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Guide and Walkthrough by Dark Pulse

Version: 2.x1 | Updated: 07/18/2004

                      .::.                            ..:
                    ...                                  ::.
                 .;:                                       .:.
               .::                                           .,.
              .,.                                              ,.
             .,                                                 ::
            :,                                                   .,.
           .,                                                     ;i
          :;.                                                     .i,.
         :::                                                       ,i,
         ,,,                                                       .;,.
        .:;:                                                       .i;,
        :,i:                                                        :,;
       .;:,,                                                      .i;;.
       .,:;;                                                      .;::.
        ::::                                                      ,,,,.
        .:,;:                                                     .;;;;
         .::;.                                                   .:,;;,
         .::ii.                                                  ;;;;i:
         .::.;;              ...::............ ...             .,::;i,
           .,:::.               :,,,:,,..i,.::,.              .,;;ii;
           :,:..:.               :::,;.  :.::,.             .,i,i;,t.
            .:,:::::             ...:,   ..:.:.            .::,iiit:
              ..:..:,:.          ..:.;.  .::::          :ft;;;;it,
                .::,:.::.        ....:   .::::       .;tti;i,,;i:
                ...:....::,,:.   .::::   :,,::    :,.;ii;;;i.;i
                                 .:..,. .:::.:.
                                 ::..:.  :::.,.
                                 ,:..,.  .:..:.
                                 ::...   .:..::
                                 :,::,.  ,:,:,.
                                 ,::::   ..,.,.
                                 ::..:   .,.:,
                                  ::,.    :.,,
                                  ,,,     :,,:
                                  ::,     .::
                                  .,:      ,:
                                  .i.      ;:
                                  .,.      ;.
                                   :       .

                                                                   ,: ::
     .         .    ;;    i:      ;,       i:   :.    .i.   :      i, ,i
    .,         ,    ;;    i.       ;;      ;, ,i      .i.          i, ;i
     ,.  .,.  ::    ;,    i.    .. .i.     i:  .;:    .i.          i, ,;
      ,;;;i,;;:      .    .    .     ;.    ,.    ..    ..   ,      ;: ,;

QUAKE II FAQ for PSX (USA) by Pulse Started on 2/21/01 at 3:17 PM.
Last Revision: 7/18/04 at 5:43 AM, EDT
FAQ Version: 2.x1

*FAQ Tally*
* Characters: 68,727                                                         *
* Characters (With Spaces): 84,713                                           *
* Words: 14,839                                                              *
* Pages: 31                                                                  *
* Paragraphs: 1,469                                                          *
* Lines: 1,754                                                               *
* Random Number: 232                                                         *

I. Copyrights:

QUAKE II, the Game, Characters' Names, and all Licenses thereof are
Copyrighted by id entertainment, inc. 1996-2004 id.

DOOM is a copyright of id entertainment, inc. 1992-2003 id.
This FAQ is Copyright Thomas Warnica, 2001-2004.
All Rights reserved.

This FAQ is intended for Private Use ONLY and can be copied for said use.
Any other use of this FAQ without my permission is not allowed. Violators
Will be persecuted in a court of law. Blah blah blah more legal stuff. You

II. Introduction:

Welcome to Pulse's QUAKE II FAQ for PSX (USA). This is a complete
Walkthrough, Weapon and Item Guide, Secret Finder, and Deathmatch tactic all
in one. I have not found a complete walkthrough anywhere else on the net, so
I will do the honors in preventing you from being blown into a pile of gibs.

III.Table of Contents:

I. Copyrights
II. Introduction
III. Table of Contents
IV. The Story
V. The Enemy
VI. Get Control!!!
VII. Battle Tactics (AKA not being blown into gibs)
VIII. Weapons Index and Ratings
IX. Items Index and Ratings
X. Deathmatch Help and Options
XI. Game Walkthrough
XII. Secrets and Cheats
XIII. Revision Information
XIV. Thanks and shouts
XV. Information about this FAQ and where you can share your codes with me
XVI. Anything Else?

IV. The Story

Long shadows claw desperately away from your dusty combat boots, fueled by
the relentless sun of a late Texas afternoon. Shading your eyes against the
glare, you squint for the thousandth time at the line of soldiers ahead of
you. It stretches on endlessly across the rubble, disappearing at last into
the cool shadows of a troop carrier. Soon you'll walk up the ramp into the
ship, climb into your one-man cocoon, tear through the interplanetary
gateway, and smash down light-years away from the blowing sand and blasted
ruins that surround the Dallas-Metro crater.

"What the hell is taking so long?!" you snarl, slamming the battered barrel
of your side arm, the blaster, against your scarred palm. "I've waited long
enough. Time to kick some Strogg ass..."

Slightly rocking back and forth under the sweltering August sun, you spit
out of the side of your mouth, rub your eyes, and think back to the day when
the wretched creatures first attacked. Like flaming meteors, their crafts
pounded into the Earth and unbelievably, these biomechanical aliens... these
hideous cyborgs... swarmed out while their ships still sizzled with reentry
heat. They killed or captured anything that lived. We figured that the
Strogg were after our planet's resources: minerals, metals, and water:
things like that. But their onboard storage facilities did little to
disguise what they considered to be resources: fleshy limbs and organs for
new cyborgs, and of course, food.

The line moves. And moves again. Into the cool shadows at last. The
assembled armies branch off into new lines divided by corps and unit.
"I can't deal with this shit - what's the friggin' hold-up?"

"Cool your jets, marine," Tokay mutters and smiles over his shoulder. "We'll
all get a few Strogg heads to take home as souvenirs. I promise you that."

"Yo, soldier, 3585." The medtech's voice startles you. "You in or out?"
Competent hands guide you into the coffin-like opening of your Mark 9A drop
pod: sleek, dark, and invisible to the Stroggos defense systems. One of the
techs begins to drop the reinforced pod door. "Sleep tight, soldier. You'll
see sunlight in less than six and half-hours. Not our sun, mind you..." <SLAM>
Pitch black except for the mild glow of your video readout system in front
of you. You've done this a dozen times in the sim classes. No sweat. Just a
few short hours to sleep, recharge, and then... the moment of glory. But this
time it's for real.

It's also time to think. You recall your first official day of training,
your unit commander discussing how these damn parasites made it to Earth and
other nearby colonies in the first place. By employing our best satellites
and long-range scanners, we learned how they traveled light years so quickly
- the Strogg used these black hole-like gateways as their highway to heaven.
We still don't know if they created these rips in the fabric of space and
time, or if they simply discovered them by accident. Either way... it's just
like opening the door to an all-you-can-eat restaurant for these bastards.
In about two hours, we'll be entering the same interstellar portals, to hit
'em where it hurts... on their own turf.

You close your eyes and relish this thought. Eventually, you nod off to the
low hypnotic hum of the troop carrier.

*Crackle* ... *fzzzz* ... "Greetings to the people of the Coalition. This is
Flag Admiral Crockett, speaking to you from the bridge deck of Phobos. We
are entering the outer orbits of Stroggos, the alien's home system. As we
had postulated, Stroggos' atmosphere is harsh but breathable. We expect to
make planetfall soon. Now is the time to switch on your debriefing panel if
ya need it."

"Boomer?" the voice crackles through every soldier's headset. "Drop X-ray
squad in 30 on my mark. You copy?"

"Roger that!" In another pod, your sergeant snaps back. "OK boys and girls,
you see the clock on your heads-up. Two demerits for anyone who up-chucks
during bounce and roll!"

*Shthunk!!* Your drop pod is shot from the side of the carrier and hurtles
downward. *Wheee-oooooo!* Incendiary atmosphere howls past the pod's rapidly
heating shell. *Ka-WHUMP! * The pod wall suddenly buckles to your right, but
stays intact. Another pod must have clipped yours on its way in. ECM didn't
indicate enemy fire. Shit. Thrusters and stabilizing gyros are fading. Based
on the pings, the other pods are pulling away. Below you, the large alien
city roars into focus on the screen. But where are the other pods? They were
there a minute ago.

Suddenly, distorted radio chatter lights up, "Mayday! Mayday! Lost all
power... shielding failed... missed dz... some kind of EMP is... kzzzt... us
out. We're dropping like fli... zzzzkkkzzzt". Silence. Damn! If the Strogg
have electromagnetic pulse defenses and we failed to detect them... all of us
are in the shitter.

That HUGE blip has to be the Big Gun.

You do a slow dogleg left as your
navcomp finds a place to land when all of a sudden retros kick in and propel
you south.

"What the...?" Before you know it you skip across the lip of a crater and
slam into a structure, a good distance away from your target. Dazed and
bleeding from a head cut you toggle open the labeled arsenal bins and reach
for where your gear ought to be stowed. Damn. Nothing but your sidearm. Damn

You leap out the crushed pod door, alone, with blaster in hand, and tear off
into the room with the bittersweet stench of vengeance coursing through your


We have cleared the interplanetary gateway between Earth and Stroggos. In
exactly three hours operation Alien Overlord will commence.
As I speak to you, your pods are being fueled and all systems brought
online. Activate your field computers. The following Intel brief will
provide you with your military objectives, terrain information, arsenal and
equipment details, and enemy analysis.

