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FAQ/Move List by AstroBlue

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 01/29/03

   @@@    %%%%    OO   O O  **     @@@                 *****     @@@@   %%
 @@@@@@  %%%%%% OOOOOO  O  *****  @@@@@               *******  @@@@@@  %%
        %%   %% OOOOOOO   ******       @@ %%%%       ******** @@@@@@  %%
 @@@@@@     %%   O  OO      **    @@@ @@    %% OOOOO **    **   @@   %%    %
     @@    %%   O  OO      ******    @@  %%%%   OOO     ****    @@  %%%%%%%%
    @@    %%      OO         **     @@     %%            **    @@   %%%%%%%%
   @@    %%      OO           **        %%%%            **     @@    %%%%%%%

               Rakugaki Showtime for the Sony PlayStation
                     FAQ / Move List   Version 1.1

          Written by AstroBlue (tetsuwan_blue(at)yahoo.com.au)

                   Last Updated: January 29th, 2003

This FAQ uses Shift-JIS encoding to display Japanese kana (characters).
Browsers such as Mozilla Firefox (www.mozilla.org/products/firefox) support
CJK encoding inherently, but common browsers such as MS Internet Explorer
require you to update your system (windowsupdate.microsoft.com). Otherwise,
I recommend you download a Japanese-English word processor called JWPce.
It is available from: http://www.physics.ucla.edu/~grosenth/jwpce.html

I have always had a fascination with games developed by Treasure, I either
love them (Sin and Punishment, Radiant Silvergun & Bakuretsu Muteki Bangaio),
or hate them (Light Crusader & Silpheed). I can firmly say that Rakugaki
Showtime is definitely one of their games that I love. It may seem to be a
rip-off in parts (eg. The God Hand is awfully a lot like the Master Hand in
Super Smash Bros.), but it's such good clean fun!

  i)Gameplay Overview
  ii)Normal Mode
  iii)Versus Mode
  i)Main Menu
  ii)Option Select
  iii)Pause Menu

(Translation of Japanese Story)

Welcome to the world of Rakugaki. An imaginary game world, created entirely
by the pencil drawings of the "God Hand". The characters who inhabit this
world were created by the God Hand in the same way... Yukiwo, Sasami, Pitan
and Tsubohachi; the four members of the "Heroes Team", and Daddy; who
commands the mysterious enemy character army.

Called the "Heroes and Enemies", they are all controlled by their master,
and follow their predetermined (created?) fate. Today a battle to the end


Directional Buttons - * Moves cursor in menus.
                      * Moves your character.

○ Button- * Confirms selections in menus.
           * Used to execute most Special Moves.

× Button- * Cancels selections in menus.
           * Jump.

□ Button- Throw at enemy.

△ Button- Throw at object.

Start- * Confirm selections in menus.
       * Press simultaneously with Select, to quit some menus.
       * Open Pause Menu in play.

Select - * Press simultaneously with Start, to quit some menus.

L1 - * Select player to the left (Versus Mode menu).
     * Rotate camera angle to the left.

R1 - * Select player to the right (Versus Mode menu).
     * Rotate camera angle to the right.

i)Gameplay Overview
Rakugaki Showtime is a game that can only be described by comparison, its
gameplay is like Power Stone (DC) meets Super Dodge Ball (NES), its graphics
are like half way between RakugaKids (N64) and Parappa the Rapper (PSX), and
its music is similar to Mischief Makers (N64).

Anyway, in Rakugaki Showtime you play as a rakugaki (scribble) character, who
must fight against other rakugaki characters in a square 3D arena. The fights
mainly consist of throwing items at the opposition.  However, throwing is not
as simple as "pick up, aim & throw". In Rakugaki Showtime different "drives"
can be placed on the thrown items by holding different directions whilst
throwing. Holding the direction towards the target will cause a "Forward
Drive Throw", which is like a faster normal throw, albeit weaker. Holding the
direction away from the target will cause you to do a "Backward Drive Throw",
which will cause your character to throw the item slower and in an arc, but
it will cause far more damage.

By performing a "Counter", you are able to block most items thrown at you.
If your timing is off, the Item will just bounce off you and drop down.
But if you "Counter" just before the item hits you, your character will
perform a "Donpisha Counter" (Donpisha means to trigger immediately), which
causes the item to be reflected back at the original thrower.

One of the more important items in the game is a Smiley Ball. Unlike all
other items, Smiley Balls will not be destroyed after use. Instead, every
impact will slowly make the Smiley Ball go from yellow to magenta, from
happy to angry. After it gets very angry, a sound clip of "halleluja" will
play and the Smiley will be engulfed in flashing white light... it has become
a Super Smiley. When you pick up a Super Smiley, you will not throw it.
Instead, your rakugaki will unleash their "Super Smiley Attack", which in
most cases is devestating. Also, your fighter may be able to use different
Super Smiley Attack's by applying different drives, these are called Forward
Super Smileys and the Backward Drive Super Smileys.

Like every other fighting game that has ever existed, you can execute Special
Moves. These usually consist of very basic button commands involving the
directional buttons and generally the Circle button. Some characters have a
whole arsenal of Special Moves, others only have only a handful.

Around the stages are "Item Points", these are where the God Hand will draw
the Items to be used in battle. You can make your character move to these
points quickly by performing a "Homing Dash". To do this, jump, hold the
direction you want to go and then hit the jump button again. You will fly
over to the point you indicated. As well as item points, you can use a
"Homing Dash" to quickly fly over to Smiley Balls, this is EXTREMELY helpful.
You are also able to "Chain Homing Dashes", to do this, just hold the jump
button down after doing a Homing Dash, and tap the direction of another
item point before you land. You can cancel Homing Dashes mid-flight by
pressing the Circle Button.

ii)Normal Mode
Normal Mode is the "story" mode of Rakugaki Showtime. Once you select Normal
Mode, you will be taken to the Character Select (キャラクターセレクト) screen.
At first you will only be able to play as Yukiwo, Sasami, Pitan and
Tsubohachi, but everytime you complete the game you will unlock another
character. Select Random (ランダム) if you want to play as a randomly
selected character. Once you select a character, the game will ask you
OK? (オーケー?), just confirm again to continue.

There are 12 stages you must battle through, ending with a final rumble
against the God Hand. The game has three difficulty levels; Easy, Normal and
Hard. Except you can't choose the difficulty... this is the beauty of
Rakugaki Showtime. The difficulty level relies on how good or bad you are
playing. After Stage 5 you will be assigned a difficulty level based on your
performance in the previous 5 stages. After that, to go up a difficulty
level you must fight an almost flawless battle (I think you must take less
than 10% damage), and you'll go down a difficulty level if you continue a
stage two times in a row.

If your character gets defeated, you will be asked if you want to
Continue? (コンティニュー?). Select either Yes (イェス) to continue, or
No (ノー) to quit and see the "Bad" ending.

iii)Versus Mode
Versus Mode is a multiplayer battle mode. Once you select Versus Mode, you
will be taken to the Character Select (キャラクターセレクト) screen.
At first you will only be able to play as Yukiwo, Sasami, Pitan and
Tsubohachi, but everytime you complete Normal Mode, you will unlock another
character. Select Random (ランダム) if you want to play as a randomly
selected character. Once you select a character, you will have to choose what
is going to control that character, a player, the CPU or to have that
character disabled (press L1 or R1 to switch to the CPU players if you want
to disable them). Then you must choose which Team (チーム) the character is
going to be a part of (either A-D), then what Colour (カラー) scheme the
character is going to use (either 1-4). The game will ask you OK? (オーケー?)
once that has all been selected, just confirm again to continue. If other
players have yet to finish their selections, it will say Wait! (ウェイト!).

The next screen is the Item Select screen. Here you will be able to control
whether certain items will be drawn by the God Hand. They are: Rocks (イワ),
Black Holes (ブラックホール), ICBMs (ICBM), Grenades (グレネード),
Land Mines (ジライ), and Homing Missiles (ホーミンッグミサイル). How many
Smiley Balls (スマイリーボール) will be on screen (between 0-5), and the
Item Rationing (はいちアイテム), which is how many items can be on the screen
at any given moment (between 0-9).

The battle goes on for as long as it takes until there is only one fighter
left standing. Once the battle is over the game will then ask you if you
would like to Restart (リスタート?).


Smiley Balls (スマイリーボール)
The most important item in the entire game. While you'll mainly intend to use
Smiley Balls for "Super Smiley Attacks", you'll have to actually knock them
around a lot to make them charge up into Super Smileys. Throwing a Smiley
Ball will cause 100 HP damage to the target and will "charge" it up a little.
But since it bounces back towards you after hitting the target, you may be
able to constantly pummel the target with the Smiley Ball. If you throw it
with a forward drive, the Smiley Ball will move rapidly and will hit the
target multiple times (causing 100 HP damage each hit). This will "charge"
the Smiley Ball up considerably, but where the Smiley Ball will bounce off to
is more erratic. If it does bounce towards you, it will probably be too fast
to catch, so you'll probably have to Counter. Anyway, if you apply a backward
drive when throwing a Smiley Ball, it will fly up and land on the target,
causing a small explosion that causes 600 HP damage. It will "charge" up the
Smiley Ball more than a normal throw.

Rocks (イワ)
On impact, a rock will randomly split into 2 or 3 medium sized pieces, and
then when those pieces impact they will randomly split into a further 2 or 3
small sized pieces. The damage cause by the first impact is related to which
drive was used; but the medium pieces will always cause 300 HP damage, and
the small pieces will always cause 3 HP damage. A rock thrown with a forward
drive will cause around 800 HP damage on the first impact, whilst one thrown
without a drive will cause around 1080 HP damage, and one thrown with a
backward drive will cause around 1600HP damage

Black Holes (ブラックホール)
These chubby little missiles are probably the most strategicly helpful weapon
in the game. On impact, Black Holes cause... well... black holes, which will
pull in everything around them. The strength of the black hole relies on the
drive used to throw it; a forward drive throw will cause a weak black hole,
no drive will causes a mild black hole, and a backward drive throw will
cause a strong black hole. Also, on impact the Black Hole will cause 150 HP
damage regardless of drive.

