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FAQ by Flux Wildly

Version: 1.01 | Updated: 03/30/01


                         _______       ____   ________     
                        /   _   \     /   /  /       /
                       /   (_)  /    /   /  /   ____/ 
                      /        /    /   /  /   /     
                     / S T U N T  C O P T E R /                     
                    /        \    /   /  /   /____    
                   /   /  \   \  /   /  /        /
                  /__ /    \_ _\/___/   \_______/FAQ

Version 1.01
Copyright 2001 - Flux Wildly <flixflux@hotmail.com>


I figured I'll write an FAQ on this because I know there are bound to be 
people out there who gave up in frustration in the midst of this game and 
have tried in vain to seek for help. Er...I am one of them actually, but 
since getting more upset trying to find help then being stuck in the game, 
I've developed super quick reflexes and can now juggle balls while 
whistling any rap song (try it! It's hard) WHILE unicycling, blindfolded. 
In case you haven't noticed, that is exactly what is required of you to 
complete the game! But because most people are not that dexterous, I figure 
I'll be doing all fellow RC lovers a big favor by writing this FAQ. 


1    Why I love this game and why you should buy it
2    Glossary of terms and Stunts listing
3    Training mode hints and general FAQ
4    1 player game walkthrough and hints
5    2-player game intro
6    Free flight FAQ
7    Misc

1    Top Ten reasons why You Should Buy this Game Now.
10 The commentator is funny...unlike most of those in soccer games that I
 have played. 
9  It's challenging. That says everything actually.
8  It's great fun to watch others play it because of the expressions on 
their faces. Brings out the sadist in us.
7  When you win, you actually feel like you've taken over the world. That 
feeling of accomplishment is priceless.
6  The graphics is nice, controls are true to life, sound is good, good 
replay value, DEFINITELY value for $$$    
5  Who would want to fly a kite after playing this???  
4  Master this and you can probably beat all yr friends at all the bemani 
games...well, maybe, unless you're tonedeaf.
3  It's way cheaper than a real RC copter
2  It's a shooter, flight sim, racer, stunt racer all in one!
1  You could start writing FAQs and tell me how the heck I could win the 
game  with the 'ace' copter! Ain't that GREAT? No, seriously.

2    Glossary of terms and stunts listing

Shift = raise the height of the copter slightly above the ground, then go 
forward. The front 2 legs of the copter would then be touching the ground. 

Stunts listing:

360: left stick upper left, right stick upper right.

inverted flight: left stick up, right stick up

roll: left stick up, right stick right

If there's any other term you dont understand, feel free to email me.

3    Training mode

3.1  Throttle-- Try to match the ht of the instructor's copter. Real easy. 
Just move yr left analog stick up and down, GENTLY.

3.2  Rudder -- Match the direction of the copter. Easy. Move left analog 
stick left and right, gently too.

3.3 Cyclic -- Use yr right stick to match the direction where the copter is 

3.4 Cyclic 2 -- steer copter over blocks to uncover image. To get a gold, 
shift your copter so that its shadow is in the middle of 2 blocks, then fly
 forward. This will uncover 2-4 blocks at a time and getting a gold is easy.

3.5 rudder2 -- Shooting. Aim, then shoot. Easy too.

3.6 Throttle2 -- Use both controls to burst balloons. Since yr copter will 
move in a circle, burst the balloons on the same level first. You should 
play this level just moving straight forward (and fast) 

3.7 Rudder off -- With your rudder disabled, fly into a giant balloon. Go up,
 then fast forward. Piece of cake.

3.8 Rudder off advanced -- Like above, except it's 2 balloons, and they're 
not aligned. This is hard. Try to shift sideways with yr copter legs 
touching the ground. This will stabilize your copter. Then when yr copter
 is in the path of the balloons, go up then slowly move forward. With 
practice, you should get a gold.

3.9 Auto level with rudder -- Burst balloon with controls enabled. This 
should be easy since controls are enabled. If you fail to get a gold, 

3.10 Barn (bonus level) Hit target on the barnhouse. Bull's eye gets a gold.
 Looks hard but I've an easy way out ;P Since there's no time limit, move 
forward slowly til you're directly in front of the barnhouse. Then shift 
left  or right (right controller with slight push of the left upwards) til
 you are in the path of the bullseye. Land to stabilise, then go up to check
 if target is straight ahead. If not, use the LEFT stick to shift sideways 
til you're in its path. Then Full Throttle ahead!!! GOLD!!!!!!!

4  One Player Game Walkthrough

4.1 Rookie/Pilot level 

These two skill levels should be lumped together because apart from the more
sensitive handling of the Pilot copter, both are similar in architecture and
can both use the same tactics.

Key: P- Pilot      R-Rookie

Level 1 :To progress, R-25000, P-35000

Landing 1: Land in middle of landing pad. Use the copter's legs (what ARE 
these things called???) to shift in whatever direction. This helps prevent 
the copter from flying wild. Then when your shadown is on the centre of the 
landing pad, land. PERFECT LANDING! 

Shooting 1: Shoot 5 balloons. First, turn to yr right and go up (all done 
with the left stick) then aim and shoot. After that, move forward and land 
in the centre. Once stable, go up and shoot in whatever directions. Easy.

Stalom 1 : This was hard. I could NEVER pass this stage until I figured this
 trick out. When you're passing through the stalom, perform a '360' and yr 
points on passing through will be doubled. In pilot mode, perform an inverted 
flight or a roll.And apart from that, you'll be awarded a 'stunt bonus' 
making this stage a breeze to progress.  

Target 1 --Go Through the circle then land. If you fail, try again!

Hover 1: Hover over target. You'll see arrows from the target pointing up. 
Hover there. the trick is to land yr copter near it, then shift into the 
target. Then you hover. 