Never before has there been a greater challenge to life, liberty, and
civilization. This is a crusade in which we will accept nothing less than
victory. No matter how long it may take us to overcome the Strogg's barbaric
assault, the people of Earth in their righteous might will win through to
absolute victory. Today we will make very certain that this form of barbaric
treachery shall never endanger us again. With confidence in you, and with
the unbending determination of our people, we will gain the inevitable
triumph -- so help us God.

So go forth and kick ass, soldiers!


The core of the Stroggos civilization is the capital city of Cerberon. The
highly defended complex is built into the base of an enormous crater named
Crater Majoris. Between the northern plains and the southern sea of
Stroggos, Cerberon contains the major defense, communication, and political
controls for the Strogg civilization. At the southern tip of Majoris is a
second crater called Crater Minor. Crater Minor contains the defense base
complex for the city of Cerberon.

[Political Structure]
The Strogg civilization is governed through a system of Warlords. Each is
given strategic locations to command and control. A single leader, called
the Makron, is chosen from the Warlords. He commands Stroggos from within
the Palace City located at the northern end of Cerberon. Losing him would
leave the Strogg confused and in turmoil as the Warlords battle internally
to determine a successor. This would remove any chance Stroggos has for
creating a well-organized strike or defensive position.

[Defense Systems]
Guarding Stroggos is a defense system we refer to as the Big Gun. This
defense system detects and destroys any ship over a few meters in length.
Also, to protect against ground assaults, a deadly laser security grid
surrounds the entire capital city.

[Energy Resources]
Bluish crystals called Steedium are the source for most of the energy that
powers Stroggos. The energy gained from processing these crystals provides
them with the power run their entire civilization as well as their planetary
defense weapons systems (a.k.a. the Big Gun).


Your primary objectives are to establish a communications uplink, destroy
the planetary defense systems, disable the Laser Grid control computers, and
assassinate the Makron commander. Once the communication link is made,
subsequent communications will guide troops to their primary targets,
destroy targets of opportunity, and provide necessary ground support for the
follow-up air strike.

[Communications Uplink]
Your first objective is to establish an uplink between command and the
Strogg communication computers. These are in the exterior military base
south of the main capital of Cerberon. This will enable continued
communications, location information, and combat analysis beyond the base
complex. Failure to establish this uplink is not an option. Once on the
planet, the combat situation may change quickly. It is imperative that you
regularly check your computer systems for updated orders.

[Seek and destroy the Security Grid Control CPU]
Next you are to head into the City Outskirts and destroy their Security Grid
CPU so we can infiltrate the Strogg's defenses. Getting into the systems so
we can find out why they are really attacking Earth is a must. Fail and the
entire Earth populace will be decimated.

[Locate The Reactor Core and Disable Its' Safety]
After shutting down Defenses, kill their Power Supplies as well. Shutting
the power will enable us to bombard our targets without any fear of
retaliation. It is imperative this is done, or we are a lost cause.

[Locate and destroy the Laser Grid Control Computers]
This is an important objective, marine, so don't fuck up. Shutting down
those lasers means all you have to do is kill Makron and you are done. Kill
the lasers and we can send in our ground troops. It also means our ships
won't be carved like a roast Turkey.

[Terminate Makron]
This is it, soldier. Get in, blast Makron into alien slime, and get the hell
outta Dodge. Make Earth Proud.


The Strogg environment is in some ways like earth, but in many ways much
more hostile. The Strogg use a number of standard systems for activating
machines, opening doors, and using elevators. Their interface is easy to
adapt to: walk to it, over it, or shoot it. Other elements of the world are
much more hazardous and can be deadly.


Buttons, Floorplates, and Levers: There are three ways to activate a switch.
Touch it, walk on it, or shoot it.

Doors: The majority of doors on Stroggos open as you approach them. If one
doesn't open automatically, seek a button, floorplate, or key.

Secret Doors: Some secret doors conceal secret passageways or military
supplies. Most secret doors open when shot. Others open by activating
floorplates, buttons, or levers.

Area Doors: Specific symbols indicate the exit to a given area.

End of Unit Complex Symbol: The Strogg marked off areas to indicate a one
way passage. Once you leave a unit complex you cannot return.

Secret Areas: The Strogg have concealed military supplies in different
locations within the city. Recon your surroundings closely. Sometimes the
slightest variation in the environment could mark the entrance of a secret
area. There is no visual data available on actually where the secrets are.
Use your eyes soldier!


Water: The water on Stroggos is safe enough to enter without needing an
enviro-suit, but remember to come up for air periodically. Be careful of
water currents.

Slime: All over Stroggos are pools of toxic waste from their refineries.
This slime eats away at your flesh unless protected by an enviro-suit.

Lava: Stroggos has large amounts of volcanic activity. Don't go anywhere
near lava unless it is absolutely necessary. An enviro-suit won't help you

Traps: We know very little about the internal defense systems on Stroggos.
Given their warlike nature and the importance of Cerberon to the Strogg,
expect the environment to be deadly.

V. The Enemy

Light Guard
Description: Weakest of the three processed humans, armed solely with a
simple blaster.
Defense/Weapon Analysis: Easy
Comments: Although their weapons may only sting, they may attack in packs or
summon help from the big dogs.

Shotgun Guard
Description: These loyal troops have an automatic scattergun prosthetic.
Defense/Weapon Analysis: Easy
Comments: He goes down easy, but packs a punch

Machine-gun Guard
Description: Bigger, meaner, and deadlier than above...with a machine-gun for
a right arm.
Defense/Weapon Analysis: Easy
Comments: They tend to charge in droves and have a sharp eye.

Description: Strong, muscle-bound warrior who dishes out chain gun speed
Defense/Weapon Analysis: Medium
Comments: These bullies have one objective in mind, marine - to fill your
body with as much lead in the least amount of time. They can take a beating,
and are effective at ducking your ammo. Also watch out for post-mortem spray
from their chain gun caused by a spasm in their arm. Split once you see one
fall to its knees.

Description: The fighting elite for the Strogg, outfitted with a powerful
machine gun and an automatic grenade launcher.
Defense/Weapon Analysis: Medium
Comments: This cybernetic terror eats Mutants for breakfast before coming to
work - on you. He does have one weakness, though. It takes a second for his
hand to open up into the machine gun so take advantage of the brief delay.

Description: He has a metal spike as one arm, a hammer as another, and moves
very quickly.
Defense/Weapon Analysis: Medium
Comments: This bald mutha is one deadly freak. He may hit the dirt easy, but
he'll get up and is relentless in his pursuits.

Iron Maiden
Description: Equally as powerful as the Gunner, this femme fatale has both
an arm-mounted rocket launcher and flesh tearing claws.
Defense/Weapon Analysis: Medium
Comments: The cyber-bitch from hell...not the kind of girl to take home to

Description: As the name suggests, this threatening organism has the ability
to awaken dead Strogg from eternal sleep.
Defense/Weapon Analysis: Medium
Comments: When he is not healing, the Medic moves about on two hydraulic
legs, and is armed with a laser blaster that shoots at hyper speeds.

Description: Four-legged beast with a probe on its back. Once fired, it
attaches itself and literally sucks the life from you.
Defense/Weapon Analysis: Medium
Comments: The Parasite makes Cujo look like Lassie on Prozac.

Description: With two massively mechanized legs and one shoulder-mounted
railgun, the Gladiator is the daddy of all the adapted humanoids.
Defense/Weapon Analysis: Medium/Hard
Comments: Once targeted, you have less than a second to sidestep or you're
toast. Also watch for his lethal left-handed clamp grip.

Description: A small two-winged monster, comprised of a controlling brain
and a cyborg body that allows it to levitate.
Defense/Weapon Analysis: Medium/Hard
Comments: The Flyer moves fairly quickly, travels in packs, and each wing is
a laser blaster.

Description: Relies on a huge jet packed attached to its back, with laser
blasters mounted into his shoulders.
Defense/Weapon Analysis: Medium/Hard
Comments: With its durable shell, swift maneuverability, and insatiable
appetite for destruction, the Icarus is an aerial nightmare.

Arachnid (PSX Quake II exclusive)
Description: He uses dual Railguns (one on each arm) for long range attacks,
but can also swing each Railgun equipped arm when his prey is in closer
Defense/Weapon Analysis: Hard
Comments: Constant movement is the best defense against the Arachnid's
fierce dual Railgun Attack. The more you move, the less chance he has to
target you.

Description: Tanks have three weapons they use at random: an arm-mounted
machine gun, an arm-mounted laser blaster, and a shoulder-mounted rocket
Defense/Weapon Analysis: Hard
Comments: Get in, take your shot, and get out...repeat as often as necessary.
These metallic beasts can endure massive gunfire.

Tank Commander
Description: These Tanks are a special class, designed to secure the Inner
City from infiltrators.
Defense/Weapon Analysis: Hard
Comments: Consider planning your means of attack beforehand, rather than
running into their view with your weapons blasting.

VI. Get Control! (Default)

Left-Turn Left
Right-Turn Right
Circle-Toggle Weapons Forward
Triangle- Toggle Weapons Backwards
L1-Look Up
R1-Look Down
L2-Strafe Left
R2-Strafe Right

These options are presented when you boot up Quake 2:
GAME: Start a new game with a specific skill level, or load a game.
OPTIONS: Customize your controller or mouse, adjust your audio, and change
your game play control options.

VII. Battle Tactics (AKA not being blown into gibs)
There are several Tactics you must learn in order to get to a Quake Pro
Level. Those guys on the net aren't Beginners, and they'd love to nail fresh
meat. (AKA beginners.)