ICBMs (otherwise known as Inter-Continental Ballistic Missiles) are the huge
white missiles with red tips. If thrown without a drive, an ICBM will fly up
fairly high and then will come down onto the target, homing in at all times.
On impact the ICBM will cause a huge nuclear explosion that can cause up to
1264 HP damage. If thrown with a forward drive, the ICBM will fly
horizontally homing in on the target. The resultant explosion from a forward
drive can only cause up to 624 HP damage, around half the usual power. If
thrown with a backward drive, the ICBM will fly up into orbit, and then will
use a satelite to lock on to the current co-ordinates of the target. It will
then drop down onto the crosshair very rapidly.

Grenades (グレネード)
These fused bombs can cause a fairly decent explosion. As soon as they are
thrown, the 9 second fuse will begin to tick down. However, the Grenade will
explode before the fuse triggers if it makes contact with a target. Which is
a fairly likely outcome, considering the Grenade will actively tumble towards
the target. A direct hit can cause a maximum amount of 707 HP damage, but it
usually is in the 400 HP range. If thrown with a forward drive, the Grenade
will not count down, instead it will explode on contact with the first thing
it touches. If a Grenade is thrown with a backward drive it will not tumble
towards the target, but it will make a considerably stronger explosion.
A direct hit from a backward drive can cause up to 1053 HP damage.

Land Mines (ジライ)
Land Mines cannot be thrown, instead they are triggered if a character
touches or steps on them. They cause a relatively small continuous explosion
that can hit the victim 11 times, causing 30 HP damage each time. Therefore
the maximum amount of damage one can cause is 330 HP.

Homing Missiles (ホーミンッグミサイル)
Homing Missiles are the most common item found in Rakugaki Showtime. They are
relatively weak compared to the other items (causing 150 HP damage), but they
are almost undodgable. If thrown with a backward drive, you can double the
damage caused to a respectible 300 HP worth of damage.

i)Main Menu

Mode Select (モードセレクト)

ノーマル モード   - The guts of the game, a one player story mode in which
Normal Mode           you will fight a series of battles, leading to a final
                      confrontation with the God Hand.

バーサス モード   - A Battle Royale, where up to 4 players (with Multitap)
Versus Mode           can compete in a fully customisable melee.

トレーニング モード - Practice your Smiley, Item and melee skills with any
Training Mode         available fighter.

オプシュン モード  - Configure the gameplay and sound, view a Demonstration
Option Mode           of special techniques, customise controls, etc.

ii)Option Select

Option Select (オプシュンセレクト)

User Friendly

 バイブレーシュン    - Turn the Dual Shock's vibration function either
  Vibration               On (オン) or Off (オフ), it will only vibrate
                          whenever your fighter receives damage.

 ゲームセッテイ     - Select Kids (キーズ) to have the default settings
   Game Settings          of the "Camera Player Up" On, Field Camera at 90°,
                          the Marker Off and the Game Speed on Middle. Select
                          Normal (ノーマル) to independently choose the four
                          options, and to display damage and enemy health.

 カメラプレイヤーアップ - Select On (オン) to have the camera always centered
  Camera Player Up        on your fighter, select Off (オフ) to have the
                          camera pan and zoom so all fighters are onscreen
                          at all times.

 フェールドカメラ    - Choose the incriments the field camera will rotate
  Field Camera            once R1 or L1 are pressed, either 90°or 45°.

  マーカー        - Toggle the Marker (cross-hair that follows your
  Marker                  player) either On (オン) or Off (オフ) or make it
                          Transparent (ハントウメイ). "Arrows" will not
                          flash if the Marker is turned off.

 ゲームズピード     - Choose the speed of the game, either Low (ロー),
  Game Speed              Middle (ミドル), High (ハイ) or Super (スーパー).


 モード         - Choose the audio output, either Stereo (ステレオ)
  Mode                    or Monaural (モノラル)

 ミュージックボリューム - Adjust the volume of the background music.
  Music Volume

 エフィクトボリューム  - Adjust the volume of the special effects.
  Effect Volume


 ソウサセツメイ     - View a demo which explains (in Japanese) all of the
  Controls Explaination   special techniques that you can use.

 ムービー        - Toggle full motion video playback either On (オン)
  Movie                   or Off (オフ)


 スターフロール     - View Treasure/Enix Staff that were involved somehow
  Staff Roll              in the creation of Rakugaki Showtime.


 オートセーブ      - Turn auto-saving either On (オン) or Off (オフ).
  Auto Save

 ロード         - Manually Load data from the Memory Card inserted
  Load                    into slot 1.

 セーブ         - Manually Save data to the Memory Card inserted
  Save                    into slot 1.

キーコンフィグ      - Customize the controls by assigning buttons to the
Key Config                following list of actions.

 タイジンなげ  - Throw at enemy
 タイブツなげ  - Throw at object
 ジャンプ    - Jump
 トクシュわざ  - Special Moves
 ひだりかいてん - Rotate Left
 みしよう1   - Unused 1
 みぎかいてん  - Rotate Right
 みしよう2   - Unused 2

iii)Pause Menu
Pause (ポーズ)

つづける  - Unpause and continue on with the current battle.

やめる   - Quit the current battle and return to the title screen.


Q: I can't beat Hard Mode, are there any push button codes for this game?

A: There is one, and it's a doozy. On the Title Screen, simultaneously hold
   down the Left, Triangle, X, L1, R2 and Select buttons until you hear an
   explosion. Then to unlock all characters hold down the L2 and Select
   buttons until you hear a throwing sound, and then to unlock the Special
   options, hold down the R2 and Select buttons until you hear another
   throwing sound.

- - - - - - - - - -

Q: Where can I get a copy of this game?

A: This game is incredibly rare, and therefore it's very hard to find!
   According to SF Kosmo (sfkosmo.gamersgraveyard.com) this rarity is due to
   "a mysterious lawsuit that forced most copies of Rakugaki Showtime to be

   Anyway, your best shot at getting a copy of this game is from eBay.com.
   It comes up semi-regularly for auction, since people know they can make a
   quick buck from selling it. Well... when I say a quick buck, I mean a
   quick hundred bucks... expect to pay between $75 and $125 for a copy if
   you're serious on winning it.

   Otherwise, National Console Support (www.ncsx.com) sometimes gets in VERY
   small quantities of the game (I'm talking like lots of 1 or 2) and sells
   them at a very expensive price. And BurnDirect (burn.com.au) reportedly
   have copies for sale at the bargain basement price of $41.08. However,
   expect either VERY long delays for shipment, or your order to eventually
   be cancelled due to unavailability.

- - - - - - - - - -

Q: How can I play this game on my US-NTSC or PAL PlayStation?

A: Well, there are two ways. You can either get a mod-chip installed into
   your PlayStation console (which will void your Playstation's warranty),
   or you can buy a "PS-X-Change" boot disc from Lan Kwei (www.lan-kwei.com)
   or Burn Direct (burn.com.au).

- - - - - - - - - -

Q: I'm missing some of the movies in the secret Movie Test option, do you
   have any idea on what they may be?

A: Yes, here's a little table I've made for you. It shows you the Movie No.,
   the file name of the movie in the MOVIES/ directory of your Rakugaki
   Showtime CD, and when it is viewed in the game.

    No. | File Name | Viewed In-Game
     0  | OPEN.STR  | Opening movie
     1  | BAD.STR   | Choose not to Continue after Game Over.
     2  | NE_A.STR  | As Yukiwo, run out of time during God Hand battle.
     3  | NE_B.STR  | As Sasami, run out of time during God Hand battle.
     4  | NE_C.STR  | As Pitan, run out of time during God Hand battle.
     5  | NE_D.STR  | As Tsubohachi, run out of time during God Hand battle.
     6  | GOOD.STR  | Ending movie.


Y U K I W O (ユキヲ)
"Zealous and cool, the hero of heroes."

Yukiwo is the standard well-rounded protagonist. He has an above average
amount of health, at 3928 HP. His running speed is Fairly Fast, and his
Homing Dash speed is pretty Average. He only has a couple of Special Moves,
but they are all very decent. For example, if you get an enemy up against
the wall, and then continuely use "White Tiger" punches on them. You can
cause a devestating amount of damage.

Yukiwo's strongest point is his variety of powerful Super Smiley Attacks,
each of them being great in different situations. If you wanna defeat one
lone enemy, or a close-knit group of enemies, you can't go past his Forward
Drive "Laser" SSA. Against flying enemies and clusters of enemies, the
Backward Drive "Chained Explosion Bomb" SSA can cause a lot of damage.
However, his "Homing" Super Smiley Attack tends to give pretty unreliable
results in most situations. It's probably best suited on enemies which are
mid-Homing Dash. Note that all of Yukiwo's Super Smiley Attacks can cause
"friendly fire" damage, even to Yukiwo himself.

 Special Moves
Fierce Tiger - f + O Button
 The Mouko, a one handed punch that does 150 HP damage, it also knocks the
 target back a little.

Gale Kick - f + O Button (Aerial)
 A gliding fly kick that does 300 HP damage, and throws the target back
 considerably. If the target hits the wall, a further 100 HP damage will be
 sustained by the target.

White Tiger - u + O Button
 The Byakko, a two handed palm thrust (a "mute" hadouken) that does 500 HP
 damage to the target and throws them back. As always, the target will
 sustain an extra 100 HP damage if they hit the wall.

Dash - Double tap any direction
 Yukiwo will dash forward, but will pause shortly after.