Level 2- R-55000  P-70000

Landing 2: Land on 3 targets. See landing 1, then repeat 3 times.

Shooting 2: Shoot balloons the kids are holding when they float out of the 
pipes. Move forward at start, move to centre then shift yr height to shoot. 
It's ok to shoot the kids once in a while. I got frustrated too. But do not
 try this in real life. I repeat, DO NOT SHOOT REAL LIFE KIDS!!! Even if 
they're all irritating and stuff.

Stalom 2: Go through the staloms and under the pole vault pole looking thing.
 Refer to Stalom 1.

Target 2:  Go through the rotating ring, the non-rotating ring, and land.
 Aim carefully!! No other advice for this.

Hover 2: Hover over 5 targets. Again, refer to Hover 1.

Level 3:  R-65000  P-75000

I must say, level 3 was the easiest to get through. In my opinion of course.

Landing 1: Land on moving targets. You see the brown markings on the 
ground? The targets follow them. Just pick a spot and hover slightly 
above it til the target comes along. Then land. Easy?

Shooting 3: Shoot moving targets that come out of the pipes. Fly in front, 
land, wait. If you're not ambitious, settle for the pigs. See one and keep
 shooting. They'll move to and fro and you can get a zillion points from 
them. If you want variety, then fine, dont shoot the pigs. The pigs are 
2000 points, birds 5000, rabbits 400 by the way. 

Stalom 3: Go through 4 poles then land. The '360' trick applies here as 
well. Otherwise, you're on yr own!

Target 3: Go through the middle of the ruins, the ring, then burst
 balloons by flying through them. Repeat the flying part through a smaller 
hole, then land.

Hover 3:  Hover over raft on left island to move it to main island. Land on
 right island. The Pilot level has a much higher difficulty. PRACTISE!!

Level 4
This level has different passing marks.

Landing 4: R- 50000 P- 65000
Land on brown patch with arrow. Then shift copter forward. Amazingly easy 
when you use the legs.

Shooting 4: R-100000 P-650000
Shoot as many black copters as possible in 1.5 min. Position yourself at 
the edge of the brown patch, land to stabilise your plane then raise your 
height as needed to aim and shoot. Easy. 

Stalom 4:  R-100000   P-115000
According to the red arrows on the horizontal bar, fly above or below the 
bar. Try to do 360s if you're flying a rookie copter and inverted flight or 
a roll when flying with pilot copter. ONLY try that when you're supposed to
 fly above the bar!!! Or else if you crash, oops. I got a 162077 score for
 this in rookie mode. Cool eh?

Target 4: R- 100000    P- 110000
Fly into balloons in numerical order, then fly into 5 other balloons. Land.

Hover 4: R-100000    P- 110000
Hover over pizza, toilet paper like 'Hover 3' then land on right island.
SUPER Difficult in Pilot mode.

Level 5- Passing grade varies

Landing 5: R- 220000  
Fly under pyramid and land fast before pyramid goes splat on yr copter. Land
 near pyramid and wait for it to raise before shifting into landing patch 
and landing.

Shooting 5: R-190000  
Keep shooting to burst a giant balloon that shrinks with each hit til it 
bursts. Then shoot the black copter that appears. Careful! The blackies 
shoot back!!! 

Stalom 5: R- 150000 
Fly over and under 7 staloms like 'Stalom 4'. Then land. Oh, if you do a 360
 before you land, you'll get LOADS of points!!

Target 5: R-200000
Fly into 12 balloons. This is hard. No hints just loads of practice!

Hover 5: R- 200000
Hover over flashing circle and move it into the 4 other bases by moving 
forward while hovering. Try landing, then shifting forward. This is easy.


Bonus level: R-600000

This is a bonus level. But I have no idea why there's a min. requirement! 
First, fly into balloons 1-5, hover over 2 patches with arrow pointing to 
them, shoot and burst the giant balloons and fly into 4 rings twice, fly 
into 5 logos, fly into 5-1, shoot giant balloon, finally, land.

Rookie: Video of this guy who offers you his copter. It looks exactly like 
the one in the game. Cool. 

5     2-Player Guide
This is one of the few games that allow 2-Player mode on one controller. 
Which is good if you've bought a PSone AND the LCD screen AND the battery
 packs and don't want to lug bulky dual shock controllers around. The game
 levels are the same as the 1-player mode except now, your scores are being
 matched against your friend's. Ain't that cool???
So I'm not writing an FAQ on this. For tricks or tips, read the above.

6   Free Flight FAQ

6.1: Vacant lot - Practise your landing here.

6.2: Tire Park - Practise flying through tires and rings.

6.3: Ruins - Practise flying through ruins and bursting balloons

6.4: Barn - Fly into the bullseye. Try flying into the small wooden 
structure on your left to hear flushing noises.

6.5: Theme Park - Shoot Balloons. What do you expect?

6.6: Pond - This is cute. You're a dragonfly. I've no idea what you're
 supposed to do though. 

6.7 Castle - Landing practice.

6.8: Easter Island - Fly into Easter Eggs to burst them. Cool

6.9: Planet IX - Perform stunts.

6.10: Pod Planet - Same as 6.9

6   Misc

I do know that in some sites, under hints for RC stunt copter, it is stated 
that if you go into free flight mode, then press start and go to next, 
you'll actually go into a new level. That is so untrue!!! Unless I bought
 some faulty disc, there is no such thing! The only explanation I can find 
is that when you get into free flight mode, there are two 'plates' of 
options for you to choose from. Being light of mind and stiff of hand, 
the person who thought of the 'hint' obviously did not notice the other 
levels that magically appear when you hit the down button on the options
 screen. Geez.

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