1. HIDE!!! - First and foremost, if you see that Rocket heading at you,
hide!!! This won't do with other weapons, like the BFG, but for every other
one, it works.

2. Circle Strafing - This is also important. To get in close to do max
damage, get in and start, say, Turning left while Strafing Right. Result:
You wheel around that Tank with ease. If you challenge the Tank with your
blaster, and you come out alive, you have mastered the CS.

3. Shoot n' Scoot - Also useful. If there's a Tank down there and he can't
get up to you, Take a few potshots, then strafe behind a wall until he's
done firing. Repeat as necessary.

4. Dodging shots - Basically, are you gonna stand there with your "pal"(used
loosely here) warming up his BFG? Get the hell outta there while you can!!!
5. Go for the Gold! -Or BFG, or Railgun... simply put, if you have a
Machinegun and your "buddy" has a Railgun, chances are you're shit outta
luck. Get the good stuff before Rocking.

6. Get the Armor, Silly - Armor can be your saving Grace.

7. Don't be a Hero! - Simply put, this ain't the movies, Arnold, you are the
hero, but playing like it's a movie will do nothing.

8. NEVER FACE BOSSES HEAD ON - I think you know this one.

9. Rocket Jumps - All this time and I've NEVER put in Rocket Jumping. Oh my 
god. :P Anyway, here goes, Rocket Jumping 101: (fanfare)

1) Aim Downward.
2) Press Fire.
3) At the Same Time, Jump.

If you time it right, you'll be thrown into the air much higher then you
ever thought possible. So high, in fact, you'll make Michael Jordon
jealous. :D

VIII. Weapons Index and Ratings

# | Name  | First Acquired  | Max rounds (normal)  | Rating 1-5   |

1.| Blaster | It's on you | Infinite | Crap!!!! |
Let's face it, the Blaster is the weapon of yours that you'd otherwise use
as a last Defense, or unless you're an expert Quake Player. (If you are, why
are you here?) Use this for the first few rounds, and then basically ditch
it unless you must need it. But by the time you do, you're dead anyway.

2.| Shotgun | M1L1 | 100 | 1 |
The Shotgun will be your buddy for the first few levels, though it isn't
exactly the choice weapon to use on a Tank. By the time this weapon's magic
wears off, the Super Shotgun should be yours.

3.| Super Shotgun | M1L2 | 100 (really 50) | 3 |
The Super Shotgun is probably your best buddy for destroying most of the
enemies of the game. It is twice as powerful as the normal Shotgun, but as a
result eats twice the bullets. (Hence, the 50 in the Max Rounds table.) Can
down a Gunner up close with 2 shots, a Gladiator in 6.

4.| Machinegun | M1L3 | 200 | 2 |
A good backup weapon, the Machinegun is Weak, but delivers its' shot
instantly. Use in bursts on bigger enemies, using the Duck n' Cover Method.
Not really recommended on anything below a Gunner.

5.| Chaingun | M2L1 | 200 | 3 |
Using an insane amount of ammo, the Chaingun makes your opponent look like
Swiss Cheese. Can efficiently down an enemy in seconds. Long Warm-up and
Cool-Down phase, about a second each.

6.| Grenade | M2L1 | 50 | 1 |
Grenades, by themselves, aren't too good of a weapon. You really need the
Grenade Launcher to make this an effective Weapon. Makes "tick" noises every
second. After the fifth, it explodes. Hold with Fire and release when you
want to. Holding makes it easier to get nearby baddies and longer distance

7.| Grenade Launcher | M3L5 | 50 | 4 |
Much more useful once you grab it, The G. Launcher transforms Grenades into
better weapons. Using this, if out of rockets, you can do the Grenade-Jump,
but it is much trickier. Not to be used in confined areas. Strangely, you
can still use Grenades normally after you get it.

8.| Rocket Launcher | M3L5 | 50 | 4 |
The R. Launcher is one of the best weapons in the game, both powerful and
beneficial for you, in the form of Rocket Jumps. See the Battle Tactics
section for more information on that.

9.| HyperBlaster | M2L3/4 (Depends on order you enter) | 200 | 5 |
One of the best weapons you can get, the HB is a Chaingun on Speed. Zero
Spin-up and Cool-down times mean you can fill him with white-hot plasma

10.| Railgun (AKA Sluggun and Slugthrower ) | M3L2 | 50 | 5 |
Simply the best weapon in the game, The Railgun can blast several Scumbag
Strogg in a line. Firing Depleted Uranium Slugs at High Velocities, it can
blast a Tank down in 5 Shots. The Best weapon you can get if you don't go
for secrets.

11.| BFG10K | M4L4 | 200 (really 4) | varies... |
Normally THE Weapon in most other id games, (DOOM, anyone?) The BFG10K is
found in 1 secret only. A second delay before firing as it compresses 50
Energy Cells into a ball. Useless against single enemies, but if it's a big
ol' room of Strogg, power it up and watch the Light Show.

IX. Items Index and Ratings
Pick up these helpful items whenever possible. Items take effect when picked 

Shells, Cells, Bullets ,Grenades ,Rockets
If you use the big guns, you need these.
There are five major ammo types: shells, cells, bullets, grenades, and
rockets. Except for the blaster, you must have ammunition to use a weapon.
Each ammo type has a maximum you can carry.

Flak Jacket, Combat Suit, Body Armor
Armor, Silly. You need armor unless you like being Swiss Cheese. There are
three armor types: Flak Jacket, Combat Suit, and Body Armor. Each one
provides a certain amount of protection against both normal attacks and
energy weapon attacks. If you take enough hits, your armor strength depletes
down to nothing. So seek out unused breastplates. Pick up and salvage armor
that is not as good as your current armor to improve your armor health.

Armor Shards: Special remnant of armors, which add a bit more durability(+2)
to your existing protection.

Energy Armor:(Called Power Shield in the Manual) This provides improved
protection against energy weapons. While it is being used, it drains energy
from your cells when damaged.

Health: There are two types of standard health kits: First Aid and Medkits.
First Aid will heal you +25 Health, while Medkits give you a quick +10 boost.

Bandoleer: Increases your carrying capacity for all ammunition except
grenades and rockets.

Backpack: This allows you to carry more ammo on your back.

Enviro-Suit: This protects you against damage from hazardous liquids, such
as Slime.

Quad Damage: The quad temporarily multiplies all your weapon's strengths by
four times. Let the gibbing begin!

Mega-Health: This provides a temporary but significant boost to your health.
This will wear off after a minute or so.

Invulnerability: The invulnerability item renders you temporarily

Super-Adrenaline: This slightly increases your health permanently.

X. Deathmatch Help and Options

Quake II's "Multiplayer" allows multiple players to enter a game together.
The most popular way to play Quake II Multiplayer is a Deathmatch, which has
no monsters, just player versus player! The goal of the game is to kill your
opponents more often than they kill you. Each kill counts for one "frag",
and if you kill yourself then you loose a frag, thus it's not a great idea
to go swimming in the lava or juggle your own grenades.

After you die, press fire to reappear, or "respawn", in the game. You'll be
brought back at one of several random respawn locations. Throughout the map
you will find different artifacts, such as weapons, ammo, health and
powerups, that are needed to be successful at destroying your enemy. When
starting a Quake II Multiplayer, your Deathmatch experience is a true
fragfest! Deathmatch supports up to 4 players.

When you pick start on the Main Menu, you are presented with single or
Multiplayer options. Select the latter to get the following Choices:

Deathmatch: The game to play on Quake 2, Deathmatch is the Classic Kill or
be killed, shoot 'em up Fragfest. Nab anything that moves.

Team Deathmatch: Not as good as the other guy? Want to prove your superior
ability? TDM is for you! Whether 2-on-2, 2-on 1, or 3-on-1, you can team up
or outwit the other team in this mode.

Versus: The ultimate Endurance Test, Versus is for the Diehard Quake
Fanatic. Just like DM, except:
1. No Health or Powerups.
2. When you're Done, see ya.
3. Last man standing wins 1 point.
4. Then it goes all over again.

XI. Game Walkthrough

Warning!!! This Walkthrough blows the game Completely in, revealing all
secrets and the Like. If you DON'T WANT TO KNOW WHAT'S AROUND THE CORNER,

This Covers the NORMAL difficulty level.

Strogg Outpost

Head straight down the ravine to drop into the room. Grab the Armor Shards
x3 on the left before heading right for the Shotgun (to save ammo, stick
with the Blaster for now). Open the door and shoot the Light Guard who
approaches. Enter the room and drop into the water either side. Turn around
to dive under the walkway for Secret 1: Armor Shards x2 and Shells x2. Get
back onto the walkway and go through the next door. Enter another door and
shoot the Light Guard. Grab the Shells, then blast the dark crate in the far
right corner for Secret 2: Jacket Armor. Ride the lift up and turn right for
Shells, then head left to the door. Kill the Light Guard behind it, then
enter and follow the slopes down to shoot another. Shoot down at the Guard
in the room below, then drop in and blast the weak wall by the ladder to
find Secret 3: Shells x2.