 Super Smiley Attacks
Laser - Forward Drive SSA
 Yukiwo will produce a huge blue laser beam from the Super Smiley, that he
 will try to concentrate on the target. It's possible to cause a maximum of
 3500 HP damage to any target with this laser. But beware, if Yukiwo gets
 hit while using it, he will loose control. Which will cause the laser to
 spin around erratically causing damage to everything around it...

Homing - Super Smiley Attack
 Yukiwo will twirl around and will toss the Super Smiley, which will then
 constantly try to home in on the target. Pummelling it constantly while
 leaving a pretty green vapour trail in its wake. Each "hit" causes 150 HP
 damage. It usually hits the target around 10 times causing 1500 HP damage,
 but it is possible to hit a target up to 15 times, causing 2250 HP damage.
 Note that it can also damage you and your allies.

Chained Explosion Bomb - Backward Drive SSA
 Yukiwo will throw the Super Smiley high in the air, which will then drop
 down on to the target and will set off a chain reaction of many explosions.
 The explosions will cause damage to every target that they make contact
 with, including Yukiwo. This SSA can cause up to 3258 HP damage to any
 given target, but the damage it usually causes is in the late 2500 range.

S A S A M I (ササミ)
"The token female of the Heroes Team, she's skilled in the Kung Fu Arts."

Sasami is a very agile fighter. Both her running and Homing Dash speeds are
Fast, which will allow her to run rings against most of the opposition. She
is fairly "light-weight" though, only having 2334 HP. Thus, you must use her
speed to evade most attacks. She only has a couple of Special Moves, and they
are all pretty weak. However, there is a trick you can do with the Whirlwind
Kick, that allows it to deal lots of damage. Simply throw a Black Hole with a
Backward Drive, so it creates a huge gravity well. Then run Sasami into it,
and perform the Whirlwind Kick. Sasami will cause 1080 HP damage each time
she performs the Whirlwind Kick in there.

Her Super Smiley Attacks are not that crash hot. The most reliable is
probably her "Multi-Shot Smiley" Super Smiley Attack, which consistenly
causes around 3000 HP damage to a target. However, the best one of the lot is
probably her Backward Drive "Icicle Mine" SSA, although pretty unreliable,
in a best case scenario it can cause around 3000 HP to all enemies on-screen.

 Special Moves
Stomp - d + O
 She will flip up and will stomp down on her target, causing 100 HP damage.
 Sasami will also boost up because of the force.

Fly Kick - f + O
 Sasami will do a karate style fly kick, causing 100 HP to the target. Sasami
 will flip back after impact.

Whirlwind Kick - u + O
 Sasami spins on her head with her legs fanned out. She deals 60 HP damage to
 the opponent each time her legs connect.

Evade Twirl - Double tap any direction
 Sasami will spin around in the direction pressed, evading most attacks.

 Super Smiley Attacks
Simultaneous Fire Walls - Forward Drive SSA
 Sasami will throw the Super Smiley, which will then bounce around the
 battle area. After a short while, blue walls of fire will emerge
 simultaneously from where the ball travelled. Each fire wall causes 750 HP
 damage to whatever it hits. So for instance, if an enemy stands exactly
 where two paths cross, each fire wall will contribute 750 HP damage to the
 enemy, causing 1500 HP damage in total.

Multi-Shot Smiley - Super Smiley Attack
 The Super Smiley will fly up into the air, and will produce a swarm of 30
 smiley balls. The smileys will attack the target one by one rapidly, each
 causing 100 HP damage. Hence with 30 smiley balls, the maximum amount of
 damaged that can be cause by this attack is 3000 HP.

Icicle Mine - Backward Drive SSA
 Sasami will throw the Super Smiley up in the air, and then it will bounce
 around about 15 times, causing Land Mine-like Icicle explosions whenever it
 touches the ground. These explosions damage much like Land Mines, except the
 damage is dealt in lots of 60 HP instead of 30 HP. The overall damage caused
 by this SSA is very erratic, usually ranging between 1500 - 3500 HP damage.

P I T A N (ピータン)
"A cute mischievous monk, who speaks in Kansai Ben."

Pitan is probably one of the best characters in the game, it's quite easy
to beat Hard mode with him. That's a pretty big feat considering he's
only a little Moogle-like alien. He has 3001 HP, his running speed is Fast,
and his Homing Dash speed is Fairly Fast. Apart from being speedy, Pitan's
greatest advantage over the others are his highly useful Super Smiley
Attacks. His Forward Drive "Bomb" SSA is unrivalled against groups of
enemies, his "Ribbon Laser" Super Smiley Attack is great against lone
enemies, and his Backward Drive "Recovery Field" SSA is very good at
offsetting the problem of his average amount of HP. By letting him recover
about a 1/4 of his HP.

 Special Moves
Strike - d + O
 Causes only 10 HP damage if an opponent comes in contact with Pitan while he
 is "hiding". However, if an opponent attacks while Pitan is "hiding, Pitan
 will counter with a powerful strike, causing 400 HP damage and the opponent
 to be knocked back considerably.

Revolving Dash - u + O
 Pitan will rapidly run around in an orbit. It's pretty useless, but it can
 be helpful if paired with the Elbow Pound, or to evade incoming projectiles.

Elbow Pound - f + O
 Pitan quickly thrusts his elbow forward, causing 100 HP damage and the
 target to be throw back violently.

 Super Smiley Attacks
Bomb - Forward Drive SSA
 Pitan throws the Super Smiley at the target, which then explodes in a fairly
 large green explosion, it does around 4075 HP damage max.

Ribbon Laser - Super Smiley Attack
 Pitan floats up and throws the Super Smiley at the target, which then floats
 above the target like a "marker". Pitan then launches six "Ribbon-like"
 lasers which home in on the target, causing lots of damage. Each laser hits
 the target for 300 HP damage, so if all hit, 1800 HP damage is dealt.

Recovery Field - Backward Drive SSA
 The Super Smiley hovers above Pitan, causing a healing stream of light to
 fall in a small field around him. Pitan can recover up to 704 HP by using
 this "attack" while staying still, but if he jumps constanly he can recover
 far more HP. Note that it heals EVERYTHING in its range, so stay away from
 enemies and run towards allies.

T S U B O H A C H I (つぼはち)
"Geezer Power all the way! Fear of drunkards is his greatest weapon."

I'm not particularly sure, but I think Tsubohachi is Pitan's unruly drunk of
a father. He is constantly referred to as "OYAJI", which is somewhat Japanese
slang for "My Old Man", "Geezer", etc. Anyway, Tsubohachi is one of the most
enjoyable characters to play as. Whilst your controlling him, he won't
follow your commands 100% correctly, which gives you the feeling of playing
as a drunk. It's a brilliant touch to this character. Tsubohachi has a very
decent amount of health, at 4802 HP, and his running and Homing Dash speed
are both very random. Relying on whether your pushing against or with the
way he's staggering.

The best thing about Tsubohachi is his awesome reach. You can grab things
from really far away using his stretching arms. His Special Moves are decent,
but you'll almost always find yourself pummelling the opposition with the
Smiley Ball as Tsubohachi. His Backward Drive "Puke Recovery/Damage" SSA is
one of the best Super Smiley Attacks in the game, with it you can recover 1/4
of his health, whilst causing damage to any enemies stupid enough to run into
the puddle of puke.

 Special Moves
Geezer Reverse - d + O
 The old man blows chunks, causing a small puddle of puke. This puddle slowly
 drains the health of anyone who stands in it; 20 HP at a time, up to 46
 times. Hence the maximum amount of damage dealt by one puddle is 920 HP.
 However, if done in mid air, the "waterfall of puke" cans cause up to an
 extra 80 HP damage.

Sneeze - f + O
 Tsubohachi sneezes! At point blank range, the target will receive 500 HP
 damage and will be thrown back. If the target is only hit by the reflux,
 150 HP damage is dealt.

Rubber Evade - u + O
 Tsubohachi dodges out of the way, elastic "Warner Bros." style.

 Super Smiley Attacks
Vertical Laser - Forward Drive SSA
 The Super Smiley will home in on the target, almost as if it is drunk. Once
 it gets close enough to the target, it will shoot out two huge beams above
 and below it. The beams can cause a maximum of 3960 HP damage.

Drunk Laser - Super Smiley Attack
 An intoxicated Super Smiley will stumble around the battle area. If it gets
 close enough to the target, it will produce a series of eleven lasers in
 random directions. Each laser causes 400 HP damage. So, in the unlikely
 event of an enemy getting hit by EVERY laser, 4400HP damage can be dealt

Puke Recovery/Damage - Backward Drive SSA
 Tsubohachi will empty the entire contents of his stomach onto the ground, as
 a huge puddle of vomit. Then in true hobo fashion, he will sleep in it,
 using the Super Smiley as a pillow. Tsubohachi can recover up to 1263 HP
 from sleeping. Like the vomit produced by the Geezer Reverse, this puddle
 slowly drains the health of anyone who stands in it. However it's far more
 potent, draining 128 HP each "time", up to 46 times. Which means the maximum
 damage it can cause to an enemy is a whopping 5888 HP.

Z A K O (ザコ)
"Born into the Zako Group"

Zako is a generic term used by Japanese game developers, for the small
plentiful generic enemies in video games. For instance, Goomba's are the
"Zako" of the Super Mario franchise. Zako literally means "small fish".
So it's basically identical in meaning to the English slang "small fry".
Zako is definitely a "small fry", he only has 2001 HP, his running speed is
Fairly Slow, his Homing Dash speed is Very Slow, he can't jump very high, and
he's Slow at throwing. And to further rub salt in his wounds, there is really
nothing that he can do, that his "clone" John Calibur can't do better.

Although, there is one thing John Calibur can't do. At the end of a Homing
Dash, Zako will stumble. This usually means he will hit the ground and will
be susceptible to an attack for a short while. But if he falls on a enemy, he
will do a very unexpected Combo attack. This Combo attack does 400HP to the
enemy, and almost certainly causes an extra 100 HP from smashing the enemy
into the wall.

