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Catch some SERIOUS AIR as you surf, race, swerve, jump and stunt-trick your way through an eye-popping, jaw-dropping 3D world of extreme HOVERDEK ACTION, as street-smart dekkers XAKO and MIA, you've gotta rescue your captured buds by overcoming obstacles and enemies, snagging pick-ups, SOLVING PUZZLES and, most of all, by blowing minds with your cool dek moves. PSYBADEK. It's the phat way to fly.
- Take a ride on the wild side with mind-racing 3D platform action and extreme hoverdek stunts.
- Blast through four fantastic worlds, from a psychedelic jungle to a stone cold ice zone.
- Tear it up in track-based and free-roaming areas, or bust a move in the local skate park.
- Defy gravity as Xako or Mia, each with their own stunts, as you jam to funky drum 'n' bass music.

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#35 lowest rated PS racing game (#416 on PS, #10130 overall)


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#41 hardest PS racing game (#689 on PS, #19526 overall)


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