Head back up the ladder and through the right door. Shoot the orange switch
above the opposite door to open a side panel, revealing Secret 4:
Adrenaline. Open the door, ready to shoot two Guards who approach. Go
through and down the slope, over the water to claim Armor Shards x3 and
Shells on the right. Head back up the slope and up the next to shoot the
final Guard. Grab the Shells and Health, then enter the door to the next

Outer Base

Shoot down to the left at the Light Guard. Head around the left pillar,
taking cover to shoot the Shotgun Guard. Collect Health and Shells. Head
through the hole and on through the rock arch to find Jacket Armor. Follow
the path up; ready to shoot a Light Guard around the corner. Shoot another
Guard through the large hole, then head up the sloping bridge to enter it.
Shoot down at the three Shotgun Guards before heading down the stairs.
Collect the Health, Shells, and Jacket Armor, then head either side of the
crates to drop through the hole.

Head over to the blue-tinged room with shallow water. Go right to find a
passage leading to the alcove with Secret 1: Health, Shells x2, and Super
Shotgun. Return to the main water room and follow it round, past ceiling
fan, to a narrow passage. Follow it to another water room. Take cover in the
passage as you shoot the Guards up on the left. Head up the left slope. Grab
the Health by the crates and take cover there while shooting the Guards
through the doorway. When all three are dead, head up through the doorway to
find Health x2 behind the crates. Kill two more Guards on the left, grabbing
Armor Shards x2.

The door there just leads back to the start, so instead head into the right
passage. Turn right at the window, to jump to the ledge in the water room
with Armor Shards x 4. You can't jump back up to the passage, so head back
up the slope to reach it. Past the window, shoot another Guard round the
corner. Open the door and shoot another.

Enter the room and grab the Health on the right. Proceed to the right of the
stairs and around the passage, shooting a Guard and Machine Gun Guard. Blast
a hole in the back wall for Secret 2: Adrenaline. Head back round to the
stairs and climb them, ready to shoot a Shotgun Guard round the corner. Now
simply proceed around to the elevator. Enter it and hit the red button to
reach the next stage.


Shoot the Guard hiding behind the left crates, and a Shotgun Guard in the
far-left corner. Grab the Health on the right crate and the Shells on the
ledge. Head up into the passage and shoot the Machine Guard, collecting the
Bullets he leaves behind. Equip the Super Shotgun and sneak around the
crates, ready to shoot an Enforcer. Shoot a second one, along with Shotgun
and Light Guards. Grab the Health in the corner, hitting the red button to
open the nearby panel containing the Machine Gun and Bullets.

Snipe the Guard up on the right walkway. Head towards the computer display,
shooting a Machine Gun Guard on the right. There's Health x2 on the left if
you need it. Head right onto the lift to reach the walkway. Go around to the
left for Jacket Armor, shooting another Guard. Continue around the corner,
ready to shoot a Guard and Shotgun Guard. Turn around to shoot the Guard who
emerges behind you, then enter his alcove for Secret 1: Quad Damage.

Continue along the passage, collecting Health on left, to a ledge above the
first room. Head round to the left, turning to shoot the Machine Gun Guard
on the right. Head over there and onto the narrow girder for Armor Shards
x4. Head back to the ledge and collect the Shotgun and Health on the right.
Return to the top of the lift and enter the doorway, shooting a Machine Gun
Guard. Grab the Health and enter the next door. Follow the corridor through
the next door, ready to shoot a Light Guard in the large chamber. Grab the
Health just on the left and snipe the Machine Guard on the right. Take a
run-up and jump from the very end of the broken bridge to reach the far
side. Enter the sliding door and follow the passage to a room to shoot a
Guard and Enforcer - plus another two enemies through the far window. You
need to extend a bridge in this room to proceed here. Return through the
sliding doors and head left into the narrow passage. At the end is a door
for which you'll need the Blue Key.

Return along the passage and drop into the water by the broken bridge. On
the left is a large pipe entrance. Before entering it, head into the left
passage. Follow it round and shoot the wall just to the right of the first
small archway to find Secret 2: Super Shotgun and Shells x2. Head back to
the water pool and enter the pipe. Follow it to a room with a Machine Gun
Guard and Shotgun Guard. Kill them and collect the Health and Shells. Hit
the red button to open the hatch in the floor. Drop down it to enter the
next stage.

Comm Center

Drop down at the end of the pipe and shoot the Light Guard on the right.
Grab the Super Shotgun, Shells, and Health. Enter the passage, ready to
shoot the pair of Shotgun Guards around the corner. Drop into the water and
swim under the stairs for Secret 1: Quad Damage. Climb back out and collect
the Health and Shells, then head into the left alcove for Bullets. Return to
the room and open the door, ready to shoot a Guard and his Parasite. Head to the
far side to shoot a Shotgun Guard and collect Health x2. Head down either
slope and shoot the end wall to open it. Head into the passage for Secret 2:
Shells and Bullets x2. Return up to the room and go up the stairs and shoot
the two Guards. Collect Shells, Health, Bullets, and Jacket Armor. Head up
the slope and through the door. Open the next door and shoot an Enforcer and
Shotgun Guard. Avoid the sludge pool and go through the door, shooting the
Shotgun Guard round the corner. Through the next door are two more Guards,
including a Machine Gunner, so blast 'em. Enter the room and shoot another
Guard on the right. Head left up the stairs (the door requires the Blue Key
to unlock it, so come back later) and blast the napping Guard, then snipe
the one above. Watch out for an Enforcer on the left as you enter. Collect
Shells x2, and then ride the right lift up. Blast the Guard just on the
left, then grab Health x2.

Enter the door and blast the Guard. Through the next are an Enforcer and a
ledge above the sludge poolroom. Head right, ready to shoot two more Guards.
Grab the Health and enter the next door to a short corridor. Through the
next door, be ready to shoot an Enforcer just to the left. Follow the
passage to a window: you can either smash it to enter the room, or proceed
along the passage. We recommend the latter: shoot the Parasite around the
then the napping Guard and his two mates. Collect Health and Shells x2,
before proceeding to the door.

Open the door to take pot shots at the Gunner and Enforcer. Once they're
goners, enter and head to the computer console on the far side to reveal the
Blue Key-Card on the right. Head back to the ledge above the sludge pool
room and take a running jump to the stack with the Jacket Armor on it. Drop
down and go through the door to the short corridor. When the open the next
one, there are now Flyers circling above, so shoot them down. Enter the blue
door to a short corridor. Through the next door, shoot a Guard on the right.
Grab the Shells and shoot the three pesky Machine Gun Guards lurking in the
left room. Snipe the Gunner up to the right (watch out for his grenades),
then grab the Shells and Health. Take the right lift up and grab Health
before entering the door to return to the Installation, which you will now
be able to complete.

Installation (2)

Enter the door and shoot the Gunner on the left, then step onto the floor
switch to extend to the bridge in the adjoining room. Head left through the
door and follow the passage back to the chamber with the broken bridge.
Shoot down the flying aliens there, and then head through the sliding door
on the right.

Through the next door, cross the new bridge and collect the Health. Enter
the door and shoot the Guard on the right. Continue to a room, ready to
shoot an Enforcer and his buddy. Kill a Gunner and Machine Guard in the
right passage, then head through it to find Shells, Health, and Jacket
Armor. Return to the previous room and enter the elevator to complete the

Detention Center

Turn around and strafe into the left and right corridors to shoot two
Enforcers. Collect Health and Shells in corners of room, then take either
corridor to the next passage and grab Grenades. Watch out for the Tank at
the end of the passage though - avoid his deadly plasma blasts and grenades.
Take cover in left or right doorway, strafing into the passage to shoot at
him - to save ammo, use the Blaster. When he's finally croaked, go through
and drop off the left side of the stairs, into the shallow water. Look left
to find Invulnerability - grab it, then quickly make your way through the
water and up the bank for the Jacket armor. Still invulnerable, head for the
control room to kill the Gladiator and Enforcer. Grab the Yellow Key and
head upstairs to exit through the door.

Head back up the stairs to where you shot the Tank, and enter the left door
to a short corridor. Open the next door and head either side, to find a
Berserker - retreat to the doorway and you'll be able to shoot him at
leisure, as he can't make it over the shallow pit! Go through either passage
again, to shoot up at the Enforcer on the ledge. Once he's dead, proceed
into the large chamber, to lure another Enforcer - best to retreat to the
doorway again. Collect the Bullets he leaves, and then return to the large
chamber. Head up the far stairs to find yellow beams barring the way. Snipe
the Berserker on the opposite ledge. Return downstairs and two Enforcers
will be released - take cover behind the doors again. When they're goners,
open the right door and shoot the sitting duck Berserker. Enter and ride the
lift up, turn around and blast the wall to reveal Secret 1: Jacket Armor.
After collecting it, jump back to the ledge and go to the computer on the
left, to deactivate the yellow laser beams. Jump over to the right ledge for
the Chaingun and Bullets.

Drop down and head left to enter the lit door, leading to a short corridor.
Enter the next door and a blue passageway. Chuck a Grenade to the right to
kill the Berserker there. Enter the right room and go up the stairs to shoot
the Berserker. Turn around to blast the Berserker on the ledge, then shoot
the orange switch behind him to open a narrow passage to your left. Enter it
for Secret 2: Mega Health.

Go back down the stairs and hit the red button, then head right to collect
the Quad Damage. Quickly head right to the long cells room and blast the two
Gunners as you head for the far passage. Head round either side, quickly
shooting the Gunner, two Enforcers, and Gladiator. Return to the long room
and hit the red switches to open all six cells: there's Bullets, Shells, and
Health in three of them - the others contain those moaning prisoners whom
you can finally shut up!