 Special Moves
Smash - d + O
 Smashes the target into the ground, causing 150 HP damage.

Stomp - d + O (Aerial)
 Zako will stomp directly below him, dealing 150 HP damage for a direct hit.

Lunge Smash - df + O
 Much like a Smash, but Zako will move forward before executing it.

Suprise Kick - df + O (Aerial)
 Like a diagonal version of the stomp, causes 200 HP worth of damage.

Push - f + O
 Zako will push the opponent, causing them to fly back and sustain 150 HP
 worth of damage.

Fly Kick - f + O (Aerial)
 Zako will kick forward in the air, smashing the opponent away and causing
 150 HP damage.

Hitting - uf + O
 Zako will hit the target into the air, causing 150 HP damage.

Headbutt - uf + O (Aerial)
 Zako will heabutt diagonally upwards, dealing 200 HP damage to any target
 he hits. Great against flying opponents.

Lanching Melee Hit - u + O
 Zako will toss the target high up into the air with his flailing arms.
 Causes 150 HP worth of damage.

Shoryuken - u + O (Aerial)
 A rising dragon punch, deals 150 HP damage to the target, and hurls the
 opponent in the air. Good for beginning aerial juggles.

Bomb GO! - d, df, f + O
 Zako reaches into his pants to find a fake Smiley Ball, and then hurls it
 at the the target. The fake Smiley Ball causes 80 HP damage on impact.

 Super Smiley Attack
Bomb (Roulette) -
 Zako will throw the Super Smiley up at the target, causing a random
 explosion when it hits. The damage inflicted relates to the colour of
 the explosion; a Yellow explosion will cause around 450 HP damage, a Cyan
 explosion will cause around 900 HP damage, and a Magenta explosion will
 cause around 3150 HP damage. However, a White explosion actually causes
 targets to recover around 1350 HP.

C A N N O N  Z A K O (ほうだいザコ)
"Uses nothing but Homing Bullets."

Cannon Zako is even more inept then Zako. He can't grab and throw, he can't
homing dash, he can barely jump, he only has 2054 HP, and his walking speed
is Slow. In fact, all he really can do is fire fake Smileys; which do very
limited amounts of damage. Cannon Zako can't even actively "Counter"
incoming objects, all countering is automatic due to his armor. However it
only Counters weak attacks, and NEVER "Donpisha Counters".

The only possible reason you'd ever want to play as Cannon Zako, is for one
of those rare almost impossible challenges. Like getting the Excalibur II in
Final Fantasy IX, or beating Radiant Silvergun without dying once. Because,
whilst playing as Cannon Zako, the average gamer will struggle even against
the Zakos in the first stage.

 Special Moves
8-Direction Horizontal Shot - Any direction + O
 Cannon Zako shoots a fake Smiley that causes 80 HP damage to its target.

Projectile Shot - Any direction + S
 Cannon Zako will launch a fake smiley as if he has thrown it, complete with
 the "arrow". It deals 120 HP damage on contact with a target.

H A Y A T E (ハヤテ)
"Ninja of super speed."

Hayate is a stealthy ninja. But unlike most video game ninjas, he doesn't
throw shurikens or wield a katana, he only uses his bare fists. Hayate is
the fastest character in the game, both his running and Homing Dash speeds
are Very Fast. However, just after throwing, Hayate will pause to concentrate
his aggression. Because this makes him susceptible to attacks, and because
Hayate only has 2561 HP, you will try to avoid throwing as much as possible
whilst playing as him. It doesn't really matter though, because Hayate has
a whole arsenal of great moves to use. So... if you're a fan of faced paced
Capcom 2D fighters, Hayate is right up your alley.

His Special Moves are widely varied and generally powerful. From his Punch
and Kick Combos, to the devastating "Giga Shock" and "Bakuretsu Kyuukyoku
Ken". In fact, the "Bakuretsu Kyuukyoku Ken" is probably the most powerful
Special Move in the entire game.

 Special Moves
Shutou Jab - O
 Hayate punches with his razor-like fist, dealing 40 HP damage per hit.
 It also doubles as a "weak counter".

Kakato Otoshi - d + O
 Hayate drops his heel down onto the ground, creating a shockwave.
 On contact, the shockwave only causes 80 HP damage. But if Hayate's heel
 makes direct contact with an enemy, it will deal a decent 200 HP damage.

Instant Drop - d + O (Aerial)
 Hayate will instantly land on the ground directly below him.

Kick Combo - df + O
 A combo involving a kick using the toe of one foot, then the heel of the
 other. Damaging the target for 80 Hp per hit. Kick Combos can also be
 chained to cause a lot of damage to the enemy.

Gliding Bodyblow - df + O (Aerial)
 Hayate will flick back, and then will glide forward with his fists out in
 front of him. He will cause 200 HP damage on contact with any enemies.

Punch Combo - f + O
 He will perform a good ol' hook - jab combo. Like the Kick Combo, the Punch
 Combo deals 80 HP per hit, and can also be chained to cause a lot of damage
 to the enemy.

Horizontal Corkscrew - f + O (Aerial)
 Hayate flies forward, performing a spinning bodyblow. On contact, it deals
 100 HP damage and flings the opponent up in the air.

Rising Kick - uf + O
 A rising jump kick, that deals 150 damage to the target. Hayate will flip
 back after the impact.

Instant Ascend - u + O
 He will rapidly rise up in the air, to a decent height.

Vertical Corkscrew - U + O (Aerial)
 Hayate flies upward, performing a spinning bodyblow. On contact, it deals
 100 HP damage and flings the opponent to either the left or right.

Micro Shock - d, df, f + O
 Hayate puts his palms out in front of him, and then produces a small ball of
 electricity that causes the target to loose 340 HP.

Aerial Blaze - d, u + O
 A column of fire is launched up in the air from Hayate's fist. Causes 300 HP
 damage, excellent for flying opponents.

Eruption Blaze - u, d + O
 Hayate creates a column of fire, which runs along the ground in front of
 him, causing 300 HP worth of damage to anything that touches it

Giga Shock - b, f + O
 Hayate puts his palms out in front of him, and then produces a large ball
 of electricity that causes 820 HP damage.

Bakuretsu Kyuukyoku Ken - u, db, df, ub, uf, d + O
 The "Exploding Ultimate Fist"! Hayate gathers energy from his surroundings
 into his raised fist, and then unleashes it as a huge explosion. The damage
 it causes can be within a very decent 2400 HP, to a phenomenal 4800 HP.

High Speed Dash - Double tap any direction
 Hayate will move in the direction pressed VERY rapidly.

 Super Smiley Attack
Delayed Fire Wall -
 Hayate tosses the Super Smiley, which then bounces around the room, leaving
 a delayed wall of green fire in its wake. One "hit" from a wall deals
 1000 HP damage, but each wall usually will hit twice. 8000 HP is the most
 amount of damage I've seen this attack do.

J O H N  C A L I B U R (ジョンカリバ)
"A guy who is always sure of having bad luck."

John Calibur is everything Zako is, but better! Although his running speed
is only Average, and his Homing Dash speed is Slow, it's still better than
Zako. He has 80% more HP than Zako too, since John has a respectable 3601 HP.
John has all of Zako's Special Moves, which is great, since Zako has a huge
arsenal of basic fighting moves. He is just too weak to utilise them. John's
Super Smiley Attack is very reliable, it almost always causes 3000 HP to the
targeted enemy, and any others around it.
| John Calibur's arsenal of Special Moves are identical to Zako's. Please  |
| refer to Zako's Move List for a listing of John Calibur's Special Moves. |

 Super Smiley Attack
Bomb (Resisted) -
 John Calibur will throw the Super Smiley, and then will hold it by his
 fingertips. Press the Square button and John Calibur will release the Super
 Smiley. Otherwise, his fingertips will not be able to hold it for long and
 it will fly out anyway. On contact with the target, the Super Smiley will
 produce a large explosion that deals up to 2903 HP to any given target.

U L T R A  J O H N N Y (ウルトラジョニー)
"John Mk-2's Cyborg Clone?"

Because Ultra Johnny is a cyborg clone of John Mk-2, he has the exact same
arsenal of moves. John Mk-2 is superior to Ultra Johnny in every obvious
way. Ultra only has a very average 2556 HP, his running speed is only Fairly
Fast, he has a Slow Homing Dash Speed, and a Very Slow throwing speed.
However, Ultra Johnny has the most devastating Super Smiley Attack in the
entire game, capable of doing 18800 HP damage. Which is more than enough
damage needed to destroy most enemies. That fact alone makes the choice
between Ultra Johnny and John Mk-2 harder than the choice between Zako and
John Calibur. Also, whenever Ultra Johnny does a Homing Dash, he becomes a
rocket. If he hits an opponent in this form, he can do 400 HP damage.

 Special Moves
Gattling Gun - d + O
 His hand turns into a "Samus Aran/Rockman" style gun, and then fires lots of
 short range bullets. 320 HP damage max.

Heavy Bomb - d + O (Aerial)
 Ultra Johnny kicks out a bomb, which drops down and explodes on impact. For
 a direct hit, a heavy bomb can cause a maximum of 350 HP damage.

Body Cutter Fan - df + O
 He twirls his legs around VERY fast to create a fan-like attack. It causes
 80 HP damage per hit, and hits about a maximum of four times.

Fire Booster - df + O (Aerial)
 His feet turn into Booster Rockets, and burn away their fuel. Once executed,
 press the Circle Button to "burn", hold it for a great retreating move, or
 tap it so you constantly burn the enemy. Each "burn" causes 80 HP damage,
 so on average you can cause 320 HP damage.

Hammer Kick - f + O
 Ultra Johnny's foot turns into a steel hammer head, and then he kicks
 forward with it. Impact with an enemy causes 200 HP damage.

