that, but I don't want you to feel Pretty Good. I want 
you to feel Great! You're nearly there.

Become reunited with Rebecca, and then you can easily outrun the grounded 
Lab Monsters to go and free Jill. Look at that reception you get... Trust 
me, mate - you're Golden. Don't forget there is a Green Herb in that 
Mirror room if you need a security net for your final confrontation. No 
need to tangle with these last Zombies if your health is low - fancy 
footwork yet again. 

I hope that you are well practised against Tyrant's attack when he makes 
his reappearance. You should know the tactic of running diagonally as far 
as you can, pulling a wide U-turn to the left at the last moment as he 
rushes up behind you, and then doubling back to pause and do it again. In 
this way you won't receive a single hit, just your nerves will be 
shredded by that hideous chalkboard screech. Needless to say, the knife 
is about as much use as a chocolate teapot, so the moment you get the 
Rocket Launcher - Use It! And with that I think we can call it a day. 
(And I just love that theme tune...)

What a tough guy! You've closed this case completely! 

PS - Try RE2 with a knife - it's even more fun! I'll write a FAQ if there 
is any interest... Or I'd like to read yours?

Copyright (c) 2002 J Woodrow 

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