Return to the room where you just killed the Gunners and Enforcers. Go to
the far right corner (opened panel) for Health and hit the red button. Turn
left and hit the button by the left door to open it. Go inside and down the
slope to find the Power Shield and Cells. Head back up and over to the
opposite door to complete the stage.

Security Complex

Open the door to blast the two Enforcers, then enter and grab the Shells and
Health in the near corners. Head up the stairs and enter the door. Through
the next is another Super Shotgun. Continue down for Health, and then snipe
into the room to kill the three Gunners - but watch out for their grenades.
Enter and shoot down at two more Gunners below - or drop a Grenade on them.
Go downstairs and grab the Jacket Armor from under the stairs, and the
Bullets from the corners. Going through either doorway at the end, open the
door to find the Pyramid - but first you'll need to find the two Keys.
So head back to the room and up the stairs to enter the door. Go through the
next and kill the Gunner. Collect the Bullets he leaves, then hit the
computer to disable the security lasers. Make your way back to the first
room in the level, and then turn right to enter the door. Go through the
next door and kill the Enforcer, and Berserker round the corner. Grab the
Health x2 and Shells x2, then shoot the right wall before the exit passage
to reveal Secret 1: a Chaingun. Head through the corridor to the next
chamber, turning left to blast the Enforcer there. Enter and turn around to
snipe the Enforcer high above. The lift is currently inoperative, so grab
Bullets and Health before entering the next door. This leads to the

Guard House

Through the door, blast the two Shotgun Guards, then two more above. Open
the cells and blast the moaning prisoners, collecting Shells x4 and Health
x2. Ride the lift up and collect Bullets x2 and Shells. Follow the passage
to the next room and shoot down at the two Machine Gun Guards. Blow open the
wall behind them and shoot the Flyers, then collect the Health from the
alcove. Follow the narrow ledge round for Grenades. Shoot the corner behind
them to open a panel - enter it for Secret 1: Cells x2. Continue around the
narrow ledge for Armor Shards. Drop down and head downstairs to the door.
Through the next, blast the two Machine Gun Guards and Shotgun Guard.
Drop down to the left and blast another Machine Gun Guard, then drop into
the water for Quad Damage. Enter the doorway where you shot the Guard, ready
to kill a Gunner and his Parasite. Blast open the right door and kill the Guard
to claim some Health. Return outside and enter the next doorway to kill
another Machine Gun Guard and his Parasite.

Watch out for the crumbling floor in the middle, which drops you onto
spikes. Drop down the ladder in the far right corner to find Jacket armor.
Back up the ladder, enter the next door to an empty room. Through the next,
shoot two Machine Gun Guards, then a Shotgun Guard and his Parasite above. Grab
the Cells, then ride the lift up. Follow the corridor, collecting more
Cells. Be ready to blast a Parasite through the next door. Grab the Bullets,
head left to shoot the Guard around the corner. Grab the Cells and shoot the
Guard who is waiting around the next corner - watch out for the Parasite on the
right. The door just goes back to the top of the water, so instead head
right. Grab Health and shoot the Guards in the room. Grab Cells, Health, and
Shells. Shoot the dark crate for Mega Health - grab it and head down the

Follow the rocky passage to the next outdoor area. Blast the Gunner and
Guard, then the Tank, taking cover to avoid his shots. Collect Jacket Armor
and Bullets x3. Head down the stairs, ready to kill a Guard and Gunner - lob
a Grenade down, if you prefer. Follow the passage there to find a stash of
Shells, Jacket Armor, and Health. Head back upstairs and up the steps onto
the dais to hit the red button to remove the forcefield in the doorway. Head
over there and shoot the Machine Gun Guard. Follow the passage and head up
the stairs, dispatching two more Shotgun Guards, to claim the Red Pyramid
Key. Now make your way back through the level, taking that door to the area
above the water - shoot the two Flyers there. Continue back to the start of
the level to revisit the Security Complex.

Security Complex (2)

Shoot the two Flyers and Tank on the ledge above - duck under it to avoid
his fire. Head through to the next room and kill the Enforcer. Follow the
corridor back round to the start. Head down the opposite stairs for the
Bullets and enter the door. Through the next, shoot the Enforcer, then
follow the passage to kill another. Flick the switch in the alcove (you
turned off the security beams earlier) to form a bridge across the lava.
Take cover in the passage as you blast the two Icaruses. Cross the bridge
and enter the door.

Head down the first set of stairs and snipe at the Tank below. Once he's a
goner, head down there and shoot an Enforcer. Grab the Bullets, plus more
and Health up in the alcove. Collect Health and Bullets as you enter the
next door, leading to the Torture Chambers...

Torture Chambers

Follow the passage round to a large room with a Tank - snipe at him from the
passage. Once he's dead, head for the far end and round to the right to
blast a Guard and claim Health, Shells, and Bullets x2. Head back and round
to the left to shoot another Guard, to find the HyperBlaster and Cells.
Return to the room and step onto the blue switch, then the lift to ride it

Enter the door, heading along the passage to the next one. Head down the
stairs and shoot the Gunner, then the one on the walkway above. Head
downstairs and round to the left for Shells, then enter the door on the
right. Head through to the Cell Block: shoot the Gunner on the ground, then
snipe up at the Tank. Open the cells: the third one contains a weak wall -
blast it for Secret 1: HyperBlaster and Health x2.

Continue round to the left and ride the lift up, ready to blast a Gunner.
Grab Grenades and take the next lift up. Follow the passage round to the
next room, where a Tank awaits. Snipe at him from the passage, retreating
whenever he stands still to fire. Grab the Security Pass on the left, then
exit via the door. Collect Shells x2, Jacket Armor, Cells x2, and Health.
Through the next door, shoot the Gunner and the prisoner under the circular

Exit left to a short passage, which leads back to the room with all the
doors. Drop to the middle level and enter the left door. Through the next
door is a large chamber with a cage high above. Shoot the Gunner, then head
round to the left and step on the blue switch to lower the cage. Blast the
prisoner out of the way and collect the Purple Pyramid Key. Hit the red
button on the wall, and then take the lift down. Keep away from the Spider
Mutant and blast it till it's splattered. Grab the Cells and exit via the
door. Head up the stairs to return to the doors room, shooting another
Gunner there. Now head back through the level, shooting a couple more
Guards, to revisit the Security Complex.

Security Complex (3)

Shoot another Enforcer, and then head back upstairs to the bridge. Cross it
and follow the passage back to the start. Enter the opposite door and follow
the path back to the courtyard with the Guard House entrance. You can now
take the lift up and collect Bullets, Health, and Jacket Armor. Enter the
door to a short passage, then the next one, to reach the high ledge above
where you shot the four Gunners. Go through the next two doors and turn
right to shoot the three Enforcers. Through the next door are two Icaruses
to shoot down. Collect Health x2, Bullets, and Shells x2, being careful not
to fall off into the lava. Open the next door and shoot the Enforcer to
claim the Bandoleer, which lets you carry more Bullets.

Return to the ledge above the Gunners room and drop down. Drop to the floor
and enter the door leading to the Pyramid. Hit the control panel to open it
up. Drop down the hole into the air stream, ready to blast the Guard and his
Gladiator mate. Collect Bullets, Health, and Shells before exiting through
the door and taking the lift down.

Grid Control

Collect Bullets x2 and Shells from corners, then head upstairs. Time your
run past the pulsing laser beams to claim the Grenade Launcher. Kill the two
Shotgun Guards who appear from the right passage, then dash past the other
pulsing laser beams for Jacket Armor. Enter the passage and grab Grenades
from the left and Rockets from the right. Proceed to the next passage and
shoot the Guard. Collect Grenades and Rockets & Health from either end, then
proceed to the next passage. If you dare, dash for the Shells and Bullets
behind the pulsing beams - but it's not really worth it. Instead run past
the beams in either outer passage to reach Health x2 and the lifts at the

Take either lifts up to reach a rectangular passage with two 'Tanks'
patrolling it. Concentrate on destroying one, then the other, blasting from
distance. If they get either side of you, just leg it past one. When they're
both dead, a large explosion destroys most of the middle section, revealing
a tracked Tank Commander. Take cover behind the remaining pillars, blasting
him with the Grenade Launcher. When he eventually snuffs it, blast the left
and right outer walls to open two panels for Secrets 1 & 2.

Drop down the hole in the middle of the yard. Shoot the two Shotgun Guards
by the pipes, then head either side and take the lift up. Flick the switch
to reveal the power source. Avoiding its beams, blast it until it blows.
Kill the Guard who comes through the deactivated forcefield. Then head in
there to shoot another, but DON'T hit the Exit button yet! Instead jump up
the ladder on the back side of its pillar to reach the ledge for Rocket
Launcher and Rockets.

Power Plant

First off, shoot the Gunner behind the red lasers. Either shoot down at the
Spider Mutant, or drop down there to kill him. Then proceed around the back
to shoot two Gunners. Hit the red button to deactivate the red lasers, then
drop down the ladder. Take running jumps over the two sludge pools. Go
through the door and take the lift up to find the Red Key. Ride the lift
back down and head back over the sludge pools. Climb the ladder back to the
start and ride one of the lifts up to the top.

