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Reviewed: 01/03/03 | Updated: 01/03/03

Poy Poy WAS fun...

A long time ago, I thought this game was fun. But of course, back then I didn't really care if the graphics were crap or if the gameplay was horrible or not. I look back at this game and see it as what it is, crap.

In this game, you fight others in one of the hand full of levels. You throws rocks and other objects (including the other players) at the opponents until they are all out. You then go into a crappy scoring system which says who did the ''best''.

All the characters are extremely blocky and their faces are very low-detailed. The objects are also blocky. The levels are also of a very low quality. If you think it gets better after this, you're wrong.

STORY: 2/10
The story mode is extremely stupid and sad. You fight for awards... Doesn't that just make you want to yell out ''Yippee!'' with little or no effort?

SOUND: 2/10
All the sound effects are annoying, especially the character's lame ''Ow!'', also the announcer is very cheesy and irritating. The music is very lame, too. If I was you, I'd just mute the TV while I played this.

It is very hard to control your character, that includes maneuvering and throwing. After the battle, the scoring system usually will rule you out even if you are the last man standing at the end of the battles due to the crap controls, etc. You might as well just run around during the battles and try dodging everything that comes at you.

This shouldn't even be here, but I decided to put it here for people who think this game is still good after reading the above. YOU GET BORED AFTER TWO BATTLES! If you keep playing after two battles, you will find yourself banging your head into a wall or something else very hard

DO NOT BUY THIS GAME! I REPEAT, do NOT buy this game! Do not the same mistake I made! If you do, you just waste some good money. Rent it first, and if you like it (I don't know how you would), buy it. One more time: DO NOT BUY THIS GAME!

If you love this game, you have some serious problems OR you haven't looked into/played the newer/better games or consoles. Poy Poy is a complete disaster and every CD of it should be burned, with the charred remains sent straight to the sun.

Rating: 2

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