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  1. Ofcourse, not whilst under the control of the player, but in the plotline.

    I mean how do I get the ending whereby Rebecca doesn't survive. I've tried countless times to get this ending, for no real reason other than completionisim, and I can't do it! D:


    User Info: AllanScotti

    AllanScotti - 9 years ago

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  1. In Chris' game, you first meet Rebecca in the serum room in the basement. Next time you will run into her is in the Piano room. Let her practice there for a bit as you need her to open the door to get the Gold Emblem. Later on after this, you will eventually return to the basement where there will be a cutscene (or just a voice?) of Rebecca being persued by a hunter. This is where you can either save her, or let her die. If you save her here though, she will still survive later on when Wesker shoots her. If not, then the hunter will decapitate her.

    User Info: EvilResident

    EvilResident - 9 years ago 0   0

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