Cross the bridge and go through the door. Follow the lit corridor to the
next door and open it to blast the sitting- duck Berserker. Shoot the
rocket-firing Iron Maiden to the right, then shoot the wall behind her to
reveal Secret 1: Quad Damage. Head over to the opposite wall and shoot it
for Secret 2: Combat Armor. Head down either staircase and kill the Spider
Mutant and two Gunners. Blast the far left weak wall and shoot the Iron
Maiden inside. Enter it for Secret 3 - take the lift up to the Red Key door.
Open it and blast the Iron Maiden and Berserker, to claim the Combat Armor
and Shells.

Return through the door and down the lift, and then enter the opposite door.
Shoot the Berserker and collect the Rocket Launcher and Rockets. Blast the
crates for Health, then enter the next door. Follow the passage to the next
door and open it to shoot the Spider Mutant and Berserker. Collect the
various goodies, and then time your drop into the left hole, when the
fire-draft's just disappeared.

Shoot the two Iron Maidens, and then hit the green button on the pillar to
deactivate the yellow lasers. Grab the Health and Bullets, then take the
lift up, ready to battle two Icaruses. Once dealt with, take the lift up to
enter the door to the next stage.

The Reactor

Kill the two Gunners and Gladiator. Collect all the goodies from the
walkways either side. If you've got ammo for the Grenade Launcher, lob shots
down at the two Gladiators below to kill them (easier from here than down
below). Head along the left walkway and enter the door (the other is

Through the next door, be ready to battle an Iron Maiden and Gunner. With
them dispatched, head down the stairs and turn to shoot the Gunner coming
from the opposite passage. Drop down to the floor and turn around to find
the glowing green Data CD in the alcove. Immediately watch out for two Iron
Maiden up above. Once they're dead, enter their alcove for Grenades and Body
Armor. Then blast the Gunner and Gladiator below. Drop down and grab Health
and Slugs from the right alcove, then head for the far the passage. Turn
left to blast another Gladiator, grabbing the Slugs from his dead body.
Enter the door to a short corridor. The next door leads to the floor of the
level start, where you grenade the two Gladiators (you did, didn't you-).
Enter the left door, ready to blast a Gunner and Gladiator. Shoot the
central pillar behind them to open a panel in it. Collect the Health and
Bullets in the corners before entering it. Climb up the ladder for Secret 1:
Body Armor and Railgun. Open the secret door behind the latter to return to
the top of the starting room. Head right to enter the door to a short

Shoot the Berserker through the next door, and the Iron Maiden on the left.
Snipe up at the Iron Maiden on the high ledge. Now comes the tricky part:
you have to get past the alternating laser beams - don't run for it, just
time small steps forward just as the beam ahead is about to disappear.
There's a couple of Berserkers waiting for you at the other end. Collect the
Health on the left, and then snipe at the Iron Maiden up on the left ledge.
Take the right lift up to the ledge, ready to blast the two Flyers, which
come through the roof. Head along the walkway, grabbing the Health on the
left of the pillar. Continue round to find more Health and Bullets. Hit the
button to take the lift down, ready to blast the Gunner at the bottom.
Collect Shells x2 on the right, avoiding the deadly water. Exit via the door
and follow the corridor. Through the next door, blast the dozy Berserker and
the Gladiator on the far side. Flick the button on the left to deactivate
the forcefields. Drop down and exit through the right door (the one by the
Gladiator is jammed). The corridor leads back to the room with the secret
pillar panel. Exit by the next door, to the bottom of the starting room.
Enter the far door to a corridor. Through the next door you'll find Cells,
Slugs, and Grenades x2. Opening the sliding door, be ready to blast a Flyer
and Iron Maiden. Collect Bullets x2 by the right pipes, before following the
next passage. Shoot the Iron Maiden in the final room, before dropping into
the hole.

Toxic Waste Dump

Collect Health x2, Bullets, and Rockets. Enter the next room and blast the
Gladiator and Gunner. Jump right over the sludge for the HyperBlaster and
Cells x2. Jump back and follow the passage, shooting another Gunner. Kill
the two Berserkers round the corner - lure them back to the passage, which
they can't enter. Exit the passage again and blast the left grating on the
right wall, revealing a Gladiator. Blast him, then enter his alcove for
Secret 1: Health and Rockets x2.

Head through the sliding door to a corridor. The next door leads to another
sludge room: shoot the Iron Maiden, then another up on the right ledge. Grab
Grenades, and Cells and Health from the far corner, then head right to take
the lift up. Enter the next door to a corridor. Be ready with the Railgun to
blast the Tank through the next door. Shoot the Gunner up on the ledge, then
head right on the ground, ready to shoot a Gunner. Snipe up at the Tank on
the walkway, and then collect Health, Shells, and Bullets.

Return to the previous room and back your way up the stairs - when the
secret panel opens below, use your Grenade Launcher to dispose of the two
Gunners. Head back down there to collect Health x2, then return up the
stairs. Follow the walkway round to a lift - snipe the Gunner above before
riding it up. Collect Grenades, Bullets, Cells, and Health before heading
down the passage to enter the door.

Follow the passage to another door. On opening it, be ready to kill the
Gladiator and Iron Maiden on the other side. Collect Health x2, then cross
the bridge. Drop onto the right ledge, then head down the side of the sludge
slope. Run through the sludge tunnel (hurting you slightly) to find Secret
2: Body Armor. Run back through the sludge tunnel, and then head back up the
slope to the ledge. Drop down by the door and retrace your route around the
level to the high bridge.

This time, enter the door at the end, to the piston room. Open the next
door, turning left to shoot a Gladiator. Follow the passage round the corner
to meet another, followed by two Gunners. Kill them all, and then proceed to
the end of the passage. Turn left and blast the broken bar, then enter the
alcove. Collect Health x2, Cells, and Bullets, and then hit the red button
to blow up the ledge opposite, revealing the passage below. Use the Grenade
Launcher to lob a couple of shots into it, luring out two Icaruses. Take
cover behind the crates as you shoot them down.

Drop into the passage (it'll hurt) and collect Health and Shells x2. Follow
the passage to a room with two Gunners. Dispose of them, and then grab
Bullets, Shells, and Health before heading upstairs to the exit.

Pumping Station

Through the door is another Railgun, but be ready for the two Gunners and
Shotgun Guard who come to investigate, followed by a Gladiator and Shotgun
Guard. Round to the right you'll find some Health, but watch out for another
Gunner coming down the right stairs. Heading up there, you'll find a couple
more. Grab the Cells, then exit through the door.

Take the lift up and turn around to open the door. Blast the two Guards in
the large chamber, then grab the Cells, Bullets, and Health. Kill the two
Berserkers who come down the slope (you can retreat to the passage to shoot
them in safety).

Now go up the slope and shoot the Guard in the far right corner. Now look up
at that large cracked pipe - shoot it to blow it open. Jump up the crates,
collecting Mega Health, and into the opened pipe. Follow the shallow water
passage round to a pool and shoot down two Flyers. Grab Health x2 and ride
the lift up. Collect Cells x2, and then drop down the right hole, into
another water passage. Follow to a pool and shoot down two more Flyers. Jump
out onto the left slope and make your way up. Blast the Tank over the way,
then look up at the structure on the left to see an orange switch. Shoot it
to open the panel on the left, revealing Secret 1: the BFG 10K! Exit through
the door and follow the winding passage.

Go through the door and into the right passage to kill a Guard and grab
Health x2 and Bullets. Return to the ledge for Grenades x2, and then drop
into the room where you killed the Berserkers. Head up the slope and through
the door in the far right corner. Opening the next door, be ready for two
Berserkers, Gunner, and Guard. Turning right, you'll also face a Tank and
Gunner. (If you want the Body Armor on the crates, you'll have to Rocket
-jump via the single crate.) Enter the pump room and hit the red button on
the right, then grab all the goodies before exiting through the sliding

Pumping Station 2

Enter the door and collect Cells, then follow the passage, shooting the
Gunner on the slope. He's followed by two Berserkers. Once they're dealt
with, turn around and reverse up the slope so you can blast the Gunner on
the ledge. At the top of the slope, collect Health and Bullets, then follow
the path round. Watch out for the Gunner to the right of the Health x2. The
left door's locked, but shoot the wall to right of it and it'll open to
reveal Secret 1: Body Armor.

Head right along the passage to collect the Armor Shards and blast another
Gunner. Continue through the next two doors, ready to face a Tank in the
pump room. Shoot the Machine Guard above, and then collect Health x2. Round
to the left, hit the red button, and then blast the drum-shaped plinth to
blow a hole in the floor. Shoot down through it at the Gunner and Guards
below, before dropping in. Shoot the greenish sloping wall there to blow
open a secret passage - jump into it to find Secret 2: Invulnerability.
Quickly exit and follow the passage right to kill the three Gunners at the
end. Climb up the ladder and head right around the ledge for Bullets and
Shells. (For the Body Armor to the left of the ladder, you'll need to
Rocket-jump - or later, head through the tunnel by the sludge pool to the
left of the Flyer alcove.)