Buster Boomerang - uf + O
 Johnny flail's his legs into the shape of a boomerang, does 150 HP damage
 and tosses the enemy into the air.

Rocket Jump - u + O
 Johnny's body turns into a rocket, which boosts upwards. Each "boost" only
 causes 80 HP damage, but Rocket Jumps can be chained into a very nice
 juggling combo.

Self Destruct - u, u, d, b, f + O
 He will turn into a fat bomb, and will blow up. Causing a massive explosion
 that deals around 5000 HP damage point blank. You must be sure that you'll
 kill the opponent with the explosion, otherwise your energy will be
 completely drained and it will be game over.

Transform Heli-Mode - d, u + X
 Johnny will spin his legs like the blades of a helicopter, allowing him to
 hover. Whilst in this mode, press the Triangle Button to Ascend, and the
 X Button to Descend. You can also attack in two ways in this mode, pressing
 the Circle Button executes the "Vulcan Shot" attack; in which Johnny fires
 a single vulcan round that causes 40 HP damage, Johnny can rapidly execute
 these like a machine gun. The "Bomb Drop" attack is executed by pressing the
 Square Button; Johnny will drop a medium sized bomb that will cause 300 HP
 damage for a direct hit, 200 HP otherwise. To transform back to Human-mode,
 press down, then up and the X Button.

 Super Smiley Attack
Disco Laser -
 The Super Smiley will float up above the targeted enemy, and then will
 become a disco ball of death; rapidly producing many scanning lasers that
 each deal 200 HP damage. This is easily one of the most devastating Super
 Smiley Attack's there is, if the opponent gets caught in the corner by it,
 this attack can cause a whopping 18800 HP worth of damage.

E X  C A L I B U R (エクスカリバ)
"A tiny strong man who wields a huge sword."

Ex Calibur looks so much like Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII. Think
about it; he has blonde spiky hair, and wields a sword way too big for him.
In fact, I was surprised there wasn't an attack in which Ex grabs his head in
agony and yells "Sephiroth!". But really, he's closer to Han from Guardian
Heroes because he is only capable of using sword-play in battle. Ex can't
throw, and hence Ex has no Super Smiley Attack. He has 3482 HP; which is
reasonable, his running speed is Fairly Slow, his Homing Dash speed is
Average, and he can't jump too high.

Thankfully, Ex has a nice variety of sword based Special Moves up his sleave,
to compensate for his shortcomings. His "Tornado" attack can be devastating
if he pins an enemy against a wall with it, his "Drill Attack" screams of
Raiden's Body Launch from Mortal Kombat, and his Ultimate ExPlosion attack is
more powerful than some Super Smiley Attacks, and he can use it whenever he
wants. Also, Ex's Homing Dash involves slashing at the ground... if an
opponent happens to get in the way, they'll be 300 HP less off. The trade off
is that Ex pauses after, leaving him open to attacks. Ex is also the only
character that has an enemy Homing Move. With it you can get close whilst
knocking out an enemy, then you can use one of his strong attacks.

 Special Moves
Vertical Slice - d + O
 Ex will slash vertically with his sword. Deals 300 HP damage.

Horizontal Slice - f + O
 Ex will slash horizontally with his sword. Deals 300 HP damage.

Tornado - u + O
 Ex puts his fist forward, and produces a horizontal tornado. It deals around
 damage in lots of 160 HP, up to 5 times. So the maximum damage it can cause
 is 800 HP damage.

Drill Attack - b, f + O
 He flies forward whilst spinning, with his huge sword out in front of him.
 Causes 300 HP damage to any target.

ExBlade Wave - u, d + O
 Ex Calibur jumps in the air and then slashes the ground, causing a wave of
 energy that deals 400 HP damage

Final ExPlosion - d, u + O
 Ex Calibur jumps up and thrusts his sword into the ground, and then creates
 a HUGE explosion. Causes around 1500 HP damage at "ground zero", and about
 800 HP on the fringe of the explosion.

Meta-Slash Dash - Double tap any direction
 He twirls his sword around while moving forward, causes 40 HP damage per
 hit, 160 HP max damage if all 4 slashes hit.

Homing Dash at Enemy - T
 Ex Calibur jumps at nearest opponent, slashing them with his sword; causing
 300 HP damage. Ex taunts his opponent after, which causes a short delay.

C H O  S U K E (チョースケ)
"A karate bird, who kills using his raptor skills."

ChoSuke is a bird, and birds are able to fly. Being able to fly makes Cho
play a little differently to other characters, thanks to his greater freedom
of movement. This coupled with a variety of evasion moves, makes Cho able to
dodge most attacks. Dodging isn't all that important, since he does have
3457 HP, but getting hit in the air will clip Cho's wings for a second.
ChoSuke has a Very Fast flying speed, and his Homing Dash speed is fast.
So overall, he is a swift and therefore good fighter.

However, he is lacking in good special moves. They cause a decent amount of
damage, but with most of them you'll have to fly down real low. The exception
is the Karate Chop, which has Cho swooping directly down. Cho's greatest
asset is the Swoop Grab. With it, he can swoop down from above and pick up an
enemy or object, then he can drag or throw them respectively, both resulting
in damage to the enemy. Dragging an opponent along the ground is very
satisfying, and being able to pummel them with items from above; also has its
charms. ChoSuke's "Tornado" Super Smiley attack is completely controllable,
which will allow you to suck up and drain opponent you feel are the biggest
threat, by moving the "Tornado" in that direction.

 Special Moves
Ascend - T
 ChoSuke will fly upwards, increasing his altitude.

Descend - X
 ChoSuke will fly downwards, decreasing his altitude.

Karate Chop - d + O
 ChoSuke karate chops, flying directly down. Contact with the Karate Chop
 causes 200 HP damage to an enemy, but an extra 100 HP is usually dealt from
 the enemy hitting the ground due to the force of the chop.

Righteous Fist - f + O
 ChoSuke dashes forward, with a pounding fist. Does 200 HP damage, and throws
 the opponent back. As always is the case, if the target hits the wall from
 the force of the attack, a further 100 HP damage is dealt.

Mawashi Kick - u + O
 ChoSuke kicks diagonally upward, knocking the opponent upwards. The kick
 deals 400 HP damage, and if the opponent hits a wall, an extra 100 HP is
 sustained by the target.

Horizontal Shockwave - b, f + O
 He will fly horizontally, leaving a small tornado-like shockwave in his
 wake. The shockwave causes 80 HP damage to a target, and throws them

Vertical Shockwave - d, u + O
 ChoSuke flies upward, leaving a tornado-like shockwave in his wake. The
 Shockwave deals 100 HP damage to the enemy.

Loop-de-loop - f, f, X
 He will fly in a wide loop, great for evading imminent attacks.

Fast Climb - u, u, X
 ChoSuke ascends incredibly fast.

Orbit - b, f, X
 ChoSuke will circle around the opponent. Great for creating confusion.

Nose Dive - d, d, X
 ChoSuke rapidly drops in altitude.

Swoop Grab - S
 ChoSuke will swoop down and attempt to grab the targeted object or opponent.
 If he succeeds in grabbing the target, you can either throw it by pressing
 the Square Button again, or you can press the Circle Button to initiate a
 "Drag Attack". A "Drag Attack" comprises of ChoSuke swooping down and
 dragging the object/opponent along the ground, dealing 620 HP damage.

 Super Smiley Attack
Tornado -
 ChoSuke will rapidly fly around in an orbit, producing a huge thermal
 tornado in the process. Any enemies which get sucked up in the funnel will
 have their HP drained. The maximum amount of HP that can be drained by the
 Tornado seems to be around 4080. This Super Smiley Attack is completely
 controllable, you can move the Tornado around with the Directional Buttons

M A R I N A (まりな)
"Hot blooded fighting girl, who pushes on with a gentle heart."

The "God Hand" must be a fan of Treasure's other game on the Enix label;
"Mischief Makers", if he drew a picture of Marina. Thankfully, Prof. Theo's
Ultra-intergalactic-Cybot-G has retained all her powers from "Mischief
Makers". She can Forward Roll, Slide, Slider Jump, throw Clan Bomb's, and use
her trademark "Shake! Shake!". Marina is easily one of the best characters in
the game. Although she has Fairly Slow running and Homing Dash Speeds. Her
excessive health at 4650 HP, her ability to grab things and not throw them
automatically, and the powering-up abilities of the "Shake! Shake!", stands
her head and shoulders above most of the other characters.

She has decent arsenal of Special Moves, but you will always use her
primarily as a "thrower". Getting her to Homing Dash over to items and
grabbing them, shaking them to increase their power, and then tossing them at
enemies rapidly will become all too familiar protocol when playing as Marina.
She can also do a "Strike Throw", which is very fast and powerful. Her
ability to instantly make a Smiley Ball a Super Smiley, through the use of
the "Shake! Shake!" special move is wondrous. Her Super Smiley Attack is
decent to say the least, causing 1300 HP damage to the target almost every
time. So being able to use it whenever you can, definitely is a bonus.

 Special Moves
Earth Shake - d + O
 Marina pounds on the ground, causing a shockwave that deals 80 HP damage.
 If Marina actually pounds an enemy, she'll deal 200 HP damage.

Body Press - d + O (Aerial)
 Marina dives forward, slightly homing in on opponents. The Body Press does
 200 HP damage to an enemy.

One-Two Punch - f + O
 A rapid double punch, dealing 40 HP damage per hit.

Uppercut - u + O
 Marina performs an uppercut, it does 200 HP damage and flings the opponent
 into the air.

Somersault Kick - u + O (Aerial)
 Marina flings herself upward in a somersault kick, flinging the opponent in
 the air and causing 200 HP damage.

Clan Bomb - d, df, f + O
 Marina scoops up some clay from the ground and creates a Clan Bomb, which
 she throws at the nearest enemy. The Bomb deals 400 HP damage for a direct
 hit, but a maximum of around 650 HP can be dealt if the opponent lands back
 in the explosion.

