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Gallery room is still red..? Side Quest

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How do I find the V-Jolt Pool Table Code? Side Quest 4 1 week ago
why is it the game freezes at some stages ? Side Quest 1 3 months ago
What's the hardest accomplishment in the entire story of this franchise? Main Quest 3 4 months ago
Do I need to make the V-Jolt if I killed Plant 42 already? Side Quest 2 8 months ago
PSV File? General 1 8 months ago
Best Version? General 2 1 year ago
Rebeccas where abouts as Jill? General 1 1 year ago
How many black labels are there? General 2 2 years ago
Is the MO disk needed to beat the game? Side Quest 1 3 years ago
Ink Ribbons? Side Quest 2 4 years ago

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