Drop down and enter the small, dark door. Jump over the sludge and enter the
next door. Shoot the Flyers, then grab the Health and climb the ladder. Turn
right and make your way around the narrow ledge above the sludge passage to
find Secret 3: Adrenaline and Environment Suit. Head back along the sludge
passage and back through the door. Return all the way to where you dropped
through the hole. Continue to the lift and ride it up to the control room.
Collect Shells x2 and the Green Key, then drop back into the pump room.
Exit and make your way back to the previously locked door, which you can now
open. Shoot the Berserker through the next door. Proceed round to the left
to blast the Guard and collect Armor Shard on the right. Retreat from the
deep sludge pool and head right, blasting Guards, Berserker, and Gunner.
Collect Health and head down the slope for the Environment Suit - a Flyer
will burst from the panel above. Shoot it down, then grab Health x2 and
Rocket-jump up onto the ledge to enter its alcove for Secret 4: Health and
Rockets. Drop back down and head up the slope and right to the deep sludge
pool. Cross it (you can dive down for Quad Damage if you really want), then
blast the remaining enemies and head upstairs to the exit.

Waste Disposal Area

Open the door, ready to face a Tank and Berserker. When they're dead, go
down and collect Cells, Bullets, and Health. Drop down below for Rockets and
Health x2, climbing back up the ladder. (For the Mega Health on the crates,
you'll have to Rocket-jump via the single crate.) Head up the slope for
Jacket Armor, killing the Berserker by the pillars. On the left you'll find
Cells x2, Health, and Environment Suit - quickly dive into the sludge pool
on the right, swimming round to the next small pool. Shoot the orange switch
above the bars to open them for Secret 1: Railgun. Quickly swim back and
climb the ladder to get out. Now hit the red button behind the pillars to
create a walkway above the sludge pool. Head over it and through the door.
Through the next door, collect Slugs and shoot the Berserker on the right.
Round the next corner, by the Health, you'll encounter a Gladiator and two
Guards. Once they're dead, continue to the bridge. Jump to the left rock for
Jacket Armor, then back. Collect Slugs and Health before exiting.

The Reactor (2)

Shoot the Gunner just on the left. Collect Health and Cells, the follow the
tunnel to drop down the hole. Shoot the Flyer, then exit through the left
door. Head through the next two doors to reach the floor of the large
chamber. Continue through the next door and round the pillar, through the
next two doors, to the core room. Take the right lift up to find the
formerly jammed door is now open. Kill the Gladiator and two Berserkers,
then enter the room and collect the Health. Enter the large lift on the left
to complete the mission.

Mission 4: Defense Command

Exiting the lift, you'll soon face two Tanks around the large structure. As
before, avoid getting surrounded by them - if you do, leg it past one (you
could go through the door to fire at them from the passage). Round the back
of the large structure you'll find Cells x3, then exit through the door.
Follow the winding passage to the next door. Through it you'll find two
Gunners. Once they're dead, head through the right door (the other's locked)
to a blue corridor.

Through the door, head right for Rockets, Cells, and Health. Deal with the
two patrolling Tanks and Machine Gun Guard - take cover in the first
passage. Head into the left passage and ride the lift up. Kill the two
Gunners, then head left around the ledge to collect Combat Armor and Armor
Shards - note the door with the red lasers. Head round to the opposite
passage and enter the door.

Through the next door is a large chamber: blast the Gunner, then take cover
behind the right computer screens while shooting the Tank. Head through the
left door and follow the passage to a room with two Guards. Blast the side
walls to destroy the computers - you'll find Cells in the left one. Return
along the passage and head right, back the way you came. Round the other
side of the ledge, the red lasers have gone, enabling you to enter the door
leading to the next stage (you'll return here later).

Research Lab

Shoot the prisoner in the first room, then blast the cracked left glass
panel. Kill the prisoner inside, and the Parasite coming from the left. Head
through the small left tunnel to find Secret 1: Body Armor and Grenades x2.
Blast the prisoner behind the glass, then head back to the first room. Grab
Health x2 and hit the computer on the right - be ready for the two Parasites
coming through the door. Once they're dead meat, head into the passage to
kill and Iron Maiden. Reverse towards the Quad Damage, ready to blast the
Parasite who appears from the panel - containing Health.

Grab the Quad Damage and proceed around the passage, killing another Iron
Maiden. The first door's locked, so enter the second one, collecting Health.
Enter the left door and kill two Iron Maidens and a Parasite (watch out
for his laser). For fun, access the computers by the operating tables to
make lasers cut up the bodies. Head through the right door, blasting an Iron
Maiden and prisoner in the passage.

Through the next door, turn right to blast a Tank. Round the corner is
Another Parasite: kill him to collect his Cells. Hit the left computer to
disable Level 1 security, then go right for Health x2, Cells, and
HyperBlaster. Return through the passage to the previous room, then back
into the earlier passage and through the opposite door. Collect Health and
open the next door to shoot a Parasite. Round to the left are two ordinary
Parasites. Head through the next door, collecting Health, and hit the red button
to open the doors. Take the lift (wait till it's raised) down to floor 2.
Through the door, quickly blast another Tank. Collect Health and Shells,
then head left to where the moaning prisoners are. Shoot the Parasite who
appears, then hit the computer to unlock the Maintenance Bridge. Return to
the passage and through the left door, collecting Health. Follow the passage
through another door and shoot the Parasite below, then the one on the right.
Approach the edge to make the bridge appear. Head onto it and turn left to
jump to the ledge with the red button, to get Level 2 clearance. Jump back
and shoot through the opposite bars to the orange switch to open the
observation cell. Continue left and jump left to the next button for Level 3

Head back along the bridge and right to enter the observation cell for
Secret 2: Quad Damage. Cross the bridge and grab Health on the left before
entering the door. Grab Shells and shoot the Parasite in the passage. Collect
Health and Slugs, then open the next door, ready to shoot a Tank on the
right. Collect Cells and hit the left computer to activate the prisoner
disposal tubes. Shoot the two Parasites on the right as you proceed to the next

Follow the passage and hit the red button, then take the lift back up to
floor 1 and the original passage. Take the right door, then the next right
door, and retrace your route to the previous lift, taking it down to floor
2. Follow the passage and open the first door on the right, shooting the
Parasite. Follow the passage to a lift and take it up, ready to shoot a
Parasite. Follow the passage to the repair room and shoot the Parasite. Collect
Commander's Head on the left. Now head back via the lifts to the short
corridor with three doors. Watch out as you enter the middle one - two Iron
Maidens pop up. Continue along the passage to the original room, where a
Tank has appeared. Blast him, then exit through the door, back to Defense

Defense Command (2)

Through the door, proceed around the ledge to the opposite door. Follow the
passage to the circular room and enter the opposite door, collecting Quad
Damage. Head along the passage to the next door. Kill the Gunners round to
either side, collecting Grenades, and then use the Grenade Launcher on the
two Tanks below. Enter the right passage and ride the lift down to the
floor. Collect Cells, Bullets, and Shells before returning up on the lift
and exiting through the right door (don't worry about the secret - you'll be
back here again later).

Gravity Booster

Shoot the Gunner and climb the crates for Combat Armor. There's Health to
the left of the entrance if you need it. Through the sliding door, blast the
Tank on the right, then take care of the Gunner on the left ledge. Take the
lift (to the right of the entrance) up there and grab the Health - at which
point the floor explodes. Shoot the Flyers, then drop back down. You can
jump into the sludge pool for the Adrenaline if you want, climbing out via
the ladder.

Enter the door opposite the entrance (the other's locked). Follow the
passage to the next door and enter it. Grab the Slugs and Grenades, then
step onto the platform to ride it down the slope. Go through the door and
follow the passage.

The next door leads to a large chamber. inhabited by the Guardian. A large
two-legged robot, it's relatively easy to kill: just keep circling behind it
and blasting with the Rocket Launcher.(I've added this in parenthesses as a
easier way: Simply shoot him, wait until he's near you, then pop in and out
firing your Blaster.) When it croaks, it leaves behind the A-M Bomb. Around
the room, you'll find Health x5, Rockets x2, and Combat Armor. Enter the
passage to the right of the entrance door to find a glowing teleporter -
step into it.

Kill the two Gladiators on either side of the large structure, before
heading down either slope. Collect the Health on either side, then take a
lift up and blast a Gladiator. Up the stairs, grab the Rockets and shoot a
Gladiator if he approaches. Once you've placed the bomb in the middle,
quickly enter the glowing teleporter before the core blows. Shoot the two
Gunners, then grab Rockets, Health, and that elusive White Key. Head
upstairs to return to the room with the sludge pool. Go through the right
door, and then exit back to Defense Command.

Defense Command (3)

Head left and take the lift down to the floor. Head left into the passage
and through the door. The blue corridor leads back near the start of the
level: take the second door to another blue corridor. Through the next door,
head left to take the lift up. Turn right into the passage to enter the
door. The next one leads back to the circular room - where a Flying Mutant
bursts through the floor! Take cover behind the computer screens as you
blast it.

Once it's debris, drop into the hole for Shells x2 and Ammo Pack. Exit via
the blue panel, back to the room with three doors. Head left and retrace
your route back to room with the hole. This time, enter the right door
(using the White Key). Follow the corridor to a new room: blast the Guards,
collecting Slugs x2, then destroy the Tank (you can dive into the pool for
Quad Damage if you dare). Take the stairs up either side for Health x2.
Heading toward the exit door, look left to see some cracked glass. Blast it
open and dive into the water for Secret 1: Bullets x2 and Cells x2. Climb
back out and go through the door to find the mission exit - collect Health
before leaving.