Forward Roll - b, f + O
 She will crouch into a ball and will roll forward. Great for evading
 imminent attacks.

Slider - b, f + X
 She will use her rocket boosters to slide across the ground. It causes 20 HP
 damage for about every second she is in contact with an enemy. If you press
 the X Button again after sliding, you will perform a "Slider Jump"; which
 will fly Marina into the air. Then just after performing a "Slider Jump"
 press the O Button, to perform a "Slider J Body Press". Just like a normal
 Body Press, it deals 200 HP damage to the enemy.

Boost - Double tap any direction
 A short fast boost in speed, using Marina's rocket boosters.

Grab Object - S
 Marina will grab an object, and will _NOT_ automatically throw it. To throw
 it, press the Square Button again. But apart from a normal throw, Marina
 can also do a "Strike Throw' by pressing the O button whilst pressing any
 direction, in which she throws the object hard, dealing 300 HP damage.

Shake! Shake! - O, whilst holding an object.
 Shaking items causes various effects, just like in Mischief Makers. Shaking
 an opponent deals 100 HP damage per "Shake! Shake!", and shaking a Smiley
 Ball makes it automatically become a "Super Smiley"! Both of which are very
 helpful indeed. Shaking other items usually just increases their size and
 doubles the amount of damage they deal. Although, shaking a Black Hole also
 increases the radius of the gravity field it produces.

 Super Smiley Attack
Explosive Smiley -
 Throw the Super Smiley to initiate her Super Smiley Attack. The Super Smiley
 will bloat in size, and then Marina will throw it at the targeted enemy.
 On contact with the enemy, it will burst into heaps of little Smileys. The
 initial impact does 1000 HP damage, and the explosion does 300 HP damage.
 So alltogether it deals 1300 HP damage.

E S P e r  D O G (エスパーけん)
"Coming from outer space? A dog with mysterious eyebrows."

ESPer Dog is one of the strangest characters in the game; an alien dog with
Extrasensory Perception, and eyebrows that would make Ernest Borgnine
jealous. ESPer Dog is no character for beginners, he only has 3000 HP, both
his running and Homing Dash speeds are Slow, he can't jump too high, and he
only has a couple of Special Moves. But if you know how to use him, ESPer can
be one of the best characters in the game. ESPer's throwing speed is Very
Slow, which makes it very impractical to throw as him. But thankfully, ESPer
has evolved beyond that...

By using his "Vacuum Mind Waves" special move to draw in items close to him,
and then using his "Telekineis" special move; ESPer can be in control of
a lot of items simultaneously. He can then throw them all at once at a
target, pummelling them into oblivion. His "ESP Collar" special move is also
useful, you can cause 400 HP damage at the least from a fairly safe

 Special Moves
Telekinetic Wave - Any direction + O
 ESPer Dog pulses waves from his mind, causing 100 HP damage to the enemy.

ESP Collar - b, f + O
 ESPer Dog grabs his collar and throws it like a chakram. It deals 400 HP
 damage, and if the opponent gets thrown into the wall because of it, an
 extra 100 HP damage is dealt.

Telekinesis - d, u + O
 He lifts all objects around him with his ESP powers, and floats up in
 the air. You can still move him around in this state. Press the Circle
 Button to simultaneously throw all the objects he has lifted up at the
 targeted enemy.

Vacuum Mindwaves - u, d + O
 ESper Dog will draw in all objects around him, using the power of his mind.

Teleportation - Double tap any direction
 ESPer Dog disappears and reappears just ahead, in the direction pressed.

 Super Smiley Attack
U.F.O. -
 ESper Dog summons a whole squadron of UFO. These actively seek the targeted
 enemy and fire lasers at it. Each laser causes 100 HP damage. With 27 U.F.O,
 the maximum possible amount of damage that can be causes is 2700 HP.

J O H N  M k - 2 (ジョンMk―2)
"Returning again, this time in a Track Suit."

Apparently, a pair of Adidas three-stripes can increase your "powers"
immeasurably. John has 2985 HP, which is pretty average. His running speed
is Very Fast, his Homing Dash speed is Fast, and he can jump Very High.
His excellence in almost every department makes John Mk-2 (Mark Two) one
of the most versatile characters in the game. His versatility is widened by
using his "Heli-Mode Transform" special move, which allows him to fly. When
in Heli-Mode, you can either drop Bombs on your opponents from above, or
you can fly down really low and use the Vulcan Shot to pin the enemy
against the wall and cause lots of damage.

John Mk-2 has an identical arsenal of special moves to Ulta Johnny, since
Ultra Johnny is his clone. The variety and power of his other specials is
great, especially the "Hammer Kick" and "Heavy Bomb" ones. The most
surprisingly useful one is "Self Destruct". If you going to die, use it, you
might just defeat everyone and clear the stage. John's Super Smiley Attack
this round is decent, but it still doesn't even come close to holding a
candle to his clone; Ultra Johnny's Super Smiley Attack. Like Ultra Johnny,
when John Mk-2 does a Homing Dash, he becomes a rocket. If he hits an
opponent in this form, he can do 300 HP damage.
|   John Mk-2's Special Moves are identical to Ultra Johnny's. Refer to    |
|   Ultra Johnny's Move List for a listing of John Mk-2's Special Moves.   |

 Super Smiley Attack
Bomb (Rebounding) -
 Johnny Mk-2 will go to throw the Super Smiley, but will hold it at the last
 minute. Press the Square button and he will let the Super Smiley go. He'll
 eventually let it go, but at least you'll be able to time your attack if you
 wish. The Super Smiley will then rebound around the walls of the battle
 arena, actively seeking the target. Every time the Smiley Ball makes
 contact it will deal 300 HP damage.

L I L O (リロ)
"Lolita! This being... is actually an ugly woman!?."

Lilo is adorably cute ^_^ and unsurprisingly harmless. She has 2881 HP, which
is just above average. She has a Very Slow running speed, although that is
offset by her "Dash" special move which is unlimited. She cannot Homing Dash
at all, can't jump very high, and her throwing speed is Fairly Slow. When
walking as Lilo, occasionally she will not look the way she's walking. If you
bump into an enemy while she isn't looking, the enemy will loose 80 HP.
Anyway, Lilo really only has two things going for her; Firstly, you can slow
down enemies a lot by blowing them heaps of kisses, and then doing a
"Piggyback Death Drag" on them, you should be able to drain a lot if not all
of their HP, because they are made virtually immobile. Secondly, her Super
Smiley Attack turns her into the virtually unstoppable Mamu for a short time.

 Special Moves
Attract Vacuum - d + O
 Lilo draws in all objects around her, with her special powers.

Hip Attack - d + O (Aerial)
 Lilo will spin down directly below her, hitting the enemy with her hip for
 40 HP damage. If you miss, Lilo will fall (very cute).

Barrier - f + O
 Causes 10 HP damage if an enemy comes in contact. Best used to throw an
 opponent back at an explosive item.

Piggyback Death Drag - u + O
 Lilo will leap forward, and if she lands on a enemy she will begin to cause
 continuous damage... *clears throat* Is she dry humping the opponent?
 Anyway, the amount of damage dealt depends on how long it takes for the
 opponent to shake her off.

Hurrah! Counter - u + O (Aerial)
 Lilo jumps up in the air, and cheers three times in a very cute manner ^_^
 Whilst cheering, every item thrown at her will automatically be Donpisha

Blow Kiss - d, df, f + O
 She will blow a kiss, that will home in and grapple onto the enemy. This
 kiss will slow the opponent down considerably, and will impair their
 movement a lot. It's best to use this move on an enemy before Piggyback
 Death Dragging them.

Dash - Double tap any direction
 Lilo will run fast.

 Super Smiley Attack
Mamu Metamorphosis -
 Lilo will transform into Mamu for a short time. You will be able to execute
 all of Mamu's attacks whilst transformed.

M A M U (マム)
"Tremble from the fear of her super-Konishiki-class megaton size."

Mamu is one unstoppable freight train of a woman. She I very resilient,
with a whopping 6899 HP! But her weight slows her down, since her running
speed is Slow, her Homing Dash speed is average, and she can't jump very
high. Her Homing Dash on its own can get you through the game. When she
performs a Homing Dash, she will do a Belly Flop. For a direct hit, it
can cause around 1600 HP. And the very large shockwave it produces, can
cause around 500 HP even on its fringe. The Belly Flop does 100 HP damage
if contact is made mid-flight.

Mamu is both great as a "thrower" or a fighter. Her special moves are all
generally great. From the Bomber Kiss, which reliably causes 1000 HP to the
enemy. Or the "Ultimate Death Tackle", which crushes the enemy against the
wall, dealing 900 HP damage. Mamu is seemingly unstoppable. However, she
does have one weakness. When hit, Mamu will not be thrown back. It may
sound like a good thing, but all it means is that she is more susceptible
to continuous attacks. When a normal player would be thrown out of the way
by Ex Calibur or Daddy's "Tornado" attack, Mamu stays put and gets hit for
a lot of damage.

 Special Moves
Heavy Hip Attack - d + O
 Mamu thrusts her big ass out, dealing 500 HP on impact to the target, and
 then another relatively certain 100 HP damage when the opponent slams into
 the wall from the force of the impact.

Megaton Hip Press - d + O (Aerial)
 She will stomp the ground using her huge behind, creating a shockwave; that
 does 200 HP damage. If she makes direct contact with an opponent, the
 Megaton Hip Press deals 600 HP damage.

Punishment Punch - f + O
 Mamu flicks her fists back and forth, hits the opponent twice, dealing
 150 HP for each hit.

Bomber Kiss - d, df, f + O
 Mamu blows a kiss which homes in, and then explodes on contact with the
 targeted enemy, causing 1000 HP damage.