Mission Five: Inner Chamber

Collect Health x2, Rockets x2, and another Rocket Launcher. Destroy the
Tanks either side, then head down either staircase. Go up to the door, then
stand well back as lasers destroy it. On the other side are two Gladiators -
use the Grenade Launcher through the doorway. Once they're dead, enter and
collect Health, Combat Armor, Grenades, and Rockets x3 from the alcoves
either side. Around the back is another Tank to bust.

Enter the back passage and collect Health x2, and then hit the button to
take the lift up. Through the door, shoot the Iron Maidens on the other
side, then collect Health x2 and Grenades x2. Hit the buttons at the end of
each narrow bridge. This removes the forcefield from the tube by the
entrance, so you can take its lift up to a large room with Makron at the
end. He disappears as you approach. Step onto each of the floor switches in
turn, avoiding lasers, and then blast the Flyers, which appear.(Don't
bother, as there's at least 1 medkit nearby one of the switches, just grab
it after you hit both.) This eliminates the lasers guarding the buttons on
the far wall. Hit them both, then go up the steps to the teleporter.
Final Showdown


Look behind you for Combat Armor. Head left up the slope for Cells x2.
Follow the passage to a wide corridor with Grenades x4 and Shells x4 (and a
locked door). Return to the start and head up the other slope for Cells x2.
Proceed round to a wide corridor with Bullets x4. Enter the red lift and
ride it up.

There are lots of goodies around the outside of the large chamber, but watch
out - there's also a huge Guardian with a BFG! Obviously, take cover behind
the pillars, popping out to blast him with Rockets etc. If you run out of
ammo, hit the two blue floor switches and head down the slope for lots of
Bullets and Rockets.

(I've done this again to explain an easier method of doing in the first
form: Hit both switch plates and lure the Mech towards you. He will be above
the hole, so simply aim all the way up(hold R1 if you have autocenter on)and
blast him with The Super Shotgun. This won't work on Makron himself, though.
Oh, and if you don't remember to hit BOTH SWITCHPLATES, 9 out of 10 times
you'll get blasted with a BFG.) When the Guardian finally explodes, out pops
Makron himself, ready to blast you with his laser, railgun, and BFG. Keep
your distance and take cover behind the pillar, as before, blasting him with
your best weapons. You'll have to knock him down several times before he
croaks it.

When he does, the place starts rumbling. Head down either lift and round to
the locked door you saw earlier. Go through it and follow the corridor to
another door. Through it, head right through the opening door and hit the
computer to activate the self-destruct mechanism. Now head down the stairs
to find the waiting transport craft. Head right to the console to drive it
out of there.

XII. Secrets and Cheats

Each time you beat Quake 2 in Single Player Mode, A different set of Cheats
is unlocked.

Bronze (Easy)- Unlocks:
Weapon Stay-Weapons Don't Disappear when picked up.
One Shot Kill-Self Explanatory.

Silver (Normal)-Unlocks:
Game Speed-Speed it up or Slows it down
Blast Force-Weapons knock you farther back or not as far.

Gold (Hard)-Unlocks:
All Weapons-Makes MP games even Crazier
Infinite Ammo-Also self-explanatory.

Secrets in the Multiplayer arenas:
First, in Toxic Vats there is a room with a transparent walkway overhead; if
you do some searching through the slime you'll find a pit you can dive into
that has a railgun in it. Next, in Hydrophobia there are two secrets: in a
pool below the lookout point with the rocket launcher there is a secret
panel that has quad damage inside. Also, there is a 'red' corridor in the
level. It's difficult to explain exactly where this is, but here goes: there
is one large room with two pools, then you can go up one of two ramps to
another large room with two pools (one of these pools has the quad damage),
at the far end of this room is the 'red' corridor. Anyway, hidden in the
walls of this corridor is the BFG 10K, just shoot the walls with you blaster
to open it. And last, in the small industrial level (the one I can never
remember!) there is a mega health hidden in a small square, pillar that is
in the vicinity of where you pick up the chaingun, again just shoot the
walls with your blaster to open it up.


The First set of codes is courtesy The Gameshark Code Creators Club,

1J Reverse Joker Command P1 D00C7DD0 ????

Player 1 Codes
1 Infinite Health 800CBDA0 0064
2 Have All Weapons (Upon Pickup) 800C7F38 0FFF
3 Infinite Armor 800C7F1E 0064
4 Infinite Shotgun & Super Shotgun Ammo 800C7F3C 0064
5 Infinite Machine Gun & Chaingun Ammo 800C7F3E 0064
6 Infinite Grenades & Grenade Launcher Ammo 800C7F40 0064
7 Infinite Rocket Launcher Ammo 800C7F42 0064
8 Infinite Hyper Blaster + BFG Ammo 800C7F44 0064
9 Infinite Rail Gun Ammo 800C7F46 0064
10 Super Jump (Press Square) D00C7DD0 8000 800CBD86 FEC7
11 Have All Multiplayer Options 800B35CC 0303
12 Weapon Modifier 800C7F36 00??
13 Frags P1 800B3708 00??
14 Frags P2 800B370A 00??
15 Frags P3 800B370C 00??
16 Frags P4 800B370E 00??
17 Invisibility P1(Multiplayer only) 800B352A 0005
18 P1 Deadman 800CBDA6 00C8

Quantity Digits to Accompany Weapon Modifier Code
01 - Blaster
02 - Shotgun
03 - Super Shotgun
04 - Machine Gun
05 - Chain Gun
06 - Grenades
07 - Grenade Launcher
08 - Rockets
09 - Hyperblaster
0A - Railgun
0B - BFG10K

The Second Set have been hacked out by me. These codes are exclusive to
Hacking 101 HQ, http://www.hacking101.5u.com (NOTE: Might be moving shortly)
These Codes Work ONLY on v1.1 of the Game, which will have "SLUS-00757
1000373.101.US" on it in the lower left corner. If the Above codes do not work,
these ones will. Likewise, if the below ones do not work, the ones above will.

1. Infinite Health 800C334C 00C8
2. Infinite Armor 800BF4FE 00C8
3. Infinite Ammo All Guns 50000702 0000 800BF51A 03E7
4. Have All Guns 300BF518 00FF
(NOTE: Gun Graphics will not show until the level you get them in, but it still
works correctly)
5. Unlock All Multiplayer Options 800AABAC 0303

XIII. Revision Information

2/21/01 Got concept to write a FAQ. Decided on QUAKE II.

2/22/01 Internet server was down today, so made little headway. Just putting
up basic Information, mostly about Weapons. Preparing to sacrifice many
sheets of Paper for the Walkthrough. Created original title, changing font
to Chiller with above Results.(This was later changed, because it looked
like crap when posted.)

2/23/01 Learned server went up 10 minutes after I left. Damn. Anyway, put up
more TAS, (Thanks and shouts) walkthrough (I've been up all night, send me
your pity later), and battle tactics.

2/26/01 Busy, busy, busy. Played until 1 AM EDT to get the gold cheats.
Revised a few fatal Errors, including Controls and Title (Which looks good on
my Word, but like crap on Sites.)Added FAQ to two more pages, which are
listed below.

3/24/01 Didn't think I needed another update, but that is just what happened
when I checked my email, containing a juicy tidbit I couldn't pass up. Added
the Multiplayer levels secrets, which was the tidbit.

11/23/02 Holy Shit. One more update for this thing... Amazing, considering
I started it when I was 15 and now I'm nearly 17 1/2. :P Anyway, Fixed the
Title again, (Looks MUCH better now, don't you think? :)) made the FAQ easier
to read, and added the Gameshark codes. I might be hacking more for v1.1
in the future, so this might not be the Final Update! ;)

11/24/02 Just a small update. Fixed a few spelling mistakes, and got rid of all
the "Dogs" in the walkthrough, changing them to the proper name, Parasite.

4/19/03  Minor update, spelling corrections, spacing, and FINALLY Rocket Jump
info. Huzzah! This should be the absolute, ultimate final update. Unless I feel
like changing it. Or someone wants to make this a mook. Or something similar.

7/18/04 Minor change in contact info. Sure I could update my other ones as well,
but eh.

XIV. Thanks and shouts

-To id for QUAKE, Enemy Descriptions, story, Intel Brief, and most of the
Background info and some Multiplayer info. For the Q2 PC info, visit:

-To my IGNCB chat buddies, kerowack, seraphymn, and rockmanfan001.

-Like the Music in Q2? Visit the band's website at:

-To Hammerhead for a Great Conversion.

-To Activision for publishing it.

-To myself for getting the balls to Write this FAQ.

-To Chris Corry for the Walkthrough.

-To Andrew Sullivan, who took the time to read the second edition of this
FAQ and sent in Multiplayer level secrets.

-To anyone else who gives a care about PSX Quake 2.

-All of you at the PSX Quake II board! All 4 of you! :P

XV. Information about this FAQ and where you can share your codes with me

Do you have something to Contribute? Cheat codes and the Like? If so,
contact me at my e-mail Address:

XV . Anything Else?

Where You can find this FAQ:

http://www.gamefaqs.com/ (Most Recent Version here)

My OWN site:


For now, it appears this is all that there is to write. Good Luck, and let
the Gibbing Begin!!!

Copyright Thomas "Dark Pulse" Warnica, 2001-2004 (Huzzah!)

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