Ultimate Death Tackle - b, f + O
 Mamu will launch herself into a shoulder barge tackle. The tackle does
 900 HP damage, and if she crushes her victim against the wall of the arena,
 it deals an extra 100 HP damage.

Running Destroyer - Double tap any direction
 She will run for a short time. Any contact with an opponent will send them
 flying into the air, and will deal 150 HP damage.

 Super Smiley Attack
Dark Kiss -
 Mamu will kiss the Super Smiley for a long time, and then will release it
 with a huge dark kiss attached. It will then home in on the targeted enemy,
 while Mamu cheers it on. If it makes contact with the enemy it will
 explode, causing around 1890 HP damage.

D A D D Y (ダディ)
"Boss character, with a muscular reverse-triangle body shape."

Being the general of the "Enemy Character Army", and the penultimate bad guy,
you'd expect Daddy to be pretty powerful, and he is... he has 5964 HP; which
is only second to Mamu, his running speed is Fast, he can fly like ChoSuke,
and he has a huge arsenal of highly powerful attacks. His only shortcomings
are that his throwing speed is Slow, and he can't Homing Dash at all. His
special attacks are all generally devastating. You can easily take out whole
groups of enemies by constantly executing Akira/Huge Explosions. His Super
Smiley Attack is VERY strong, you should be able to clear whole stages with
it. As the boulders levitate from all over the place and cause massive
amounts of damage.

 Special Moves
Grave of Light - d + O
 Daddy throws down a ball of light, which explodes into a column of light.
 The ball deals 40 HP damage, the beams deals 500 HP damage. If an opponent
 bounces from a wall back into the column of light, it will deal an extra 500
 HP each time. I've seen this attack do 1540 HP damage.

Doom Explosion - df + O
 Daddy throws down a ball of light diagonally, it causes a great explosion
 on impact. Causes about 850 HP damage for a direct hit.

Missile - f + O
 A black missile shot out by Daddy that homes in and explodes on contact
 with the enemy. The missile impact causes 100 HP damage, the explosion
 causes about 140 HP damage.

Eye Beam - uf + O
 Daddy shoots a sweeping laser beam from his eyes, Superman-style. It causes
 200 HP damage to anything it touches.

Rapid Ascend - u + O
 Daddy's hands will turn into rockets and he'll boost himself up with them.
 The after-burn causes 200 HP damage.

Tornado - b, f + O
 Much like Ex Calibur's Tornado attack, Daddy produces a huge horizontally
 swirling column of air, which consecutively hits the opponents. Does up to
 1700 HP damage.

Evade Slide - d, df, f + O
 Daddy wraps his cape around him, and slides forward. He is virtually
 invincible whilst doing this.

Akira/Huge Explosion - d, u + O
 Daddy gathers energy and causes a huge explosion. Does about 2000 HP damage
 at ground zero.

High Speed Glide - Double tap any direction
 He will glide forward quickly in the direction pressed.

 Super Smiley Attack
Boulder Levitate -
 Daddy will use his awesome power to lift boulders up from the ground.
 Contact with a boulder causes 1000 HP damage to any given target. With the
 amount of boulders he produces, it's possible to wipe out all opponents on
 screen with this attack.


  S T A G E  1
You're only up against three Zako. As far as items go, there is only one
Smiley Ball, and Rocks are the only thing that appear from the Item Points.
Because this is the first stage, it's a very easy fight. Just keep throwing
Rocks and the Smiley Ball with Backward Drives at the Zako. As Ex Calibur,
use his Tornado attack as soon as the fight begins, then keep using it until
all three Zako are dead.

  S T A G E  2
Dojo in Autumn, leaves blow to and fro, sparring a Ninja. If you couldn't
tell from that haiku, this stage is against Hayate. Homing Missiles appear
from the eight Item Points around the perimeter of the dojo, and there is
only one Smiley Ball. Grenades also appear out of no where in the middle of
the arena. Anyway, keep moving around with Chained Homing Dashes so Hayate
can't hit you. Keep doing that, whilst flinging Homing Missiles at him with
Backward Drive throws. They only cause 300 HP damage, but you're guaranteed
to hit him. Alternatively, if you playing as Marina or Lilo, you can beat
him without much effort at all. As Marina, grab Hayate and shake him
profusely, until he's defeated. As Lilo, blow heaps of kisses at him until
he's really sluggish, then jump on him with the Piggyback Death Drag, and
drain his HP dry.

  S T A G E  3
On the deck of a navy frigate at sea, you're up against three Cannon Zako,
and one garden variety Zako. There are three Smiley Balls, and only Grenades
are drawn on Item Points. Take out the Zako first, since he is the only one
able to throw. A really cool way of doing this, is to throw him at Cannon
Zako, or throw Cannon Zako at him. That way you kill two birds with one
stone. Once he's out of the picture, just keep tossing Smiley Balls at them,
and then use Super Smiley Attacks. Because the only way they can attack is
via shooting fake smileys, if you're alert all the time, you can Counter
every single projectile and have a flawless victory.

  S T A G E  4
Fighting a household dog in suburban backyard... don't think this will be
a walk in the park, ESPer is no ordinary dog. The most important thing in
this stage is to never let ESPer get hold of a Super Smiley, as his Super
Smiley Attack is disastrous. This time, there are two Smiley Balls, and both
Homing Missiles and Grenades are drawn on item points. Once you've defeated
ESPer Dog, another two will literally beam in. If they use their annoying
Telekinesis (floating up with items under their control) special, throw a
Grenade at them, hopefully they will fall into the explosion of one of the
Grenades they may have been "holding".

  S T A G E  5
Now you must battle in Area 51 against cyborg clones. There is only one
Smiley Ball this time, and Black Holes and ICBMs will appear on item points.
There are two Ultra Johnnys, but there are also another two "on the bench",
that will come flying in as you defeat the first two. To defeat the Ultra
Johnnys easily, throw a Black Hole at them with a Backward Drive, so it
creates a huge gravity field. Then either throw a ICBM at them, or throw a
Smiley Ball into the field with a Forward Drive; if you're lucky the Smiley
will stay in the centre of the gravity field and will cause continuous damage
to all inside, it will then almost certainly become a Super Smiley. Throwing
an ICBM is more reliable, and you'll be able to cause a lot of damage,
depending on the drive you use.

  S T A G E  6
Ah, a rumble on the beach. You're up against John Calibur, and friends. On
Easy he has two Zako lackeys, on Normal he has four, and on Hard he has six.
There is only one Smiley Ball, Grenades and ICBMs appear from the item
points, and Rocks appear in the middle of the beach. Rocks are really good in
this stage, toss them in John's direction, and hopefully the pieces will hit
the Zako around him. Wide ranging Super Smiley Attacks are great, Sasami's
"Icicle Mine", Pitan's "Bomb", Daddy's "Boulder Levitate", et cetera can
clear the stage easily. That's why it's good to focus on using the Smiley
Ball. For characters that don't throw too well, or not at all, it's best to
use wide ranging Special Moves, such as Hayate's "Bakuretsu Kyuukyoku Ken" or
Ex Calibur's "Final ExPlosion".

  S T A G E  7
In this stage, you will randomly fight either Ex Calibur, Marina or ChoSuke.

Ex Calibur
 Opposition: a small soldier with a huge sword. Location: a wooded medieval
 battle arena (reminds me of the beginning of Seiken Densetsu). Well, it will
 be wooded until you get to it. On Easy and Normal, Ex Calibur will be on his
 own. But on Hard, he will be accompanied by four Cannon Zako. Regardless of
 the difficulty, you will always be against enemies that can't throw. Use
 this to your advantage by pummelling them with the Smiley Ball. You'll have
 a monopoly over the Super Smiley Attacks. If a tree is damaged, it will fall
 down and will leave a Land Mine in its place. If Ex uses his Final ExPlosion
 attack, a lot of mines will be laying around. Try throwing your enemies at
 them with the Triangle Button.

 A battle on Planet Clancer. Prof. Theo and some Clancers are in the
 background. On Easy and Normal, Marina will be on her lonesome. But on Hard,
 she's accompanied by two Marina clones. Marina will constantly throw stuff
 at you, it wouldn't be that annoying but she uses powerful "Strike Throws".
 That's why it's a good idea to do Chained Homing Dashes all over the place,
 to keep on moving. Do that, while throwing the two Smiley Balls, the
 Grenades that appear in the corners, and the Rocks that appear in the
 middle; at Marina.

 This battle is made especially annoying because ChoSuke can fly. There are
 three Smiley Balls, Homing Missile will appear from Item Points, Mines will
 appear around the central spire of the mountain, and ICBMs will appear from
 ChoSuke's nest on the top of the mountain's spire. But you can only get to
 the ICBMs if you're ChoSuke or Daddy... The best strategy with ChoSuke, is
 to knock him down with Homing Missiles and Forward Drive thrown Smiley
 Balls, and then bash him up with Special Moves. On Easy and Normal he will
 be on his own, but on Hard, he will have two ESPer Dogs as bodyguards. Try
 to throw them into the Land Mines that appear around the central spire. Just
 whatever you do, don't let them get to a Super Smiley.

  S T A G E  8
School fight! On Easy you will be fighting against John Calibur and Lilo, on
Normal you'll be against three Lilos, and on Hard you'll be against Mamu.
There are three Smiley Balls, and no items will be drawn. On the Easy and
Normal modes, you don't want Lilo to get her hands on a Super Smiley, as it
will increase the difficulty of the stage ten fold if she becomes Mamu.
That's why you should just pummel her (and John on Easy) with special moves.
It may be laborious with some characters, but it's the safest way.
Otherwise, you can pummel them with the Smiley Ball, but make sure when it
becomes a Super Smiley, you get it!

On Hard, the battle will either be really hard or fairly easy, depending on
your character. With Ex Calibur and Daddy, you'll have a really easy time.
Since their Tornado attack can defeat her easily, racking up a lot of hits on
her large frame. With everyone else, you'll probably have some trouble.
In general, the best idea is to do Chained Homing Dashes rapidly around the
area, so she can't get to you. And then throw Forward Drive Smiley Balls at
her, which will hit her quite a lot of times. When it becomes a Super Smiley,
quickly dash over to get it before she does. If she does get it, get ready to
do Chained Homing Dashes. Make sure you choose a Super Smiley Attack which
will not give her access to the ball, that means Pitan's "Bomb" and "Ribbon"
are out of the question, and so is Yukiwo's "Homing" Super Smiley Attack.

However, Tsubohachi's "Puke Recovery/Damage" Super Smiley Attack; which you
think would be a bad idea, is actually a godsend. Mamu will always run for
the Smiley, and his puke will drain her HP down fast. Even if she uses her
"Dark Kiss" Super Smiley Attack, Tsubohachi is invincible while sleeping, and
she will take damage from the puke whilst she cheers the Dark Kiss on. Using
Special Moves against her is not a good idea, generally when you get close
she will use her Running Destroyer attack, which will make you efforts
futile. But if you do get her against a wall, it is possible to bash her down
with special moves.

  S T A G E  9
Then I get Night Fever, Night Fever. We know how to do it! John Calibur dies
of the funk, and resurrects under the disco lights, transforming into a
Mark-2 version of himself. Strutting his stuff with his clones; the Ultra
Johnnys. On Easy there will be only one Ultra Johnny, on Normal there will be
three, and on Hard there will be five. This has to be one of the messiest
fights in the game, it's very hectic. ICMBs and Black Holes will appear on
the speakers, and Grenades will appear on the middle of the dance floor.
Basically, you should us the Black Hole tactics you used in Stage 5 again.
But there are a couple of extra things you can do. Try getting the Grenade
that appears in the centre of the dance floor, and throw it with a Backward
Drive to maximise the damage it causes. Also, try throwing the lone Smiley
Ball with a Forward Drive, you should be able to hit multiple enemies with
it. But if an Ultra Johnny gets his dirty bionic hands a Super Smiley, get
the hell out of there! His Disco Laser Super Smiley Attack is deadly!

 S T A G E  1 0
The setup of this stage is slightly complex. It relies on two things, one;
who you fought in Stage 7, and two; your difficulty level. On Hard, you will
fight against all three characters (Ex Calibur, Marina and ChoSuke).
On Normal, the character you fought in Stage 7 will step out, so you'll just
fight the other two. On Easy, you'll fight ChoSuke if you fought Ex Calibur
in Stage 7, Ex Calibur if you fought Marina in Stage 7, and Marina if you
fought ChoSuke in Stage 7.

On Easy, the fights are identical to the ones in Stage 7, so check the
strategies for them. Otherwise, it's a rumble on a huge Tatami Mat against
multiple characters. There is only one Smiley Ball, Rocks and Grenades will
appear from item points, and Land Mines will appear in the middle. You should
focus on Ex Calibur first (if he's even there), since he tends to use his
Final ExPlosion attack quite a lot. Defeating him is best done by throwing
him at Marina and the Land Mines that are everywhere, or by blowing him up
with Backward Drive thrown Grenades. Then you should focus on Marina (if
she's even there), because her constant throwing is a tad annoying. Take her
out the same way as Ex Calibur, but focus more on Grenades. Now that you've
got the land lovers out of the way, you can take out ChoSuke easily. Just hit
him down with a Forward Drive thrown Smiley Ball, then jump up and toss him
into a Land Mine so he's down for the count, then use your strongest special
move on him.

 S T A G E  1 1
It's Winter time at the dojo, Autumn leaves have been replaced with Winter
snowflakes. On easy, you'll be up against Hayate, exactly like Stage 2, but
Hayate has more HP, and better AI. On Normal, Hayate will have two ESPer Dog
buddies. Take them out first with the Smiley Ball, and then focus on Hayate,
using the strategies you used in Stage 2. On Hard, you'll be up against Lilo
and John Mk-2, just focus on attacking one, and eventually they will reveal
their true form, a red and a blue Hayate! Just focus one at a time, try
throwing them at each other.

 S T A G E  1 2
A battle royale on a strange distant planet. On Easy, it's just you versus
Daddy, mano e mano. On Normal, he'll have two Cannon Zako "bodyguards". On
Hard, he'll be with Mamu. The transparent globes in this level can only be
thrown a short distance, but they're still kind of neat. Homing Missiles and
Black Holes will appear in the corners, and Land Mines will appear in the
middle of the area. I'd try to deal with them as quickly as possible, by
attacking them with the Smiley Ball violently, or tossing them into Land
Mines. Mamu if thrown at Daddy can cause quite a lot of damage, and vis
versa. As for Daddy, keep your distance, since his attacks are strong.
Anyway, it's best to treat him like ChoSuke. Hit him down with a Forward
Drive Smiley, jump up and toss him into a Land Mine, and then hit him with
your strongest special move.

 G O D  H A N D
The final Battle! It's time to meet your maker! Daddy will constantly provide
you with three Zako as backups. Anyway, you've got a limited amount of time
to beat the God Hand, who has A LOT of HP. You'll have 270 seconds on Easy,
210 seconds on Normal, and 180 seconds on Hard. Ignore the enemies the God
Hand draws, and just focus on him. Try to keep hitting him with Forward Drive
Smiley Balls, and use Super Smiley Attacks on him when they power up. Also,
another good tactic is to throw him at the enemies he draws, you can cause a
lot of damage if you keep doing that. The easiest way to get him, is to throw
a Black Hole at him, and then throw a Smiley Ball at him with a Forward
Drive, as said before, if your lucky it will get stuck inside the Black Hole
and will cause a lot of damage.

If you run out of time, it will be Game Over without being able to continue.
But if you win, you'll be treated to a nice FMV anime ending. If you finished
it on hard, you will also see a slide show of scribbles (rakugaki) drawn by
the development team. That's followed by a results screen with Credits
on the side. It displays your Rank (ランク), Total Time (トータルタイム) and
Continues (コンティニュー) used. You can tell what difficulty level you
finished it on by the colour of the screen, green: Easy, orange: Normal, and
red: Hard. Finally, you will be greeted with a magenta screen. This screen
will tell you what difficulty level you completed; in the form of Level ?
Clear (レベル? クリアー), being either Easy (イージー), Normal (ノーマル) or
Hard (ハード), and which character you unlocked, in the classic Engrish form
of character Get! (ゲット!). If you've unlocked as many characters as you
can from that difficulty level, you'll get this message:

Try harder to get other Characters!

After unlocking 5 characters you will not be able to unlock any more by
beating the game on Easy, and after unlocking 11 characters you won't be able
to unlock any more by beating it on Normal. After you have unlocked all
characters, it will praise you by saying All Complete (オールコンプリート)
and Congratulations! (おめでとう!).


After unlocking all 13 special characters (17 characters in total), a 7th
option will open up in the Options Menu, called Special (スペシャル).
It contains four special options, which can be turned On (オン) or Off (オフ).

Stage Select (ステージセレクト); which will allow you to select which battle
you want to fight in, in Normal Mode. On the Stage Select screen, press left
or right on the directional buttons for Stage Select (ステージセレクト), press
up and down on the directional buttons for Level Select (レベルセレクト) and
press Circle to Confirm (けってい) your choice.

Fun (オタノシミ); which unlocks "Tests" in the other options. In Sound it
unlocks, Music Test (ミュジックテスト); which you can use to listen to all
45 BGM, and Effect Test (エフェクトテスト); which you can use to listen to
all 122 SFX. In Demonstration it unlocks Movie Test (ムービーテスト); where
you can view movies that you have seen before. And in Staff it opens up the
Credits (クレジット), which are the rakugaki (scribble) based credits that you
see if you finish the game on Hard. Also, turning "Fun" on allows you to
choose the colour of your character in Normal Mode. While selecting your
character, hold L1, L2 or R1 for Colour Schemes 2, 3 or 4 respectively, or
hold R2 for black and white.

Pause Display (ポーズヒョウジ), which will allow you to open the pause menu
when it's on. When taking screenshots, turn it off so you can pause the frame
you want and then take the screenshot.

Versus Restart (バーサスリスタート), when On, after the Versus Mode game is
finished it will ask you whether you want to restart. When Off, you will just
be taken back to the Main Menu after finishing a Versus Mode game.


Valgar, for being someone I can discuss Treasure with, and for supplying
me with wonderful scans of the Move List pages of the Instruction Booklet.
I only own a pirate copy of Rakugaki Showtime (orginating from Bali), and
pirates don't like to include Instruction booklets... I'm currently awaiting
a real copy I've bought from an online retalier *fingers crossed*

Han (http://www1.odn.ne.jp/~cab04700/index.htm), the artist behind all of the
artwork in this game. For the "Unlock Everything" push code he published on
his homepage for a short time.

ChronoMog (ltaox@home.com), I used his wonderful Rakugaki Showtime guide
when I first got the game. And so, I was probably influenced by it somewhat.
His FAQ is a great alternative to mine, you should check it out.

The "Oxford Starter Japanese Dictionary" (ISBN 0-19-860197-2) as it's such a
great reference book for translating Japanese into English. And it uses Kana
Script, not Romaji (which is the devil).

The "Kodansha Kanji Learner's Dictionary" (ISBN 4-7700-2335-9), relatively
expensive, but Jack Halpern's SKIP kanji look-up system is genius. It's so
easy to find the readings and meanings of Kanji characters.


Version 1.0 06/12/02
Everything is basically complete to my satisfaction. If you have any
additional contributions you'd like to contribute, send them to me. Thanks!

Version 1.1 29/01/03
Corrected a few small errors, and added a couple of things I forgot.

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answer to your question is in the FAQ, or you're sending me info I already 
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